How to Measure a Celebrities Height

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To know the height of a celebrity (particularly those new to fame), you must have some reference heights to compare them with. Of course you must be pretty certain of those heights against which you compare. When watching a DVD keep an eye on the stars and look in particular for shots where they are standing together and aren't far apart. Even better, if you spot a shot where their feet are also in view, this makes it far harder for any director to fudge height differences by placing one star slightly closer to the camera or on a small plank. You might notice that certain stars (no names mentioned) rarely have this type of shot in a film...I wonder why!

Another good comparative reference to use is the world of tv talk shows. In Britain, for instance, we have Jonathan Ross, who seems to be somewhat interested in height judging by the amount of times he's touched the subject of stature with his guests. He claims 6ft 1.5, Michael Parkinson at 5ft 10ish. In America you have Jay Leno (5ft 11), Conan O'Brien (6ft 4), Dave Letterman (6ft 1.5-2) and Craig Ferguson (little under 6ft 2), and for smaller comparisons you have say Jon Stewart at 5ft 6.5ish. Usually these hosts will stand up to greet their guests, giving you an occasional opportunity to compare their heights. But bear in mind that with the bigger guys like Conan they will sometimes bend and look down at their guest, and therefore their guest will be 'looking up', meaning the difference in height between their eyes will give an illusion they are closer in height. So don't be fooled and keep your eye on the top of their heads!

Some talk show hosts have used camera angles that maximise the height of their celebrity guests. Others might also stand in certain positions (and poses which can give the illusion to viewers that the star is an inch bigger than they really are - for instance, when Nicole Kidman was doing a publicity shot on Parky's show she took off her shoes to look a bit smaller!. There's even a rumor that slanted platforms are used by some shows...the greeting area is tilted in such a manner, that it makes the host appear an inch smaller and his star guests an inch taller. On Jonathan Ross show, his interview zone is 4-inches shorter than from where the stars first appear and wave at the audience, before lowering themselves to greet him - on occasion he has kept stars on the raised area and shook their hand which makes them look a bit taller.

One other method used a lot is to compare celebrities beside people of known height, like for instance, nfl footballers. The NFL Combine measures players very accurately and so this provides you with a gauge to judge heights against if you spot them standing beside footballers in photos.

So, you manage to spot a celeb beside somebody but have no idea how to judge what 2 or 4 inches difference is...well, it's not as hard as it might appear. For an average face on an average sized body there are 2 distinct reference points where, when celebrities stand together, you can use these facial points to judge height differences.
  • From the top of someone's head (excluding hair which doesn't count when measuring people) to the middle of their eye equates to roughly 4.5ish inches. This is assuming the head is not tilted but it's a good guage to use. If the head is tilted down a little it can look around 5 inches in photos. If you tilt a head up a bit then the eyelevel might be nearer 4 inches in a photo.
  • From the middle of their eye to the bottom lip is about 3 inches, and another 1.5-2 inches of chin.

These are my general estimations and a head for a male is on average about 9-9.2 inches. Of course there will be slight variations from person to person. A guy with a huge hooter might have a larger eye-to--bottom-lip length (say 3.25 inch), and a guy with a big forehead might have a larger eye-to-head measurement. In photos consider a 6ft male's head will look roughly near 9.5 inches if it isn't tilted up or down and is pretty level.

Here is an illustration (you can buy this poster sans the height marks from allposters).

To see actual real height differences there is a page on here called Height Challenge with me beside various friends and family who were all measured. Below is a video talking about guessing height:

Another point to consider when comparing heights is shoes. Most men's shoe heels are in the 1-1.25 inch range (heel+insole/cushioning), with women's heels being in the 2.5-3 inch range offering them normally 1.5-1.75 inch advantage over men, unless they are wearing a plat-formed heel then they might have 2.5-3 inch advantage over a man. Many celebrities will never admit to it, but famous people have the luxury of buying expensively fitted elevator shoes that to Average Joe might look like a normal shoe, but in fact can give the wearer an extra 1-1.5 inches in stature. When you're a celebrity, that can be the difference between appearing 5ft 8 and looking 5ft 10. There are some female celebs who are never seen out of heels and a good proportion will regularly wear 3.5-4 inch heels at events and film premiers, cementing the illusion that they are far more statuesque than what their true heights would suggest. Hopefully, armed with this knowledge you'll be able to far better judge the true heights of celebrities. When in doubt, ask Rob at CelebHeights!
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Seth said on 2/Aug/15
So, if this guy claims that he is 182, most likely, that he isn`t lying?
Seth said on 29/Jul/15
What`s up Rob, just wondering, if the guy on the left is 187, how tall migh be the other guy? ( They both barefoot) Click Here
[Editor Rob: in the photo there might be 3cm difference, but on a beach, you can easily have bigger changes in height because of the sand.]
CD said on 21/Jul/15
Hi Rob just to let you know I think that filter problem is back again for me as I can't submit a comment to most pages! It seemed to happen while the side was idle for a few days... I'm just wondering if you could guess the height difference between my dad and uncle from this photo. I believe my dad was almost 174cm then, my uncle claims 5ft 11.5, but would you that's an "in shoes" claim? Click Here
[Editor Rob: wouldn't have said anymore than 3 inches, possibly in that photo it can look a little under 3...but then if the ground was in your Dad's favour a fraction, a 3 inches barefeet difference is possible]
Eclecster said on 20/Jul/15
Hi Rob, how tall is Solange Knowles? Is she around the 5'6-5'7 range? I would kindly like to know, thank you.
Height analyser said on 20/Jun/15
Rob, how tall would you say this indian actor beside Arnold is? Given that Arnold is 182 cm. Click Here
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 5ft 7 range is possible]
CD said on 12/Jun/15
Rob how come when I try to submit a comment to some pages (this one for some reason is letting me submit) it isn't working? It just comes up like this: Click Here
[Editor Rob: a filter is getting triggered. I have uploaded a latest updated version of the addcomment page, if it happens again let me know on here.]
juli normia said on 7/May/15
hi rob... the pic's gone..can u fix it please?
[Editor Rob: the pic was old and I can't find it...but I did a video recently so have embedded that - it basically talks more about guessing height.]
faizi said on 19/Apr/15
is the height of a male model collected with shoe and hair?
[Editor Rob: a lot of male models over 6ft 2 actually get rounded down to 6ft 2-2.5, and many in 5ft 11 range would get called 6ft...but really it shouldn't include hair or shoes!]
Sam said on 4/Apr/15
Well looking straight ahead, my mid-eye level is 5ft4.75. Guess that would be a low eye level for someone in the 5ft10 range?
[Editor Rob: it would be in the 99th percentile.]
TMM said on 29/Mar/15
Rob, if a 5'3 person forehead is level into my eyes then what is my height then?
[Editor Rob: they could be between 2 and 3 inches smaller than yourself then.]
Hood said on 22/Mar/15
Hi Rob, do you recommend the measuring thing that uses a carpenters, to measure Height?
[Editor Rob: like a set square, like a triangle type tool? That can be used to measure yes.]
Hypothetical said on 20/Mar/15
Rob, your expertise would be great for this question. Just out of curiosity, if someone were creating a male and a female celebrity in a Frankenstein-type lab, with the goal of maximizing their stardom/appeal, how tall would you say they should make the guy and how tall would you say they should make the girl? Precise measurements are the most fun, but a general range would be interesting too.
[Editor Rob: a woman too tall might not be as appealing as one on the tall side, like 5ft 8 range. A tall muscular guy like 6ft 3 range might be a kind of standout height that isn't too massive, but big enough to be dominating on screen and in person.]
ThanksRob said on 19/Mar/15
Rob, it's me again I noticed that my eyes are around his nose maybe down of his nose of a 5'9 person and also seeing his eyes. does it mean I am 5'7?
[Editor Rob: if you know the other person is 5ft 9 and you feel your eyes are looking above his mouth maybe around his end of nose, then you are very probably 5ft 7. ]
cforces said on 17/Mar/15
Rob, I need your help please. In the last few months I draw a line in the wall in top of my head so i knew if I'd grew.. well I think I grew half an inch or maybe 1 inch, then this day I finally measured my self again in top of my head in the wall, and guess what the line i drew is still the same of my height .. HELP PLEASE I KNOW I DID GROW IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS :( am I measuring it wrong? why is it still the same.. please rob help me with this.
[Editor Rob: it's hard to say, I would measure on a different wall or another person's house with a good flat floor/wall]
ThanksRob said on 12/Mar/15
Hi sir rob, is it possible that I am 5'7 if fmy forhead is level his eyebrow of a 5'9 person? please answer rob. thanks again.
[Editor Rob: it's hard to tell...but say your eyes are looking at the end of the 5ft 9 person's nose....that might mean you are near 5ft 7. If you were looking at his lips then maybe you'd be 5ft 6 range.]
ThanksRob said on 9/Mar/15
Rob, If 5'9 person eye is level on my forehead then what is my height ?thanks rob in advance.. appreciate to answer me simple question !
Joseph said on 24/Feb/15
If 5'6.5 is mid level to my eye, how tall would I be?
[Editor Rob: you could be around 5ft 11]
nickname20 said on 19/Feb/15
Rob,I am 5'7 and standing next to a 5'10 person. how can I sure if he's really 5'10 where should my eye or forehead level his face?
[Editor Rob: your eyes would be around his mouth typically.]
Sean5 said on 10/Feb/15
WWhen listing a person's height (considering 8 hours sleep) do you go with their height after being up 5-7 hours out of bed? or their lowest after being up 10+ hours/active day/9 hours standing job?
[Editor Rob: generally I'm thinking of that, after being up maybe 5-6 hours.]
Matt said on 4/Feb/15
Rob, if a girl is 173 cm like me, From the top of her head to the middle of her eye, It's like I?
[Editor Rob: probably around 162cm, but it could be a little less or higher.]
Joseph said on 20/Jan/15
Hey Rob, if the guy on the left is 188 cm how tall would I be? Click Here
[Editor Rob: you could possibly be in the 183-4 range, between that. ]
Frank181cm said on 19/Jan/15
How tall would the guy on the far left be, if the one in the tie is 5'10.5? Click Here
[Editor Rob: could look in 6ft range]
Wondering said on 17/Jan/15
Can 5'9 guys leave a higher eye level then 5'9 1/2 guys?
[Editor Rob: unlikely unless one had like 4.25 inch and other guy 5 inch]
Roku said on 29/Dec/14
My dad is 5'11. So what does that make me? Here's a photo with me and him. Click Here
[Editor Rob: you can appear near 6ft 1 there]
Curious? said on 24/Dec/14
Does your eye level match up with 5'3 1/2 or 5'4
[Editor Rob: it is in 4.5 inches, so if my head is perfectly level then a bit above 5ft 3.5, if my head is tilted up slightly it would be near 5ft 4.]
Curious? said on 15/Dec/14
Can measuring tapes be off as well?
[Editor Rob: the metal ones I've not seen any that are off.]
Curious? said on 25/Nov/14
How off can doctors be with height when getting measured there?
[Editor Rob: from reading this site, some can be an inch off easily!]
5-9 5-10 said on 1/Oct/14
5'9 1/4 is my low. What would I be listed on here?
[Editor Rob: depends on how you might look in person or in photos, you could have great posture, have features like high eyelevel/small head that might make people (myself included) think you were 5ft 9.5 at least!]
Out of curiousity said on 30/Sep/14
Yeah I always get 5'9 to 5'9 1/2 range by stadiometer, measuring tape and at doctor physicals and all of them where without shoes standing straight even when I'm relaxed I'm 5'9 1/4 to 5'9 1/2. The highest I've ever been measured was 5'10 1/2. The lowest was 5'8 1/2. Though I looked in the mirrior with someone that's 5'8 1/2 and a half and I was taller then her by a good amount her eyes match a little above up my nose, and my eyes match the middle of her head or lower. I felt shorter then her, then I ended up being taller then her then how much a 5'9 1/2 guy would look to someone who is near 5'9
Out of curiousity said on 28/Sep/14
Can a guy that gets measured 5'9 to 5'10 like all the time either by measuring tape or doctors or even a stadiometer still have a possibility of being 5'7 or is it no matter what that the guy is at least 5'9
[Editor Rob: seems a huge difference, if you got 5ft 7 then I'd be raising an eyebrow at it, especially if on several other occasions you have managed to get in the 5ft 9 range.]
Ed said on 25/Jul/14
Rob maybe it's just me, but I've noticed for most women and girls on here, you tend to list them at the heights they claim. Just out of curiosity, why so?
[Editor Rob: there are a bunch of women whose own claim I won't agree with, but there is a big bunch I do...maybe there is a greater percentage of men who exaggerate a bit?]
Paul said on 30/Jun/14
From the top of my head to the middle of my eye is 13 cm... I am sure...Is normal? I am 5'11. I have 17 years old
[Editor Rob: well it is a longer head-eye measurement than average, it just means your eyes are a fraction of an inch lower than average, which is more 11.5-12cm range]
Dmeyer said on 3/Jun/14
Rob how Come 6'0.25-0.5 Guys never look this tall near you
[Editor Rob: well, they can have a lower eyelevel and longer head than jenny, her eyelevel is around 4.2 inches...also in that photo about 2cm of hair]
Wondering said on 23/May/14
Can sitting in a car help you get too your morning height or would you drop or stay at your day height?
[Editor Rob: sitting in the car puts more stress on your discs than walking, it will make you shrink to lower height if you go on a journey for a few hours. I tested it a couple of times after a 2 hour drive in the morning, it made me closer to my low height faster.]
FA said on 14/May/14
Rob, would it appropriate if i measured my self by putting an 18inch ruler on my head? the way i measure is sort of equivalent to a stadiometer.
[Editor Rob: as long as you can make sure it is straight when sitting against the middle of your head and the wall it should be ok, but it might be harder to make sure it's straight? An alternative you could use (if you have one or buy one cheaply from stationery place) is a set square...]
5-9 5-10 said on 16/Apr/14
If I was measured at 5'9 3/8ths would I be listed at 5'9 1/4 or 5'9 1/2 on celeb heights?
[Editor Rob: if you were measured at that mark I might try to put 9.3, but maybe if you were that height at your low then giving you 5ft 9.5 would be ok]
James said on 6/Apr/14
When driving a car or being a passenger not laying back but sitting down like how you sit at a table can you gain while sitting in a car for 30 minutes. Whenever I get measured after that I get measured at 5'9 1/2 either if it's by measuring tape or physical and when I walk around all day I get measured at 5'9 to 5'9 1/4 other then that I've been measured as high as 5'10 1/2 at a urgent care place but I rested almost all day and that was the only I walked around and basically sat in my car driving. I was sick that day. But yea lol
James said on 31/Mar/14
What dedicated you to start celeb heights.. Was it to help others?
[Editor Rob: in 2004 I didn't think there was a site that was solely dedicated to chatting about all the heights and trying to figure heights out. I mean you could do that on threads on other places, but not on a site solely about height, so that's one reason ]
James said on 29/Mar/14
Can you have a 5 inch middle of eye eye to top of the head level or a little below and a 4 inch eye level to the chin
[Editor Rob: yes, some women are more likely to have a smaller chin and then the eye-chin is near 4 and their eye-head is bigger.]
o.k said on 1/Dec/13
Yeah it makes sense because most celebs lie about their heights and weights for example Pink is in a picture saying she's 5'4 with all the LADY MARMALADE group and they are all wearing heels but yet she towers over all of them but yet Christina Aguilera says she's 5'2 impossible if Pink is 5'4 because she's about 4 or 5 inches taller than Christina.Then Maya says she's 5'5 but Pink is still taller by 2 inches.I have seen this with other stars Nicole Ritchie says she's 5'1 but Christina Aguilera is in this picture with her same sized heels saying she is 5'2 and clearly Nicole Ritchie is taller than her by about 5 inches.The same with Kim Kardashian who says she is 5'3 and Christina says she's 5'2 in a pool picture with no shoes on Kim towers over her by about 4 inches.I don't get why celebs lie about simple things.Another example Madonna with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears Madonna claims to be 5'4 as well as Britney and yet Britney is way taller by 2 inches than Madonna and Christina says she is 5'2 but how can she be 5'2 and Britney 5'4 if in these pictures Brit is bigger than her by about 5 inches?.
kendalljennergreatestfan said on 21/Nov/13
Rob how accurate are the formulas that tell your height by knowing the lenght of your humerus or femur(different one for each bone and gender)?
[Editor Rob: not paid as much attention to them]
Hola said on 2/Nov/13
How come I am taller when I measure with my back against a wall as opposed to front? Am I bending my neck?
[Editor Rob: could be one of a few reasons...wall/floor slightly angled or you aren't standing as tall one way you stand compared to the other way.]
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 3/Oct/13
How large is jennys eye line? In the 3.9 inch difference photo, it almost looks exactly level with your scalp
[Editor Rob: her eyelevel is around 4.2 inches generally, of course if you tilt up a little then it's 4 inches. In that photo I think it's more a fraction is added to her height because of the camera.]
Slick Vick said on 20/Sep/13
Ok rob here is a interesting question.If i'm 5.9.5 and stand next to a girl that is 5'8 or 5.9 and she has a smaller forehead than me.For instance my forehead is about 6 and a half to 7 centimetres and she has a small forehead at 4 to 5 centimetres will her eyes be higher than mine thus giving the ilusion that she is taller than me even though that's not the case.
[Editor Rob: she might have a higher eyelevel, and give an illusion of being closer in height, because people do look at chins, eyes and sometimes forget to look at the top of 2 heads!]
Postel said on 19/Sep/13
I'm 5'10.25'' (178cm) barefoot out of bed, shrinking to 5'9.5'' (176.5cm) by the night. Never under 5'10'' in the morning, even after 4-5hrs of sleep. I am considering myself very much average comparing to other young people (I'm 18) or even slightly above average comparing to older men (30+). Never got called short. Comparing myself to a guy who claims 5'9'' I am clearly taller, to a guy who claims 5'10'' we are the same or even I am marginally taller, while a person who is 5'11'' is sligtly taller. I think I can claim I'm 5'10'' (178cm) easily. Do you agree with me? Also my doctor said that height should me measured first thing in the morning or in the morning, as early as possible.
Rusty said on 19/Aug/13
Also Blaze, you may not have measured yourself correctly, most people from what ive read lose .6" throughout the day. I lose that much on average and so does Rob. You are claim to have lost a full inch.
Rusty said on 19/Aug/13

people are almost never measured at night but they are hardly measured out of bed either. In the area i live most people are measured about 2 or 3 hours after getting out of bed at the doctor's office. I would say whatever height you are after being up for 3 hours or so is fair. I know Rob likes to go with minimum height and would give you 6'4". I myself am 6'3 3/8" out of bed and about 6'2.75" or just below that mark at the end of the day. I claim 6'3" flat as my height, which is feel is reasonable given i was measured exactly that at the doctor's office about 4 or 5 hours after waking, around the time most people are measured. People aren't aware of their out of bed or their night heights most the time. Which is why I feel 6'4.5" would be a legit claim for you. Most average people who walk by you that arent like Rob and know insane amount about heights would guess you at about that.

