How tall is Sneakers ?

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Sneakers's height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Nike Air Force One

3cm (1.18 inches)

Nike's big seller, these have thick looking soles up close but don't give as much height as they'd suggest they might, basically 1.2 inches.
Adidas Superstar 2

2.5cm (1 inch) - 2cm (0.75 inch)

A popular style, the shell toe. Brand new this sole looks to give more than what they actually give, which is really 2.5cm. But after a few weeks of wear though this sneaker becomes 2cm, or 0.75 inch.
Adidas Oregon

3cm (1.18 inches)

New, it gives about 1.25 inches. With some trainers, after a few weeks the insole kind of gets bedded in and so it settles down a few mm less than new. I've worn this pair to 4 conventions in 2006. For pic reference, those cons were these people were at: 1) Meghan Gallagher, 2) Doug Bradley, 3) Glenn Morshower
Reebock Classic

2.85cm (1.15 inches)

New they'd give more 1.2 inch, I've worn a used pair to 2 conventions. For pic reference, those cons were these people were at: 1) Lou Ferrigno, 2) Carlos Bernard.
Nike Shox NZ, Turbo OZ

3.6cm (1.41 inches)

If new out the box both these pairs gave good 1.4 inches, a few weeks of wear and for me I found they'd creeped down a little below 1.4. Absolutely my favorite type of trainer based on comfort. I've worn these to 2 conventions, for reference: 1)Ron Glass, 2)Tony Todd.
Nike Airmax 95

3.4cm (1.34 inches)

New, seemed to give about 1.35 inches.
Nike Free

2.75cm (1.08 inches)

Extremely lightweight trainer, the sole looks like it could give you more than this, but the insole is shaped slightly curved at the heel, after a few weeks drops to basically 1 inch.
Nike Air 180

2.7cm (1.06 inches)

Just over 1 inches, used to be kind of pair I'd wear every day as they seemed very comfortable. I've worn this trainer to one convention, for reference: 1) Jensen Ackles con. They dropped to about 0.98 inches by then.
Nike Airmax Ltd

3.45cm (1.36 inches)

This is kind of similar height to airmax 360, although I think gives a little more than this limited edition.
Puma Tx 300

3.2cm (1.26 inches)

I picked this pair up thinking on the size of the heel they'd give near 1.4 inches, but surprisingly not even 1.3. I have worn this pair to C11, for reference: 1) James Marsters con.
Timberland Euro Dub

3cm (1.18 inches)

The timberlands usually have a larger heel and a lesser heel, the above new gives 1.18 inches and is the lesser heel.
Adidas Samoa

2.5cm (1 in)

This is a comfy version of the shoe, gives near 1 in new, normal samoas give bit less than this.
Doc Martin Style

3.4cm (1.34 inches)

This shows a typical doc martin style boot, where the heel is cut to a standard range. Many think such a boot gives 1.5-1.6, but not really unless its got extremely thick and cushioned insole.
Crocs Cayman

2.2cm (0.87 inch)

Popular summer shoe. Concave shape so give less than an inch in reality. Ugly looking things if you ask me.
Vans Classic Slip Ons

1.4-1.5cm (0.55 inch)

The chequered style is popular. Brand New they give around 1.6cm, but after wearing 1.4-1.5cm
Converse All Star

1.6cm (0.62 inches)

I own several classics, there are some special editions. Slimline converse give the same.
Nike Shox Arraw

3cm (1.18 in)

These are not as obviously big as normal shox, they have pretty comfy insoles. brand new I measured them as 3cm, after a year they were about 1.1 inch.
Nike Street Shox V

2.1cm (0.83 in)

A low urban style of shox, nowhere near as comfy as arraws but if you want less sole this is a good trainer.
Boat Shoe

1.9cm (0.75 in)

A lot of boat shoes have pretty slim insoles, this pair is typically the style that gives about three quarters of an inch.
Merrell Fashion Trainer

2cm (0.8 in)

I've worn this shoe at quite a few conventions over 2009-2010.
Airwalk Skate Shoe

1.3-1.4cm (0.5 in)

This is a low skate style sneaker, it appears to give more height than it actually does.
Adio Skate Shoe

1.8-1.9cm (0.75 in)

Another style of skate shoes. A lot of Adios give 0.6-0.75 inch range
Caterpiller Boot

3.7-3.8cm (1.5 in)

A thick soled Cat Boot with an insole that is a few mm thick, gives in total about 1.5 inches.
Nike AirMax 360

3.5cm (1.38 in)

One of the thicker styles of Nike Running Sneakers.
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Stev says on 29/Mar/15
Sorry Rob I must have forgotten to put the link into my previous post, this wasa the actual pair I was referring to Click Here Thanks again.
[Editor Rob: yes in the 3cm range, like 1.2ish, but if the insole isn't only 1mm but like 2-3mm then maybe 1.3 inch range.]
Stev says on 28/Mar/15
Hi Rob, what do you make of these 'triple stacked' heel brogues, the sole appears to be a little thicker than most similar style shoes, 1.2-1.3 sound reasonable? Thank you.
[Editor Rob: ones with an extra little layer in the heel? I think I know the styles, there are definitely brogues that are made with 1.2 inch heels, many around the 1 inch though, some even thinner ones 0.75 styles. With a good brand, the insole probably won't be paper thin, so 1.3 inch in some brogues is very probable.]
Adam says on 27/Mar/15
Hey Rob, could you recommend the best pair of casual sneakers (not high tops), that give the most height. Any over 1.3 inches?
[Editor Rob: comfortable for one person might not be comfortable for another...but a lot of nike shox and ones like the air max 360 range give in that 1.3-4 zone.]
Steph says on 27/Mar/15
Rob what would be the biggest basketball shoe sole shoes you know of. I'm looking for some 2inch or 1.75 inch shoes. Thanks
[Editor Rob: in the UK shops I don't see anywhere as much BBall sneakers as Americans do. I'd need to be in London to see many more styles.]
Tom says on 26/Mar/15
Greetings, Rob!

