How tall is Sneakers ?

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Sneakers's height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Nike Air Force One

3cm (1.18 inches)

Nike's big seller, these have thick looking soles up close but don't give as much height as they'd suggest they might, basically 1.2 inches.
Adidas Superstar 2

2.5cm (1 inch) - 2cm (0.75 inch)

A popular style, the shell toe. Brand new this sole looks to give more than what they actually give, which is really 2.5cm. But after a few weeks of wear though this sneaker becomes 2cm, or 0.75 inch.
Adidas Oregon

3cm (1.18 inches)

New, it gives about 1.25 inches. With some trainers, after a few weeks the insole kind of gets bedded in and so it settles down a few mm less than new. I've worn this pair to 4 conventions in 2006. For pic reference, those cons were these people were at: 1) Meghan Gallagher, 2) Doug Bradley, 3) Glenn Morshower
Reebock Classic

2.85cm (1.15 inches)

New they'd give more 1.2 inch, I've worn a used pair to 2 conventions. For pic reference, those cons were these people were at: 1) Lou Ferrigno, 2) Carlos Bernard.
Nike Shox NZ, Turbo OZ

3.6cm (1.41 inches)

If new out the box both these pairs gave good 1.4 inches, a few weeks of wear and for me I found they'd creeped down a little below 1.4. Absolutely my favorite type of trainer based on comfort. I've worn these to 2 conventions, for reference: 1)Ron Glass, 2)Tony Todd.
Nike Airmax 95

3.4cm (1.34 inches)

New, seemed to give about 1.35 inches.
Nike Free

2.75cm (1.08 inches)

Extremely lightweight trainer, the sole looks like it could give you more than this, but the insole is shaped slightly curved at the heel, after a few weeks drops to basically 1 inch.
Nike Air 180

2.7cm (1.06 inches)

Just over 1 inches, used to be kind of pair I'd wear every day as they seemed very comfortable. I've worn this trainer to one convention, for reference: 1) Jensen Ackles con. They dropped to about 0.98 inches by then.
Nike Airmax Ltd

3.45cm (1.36 inches)

This is kind of similar height to airmax 360, although I think gives a little more than this limited edition.
Puma Tx 300

3.2cm (1.26 inches)

I picked this pair up thinking on the size of the heel they'd give near 1.4 inches, but surprisingly not even 1.3. I have worn this pair to C11, for reference: 1) James Marsters con.
Timberland Euro Dub

3cm (1.18 inches)

The timberlands usually have a larger heel and a lesser heel, the above new gives 1.18 inches and is the lesser heel.
Adidas Samoa

2.5cm (1 in)

This is a comfy version of the shoe, gives near 1 in new, normal samoas give bit less than this.
Doc Martin Style

3.4cm (1.34 inches)

This shows a typical doc martin style boot, where the heel is cut to a standard range. Many think such a boot gives 1.5-1.6, but not really unless its got extremely thick and cushioned insole.
Crocs Cayman

2.2cm (0.87 inch)

Popular summer shoe. Concave shape so give less than an inch in reality. Ugly looking things if you ask me.
Vans Classic Slip Ons

1.4-1.5cm (0.55 inch)

The chequered style is popular. Brand New they give around 1.6cm, but after wearing 1.4-1.5cm
Converse All Star

1.6cm (0.62 inches)

I own several classics, there are some special editions. Slimline converse give the same.
Nike Shox Arraw

3cm (1.18 in)

These are not as obviously big as normal shox, they have pretty comfy insoles. brand new I measured them as 3cm, after a year they were about 1.1 inch.
Nike Street Shox V

2.1cm (0.83 in)

A low urban style of shox, nowhere near as comfy as arraws but if you want less sole this is a good trainer.
Boat Shoe

1.9cm (0.75 in)

A lot of boat shoes have pretty slim insoles, this pair is typically the style that gives about three quarters of an inch.
Merrell Fashion Trainer

2cm (0.8 in)

I've worn this shoe at quite a few conventions over 2009-2010.
Airwalk Skate Shoe

1.3-1.4cm (0.5 in)

This is a low skate style sneaker, it appears to give more height than it actually does.
Adio Skate Shoe

1.8-1.9cm (0.75 in)

Another style of skate shoes. A lot of Adios give 0.6-0.75 inch range
Caterpiller Boot

3.7-3.8cm (1.5 in)

A thick soled Cat Boot with an insole that is a few mm thick, gives in total about 1.5 inches.
Nike AirMax 360

3.5cm (1.38 in)

One of the thicker styles of Nike Running Sneakers.
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5ft8? says on 21/Nov/14
Hi Rob, measured myself today around 10am after waking up at around 7am and measured 174.2cm. Does that mean my out of bed measurement would be about 175cm? Do you think I'd get away describing myself as 5ft 9 (even though I'm probably 5ft 8.5!)? Thanks!
[Editor Rob: you could be very close to the 5ft 9 mark yeah. If you called yourself 5ft 9 you might...but then some at 5ft 9 and with high eye level would think you were barely 5ft 8.]
AndyItaly says on 18/Nov/14
AndyItaly says on 15/Nov/14
Hi Rob, I write to you hoping to receive a comprehensive answer, basing on your experience; I asked to my physiotherapist about using lifts and insoles inside shoes and he told me that our body adapts itself always tending to go back to the most natural position and shape. So he showed me that I can use lifts or insoles but this doesn't help so much to increase height because my body during walking for example will tend to go back in its natural posture, he showed me also then when I use insoles, for example 3cm, my pelvis is in anteroversion by innatural position of my feet and that makes my lumbar area compressed; in some case it's possible to loose mm or cm so what I got by insole I loose by innatural position. In conclusion he told me that I can use small insoles but mostly to comfort my feet and to walk better,not to increase my height..he showed me that for example using 3 cm insole, I get max 1cm taller, standing very straight..Maybe If I used 4" lifts , I could be very taller but I refuse to kill my body. What do you think about this explanation? Thanks for your time. Greets from Italy
[Editor Rob: I understand what you are talking about, wearing higher insoles or shoes can cause your body to might effect people in different ways.

From my own experience, when I see women in heels they actually look to stand pretty well. When I test elevator shoes, they give big gains and don't change my posture much, in fact some help you stand quite tall and it's harder to slouch in them...but it is correct the hip alignment can change a bit...]

I got it. Maybe Elevator-Shoes adapt better on the feet's shape so you can stand without compression/posture-problems. So in your opinion is better an insole or just an heel lift? Because when I use insoles my feets look a bit bigger than normal in shoes but it's very comfy (I use an insole 2.5 cm) when I use heel lift (2.3 cm) they look better and shoes look very normal, but my feet take more an innatural position. So I dont know what's best. My goal would be to increase a bit my height Because I'm 5.7,25" usually, some days when I'm relaxed I feel myself 5'8" xD. So i dont want use stupid fancy lifts or hurt my feet and posture; I would like really the most natural solution for my body. I wait your answer. Thank you a lot Rob!
[Editor Rob: wearing very large elevators is like lifts, it will effect your legs a bit. I think the insoles for elevators in 2-2.5 inch range are probably a good limit - going above that, then it takes your body more out of alignment.