Thing is people have no true height, you can't really claim a precise height cuz your height will slightly vary at times. Which is why I think its best just to claim the number in between your maximum and your minimum. That number for me is just over 6'3" which is why 6'3" flat is my own personal claim. I guess you could say I am a weak 6'3" then but its a good height
6ft 1 guy said on 13/Aug/13
rob, how tall do you think the guitarist stevie ray Vaughan is?
Click Here that guitar in that vertical position is 3ft 2.5in
Blaze said on 12/Aug/13
@Big Ben. I also measured out of bed at 6'5, 6'4.5 afternoon, 6'4 night. I'm 15 years old. and I did the measurements with a yard stick. what would you say my height was ? would you go with morning, afternoon, or night?
Big Ben said on 5/Aug/13
I measured myself out of bed at 6'3" 1/8, 6'2"3/4 at noon and 6'2"1/2 at bedtime. I'm 24 years old. And I did the measurements by the pillar in my living room.
Firestarter said on 21/Jul/13
Rob,could you give me info on foreheads.I'm 5'9.75. (177cm) and I can fit four fingers on my four head vertically.If my forehead is slightly taller than average does that give me extra height.If I had a smaller forehead would that make me shorter in general.Also if a medium height guy has a big forehead does that mean he has a short body (Matt Damon for example)
TJ said on 7/Jun/13
Hi Rob
i would really wanna know hilary rhoda's height.
can you estimate her height?
Aerofloater said on 24/Apr/13
Just a nitpick: I've actually been a guest on Letterman and he's no "6ft 1.5-2." He always remains on the podium and shakes hands with guests before they step on it so that he seems taller than he is. I'm 6'1" myself (not 6ft 1.5-2, just a flat 6'1", as measured each weigh-in by the United States military) and can tell you with absolute certainty that Letterman is 5'10," tops. I saw him face to face before the show and even though I'm a half inch to a full inch shorter than he CLAIMS, he wouldn't see me eye-to-eye if he were on his tiptoes. Mathematically, if he's "6ft 1.5-2," then I am at least "6ft 4.5-5," and I'm not.

Otherwise, fun article.
Sean said on 26/Feb/13
@Rob (not you Editor Rob), it's not unheard of. My uncle was in pretty much the exact same situation as you, he was about 5'7" and had his last growth spurt at 18 or 19 and grew to about 5'9.5". So it's not TOTALLY out of the question, but I wouldn't get my hopes up too much.
BJFNX said on 2/Feb/13
In response the the armspan arguement: its not that useful it only gives a very rough guide jon jones is 6ft 4 inches, his reach is 7ft1 thats an enormous difference. muhammed ali is 6ft 3 and has 6ft8 ins reach (thats armspan in boxinglish)
Connor 183cm said on 29/Jan/13
Rob i like your facial expression standing with jenny ha ha ha! (the shocked face) do you know a girl/woman who is 6ft without heels?
[Editor Rob: as friends/family, I know a couple of women near 6ft]
John D said on 5/Jan/12
If I measure my self against my door I get 5'7.75", however if I measure my self against walls I get anywhere from 5'6.5" to 5'7". What is my actual height? The problem is every one of my walls has a skirting board. (posted this again because I accidentally posted as anon)
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 12/Aug/11
@ rob - the last post you sent to alex..that 3.9 inch difference seems a split image of me and my 6'1 mate..hes 185.5cm im 175.6 or yes very accurate :P
Rob said on 30/Jul/11
At the age of 18, I'm 5'6.5 barefoot and according to my mother (who's on the low end of 5 feet) I've BEEN steadily growing each year by the rate of an inch or so. No dramatic spurts, just creeping, gradual growth. Could it be likely that I'll continue to grow until at least 21? Asked my father, and he says he was 5'8.5 all of his life, but my mother says she thinks that I'm not done growing because my body seems to be structured more like her brothers who were all taller than my father. I'm about as tall as my father now, and he's about 60 years old so I guess he's gotten shorter over the years. Could I possibly grow to be 5'10, or even a little taller? Is that unheard of? Seems to be possible, if a bit unlikely. I don't want to be taller than 6 feet if I had a weird out of place growth spurt, but anything close to that would be cool. In the end, I'd be happy with 5'9, but I'd LIKE to be a little bit taller. My closest friend's about 6'2 and I joke that I'm gonna catch up to him and kick his ass someday. (I'll kick his ass if I stay the same size, but it might make it a little easier. Who knows. lol) When all's said and done, I'm not insecure, I'm happy with my height and my overall being and I don't feel short..
Maximus Meridius said on 29/Jul/11
Rob do short parents like a 4ft 11in woman and 5ft 5in man produce average height children if they both had two sons would they end up average height one son will end up 5ft 9in and the other son will end up 5ft 10in.
Maximus Meridius said on 16/Jul/11
Rob do most celebs don't know their own height because they never measure themselves daniel radcliffe is the only celbe i know who measured himself have celebs ever measured themselves a lot of celebs lie about their height.

[Editor Rob: a lot will know, but there might be a proportion who don't or 'forget' the last time they got measured properly.]
Alex said on 14/Jul/11
Rob, Jenny looks more than 4 inches taller than you in that pic above. I would have guessed she was more about 6'1 there, not 6'0.25.

[Editor Rob: I still have the exact measurement photos for that: Click Here.

literally a few minutes before that photo the stadiometer measurements were 173.5 and 183.4 which was

3.9 inch actual difference.

I took a second shot Of me smiling aswell ;)

And although you can't see in the next photo Click Here, I put on Nike Street Shox which give a good 0.8ish inches.

So the last photo there was maybe 3.1 inches.

different body/face proportions give different effects in photos, but I would bet in the last shot if I wrote something like:

'Celebrity has 3 inch footwear advantage' then wrote '5ft 8.25 Rob and 5ft 8.25 Woman celebrity' not many would agree, even though it would be the actual truth :)
DFens said on 6/Jul/11
I'm 5'11.25" at age 17, my father and mother are both 5' 5". How tall I gonna be at age 21? (Sorry for bad english)
Badknees said on 25/Jun/11
I am 5'6". My husband was 5'9" on a good day. We have two sons. One is 6'1" and the other is 6'3". How much does the previous generation count. My mother was 5'1"and my father was 6'1". My husband's mother was 5'5" and his dad was 5'10". My dad had a second family. I have stepbrother who is 6'6". Oddly enough the mother of my husband had a brother who was 6'6"while the rest of her siblings were average heighth.
Badknees said on 25/Jun/11
I am 5'6". My husband was 5'9" on a good day. We have two sons. One is 6'1" and the other is 6'3". How much does the previous generation count. My mother was 5'1"and my father was 6'1". My husband's mother was 5'5" and his dad was 5'10". My dad had a second family. I have stepbrother who is 6'6". Oddly enough the mother of my husband had a brother who was 6'6"while the rest of her siblings were average heighth.
GAM said on 22/Jun/11
I'm six feet tall and i just turned 14 about how tall will i be at my full height
Holm said on 17/Jun/11
Hey Rob! Can you add M.Shadow from Avenged Sevenfold and Gustaf Skarsgard from the movie "The way back"?
Holm said on 12/Jun/11
Hey Rob, can you add "M.Shadows" from Avenged Sevenfolds height?
jonah said on 5/Jun/11
hey I grew to 5'8" between the time 11-13 and i was taller than a lot of ppl i know today. however in a few months I will turn 18 and i'm still the same height. what's funny is a lot of my clothes that wore when I was 13-14 still fit me too. so my question is should I expect to grow ever again because I read guys get 2 growth spurts and girls only get 1 but i have only got 1 and almost an adult. also my dad is 5'11" barefoot, my 15 year old sister is 5'7" and my mom and other sister are very short compared to me i'd say 5'1".
CAA said on 24/May/11
Many stars state their heights as it appears with shoes and hair, as in a mugshot! Will smith looks about 6'2 in hancock when placed near a measuring wall. And he also claims to be 6-2. But he was surely not barefeet in that photo.
Lanky said on 11/May/11
Im 5ft7.5 My mom is 5ft9 My dad is 6ft2. Will I grow?
90skid said on 4/May/11
@ Anon and Teri Yall are crazy, you don't grow more after having a baby. maybe its due to posture.
adam said on 1/May/11
Rob, do you measure heights upto forehead? I was measuring my height the other day and if I put a box over my head, mark the edge and then measure that it comes out at 5 9 but if I measure up to my forehead it comes out at 5 8. Look forward to hearing from you thanks mate.

[Editor Rob: top of the head, that's your height :)]
adam said on 1/May/11
Rob, do you measure heights upto forehead? I was measuring my height the other day and if I put a box over my head, mark the edge and then measure that it comes out at 5 9 but if I measure up to my forehead it comes out at 5 8. Look forward to hearing from you thanks mate.

