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Duffy Height
Duffy's height is 5 ft 2.25 in (158 cm)

British Singer. She says on her height, "Im quite short, Im five foot two and a bit people are surprised when they meet me that Im shorter than they expected and Im quite voluptuous"

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Annie says on 3/Sep/08
i met duffy in leeds and she was way smaller than me and i'm 5'7"
she was no more than 5'1"
brapp says on 26/Aug/08
She has a UK size 2 feet... that's tiny, so presumeably she's tiny herself.

I've seen her be described as 5'1" and 5'2"
Lillian says on 31/May/08
Hmm..i didnt expect that tall, actually. They always talk about how small she is as though she's extremly short. Maybe 5'1.She does wear rather large heels...
heres her with kylie monogue (5'0)
glenn says on 29/May/08
5-1 sounds extreme,but ill buy 5-2.
gorgeous says on 29/May/08
i'd say she's 5ft 1 at the very most
glenn says on 28/May/08
maybe she is that low.rob can it be possible?

[Editor Rob: not seen much of her to compare, but I think it's possible to change this a little.]
aled says on 23/May/08
yeah i read an article in you magazine that comes with the daily mail that said she was really petite like 5"1
LilLee says on 23/May/08
in an interview it said she barely scraped 5 foot so I think she's 5'1". No taller than 5'2"
glenn says on 19/May/08
j.lee-90 percent of them were heels next to me.
glenn says on 18/May/08
ian-you cant detect my sarcasm? reread my posts.thanks.
Elle says on 18/May/08
She's absolutely gorgeous! I thought she was really diddy though! Like 5'2 or 5'3. Oh well.
Charliemoto says on 18/May/08
Glenn was just leaning slightly he's not bending like say Devito or other images.

5'4 indeed she.
Ian says on 18/May/08
You said she was barefoot yesterday now she isn't? You mean she is wearing flat shoes? What do you see for her height Glenn you were there.
glenn says on 18/May/08
no she isnt barefoot.geez.
Ian says on 17/May/08
She is barefoot and you have shoes on Glenn? She is standing a bit closer to the camera than you are. 5ft6?
glenn says on 17/May/08
every celeb woman had shoes advantage.i dont know whay people always assume otherwise and i had already explained.
Daniel says on 17/May/08
Beautiful girl. To me, she looks 1.66m in that picture, assuming no one had shoe advantage
glenn says on 17/May/08
wtf is the only blind one here.everyone else sees 5-4.gee,im not bending and she isnt wearing heels.she is barefoot.duh.
wtf? says on 17/May/08
on this picture(the photo with glenn) she does not look 5ft4 but 5ft6.5, so if she really is 5ft4 this photo does not show it very well.
WantingToBe6FT says on 16/May/08
wow, she's a cutie, definitely 5'4"
Aratirion says on 16/May/08
More than ridiculous. Teeny tiny? Official average here in Austria is 5'5.
Charliemoto says on 16/May/08
does look 5'4 indeed.
glenn says on 16/May/08
serious jane? thats absurd.
Jane says on 15/May/08
in a vogue article where they presented Duffy, they described her as teeny tiny. 5ft 4" is not teeny tiny! They probably said that b/c the average person who works for Vogue is over 5 10. assholes....
glenn says on 15/May/08
yeah ed,i try my best before it gets more difficult.winehouse was difficult for me last summer.and that was then.got her to sign,but the photogs ruined my photo with her chances,as she ran away from me sayin she cant right now.duffy had alot people after her this week.this pic was from 2 months ago.before the hype.
glenn says on 15/May/08
i didnt realise the scan was that bad rob.you couldnt crop it more.ill redo it one day.
ed says on 15/May/08
timely photo Glenn, you must be on top of things...this singer has the big hype machine going behind her right now...since Amy Winehouse appears to be drugging herself out of the scene Duffy is the new Queen of Brit retro-pop. Saw her perform last night, it was ok like Martha Reeves white version 40 years later. She is cute though and a solid 5.4 in that pic.
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