I've tested the 2.3 inch shoes for a few hours and you can go about day to day activites and get used to it. Still, if you don't want any problems but want a decent lift, maybe those goth style boots are one way to do it - the front of the shoe has a thick platform so you aren't at much different angle than if you wore just a normal 1-inch shoe.]
Croft says on 17/Nov/14
Hey Rob, how much do you think these give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: look close to an inch style ]
Connor183 says on 17/Nov/14
Rob what kind of footwear do you think Glenn would wear? i bet he has a collection of big boots and with hidden heels!
[Editor Rob: I don't know what he wears now, but he probably varies it and if he's trying to maintain a 5ft 7-8 look you ain't going to find him running about the bronx in converse.]
Rory says on 17/Nov/14
rob, I was wearing desert boots which had about 1.5cm sole, another guy had nike air max 90's on. He edged me i think in those shoes, would you say barefoot we'd be the same ?
[Editor Rob: you talking about clarks desert boots? The main style of those give an inch...but if yours were a thinner style and his were air max 90's, his are above an inch by a small fraction]
AndyItaly says on 15/Nov/14
Hi Rob, I write to you hoping to receive a comprehensive answer, basing on your experience; I asked to my physiotherapist about using lifts and insoles inside shoes and he told me that our body adapts itself always tending to go back to the most natural position and shape. So he showed me that I can use lifts or insoles but this doesn't help so much to increase height because my body during walking for example will tend to go back in its natural posture, he showed me also then when I use insoles, for example 3cm, my pelvis is in anteroversion by innatural position of my feet and that makes my lumbar area compressed; in some case it's possible to loose mm or cm so what I got by insole I loose by innatural position. In conclusion he told me that I can use small insoles but mostly to comfort my feet and to walk better,not to increase my height..he showed me that for example using 3 cm insole, I get max 1cm taller, standing very straight..Maybe If I used 4" lifts , I could be very taller but I refuse to kill my body. What do you think about this explanation? Thanks for your time. Greets from Italy
[Editor Rob: I understand what you are talking about, wearing higher insoles or shoes can cause your body to might effect people in different ways.

From my own experience, when I see women in heels they actually look to stand pretty well. When I test elevator shoes, they give big gains and don't change my posture much, in fact some help you stand quite tall and it's harder to slouch in them...but it is correct the hip alignment can change a bit...]
Connor183 says on 13/Nov/14
Rob do you remember my Nike Air boots i told you about before in the past?, well i tested them this evening to see how much height they'll give me so i was 183.1cm barefeet and with the boots on i was 186.3cm so the boots are giving over 3cm like nearly 3.5cm? sorry my maths is bad
[Editor Rob: a solid 3cm you got from them, it's a good thickness to them!]
No one says on 13/Nov/14
John16 says on 1/Nov/14
What about these rob I'm tall 6'2 1/2 so don't want to add much height I'm a uk size 12.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: they aren't like 1-inch or anything, more 0.7ish]

John, I am wearing those shoes (nike blazer classic) everyday since 8 or 9 months and I measured their soles at 1.5cm!
Unknown says on 13/Nov/14
It result to me 1-7/20 inche. It's a good shout or I made bad their sole's measurement, rob?
6'8guy1995 says on 12/Nov/14
Hey Rob
Are there shoes with low soles like 0.5 inches but the look of 1.2-1.5 inch range? Whichshoes would you recommend me generelly At 6'8?
[Editor Rob: you might be best looking for some sneakers in the Skechers brand, some give about an inch but the outsole looks quite thin. Ones like This style I'm meaning...the outsole isn't very thin, but there's a thicker insole inside so it looks less than it gives.]
Kourosh says on 12/Nov/14
rob what about these Click Here
i tried them at shop , i did not feel much taller maybe near to 2cm.
I'm thinking of getting them.
[Editor Rob: your own feeling seems right, probably in that zone of not quite 1 inch]
Unknown says on 11/Nov/14
Ehi rob, how many inches give those shoes? Maybe 1-1/4 or 1-1/2?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: more around 1.25 inch range.]
Joe says on 11/Nov/14
Any idea how much height Nike Air Pegasus 83 would give?
stev says on 9/Nov/14
Thanks for all your replies Rob. If a shoe has advertised heel or platform of 3cm, how much actual height is it likely to give? Around 0.8 inches?
[Editor Rob: the lower the heel the closer you will get to the advertised height. I did a video about this but never put it up as I wasn't sure if it made as much sense as it made in my own head!

I have a 1 inch boot with a few mm insole and it gives an inch, so it only loses a couple mm. But if you have a 2 inch heel then you will start to notice a bit of loss, you might get like 1.75 inch from it.]
Dmeyer says on 9/Nov/14
Rob i have similar cat. Boots and they give only a solid in 2.6cm so yours can give 1cm more
[Editor Rob: I wonder how much the insole will compress...the ones in that video feel pretty good, but after 6 months of wear they might lose a fraction.

I haven't worn them yet, maybe I'll keep the thicker boots till I'm dipping under 5ft 8 ;)]
Arthur says on 9/Nov/14
Rob will wearing lifts make the insoles shrink and make them lose height more quickly becauae of impact?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure, the weight of your body through your heels is still going to be there...maybe in fact the extra layer helps spread out or take more of the impact than the normal insole sitting underneath? I'm guessing at that though!]
Arthur says on 8/Nov/14
Rob what about this? How much this can give? 1.5inches?Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah you can get close to that amount, in fact I did a quick video of a pair of Cat Boots I have Cat Boot measurement]
Arthur says on 8/Nov/14
Rob I have a personal question! How many celebrities mailed you to upgrade themselves?
[Editor Rob: once in a blue moon!]
AndyItaly says on 7/Nov/14
Hi Rob!! How many mm or cm timberland classic boots sole loose after some time wearing them? Thanks for answer!
[Editor Rob: takes a few years really for soles to lose anything's more the insoles which can compress a few mm after just a few weeks or months of wear.