How much would this sneaker add?
This is an Adidas ZX 700
Click Here
[Editor Rob: when these are new the insole means you can get in 1.3 inch range.]
mac says on 26/Mar/15
Rob, it says the heel height is 1.25 inches. I measured it on both sides and it's about that, maybe 1/8 of an inch off.
[Editor Rob: yes maybe a touch shy of the 1.25]
mac says on 26/Mar/15
Hey Rob, how much do you think these Reebok BB4500 Low's give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: doubt more than around 0.6 inch]
Alexander says on 25/Mar/15
hi Rob im not good with inch system. Are nike downshifters give more then air force 1 or less?
[Editor Rob: they might be very close, I doubt there is more than a couple of mm between them. 1 inch is 2.54cm, so 2.7-9cm is possible.]
Matrix says on 25/Mar/15
Heya Rob, how much will these give me Click Here ? Thx in advance :P
[Editor Rob: if I see them on a celebrity I'm thinking this is not looking more than 0.6 inch styles.]
Curious says on 25/Mar/15
Hi Rob, how much height should these give Click Here ?
[Editor Rob: see the bit where the white outsole then changes to black, I believe the insole sits no higher than the 'change in colours', so I would be surprised if it gave much more than 1 inch.]
qwerty says on 24/Mar/15
Hey Rob, sorry for putting this in the wrong section but is there anywhere on this site we can suggest celebrities for you to dissect?
[Editor Rob: there is a page Here.]
Alexander says on 24/Mar/15
Hey Rob!How much for these trainers Click Here and these Click Here

thanks in advance
[Editor Rob: downshifters I haven't seen recently...but they look like they could give a little bit over 1 inch, maybe pushing 1.1-1.2 and the Asics are again mainly a little over 1 inch mark, but after a few months I found a few asics were roughly around an inch.

Height183 says on 24/Mar/15
Comfort is important to me too Rob. I would rather wear some comfortable trainers over ones that look good but are uncomfortable. I don't know about you but I find Converses very uncomfortable and hard. I've stopped wearing them. I might check some Skechers out, they can probably make me look 6'2'' or like close enough Lol.
[Editor Rob: converse are over-rated, although that slim pair I have in that video felt better than the standard pair for some reason...]
Tan says on 23/Mar/15
Rob how much height do toms shoes give
[Editor Rob: those don't look like they'd give more than 0.5 inch.]
Tan says on 23/Mar/15
Rob how much height do toms shoes give
Stev says on 23/Mar/15
Thanks Rob! Do you think I can get 1.1-1.2 inches for these chelsea boots? Click Here Thanks as always Rob.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't think more than 1.1 those.]
Height183 says on 22/Mar/15
Rob, do you ever wear shoes just for like going out casually? I never do, I always wear trainers, unless I'm dressing up for something.
[Editor Rob: we get a lot of rain up here near Glasgow :), sometimes the weather means wearing footwear that don't get too wet (many canvas ones will end up ringing). I have clarks shoes and clark chelsea boot I currently wear now and again.

But mainly I wear trainers anywhere and everywhere, frankly comfort is important to me, and I manage to avoid blisters for many years by sticking to ones that fit me well.

Actually you can see a video I did last year Here, showing basically sneakers I wear for last few favourite is probably the black nike's in that video, then the brown merrell ones.]
Stev says on 21/Mar/15
These also Rob? Description says they have a 1.37 inch heel
Click Here

Thank again Rob!
[Editor Rob: on seeing those I wouldn't say they give that much...I could believe at the very back of the heel somewhere around 1.3 inches and the actual shoe giving less like 1.1-2 range. ]
Stev says on 21/Mar/15
What do you think for these dress shoes Rob? Click Here

Thank you!
[Editor Rob: I would say those might be very close to 1.25 range, there is another wee bit on the sole just before the wine section that if it wasn't there I'd say it looked a 1 inch shoe, but that wee extra bit seems like it would boost it over the inch mark.]
Josh says on 21/Mar/15
Hey Rob,

How much do the Skechers Shape ups for men give? I know you said near 2 inches for the women's. Also how much height do you think they would lose over like a year? thanks man
[Editor Rob: they look quite thick aswell, around 2 inches I'd say...actually a tad thicker than the MBT sneakers. I wouldn't say they'd lose that much, a couple mm is what a big chunk of sneakers lose when the insole compresses with wear. Some insoles are made of really tough but flexible material which doesn't flatten as much though.]
Sean5 says on 19/Mar/15
How much in height does this shoe give you think?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: on first glance I'd say near 2 inches, but the foot might site a little below that blue line, so it might be not quite 2...]
Wayn says on 19/Mar/15
@Dan, yep, thats a big size and might make quite a bit. Mine were in US 7,5 or so, but fit rather like a 6,5.
@Rob, do orthotic inserts made out of corc (like those Click Here) give a lot of height? They have a concave shape so its hard to figure out for me.
dave182 says on 19/Mar/15
How about these, Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: at least 1 full inch and with insole I'd say could be in 1.1 inch range.]
Dan 189 cm says on 18/Mar/15
My huaraches are a size 14,so they might give more height because it's a bigger size.
Sean5 says on 17/Mar/15
Could these give as low as 0.5"? Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe even a little less like 0.4 inch]
Wayn says on 17/Mar/15
Dan, not willing to start a discussion, but I had Triple Black Huaraches myself and they DEFINITELY were less than other Nike runners and Doc martens/Timberlands. I doubt your spreading lies, but this can't be true.
chrisi says on 17/Mar/15
hi rob, how much do this shoes give Nike Air Force One i think 2cm-3cm what do you think? Click Here
[Editor Rob: they are the classic soles for air force that give near to 1.2 inches.]
NangaParbat says on 15/Mar/15
Hey rob, what's the best in adding height? Airmax 90 or rewing? Redwing doesnt give what it looks..less than a timberland boot; so it's supposed to be less than airmax..what do you think? Thanks mate. :)
[Editor Rob: airmax 360 are a good sneaker I feel for height...

