How tall is Markiplier

Markiplier's Height

5ft 9in (175 cm)

Mark Edward Fischbach is an American Youtube personality, who amassed 16+ million followers and over 6 billion views on the platform.
I admit it, I'm actually 4'9" #Shortiplier....Actually I just wear 13-inch heels.

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5ft 8.98in (175.2cm)
Kiana said on 25/Mar/17
Oh my god!he is so tall where I live! Short in a ton of other places in America no he is short. But everywhere he is handsome and has THE BEST voice
Jaiden Craft said on 13/Mar/17
Hey Mark may be short but at least he has the most handsome face in the intire universe!!!!! πŸ˜„Mark don't let yourself be distracted about how short u are let yourself be distracted about who is behind the screen who u are making laugh so hard at ur stupid jokes
Seshi said on 6/Mar/17
But... he's said that he is 4ft 9 inches... was that just a joke?
Jack said on 26/Feb/17
Omg Im 11 and stand at 5ft 3 inches MARK I WILL BE TALLER THAN YOU ONE DAYπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
Harris said on 25/Feb/17
Lol, what's funny to me is that Markiplier and Jamie Foxx are supposedly the same height, yet they look SO proportionally different compared to each other!! This guy doesn't give more than a 5ft 7 impression to me at first glance, whereas Foxx could easily give off a 5ft 11-6ft impression at first glance.

Rob, I know proportions can have an effect on height, but it shouldn't really be that different, should it!?
Chris said on 18/Feb/17
Pewds does just edge out Markiplier, I think.
Yes yes said on 17/Feb/17
I saw him and PewDiePie standing next to each other. PewDiePie was about an inch taller...

I still think PewDiePie is 5'10" flat :)
Colberto said on 11/Feb/17
5'8 3/4" at best or 5'8 1/2". No doubt he is 5'9" range but looks fractionally shorter than solid 5'9" guys like Jared Leto. He seems to be roughly half an inch taller than Rob.
Jake said on 1/Feb/17
5'9" flat
Gaza2121 said on 29/Jan/17
5'8" at best.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 27/Jan/17
Rob, I see Markpilier in the picture looking closely! LOL!! XD

Click Here
Editor Rob: easy to spot with red hair!
Mark(5'9.25 said on 27/Jan/17
I think this listing is good for Markiplier. A good 5'9". Not over, but certainly not far from it either.
miko said on 27/Jan/17
$1 million a month? He wont be far off Big Rob's pay packet soon!
Editor Rob: would take me 50 years to earn a million πŸ˜† 😼 πŸ€‘
Blake said on 26/Jan/17
Rob, there are a lot of myths about how much these guys make and the variables like clicking on ads, length of video etc. Do you have any idea on the truth of "youtube money"? Since you website runs on ad revenue I believe? Correct me if im wrong though!
Editor Rob: Someone like PewDiePie is with a network, so his CPM rate won't be that bad.

He could pull in $2 per 1000 views. But let's say he only got a lowball $1 per 1000 views.

That's still absolute worst case of about $300,000 a month over last couple of years.

And that's without considering any sort of in-video sponsorship, product placement or affiliate links he uses.

I think he probably isn't far off earning near $1 million a month gross.
jenna said on 25/Jan/17
is he taller than jack?
ass said on 23/Jan/17
Mark(5'9.25 said on 23/Jan/17
@Andrea To be hair, his proportions can give shorter impression, but he looks too close with Pewdiepie to just be his joke height.

Jacksepticeye: 5'8.25"- 5'8.5"

Markiplier: 5'8.5'- 5'8.75"

Pewdiepie: 5'9" - 5'9.25"
Andrea said on 23/Jan/17
I don't know him but it is true... He does give a short impression, at least in the picture above! I would have said 5'5 or 5'6, based on "proportions"! Maybe it is just camera angle/position...
Csimpson 6ft said on 22/Jan/17
Rob could 5ft 8-8.5 be closer to the truth than a full 5ft 9?
Editor Rob: Connor, I can see a 5ft 8.5 as a possible
Sam said on 21/Jan/17
Mark must have lied about his 12 inch heels to impress people by saying they are 13 inch heels, otherwise he'd be 5'10 in them not 5'9 as listed. Rob, what do you make of his 4'9 claim at the top?
Editor Rob: I like his Shortiplier nickname, I certainly wouldn't argue he was above 5ft 9.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 21/Jan/17
@HonestSlovene i disagree. Pewdiepie tends to wear abit of suspicious footwear and Markiplier slouches, yet Pews doesn't look an inch taller. Markiplier tends to wear very less footwear/sneakers and slouches, yet he looks the same with Pewdiepie.

I wouldn't be surprise if Markiplier measured a little taller.
MM said on 21/Jan/17
Editor Rob: I can appreciate the time, money, effort involved in making any film. Nobody really goes out to make a bad movie, they are mostly trying to produce an entertaining experience.

Like all movies, everybody can have an opinion πŸ˜†

Ender's Game, After Earth, R.I.P.D, The World's End, World War Z, Oz, Birdman, Any Hunger Games, Robocop, Fantastic Four, Chappie, Last Witch Hunter.