you're not going to lose a cm on timberland boots, it will be more like a couple mm after a good bit of wear.]
Nickles says on 7/Nov/14
Hey Rob how much would the nike flyknit chukkas give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: close to the inch mark, they are a bit concave, so the outside is a little bit thicker than the inside.]
Arthur says on 6/Nov/14
Rob are these ones that 1.5inches you are talking about?Click Here
Or another model?
Arthur says on 6/Nov/14
Rob where did you get the boots which you wore in expendables 1 tips?
I really liked them.Can you tell me the brand,model,etc?
[Editor Rob: those are the timberland tackhead Chucka boots, they are decent, but can be expensive, I looked on Amazon UK and they are 225 quid, that was over double what I paid for them...]
soty says on 6/Nov/14
What about these?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be 1 and 1/3rd inch]
stev says on 3/Nov/14
Hi Rob, What do you think of say a high street shoe like these from Zara, Click Here and Click Here compared to a very high end price like these tods and loakes Click Here and Click Here is it all about the insoles with these?
[Editor Rob: I'm not as familiar with the loake models, but the more money doesn't always mean you are paying for best materials. The 60 quid zara shoe might be just as comfortable as the 200 pounders, both those oxford styles would give in 1.3 range.]
John16 says on 1/Nov/14
What about these rob I'm tall 6'2 1/2 so don't want to add much height I'm a uk size 12.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: they aren't like 1-inch or anything, more 0.7ish]
Chris says on 1/Nov/14
How much height are these, Rob?: Click Here
[Editor Rob: in 1 and 1/3rd inch range]
Bran says on 1/Nov/14
Could you please tell me the difference between these two footwear styles and what they give ish individually, just i met a famous ish local celibrity and was intersted, Click Here ( puma suede, size 10 ) and then in contrast to these Click Here ( around size 11's )... thank you
[Editor Rob: both are pretty similar, they look a bit thicker than they give, which is more 0.6ish inches....the nike might start at 0.7, but really I'd think more 0.6 range.]
Jay says on 31/Oct/14
Rob, if the guy who is left is around 187 cm, how tall might be the other guy? They got pretty much the same sneakers model
Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be near to the 179 mark.]
cd says on 31/Oct/14
Rob do Nike Airmax Ltd give 1.36 inches when new or worn? A friend of mine who looks close to my height wears a similar type and I was comparing. I wear Adidas sneakers which give about an inch exactly even though they are worn.
[Editor Rob: that's for new, I've no idea about worn but would expect maybe 2-3mm after a few months as the insole compresses a small amount.]
Nick74 says on 31/Oct/14
Hi Rob, Great site as ever. I wonder if you could suggest a casual boot that offers around 1.5inches over barefoot height?.
[Editor Rob: cat work boot will get you near that, a timberland style, one of the thick ones (like tackhead) are near 1.6 inches and are styles that someone like Jensen Ackles would wear.]
delvin says on 30/Oct/14
how much is this ? Click Here
[Editor Rob: just under inch ]
B-ran says on 30/Oct/14
I almost always wear nikes(Airs and Air Maxes) and they get me right at 6 foot, which is awesome. I'm around 5'10.5 barefoot come nighttime, so these a pretty cool alternative to actually wearing any type of lifts to get just that little boost I wanted.
stev says on 26/Oct/14
Thanks again Rob, I have been looking closely in particular at some of the high end Italian brands, not sure on the insole but heels do appear to offer more than the average formal shoe. What do you think to these two Rob? Especially the second pair Click Here and Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah solid shoes, 1.2 and near 1.4...I see a good chunk of celebrities with the 1.1-1.2 inch shoes.

I mean those shoes are solid, you can go a little bit higher if you chose something like a work boot, say the kind someone like Jensen Ackles wears in person and on the Supernatural show.

Here in a recent video you can see me beside Jenny wearing a decent boot, Skip to about 3 minutes 30seconds to see me in boots and Jenny in 0.6 inch Nikes. Click Here]
stev says on 25/Oct/14
What about these also Rob? Look thicker than your average smart shoe, a high end brand also. Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes those are definitely in 1 1/3rd range, depending on insole could get you 1.4]
edo says on 23/Oct/14
how much does new balance 420 add in inch, and i look my converse they only give 1 cm not 1.6
stev says on 23/Oct/14
What do you think of these Rob? Very expensive, almost a Cuban heel? Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah, they are 4cm heels, a decent thickness, in that zone just below some of the 1.7-1.9in type cowboy boots]
Arthur says on 21/Oct/14
Rob I heard you heard some rumours that G using some elevator shoes in the streets
of New York!How true are these?I really wonder!
[Editor Rob: a stronG possibility I'd Guess.]
181-183 says on 17/Oct/14
hey rob, differences between these two?
Click Here the free 4.0
Click Here 5.0
[Editor Rob: there is a little bit of difference I believe, 3-4mm]
Arthur says on 17/Oct/14
Rob how much these can give?Click Here
And how much lifts can SLY put in these?
[Editor Rob: not sure where the insole would sit on those, I would have said maybe 0.75in, but never really looked at those boxing boots before. You could put something in but not a huge amount or it would really bulge a lot at the front.]
lelman says on 15/Oct/14
It's crazy how much Caterpillar boots make a difference in height. My brother is around 5ft 9-10 and has started wearing them and at times he can pass for like 6ft. It's really weird seeing him the same height / taller than me. If he stuck lifts in them he could look legit 6ft.

I am now more than ever skeptical about celebrity photos for height, haha.
stev says on 14/Oct/14
What do you think for these Grenson boots Rob? Grenson is a high end brand, these tend to have a thicker insole. Thanks Rob. Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be close to 1.4 inches]
Stephen says on 14/Oct/14
Hey rob how are you? So do you think this one can give 0.7-0.8?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably more 0.6ish range I'd guess]
cd says on 11/Oct/14
Hey Rob how much would you say Steel Toe Cap Boots (worn in construction industry) give? And are they the same as Caterpillar Boots? I was at college and me and some friends decided to roughly measure each other with a tape measure. Someone else said I was "5-6". I was probably near my low at this time and barefoot I would be near 5ft 4 1/8th and therefore about 5ft 5 5/8ths with the boots if they give 1.5 inches total. But the "5-6" on the tape measure comes just before the 66 inch mark so there you have the discrepency ;) Anyway, reason I ask is some of the boots I've seen look less thick soled than others. Mine is a DeWalt type and looks similar-ish to the Caterpiller boot.
unknown says on 11/Oct/14
Rob, which gives the most height and which gives the least from these 3 Nike shoes?
1. Nike Roshe Run: Click Here
2. Nike Air Max running 2013: Click Here
3. Nike Air Max running 2014: Click Here
Ty as always :)
[Editor Rob: they are quite similar in 1 and 1/3rd range from looking at them up close.]
Arthur says on 11/Oct/14
Rob what can I do to get my profile on userheights?
If I go to the Scotland anytime and get measured by you will you add me to the list?
[Editor Rob: it was generally for people I'd met and also those who got photos with some celebrities, although if I measured a contributor I'd put them on there.]
Realist says on 11/Oct/14
Rob bought Lee Cooper Black Boots and measured went up to 174.5 from 171.8. So a strong inch i got.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: insole must be pretty thin for that boot, I would have guessed it close to 1.2 inches.]
unknown says on 10/Oct/14
Whats the best fitting insole would be for the Nike Roshe Run?
3cm maybe? or it can less or even more? Thank you :)
The shoe: Click Here
I found that insole, is that a good fitting one into this specific shoe? Click Here
delvin says on 9/Oct/14
also how much is this ? Click Here
[Editor Rob: these can feel inthe 1.3-1.4 inch range]
delvin says on 7/Oct/14
also why do some shoes look like they have a bigger heel than another shoe which has the smaller sole
[Editor Rob: maybe just the overall style, including the shape of the leather/fabric and the width of the front part of the sole, makes a slightly smaller/bigger impressions, ]
delvin says on 7/Oct/14
hey ron ... what about these ? Click Here
[Editor Rob: not exactly sure on those, I would guess at a glance they are a little over 1 inch]
John says on 5/Oct/14
Thanks again
So would anyone notice that i'm 0.2 inches(5mm) shorter while wearing the ones with the smallest sole ie 0.7(1) inches because i have always worn the ones with 0.8-9 inches shoes.
John says on 4/Oct/14
Thanks Rob
What about these?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: just under an inch I'd say, maybe between 0.8-0.9 range]
John says on 4/Oct/14
Rob,how much would these add?
1. Click Here
2. Click Here
[Editor Rob: 1 maybe gives 0.7, the second one appears more but I don't really think it is more than 0.7-0.8 either. ]
Arthur says on 3/Oct/14
Rob how much 6.5cm cuban heeled shoes can give?
2.2 inch possibility?
[Editor Rob: yeah, 2.5 inch cubans should give you a solid 2 inches, a little bit over it.]
Nick74 says on 2/Oct/14
Hi Rob, Great site as ever. Could you advise me how much height CAT Footwear Mens Sequoia Chukka boots may give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be close to 1.7, that's a pretty decent sized heel.]
stev says on 1/Oct/14
Rob, which one is looking like the most here? These are some expensive shoes, but look smart to me. Loake Click Here Grenson Click Here Thanks Rob.
[Editor Rob: these look possibly 3cm shoes, so a bit over a flat inch. Depending on the insole, could be as much as 1.3...this is the thing, some shoes have insoles that give like 1mm, then other well made brands I've seen some with 3-4mm insoles that can boost your 1.1-1.2 inch heel up to 1.3 easily.]
Kourosh177cm says on 27/Sep/14
rob how much this shoe would give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: unless the insole was sitting higher up than the outsole then it looks like half inch styles]
spoty says on 27/Sep/14
What about these? Click Here
[Editor Rob: reasonably thick, they could be somewhere close to 1 and 1/3rd inch]
Clay says on 26/Sep/14
Just got me a pair of Nike Monarch's. Struttin' around at 5'10.5'' is fun! lol.
Peter says on 26/Sep/14
Hello Rob, what do you think the VANS Old Skool give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: not sure on those exactly]
YesMate says on 26/Sep/14
Jordan 5s? Any thoughts Rob?