The thing with a lot of sneakers is they can lose several mm after a few months. I had a Nike running sneaker that started at 1.2 inches last year and I've been wearing them for a few months and now exactly 1 inch.]
Dan 189 cm says on 14/Mar/15
Wayn,Huaraches actually give nearly 1.4 inches in height. I just measured them. and an eastbay representative confirmed that they give 1.375 inches.
dave182 says on 14/Mar/15
Hey rob, what would these give? Click Here
dan says on 13/Mar/15
Hello Rob,
how much do 1. running insoles, for example the removable ones from Air Max or simillar sneakers and 2. orthopedic insoles add? I'm talking about the ones that are supposed to form your feet so you have less pain and stuff. Me personally, I wouldn't guess the running insoles to be anything over 2mm. Am I wrong about this? I am pretty sure that they are that soft, that your weight compressed them to be pretty much nothing.
Rick says on 13/Mar/15
Hey rob I'm looking to get some casual boots to wear. What everyday comfortable boots give the most height?
[Editor Rob: I've not worn many boots over the years to really give a recommendation.]
Andy 6'8'' says on 11/Mar/15
How much will these give, rob? Normally i like timberlands but im like 6'9.5'-6'10'' in these :O :D
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those look a thinner type of timberland, I mean nearer 0.5 than 1 inch.]
Viktor 175 says on 10/Mar/15
Nike Free 5.0

Click Here
[Editor Rob: a solid inch I believe]
Wayn says on 10/Mar/15
Dan, Huaraches (At least in small sizes) do not give anything close to 1.2-3 range. They look to give much more than they do, because the midsole is extremely soft. Lunar Pegasus are closer to 3,1cm range and those definitely give more than the Huaraches! I wouldnt estimate them to be more than one inch
delvin says on 9/Mar/15
How much would 5 inch heels give
[Editor Rob: they could give you close to 4 actual inches.]
Dan 188 cm says on 8/Mar/15
Hey rob,any idea on how much these Nike Air Huaraches would give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I looked at those the other week and thought in 1.2-3 range.]
jr says on 8/Mar/15
Rob - can you estimate how much height these sneakers give?
Click Here


[Editor Rob: I think the insole might be a little concave so wouldn't guess more than 1.25 range]
Height183 says on 8/Mar/15
Rob, If could answer my last question please, Since I am 6'0'' How tall would I be in 2.5 inch Elevators? and would they be comfortable to walk in a whole day?
[Editor Rob: if they are called 2.5 they probably will be giving you near 2 inches. If called 3 or 3.1 maybe 2.3-2.4 inches.

You'd probably then measure close to 6ft 2 in the 2.5 inch styles.]
Arthur says on 8/Mar/15
Rob If a guy wakes up 1.72cm in morning drops down to 1.70.5cm in mid day and ıf finally drops down to 1.69.8cm in late night can he still say 5ft7 to his offical height?
[Editor Rob: yeah that is perfectly fine to go with 5ft 7]
steez says on 7/Mar/15
hey rob, any idea on how much height these boots give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: look like they might give a small amount over 1 inch]
Jake S says on 5/Mar/15
Hi Rob been on my quest to find some stylish shoes that give a good amount of height I think I may of found some :D would these cowboy style boots give 2 inches? if so perfect! Click Here its the ''Thunder Brown'' if it isn't already set on it :)
[Editor Rob: yes they are a good thick cowboy style that should get you awfully close to 2 inches. It's a decent style, I'd wear them probably if I was into cowboy boots!]
Height183 says on 4/Mar/15
Rob, how tall would I stand in a 2.5 inch elevator shoe? And would they be comfortable to walk in a whole day? What do you think?
Jake S says on 3/Mar/15
Hi Rob was wondering if cat boots give 1.5 inches all the time? even when worn for a few weeks as I want a good 1.5 inch boost all the time if I can :p im sure I saw your video on them once? thanks Jake.
[Editor Rob: I didn't break those boots in or wear them yet so don't know if they will lose 1-3mm from insole compression.]
val says on 3/Mar/15
Hey Rob, how much do you think these give? Click Here
qwerty says on 2/Mar/15
What about these
Click Here
[Editor Rob: wouldn't think they'd give any more than an inch, maybe a little bit shy of that mark in fact.]
Stewie says on 2/Mar/15
Hey the NBA draft combine guys are measured in shoes and out of shoes. Some of them are wearing 2inch basketball shoes...what shoes are those. Even the 1.75inch basketball shoes are good as well. Thanks

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I don't know any models that actually give a full 2 might be more a case of rounding to nearest 1/4 inches could turn a 1.5 into 'on paper' a 1.75 or 2 inch sneaker.

But then some large sizes of shoes like 13-15 could always give a fraction more than your average size 9-10 sneakers give.]
Unknown says on 28/Feb/15
guys, i can confirm to everybody that Nike Blazer give 0,6in/1,5 cm!
I have a consumed pair of Blazers and before i wore Converse All Star (classic type). I've measured myself a lot of times with both shoes and i have also measured the insole: Blazers consumed give actually 0,6in/1,5cm while Converse All Star (consumed) a little more, like 1,6 cm!
John says on 27/Feb/15
How much would these give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: a little over an inch, 1.1-2 range..]
ali says on 27/Feb/15
Hi brother, help me please, what will be the height of this shoes,
Click Here
[Editor Rob: if someone else has these, I don't see as many of these in UK shops. A few like that style seem to be not much more than 1-1.1 inch.]
Height183 says on 27/Feb/15
Wow, and I thought I'd probably need a 2.5 - 3 inch elevator max Lol
Wayn says on 27/Feb/15
Click Here
How about these, Rob? 1.3 range? Air Max - alike?
[Editor Rob: don't look much at Saucony sneakers, most kind of look in the 1-1.3 range, the running styles...I'd say near 1.25 was probably realistic for that model.]
Height183 says on 27/Feb/15
Rob, If I wanted to look 6'2.5'', How many inches would my elevator shoes have to be? Also, would they be comfortable to walk in like for around 8 - 9 hours?
[Editor Rob: you'd need very big elevators, probably the kind that get described as 4 inches, but I doubt you'd be able to wear them with much comfort for a full day, it's like a women wearing a big heel all day, it would take quite a lot of building up slowly to get use to it, each week increasing the time you wear them.]
Palladium Boots says on 25/Feb/15
I can imagine these boots have been brought up here before but how much do Palladium boots/shoes gives? Is it 2 cm or 2,5 cm (1 inch) ?

Click Here
Wayn says on 25/Feb/15
Click Here
Rob, take a look at the "Additional Info" tab. Is this height info correct?
[Editor Rob: yes it should give you in that range, depending on the type of insole, new it might give 2mm more than when you wear a boot for a few weeks and the heel compresses it a little.]
dan says on 25/Feb/15
New Balance is not as thick as it suggests. I own two pairs, one 574 and one 530 and both are not very thick. Slightly below 1,1 inch I would say. They seem to give more because of the bulky design. Also, New Balance is not durable at all. At first, they feel very good, after a few weeks of wear, they feel kind of.. wrong. Air Max 90 is a good choice for smaller feet since they don't seem to drop much height with smaller shoe sizes
ecco says on 25/Feb/15
Rob, I also checked out some information about these shoes and for the measurements it said that platform: 1/2 inch and heel approx 1 inch. What does this mean? I did measure the heel at 1.12 inches.
[Editor Rob: the front part of the sole is 1/2 inch...or very close, it might be like 0.4 inch]
ecco says on 25/Feb/15
Hey Rob, how much do you think these give? Click Here

I measured the heel, it was 1.12 inches not 1.25
[Editor Rob: yes that should give a good inch of height, maybe a touch over the inch depending on the insole.]
NangaParbat says on 23/Feb/15
NangaParbat says on 21/Feb/15
Hey Rob, how you doin? :) I need your help, I want to buy the most helpful type of SNEAKERS in "adding" height..what do you think is the best? Thanks in advance and greetings from Italy!
[Editor Rob: go for something like nike shox, but there was another few brands, someone pointed out This one and there are the more expensive Hogan Sneakers, which although very expensive, are quite thick beasts.]