[Editor Rob: measure the very topmost part of your head. Put a box/video tape on your head against a wall and you should get a decent idea of your height.]
Andrew1995 said on 12/Apr/11
@dee Well, I doubt you'll gain more than 1-2 inches, your sister's really tall compared to your family!
SolidSnake said on 21/Mar/11
You will be 6'0 coolboy
the carl said on 12/Mar/11
rob, i like that you point out the NFL combine heights and using NFL players as accurate benchmarks. absolutely true, the NFL measures height at 1/4 inch increments, sometimes even 1/8 increments. always in bare feet (or socks). however, there is no other sport on earth that can deliver accurate player heights. hockey, football (soccer), basketball, baseball, are all potentially misleading. baseball is pretty accurate overall, although there are a number of players under 6 ft who are overlisted by an inch. however, there are also players who are underlisted. for example, prince fielder of the milwaukee brewers, is listed at 5 ft 11. he is at least 6 ft tall. NBA basketball heights are in shoes. a lot of people don't know that. but they definitely are. all basketball players are 1-1.5 inches shorter than their roster height. not that the average person could really tell, the player usually still towers over them, unless it's an average height point guard like allen iverson. hockey is ridiculous, by far the worst offender in the sports world. i would say no less than 90 percent of players in the NHL under 6 feet are overlisted by an inch -- or more. if you see an NHL player listed at 5-10, assume he is really 5-9. listed at 5-9, he's probably 5-8 at most. for many years there was a huge stigma in the NHL against shorter players, and it's a big problem for smaller players trying to make a squad. small = non-physical and easily knocked off the puck in the hockey world. it's a false perception for the most part, but it persists. big hockey players are given many chances to make an NHL club, even if their skill level is sub-par. small players with far superior skills are often discarded or never given an opportunity. and that is why virtually every guy in the NHL who might be at risk of being labeled small is overlisted. soccer is fairly accurate overall, although there are some obvious exaggerations. david beckham was listed at one point at 6 ft. he is, in fact, no more than 5-11, and i doubt he is even that tall. at any rate, keep up the good work. this is a fun site. height is a big deal in this world, and especially the world of celebrities where image is everything.
coolboy said on 11/Mar/11
how tall will i be mother-5'4 father-5'11 sister-5'0 i am 14 years old and my height is 5'7
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
lol tony greene. the easiest way is to just go up to a wall with your arms spread out and get someone to mark where you reach then just measure it
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
You are likely to only get 0.25-0.75 inch more at 18. The majority of your family is on the short side as well. Sorry dee
SolidSnake said on 16/Feb/11
lol my shoes only give me an inch in height yet when I claimed 6 foot at school in shoes everyone just says im wearing platform shoes or that im 'cheating' lol.
dee said on 14/Feb/11
hello, im 18 now, Im about 5'2, my father is 5'8, my mom's 5, my sister is 5'6 3/4, my brother is 5'6. do yall think i can gain more? My family contains of different height and it makes me confuse. So, help?
Farrox said on 16/Jan/11
@ashley yeah its posible, but i dont think that you can grow more than 1 inch
Tony Greene said on 12/Jan/11
Did you know you can get an accurate measuring of your height by your armspan? The Chinese do it all the time just like how you can measure your waist size with your neck by taking tape measure and wraping it around your neck and multiplying it by two and or taking a pair of trousers, folding it in half and wrap it around your neck. Another way on measuring your height is placing a ruler against the wall and stop it at 5 feet. Holding the ruler at the 5th feet to your face with the end of the ruler evenly against the wall and stand up straight aligning the chin with the floor (this aligns the backbone straight) and say if the ruler (bottom edge) stops at the corner of the chin. Mark the spot and measure from there by looking into a mirror and use a second ruler to set atop the head and must have it set precisely straight but if you have hair, take off an inch and another 1/4 of an inch for accuracy safety and you'll have your answer. Most human heads can average off to be 10-11 inches long without hair. If you're over 5 feet and the 60th inch stops at your chin, you'd be about 5 ft 10 or 11. 60th inch at the nose says you're 5 ft 6 at the 60th inch at forehead level from the hair line states you're 5 ft 2.5 or 3. But that's not how I was found out that I was 68.5 inches tall. I found out by standing up to a military issue mug post and with my hair included I was seen as 5 ft 9 3/4 but when I cut my hair short I done it again and I was seen as 5 ft 8.5. And to be safe I went to a clinic and I was measured to be 5 ft 8.5. Then I toyed with the armspan issue and my armspan read as the same results. And the reason why this egged me on in the first place was because most people who I met even at work would say that I look more like 5 ft 10 coming from both people who were as large as 6 ft 2 to those who were as small as 5 ft 2 and I had to keep saying that I am 5 ft 8 and a half. I kept getting that since I was 18 and that's how I also discovered I was a sloucher because from the ages of 16-18 I was passing myself off as 5 ft 4 or 5 and I had a girlfriend who was height obsessed because she'd always tell me that she was gonna grow to be 5 foot 10 like her mother and all the women who were tall in her generation. She was of course an inch behind me but she always said that she was 5 ft 7 and we'd get in a dispute about it because I always said she was 5 ft 3 but when my girlfriend and I stood in the mirror and standing up straight I looked slightly taller than (not knowing I was slouching then) Eventually we went to one of those medical study doctors who ran DNA testing on both of us and the results were given. According to the doctor, I should've been at least 6 ft 4 due to hereditary genes I have and he too said that my girlfriend really will grow to be 5 foot 10. So he measured my girlfriend and it was totaled out that she was 5 ft 6 and a half and when it was my turn, the doc told me to stand up straight and I was thinking that he was joking. So I stand straighten up my back and he said I was still slumped down it was like he was asking me to stretch then he grabbed my legs and pushed them forward straightening them out and to align my chin with the floor to straighten out the spine and to hold my posture while he measured and when he was done, he said I was 5 ft 7 and 3 quarters. At first, I thought he was kidding and did not believe it for a bit and I said to him I'm 5 foot 5 and I'm 18 years old. I'm done growing!! Then he said that not true, not all people stop growing at age 18 and from what I seen in your blood were tall genes and you'll continue to grow till your 28-29 years of age. I at all did not take this seriously at all. But he sounded serious that if I maintain a good diet, I still can reach the 6 ft 4 target mark but if I fail to meet that standard I still can reach 5 ft 11 by that age. Today, I'm 28 years of age and since then, I only gained 3/4 of an inch which goes to show doctors do not know everything even thought I have a grand dad who was small until he was in his 20's and sprung to be 6 ft 2 in his late 20's but he was in the military and I'm not. Anyways, that's how I know I was a sloucher and since I'm very lazy I still maintain the slouch position. So it goes like this. I'm 5 ft 5 slouching but 5 ft 8.5 when standing up perfectly straight in the barefoot and clean head. Over the years when I am mistaken to be 70 inches by so many people was when I buy beer and I have to show my California ID card that says I'm 5 ft 5, the cashier looks at me funny like I gave her or him a fake card and I have come across many who look at me and say "You don't look 5 foot 5" And I say if that's what the card says and I have to hear the "You look taller because I'm this short and you're way taller than I am" I asked how much taller do I look and I hear "Um 4-5 taller than what says on the card" It got to the point of annoying where I had to measure myself again (thinking about what was being said to me by the study doctor) to see if I really was that much taller. So I measure myself in 7 different ways and get the same results but different when I was 18 but I wanted to be sure so I got measured professionally in the sense of clinical and military standard measurement and that's how I knew I am 5 ft 8.5. And I said no wonder people say I look taller than what the card says I mean if you wanna include my hair and shoes on my feet, yes, I am a little over 5 foot 10 but I don't like to put it that way because hair and shoes added on is ridiculous to me. I much rather go by my barefoot hairfree height and to hell with how everybody else does it. That's how Hollywood play the 2 inch game. They go by hair and shoes. So if I were to be an actor, my Hollywood height would either be 5 ft 10 or 11 but I would make sure that people will get it right and stick with my true height and I don't care how dumb it makes me look that I refuse to accept 2 inches to play the extra height game. Be thankful for your size and P.S. I will not wear elevator shoes either which is also part of the taller game.
BigDaddyII said on 3/Jan/11
Height doesn't make you more or less of a person . It might help in certian situations ( at 6'3" and 300lbs so says my doctor ) I stand out in a crowd with my wife ( 5'3" and 135lbs ) but other than the almost 1 foot difference in height it hasn't made any difference in our relationship of 25 years . Don't look down at your height and lie to be taller or smaller embrace who you are and enjoy life because from a distance everything looks the same .
Steve said on 27/Dec/10
I used to be 5'3.75 but because iv got arthritic knees im now 5'3.25 my girlfriend is 5'1.5 and is taller than me when she wears 3in heels when we used to be the same height she has to bend down to kiss me now
John V. said on 26/Dec/10
I'm 14 years old and 5'7. How much do you think I can grow
Jonathan said on 11/Dec/10
@Rob when I measure myself in the bathroom I'm 180 cm. When I measure myself in the living room I'm 182 (at the same time of the day). How come?
ashley said on 17/Nov/10
Hi there(: I hope you're able to answer my question! At this moment, I am 16 (turning 17 in march), and i am asian me- 5'4" mom- 5'0" dad- 5'11" older sister- 5'1/2". Is it possible for me to grow another 2-3 inches before I stop growing? Please and thank you
rahul said on 16/Nov/10
Hi,im rahul n im 24 yrs of old..n my height is about 5'7 inches.. n i know it very well i cant grow now in dis age..i do feel weird wenever i stand beside my gf coz she is 5'10 inches i want 2 know is there any surgeries or treatment where i can grow my height again?plz tell me that..thanks.
corndog said on 6/Nov/10
is it possible to get an operation or take something that can make you taller?At almost 28 years of age and 5'4 and a half it's not a good height to be
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/10
Height Miracle says on 3/Aug/10 Hi Everyone A quick question for all. is it normal to grow at 28-29? I was 5' 10.5" at 18 and remainted this height till 24. At 24 I measured my height and it was 5' 10.75". Last year when I was 28 I measured my height and it was 5' 11" in the evening and 5' 11.5" in morning. Yesterday evening I measured my height (i,m 29 now)and was 5' 11.5" and today morning I was 6 feet exact. I am a bit surprised that at 29 I am still growing and am 5' 11.5" now. while I was 5' 10.5" till 24. Is this normal? or is there some problem with hormones? would appreciate your reply. Thanks. I don't think it's possible, the latest a guy can stop growing is at probably 22. Either you must've been measuring in shoes or hair or did you use the metric system which can be confusing at times. So no, you're not really growing. maybe you weren't standing straight. Anonymous says on 4/Nov/09 i had a bizarre case of a friend who was likely 6ft1.25 when i first met him years back when he was 23yr, every year i have like seeing him grow an inch. at 26 now he looks nearly of 6ft4.5, thats weir right? rob, could you believe of a men after an age of 23yr was still growing? is it normal? Like i said on top, it's NOT possible. Maybe you didn't check his shoes or hair, or maybe he wasn't standing up properly.
susan marshall said on 25/Sep/10
I hate being short i couldnt even manage 5'0 only when i wear heels.barefooted i am barely 4'10 the nurse tells me i am a fraction under 4'10 buti like to round it up.I have a 10 year old cousin who is 2 inches taller than me and i am 18.I am forever having to carry i.d on me and it is very frustrating.I suppose it is okay when there are other short women around then it isnt too bad has you can just mingle with them.I do however have a 15 year old sister who is 5'5 and still growing i think.My 21 year old brother is 5'7 so they are both lucky.I only have my dad who is 5'2 that is short our mum is 5'6.I remember my dad joking all the time how he always thought his children would all grow taller than him and he would still be the shortest in the family.i stopped growing when i was 14 and to this day i havent grown an inch.I even try not to wear too high shoes when out with my family has i like to be similar to my dad in height.I think it makes him feel better when we are all out together.We both get on rather well and he fully supported me while growing up.That is what family is.
J said on 13/Sep/10
I Used to be 5-8 but im now 5-7 & 50 yrs old. Im old, short, fat, ugly, bald & small package. SAD!
Carolyn said on 8/Sep/10
hi guys i'm a 5ft girl(aged 28)& my boyf 6'1, my advise to shorter ladies is keep your weight down, then you'll always be considered petite & thats always attractive, every girl wants to be cute & petite. people always comment on how pretty & slim i am but if i put on any kind of weight it takes that all away from me, walk tall & proud & make the best with ur looks & figure x
Mandilo said on 3/Sep/10
rob , do u check on the close shot picture of vince vaughn beside 5ft9 justin long ? vince peak at 6ft5 completely makes justin at 5ft11 flat on the photos taken. justin does not seen to have advantage lifts on vince, they both had same kind of lifts. somehow i think justin could be close to 5ft11.
Ana said on 30/Aug/10
You know what jared not all girls are tall and short girls dont like too tall guies. I think all of us who worry about trivial things like appearance should think more about whats important to us and not others
true said on 24/Aug/10
i am 16 years old boy i think i am 1.78 but my friends says i am 1.80+ i am a boy
KS said on 23/Aug/10
sometime i think over some actor maybe not lie about their height but look under the claim of example 6ft2 but look much 6ft1 and some claim and look exact height is for some circumstance example 3type A,B,C 6ft2 claim actor measure 6ft2 in different hour different measurement/posture. A"guy measure at 187.5 in a morning so commonly he chosen round up at 6ft2, so through out the day he may lost 1.5cm at 186cm(6ft1) he did look much. B"guy could have measure straight at 6ft2 out of bed and usually choose to claim 6ft2 as A"guy and look exact 6ft1 as A"guy stands, the C"guy could be a strong 6ft2 beside the A" & B" which this guy happenly measure 6ft2 with normal posture at a noon measurement and could have look even abit taller than 6ft2 for impression in person to people. which the C"guy is real 6ft2 even at night but was rare in hollywood, keep it example for a height of 6ft actor 30% peak 6ft with shoe, 30% round up 6ft for morning height and maybe 30% are real 6ft then 10% could have peak 2-3inch up and was way under 6ft tall height. many sees will smith under 6ft2 like 6ft0.5 to 6ft1 he looked, i did say he is the one peak with shoe at maybe 6ft0.75 barefoot or near 6ft2 out of bed and recently most talkabout like 5ft9 justin long look 5ft10-10.5 next to 6ft5 vince vaughn and 6ft bruce willis. which was because he was the rare honest one who have claim 5ft9(175cm), he is possible to reach 177cm-177.5cm taller than rob at 175cm out of bed.
ty said on 3/Aug/10
lee says on 27/Jul/10 Hi, I am 5'11 Morning, 5'10 Evening so I say my height as 5'10.5 If asked. ------------------ I lose about the same amount also (1") and am similar height as you throughout the day but I say 5'11. I mean in shoes at 5'10.5 you are pretty much 5'11. but that's just my opinion.
pete said on 3/Aug/10
I am 6`3.5 Barefoot on a good Day maybe 6`4 and I am glad about my Height. But when I go out to Events or in a Club I wear Chucks cause the Sole is very thin. with my Nike Airmax i look like a Basketball Player :D
Height Miracle said on 3/Aug/10
Hi Everyone A quick question for all. is it normal to grow at 28-29? I was 5' 10.5" at 18 and remainted this height till 24. At 24 I measured my height and it was 5' 10.75". Last year when I was 28 I measured my height and it was 5' 11" in the evening and 5' 11.5" in morning. Yesterday evening I measured my height (i,m 29 now)and was 5' 11.5" and today morning I was 6 feet exact. I am a bit surprised that at 29 I am still growing and am 5' 11.5" now. while I was 5' 10.5" till 24. Is this normal? or is there some problem with hormones? would appreciate your reply. Thanks.
lee said on 27/Jul/10
Hi, I am 5'11 Morning, 5'10 Evening so I say my height as 5'10.5 If asked.
Johni said on 10/Jul/10
@elie: thats sad girl, hope he doesn't reject you for ur height that would kinda make him a jerk. you could do better :)
pkbn said on 9/Jun/10
hi elie, ur story is pretty similar to mine: I matured early and stopped growing at 5 feet. I have come to learn that we are all unique, and that you'll get a guy who appreciates you just the way you are. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We just have to accept ourselves as we are, after all I'm sure you've got some other really nice qualities that other people wish they had.
Mal said on 5/Jun/10
Wow a site dedicated to celebrity heights. Always been an item of fascination for me. In fact, heights in general. I'm terrible at guessing age or weight but great at heights at least person to person. To respond to what some earlier posters said or asked: 1) I saw two surveys in the US from the 80's and 90's that even while excluding athletes, men 6-2 and over make more money on the average than men under that height 2) Yes, people do ask impolite questions to people perceived as either short or tall. I used to get 'How's the weather up there?' to which I would reply 'A lot nicer than it is down there' 3) Dad is 6-0, mom is 5-6, I'm 6-3. My wife is 5-6, my son is 5-10??? but my daughter is 5-9. Growth patterns follow no pattern. I was 6-2 by age 15 and only grew one more inch the rest of my days. 4) Shorter and taller women fret not. I've seen beautiful women under 5 feet and beautiful women over 6 feet.
Anonymous said on 20/May/10
Jen says 19/May/10 It's funny. We are never happy with what we have. I am 5'5 and have always wished I was shorter. When I wear heals I am like 5'7 or 5'8 and feel too tall next to my husband who is 6'0. oh well, flats it is!
elie said on 28/Apr/10
i feel really bad about my height.i mean it's ok for a girl to be short but this short? i'm 5 feet morning height and i just can't stand it my mom is 5'2.5 my dad is 5'5 but i got my period at age 10 and stopped growing at 5'.it really sucks especially now that i like a guy who is 6'3 i'm bound to be rejected by him becouse i'm so damn short i mean i look like a kid next to him!!!
PB said on 15/Apr/10
@Jared I agree completely. Especially the part about guys who are 5'7-5'11 being more conscious about height. i guess short people have come to accept the fact that they're short same goes for tall people.
johny 6 ft said on 2/Apr/10
Rob,how reliable is your website and your source. Have you ever make a BIG mistake for a celebrity height??? If yes, give me some examples...
one said on 1/Apr/10
Why are you all obsessed with height, espescially the men around here? Haven't you realized that it is the size of the head and face in combination with bone structure that really sets men apart. A shortish man with a large distinguished head would win a presidential election against a tall man with a small head just about any day.
Jared said on 27/Feb/10
I never had a significant growth period; it was slow but sure. I ended up at 5ft 10in. My father is 5ft 11in. I have two brothers who are about 6ft 2 inches. My mother is 5ft 3in. Nobody in my family older than my parents were taller than average, and we usually shorter than average. I like my height, personally, because it works out well for managing physical objects in life, like driving, counters, cabinets etc. However, socially, I feel like I am a little short at times, more often than I feel a little tall. I am also aware that taller men seem to get more positive attention from woman and other men, so I wonder if I taller people are statistically more successful. I have known plenty of men who are about 5ft 7in, and that seems to be a very nice height; not too short, not too tall. And, it seems that men I have known who are about 5ft 11in are sort of at the beginning of tall. I think that the social perceptions of height are what make people feel positive or not about their own height. Most men I have know are between 5ft 7in and 5ft 11in, which seems like good working heights. But most of the men I have know between those average heights seem to be more interested in height than men who are either obviously very short or very tall. I wonder; if a man is very short, if there is an acceptance of shortness; and if a man is very tall, there is sense of relief that he is tall in a world that is height biased. I had a friend who was 6ft 7in, and he confessed to me that he did not at all like being that tall. He thought I was 6 feet tall (I'm 5,10). Other friends who are tall think I am taller than I am, actually. I think their is a perception thing going on here. I think it has to do with self image. Shorter men might care more about their height as compared to taller men than taller men care about their height compared to shorter men. One thing seem consistent: Men who are not obviously tall, might have a tendency to want to be taller. Maybe everybody wants to be tall, especially men. By the way. I have measured at much as 5ft 11in in the morning if I had a good night's sleep and did my yoga. I have also measured as little as 5 ft 9.5 inches if I had to do a lot of heavy lifting that day. Maybe I should say I'm 5ft 9.5 inches then, but since I average 5ft 10in, I just say I'm "five ten." I experimented once to see what lie I could get away with. I went around saying I was six feet, which people believe most of the time, but was occasionally questioned. When I say five eleven, nobody ever questioned it. I also experimented with lifts. When I was wearing them, I was 6ft 1in including my hair. I'm old and more mature now, and have come to accept that I am the height that I should be, and that everyone is the height they should be, even if they are too short or too tall, socially or practically. That's the wonder and beauty of life; diversity.
Bodyshape07 said on 18/Feb/10
Jana says on 4/Dec/07 Chris, I have to disagree with you on this one. I'm female and 6.2 and 100% in proportion. Sure, Jana, unless you're telling your height in heels, many women are gettin away with it nowadays.
Sara F said on 17/Feb/10
Bill Oreilly on the Factor stated he is 6'4"
Paulo Roberto Costa said on 14/Feb/10
Tenho 1,68m = 5,6f. Alguns recursos como palmilhas de até 4cm me elevam para 1,72m = 5.7+1/5. Assim posso passar de minha mulher que tem 1,69m = 5,6+1/4 Isto é muito bom. Me deixa com uma sensação de poder.
someguy said on 9/Feb/10
Hey can someone tell me what the average amount of height lost during the day is? i think i lose something like 1.25 inches, is that possible?
Spartan warrior said on 8/Feb/10
I'm 5'5'', a month from being 19 and The dumbest question I've been asked in relation to my is, "Why are you so short?". Any time I get asked I just say "Well I woke up one day, took out the measuring tape and thought "you know what? I think I'll stop growing today". Haha there's nothing you can do, it's not up to you what your height is! If you're not happy with how your body turned out then you're wasting a lot of energy. To an extent it does define who you are but if you make the most of what you are given people respect you for that. I think it's kinda funny when tall people reasure themselves of their height superiority by standing next to you and all that but seriously, height is not a limitation at all. There's a misconception that tall people are stronger, healthier, more adept than shorter people. It's been around for thousands of years and is difficult to avoid especially when heroes are always portrayed as tall and powerful. It's not the case. For example you've seen the 6-foot toned Spartans portrayed in the movie 300 as the ideal warriors when historically Spartan hoplites were on average 5'2''. Having shorter legs was a huge advantage in terms of centre of balance. Plus you were a smaller target, therefore had a lesser chance of being killed and more opportunity to go home and have children who would inherit the short warrior stature too :D Plus shorter people age better :) And for all those who are unhappy, think of people who don't even have use of their legs and spend their lives in a wheelchair. What I'm saying is be happy with your height whatever it is. If you get teased because you're short or tall remember it's not you who has the problem! The teaser is either jelous of your looks or needs to compensate for something themselves :P
fx mayo said on 3/Feb/10
Your hints on estimating height are just not good enough; the stars/directors/cinemaphotographers are just too slippery for this and the only time two stars are seen standing side by side from head to toe at the same distance from the camera is when they are both midgets. One way I've found is to look for a shot where the star is standing right next to a late-model vehicle door with their feet in view. Now, using the pause/step button on your dvd controller for this, note where the top of the vehicle lines up against the actor's body, shoulder blade, eye (or bald head), etc. SUVs are the best for this because their sides sre perpendicular and nearer to the height of most most of the stars. Amazingly I don't think Hollywood has got wise to this and started to use scale-model vehicles.
short said on 29/Jan/10
Gosh!!! I feel like the shortest person ever!!! My height is of a kids!!! Seriously!!!! Every person that walks by me...even younger kids then me make me feel like a complete child! I am so short!!! 4'9"! And my growning rate has already stopped! It sucks being short and very short when up against tall people! It sucks to be me!
Clara said on 22/Jan/10
@ Anon Seriously, it all depends on your genetics. My mom is 5'9 my father is 6'2 and I turned out to be 5'9. So your theory doesn't work in practice. We stop growing after 18.
J.J. said on 18/Jan/10
Yogurt you wont be shorter than 6'3" . Expect 6'4" at your pattern so you bwill be 6'3" at least without a doubt and ofcourse could hit 6'4" when you are done
J.J. said on 11/Jan/10
'Yogurt' you'll probably be 6'4" or very close be dont expect to be shorter than 6'3".
Mot said on 11/Jan/10
I'm from Italy where the average is 5'9'' for males and 5'4''/5'5'' for females. My family: Dad - 5'11''/5'11'' Mum - 5'5''/5'5'' Brother (22) - 5'9'' Me (15) - 5'8''/5'9''
Ross said on 7/Jan/10
I am 18, When I measure on a morning I am 188.5 cm, then afternoon I am in the 187's and at night I am a lowish 187 so what would be my proper height really, should i say i am 187 cm, 188 cm?. Any Ideas Rob
Jake said on 5/Jan/10
oh my god....Ling, you're so right... I'm like 5'11.25 in a country where the male average height is like 5'7...I won't complain about my height anymore
Emrah said on 5/Jan/10
My sister of 15 is btw 178cm! i live in the dutch and my height is nothing special here,almost all those dutch men are the same height as me or even taller but im from albanian roots so when i go to a wedding en begin to dancing you can def see some height difference,i look like a giant whith wedding shoes,im then almost 1.90:p
Emrah said on 5/Jan/10
Im 6ft,and my father is 1.76 and my mom 1.60,im 18 years old i grew 4cm in 1 year! i dont think that i will grow more. but i have a question,when you measure the head from where must you measure? from the hairline tho the chin or from the top of the head tho the chin? because a normal head is height:8=... from the hairline tho my chin its 23 cm so that is normal but from the top of my head its 25cm so thats bigger than normal so whats the right way tho measure the head?
Jay said on 5/Jan/10
My parents are 5'3 and 5'6 and im growing taller every signle couple of months. Im 16 and wen i was 14 i was 4feet but now im so close to 6 feet im around 5'11. My family hieght is so messed up, my grandpas were both shoter than 5'8 and their kids (my uncles) are all taller than 6'3 and two are 7 feet plyin ncaa basketball. I wanna grow atleast 6' is this possible?
Emrah said on 4/Jan/10
im 6ft in the morning and a weak 6ft overall im 18years old,6 months ago i was 178cm i didnt do anything special,my father is now 176cm,he lost some height he was 178cm and my mom is like 160cm. but i am 6ft and my sister of 15 years old is 178cm!. but i have a question,from where you must measure the head? because from my hairline till my chin is it 23cm and from the top of my head tho my chin its almost 25cm? so which one is right?
Ling said on 2/Jan/10
I don't consider myself very lucky in the U.S. I am from Burma where the average height is like 5'5.5" for males, and an average deviation of about 2.5 inches from the norm. I am 5'2" and I just had wished I was 5'5"+ someday but that probably isn't going to happen. I don't know if a lotta you people consider yourself shorthanded by genetics, but in the U.S., where the average male height is 5'10", I can understand if you are. I'd do almost anything for a height that most of you are unhappy with...
Yogurt said on 21/Dec/09
Hi. Can anyone list a height calculatoin for me? I turned 13, 7 mounths ago. I currently stand at 5'10". Both of my parents are 5'11". My Mom's Dad is 6'6". I have just started my growth spurt, last mounth. I've grown about 2 inches in 1 mounth. ( And i usally grow 2 inches in 1 year). So, i use this height calculator on most of you guys listing your parents heights and your heights. its is----------------> if you are boy (Father Height)+(mother height)/2= (Answer)+2 through 6 inches. If you are a girl Add them up, divide by 2, and thats how tall you should be. it says i will be about 6'5", but i'm not sure.
madchronic said on 26/Nov/09
WOOOW some peoples posts are pathetic but everyone come down about height it all depends on genetics and everybody grows at different periods and different rates. i have some friends that grew to 6'2" at 16 and never grew another inch. some that had huge growth spurts at 18. it all depends like im 5'10" and never had growth spurt, just grow about a inch a year. Who cares anyways small people are lot of times the best fighters
somewhattallchick said on 19/Nov/09
Im 5'8 on the dot. Everytime i get measured...(in the morning) i measure 5'8 and after a long day on my feet im a bit under. I keep doubting my height as in alot of people (mostly guys) tell me that they are around 5'11 or six foot when in reality they look more like 5'9 or 5'10. Do you know how many ppl have said "Oh you must be 5'10 b/c im 6 foot". I just say "ok" nod and let them think that they are as tall as they want to be. Im 17 years old almost 18 and i haven't grown in almost 2 years. This site is very interesting.
Tony M said on 12/Nov/09
Hi guys. Brilliant site. I was just wondering does anyone know the best way we should measure ourselves? Growing Up I've had internal organ problems so I was constantly being measured by my doctor over here in the UK. How can we best do it ourselves. My posture is also dreadful. Due to my job and years of computer games growing up I have a tendency to roll shoulders and slouch forward but when I try to stand straight because Ive got a big chest for my 5ft 9n1/2 (WET) frame it looks as if Im unnatural. But it actually feels better for my back. So because it protrudes I go back to slouching. I really want to start working on my posture now because I'm getting really bad back pains. Thanks for any help.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/09
i had a bizarre case of a friend who was likely 6ft1.25 when i first met him years back when he was 23yr, every year i have like seeing him grow an inch. at 26 now he looks nearly of 6ft4.5, thats weir right? rob, could you believe of a men after an age of 23yr was still growing? is it normal?
Editor Rob said on 1/Nov/09
J.J, we done that photo with the heels at 12pm, from what we measured that moment it was 5ft 2/8ths me, 5ft 8 3/8ths jenny and then with the heel about 6ft 1/4 inch. so the heels gave not more than 3 and 7/8ths inches. Here was the full length photo in heels showing 6ft 1/4 inch: Click Here
SlowCode said on 24/Oct/09
With the use of shoe lifts, it is almost impossible to use this method, unless everyone is barefoot. I delivered wine to Letterman often during the early 80s, and he often came to the door dressed for softball. He's 6'1" I'd say. I am 5'10.5. I worked at the Ft. Lauderdale Jet Center a few years back, which is a business jet FBO, so a lot of private jets came in and out of there. Ted Turner - no more than 5'7" in loafers. Matthew McConnahay is maybe 5'8". Stallone - I'd say 5'6" or so - but he had "big shoes", so its a guesstimate. Arnold is 5'9". A Navy buddy protected him for a while and confided. He was "sworn" to secrecy. Ha ha. Look at Cruise next to Hoffman in Rain Man. Both so little. I doubt Cruise is more than 5'5". Hoffman is real, real short, and cruise isn't that much taller.
Teri said on 19/Oct/09
I was only 5'1" my senior year in high school. I had my first baby at 19 and grew another inch! So, I guess that's true what Anon says about women growing a little more because of pregnancy and growth hormones. It makes sense.
J.J. said on 8/Oct/09
Rob- another eyeline showing the true 4" difference
J.J. said on 2/Oct/09
As I can also see the eyeline gives 4" not 4.5". It is clearly shown in your picture with Jenny. I call this being much taller than someone, BUT NOT TOWERING YET.
J.J. said on 2/Oct/09
'Rob' could you tell me how many inches of height does Jenny's heels give (even though I think it's 4") & how many inches does it actually measure & whether it's got any platforms & how the platform affect height gained. Thanks.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/09
Anon, girls stop growing at age 18. It's impossible that they keep growin after that, unless they have some kind of hormone condition.
f said on 11/Sep/09
chris says on 23/Sep/08 hi this site is cool, Im 19 years old and i hope i will grow 1 or 2 inches. im 1.83, For american standards it would be tall;) but i live in the netherlands, wow dam im short!! almost everyone is above 6 feet, like 6 feet 1/2 my father is 6'1 and my mother is 5'2 bye bye My reaction: I also live in the Netherlands and 1.83m isn't that short man, come on, it's still quite tall in Holland.
Anon said on 16/Aug/09
not true it depends on your inherited genetics but most girls growth stops or slows down by 18 but if they're going to be taller than they're average height parents, they keep growing by 1/2 inches until 21. Also girls/women gain 1/2-1 inch in height when having their 1st child even id they're past 21 it's b/c of the growth going on with their baby they get the effects of growth hormones too. Guys too, can keep growing until 21 that's the final growth age, so if you're 18 and your family is tall you can squeeze out 1-2 inches more. If your family is mostly short or average I'd say you can maybe get another 1/2 inch. @ Anonymous D, don't worry you will be whatever you will be, and you've got 6 years until 21 y/o to keep growing and you could have a growth spurt between now and then. Maybe you should hit the basketball pick up games or volley ball some sports help you develop long and lean
paul said on 13/Aug/09
Ray Romano is 6'4 and Brad Garrett is 6'8 1/2, Height has nothing to do with what you do it is all genetics mainly I mean I know a lad who is 20 and 6'5 and his parents are small so it varies at times.
Ali020202 said on 11/Aug/09
I am south asian male 21yo and 179cm/5ft10.5, that my not b very tall but alot of my south asian friends r alot shorter than me. My dad: 179cm/5ft10.5 My mum: 5ft1 Sister1: 5ft3 Sister 2: 5ft7
Jen said on 25/Jul/09
I could only judge a celebrity's height if I see them in Person-they all look tall on TV, then you meet them(some of them), they're quite tiny. I really cannot judge them by picture that well, unless I know the celeb's height. I'm a 15 year old girl at 5ft4, I reckon I'll be at least 5ft5 or 5ft6. I was pretty tall for 11, around 5ft1, 5ft2 at 12/13, 5ft3/5ft3 1/2 at 14 and now, 5ft4.
Dylan said on 22/Jul/09
I turned 14 a few weeks ago and I was measured at 5'9 when i went to the doctor for my yearly check up.My goal height is to be 6 foot 2. Will i make it?
tom said on 3/Jul/09
I am 19, and I am 6'1- 185 cm, When i measure myself I am between 184 and 186 so i am around that, what age to males stop growing at, I think it is around 21 although most stop growing before then, what is the exact age.
Martin said on 2/Jul/09
im 18 yrs old 5"8.5 in the morning 5"8 in the evening.. my Father's height is 5"7.5 and my mom is 5"5.. You think i can reach 5"9 before i stop growing?? im Desperate to grow taller.. Some advice please...
demarko said on 28/Jun/09
MY dad when i was born: 6,0 feet even
My mom when i was born: 5,4 even
My half brother: 6,1
His mom: 5,4