And i understand this is not relevant to the article but could you please add Ronnie and Reggie Kray to your site Rob, really want to know what you think of them. :) Thanks
delvin says on 26/Sep/14
do shoes with arch support add more height than ones that don't
[Editor Rob: the arch insole might give a little extra but I've never really seen much of arch supports.]
Ed says on 25/Sep/14
Hey Rob, any idea on how much height Nike Tiempos give you? About an inch you'd estimate?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think the insole sits about as high as the stitching on the outsole, so close to an inch, but I don't think more...maybe a tiny bit under it.]
Jeffrey says on 25/Sep/14
Rob you seem to know a lot about soccer.How tall is messi really?
Should 169 cm spot on for him?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 6 or 6.5 is more likely than 5ft 7 for Messi]
Jeremy says on 25/Sep/14
Rob remember this?Click Here
G gets owned :) I would say 2inch.
[Editor Rob: nah that wasn't 2 inches, just 1.6ish, be fair to big G :)]
Chris says on 25/Sep/14
How much height do these shoes give?(Nike Air Max Thea)Click Here
I'm a little over 182 cm barefoot (about 6ft), which height would i appear to people in them?
Andrea says on 23/Sep/14
Ok, Rob, sorry if i reask you that...
Click Here
I've been wearing these shoes for about 2 years and you said they give 1.2 inch brand new. Now, i've measured myself 3-4 times with shoes on and barefoot and the difference was no more than 2.5, so just about an inch. Can those shoes lose 5-6 mms over a long time (like two years) or they're just not 1.2 brand new, as you say?
[Editor Rob: some insoles can lose only 1-2mm, others 5mm is possible, I had a pair of adidas once go from 1.3 to 1.1 many moons ago.]
delvin says on 23/Sep/14
does having a large mass of hair add more height
[Editor Rob: definitely can help, some actors use that as one of the 'look taller' techniques. ]
stu says on 22/Sep/14
@rob what about air jordans
delvin says on 19/Sep/14
um why do a lot of dress shoes have a high heel to them
Jonathan says on 18/Sep/14
Hey Rob i wanna buy new nike sneakers and i want your advice.
I am between the Nike Roshe Runs and Nike Air Max 90's. Which you think would add more height?
Arthur says on 18/Sep/14
Rob how tall is Glenn in morning? İs 171.5 a good estimate for him?
[Editor Rob: my guess would be around 5ft 7.25 out of bed]
Alex 6'0 says on 18/Sep/14
Rob, I just bought these as a new pair of work sneakers in black. I measured the back heel and it was 1.75 inches. How much height do you think these give? My guess was 1.3 or maybe a bit more. Its a chunky heel for a sneaker.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes, it might give in 1.3 inch range, the insole probably sits a little below the 'outer sole' line.]
Height181 says on 17/Sep/14
Rob, Is there any thick, comfortable boot that I could look close enough to 6'1.5'' in? I'm not looking for anything like elevator shoes.
Shak says on 16/Sep/14
Any idea how much Adidas Bounce titan would give you. Its a funky looking shoe which is off the ground but doesnt really have any cushioning..
Editor Rob says on 15/Sep/14
Took the big ruler out in the shoe shop just to confirm those Desert Boots, because it is quite a typical heel and style.
Click Here
As you can see, it is a tiny bit more than 1 inch. I looked at the insole again and it felt quite thin, so I'd say just a little bit over 1 inch for them.

There are some clarks shoes that have similar 1-1.1 inch soles but have thicker insoles. I spotted 1 pair with a 1/4 inch spongy insole, so it would look like not much more than an inch, but if a celeb was wearing them they'd be like 1.3 inches.
Jake S says on 15/Sep/14
Hey Rob, how much would these Nike high tops give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: it might be slightly smaller than the sole of the air force one, so maybe around 1 inch mark.]
delvin says on 15/Sep/14
how much height does van mid ellis have
JD says on 14/Sep/14
Hi Rob,
How much for The Adidas Springblade and Nike Air Max 2014 ?
Which one has gonna make me feel the tallest ? Thanks
Jeremy says on 14/Sep/14
Rob I am 5ft7 normally. How tall can I appear If I wear 5.5inch dons Detna boots?
[Editor Rob: you are going to look in public like a 5ft 10-10.5 man would. But, remember walking about in the Big Dons is going to take practice and time.]
stev says on 13/Sep/14
Thanks for that Rob, I can see the subtle difference in that pic. I have been searching for a formal shoe that is going to give the most, without wearing obvious elevators. I came across these Lambretta models in the sale, they all seem to have the same heel, do you think these are giving the usual 1.2 range? On appearance alone they are the thickest heel I have seen while still looking like smart shoes. Click Here The other 2 options are these Dr Martens, Click Here which usually have a pretty decent air insole, and these from Zara. Click Here All in the same range do you think? Thanks Rob, appreciate your keen eye here.
[Editor Rob: in the first link, yes those can give a good 1.2 to 1.3 inches, quite similar as the zara one, definitely no less than 1.2 and with a few mm insole I'm thinking near 1.3 inch]
Editor Rob says on 13/Sep/14
stev, those are typical inch styles.

here is a photo of a heel that gives just over an inch, like almost 1.2 (well about 1.2 with a 2mm insole) and the other one is near 1.5 inch
Click Here
stev says on 10/Sep/14
Hi Rob, what do you think will give the most from these casual boots? The classic clarks or Dr martens desert style? Thanks Click Here Click Here
Height181 says on 10/Sep/14
Rob you going to add Portmans or Munsters to this page anytime soon? Lol
[Editor Rob: they are so big, there'd be no space on the page for em!]
Jake S says on 9/Sep/14
Hey Rob how much does the standard doc marten (mens) boot give brand new and also used and if im 5'9''-5'10'' how tall will I be in them really appreciate this site rob :)
[Editor Rob: according to a former height expert on this site, you could go with what he says: Click Here.