Thanks a lot for your answer. You are always so helpful! But I'm looking for something between Nike or NewBalance, you know these kind of fashion sneakers. I dont like so much hogan also cause their price :s. My best is to find some sneakers with the same help "effect" of timberland boots. Once I tried nike airmax90 in footlocker on left foot and I let my right one in timberland, it was pretty the same! I read also here that Nb574 is one of the most thick. But I want to be sure when I buy shoes. Thanks again. I wait your reply!
[Editor Rob: the air max 90 are quite comfortable, new balance I don't wear but apart from trying them on in a shop they are quite thick.]
Van Gooren says on 22/Feb/15
Rob,how much would these Nike Blazers give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: around 0.6 range]
NangaParbat says on 21/Feb/15
Hey Rob, how you doin? :) I need your help, I want to buy the most helpful type of SNEAKERS in "adding" height..what do you think is the best? Thanks in advance and greetings from Italy!
[Editor Rob: go for something like nike shox, but there was another few brands, someone pointed out This one and there are the more expensive Hogan Sneakers, which although very expensive, are quite thick beasts.]
John says on 21/Feb/15
What about these?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: it would seem they could give 1.25 inch range, but I don't know if the insole sits slightly below that 'outsole heel part', sometimes they can have the insole a bit lower than you would think. ]
Judd says on 21/Feb/15
Rob in your opinion how many cms do those shoes (adidas LA trainers) give:

Click Here

Maybe 2,5-3 cms?
[Editor Rob: I don't think they are over an inch but today I might have a look at them and report back...]
John says on 21/Feb/15
Rob,how much would these give:
1. Click Here
2. Click Here

Can you please reply quickly,i am in a store right now plz
Arthur says on 21/Feb/15
Rob how tall can a 5ft10 girl look with these boots?Click Here
I have a 5ft10 friend wearing that harley boots and she actually looks tall.
[Editor Rob: they might give in between 1.6-1.7 range depending on what the insole is like.]
Hofstadter says on 20/Feb/15
Rob, do you think this one gives maybe 1 in?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: would have thought more in the 0.75in range, than a full inch style. ]
l0ck n l0ad says on 19/Feb/15
gregg says on 10/Feb/15
Hey Rob, I'm looking for a black low-top shoe/sneaker/boot that would give me close to 2 inches, can you recommend something that would serve that purpose? It doesn't matter whether it's a sneaker or a dress shoe, the closest I could find has been shoes like the nike tn or air Max 95, how much height do you think they give, respectively?

I used to wear this Skechers shoes: Click Here
They gave a lot of height, even after over a year I'm quite sure I got at least 4cm. Brand new they must have given me close to 2 inches. I'm about 6'2", maybe 6'1.5" on my lowest, I would get a lot of compliments on my height and get called tall quite often wearing the Skechers. Right now I wear Timberland Earthkeepers shoes that give about 1.5cm and I feel a big difference when just walking around outside, for some reason I felt a whole lot taller with the Skechers, perhaps I'll get a new pair some time because the old one was completely worn out.
gill says on 19/Feb/15
Click Here
Sorry, the last coment didnt have the shoes picture or link.
How much will those give?
thank you Rob.
[Editor Rob: could be a 3cm (or just over 1 inch) style]
Stev says on 18/Feb/15
Also these ones Rob Click Here

The first pair i posted has a 4-5cm sole according to the description. Thanks Rob as always.
[Editor Rob: maybe 1.2 inch for those other ones]
Stev says on 18/Feb/15
Thanks Rob, hoq about these Zegna trainers? Not quite sure where the insole sits in these. Cheers. Click Here
[Editor Rob: that's an example of a sneaker that should comfortably give 1.5in]
dan says on 17/Feb/15
Click Here
How about those, Rob? (Nike SB Trainerendor)
[Editor Rob: wouldn't say much more than the inch range]
dan says on 16/Feb/15
Click Here
How much about those? I have this pair of boots and when I measure the heel at its highest point, I measure 2,8cm. So what may I add to this sum?
[Editor Rob: yeah they look a little over the inch mark]
Pete says on 16/Feb/15
Click Here
How about those, Rob? Shoe size is a US 8,5.
[Editor Rob: look like they'd be pretty close to 1.2 inch]
Stev says on 16/Feb/15
What do you think for these Armani running style shoes Rob? Thanks. Click Here
[Editor Rob: all depends on insole thickness. I'd say there was a chance of it being near 1.2 inches, but if insole was thin then maybe not much over 1 inch.]
thox says on 16/Feb/15
Rob, do most Timerlands givemore than an inch? Like the classic yellow ones, forgot the precise name
[Editor Rob: a lot of the classic styles can give in the 1.3 inch range, but there are some models of Timberland boots that give in the 0.8ish range, one like This is about that mark.]
dan says on 15/Feb/15
Click Here
How much do those give, Rob? I remember them being asked for here, but it's been a while. I think it was an inch, but I am not sure. Wearing one of those on one foot and one flat Dr Martens (officially confirmed to be 2,9cm platform height) on the other, they definitely feel like they give less.
[Editor Rob: the other black section looks to suggest it is thicker than it actually is. I'd be surprised if it was over an inch really.]
Alexander says on 15/Feb/15
Hey Rob, how much Nike airmax 90 can give?
[Editor Rob: from what I've seen I believe at size 10US and above it is more in the 1.3in range but the smaller sizes for some reason seem a few mm thinner like in the 1.1 inch range.]
0 says on 11/Feb/15
Rob, Is it possible to grow like 10cm at the age of 16?
Josh says on 11/Feb/15
What do You think of these Nike Air max tavas rob?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: 1.1-2 range I feel, never actually measured but compared to nike airs in a shop they felt the same.]
david says on 10/Feb/15
How much would these yield?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: around 1.25 range]
gregg says on 10/Feb/15
Hey Rob, I'm looking for a black low-top shoe/sneaker/boot that would give me close to 2 inches, can you recommend something that would serve that purpose? It doesn't matter whether it's a sneaker or a dress shoe, the closest I could find has been shoes like the nike tn or air Max 95, how much height do you think they give, respectively?
[Editor Rob: those models don't really give above 1.4 inches...2 inch models like you seek are hard because it's a very big amount.