i JUST turned 16 im about 5,7 or 5,8 and i want to know how tall is will be help me out!
MissKit said on 11/Jun/09
I think its definitely important to mention good health and exercise in regards to gaining more height. My mum is 5'1 and my dad is about 5'4 however, my brother is over 6'! This was due to him playing sports every day since he was about 8 till his late teens.. so I dont think "tall" genes should always be considered as the main reason for ppl being tall ;)
Jon 182cm said on 9/Jun/09
I made myself a height chart to measure myself by using a tape measure and sticking sum paper to my door, haha! its not classy, but it works. i measure myself by putting sumthin on the very top of my head (preferrably flat and long enough to reach the chart from a sensible distance), and reading it that way. Rob is right about head measurements as well, bt i do hav a slightly larger head, being 10.5in instead of 9.5in and distance frm eyes to top of head being 5 to 5.5in.
Big Mike said on 6/Jun/09
my dad is 6'5 and my mum is 6ft. At 6'11 and age 19 i am 2nd tallest in my whole family. my uncle is 7ft and i always told him since i was in high school that i would oneday pass or equal his height. can anyone tell me how i can get this extra inch
5-2.5tops said on 2/Jun/09
Janis, if you have a long neck and you're very tall then you could be sufferin from Marfan syndrome. you should see a doctor about that.
Ivanna said on 1/Jun/09
i am very concern about my height.i am just 5'3" and i am 15 years old.i am also an asian girl who wanted to be taller as 5'7''.well,in my echtnitcity i am determining
as a taller girl but i think im not.i hope i can be even more taller in the future...i guess,but somehow we all have to be thankful with whatever height that we have.
Jon said on 31/May/09
My head is 10.5 inches and im 182cm tall. I have a long face with a defined jaw line.
Seb said on 18/May/09
anonymous d, u may grow to 5"10 if your lucky, but considering u have small parents, 5'10 would be a good achievement, and your only young so that helps, i mean i was 6' at 16 and 6'1 at 17 so it can happen (p.s. my mums under 5foot, no lie lol)
short girl said on 13/May/09
wahsay says on 13/Mar/09i had a class mate who was 4'10 and had same problem as yours its not tht u have a bad posture ..u might be wearing lot of pencil heels...they make girls look shorter try a 3-4 block heel tht would make you like 5'3 tht would make u feel more comfortable:)

I don't wear pencil heels. I rarely wear heels. Its just that I sometimes wonder why and how my friend who is an inch shorter than me looks either the same height or taller than me, IT FREAKS ME OUT!! I'm honest with myself. If I wanted to lie I would say I'm 5 feet, but I look shorter than my friends and cousins who are the same height as me. Its weird!
jaz said on 13/May/09
Height doesnt mean a lot, i have actually kissed a sexy lady called Karen Kahlon at Dudley College she is like 5'0 at best and is still a babe, who cares about height,
Salih said on 12/May/09
Im 5'5 and 15 years old (men)

dad: 5'5

6'0 leastways a way of being there?
Salih said on 12/May/09
Im 15 years old and 5'5 (men)


6'0 leastways a way of being there?
Eri said on 11/May/09
Im 169 cm tall or a bit shorter and i have a 149 cm mother and a 171 cm father.

Im only 14 and i got a growth. I was like 160 cm ending 2007 and in July of 2008 i ended mesuring 169 cm.

I wear like 1 year without grow...

Im just a boy!

How tall do you think i will be?
jj said on 9/May/09
I'm 5'8 and 19 years old
my dad is 5'9 and my mom 5'6. I have to say it's probably all in the genes because my dad got the height from my grandpa who was around 6'0 and all my aunts and uncles got their height from my grandma like around 5'4 to 5'6.
Prue said on 4/May/09
I watch for they measure up to door knobs, car roofs, peep holes [in doors]and light switches, then guestimate from there. You can get pretty close using those points of reference.
Anonymous D said on 25/Apr/09
Im 5'8 and 15 years old and i was 5"4 at 13 years, and 5"6 at 14. and have been 5"8 for almost a year, my dads 5"5.5 and my mums 5"5. will i grow taller? how tall do you think i will be?
Mystery said on 24/Apr/09
I'm 18 years old and i weigh 140. I'm 5ft4 ina half, but i wwould love to be 2 more inches taller.
Thomas said on 20/Apr/09
I can only talk for celeb's height when I see them face to face. Tallest I ever met was Donald Sutherland and Tim Robbins.
aram x said on 19/Apr/09
Alex says on 11/Aug/08
My head is pretty much the same as Rob describes it. My head to eye level is about 4.5 inches and my head length is 9.5 inches.

It also depends on how tall you are because taller people are usually (not always) overall bigger than shorter people. So somebody in the 7 foot range is very likely to have head that's 12 inches or longer instead of the standard 9-10 inches.
carlo said on 9/Apr/09
Brenden Evans is 7'4 1/2 and he is 13, he has had something done to stop him growing, Chris Lister is 7'4 and paul sturgess is 7'7 huge giants and they are all between 13 and 21 I believe.
Alex said on 8/Apr/09
So if I understand this correctly, if my bottom lip measures 5'10.5", plus 7.5", that would make me 6'6"?
carlo said on 8/Apr/09
I am 20 and I am 6'9, My dad was the tallest in the family at 6'8 but I am taller than him by and inch, My mom is 5'9, I have 2 younger Brothers, Max who is 18 and 6'5 and jeromy who is 16 and 5'10 he is the shortest bar my mom, It is key to get a lot of exercise, eat healthy and slelep enough, but its your genes mainly what determine your height
east meets west said on 4/Apr/09
I'm assuming you are a guy, Boss, in which case I do think you'll grow taller, although it may not be more than another 2-3 inches. Boys often keep on growing in stature right up to the age of 19 or 20, whereas girls have usually reached their full height by about 16 or 17. Hope this helps!
eoin said on 2/Apr/09
MOHAN hey im 18 male and below average. i have to say that i have grown about 3/4 to 1 inch in the last 6 weeks from keeping a healthy diet i.e two big glasses of milk a night and 13 minutes of stretching excerises a night i.e ones that really stretch ur spine and legs and fifty press ups and weights. the routine takes about 20 mins. i also get plenty of excerise during the day as im a farmer. keep good posture. i dont know how much ill eventually grow but another couple of inches is possible . hard work is a must. good luck
tommo said on 1/Apr/09
I am 18 and 5'10 and my babe Amy Davies is 16 and 5'1, It doesnt matter how tall a women is, it matter what kind of person they are, They can wear high heels, Amy is fit and she is not tall but 5'7 plus say is very tall for a women.
Mr. Conan said on 14/Mar/09
I stand at 5'11 1/2. 1'm 19, could be taller in few years.

My mother is 5'5.
I think my dad is 5'6.
My brother (came from different father) is 6'3-6'4.
wahsay said on 13/Mar/09
short girl says on 21/Dec/08
I hate seeing how much people complain about how their height. I'm only 4'11, ..........................................................

i had a class mate who was 4'10 and had same problem as yours its not tht u have a bad posture ..u might be wearing lot of pencil heels...they make girls look shorter try a 3-4 block heel tht would make you like 5'3 tht would make u feel more comfortable:)
dung said on 9/Mar/09
I am 19 and I am 6'8, good foods that i eat are chicken, fish, eggs and steak and i drink a lot of water, a good healthy diet is always good, plenty of fruit and veggies.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/09
My friend is 14 years old, around 5'4.5". His father is a short man and stood at a peak height of 5'3" and is now closing in on 5'2", but he's like 50 years old. He's too young to remember his mom, and doesn't have very many legitimizing pictures, but he hears that his mom was about 5'8" or 5'9". I'm telling him that he could grow from anywhere between 5'7" (if he doesn't nourish himself properly) to maybe 5'9.5" if he does.

Also, it happens in a lot of cases that the oldest brother tends to be the tallest in the family. I've heard this is because the parents were youngest when he was conceived, so he obtained the best height genes. But I'm just noticing that a lot of full grown males are shorter than their older brothers. I for example am 17 and 6'1", expected to grow to 6'2" peak height, but my older brother is 23 and 6'4". I wonder why this is.
Enrique said on 7/Mar/09
Hi can someone predict my final height i am very concious about it
When i was 15 my height was 5'2 and i had late puberty i just started when i turned 16
16 5'4
17 5'6
and now i just turned 18 i around 5'63/4
my mom is 5'2 and my dad is 5'6
bunnybird said on 4/Mar/09
everyone...your genes pretty much dictate what height you will grow at. so if you want to know, look at your parents, and extended family. my mum and dad are both 6ft, i'm 5ft 10in and my brothers are over 6ft...

however.... i'm 23 and still growing. this is most probably because i didnt start growing until i was 13, (at 11 i was 4ft 10in...not tall by any means) hope this helps!!!
LEITO said on 1/Mar/09
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dphl said on 25/Feb/09
Haha probably won't grow any more. Some people are just different.
13 year old brother-5'7"
And I'm only 16 ;D
thekid said on 25/Feb/09
Hey everyone. Im 13 years old, just got out of 8th grade, im 5'9", my dad is 5'9", and mom is 5'5". but most of the people in both my moms side and my dads side are 6"ft up to even 7ft. My grandpa on my moms side was 6'2" at his peak, and on my dads side was 6'ft. my doctor said im expected to grow anywhere from 6'2" -6'4". Does anyone think thats really possible?
Lee said on 25/Feb/09
I'm 22 so probably stopped growing years ago.... check this out;

My Dad is 6'4
My Brother is 6'7 (One year younger than me)
My Mum is 5'8 (which i think is fairly tall for a lady)

.... and i am only 5'11.... How does that work??? I know to some people 5'11 doesn't sound too small but believe me in my house i'm tiny!!
Lacra said on 24/Feb/09
Hi I'm 17 years old and 5'8.5 (174cm) i recently got 17 years, do you think I'll reach 178cm? My father is 5'8 and my mom 5'6 plz help
Phil said on 22/Feb/09
5' 3'' says on 14/Dec/08
at what age do you normally stop growing?

