Video - Google Promoting Web Spam

This is an interesting video I made showing that Google actually is not as smart as it thinks or wants you to think it is.

In this case, it's algorithms for detecting spam are quite simply, pathetic. Watch the video below.

This effected a page on my site. The sneaker heights page.

Google delisted my page from its search engine - one that has existed for many years with thousands of comments submitted over that time - and replaced it in the search engine with a page that copied mine entirely (using simple cloaking).

Not only that, the spam page redirects anybody who clicks on it to a site selling nike sneakers.

Google have done nothing about it. To me, their lack of action looks like they are actively promoting spammers.

Google talk about wanting to eradicate web spam, yet have gaping holes in their algorithms that let all sorts of spam populate their search index. This kind of spam is an infestation in Google's search engine, with thousands of similar sneaker spam pages being indexed. Google's algorithms seem impervious or oblivious to it.

Follow Up: Since Google were informed via several methods about this obvious spam, and have done absolutely nothing about it, I did something to see if they would take action...and it confirmed to me they seem to be aware of the spammer, yet seemingly would rather support them. It took them less than a day to react to my bait...

Google indexed the fake malarplast page, but they also indexed the images from my site that are part of my real sneakers page, not the fake/cloaked version.

They used my photo of my Nike Air Force One's to promote the spam page, which was seen when you type in 'sneaker height'. This air force photo of mine also appeared in their google image search.

I changed the image (the filename remained the same) to show 'yes google is stupid' and within a day, you guessed it, Google saw it.

Instead of admitting they are in the wrong by promoting a page that copied mine and scams searchers by sending them to an affiliate site, Google in their infinite 'wisdom', removed my thumbnail from their box, removed the air force image from the image search and left the description and spammers link there...

Google seem aware of this spammers page, yet from my view, look to be actively promoting it and doing nothing about removing it and reinstating my sneaker page in the index.

Funnily, the spam page still redirects users to the nike affiliate site. Google should hang their heads in shame. The phrase "Google is Evil" comes to mind here...

On further investigation, their search index contains an awful lot of obvious spam. On the malarplast domain alone (which will have been hacked), there are at least 11,000 pages all using a cloaking and spam redirection to send visitors to the nike affiliate site. I wonder why Google can't see this and let's it populate it's search index...

Since Google did nothing and happily indexed all the spam, I took action and informed the hosting provider about the obvious spam. They took quick action and temporarily closed the site until the owner could take action and clean it up.

*Nov 20th: Although Google seemed disappointed that the webmaster had cleaned those pages, it has now managed to find another spammed site to promote using the same cloaking/redirection to replace the first one. You couldn't make it up. At least they indexed one of my bait images (I switched my logo for one image Google were using before in their spam promotion box). Now they at least are showing my logo...

This isn't the first time I've seen Google being a bit idiotic with how they deal with obvious spammers. On another occasion, a video promoting 'grow taller 4 idiots' used a photo from this site of me in elevators beside Jenny as part of the video to help sell the ebook. Google said 'that's ok' when informed, basically supporting misrepresentation of image and purpose. I have absolutely no problem with fair use, such as critical analysis or parodies etc, but this photo (of me in elevators) was being used to help sell a grow tall manual by this Chump, who is using it to pretend 'grow taller 4 idiots' made me taller. Here is my video talking about it:

On another occasion I scratched my head at Google and their inability to understand an obvious scam and an even more obvious Scammer. Some people might remember I had a series of videos showing irrefutable evidence that 'The Grow Taller Guru' was scamming and promoting a fake height pill. Google were informed about his promotion and a couple of videos that were being used to promote and funnel visitors to his site to buy the fake height pills. Google did nothing. All videos promoting the scam site still exist, with Google turning a blind eye to them. I mean, a guy selling $500 bottles of vitamin pills pretending they make people grow taller is really 'legit', right?. Sure thing Google!

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Blake said on 23/Jul/17
Rob, what do you think when you approve comments like Bobby saying he grew like 2-3cm in a couple of months he is like 22 or something
[Editor Rob: some people can still gain height early 20's, but it is rarer.]
Blake said on 18/Jul/17
Rob, do you ever feel like your an online therapist? Mental health comes up a lot on some pages
[Editor Rob: Blake, I have dealt with a relative who suffered from mental illness, progressing from delusions up to full blown Psychosis and being 'sectioned' in Hospital for a few months.