I mean there are female trainers like Reebok etc that now make wedge hi-tops that give women 2-2.3 inches easily, but I don't know men's sneakers that give 2 inches and are black. You could search for Logger Boots and find a pair with a big heel that is near 2 inches.]
Judd says on 10/Feb/15
[Editor Rob: they do look thick enough to give him at least 4cm, maybe a bit more so he would have an inch advantage over you in any case.]

Yeah, maybe the shoes in the picture are a little thicker than his, but from what I've seen they couldn't give less than 1,25-5" so I agree with you about the fact that the man was in the 6'0.5-1" range
qwerty says on 9/Feb/15
Hey Rob how much height do you think regular uggs give?
[Editor Rob: in the 0.5-0.75 range]
Judd says on 9/Feb/15
rob, a couple of days ago i met a person who was as tall as me with on a pair of trekking boots like these (Click Here)

I was wearing my common pair of shoes which give me precisely 1,5 cms. You think he might have been 6'1" barefeet, considering i am 187 cms?
[Editor Rob: they do look thick enough to give him at least 4cm, maybe a bit more so he would have an inch advantage over you in any case.]
Jacky says on 8/Feb/15
Rob, If the highest point of this thing is 185cm, how tall might be a person?
180 is possible?
Click Here
Click Here
Winteriscoming says on 6/Feb/15
Rob, could these shoes give 1.3 inches of height?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: hard to say, I think more 1-1.2 range would be possible]
Ryoto says on 5/Feb/15
Rob can you answer my question? How much height would i get for both these shoes?
Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: first one looks about 0.75in style, other one I don't know exactly, it could be just 0.5 inches, but I never seen a wrestling boot in a store here before!]
luke says on 5/Feb/15
Sorry to keep bothering you but I was wondering if any nike gave 1.5" or more? Or are the shox the closest I'll get to that?
[Editor Rob: I've not really seen any that look bigger than the shox, there might be one out there but I'm unfamiliar with it.]
dan says on 4/Feb/15
Do Vans Slip-Ons give less than other Vans such as the Authentics or the Old Skool/Sk8-Hi's?
[Editor Rob: they look to give about the same amount.]
luke says on 4/Feb/15
Rob, what Nike sneakers would you say provide the most height objectively? Nike Shox seems to give the most according to you but I was wondering if there were any Nike's that gave about the same or even more? Like this year's air Max for example? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: some of air max styles can give 1.3 range so can the 90's if you have size 10+.]
dougdude says on 2/Feb/15
Rob, what's your thoughts on the height of these Saucony Jazz Originals? Thanks.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: new, these might give 1.3 inches, but maybe the insole compresses quickly - and you would end up with 1.1-1.2 range.]
Sam says on 2/Feb/15
Thanks Rob. I have two different pair of shoes that vary by about half an inch (0.75 and 1.2) and although I do feel taller in the 1.2 inch range footwear, the other ones aren't straining on your legs/feet like the bigger heel ones and are more comfortable to wear when taking a long walk.
[Editor Rob: you want to keep your feet in good condition, so getting comfortable footwear, well it's worth paying a bit of money finding good sneakers or shoes.]
Kourosh says on 2/Feb/15
How much of height does this reebok trail running shoes add?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: not seen that model before, but similar styles I believe will give around the inch mark]
Tupac says on 2/Feb/15
Do you think 1.5 range for these?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be almost that mark]
Jake S says on 1/Feb/15
Hi again rob sorry about the amount of comments lately coming from me haha im just fascinated atm by this site could you possibly send me a link to a shoe or boot for men that gives a legit 2 inches of height like the logger boots maybe? I know some cowboy boots do but the logger boots I think can come across as more casual and I really would like a legit pair of boots/shoes that give 2 inches that are not elevator shoes? thanks rob :)
[Editor Rob: see a style like This one...these are expensive, but that is the kind of heel thickness you need to get 2 inches out of boots.

Remember people generally aren't looking from ground level at boots, they look from their eyelevel downwards so from that perspective sometimes the boot won't look as thick.]
mogu says on 1/Feb/15

What do you think about these?
delvin says on 1/Feb/15
Does washing shoes make it break faster
[Editor Rob: it might effect some of the material in cheaper shoes, but I rarely every washed shoes in a washing machine.]
Jake S says on 31/Jan/15
Rob could these boots give 2 inches of height Click Here
[Editor Rob: not quite that much, but it could push into 1.7-1.8 range if the insole is 4-5mm.

There are a lot of logger style boots out there that give between 1.5 and 2 inches, the heels are quite thick.]
Sam says on 31/Jan/15
Rob, how much height on average do normal shoes give you? I know it depends on the shoe, but if we're talking casual footwear what would be your estimation?
[Editor Rob: 0.75-1.2 range covers a good chunk of men's shoes, but there is another chunk in the 0.5-0.75 range and then you have the big heels in the 1.3-1.5 range.]
John says on 31/Jan/15
Haha,me either.I told you about my 6ft friend?He has been wearing them recently.Btw,i finally figured out that he is a legit 6 footer.I saw him with a strong 6'1(186-187cm) guy and he was only about 1.5 inch shorter than him while i am good 3 inches shorter than the strong 6'1 guy.And he is arround 2.5 inches taller than a girl(strong 5'9),who is only an inch shorter than me.
James says on 29/Jan/15
Rob how much do you think for these Nike free 3 v4's. I see you have the model shoe above but the latter editions have a slightly different sole configuration. I own a pair and as you have said above they look to give more than they actually do. In these the insole area compresses a good amount and it starts halfway up the second rubber strip at the heel of the shoe. Ive convered a good 1000 miles in these do you think there is a change they are ever so slightly under an inch now?