Really, they are nowhere near that big, a lot of Doc Martin heels are manufactured to about a little bit insole and you might get more 1.3 range than 'almost 2'. Maybe they have improved their insole lately, I've not looked at them for a while.]
Editor Rob says on 9/Sep/14
The lunar nike's do look quite thick, but near enough 1.3 I think
Click Here
MJ says on 9/Sep/14
Hey, how much do you think does the Reebok Question give?
[Editor Rob: never seen them up close, but they do look potentially quite thick, maybe even 1.5 range! If anybody can help and see a pair let us know.]
Joe says on 7/Sep/14
Rob, was thinking how the nike lunarglide 6 measure up ... this model specifically. thank you!
[Editor Rob: around 1.3 I believe]
Andrea says on 7/Sep/14
Rob, how much you think the New Balance 574 give?
I measured in shoes and without shoes and the difference was a bit under 3 cms... I thought they were over 3 cms to be fair. One thing: i've been wearing them for almost an year, but only 1-2 days a week.
[Editor Rob: the insole might be 2mm less after some wear, new, they look 3cm.]
Tom182 says on 6/Sep/14
How much do these give rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: in the inch range]
Barragan says on 6/Sep/14
What type of heigh insoles are the most comfortable to wear and fit well into a high top shoe without any problems? Half or Full insoles are better? Which material? Thanks Rob.
[Editor Rob: I would buy a size about half-size bigger or a looser fitting high top and try the 1-inch insoles (see amazon or ebay for basic shoe lifts). That gives you a decent enough boost and is not so difficult to walk in.]
Joe says on 6/Sep/14
Hi Rob , I was wondering about those new shoes , Nike Kaishi, the soles look pretty thick and I think they are modeled after the roshe run. how much do you think they measured? thank you

Click Here
Alex 6'0 says on 4/Sep/14
Rob, what would these give after wearing them enough where they're not new. New 1.3 seems about right. Those are the sneakers I wore when I met Khalid.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: from my own nike's I found about 0.1in loss, although I had one pair that started 0.75 and ended 0.5, but ones like yours might not lose that much, a couple mm]
unknown says on 3/Sep/14
How much height does these Nike Air Jordan 6 Air Combat shoes add?
Click Here
Dan 186cm says on 2/Sep/14
Hey rob,how much height would these slippers give me?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: look very near 0.75 inch]
al says on 2/Sep/14
Click Here

Click Here
How much height Rob?
[Editor Rob: they look like they'd be almost an inch]
Amaze says on 2/Sep/14
Hey Rob,

How much do these Nike Air Huarache's give?

Click Here

[Editor Rob: hard to tell with that type, never seen them up close!]
fisch says on 1/Sep/14
Hey Rob, how much do these logger boots give you?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be near 2 inches, depends how thick that insole is.]
al says on 1/Sep/14
How much these give Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those are roughly 3/4 inch range]
stev says on 31/Aug/14
How much do you think these classic Timberland boat shoes give Rob? They look pretty thick. Thanks Click Here
[Editor Rob: look near 1.3in range ]
daniii says on 29/Aug/14
how high are air max 90's in cm? say im 173cm tall, how tall will i be with them on? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you
daniii says on 29/Aug/14
how high are air max 90's in cm? say im 173cm tall, how tall will i be with them on? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you
[Editor Rob: just over 3cm in height]
Jonathan says on 28/Aug/14
Hey, i love your site can you please tell me how much you think this shoes add
Click Here

and the general inches jordans give?
[Editor Rob: not sure of that model]
Dimes says on 28/Aug/14
Thank you Rob for helping us out here. Swear your the best.

How much would Nike Roshe Runs give?

Click Here

Again thanks!
[Editor Rob: they can give in the 1 and 1/3rd inch range]
abc123 says on 27/Aug/14
Hi Rob, how much do these doc martens give? (the product details say extra thick sole)
and could i put a small lift inside without looking suspicious)
[Editor Rob: now those will give near 2 inches, an extra half inch insole won't be noticeable, even a 1-inch (if you bought the doc martens a half size or full size bigger) wouldn't really be spotted by most people...]
viennese says on 26/Aug/14
how about these, rob? probably a solid inch?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes they should give a decent inch (insole might not give much but hard to tell). Some insoles are like paper thin, others can still be 3mm once the weight of your body is on them]
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Aug/14
Rob, what do typical sandals give in height?
[Editor Rob: some can give just 0.5 inches, but a good chunk of them might be in 0.6-0.8 range, it can be hard to say without seeing them.]
Editor Rob says on 25/Aug/14
I looked at the Nike Max 2014's again and the bigger size (it was a 10UK) looked like it could give near 1.4 inches.
matty says on 23/Aug/14
Rob please can i ask which of these will give the best height 1) Click Here or 2) Click Here or 3) Click Here thanks as always.
[Editor Rob: they are all pretty close, but the turbo's could push to nearer 1.4 inches, while other nearer 1.25-3 ]
Andrea says on 22/Aug/14
Rob, how much do these things add?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: look a bit under 3 inch mark]
Alex 6'0 says on 21/Aug/14
And what about these?

Click Here
Alex 6'0 says on 21/Aug/14
Rob, what does a Nike shoe like this give. Similar style to shox but looks a bit less.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: both those styles look near the 1.3inch range new]
Mack says on 21/Aug/14
And what about adidas zx 850?
Mack says on 21/Aug/14
How much Reebok Pump Running Dual and Nike Cortez can add?
Crypto139 says on 19/Aug/14
Hey Rob how much for this one Click Here

I tried them on and I probably will buy them. They seem to give more height than any shoes I had before and more than the 7/8 inch shoes I was wearing when trying them on.
[Editor Rob: the kaishi I need to have a look at again, I don't know how much the heel dips inside it.]
Misil says on 19/Aug/14
Hello brother Rob, how much does this pair of shoes add?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: new, those can give 1.2-3 zone.]
new guy says on 18/Aug/14
Hey rob how much do zooyork skate shoes add and dc shoes
shaunfiveten says on 17/Aug/14
Hey Rob how much do these classic UK made Clarks give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: typical inch type sole, sometimes new the insole can be a few extra mm over the inch mark]
Bran says on 16/Aug/14
Nike roshe running shoes look massive up close. Just bought a pair and compared them to my 1.3 inch nike air pegasus 89 trainers and they actually look their or there abouts at 1.5 inch, well as a size 10 anyway. Unless Pegasus give under 1.3 i couldn't see nike roche just giving 1.3 new in size 10 themselves
Nick74 says on 15/Aug/14
Hi Rob, Thanks for the advice on the Cuban Heel dress shoes, it made a real difference at the wedding I attended. You were right aswell, very few people picked up on then either. Could you advise a boot that gives 1.5 to 2 inches?. Great site as always.
[Editor Rob: well you could go for a cowboy type boot...most of them give nearly 2 inches...the ones with heels like These.