- For girls, it's around 16, 18 at the latest. For guys, it's 18, 21 at the latest.

BOSS, maybe you'll grow an inch more.

ToTallGirl says on 13/Dec/08
im 5 ft 6 and im about to turn 15. I really love my height and don't want to get anny taller! but every1 says ill hit 5 ft 11. When do girls usually get their growth spurts?

- I think it's around age 12, precisely.

Denny, it's very possible that you'll grow a half-inch more and become a solid 6'2".
Bunny said on 3/Feb/09
In my P.E Class im almost 5'7... But i don't think... I use high sneakers and withouth shoes i can be 5'4 or 5'5...

I don't know my final height, but my mom is 4'10 and my dad 5'7... i have a sister, she's a bit little than me (5'3)
Alec said on 31/Jan/09
i am: 6ft2 at 16
dad: 5ft10.5
mom: 5ft5.5
brother: 4ft10

i am 16 years old will i grow taller?
dave said on 31/Jan/09
How tall is justin edwards who appeared in new sitcom the old guys as stephen he looked very tall, rob (editor) can you check him out lease do you know his height.
KOBY said on 30/Jan/09
I'm 6'8 and i am 20, I play local basketball, height is mostly in the genes, my parents are 6'7 and 5'10, it can depend, a good diet is key, cereal, fruit, vegatables, water and juices, fish, chicken, eggs, plenty of protein is good,and also sleep get at least 8 hours a night it can help your body grow after time.
Vibram said on 28/Jan/09
BOSS - maybe 1" taller afer 18. Your an example of a much taller brother. It is hard (esp. if it's an elder brother) but don't let it get to you.
duparis said on 24/Jan/09
MOhan, if you're growth plates are fused theres is nothing you can take, not even prescribed growth hormone that will make you taller. Its possible to thicken your joints and bones with hgh and other compounds, which may give you another inch or so, but nothing in the realm of a real height change.
GUK said on 19/Jan/09
I've just done that head measurement thing, my head is 9.5 inches and I'm slightly above 180m morning height, 179 most of the day. I must have a big head!
dave said on 12/Jan/09
You stop grwoing whern youre about 21 normally although its rare you grow taht much after youre 18, im 24 now and when i was 18 i was 6'0 now i am 6'2 so i only grew a couple of inches from 18- 21 but 6'2 is tall enough, good height for any man.
jag said on 12/Jan/09
BOSS, you may grow a bit taller, with height it depends on your genes mostly, if your dad is only 5'9 I cant see you growing over 6'0 but you never know, it mostly depends on your parents heights, but eating and drinking healthy helps a growing body, I too am 18, I am 18 and 6'1 but my dad is 6'5 and my mum is 5'6, it often depends on genes etc, foods good for growth,fruit, vegetables, egg, fish, chicken, meat, and other stuff like cheese, for drinks avoid coke and alcohol try juice and mik and water also, fruit juicews it helps you grow maybe and a lot of sleep too.
UK, vaguely tall said on 11/Jan/09
Well my Dad is 6'1'' and my Mum is 5'7''. I'm 21 (almost 22) and I'm 5'10''. To 'TooTallGirl' - I was already 5'9'' when I was 15/16. I only grew my last inch when I went to uni, although this is probably because my posture improved, who knows! I was always the tallest in primary school and I think my main height growth happened when I was around 13. It varies, of course, depending on when you started puberty etc but girls always have their spurts before boys (hence why I was able to be the tallest in primary school - when my male friends hit 17 suddenly they were all giants!) Ask your Mum to see when she grew - I was a similar age to mine. While I was growing my Mum always said I'd be 5'8'' but my Aunt said 5'10'' - I guess she won that bet!
Oh and it's all genetics and diet - if you have the tall gene (take a glimpse at parentals) and you eat properly during your main growth period (therefore allowing enough energy for the gene to kick in) then you will be tall. I don't believe you can really make a difference afterward I'm afraid... unless there are specific surgeries I'm unaware of. Just be happy with what you've got. I like being 5'10'' but it comes with some downsides and I find myself being at a similar height to my male friends on a night out as opposed to my female friends, but hey. It also makes me slightly prejudiced when it comes to meeting guys (my preferred height is 6'3'' - based on me using the UK average height ratio)!
Hope this helps.
p.s. When I asked my (5'8'') male friend if he'd date a girl taller than him he said "yes, because there'd be more of her!" So no fear eh? ;)
Terry Robinson said on 9/Jan/09
For a man to under 5'6' is a bummer, I am 5'5", I know, any man under 5'6" who says that they don't have a small man complex is a liar, it is forced on us from being very young, treated like they are uncapable, less intelligence, I will take the little guy, shorty, short stop, girls won't go out with you or dance with you, younger people compare their height with you. right tell me I have a complex, Well dead right I do, being short is a life time bummer.
Terry Robinson said on 9/Jan/09
For a man to under 5'6' is a bummer, I am 5'5", I know, any man under 5'6" who says that they don't have a small man complex is a liar, it is forced on us from being very young, treated like they are uncapable, less intelligence, I will take the little guy, shorty, short stop, girls won't go out with you or dance with you, younger people compare their height with you. right tell me I have a complex, Well dead right I do, being short is a life time bummer.
MizW said on 31/Dec/08
I'm a 40-something year old female, & I stand 5'8 in my bare feet. To any girls out there who feel they are too short & wish they could grow, may I add my 2 cents? Being tall is a MAJOR pain in my A--! "Oxford" type blouses with the button cuff sleeves don't fit...the sleeves are NEVER long enough. I always have to roll them up. Pants rarely fit right either. A lot of guys shy away from dating tall women. (C'mon guys! We don't bite!) Being tall ISN'T all it's cracked up to be! Please don't waste your time wishing to be something you aren't. Remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
Ian said on 31/Dec/08
Weights only shrink you if you are lifting heavy weights above your head etc. You should do Lat pull downs, chin ups and exercises that stretch you.
MOhan said on 26/Dec/08
Hi i am using super growth (Height Booster) for past four months but no changes in my growth. My age is 24 and height is 5ft. i want to growth 2 or 3 inches.. pls help me
BOSS said on 25/Dec/08
i am 5ft8
dad - 5ft9
mum - 5ft5
sister - 5ft4
brother - 6ft1

i am 18years old do you think i wil grow taller:(
aziz said on 22/Dec/08
Umar, although exercises and diets can affect height, most people's heights run in the family. I've seen boys who do a lot of jumping and stretching exercises and drink a lot of milk not reaching 5'5. Their parents were short.
Arikado said on 22/Dec/08
to .. you're even taller than me when I was 13 I'm a boy i was 5 ft 1. now I'm 17 I'm 6 ft 1. I think it's in the genes ..
short girl said on 21/Dec/08
I hate seeing how much people complain about how their height. I'm only 4'11, but I think I look 4'10." In photos you would think Im, like, 4'9." now thats sad...... Maybe its b/c I don't have good posture, but I don't know..... Do you guys think Im being overly self conscious or do you guys think I might be wrong in my past measurements? I've been measured 4 ft 11 plus 1/4" at my last doctor's visit in the afternoon, but somehow comparing myself to others have made me doubt myself.
TK Nathan said on 16/Dec/08
If you wanna add height you have to keep fit, do a lot of streches, drink a lot of water and eat high calcium foods. My parents are from Sri Lanka and so they are not really that tall, I'm 5'8"and I play a lot of soccer, which is kinda short for a guy but not that bad, most guys will grow until you are 21. If you do a lot weights it does affect you height, which was my problem, but you can grow a few inches more if you do stretches daily for bout 5-10 mins in the morning and before you go to bed. It does not matter how tall you are as long as you are good at something height is not an issue. I'm a soccer fan and for guys like me look at Lionel Messi, he is 5'6.5" and one of the best soccer players in da world.
wahsay said on 15/Dec/08
I M 6'1.5 AT MORNING And i m 18 so i havent grown since 3 months wat will be my final height????
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/08
.. says on 1/Oct/08
You'll probably end up being 5ft 6 if you're lucky,but not 5ft 8.
5' 3'' said on 14/Dec/08
at what age do you normally stop growing?
ToTallGirl said on 13/Dec/08
im 5 ft 6 and im about to turn 15. I really love my height and don't want to get anny taller! but every1 says ill hit 5 ft 11. When do girls usually get their growth spurts?
Denny said on 8/Dec/08
I'm 6'1.5, and I'm 17 years old.
My mum is 5'8.5, and my dad is about 5'11.5.

When I was 15, I was about 6 feet and a half ince tall. So I want to know, if its possible to grow up to 6'2 or maybe 6'3?
Denny said on 8/Dec/08
In the morning I'm 6'1.5 and I'm 17 years old.
My mother is 5'8.75 and my dad must be about 6'

When I was 15, I was about 6'0.5, so I get only one inch in the last to years.
Is there the possibility to grow up to maybe 6'2 or 6'3?
Janis said on 11/Nov/08
Hi, guys.
Im currently a 6'4.5. 17 years old. At the last 3 years have grown max 2 inches. I have a very tall neck imo - 4.5 inches and almost 10 inches head. What is going to be my final height? any ideas?
My dad (42yrs) is 6'1, at age 18 he was 6'3. My mom (42) is 5'7.5, at age 18 she was 5'9. Mt two sisters (20 and 21) are both 5'7.
jenny said on 7/Nov/08
Chris from dec of last year. I don't blog or get heated about trivial things but your insecurity of not making it to 5.10 by 17 or 18 doesn't give you the worlds percpective on what is attractive in women over a height of 5'8. Since I was 12 years old i've been a foot taller than all guys around me until highschool when they caught up. If you knew a little history then you would know females develope years before males and this can be discouraging when you're a teenager now days, but this was also why centeries older men and younger women married because that was natures way of procriating with a healthy man and woman. Now as far as whats attrative to each individual, height is an ignorant thing to consider if you're looking to find someone that clicks with who you really want to chill with. I wasted a lot of my youth being embarrassed by my heighth but being begged to be a model. I'm just personally shy and couldn't handle that center of attention in public. Thank goodness though because now I know in my early 20s almost 100% of men around me go crazy when I wear heals which makes me close to 6 foot. I also never didn't date a guy because he was shorter than me because if he had the confidence to date a taller girl, then the had a great personality. Which is why I married a man that is exactly my heighth of 5'9" with no shoes on us both. But he loves to sweep me around in heels that make him a good 3 inches shorter than me because he knows wether you're "to short" or "to tall" in your eyes someone sees you in their eyes a different way. Eating healthy is common sense and so is exercise but your genes will give you your ending height so instead of me being jealous i'm not short and petite, I have to hear everyday all day long. "how do you do it? you're so tall and thin! Whats the secret?" Genetics. If I could choose I would be wynona ryders look a like, but I bet she wishes she was tall and skinny. Be what you're gonna be and find someone who likes your personality because if you are tall you will shrink with age and get a hump back. If you are short and petite, you have to watch the sugar because it may make you feel fat. Even though I have a weakness for big soft strong guys. They make you feel safe. Short guys can make you laugh like no one else. so forget your height concerns and start working on your personality because thats all you got going for you
Willy style said on 2/Nov/08
hi, im 16,
me - 6ft0.5 (184) in the evening with socks on.
dad- 6ft (183) in the evening, solid 6 fter.
mum- 5ft6
bro(19)-6ft2 (188) in the evening.
bro(13)-5ft9 (177) in the evening.
Good genes XD,
George said on 29/Oct/08
Could somebody try and predict my full height? I've got some more info than I had before:

I'm a white British male.

11: About 5'4
12: 5'5
13: 5'7
13.5: 5'9 (My current height)

These heights are all at least 6 hours after waking up.

My shoe size is a UK 9, & My dad was 6'1 at his peak, my Mum 5'8 at hers. And my Dad says he grew an inch from 18 till he was 21. I also have an aunt on my Dad's side of the family who is 6ft.
kizza said on 27/Oct/08
Safe im 6'0 at 18, im tall, my girl adele campbell is 5'4 ish, height isn't a big deal for a girl, my dad is 6'5 my mom is 5'7.
sarah t said on 24/Oct/08
hi guys, i'm 5'3 and 14 , i had my growth spurt about 2 years ago , my mom is 5'3, my dad is 5'9 , my grand parents didn't go far beyond 5'5
most of my aunts r 5'5 , i'm stuck at 5'3 i didnt grow from about 2 years , do u think i'll be 5'5- 5'6 ,and if you're wondering yes i'm a female
please answer
bonnie said on 24/Oct/08
I am a 6' 1" female, barefoot. I will never cease to be amazed at how many men LIE about their height! this inevitably happens when I am seated. The next thing out of their mouths is usually---how tall are you?? 6'4"??? LOL The shorter they are the more hair spittingly they add that quarter of an inch! Has anyone else had this happen to them???? Stand up straight, shoulders back!!!! BONNIE
Umar said on 12/Oct/08
Ok now I know that at this age (13) we start getting a lot taller. People, listen up! If you're 13, eat a lot of healthy foods and exercise a lot. When you get older, you won't have this chance to get taller ever again.
.. said on 1/Oct/08
Im 13 and 3 months, a girl, and my height is 5ft 2 and 3 quarters. My mum is 5 ft 5 and my dad is 5 ft 11 i really want to be 5 ft 8 do you think it will happen.
James said on 25/Sep/08
Hey Alex

You have a 9.5 inch head? Have people ever said that you have a big head? How tall are you anyway? My head is around 9 inches and think its on the big side!! It really sucks!! That is why I think 8 inches is the average height not 9.5
chris said on 23/Sep/08
hi this site is cool, Im 19 years old and i hope i will grow 1 or 2 inches. im 1.83, For american standards it would be tall;) but i live in the netherlands, wow dam im short!! almost everyone is above 6 feet, like 6 feet 1/2

my father is 6'1 and my mother is 5'2

bye bye
killa said on 23/Sep/08
hmm, well if you ask me people with a small head ahve and advantage on seeing who's taller or shorter, i have a long torso and a long head, which where most of my height comes from, although i'm 6'5.5, i am considered really tall, why neglect, i do feel very tall, if my percentiles were asked, i'd say im taller than, hmm... i'd say 98% of the population
5'11 said on 20/Sep/08
you might probably grow to 6'1-6'2
or you can probably stay at 5'8
some people grow at a very early age and then they stop growing.
Captain Spaulding said on 20/Sep/08
TinyB being 4'9" dont make you any less of a person then someone whos taller.
zak said on 13/Sep/08
hi,I have 18 years I measure 5'10,5 " and my father 5'7" my mother
5'2" and my brother 6'I want know how to
grow even more please help me
Lenad said on 13/Sep/08
1 inch range for most shoes? That would be right because my dads in shoe measurement was 190cm and so barefoot he would be 187/188 range. Just wanted to share it with you guys.
Len said on 11/Sep/08
People are taller in the morning than at evening. When people are tired or depressed they might slouch. Camera angles can make people appear taller or shorter. If you want an accurate measurement, don't measure yourself. Ask someone else to measure you. If still uncertain as to accuracy, have three or four different people measure you and compare their answers. If you want to reduce the emphasis of height, don't wear tall hats, or stiff hats or shoulder pads in clothing. Some styles of hats add three inches! Also, don't wear shoes with a thickness or heel over one inch. Flats are good as long as they have good arch supports and shock absorption soles. Whatever you do, don't slouch. Be comfortable with yourself -- with the body God gave you. Count your blessings. If you get overly critical about your height and tell yourself you feel too tall, you might reconsider if your spine settles four or five inches as you age. If you obsess about being short, you might suddenly grow taller than you might have liked, or find yourself in a country dominated by people much shorter than you are. Height is not a matter of one being more desired than another. It's a matter of each height having its own set of advantages.
Anne said on 8/Sep/08
If that's what 5'8 looks like next to 6'3, at 5'0, I'm like a midget!
Big King said on 4/Sep/08
If you guys wanna know how I measure myself. I don't have a stadiometer but when I measure myself, I take a tape and put it on my head. I stand up straight and I'm 6'6" in the forenoon. I also can't believe that I'm that tall because celebrities who are already at 6'5" appear to be huge so I can't face it that I'm taller than these celebrities.
alexander macedonian said on 28/Aug/08
i am 22 years old. Two years ago, i was 5'11" , and yesterday i was measured (in hospital) 6'1" without snickers. I still think i am 5'11" , i don't know why.
Umar said on 26/Aug/08
I'm 13 and I'm 5"8.5 barefoot. My dad is 5"6.5 and my mom is 5". I'm naturally losing weight and getting taller every year. I haven't started growth spurt yet. How tall do you think I will be when I grow up? Please answer, thanks.
Danny said on 26/Aug/08
I dont think 5'2 is really short ....not even in high school the average height for women is 5'4 in America. In high school it doesn't matter how tall you are..if you are going to play sports like football or basketball some peopel think their height is important which is really all about skills. 5'2 is super cute. but what matter is how you think of yourself. you should always think of ways to feel confident abvout yourself to feel good about yourself and that is sexy.
Dave said on 25/Aug/08
Hi! I'm 13,5 years old and my height is 164 cm (5'4). My dad is 165 cm (5'42) and my mom is 155 cm (5'1). My father was a weightlifter. I do bodybuilding now. What do you think, will I be 173 (5'7)-175 cm (5'75) tall at the age of 21?
TinyB said on 24/Aug/08
Hi, I'm 19 and Im 4ft8&3/4 the 3/4 is very important to me. I hate being so short it totally sucks, especially when you go out in heels and so does everyone else, it seems like a waste of time when all your friends are taller as well! Ive struggled with my height for as long as I can remember being bullied and teased at school and even now get stupid comments from ignorant people. I've had to learn that it's just something that makes me who I am. The comments hurt and bring back the insecurities I have but I just try to ignore them now. I really just wanted to say that being really short or really tall is a disadvantage but not one that has to ruin everything. Make it something to be proud of. Own your height! B Xx
james said on 23/Aug/08
I 5'9 and 14 years old

my dad is 5'8

my mum is 5'6

I consider myself quite tall for my age?
Phil said on 17/Aug/08
D says on 6/Aug/08
Do u guys think 5ft2 is really short? what height is consider as normal in hoghschool?