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think they would be under the inch mark yeah.]
RobV says on 29/Jan/15
@ Jake S As a long term wearer of shoelifts, I can honestly say that there is absolutely no issue with damaging feet or height. But you must get them balanced. In the early days of doing this, I often used stuff that wasn't quite right (rather homemade). When I finally bought some proper ones, the difference was marked. and btw, my advice is to get a few different types - you will see advertised short ones just for heel area (often gel lifts) and you will see longer ones, like the ones in Editor Rob's link, that extend to the toe (often intended for you to cut them down to size).

Get examples of all types because different shoes/boots have different structures that allow for more/less. The more you are able to get in the front without too much stretch, the higher you will usually lift.
Jake S says on 28/Jan/15
Hey rob I was thinking of trying out shoe lifts just a pair of amazon what are your thoughts on them have you ever used and will wearing them for well long periods of time do damage to my feet or current height thanks rob just worrying
[Editor Rob: with any type of lift, sometimes you need to build up a routine to wearing them longer, like wearing about house for a week in short bursts then get used to going out a few times with them. The cheap ones like These are good to test out at first.]
John says on 27/Jan/15
Rob,how much would these add?Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe 1.25 inch range, never seen them before though!!]
Jake S says on 26/Jan/15
Hi rob ive heard nike airmax are the best trainers for adding natural height? so I was wondering which nike air max out of air max 1 and air max 90 give the most height Click Here Click Here really appreciate the help rob :)
[Editor Rob: both seem very similar, I doubt you'd measure much different in either.]
Darius says on 25/Jan/15
Rob how much do these air maxes give? 1.3 inches like the others?Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah they should give in that range.]
Height183 says on 24/Jan/15
Rob, are 2 - 3 inch elevator shoes uncomfortable to walk in? I don't plan on ever wearing any, but I was just wondering.
[Editor Rob: many many women totter about in 3-4 inch heels, which are less comfortable than a good pair of elevator shoes.

2-2.5 inch range I think are fine, you would get used to them, even RobV wears big elevators a lot and doesn't seem to bother him too much.]
stev says on 22/Jan/15
Thanks Rob. So a pair of Dons elevators claiming to give a 2 inch lift, would probably give that exact amount? Is it just the higher lifts that in actual fact give less than advertised? thanks.
[Editor Rob: I'm sure dons still measures at the very back, so you still won't quite get as much as claimed. But the lower the amount (like say a 2.5 inch) the closer you might get (actual about 2-2.2 inches). A 5-inch might give you the 3.8-3.9 inches of actual height.]
delvin says on 21/Jan/15
How much does a shoe with a platform of 1.7cm and a heel of 3.8 cm
[Editor Rob: the insole might add a few mm, if there was no insole and you are measuring the heel at the very back of the shoe (as opposed to the pivot point 1.5 inches from the back) then maybe 3.5-3.6cm, but with 2mm insole you might get your near 1.5 inches.]
stev says on 21/Jan/15
Hey Rob, have you seen the Don's midsole technology? I just saw on the site it's new, however I've never checked the site before so don't know how long it's been there, they claim there technology will make you feel like you're not wearing elevators, but still gain a minimum of 2 inches, the shoes are completely custom also, from leather, and colour, the shoes look really nice and this new insole technology is interesting. Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think it's the shape of the lift is slightly different, more height in the middle section than previous elevators would give.]
Tall says on 21/Jan/15
How much for these Adidas sneakers, Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: don't know exactly where the insole on that model comes to. I would say it was a little under the outsole, like a few mm, so might be a 1-1.1 type sneaker.]
charles says on 21/Jan/15
how much height does this shoes give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: they look around 0.6 inch styles]
Aware says on 20/Jan/15
Rob how about the balenciagas? the red ones how much do u think they'll give?
[Editor Rob: the high-top style of sneakers, those look somewhere between 0.5 and 0.7 range, I doubt anymore than that.]
Jake S says on 19/Jan/15
Hi rob I have a pair of normal Doc Martens which you say gives around 1 1/4 inches, how much will these boots by Doc Martens give do they give more than the standard pair? the heel just seems bigger to me? Thanks :) Click Here
mogu says on 19/Jan/15
How much? Click Here
[Editor Rob: that boot looks like it might have a sole in the 1.3 inch range, and maybe 1.4-5 depending on how much the insole is giving.]
Anon183cm says on 17/Jan/15
I've had a pair of DM boots for a few years now, and I just measured the height increase with them on and it's only 1.1 inches. On here you've written that they generally give around 1.34", and I agree with that since I feel like they used to give more. Is it typical for shoes to give less height as they age?
[Editor Rob: you lose some height after a bit of wear, insoles squash down and a few mm generally gets lost. The thicker the insole material, the better made it is, sometimes the less effect.]
Jimmy says on 17/Jan/15
how much does a Red Wing usually gives?
Ahmed says on 17/Jan/15
Click Here
Hello Rob, I am a huge Nike Air Jordans fan and was just wondering if you could tell me how much lift they can give from that range JD is offering and also which would give the most lift. Many thanks brother, appreciate what you do man.
veece says on 17/Jan/15
hello rob, really need your help man, how much lift would these nike air flights give, 1 inch max? thank you

Click Here
[Editor Rob: in the 1-1.1 range]
Height183 says on 16/Jan/15
Rob, you really sure that the Adidas PT only gives like 0.6? I mean, they look like give a bit more. What do you think?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: there might be a slightly thicker version of it, I think some look 0.6 range, others might be in 0.75 range.]
CD says on 16/Jan/15
Rob about how much do these kind of Adidas give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: something around half inch range. ]
stev says on 15/Jan/15
Thanks Rob. I found these custom heeled boots. In the picture you can see the original heel then the resoled height. The description is that the heel is 1.3/16 inches high, to me looks like a good 1.5 inch with insole, what do you think Rob? Thank as always. Click Here Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think the outsole could be close to 1.4, potentially almost 1.5 with insole.]
Kary says on 15/Jan/15
Rob how much height so regular ugg boots give
[Editor Rob: anywhere from 0.5 to 0.75, there's quite a few copycat styles that give in 0.75 range.]
dan says on 15/Jan/15
I can give an update on the New Balance Encap sole and Doc Martens. On NB's, you stand on basically 2,6cm, which is a bit more than one inch. Minus your weight, it should be at 2,3cm or less, but consider that my NB's are not brand new, but worn quite a few times. For Doc Martens, the sole itself measures 3,4cm, minus your weight, it is at about 3,1cm or less. The measure is very exact since me and my brother used his electronic rule which was very expensive and worth every penny. but consider that the used NB's are a 530 model and the doc martens the low ones.
Jay says on 14/Jan/15
How about adidas samba, Rob?
[Editor Rob: right in the 0.75 inch range, the insoles on Samba's always feel quite thin.]
ian says on 14/Jan/15
hey rob how much height does this boots give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: the sole is nearly 1.3 inches, the insole I don't know...potentially it could give total 1.4 inch range.]
dan says on 13/Jan/15
Hey Rob, do the low doc martens (Click Here) differ from the bootstyle ones mentioned earlier?
[Editor Rob: the soles look quite similar, around 1.3 range]
stev says on 12/Jan/15
Rob, are replacement insoles, the memory foam style likely to add anything worthwhile? or some of the thick sheep wool inserts? To stand on, and once your foot presses down, it feels like almost nothing, but when inserted into a shoe it strangely feels like the shoe is much tighter, and my foot is closer to the upper part of the shoe, are we talking barely mm's here? Thanks
[Editor Rob: yeah these insoles don't add much, a small fraction really. Useful maybe for cushioning - I've seen some shoes with awful thin insoles so it's like walking on a brick - in that case adding your own insole might be a good idea.