Other boots like These ones will give a bit over 1.5 inches aswell, there are other links at bottom of that page to similar timberland thicker heeled boots. That's the kind of thickness you need to get into the 1.5-1.75 inch range.]
matty says on 13/Aug/14
Rob gonna buy some nike airmax cant find any nike airmax ltd or nike airmax 95 or nike airmax 360 bUT would nike airmax 365 or nike airmaxcrusher range or even the nike air max run4lite trainers give the same sort of height? Thanks
Dan says on 13/Aug/14
Rob,if I'm 185 cm barefoot,how tall do you think I am in these boots? Because when I wear them,I don't feel that much of a big height increase. Thanks in advance.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: don't know that specific type. Similar ones can vary usually in 1-1.25 range]
JohnGB says on 12/Aug/14
Rob, do you know how much height your average dress shoes gives? I feel pretty tall in them, I think it must be somewhere close to 1.5 inches. Would be great to hear what you think.
[Editor Rob: 0.5inch is a small dress shoe, most common range is 0.75 to 1 inch, but a decent proportion are in the 1-1.25 inch range aswell. With the insole on some shoes it pushes them into that range. 1.5inch is a pretty big size and that is more like cuban-heels.]
Poet says on 12/Aug/14
Rob, i measured at 170,4 cm (if i remember correctly, 170 cm at least) with some kind of dress shoes ..
And i'm a little curious ..
I've been measured at 167,5 cm barefoot and 168 lately (i'm not sure if i've grown .. I just turned 20) But what's my height in feet and inches? Is it 5'5.75 or 5'6?
Can i get away with 5'6?
EzioAuditore711 says on 11/Aug/14
They're a size 11.5 as well. Does that increase the amount of height they add?
[Editor Rob: the moulds in some sneakers might change over a certain size, I don't know about those ones though.]
Tom182 says on 11/Aug/14
How about these Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: just under the inch mark]
EzioAuditore711 says on 11/Aug/14
It does sit as high as the white part of the midsole.
[Editor Rob: if it is that high it could give 1.5, I don't think this model is in a uk shop so can't see it up close]
Lifts says on 10/Aug/14
Hi Rob, would a pair of Adidas Superstars be fine while using a one inch lift or would you recommend a mid or hi top shoe instead? I intend to progress to wearing two inch lifts eventually, by that stage would I need to be wearing mid or hi tops anyway?
[Editor Rob: I would try a high top one size or half size bigger and start with 1-inch lift in those. Find an ideal type of high top you like and then it will be easier to transition to 1.5 in the future if you can manage 1-inch ok.]
435 says on 10/Aug/14
Just to correct you, Rob : The New Balance 574's do not give as much as they seem to give. My Docs, which are proven to give 2,9cm (take a look at their homepage) give A LOT more than my New Balance sneakers, so they give an estimated 2,2cm when new, when worn for a bit,a little bit less. I might be wrong with the values, correct me if you know more than me.
[Editor Rob: last time I checked them they were over an inch new]
JD says on 10/Aug/14
Is there a difference between the nike air Pegasus 30 and 31 ? If so, how much would you say ? Thx
Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: they look very similar, just a slight change in the styling of the outsole]
EzioAuditore711 says on 10/Aug/14
Is there any way to measure it? It's definitely more than an inch. Closer to two.
[Editor Rob: without seeing it, hard to really say as I would be surprised if the insole was sitting as high as the 'highest white point' of the outsole...that part would mean it was in the 1.5in range, 2 inches is a huge amount really.]
BodTheBuilder says on 10/Aug/14
Hi Rob, how much do these give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: pretty much similar to the previous one I answered...I think if you are a smaller size then these might give no more than 1.2, but bigger size 10's a bit more. I looked at these air 90's a few years ago and found a sub 9 size looked a few mm thinner than the size 10+ size.]
Cable says on 10/Aug/14
Hey there. Thanks for answering my questions Rob! I've got one last question though.. Do you think I will still grow taller? I'm 16 and 5'1. That's pretty short for my age. My parents are short too. My mom is below 5' and my dad is about 5'2-3. My other relatives are pretty normal though with their height. What do you think is the best way to grow taller? I really hate being short..
[Editor Rob: while there is still time, genetically you might just have to accept that you might not gain many more inches.

If I met you it wouldn't bother me if you were 5ft 1 or 6ft 1.]
EzioAuditore711 says on 9/Aug/14
How much height do these Adidas Howard Light give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: never seen those up close so don't know how far the insole is. I'm not sure if it would give much more than an inch]
Cable says on 9/Aug/14
Hey rob, another question: Which Nike Air product gives more height? Thanks.
Cable says on 9/Aug/14
Hey rob, how much does Nike Air Max 90 give?
[Editor Rob: 1.2-3]
john says on 8/Aug/14
hey rob how much do these boat shoes give .75? Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes, roughly, some might have slightly thicker insoles and give a little more]
Kourosh177cm says on 6/Aug/14
Dear Rob
how much a typical dress shoes usually add to height? is it 2cm?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those shouldn't give less than an inch, the insole will be a couple of mm and the outsole looks like your typical 1-inch heel.]
Nick74 says on 5/Aug/14
Hi Rob, Great site as ever. I wonder if you could suggest a pair of dress boots with a near 1.5 inch heel?. I am going to a wedding and dont want to feel the shortest.
[Editor Rob: this is what brad pitt has sometime wore, a dressy shoe which is flattish at front but the heel in the 4cm range, a bit like These, they will give you a solid 1.5 inches (with insole maybe a little over 1.5), it is a quite large heel compared to the normal range like 0.7-1.2 though...but then your trousers will cover most of the heel anyway so I wouldn't worry.