5'2" would be the starting point of a short height for females, so it's not really short, just plain short. In high school, the most common heights for females are 5'2"-5'7". 5'8"-6'1" are common heights for males, but it can be extended lower for the freshmen and sophomores.
Alex said on 11/Aug/08
My head is pretty much the same as Rob describes it. My head to eye level is about 4.5 inches and my head length is 9.5 inches.
PR**D said on 7/Aug/08
I am 16 years old and 5ft8. My Father is 5ft10 and my mother is 5ft2. i play soccer and also box. I lift weights at boxing is this the reason i am not as tall as my father (because i have heard weights stunt your growth) or am i just going to have another spurt. Write back, Thanks.
D said on 6/Aug/08
Do u guys think 5ft2 is really short? what height is consider as normal in hoghschool?
anonymous said on 3/Aug/08
im 5'4.75" my dads 6ft and my mums 5'2", but my grandparents are 6ft 5'7" and 6'2" 5'8"
Kiku said on 3/Aug/08
Does anyone know anything about leg lengthening surgery or any other height increasing surgery? I am 4'4"/132cm at 16(female)and i haven't grown since i was 10! I would really love to be taller at any cost! :'(
Daii said on 2/Aug/08
Me - 15 years old and 5'9
Dad - 5'11
Mother - 5'3.5

Im hoping to reach at least 5'11 or 6'0

Anyone think I will beat my dad?
mimii said on 1/Aug/08
hey guys, i'm a 14 year old (15 in about 2 months) and i'm 166.5 cm tall, 167.5 in the morning. My goal in height is to make it to atleast 1.70 in daytime, it would really make me sooo happy :D my dad is 1.76, my mom is like 1.63, and my 16 yr old brother is 1.88 cm. i wanted to know if yall had any tips or stuff to grow more ? like what to eat or do or exercise ? i want to grow naturally, not by surgery or something you would mean the world to me if someone could help me ... since i've read that most girls stop growing at 15-16, I want to take my chance and do something about it while i can... oh, and by the way, I haven't had much of a growth spurt yet, it's all been very slow.. althoug, over the past month or 2, i've grown 0.5 - 1 cm. i would really appreciate some help =) thx. :):)
mimii said on 1/Aug/08
hey guys, i'm a 14 year old (15 in about 2 months) and i'm 166.5 cm tall, 167.5 in the morning. My goal in height is to make it to atleast 1.70 in daytime, it would really make me sooo happy :D my dad is 1.76, my mom is like 1.63, and my 16 yr old brother is 1.88 cm. i wanted to know if yall had any tips or stuff to grow more ? like what to eat or do or exercise ? i want to grow naturally, not by surgery or something you would mean the world to me if someone could help me ... since i've read that most girls stop growing at 15-16, I want to take my chance and do something about it while i can... oh, and by the way, I haven't had much of a growth spurt yet, it's all been very slow.. althoug, over the past month or 2, i've grown 0.5 - 1 cm. i would really appreciate some help =) thx. :):)
mimii said on 30/Jul/08
oh and by the way, i'll turn 15 in a little less than 2 months :S
mimii said on 30/Jul/08
hey yall i'm 14 yrs old, and i'm about 1.67 cm tall, but i reallly wanna make it to 1.70, does anyone have tips or something like about what i should eat or do ? i wanna grow naturally, without stuff you can buy or surgery...oh, and my dad is like 1.76.5, and my mother 1.62, and my brother, 16 yrs old, is 1.89 cm tall... if it's possible, i would be SOOOO HAPPY to make it to 1.70!!! =) i haven't had much of a growth spurt yet, it's all been very slow, but the past few weeks i've grown like 0.5 - 1 cm, so i think something is starting, but i want to do something to make the progress do more :D like eat good stuff and such. anyone got ideas `? :D would mean the world to me =)
5'9 barefoot 17 male indian said on 28/Jul/08
hey guys im really disperate to grow one inch... is it possible? ive been told it is... I just turned 17 about a week ago,i really want to hit 5'10 before i turn 18? what can i do? by the way my parents are 5'5(dad) and 5'0(mom)and my sisters are 5'2 and 5'3...
mimii said on 28/Jul/08
oh, sorry, and i forgot to say that i don't think i've had much of a growth spurt yet, it's all been very slow.
mimii said on 28/Jul/08
hi i'm a 14 yrs old girl and i am 166.5 cm tall, but i really want to make it to 170cm, my mom is about 160, and my dad is 176 cm. but my 16 yr old brother is like 1.88-1.89, i would be sooooo happy to make it to 170cm, plz any tips or something on how i could grow more ? like eating or stuff. plzplzplz it would make me really happyy !!! :)
ANON said on 18/Jul/08
me- 5ft 10 (16yrs)
dad- 5ft 8
bro- 5ft 8
sis- 5ft 6
mom- 5ft 2
w/e said on 18/Jul/08
and btw you did a great job with this celebheights rob.
w/e said on 18/Jul/08
im girl(18)- 5'2"
my dad-5'8"
my mom-4'11"
my sis(9)-4'2"

what do you think would she be taller than me when she'll hit 18?
theresa said on 16/Jul/08
185cm and she looks liek a giant are you serious thats like short as to me how tall must you be, ,,
i cant believe so many of you are claiming that your 6'8 n so every where i go never anyone is taller than me and im lonly 1.94cm
jpedo said on 9/Jul/08
Im 25 and im 6'8, i figure i have stopeed growing now, i was by brad garrettthe other day he was a bit taller than me(like an inch or half a inch,my mom is 5'9 and my dad is 6'6, i have 2 younger brothers mario is 20 and a decent 6'4 and leon who is 18 and 6'2.
yul said on 8/Jul/08
my father stands at 180cm and i'm about 5cm shorter than him and i'm an Asian girl. if i count from my great grandparents, I'm currently second tallest..even my uncles are shorter than me..and i feel so weird for being taller than them eventhough i still want to grow a few cm more..i have a friend who is also 16 but she's already 185cm and kinda fat..she looks like a giant..
Tallguy08 said on 5/Jul/08
Hey dudes!!!! Height is cool.... I am 6ft. 4 and 18 in 3 days. i have not grown since i was 15/16. So have stopped. But i am a full time actor and model and also a sportsman, so being tall is ok and does not limit you on anything. Think about all the tall actors, john cleese, clint eastwood, vince vaughn, christopher lee, and even west end actors like oliver tompsett all above 6ft 3. What you have to remember is when people say they are 6/3 they are probs 6/1or2. and when people say they are 6.0 they are 5.11. Tall is good and most boys stop at 18, so i have 3 days left to grow lol. joking. I have a gorgeous girl friend who is 5.9 and people say it looks perfect. so just a confidence booster for all you worrying tall guys out there.
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/08
Ok just wanted to say that it is posible to grow more. I was 5'11.25" when I was 18 years old, And now I am 20 and straight out of bed I am 6'2". And that all thanks to my fait that I had to grow more. I just knew I could grow more. I started to go to run everyday, eating healthy food like food cook at you house, started eating more vegetables and fruits, and going to bed everyday and sleep longer cuz when you are sleeping thats where grow comes. I also intentially playing, I hang myself from everything that I could reach. I also started playing basketball at park, that also probably help me alot. But after all of this that I did I think that fait was the one that help me succeed, honestly now I wake up and thank God for what he has me. So anyways just wanted to point out beacuse I have seen that many people were putting comments saying that if it is possible to grow more after your 18, oh in another thing I already had facial mustache before 18. So yeah it is pretty possible to grow more you only have to have fait to do it.
Trace said on 29/Jun/08
I know a guy who was 5 feet 9 (510 at the most) at 18.Now he is 20 and 61.So dont freak out when you are not tall at 17 or 18 some of us take more time to grow than others.
flash_of_eden said on 29/Jun/08
short girl -- sometimes its just a matter of being self-concious about your height. not saying you are, but if you measured your body perfectly straight at 4-11 then thats probably what you are. i wouldnt worry.
SHREI LUY said on 28/Jun/08
hi. i'd like to know how tall an italian actor is. in his site u read 190 cm... may it be less than that? actually he looks always taller than anyone else. i don't know if it happens because he's very very very tall or if other people are all short! i can't find any photo where he's shorter than other people.
Jack said on 26/Jun/08
Hey Guys any advice on how to grow taller at 24. At least one person in this thread said it is possible, any other stories and advice?
CV;) said on 25/Jun/08
just because YOU tend to go for smaller girls, doesnt mean all tall guys do. Im 6'1" and I know plenty of guys interested in me.
andy said on 21/Jun/08
i am 15 years old and i am 5'10 and 3/4, almost 5'11, my dad is 5'9, and my mom is 5'6, how tall do you think i will grow up to be
Rib said on 20/Jun/08
im 5'6 and im 16 years old,since i was about 13 i've been growing a steady 2.5 inches every year, i dont think i've had my growth spurt yet, i've been told that i could reach 5'10, can i get peoples opinions on this? thanks
genetics? said on 19/Jun/08
me 21- 5'10"
brother 1 19- 6'2"
brother 2 11- 4'11", projected 5'11" - 6'2"
mom - 5'3"
dad - 5'7"

none of my grandparents are over 5'6"

explain this to me
Andrea said on 17/Jun/08
i'm italian. i'd like to find out how much an italian actor is tall... on his site i read he's 190 cm. actually he looks very tall. in your opinion he could be shorter barefoot? is the height on celebs sites always true?
ole said on 17/Jun/08
Harry if u can eat healthy diets plus engaging in sports. You will hit 5-5 or a tad over.
short girl said on 6/Jun/08
i'm 4 feet 11, but I was measured at 4 feet 10 3/4 5 years ago when I was 17. Since I started college I've been measured from 4'11 3/4 down to 4'11 1/4. I never thought it was possible, but I guess I gained 1/2 an inch since I finished high school. Maybe it was b/c I lost over 30 pounds or maybe my last few doctors measured. I'm not trying to be to hard on myself but I don't know how to measure myself. I try to accurately measure my height. I get 4'11 with my body perfectly straight, but sometimes I worry that I really am less than 4'11. Any thoughts on this?
leonyhli said on 3/Jun/08
i am male, asian, 22. i measure myself to be 164.3cm in the morning and 163.2cm b4 bed, so i guess i am 163.7cm at 5ft4.25
De Silva said on 29/May/08
I am 24 yrs old and i am 5.8" I found my height stopped increasing after 18..So is there any possibility to increase my height after reaching this age...Please help me cos i want to grow at least 2 inches more.If you have got any tips and tricks you are welcome.
Reece said on 25/May/08
Im 16 and 2 months old, male and 5'8. My dad is around 5'8 and my mum is around 5'3. I would realy like to get to 6'0 by the time im 17-18 because I want to boost my modeling career off as many people have said to me, "Are you a model?".. I dont know whether I have had my growth spurt yet but I havent started shaving so that shows I am not coming to the end of puberty yet.. Does anyone think i will reach 6'0 by that age ??
mee said on 21/May/08
me says on 19/May/08
it's different for all guys. im 18 years old and about 6'1, whereas my dad is 5'10-11, mom is 5'3-4, and my sister is 5'2. i think im getting taller now too because i just started buying longer pants, which leads me to believe i could reach somewhere between 6'3 and 6'6. that would be cool.

how tall you have been when you were 17 y. old?
me said on 19/May/08
it's different for all guys. im 18 years old and about 6'1, whereas my dad is 5'10-11, mom is 5'3-4, and my sister is 5'2. i think im getting taller now too because i just started buying longer pants, which leads me to believe i could reach somewhere between 6'3 and 6'6. that would be cool.
daii said on 19/May/08
im 15, male and 5'9. Ive grown about 3 inches in the past year and i hope my spurt hasnt stopped yet. I guess im a bit obsessive over height. My father is just about 6'0 and my mother is about 5'2/3. I really want to be 6'0+ but my height prediction is 5'11 which I dont like the sound of. Whilst that is an inch over average it doesnt sound too good to me. Whilst most guys are finished growing by the time they are 18 i want to know what exact height I will be. I know of environmental factors such as eating etc but can anyone predict any possible height that I may become? Also im not as active as I was when i played a lot of football (soccer) last year, so will that maybe help? Anyone predict when I will stop growing? Thanks a lot.
the dude said on 19/May/08
I am 6'2"
My Papa is 5'6"
My Mama is 5'2"
My older brodah is 5'11ish

We're all from rhe Phillipnes!
Arnie said on 16/May/08
Most people who claim 6'4 are in reality barley 6'3 most of the time. Some who say they are 6'2 are more like a wee tad over 6, and many claiming they are six footers are probably only 5'10 or 5'11, everyone likes to add an inch or two of height. Or mabey it is the fact that as an adult male Iam only .... Drum roll............. 4'9 and a half , I threw in the half an inch because as I said everyone adds to their stature, but at 4'9 am I upset that most people even "short men" and 5 foot women are taller than me and because Iam jealous of anyone over 5'5 ? NO I accept myself and my unique height, be proud no matter who you are or what "faults" you have. In closing I can run faster than three of my freinds who are all over 5'9 lol.
harry said on 14/May/08
HI,I am male and have just turned 13.I am only 135cm/4ft 5.5'.My mother is 5ft 2'and my father is 5ft 9.5'. I hope to reach 5.5 fully grown.Is there anyone out there who has achieved this.
devs said on 13/May/08
Hi, I'm a 5ft 3inches girl and I'm 18.Can grow at least an inch or inch and a half still through a proper diet? please help cause I've heard through a lot of calcium intake it might help
DandyRandy said on 12/May/08
Amarylisse. It really depends. I knew some girls who were really short at your age, then grew up pretty average height. I knew some that were around 5ft4in but never really grew much taller. Parents height doesn't always matter either. I have a buddy who's almost 6ft tall and both of his parents are under 5ft6in. So to answer the question... nobody really knows, and it all depends.
Betinho Macarini said on 3/May/08
I am 63/64
My father is 511
My mother is 5`6
My sister is 56

Were all from Franca/So Paulo/Brazil
Amarylisse said on 1/May/08
I'm a 15 year old girl and I'm 5'0. My mom is 5'5 and my dad 5'11. No one in my family is as short as I am, on both sides of my family people are relatively tall or average. My doctor says I'll be 5'1 - 5'2 at most. Am I done growing or will I grow some more?
5'10.5'' man said on 25/Apr/08
Ethoke: Don't worry about your height. I won't lie, you're definitely a short man, but unless you're planning on being a basketball player or NFL star, height will not be a crippling deterrent when it comes to achieving your goals. Height is only one aspect of a human being.
Dude said on 24/Apr/08
Actually, Scott, coming from a guy who's about 6'6, 5'2 is a perfect height for a girl. Tall guys tend to go for smaller girls. Judging by your comments, I'm assuming that you must be about 5'2.5. Nice Lighthouse On Ya.
anon said on 16/Apr/08
At 5'll and 17 yrs old your most likely fully grown (males stop growing generally at 18) . you will not grow much more than 1 or 2 inches
Phoenix said on 14/Apr/08
Have you ever seen a man who could grow up 3 inches tall from 21 to 23 years old? Have you ever seen another who gained from 160cm to 180cm when he was nearly 21? I was told about him by one of my friends. He said that the man really wanted to join the football club but they didn't accept him because of his height 160cm and his xtremely skinny body. He was very very disappointed and he tried so much... I said that I didn't believe this story but my friend didn't say anything more. He just smiled. Uhm, it's may be real but little possibilities! If this story is real, I admire that man so much. He has such strong will power.
Scott said on 9/Apr/08
To Acerious: You're lucky to be 5"11 with your parents being that short. You'll stay there most likely.
To Etokhe: No 5"2 is not good by most standards. That's short even for a girl. There are a number of actors that you might be able to look up to (pardon the pun) namely Danny DeVito and Verne "mini-me" Troyer. If you believe in Karma you might want to ask what you did in a previous life to deserve your current state, and then pray for a better life next go around.
To Spurting: You might be 6 foot but give me a break 5"11 is fine most girls say ideal height is 6 foot but you can't really tell the difference between 5"11 and 6 foot so stop measuring yourself and count your lucky stars your not 5"2 like poor Etokhe.
Spurting said on 8/Apr/08
I'm 21 almost 22 and 5'11. Gained an inch over the pass 6 months and probably still growing, hoping I make it to 6'. Is that possible for my age?
acerious said on 6/Apr/08
Hello people. After having read most of the comments here, I decided I'll post something of my own. I'm turning 17 later this month, April 19th. To be honest with you, I'm a height freak. I measure my self everyday since i was 15+ . When I was 13 -14 it was around 5'7 to 5'8. When I turned 15 though, I was definitely 5'9. At 16, around 5'10. Last month I measured, I was only a little over 5'10. That worried me. So yea, the thing is, today, i measured my self and it seemed Ive grown an entire inch taller. I now stand at 5'11 lol.
I was wondering how tall am i grow? My dad's 5'9+ and mom's 5'5. I'm mostly asian and in NY. Like that matters lol..
Adam Brennon said on 26/Mar/08
My God that's rotten luck. Your lack of confidence is understable. There is wisdom in that old consolation that 'it's what's on the inside that counts'. Height is no measure of intellect, charisma, ability ect in principle, but shortness can be a inhibition and disadvantage in reality. I feel for you, I really do. I used to be small between the ages of 11 and 13 and it was a nightmare.
little one said on 25/Mar/08
your height is neither good nor bad. you should find that your height will not prevent you from doing anything that you set your heart on doing. name one thing you would love to do (apart from modelling).
your height will not prevent you from doing it. only your own personal belief system can prevent you from doing it.
be short in stature yet tall in other ways.