Keep your feet in good nick as you get older.]
Superman says on 12/Jan/15
How much for these, 1 inch ?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the sole wouldn't be thicker than that.]
dougdude says on 11/Jan/15
Rob, what's your guess on the infamous Clarks Wallabees? Click Here
[Editor Rob: near 1.2 range]
chrisi says on 11/Jan/15
hi Rob,how much height this one gives (Nike Air Visi Pro 3) thanks! Click Here
[Editor Rob: near 1.3]
newguy says on 11/Jan/15
Rob, do any converse or skate shoes give an inch in height?Please respond.
[Editor Rob: not that I can think of offhand, I think there is a style of vans that are quite thick though]
Tall says on 11/Jan/15
Hmm it's strange
I got pair of this Nike Manoa boots and I never measure them, but the insole look like it's more 1,3 inches, than 1.6 and when I wear them, I don't feel that it gives 1,6-7 extra inches to me
Tall says on 10/Jan/15
How much on Nike Mano Leather Boots, Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those look quite thick, maybe 1.6-1.7 inches is possible.]
aware says on 10/Jan/15
how much this one gives? dr martens
Click Here
[Editor Rob: more in 1.3 range]
Hofstadter says on 9/Jan/15
Rob, can you, please, tell me how much height this one gives?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: never seen a crusher before, they look a bit like an air max type...I'd suspect it could give a little over 1 inch.]
Josh says on 9/Jan/15
Hey Rob do dressier shoes (not sneakers) lose height as well over time or not really? I have Chelsea boots that gave around 1.25 new, if I wore them for a couple years, would they lose height like some sneakers would? It seems like there is less room to lose height, since the back heel can't change.
[Editor Rob: the sole itself might wear down a little, but you might only lose a mm from that. The insole could start out quite firm and thick and then the weight of your body through your heels over time compresses it down and another few mm could go awol.]
dougdude says on 7/Jan/15
Rob, how much height do you believe Saucony Jazz Low Pros add?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: can't see that one giving any less than around 1-1.1 inch.]
Joe says on 7/Jan/15
Hey rob how much how much would you say a new pair of air max 90s will give ?
[Editor Rob: if you have large foot then maybe 1.3 inch range, but some smaller models of max 90's (size 8 for instance) look a few mm thinner.]
delvin says on 7/Jan/15
Click Here how much do these give ?
[Editor Rob: might be around 1.25 inchers]
stev says on 6/Jan/15
What would you estimate on these Rob? Thanks. Click Here
[Editor Rob: could give in 1.2 range]
Kourosh says on 6/Jan/15
Rob how much usually a men boots add to the height? my brother wears the middle one :Click Here

my brother is weak 5'8 like 172 cm. I'm 176.4 in evening or 5'9 1/2. we were eye to eye when he was in his boots and i was barefoot.
[Editor Rob: middle one doesn't look much more than an inch, depending on insole maybe 1.1-1.2 range.]
dan says on 5/Jan/15
hey rob, do brand new converse all stars (the classics with the thicker sole) give 1,6cm or were you talking about worn all stars?
and how much do these weird air max add in smaller sizes? Click Here
about 1.18 inches, right?
[Editor Rob: brand new can give you between 0.6-0.65, worn they sometimes lose only a little amount...although I have an old pair that's 3-4 years of occasional wear that gives not much over 0.5 inch now.]
Jake says on 4/Jan/15
Hey Rob, how much do you think do the New Balance 574 give in a EU 41,5 (US 8,5). The full 1,3 inches or rather like 1,15 or less?
[Editor Rob: the insole will thin a little over time so it might start nearer 1.3 but end up 1.1]
delvin says on 3/Jan/15
Click Here how much is this?
[Editor Rob: never seen those up close, the style looks like it might give you roughly in the 0.75 inch range.]
Jason says on 1/Jan/15
Can you tell me where I can purchase the timberland euro dub you have in the pic above
[Editor Rob: I've no idea if they make them, but they were POOR boots...I thought they'd break in easy but they were a poor model. They type of sole they have is still used on other timberlands around the place.]
tellem says on 1/Jan/15
hey rob, how much height do cuban heeled boots give?
[Editor Rob: typically you'd find around 1.5 inches...

some cowboy's can vary a lot, you have thinner cowboys like 1.25, medium like 1.5-1.6 and large like 1.7-2 range.]
Dan 188 cm says on 31/Dec/14
Hey Rob,how much height do these give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: pretty thin no more than 0.6]
Peter says on 31/Dec/14
Hey Rob, how much do those kicks give? Those 2 are the same, just saying :
Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: either 1.1 or 1.3, what I found sometimes is the larger the model (like a size 10 or 11) the slightly thicker certain Nike's would be compared to size 6-8 for instance.]
Arthur says on 31/Dec/14
Rob I heard you lost weight.You said you went down from 180 to 150.
Did your foot size shrink in this period? I am planning to lose weight too but I dont want any shrinkage.
charles says on 30/Dec/14
hey rob. i'm 173cm tall in barefoot. if i wear nike roshe runs. how tall will i be?
Dan 188 cm says on 30/Dec/14
Hey Rob,which sneakers give more height? Converse All stars like these?