Look at the other ones in the bottom of the page for different styles, these will be available in American amazon aswell. I know a few guys at last wedding I was at had cuban heels just for a bit more height, but most people don't really study shoes that much.]
Tom182 says on 5/Aug/14
How about these Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: near 1.3]
Misil says on 4/Aug/14
Hello brother Rob, 1more question pls. How much this give
Click Here
[Editor Rob: very close to an inch but not over it]
Bran says on 3/Aug/14
Rob, is their any trainers, like nike, addidas or something what appear to give a nice solid 1.5-2 inch without looking to big if that makes sense, and how would you get like half inch lifts and stuff; any shops or is it best to order off the internet ?, cheers.
[Editor Rob: not see any that spring to mind that give that kind of range. Just use amazon or ebay as they vary in price and size. This foam insert Here is a kind that gives in the 0.5-0.6ish range and looks more comfortable to wear.]
Dude says on 2/Aug/14
Thanks for answering Rob, just one last question, how about these.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they look around half inch]
Misil says on 2/Aug/14
Hello Rob, how much would this shoes give cm? Thanks
Click Here
[Editor Rob: 1.2-3 range]
sajt says on 2/Aug/14
How much height would these give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: those kind of sneakers give in the 2 range, maybe a little bit over that mark.]
superboy says on 2/Aug/14
How much this gives? Thanks Rob
Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: side on I would have said 1.3-1.4 range, but there is a little dip in the middle of the insole so it might not give much over an inch]
Dude says on 1/Aug/14
Hey Rob, How much do you think these shoes give?
Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the first one looks quite thin, like just under half inch, other one looks like it would give about half inch, without knowing how thick that insole is]
unknown says on 31/Jul/14
Rob I have a question for the aveage skate how much taller would they make you? On a side note are there any skate shoes they you recommand that gives you another inch?
[Editor Rob: not looked at that many skate shoes, most I see are 0.5-0.75 range though]
Sasha says on 30/Jul/14
whats about this sneakers,Rob.How much can they add? Click Here
[Editor Rob: not seen that flux up close, I would say roughly around the inch mark]
superboy says on 29/Jul/14
How much height does these slippers give for me? Thanks you.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: these are Sly Slippers, look like they'd give you 2 inches range!]
Sasha says on 28/Jul/14
Hey Rob,how much height nike roshe run can give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I had a look at them again and think 1.3-1.4 range]
delvin says on 24/Jul/14
why do converse look like they give a least a inch
[Editor Rob: the highest black line is about an inch, but the insole sits like a 1/4 inch lower and then with weight of body and the insole middle being very slightly lower you get in the 0.6-0.7 range]
Mack says on 23/Jul/14
And what about Nike Dual Fusion Run?
[Editor Rob: roughly 1.3ish]
Mack says on 23/Jul/14
Rob how much for Air Jordan 3?
[Editor Rob: just a bit over 1in]
Jack says on 21/Jul/14
Rob do you think there is anything wrong with wearing a half inch lift in shoes like converse or anything similar in profile? Its not like your really cheating height because heeled shoes/boots will give 1-1.5 inches. It would just make you as tall as you would be in say a shoe which gave you a little over an inch.
[Editor Rob: I think some people would do that, it is just making you a solid 1.1 inch shoe]
Qwerty says on 21/Jul/14
Hey Rob, how much height do you think the Nike Free 5,0+ gives?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: just under an inch, they are quite a comfy style the 5's. With previous versions though, I thought the quality wasn't that great.]
Editor Rob says on 21/Jul/14
Sometimes with womens low style footwear you can underestimate - if I saw this shoe on a celebrity I might think it's a 1/4 inch sole and maybe a few mm for the insole, but the insole sits were my thumb is, so more like 0.75 type shoe:

Click Here
unknown says on 21/Jul/14
How much these add Rob? Which give more height? Thank you.
Puma complete veris shoes: Click Here
Nike Dart 9 shoes: Click Here
Another link with the Puma shoes: Click Here
Another link with the Nike shoes: Click Here
Crypto139 says on 21/Jul/14
Ok Rob I found a site selling elevator shoes and it has a shoe with 5.5 inch height increased but how much would it really give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably the same as the dons ones...about 3.8 inches]
Annnon says on 20/Jul/14
hey rob, how much height do sketchers shoes add? ive seen many with thick soles. mens of course. do u know?
[Editor Rob: there's variation in a lot, I've seen a lot of men's skechers give anywhere from 0.6 to 1.2 range.]
Norma says on 20/Jul/14
Are there any Vans trainers for women that give you an inch or more extra height? I'm 5'4", would like to look 5'5" or taller.
[Editor Rob: yes there are vans authentic platform sneakers...they do look quite thick though, but are basically your normal vans with another half inch or so]
unknown says on 19/Jul/14
Hey there Rob. I bought and started to use the Nike Overplay VIII with the 2-3cm insoles. My size is 41 but I bought size 42 shoes to fit correctly on me, and to not to cause the bulged laces effect as you wrote. You was right, with the bigger size It didnt caused any lace problems, otherwise it would have. Although the shoes became pretty uncomfortable with the height insoles in it. After a while, I could hardly, but I could figure out a good solution for that problem. I covered the uncomforable height insole with simple 0.5mm insole. And on the top of that I covered the 2 layers with the original Nike Overplay insoles which is the original insole of the shoes. So now its 3 layers, the 1st layer is the height increasing one, the 2nd is the Lacoste 0.5mm simple insoles and the 3rd is the original Nike ovreplay insole. I would like to recommend the camouflage effect given by the top layer of insoles. Always put the original shoe insole on the top of the height insoles to hide that you're using this kind of cheating :) Even if someone asks you to put your shoes off, he/she is not going to notice the height insoles, only the original simple insole is going to be seen by the person.
So thats my "brilliant" solotion for the comfort problem which I had. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: yes that is a good option as at a glance it might not be that obvious if your sneakers are lying about. Whatever solution, adding a small extra insole to improve the feel is something worth trying.]
lelman says on 19/Jul/14
What do you think a pair of suede desert boots would give (Click Here)? Looks like it might be similar to the boat shoe, just under an inch, wouldn't mind if they got me up to 6ft, though!
12ac says on 18/Jul/14
Rob how much for Nike Cortez?
shabab says on 17/Jul/14
Dude how much does the new nuke nightglazers add ?
[Editor Rob: not seen them up close, but they are a thick style, maybe near 1.4 inch]
unknown says on 17/Jul/14
How much height would these Nike overplay VIII add?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: near to 1.2]
Fran says on 16/Jul/14
Hi, Rob, how much for this model of Nike Hyperdunk?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they got to give at least 1.1 inch]
Idk says on 16/Jul/14
Hi, Rob. You said I can do some stretching to grow a little bit more than the expected. But I'm a little bit confuse, what kind of exercises? I mean: For the back, for the legs? I've searched in Internet but I don't find anything. Maybe you know about them.

Thank you very much :) !
[Editor Rob: half way down this article Here is some of the basic yoga style stretches and normal everyday stretches that most grow taller programs have.]
Sasha says on 16/Jul/14
Hi Rob, really cool site) Could you help me, how much hight can these shoe give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: wouldn't say less than an inch]
unknown says on 16/Jul/14
Hey There Rob.
I would like to ask that how much height does the Nike Overplay VIII series basketball shoes add? And my 2nd question about the shoe is that it is possible or not to put 3 cm height increasing shoe insoles into it?
These are the shoes: Click Here
Thank you.
[Editor Rob: those can give 1.2 inch, if you put a 3cm lift inside your laces area would bulge a bit, but not a great amount - if you bought the sneaker a half size bigger than normal then that might be perfect]
Somebody's Problem says on 16/Jul/14
Hey Rob for answering, really enjoy your work, and the data here.
Turns out you were right, i did grow to 5'10" ( yay? )
But i've also realized that new sneakers give more heel than the old ones.
But how long would the initial 0.62 last? some 3 months?
Anyway thanks.
[Editor Rob: the insoles of converse are pretty good I think, they should last a few months of wear before starting to lose anything - unless they get really worn or you weigh a lot...I do have one pair that is a few years old and now give 0.5 inch range, it lost a few mm.]
Crypto139 says on 15/Jul/14
Hey rob I have recently saw in ads for 12 inch high heels you know, they are huge! But do you think they really give 12 inches of height? How much would they really give?
[Editor Rob: Like these :)...they are insanely big, and potentially ankle breakers! But when described as 12 inch as that image shows, the back of the stem will measure 12 inches, but the actual height will be more in the 9.5-9.75 inch range - the platform part is about 6 inches.]
PinkFloydFanatic says on 14/Jul/14
What would these give, Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those give near to 1.3]
Reid says on 14/Jul/14
How much for Nike Air Flight 89?
[Editor Rob: not sure on them, but there is a similar model that I thought was them (but turns out isn't) that gave about 1.2 inches - those look thick enough in the front part to possibly give that amount, but really not sure.]
abc123 says on 13/Jul/14
How much do these two Click Here
and Click Here give Rob? and are those shoes good to hide lifts? for example the shoe (heel+insole) should give me 3,5-4cm, would anyone notice that? and would it still be comfortable?
[Editor Rob: pretty near the inch an inch lift inside and you can get at least 1.7-1.8 inches out of them without it being very obvious.]
Crypto139 says on 13/Jul/14
How much do both of these shoes give Rob?