michelangelo was only 5'4 or thereabouts. and he was a bloody genius if ever there was one. actors are two a penny. there was only one michelangelo.
Juice said on 24/Mar/08
I'm a 19 year old male, at 5'9''1/2 in the mornings. I play alot of soccer, ever since i was 6 years old. Does all the stress that my body goes through while playing the sport decrease my height growing ability??? i want to get to atleast 5'11.. doubt it though because my dad is like 5'7'' and my mom is 5'2''... & i have mexican heritage! ha!
Etokhe said on 21/Mar/08
i'm 19 years old and i'm just 5'2" or about 160cm. Is it good? I have no confidence with it. Is there any Hollywood male actor or singer just like me? If someone know it, tell me please..
Etokhe said on 21/Mar/08
i'm 19 years old and i'm just 5'2" or about 160cm. Is it good? I have no confidence with it. Is there any Hollywood male actor or singer just like me? If someone know it, tell me please..
Darren said on 21/Mar/08
Wow chip your growth pattern is like exactly the same as mine. I was about 4'10" at 11 and then about 5' at 12 by 13 i was like 5'2" by 14 I was like 5'4.5" then when I was 15 one day I grew like 3/4 of an inch in one night to about 5'5" then I slowly grew to about 5'6". I'm just barely 5'6" though even dropping slightly below it by the very end of the day. I haven't grown since I was 15 and a half.
Little Boy said on 13/Mar/08
Hey Chip! It is definitely possible you may make it to 5'10 or close to it! I would'nt count on reaching 6'2 though! I guess anything is possible,but from my research I have found that if you have one tall parent & one short parent then you will usually end up somewhere inbetween! I am 5'8 barefoot! I am 23 years old & would love to hit 5'10 atleast! Hell even an inch would help! My fathers peak height was 6'0,now he is 5'11 & my mothers peak height was 4'11 & she is like 4'10 1/2 now! My genetic potential is suppose to be 5'7.5! Which I am that usually if I have been on my feet all day & my spine is wore down,but usually I stay at 5'8! In the morning just slightly taller! Now I don't think I have grown any since I was 17! I had a simliar growth pattern like you had! At 15 I was 5.6 when measured at the doctors & I was wearing combat boots! So I was slightly under that barefoot! My father was like 5'10 up until his mid twenties & grew up to 6'0 somewhere inbetwee 25-27! So maybe I will have a late growth spurt & atleast hit 5'10! I strongly believe my body is capable of it! Do not listen to all those who say that it is impossible & that you stop growing at a certain age because they don't know what the hell they are talking about! There is a common age when most stop growing but that does not apply to everyone! We all grow in cycles! We all grow differently! Usually it's around 19-21 for guys,but that does'nt mean that applies to everyone! I know people who have grown at 22-23! I have alot of honest friends who claim to have grown 1/2 an inch to an inch in their late twenties! So Chip guys like us who have one tall parent & one short parent will more than likely grow slower & end up somewhere inbetween,& it is very possible for guys like us to grow alittle later! You just have to take care of yourself & stay active! Stretch,exercise,sleep well,& no smoking or drinking! If you want my prediction of how tall you will be I think you will end up somewhere inbetween 5'8 & 5'10 in the next 3 years or so! Hell man! You could sky rocket that even!
There are cases where you will stay like that until you are 18 or 19 then all of a sudden have a growth spurt from hell! I doubt you will be anything less than 5'8!
ank said on 12/Mar/08
I'm a girl and I'm 5'11, used to wish I hadn't grown so much because all the guys I meet are shorter then me and some are even afraid of talking to me because of that. I used to wish I met someone much taller then me but now I'm ok even if he is a little shorter, because once you accept yourself and your height it gets irrelevant.....
joven filipino guy said on 12/Mar/08
Just my opinion. Chip, I think your doctor might have a good prediction. Since your mother is short as you said, you might reach 5'10" the most until you the age of 21 to 23. My mother stands 5'5" and my father is 5'8.5", I already 6'1" by age 23 and I'm now 30 years old. I guess genes plays a major factor, an adequate intake of calcium based food and drinks will help. Good luck!
James said on 10/Mar/08
6'0 or over is a tall guy for sure.
Chip said on 4/Mar/08
I am a 14 year old male. My mom is 5 feet and my dad is/was 6'1" (I'm positive he's shrunken over the past few years, not because I've grown taller). I am currently5'5.5"-5'6". When I was twelve, I grew from about 4'10" to 5'2" in a few weeks. At 13, I went from 5'2" to 5'4.5". At 14, I basically grew an inch, put me at 5'5.5" at least. My 15th b-day is coming up, and I having really grown more than a centimeter since then. I'm pretty sure my growth spurt is over, but my doctor predicted I might slowly reach 5'10" (if my dad was really 6'1", that is). I'm still not quite done with puberty, so I really don't know what'll happen. My ideal height is 6'2", but I wouldn't mind being 6'0".
sylar said on 29/Feb/08
my mum is 4'11.5 my father is 5'10 i'm 5.11.5 (181 cm)......i was born 2 months early too..the doc said for me 5.7 - 5.8 .... i think the genetic history grandparent's height ecc..
Terry said on 23/Feb/08
Billie In Says: "I'm a 5'5" girl and im always the shortest in the class room."
Thats ridiculous.. where do you live sweden? The average height for a girl is 5'4" and 1/2. I'm a 16 year old guy and i'm 5'5 and 1/2 how do you think i feel? I rarely see anybody my age and male who is as short as me. I see plently of girls 4'11"-5'1". 5'5 is a little above average for a girl. Your lucky!
Chip said on 17/Feb/08
I'm a bouy, nearly 15, and I'm 5'6". My mom is 5'1", and my dad SAYS he's 6'1", but I can't help but think he's like 5'11" instead. I'm really not sure. When I was 12.5, I grew about four or five inches, then about 2 inches when I was 13. I've only grown one inch since I turned 14, so I'm not really sure if I'm still growing or not. As far as sleep goes, I don't get dangerously low amounts of sleep, but I don't get any more than 7 hours, usually. I drink milk every day, exercise moderately. During my last trip at the doctor's (I was 5'6" then, too), they predicted I might be 5'10", but that's if my dad is really 6'1". I HIGHLY doubt it. However, my dad might have shrunk in the past few years.
jabber said on 17/Feb/08
unlikely you'll make 6'4". At 16 you are almost fully grown.I am 24 now and 6'4" but at the same age was already 6'2" . you have a couple of inches left at most.I was your height at 14. you are already a good height so dont worry !
Chance Bayne said on 30/Jan/08
I am 4 months away from my 16th birthday and I am exactly 6ft tall. I estimate i'll probably grow to be about 6'4".
Sureshot said on 26/Jan/08
i will say this as a personal observation about height. if you gain muscle or fat (quads especially), you lose height. your stance will naturally widen. personally, i have gained about 70 lbs. that affected my height by over an inch. i went from 75" to 73. 85" then back to 75" when i lost the weight. that was a large margin of weight but still, actors/actresses that gain/lose for roles prob flux height based on that fact alone. not to mention what age eventually does. i will say that most actors i have met have larger than normal heads for whatever reason. its tough to judge by picture how tall anyone is unless you have met them or know the guy in the pic and have a measuring tape handy to accurately use the outline provided above. it's still fun to talk about though!!
trey said on 24/Jan/08
Paul...183 is the standard 6ft measurement to go by...then add or subtract roughly 2.5 cm per inch. thus, 182 is about 5'11 2/5ths
emily said on 14/Jan/08
I am 14 and i'm 5'4". my mother is 5'5.5" and my dad is 6'1". I'm wondering when i'll be as tall as my mom? theres not that much of a difference though. But I like being medium in my grade and sort of on the short side. But I know i'm going to be taller because my dad is so tall. But I think being tall when your an adult looks really good. I think 5'6" is the perfect height but even taller looks good :). DONT BE AFRAID TO WEAR THOSE HEALS GIRLS!
paul said on 9/Jan/08
how tall is 182 cm, is it 5'11 or 6'0 i always said it was 5'11.5, because i am that when i got measured and my girlfriend is 5'0, people say she's tiny but look sexy girls like kylie minogue and jennifer ellison are only 5'0.
too_tall_mama said on 6/Jan/08
I've never visited this site before tonight, and I have to say I had no idea there was still such an ongoing debate over height! I find it kinda funny in a sad sort of way - men pretending to be taller than they are, women trying to downplay their height. I'm 6'1 and I cannot count the number of times I've had to bite my lip to keep from damaging the pride of a man who claims to be over 6'- even though I can see the top of his head! LOL To all the haters, I have but one thing to say - modern science has provided ways to change our hair and eye colors, sculpt the shapes of our bodies and faces etc., but there's one thing that cannot be faked and thats ones height. It must make the haters crazy jealous that we are so extraordinarily unique.
Jess said on 5/Jan/08
Changing diets huh?
My mother is (also) Japanese and 5'2 (158cm)
and my White American father is 6' (182cm)
My twin sister is 5'4 ish and I'm 5'3. Last year when i was hospitalized, the doctors said i was 5'2, But I'm visibly taller than my mother! At LEAST by 1/2 inch. I blame my sister and I's shortness from being born 3 months premature lol.
My whole dad's side is relatively tall, the women being mostly 5'5 and up.
145 said on 26/Dec/07
hey i love the fact that tila tequila is the same height as me 4' 11" lol
6footkate said on 23/Dec/07
chris. you are so wrong. im 6 feet tall and the only thing outta porportion on me are my breasts. [which im considering getting reduced]. tall is beautiful [some random guy came up to me and actually said that]. so dont hate on tall girls just because you cant get one to date you
HeightMaster said on 17/Dec/07
Would any of you consider limb lengthening to gain those extra 3 inches that everyone seems to want?
B said on 11/Dec/07
Chris this is so not true, I know a girl that is 6' 0'' and she is absolutely beautiful. I also know a lot of girls that are 5' 8'' and up and they are stunning.
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/07
chris how do you know women above 5ft 8 are ugly, have you seen every women in the whole world to ever exist above that height? Me and my sister are 6ft 1 and 5ft 11 and my sister is a model. So I don't think it's fair to generalize.
chris said on 4/Dec/07
there are of course exeptions but they are not very common:].Wow female 6ft2 is impressive^^
ShawnG said on 4/Dec/07
i am 13 and about 5'10 1/2 my dad is 5'11 1/2 my mom is 5'4 but my grandpa is 6'1 just being 13 do you think i can grow 3 or 4 more inches
Jana said on 4/Dec/07
Chris, I have to disagree with you on this one. I'm female and 6.2 and 100% in proportion.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/07
I am 18 and about a skinny 6'1. my dad is a normal sized 6'1 and my mom is like 5'4. But I have like 3 uncles who are really big and tall 6'2 6'4 and 6'5. Do you think I will grow any more? or atleast fill out more?
chris said on 2/Dec/07
It doesnt mean that you have an "ugly body" when youre above 5ft8.Its just that girls above that height are NOT pretty at all.See a woman's body is not "designed" to be that tall.And when it gets that tall it starts to get some really bad features.The proportions as a whole are beginning to fade away.So i do also think that 5'8+ girls look a bit freaky:)
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/07
i'm not sure diet is the biggest deal breaker on height, i know a sikh kid who's whole family and extended family are tall, he's 6'7 and his dad is actually 6'10. they are staunch vegans, you know what that means? no milk or meat, explain that one to me!
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/07
Korinn says on 24/Nov/07
I'm wondering how much more you all think I will grow, if at all. I am a part-time model in my local area but I would like to do high fashion someday and I think I need to grow in order for this to happen. I am 16 and 5'7" even. My mom is 5'9.5" and dad is 5'11". I have a 20 year old brother who was 5'10" till 16 and is now 6'3.25", and an 18 year old sister who is 5'10.5", but she only gained 1 inch after 16.

Lol did you ever hear that song by flight of the conchords about opart time models haha classic stuff. BTW rob why aren't brett mckenzie and jermaine clement on this site anyway? they look tall, jermaine is like 6'1 and brett could be 6' or at very least 5'11
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/07
willis said that? what a retard. tall women have the BEST bodies i love them all, but since he's short he might not feel that way, i'm 6'4
Yasmin said on 1/Dec/07
The comment from 'bruce willis' really made me laugh about his view that women over 5.8" get an 'ugly body structure'. [comment posted 2 October 07]. He may be 5/9 1/2" but he seems to have short man syndrome- big time!!!!. I'm his height and am a model - i must have got the job because my body was ugly ;-)
Tay said on 29/Nov/07
It depends on you, I was 6'0 when I was 14, but only grew to 6'4 by 24, whereas my uncle was 5'11 till he was 18 then grew to 6'2 by 24, so you could still grow them few inches
Daniela said on 29/Nov/07
Im 14 and i have a 12year old friend and were both the same height 5'5"(167cm). Im worried that shes going to become taller than me. Her parents are the same height as my parents so i dont understand why shes soo tall for her age. I dont want her to become taller than me so does anyone have any idea i can avoid her from becoming taller than her?
maryn said on 27/Nov/07
Korinn, I am 5'9" and was that tall at 16, not to say you're done growing. Kate Moss is only 5'7, I think, so there are always exceptions. Oh, and my parents are 5'2 (mom Japanese) and 5'6" (dad white irish) and my brother's 6', so you don't always follow your parents' height:) I also agree with the changing diets theory.
Korinn said on 24/Nov/07
I'm wondering how much more you all think I will grow, if at all. I am a part-time model in my local area but I would like to do high fashion someday and I think I need to grow in order for this to happen. I am 16 and 5'7" even. My mom is 5'9.5" and dad is 5'11". I have a 20 year old brother who was 5'10" till 16 and is now 6'3.25", and an 18 year old sister who is 5'10.5", but she only gained 1 inch after 16.
chris said on 24/Nov/07
yes ive also heard that point of view:)...not exactly happy with that but i dont give up.Ive been doing some stretching excercises for a few months now.I really hope i get to just wouldnt be fair if i try so hard for a few years and still dont get any results..
Editor Rob said on 23/Nov/07
I think chris you are lucky if you get an inch after 18. The majority don't...
Anonymous person said on 23/Nov/07
I'm 5'2" and i use to HATE it becuase i thought i was soooo short and all my friends were taller than me. Now i've found out that i'm the same height as Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Britney Snow. I feel proud to be the height i am now and i realize i'm not alone. =] this site rocks!
chris said on 22/Nov/07
yeah height is a genetic issue...but im pretty ****ed up cause my father is 5ft11 and my mom is 5ft7 but im 5ft9 and im 18 years you think ill grow an inch more cause i know that men grow till 24-25 even if its not much.
What do you think,Rob:)
AmO said on 21/Nov/07
Height is all due to genetics and what genes u get when u are conceived, when u become a gamete. other factors such as environmental issues can play a huge role in this such as radiation or mutated water. but genetics is around 70 percent and polaying basketball makes you taller is a myth.
Hope u understand!
kbo said on 21/Nov/07
I have no problems with being huge, my family are all giants, i am 19 and i am 6'7 and my girlfriend is 5'11, the same height as brooke hogan, i didn't want to be this tall i would prefer like 6'4, and my doctor says i still could grow a bit more, my parents are 6'5 and 5'8.
Melissa said on 19/Nov/07
How the heck does height work? My family is Mexican . Both my parents are short, mom 5'4 and dad 5'6. I am 5'4. My 14 yr bro is 5'7 and expected to grow more according to doctors. 10yr sis is already 5'0, and my 23 yr old bro is an even 6'0 and the tallest in my entire family and pretty much the tallest hispanic most places we go. How does it work cause no one in our recent family history is as tall my brothers or maybe as tall as my sister will be.
6' said on 14/Nov/07
Eh, I don't think race really plays any factor in height. My cousin who's parents aren't very tall had my cousin who is about 6'4 and only 15. I myself have just hit about 6' and Im 10 days older then my cousin.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/07
i noticed that people in my side of the asian community(indians) are getting tall as hell also, i'm an indian and i live in philly. here i have a few friends who i play basketball with are 6'5 and 6'8 and my cousin hit 6'3 territory not to long ago and he's only 16. one thing i noticed is a lot of the indian kids i know are really from wealthy families, they've got more money than a lot of their white friends as well. this could be one reason that the asian populous is reaching higher heights, eating well and good nutrition(not eating mcdonalds but proper food that stimulates your mind ad body)and will continue to do so. i myself am 5'11, but i'm also only 15 and hope to at least squeeze out 3 more inches.
Lelis said on 10/Nov/07
I'm 17 and I'm really short for a girl (4'11).Please..Does anybody know how I could get a few inches?
Koyo said on 8/Nov/07
I'm south-east Asian (mixed japanese/chinese female) and 5'10.5 (Dad is 5'11 and Mum is 5'3) and I agree, its the changing diets in some asian communities where the "western" style food is getting more common and we're drinking more milk and eating more red meat than generations prior. Plus genetics come to play (Dad being 5'11 is uncommonly tall for a Japanese man but I'm almost the same height as him).
leon said on 7/Nov/07
I'm 20 and i am 6'6 i wish i were shorter i am just about ducking under most doors,it's frustrating my girl jessica is 5'6 i have to bend down to kiss her i am the tallest in my family, my dad is 2nd tallest and he is 6'3.
noname said on 6/Nov/07
I'm an Asian, and I'm just 1m62 like my father, but my cousin she is about 10 cm taller than her father!!!!! that is not common even among people who have blood relation!
Jay said on 3/Nov/07
Yuqi - I'd actually say the "asians are short" thing is an outdated idea. I have plenty of Korean and Japanese friends (guys) who are taller than me (I'm 6'2"); my roommate (Japanese, girl) is 5'10", and my girlfriend (Japanese) is 5'9"