Very difficult subject...]
Blake said on 18/Jul/17
Rob, I had a chance to test my lowest yesterday I was carrying a rucksack and walking around for many hours also very hot and poorly hydrated I measured 174.1 would it be safe to say im 5 ft 8.5 if I can wake up after 8-9 hours sleep around 5 ft 9.25 but usually just under?
[Editor Rob: from your stats you seem an honest 5ft 8.5 nowadays.]
Blake said on 15/Jul/17
Just now I measured at half one a couple of millimetres under 5 ft 9 between 5 ft 8 3/4 and 5 ft 9 and I got up at 9am and I was out buying shopping for 25 minutes roughly that is much taller than a couple of months ago do you think by 17 I could be a solid 5 ft 9?
Blake said on 14/Jul/17
Why do you say to 20 most stop before 20 or does that just symbolize the end of growth?
[Editor Rob:
Of course the majority won't grow in that 19-20 range, but the minority who do means there is an average growth from 19-20, but it's a small fraction.]
Blake said on 14/Jul/17
No I don't really mind if I don't grow I just thought that growing like 1cm from 16.5 to 18 isn't much assuming I grew that in the last few months but hey what do I know about height
[Editor Rob: from 16.5 to 20 the average can be an inch or so...]
Blake said on 13/Jul/17
Yh, I got a cm in the last few months it seems is it still possible to reach an inch higher than your estimate and be bang on average for 18-30 year old in UK I have about 1.5 years till 18. Hey I would still bite your hand off for 5 ft 9 not that it really makes a difference being a 1/2 inch taller
[Editor Rob: if you have a desire to try to reach 5ft 10, don't dismiss the idea of doing your own routine. Exercise regularly and do a stretch/hang program to maximise whatever you might have left...
Blake said on 13/Jul/17
Rob, I know I have asked over the years my odds of being like 5 ft 10 or something but I never really had a problem with my height at all as im not really tall or short. A couple of years ago I read about marfan syndrome and it made me worried as I had a long armspan and a few other symptoms. I thought that if my armspan and height caught up it would be a sign I didn't have it. Looking in hindsight it was very stupid to worry about.
[Editor Rob: At the moment you seem a solid 5ft 8.5 which is taller than what you got a few months ago, so maybe you are in a phase of slow growth and by 18 will end up 5ft 9. That's bang on average today, well for all age groups...still on lower side of average range for 18-30 year olds in England.]
Blake said on 11/Jul/17
Rob, how long do you think the user heights page has got till you stop comments to it like the grow taller page? I personally would shut it down unless you think the conflict and repetitive comments add to the site.
[Editor Rob: maybe not that long...pages like the grow taller one did earn money but there was too many people asking the same questions over and over!

Ultimately if I introduce some pages like General Height/User Height, then naturally there are going to be non-celebrity related a way they exist so that questions don't fill up other actual celeb pages.

I still get a lot of off-topic questions on celeb pages about the visitor's own height....
Blake said on 8/Jul/17
Rob, do you still have any celebheights t shirts? if you do I would like to buy one (unless your thinking about charging me walker stalker prices!)
[Editor Rob: at the moment I don't have any, I gave them all to family and friends a while ago and never got more printed. I may do so in the future though.]
Blake said on 8/Jul/17
Rob, I read your response on the user page until age 8 or 9 I was very underweight and was not living in a good environment to be physically healthy or mentally healthy. Since then I am in a better situation and I wonder would I have lost height from this period I was very underweight I was not able to eat didn't go outside much but nowadays im fine and weigh 150-160 pounds last time I checked and I go outside everyday for the last 6-7 years. Do you think I caught up in growth now I think 5 ft 8 range pushing close to 5 ft 9 is definitely a sort of height you would expect from 5 ft 5 mother and 5 ft 6 father. Sorry to make this comment sound negative but it is the truth
[Editor Rob: 5ft 8.5 based on 5ft 5/6 parents is certainly not on the short end of what a Dr would predict.

If bad nutrition was prolonged it might have some effect.]
Blake said on 7/Jul/17
Rob, would you say lfcc is a more enjoyable experience than the mcm expo I went to that twice once in 2010 then last year
[Editor Rob:
LFCC and MCM London are the 2 biggest events now in the UK, with both about 120-140,000 visitors over the weekend.

2015 LFCC was terrible though, really shambolic and overcrowded, but 2016 was improved from what I seen.

MCM has it's share of shambolic events too, but they have improved some things over the years.
Blake said on 5/Jul/17
I may end up going to it but I would not know what I was doing there probably all the stalls will be pricing me out comfortably. Trying to get one autograph will probably be a big deal and cut in to my "stadiometer fund" significantly. I can already picture the bus journey home and seeing all the other convention goers saying they met all these great actors and they were everything they had dreamt them to be. Then I have a bottle of water and I met a knackered Rob Paul and he told me I looked 5 ft 6.5! Doesn't sound great does it Rob. It depends how much it will cost for certain autographs and entry.
[Editor Rob: it depends the reason you are going...

I'm there simply to get content for the site and help Jenny with her stall.
Blake said on 5/Jul/17
Was just watching some videos people did on last years lfcc I saw you (Rob) a couple of times not looking that happy or busy at your stall. I understand you both work hard on for the stall but do people at conventions like lfcc turn a blind eye to it as your not selling limited edition action figures or those pop vinyls? It was only about 5 seconds of you on camera maybe you sell tons and it wasn't a busy moment.
[Editor Rob: it is a draining event, helping out Jenny and then going to get photos...but I absolutely hate queuing 😆

which is why the year before I bought a gold pass (£250!) for priority queuing. It helped the sanity a bit...