Click Here

or would Van sk8 hi's give more height?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: converse literally by 2mm]
Judd says on 29/Dec/14
Rob how many inches could give (in height) a pair of classic timberland boots (Click Here)? It is possible something like 1,25" (or 3 cm if you prefer)?
[Editor Rob: only if the insole is very thin then 1.25 range, but from looking at them they seem nearer 1.4 than 1.25.]
delvin says on 29/Dec/14
How much height do socks give ?
[Editor Rob: unless they are thick hiking type socks they generally won't give anything you could really measure, we are talking not even half a mm.]
spainmen192cm says on 28/Dec/14
Hey Rob how much height does the New Balance 574 give? And the Panama Jack Boots?
[Editor Rob: with large 574 about 1.3 inch. I don't know the insole thickness of those Panama boots, so it could be anywhere from 1.3 to 1.5.]
delvin says on 27/Dec/14
Click Here how much does this give,?
[Editor Rob: these are like 0.5-0.6 styles, vans one aswell like half inch]
delvin says on 27/Dec/14
Click Here how much do these give
delvin says on 25/Dec/14
Click Here how much does this give ?
[Editor Rob: don't look like they'd give that much, half inch at most]
SmallBall says on 25/Dec/14
How about a pair of Nike air max 1 and Roshe runs. Thanks dude
[Editor Rob: if you have a smaller foot some nikes seem to have a slight difference, like air max 1 going from 1.1 to a 1.3 for size 10's, the roshe can look 1.2-3 range]
Height says on 23/Dec/14
Hey rob I'm a little over 182 in the morning. You reckon there's any chance of a 185-186 with air jordan 13's on in the morning?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: should be somewhere between those 2 marks.]
stev says on 23/Dec/14
I'm going to try these ones too Rob, the high end brands interest me right now. Click Here Look slightly more than than 1 inch? Cheers.
[Editor Rob: that's more in the 1.25 inch heel range, plus insole and you could be getting 1.3 at least.]
Height183 says on 23/Dec/14
Rob do all the Nike Cortez give the same height? like 0.6? Click Here
[Editor Rob: those are thicker more in inch range]
Tom says on 22/Dec/14
How much can give Nike cortez classic shoes, Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: around 0.6 range.]
SPG720 says on 20/Dec/14
Hi, Can you please tell me which sneakers give you the most hight? I heard nike TN.
Thanks very much
[Editor Rob: any like those tn's or shox give a good amount, but thickest would be those type of skechers shape ups or reebok toning sneakers, the skecher ones can give near 2 inches...also MBT shoes are kind of similar to that, quite thick.]
Dan says on 19/Dec/14
Hey Rob, how much height do these Timberland boots give me? I'm 186-187cm throughout the day and 188cm in the morning. How tall am i in them? I'm usually like 6'2.5 in most sneakers. I tried measuring myself with the timberlands on and i got 6'3.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes they could give you close to 1.5 inches newish.]
Pete says on 18/Dec/14
Rob, how much do those give?
[Editor Rob: looking at the front, the insole would have to sit a little bit shy of the stitching mark to fit your foot in, so I'd guess around 0.75 inch range...thinner than the outside suggests.]
delvin says on 18/Dec/14
Click Here how much do these give ?
[Editor Rob: the insole I think sits at the white line, rather than the upper red line, so around an inch is likely.]
stev says on 18/Dec/14
Thanks Rob as always. I will purchase a couple of Zara shoes and see for myself for the insoles are like. Is there much of a difference between dress shoes with heels and shoes they have a wedge style outsole? Like these. A little over an inch do you think? Click Here
[Editor Rob: those might be made to be 3cm, so a little over 1 inch.

I've found sometimes the makers will cut shoe heels to exact 1 inch, others might go with metric and slightly bigger ones at 3cm, they can look quite similar...although that one might be nearer the 3cm mark.]

Pop says on 18/Dec/14
Rob how many inches do uggs like these Click Here give? Thanks
[Editor Rob: not that much more than 0.5 inches]
delvin says on 17/Dec/14
When I wore my shoes that saids it gave 3/4 of a inch .. They only gave me 2/3 of a inch in height
Ben says on 17/Dec/14
Rob, what do you reckon about these Timberland a mate of mine reckons they are near enough 2 inches?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: nah they won't give anywhere near 2 inches unless the insole is built up and half inch more than the sole itself.]
stev says on 16/Dec/14
Came across these on Zara also Click Here These look like pretty big heels or is it just the photo? Looks at least 1.5 inch. Thanks again Rob.
[Editor Rob: not over 1.5 inch those.

as I say, we'll call these size of heels 'The Brad Pitt' model as that's what he liked to wear for a while.]
stev says on 16/Dec/14
Rob, zara stocking cuban heels, or do you think these a little less than most 4-5cm heels? Click Here On a side note, in your personal opinion can anyone really pull these off without looking like they are trying too hard? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: these should give you in the 1.5 inch range, the trousers would cover a lot of the shoe/heel anyway, this is a kind of heel that brad pitt sometimes has worn.]
charles says on 16/Dec/14
hey rob. i'm 173cm tall in barefoot. if i wear nike airmax. how tall will i be?
[Editor Rob: 176 is possible]
delvin says on 15/Dec/14
Click Here how much do you think these give?
[Editor Rob: these can look in the 1.2-1.3 range.]
delvin says on 14/Dec/14
Click Here how much do these give ?
JakeS says on 12/Dec/14
Hey Rob was wondering what you think these boots would give with it also being a clarks boot ive found clarks have fairly thick insoles also? could I get near 5'11''or 5'11'' if im 5'9.5'' which is my average 5 hours after bed height. your thoughts rob? :) Click Here
[Editor Rob: looking at them, even just a few mm insole and they should be near 1.5 inches, it's a pretty thick heel to start with.]
Jay says on 12/Dec/14
Hi rob what do you think these boots would give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: if insole is only 2mm or so then I can't see it giving much more than an inch]
lelman says on 12/Dec/14
Cheers Rob, What about these, about an inch too?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: absolutely, it is possible that heel is like 3cm, but even if just 1 inch the insole takes it a bit above that.]
Joj says on 11/Dec/14
Rob, if I'm 181 barefoot how much would jordan 13's give me?
Height182 says on 11/Dec/14
Wow, I thought those trainers would've given at least 3cms. Good thing I asked Rob. Lol
lelman says on 11/Dec/14
Click Here
Click Here

What do you think these two boots would give? Would there be a big difference?
[Editor Rob: I don't think there would be more than a few mm between them, the work boot might be very slightly thicker, but both look roughly an inch style, I wouldn't say much more than that inch.]

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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