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: including insole maybe near 1.1 inch, both look a 1-inch type heel]
Somebody's Problem says on 12/Jul/14
Hey Rob...
I own a pair of the Converse. I'm 14 and 1,77 for now.
If those sneakers give only 0.62 inches, how come back at school, some of my friends told me I was taller than before in just a month of recess, if I was the same height as before, and the only thing I did was get a new pair of these SAME sneakers...?
My point is: it's only 1.6cm
[Editor Rob: I've no idea, maybe you did grow a little during that time?]
Joe says on 12/Jul/14
Will nike air odyssey and nike air max 1 add the same height?
[Editor Rob: they should be really close in height]
no matter says on 10/Jul/14
What about the originals adidas superstar? Can they give as much as auperstar 2s?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think they're the same, brand new not that much under 1 inch but they lose about 3mm after a few weeks. To be fair, the pair I had didn't last long, it was poor design I found from Adidas on those superstars.]
Idk says on 10/Jul/14
Hi, Rob, I'm 16 too. I'm near 6'2''. Some people has said me that I will only grow an inch more, but my dream is to be 6'4''. Do you think it's possible for me to be 6'4'' or -even- 6'5'' or 6'3'' is the maximum I can reach?

Thank you very much! :]
[Editor Rob: well there is a chance. You already are quite tall, but if you want to maximise your height then eat good meals, get good sleep, just keep up exercise (even do some daily stretching) so you give your body the best chance of reaching max height (or even slightly more!)]
Joe says on 9/Jul/14
What about these nikes? How much height will they add? Click Here
[Editor Rob: close to the 1 inch mark]
Shane says on 9/Jul/14
Rob, I am 5`10.5 at 16 years old. My father is 6`1.5, while mother is 5`6. Are there any chances that I gonna be 6`1+ ? What do you think?
[Editor Rob: there is a chance yes. To maximise any growth you have left, keep sleeping well, eating big varied meals, get some exercise regularly and see what happens.]
Fran says on 8/Jul/14
How much for Duramo 6?
Click Here

Thanks! :)
[Editor Rob: in 1.1-1.2 range, the insole is like 1/3rd inch under the top white part]
Fran says on 8/Jul/14
How much for Adidas Vanquish?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: these can give between 1.2-1.3]
big john says on 7/Jul/14
I find interesting what the other user has said about the height difference.

Do you think a person whose height is 190 cm (6'3'') can shrink the whole inch?

[Editor Rob: it is more likely 6ft 2-4 that you will shrink a full inch (some even a bit more) than a 5ft 7-8 guy would...]
no matter says on 6/Jul/14
Rob, what do you think about adidas zx 750?
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[Editor Rob: about 1.2 range]
Tom182 says on 5/Jul/14
Hi Rob, what do you think these give?
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[Editor Rob: might be just a little bit shy of 1 inch, depends on thickness of insole]
167 says on 5/Jul/14
How much do these give Rob?
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[Editor Rob: those shoes look a classic 1 inch type sole plus a little insole, they might be 1.1]
tuite says on 4/Jul/14
hi rob how would you say looking the pic. the guy with the white shirt is my buddy and next to him its me , he is a strong 511 how much diference can you see in the pic with me?
i'm short says on 4/Jul/14
Hello, Rob. What is the height difference between you wake up and you go to sleep?
Some people says me near 0.7 inch and other people have said me that they have measured a difference of 1 to 1.2 inches.

Thank you, Rob :)
[Editor Rob: about 0.7 inch is very common, mine is near that. 1 inch is a bit more than average. The longer your spine the more chance you could shrink in the 1 inch range.]
Hamburger says on 3/Jul/14
How much for Adidas Rose Away? Thanks Rob.

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[Editor Rob: really not seen those up close, they look a bit over an inch though]
Chris says on 1/Jul/14
How much height do Converse All Star Chucks lose after some time of wearing? I'm 182 cm barefoot, do they still take me up to a legit 6 ft?
[Editor Rob: I think they are pretty hard wearing, the insole doesn't really sink that much and the rubber sole itself is hard wearing...I have a pair 3 years old and they aren't much less than new, maybe between 1-2mm]
Tomcat1992 says on 30/Jun/14
Tomcat1992 says on 29/Jun/14
Hey Rob! How much for that style of timberland:
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Thanks in advance!
[Editor Rob: about 0.8 inch ]

This shoe gives as much as a desert boot or less?
[Editor Rob: a little bit less than those desert boots]
Tomcat1992 says on 29/Jun/14
Hey Rob! How much for that style of timberland:
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Thanks in advance!
[Editor Rob: about 0.8 inch ]
Destiny says on 28/Jun/14
Good night, Rob, how much for Nike Revolution 2?

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[Editor Rob: they can give near 1.2 inch]
Fran says on 26/Jun/14
Wow, amazing webpage. How much for Nike Hyperfuse?

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[Editor Rob: look in 1.3 inch range]
Steezy says on 22/Jun/14
Hey rob I couldn't see the response on my previous post, I'd really appreciate a response. Thanks.
[Editor Rob: they can give close to 1.4 inches new]
PinkFloydFanatic says on 22/Jun/14
Rob, how much height do you reckon these would give? Thanks in advance.
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[Editor Rob: those look like about half inch at most]
Nick74 says on 21/Jun/14
Hi Rob, Thanks for the info on the Timberlands. Is there any boot that gives 1.5 inches in height that is available on a cheaper budget?
[Editor Rob: This type or Cat styles can give very near 1.5 inches]
GreyGoose says on 20/Jun/14
GreyGoose says on 16/Jun/14
Hei Rob! How much for Nike Lunar? And For Nike Pegasus 29? Please answer! I have to choose between them :)
[Editor Rob: there doesn't look much between them, you aren't really going to notice 1/8th inch, choose whatever feels and looks better to you!]

Thanks Rob! Can you tell me how much height for these different pair of shoes? Thanks!!
[Editor Rob: they are very close to 1.3 inches, the pegasus really could edge by a very slightly amount]

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