Jenny though, hated 2015's event, she suffers from standing too long, so the stall is a chance for her to have a base, have a regular sit down, make some money and she enjoyed it far far more in 2016 than in 2015.
Blake said on 2/Jul/17
Click Here Rob you don't come across to well in your first comment on this page. Are you not serious when you answer comments? I may have misinterpreted the comment...?
[Editor Rob: well it's not me on the experts site.

Answering questions is part of operating the site, so a lot of my comments will be dosed with hints of sarcasm and bits of humour, some of which flies over many heads I'm sure.

It's an entertainment site that is a job to me, which some don't realise.

But a lot of my responses are simple replies to questions, without anything more than providing the visitor my thoughts on the subject of their query.
Blake said on 1/Jul/17
Rob, have you ever worked a 9-5 typical job?
[Editor Rob: the last 9-5 I had was a Software Testing job for one of the big Utility companies. That was 18 years ago. In between then, I did a couple of one off jobs, but they were only very short term.

I realised 9-5 office work wasn't quite for me, I prefer to work myself, and do things I enjoy.]
Blake said on 30/May/17
Yh I didn't go this year I don't really like it but my brother wanted to go so I took him. The only reason I would have gone this year was if you where going so I could meet you in person as I missed out last year. Do you not go to any other conventions in London anymore?
[Editor Rob: yes I am doing London Film Con in July, I will be there the 3 days at our stall, and get some photos when not at stall, that is late July, I met Big Josh, Big Khalid, Big Adam (who doesn't post anymore) at that event before...]
Blake said on 23/May/17
Rob, are you planning on going to anymore conventions this year? I know your not going to the mcm expo this year already if you go to any in London could you say so I could meet you in person.I know that sounds slightly strange...
[Editor Rob: next year I am thinking about whether it would be worth doing a stall at MCM...the price is a bit much, but they always seem to get a lot of guest, albeit this year they had too many repeats, so it wasn't worth me going...but next year I will be thinking of it.]
Blake said on 10/May/17
Rob, would you say this is bad for my height and general health I haven't had lunch and breakfast on school day in years quite often I don't even have a drink of water till I get home. Well I took a lot of stuff I didn't need in my bag as it was heavy and hurt my back I had a glass of water in the morning and I measured my height at a bit over 5 ft 8 1/4 like 1/16th and before that I got I got about 1/16th of an inch under 5 foot 8 and 1/4.
[Editor Rob: it's always useful having a few glasses during the day. Of course in school, sometimes it isn't as practical.]
Blake said on 3/May/17
Rob, do you think at any point you will begin to lessen the comments between a few people on their height or will you leave the floodgates open? I find it hard read so I don't go through the pages and read much now.
[Editor Rob: I understand what you mean. The other pages like general/user/rob are there just to offer an outlet for some height talk not about celebs.

There are enough comments submitted to celeb pages that I have to delete because they are nothing to do with that celebrities height...

the usefulness of the user page is in question. I may one day stop comments to it.]
Blake said on 2/May/17
Rob, does it ever irritate you when stuff like this happens people going a bit too far or do you not care?Click Here? I'll tell one you one thing Glenn definitely doesn't mince his words he is very honest in that aspect of his character (not so much in other departments)! I know I asked you on the Kevin Nash page about being intimidated at conventions Glenn seems like a guy who is hot headed I wonder what he would do if he saw you again... I will give him this as well he must have some charisma to have become a running gag for so long.
[Editor Rob: I conversed with him for years via the site and email, so I thought I had a decent idea of his character.

It's certainly going to rile him up if you message him about his height! I wouldn't advise anybody doing that.
Blake said on 24/Apr/17
Yh I guess it would cause an uproar if you removed them now. I guess this site draws a handful of wackos. I might lessen my commenting across those pages until they all cool down.
Blake said on 20/Apr/17
Rob, I don't think you should have given a couple of the new guys pictures on the user heights page I barely saw them on the site and on that page in the last couple of years. I definitely will not get involved in speaking to them about absolute lows and their height after the gym etc!
[Editor Rob: I did see Bobby a lot on youtube commenting on videos, so I figured it wasn't an issue...I do understand what you are saying though.]
Blake said on 28/Dec/16
Any idea whats wrong yet Rob?
[Editor Rob: Blake, try posting again and I will look out for a comment.]
Blake said on 26/Dec/16
Hi Rob, assuming you can see this message any reason why you can't see any of my comments on other pages? Anything I can do to rectify this? Btw I hope you had a good Christmas :)
Blake said on 23/Dec/16
Are you making any new height scammer expose videos? Ps why dont you respond to any of my comments in the last couple of weeks?
[Editor Rob: Blake, I've not seen any of your comments appear on the celeb pages recently, I thought you stopped posting, so after Christmas I will investigate to see why!]
Blake said on 13/Nov/16
I guess you use yahoo or bing as your search engine then Rob!
[Editor Rob: Blake, I use DuckDuckGo a fair bit as a search engine, I still use Google, but Bing I don't really bother with.]

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