WHAT THE F????????? YOU THOUGHT BIRDMAN WAS TRASH? It's one of the best movies I have ever seen, it's definitely in my top 10 ever. It won best picture, best director and many more bests. Come on Rob, you could say you didn't like it, but you just can't call it trash...
Editor Rob: Technically I appreciate the skills involved in making it, but unfortunately it failed miserably to entertain me. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

But, we all have differing opinions, and differing guesses on the height of celebs.

From 2015 films I'd have probably ranked them:

American Sniper
The Imitation Game
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Theory of Everything
Mark(5'9.25 said on 20/Jan/17
I think the order goes like this:

Jackspeticeye: 5'8.25"-5'8.5"

Pewdiepie: 5'8.75"-5'9" (depending on footwear)

Markiplier: 5'9" (I'm not sure if a little over or under the mark. What I can say is that he did appear a bit taller than Pewdiepie in even floor and footing)
Mark(5'9.25 said on 20/Jan/17
Out of curiosity, which movies of 2013 - 2015 did you think was really trash. Since when I was young, I never thought about the Harry Potter Cast's heights which is fine. Actually, Man of Steel led me to this site since there was one comment on youtube about Cavill being 5'11" (which is false). I didn't pay attention because in the movie, I could tell Superman (Cavill) was comfortably over 6'0" and Shannon was towering over most of the cast. It was when that comment appeared I felt like I wanted to believe he was comfortably over 6'0" flat. I still think Man of Steel was a lot of fun.
Editor Rob: I can appreciate the time, money, effort involved in making any film. Nobody really goes out to make a bad movie, they are mostly trying to produce an entertaining experience.

Like all movies, everybody can have an opinion πŸ˜†

Ender's Game, After Earth, R.I.P.D, The World's End, World War Z, Oz, Birdman, Any Hunger Games, Robocop, Fantastic Four, Chappie, Last Witch Hunter.
HonestSlovene said on 20/Jan/17
@Mark 5'9.25" he looks slightly shorter than Pewdiepie (5'9"-5'9.5") and taller than Jacksepticeye (5'7.75"-5'8.25"). I'd say he is about 5'8.5", maybe a weak 5'9".
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Jan/17
Markiplier does look taller than 5'8.25" Jacksepticeye and 5'9" Pewdiepie in these screen shots I took from that video.

Click Here
Click Here

I since a good 5'9" from Marki despite his short build.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Jan/17
5'8" is just too low for Markiplier, no matter how much I look at it. He looks too close with Pewdiepie or even edges him out in some videos when they're both standing. They both beat out Jacksepticeye.

Rob I have to admit, speculating this guy's height is burning my brain into ashes! (not literally)
Editor Rob: Mark, don't lose any sleep over it...when I switch off the computer I don't think about height...until I switch on the telly and start watching a movie πŸ˜† πŸ˜…

I know a movie is fantastic if I can barely remember how tall any of the actors looked in it and I know a movie is garbage when I spend most of it looking at the actor's heights!
S.J.H said on 19/Jan/17
Shortiplier is 5'9 lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jan/17
174/175cm maybe, not just 173cm...
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Jan/17
Jack is nearer the camera, so I can't count that. Also, Markiplier may or may not have an edge on Pewdiepie because his eye level is a bit higher than Pewdiepie who does wear suspicious footwear while Marki has regular sneakers.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 18/Jan/17
Rob, I should try to meet Markiplier. For me, speculating the three YouTuber's heights alone is squeezing my head so bad that I think I might be losing my sanity. LOL!
Jake said on 18/Jan/17
Click Here

In this video strangely enough, for most parts of the video, Jack actually looks the tallest. Especially when standing in front of Mark. Felix definitely looks shorter than Mark when standing in front of him. So my guess is, that Felix could be the shortest, Mark in the middle, and Jack the tallest? That's definitely what I'm getting from this video. What do you think Rob? Possibly a few adjustments could be made to their heights?
Editor Rob: I think Jack at times moves nearer the camera, I would say Pew/Mark are too close to call, you really need all 3 guys measured...
Mark(5'9.25 said on 17/Jan/17

Markipiler does look taller than Pewdiepie there.
Strong 5ft9 said on 17/Jan/17
Either all 3 are close to 5'8.5" or they're all closer to 5'9". I'm confused lol
Victor said on 17/Jan/17
A little more tall than Jack anda the same height to Pew die pie. Very good listing.
Sam said on 17/Jan/17
Didn't think he'd be taller than 5'8 when I first saw him, but 5'9? He really gives off a short(ish) vibe at times but may be due to his proportions.
Csimpson 6ft said on 17/Jan/17
Yes hes finally been listed thanks Rob, yeah I had a look at him more and yeah I have overestimated his height a bit, he could be 5ft 9 but 5ft 8.5 is also a possibility.
Editor Rob: proportionally he looks short, on his own I doubt he can look over 5ft 8, but he doesn't look much different than PewDiePie.
Arthur said on 17/Jan/17
This guy has got the tallest voice/face in the world and looks like a midget. There is NO WAY he is 5'9. 5'8 at most. Look at that video, fans are shouting at him ''you are so short'' and he answers ''i know'' LOL. Click Here

By the way Rob, he makes fun of himself for being short yet he claims 5'10, you may want to put it up there. I'm sure he claimed 5'10 on one of his videos somewhere, don't know where. On twitter though he claimed that he is '' 4'9 when wearing 13 inch heels'', which would mean 5'10 again.
bananatoaster said on 17/Jan/17
Click Here good video to guess jacksepticeye mark and pewdiepie

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