I think that the American diet, and the change in diets in Asia as well, is eliminating the height difference. Or maybe it's UFOs with height rays. I dunno.
raza said on 2/Nov/07
It's funny, my mum is 5'10, dad is 6'7, i am 24 now and i am 6'8 and i have 2 brothers denz and marc,i am shorter than both denz is 21 now and he is 6'10 and marc is 26 and is 7'0 tall, i am the shortest of my parent's sons, but the shortest person in my family is 5'7 and my best mate is 6'4.
ADI said on 24/Oct/07
its true asians do almost all the time grow taller than thier parents. im almost 6'2 and my dads 5'8 and moms 5'4. that isnt common among people of other ethnicity?
apo said on 24/Oct/07
height is a genetical trait that you pick from both your parents equally. Your father is acceptably tall at 5'11 but your mother is 5'5, I guess you'll be 5'10 or 5'11.
I.A.M said on 23/Oct/07
Yuqi i think you may grow to be 6 foot even. Asians always tend to grow taller than their dads.
Yuqi said on 19/Oct/07
I'm around 5'8 or 5'9 and I'm Asian, I'm 17 years old. I know Asian are relatively short, but I guess I'm pretty tall for my ethnicity. My dad is 5'11 and mom is 5'5 and I'm wondering how tall I'm gonna be when I down growing. It's funny that my younger brother is taller than, because he's almost as tall as my dad, he's about 5'10.
jess, said on 19/Oct/07
5'9 is a very good height for a lady, i am 5'7 and my boyfriend is 6'1 i think 6'1 is tall enough for a guy, 5'10 is average height for a male, so i don't see why ladies care about their height so much, my mates brother is 21 now and he is 6'8 in height he is huge i asked him if he thought about basketball?.
dave said on 16/Oct/07
it is funny, im 24 and i am 6'5 and my girlfriend is 5'11 i have never known why i am so tall because my dad was just 5'11 and my mum was 5'6 do u know why?.
kamaz said on 15/Oct/07
im 6'6 now and im 20, i have 2 brothers leon who is 23 he is 6'10 and a younger bro called dominic who is 18 and is 6'4, aint bothered about being tall used to it have a tall family my mom is 5'11 and my dad is 6'8 and a half.
monica said on 13/Oct/07
hi, im really interesting in being a model but i keep getting told that i am too 16 years old and im 5'6 3/4", my dad is 6'5", my mom is 5'9 1/4" i have 2 older sisters that are 6'0" and 5'10 1/2" and a brother who is 6'7" why am i so short then?? wtf happened to me?? and am i going to grow any more?? : (
bruce_willis said on 2/Oct/07
crissy that depends on your age. I'm 5'9 and personaly i think girls taller than 5'8 gets kind of an ugly body structure.
Crissy said on 27/Sep/07
Hey everyone,
Okay I am 5'7.5 and my mom is about 5'8, my dad is 6'3, my grandpa is (was) about 5'11, my Grandma is(was) about 5'10. Yes most of us are really tall, but on my moms side of the family they tend to stop growing at my height, or shorter. But I got my dads moms (the 5'10 one) i got her hair and eye genes, but do you think i'll get her height genes? I really actually like being tall, and I want to be taller. Do you guys think i'll get taller?
EricJ said on 26/Sep/07
nah, i am only 19 and in college and so i'm in pretty good shape (young metabolism and all). Though i have gained like 10 pounds since I've been in college. I suppose that could be it. I am 155lbs right now. *shrug*. Hopefully its because my cartilage in my spine is still soft. but 5'10 it is. heh.
Hey yo.. said on 25/Sep/07
EricJ are you overweight? Cause that would explain why you lose a whole inch. If i were you i'd go with the same old 5'10 claim cause that is how tall you really are. Or you can go with 5'9 in a half.
EricJ said on 25/Sep/07
I'm new here but I'm wondering what my own height is. I am 5'10 in the morning and 5'9 at night. (yes i lose 1 whole inch during the day)

What do I go around saying my height is?
derek said on 24/Sep/07
i had this same problem jack.... I'm 5'9 and wanted to be taller and its as simple as this. Lifts.... Personly i use a insole lift in my shoe that brings me from 5'9 to 5'11 ish.... I wear them so much that I feel like im acualy that height and its good feeling.... I especially did this because I grew early as a child and became 5'9 at a really young age and then all of my "shorter' friends suddendly weren't so short anymore as we grew up and i missed being the "tall" one.
Hey yo.. said on 23/Sep/07
Hey im going slithly off topic here but i'm really starting to question the heights of alot of actors here. I was recently looking at pictures of the ESPY awards and i saw this one picture of Matt Leinart (6'5) with Brandon Molale who is supposedly 6'4. While i was looking at the pic Leinart had about 1.5 iches over Molale and Leinart was squating down a bit! I also saw a picture with Peyton Manning (6'5) and James Denton (6'0.5) and Peyton at least had about 7 inches on him and i am not exagerating! Athletes always have their real heights especially football players cause i work at the NFL combine in Indy every february and see all football players get measured.

Oh and Peyton is actually 6'4.75 and Matt Leinart is 6'4.3/8.
Derek said on 13/Sep/07
Anonymous- I'm 6'1 1/2"-6'2".
guy said on 13/Sep/07
Hey Jack. Hanging from a chin-up bar as well as pull ups will elongate the spine somewhat. Hanging sessions for several minutes and different sets might get you .5 inches or more than an inch depending. This needs to be kept up religiously several times a week for at least 8 months to a year to build up new cartilage. You should be in reasonably good shape with good back musculature to prevent injury. Perseverance and patients are key. The process is very slow. Always discontinue if you feel you are doing harm to yourself.
hey jack said on 12/Sep/07
first of all how old are you?acording to that i might be able to help you and one questions are all the celebrities heights stimations barefoot or whit shoes
Jack said on 7/Sep/07
Hey Guys

I desperately want to be taller. I have never used any of those "grow taller products" before as I am not sure if they actually work. Any advice on how I couuld gain a few or even a number of inches? i.e. advice on what to eat, exercise or even what product to buy
Anonymous said on 19/Aug/07
Derek: How tall are you? 6'3"?
Derek said on 18/Aug/07
I think my head is fairly average. When I'm in my 3/4" Reeboks, 5'10" comes up to the middle of my nose.
James said on 3/Aug/07
To 16 years from the top of your head to middle of your eye measures 6 inches are you sure mate?
Anonymous said on 3/Aug/07
16 years and 180cms:
What is the overall length of your head (from top of head to chin)? I am 5'11" too and from the top of my head to the middle of my eye is 4 1/2 inches, as illustrated above.
16 years and 180cms said on 3/Aug/07
hmmmm....from the top of my head till the middle of my eye it measures 6 inches.....
chris said on 27/Jul/07
im 17 and havent grown since about 14 im 5'10, 5'11 with shoes on. my dad and uncle are 6'3 and 6'5 and my shoe size is 13 and i gotta pretty big nose lol u think there any chance of me having another growth spurt? since i havent had one in almost 3 years
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/07
From everything I've read 9 inches is the average. I placed a one foot wooden ruler flat on my head and used a Stanley Prolock carpenter's measurement tape. From the top of my head to my chin is exactly 9 inches.
James said on 24/Jul/07

9 inches?Really? Is that around the average? My head is around that size as well but I cant seem to measure it properly. How did you measure yours?
Anonymous said on 20/Jul/07
I'm 5'11" and my head meaures exactly 9 inches.
James said on 19/Jul/07
hey guys

Are you sure that the measurement from bottom of chin to top of head is 9.5 inches average. Maybe for a tall guys head but for others I am not so sure
dmeyer said on 18/Jul/07
so if someone is at you mouth it means he should be 7 to 7.5 in shorter my boss claims 5'5.75 but looks 5'5 he gets to my mouth maybe i have a small head
16 yrs and 5"10 said on 17/Jul/07
wow i never knew that the measurement from the top of ones head to ones eyes is 4.5 i can estimate the height of people much better...
Editor Rob said on 12/Jul/07
There's more boosting in american college football/basketball etc.

At least in Australia, I notice on afl or rugby sites they are listing people to the cm so you do have 184, 185 and 186cm players. In UK its ludicrous, many clubs will list in cm, but obviously they've just taken heights as inches. So you go from 183cm to 186cm to 188cm. Same with football. I know one player who is 6ft 1.5, he gets listed 6ft 1.
OutBenchThis said on 12/Jul/07
Editor Rob says on 30/Jun/07
Barefoot height is a leveller, its the true measure of height. They don't list footballers or rugby players or athletes, who always play in footwear at their 'height in footwear'.

Rugby has ok listings, but still don't take account of 1/2 inches a lot of the time. Same with football, there's as many 5ft 9.5 players as 5ft 9 or 10, but seeing any listings in uk rubgy or soccer at those heights is rare.

Rob, is College sports different then? I have a friend who plays in the NCAA and is from Australia..he's a Point Guard and listed at 6'3"..I can tell you he's 183-84cm (6'-6'.05") Even in large basketball shoes I'd say he's only 6'2.5" becuase he's always smaller then me when I'm in regular shoes (I am 6'3") and he's in chunky 'ball shoes. My guess is either they measure in the NCAA (atleast at his college) with shoes on then have further rounded it up..It's bizarre! I think the heights both in pro ball and college from the amount of guys I've met from the Australian league (NBL), NBA and College to be very inconsistent..Most Forwards aren't far from their listed height but the guards and small forwards usually have the larger disparity between true and listed height.
briana said on 9/Jul/07
your gonna grow regardless if you don't want to grow theres nothing your body can't do about it
brother_h said on 8/Jul/07
common heights down here r 6'2-6'6.
im 16, 17 next month. im 5'11 but im shorter than i shuld be. my legs r tiny as hell an i look short from a distance and wen standing next to 6'0 guys. my upper body is for a 6'4 body. but my legs r for a 5'8 person.
will i grow to my maximan height? coz my brother is 6'6 an he was about 6'3 at my age. im really sure i shuld be taller coz ive been 5'11 for nearly 2 years
bergizzle said on 7/Jul/07
Hey, you know what? The ideal male height is 6'2.2. Any taller is goofy and any shorter is considered...well a bummer. But hey, it's more about having a v shape body than height.
LittleBadass said on 3/Jul/07
I think to be considered in the tall range would be around 5'8 & up! For all you people under 5'2...Don't let it bother you! You are not abnormal...People come in all shapes & sizes! I'm 6'2 barefoot! People say I'm a big guy,but alot of people I hang around make me look like Webster compared to them & their giant ass! My mother was 4'11 & my father was 5'11! The reason I got as tall as I am is because I was very active in my teenage years! I stretched everyday! I stretched so much I pulled muscles! Warning! That's not the way to do it! Stretch everyday,& stretch your upper back above your shoulder blades! Stretch your lower back! Stretch your legs,stretch all of yourself in sections! Be sure when you stretch to hold it & count to 10! Do it about 10 times & hold it in everysection you stretch! Don't forget to stretch your neck either! Besides just stretching everyday! You need to be active! You need to sit up straight,& eat right! Eat alot of vegetables,& fruits! You don't like certain vegetables? Tough shit! Eat them anyways! Especially the greens! Eat them all! Do it on a regular basis! Stay off all the soda & bullshit! Drink alot of water everyday! Drink Milk,Apple Juice,Cranberry Juice,& Orange Juice! Stay the hell away from all the soda & candy & All that shit! Also,if you smoke? STOP IT! Some people say it's just a myth about smoking stunting your growth! Nope! Not a myth! Some people have continued to grow even though they have smoked! They just got lucky! I assure you! Smoking stunts your growth! As does heavy weight lifting! You can get just as big & all that by lifting weights in a different way other then dead lifting! Don't Dead Lift & do squats with them! Wait until you are completely satisfied with your height before you start dead lifting a bunch! Just alittle note! I grew on up until I was 28...I was 5'11 at 22...6'0 at 26...& 6'2 at 28! Like I said,my mother was only 4'11,& my father was 5'11...You grow in cycles! I don't think I would have gotten as tall as I am without doing all the things I listed above! Eating right,Exercising & stretching everyday,& being active! Another tip,Don't be measuring yourself everyday....Just go on & try not to think about your height! Just do as I say! It may take a year,it may take alittle longer...but it's very possible! We are all different,& we all grow in different ways! Oh Hell,Also...Sleep Sleep Sleep! You only grow when you sleep! So make sure you are not all curled up & shit when you go to bed! Stretch out,& if you sleep on your side alot,put a pillow inbetween your legs to keep your back straight! Don't be staying up all night screwing around! Get your ass in bed & sleep! Well...I hope I have helped here...I'm out!
Jessica said on 1/Jul/07
welcome to the club i always get made fun of being short and I'm 4'8
Editor Rob said on 30/Jun/07
Barefoot height is a leveller, its the true measure of height. They don't list footballers or rugby players or athletes, who always play in footwear at their 'height in footwear'.

Rugby has ok listings, but still don't take account of 1/2 inches a lot of the time. Same with football, there's as many 5ft 9.5 players as 5ft 9 or 10, but seeing any listings in uk rubgy or soccer at those heights is rare.
jwidz said on 30/Jun/07
hey rob,you said that these are barefoot heights ryt?what about the heights of basketball players listed in the nba and in the nfl?i think they are based on heights with shoes.i mean cmon,there's no way there would ever be a tym that they wud have to play barefoot it wud be common sense to list their height's with shoes on.
Taylor said on 27/Jun/07
I'm 18 and i'm 5'1. Is that extremely short for a girl? It's really been bothering me lately. I just wish I wasn't short. But I can't controll it! It sux!
Afourth said on 25/Jun/07
mmmh i'm 14 n 5'2.5" (male) hey anon..mitchell musso is 5'7,miley is 5'4,brenda song 5'0,ashley tisdale 5'3",the sprouse twin zach i dont know the real name...5'4 abd cody is 5'3, and guys grrr.. hot to be tall?
LJ said on 21/Jun/07
IF I'm about 5'4'' and i'm already taller than both my parents, I'm 15, will I be doing anymore growing? When will I eventually stop growing? What things/tips are out there for growing more? just natural processess, not some medicine or something.
TheJerk said on 18/Jun/07
chole, thats incredibly inaccurate to suggest that 1.77cm is short and wimpy. Short people have a hard enough time as it is.
chole said on 16/Jun/07
Purepecha MMinds wow your pretty gay being 6'4" is hott for a guy and being short just makes you seem wimpy, seriousy. get a life and pick on someone more your own size that you can handle!
Purepecha MMinds said on 10/Jun/07
John says on 2/Oct/06
Well, i am personally very lucky. My dad is 6`4, i am 6`4, and my 3 brothers are 6`4, so we always look quite nice whenever we enter a party together

hahahahhahahahaahah you say your lucky?? 6'4 is still to tall! you are giants!
i'm glad i'm a normal 1.77 mtrs i shure woulndt whanna be over 6'0 foot you have ugly body's and have medical problems, you can't run to cant do most normal things! you need custom cars, beds clothes everything! i know for shure your not happy being 6'4 how many girls look good standing by your side? none unless you get one of does ugly basket ball players giants like you! hehehe

i dont whanna make fun of you but you make it sound like beaing 6'4 is a great thing! it's NOT!
Anonymous said on 24/May/07
That would mean I'd have to get a 158 cms girl to look tall. I'm around 5'7.25 and I wanna grow taller, I'm 18 already and I don't feel like I've had a growth spurt really. It's been a slow process. I wish I was 5'11 cause I don't like being that short.
Editor Rob said on 16/May/07
Shorter forehead, your eyes might look higher and so you would look higher in a way.

And yes, pretty much 7 inches somewhere in or around mouth, normally if we are talking 6ft 3ish guy, moreso like upper lip area, a 5ft 8 guy in theory should look closer to that. 6ft 2 guy 5ft 8 guy might come somewhere to near tip of nose or a little above it.
uco said on 5/May/07
there's a giza i know he's 17 and he is 6'8, i mean im 17 too but ims 6 foot.
Katie said on 2/May/07
I'm female, 5'9" and 123 pounds.
You think I'd look stupid with heels?
I mean, they make me 6'1".
Pretty tall for a girl.
David said on 11/Apr/07
I just turned 15 and my height is 5'11". How tall will i be if my dad is 6'2"?
Jason said on 11/Apr/07
I am pushing towards 6'2" (1.87m). So i'm just under 6'2".
TheJerk said on 11/Apr/07
Bibi dont worry about it most guys dont even care about height in females, unless they are too tall. 5-9 would be too tall to some guys so 5-8 is perfect.
Giuseppe said on 2/Apr/07
I am 6ft3 (1.91m), when i was 11 i was 5ft6 (1.65m)

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