How tall is Sneakers ?

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Sneakers's height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Nike Air Force One

3cm (1.18 inches)

Nike's big seller, these have thick looking soles up close but don't give as much height as they'd suggest they might, basically 1.2 inches.
Adidas Superstar 2

2.5cm (1 inch) - 2cm (0.75 inch)

A popular style, the shell toe. Brand new this sole looks to give more than what they actually give, which is really 2.5cm. But after a few weeks of wear though this sneaker becomes 2cm, or 0.75 inch.
Adidas Oregon

3cm (1.18 inches)

New, it gives about 1.25 inches. With some trainers, after a few weeks the insole kind of gets bedded in and so it settles down a few mm less than new. I've worn this pair to 4 conventions in 2006. For pic reference, those cons were these people were at: 1) Meghan Gallagher, 2) Doug Bradley, 3) Glenn Morshower
Reebock Classic

2.85cm (1.15 inches)

New they'd give more 1.2 inch, I've worn a used pair to 2 conventions. For pic reference, those cons were these people were at: 1) Lou Ferrigno, 2) Carlos Bernard.
Nike Shox NZ, Turbo OZ

3.6cm (1.41 inches)

If new out the box both these pairs gave good 1.4 inches, a few weeks of wear and for me I found they'd creeped down a little below 1.4. Absolutely my favorite type of trainer based on comfort. I've worn these to 2 conventions, for reference: 1)Ron Glass, 2)Tony Todd.
Nike Airmax 95

3.4cm (1.34 inches)

New, seemed to give about 1.35 inches.
Nike Free

2.75cm (1.08 inches)

Extremely lightweight trainer, the sole looks like it could give you more than this, but the insole is shaped slightly curved at the heel, after a few weeks drops to basically 1 inch.
Nike Air 180

2.7cm (1.06 inches)

Just over 1 inches, used to be kind of pair I'd wear every day as they seemed very comfortable. I've worn this trainer to one convention, for reference: 1) Jensen Ackles con. They dropped to about 0.98 inches by then.
Nike Airmax Ltd

3.45cm (1.36 inches)

This is kind of similar height to airmax 360, although I think gives a little more than this limited edition.
Puma Tx 300

3.2cm (1.26 inches)

I picked this pair up thinking on the size of the heel they'd give near 1.4 inches, but surprisingly not even 1.3. I have worn this pair to C11, for reference: 1) James Marsters con.
Timberland Euro Dub

3cm (1.18 inches)

The timberlands usually have a larger heel and a lesser heel, the above new gives 1.18 inches and is the lesser heel.
Adidas Samoa

2.5cm (1 in)

This is a comfy version of the shoe, gives near 1 in new, normal samoas give bit less than this.
Doc Martin Style

3.4cm (1.34 inches)

This shows a typical doc martin style boot, where the heel is cut to a standard range. Many think such a boot gives 1.5-1.6, but not really unless its got extremely thick and cushioned insole.
Crocs Cayman

2.2cm (0.87 inch)

Popular summer shoe. Concave shape so give less than an inch in reality. Ugly looking things if you ask me.
Vans Classic Slip Ons

1.4-1.5cm (0.55 inch)

The chequered style is popular. Brand New they give around 1.6cm, but after wearing 1.4-1.5cm
Converse All Star

1.6cm (0.62 inches)

I own several classics, there are some special editions. Slimline converse give the same.
Nike Shox Arraw

3cm (1.18 in)

These are not as obviously big as normal shox, they have pretty comfy insoles. brand new I measured them as 3cm, after a year they were about 1.1 inch.
Nike Street Shox V

2.1cm (0.83 in)

A low urban style of shox, nowhere near as comfy as arraws but if you want less sole this is a good trainer.
Boat Shoe

1.9cm (0.75 in)

A lot of boat shoes have pretty slim insoles, this pair is typically the style that gives about three quarters of an inch.
Merrell Fashion Trainer

2cm (0.8 in)

I've worn this shoe at quite a few conventions over 2009-2010.
Airwalk Skate Shoe

1.3-1.4cm (0.5 in)

This is a low skate style sneaker, it appears to give more height than it actually does.
Adio Skate Shoe

1.8-1.9cm (0.75 in)

Another style of skate shoes. A lot of Adios give 0.6-0.75 inch range
Caterpiller Boot

3.7-3.8cm (1.5 in)

A thick soled Cat Boot with an insole that is a few mm thick, gives in total about 1.5 inches.
Nike AirMax 360

3.5cm (1.38 in)

One of the thicker styles of Nike Running Sneakers.
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delvin says on 24/Jul/14
why do converse look like they give a least a inch
[Editor Rob: the highest black line is about an inch, but the insole sits like a 1/4 inch lower and then with weight of body and the insole middle being very slightly lower you get in the 0.6-0.7 range]
Mack says on 23/Jul/14
And what about Nike Dual Fusion Run?
[Editor Rob: roughly 1.3ish]
Mack says on 23/Jul/14
Rob how much for Air Jordan 3?
[Editor Rob: just a bit over 1in]
Jack says on 21/Jul/14
Rob do you think there is anything wrong with wearing a half inch lift in shoes like converse or anything similar in profile? Its not like your really cheating height because heeled shoes/boots will give 1-1.5 inches. It would just make you as tall as you would be in say a shoe which gave you a little over an inch.
[Editor Rob: I think some people would do that, it is just making you a solid 1.1 inch shoe]
Qwerty says on 21/Jul/14
Hey Rob, how much height do you think the Nike Free 5,0+ gives?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: just under an inch, they are quite a comfy style the 5's. With previous versions though, I thought the quality wasn't that great.]
Editor Rob says on 21/Jul/14
Sometimes with womens low style footwear you can underestimate - if I saw this shoe on a celebrity I might think it's a 1/4 inch sole and maybe a few mm for the insole, but the insole sits were my thumb is, so more like 0.75 type shoe:

Click Here
unknown says on 21/Jul/14
How much these add Rob? Which give more height? Thank you.
Puma complete veris shoes: Click Here
Nike Dart 9 shoes: Click Here
Another link with the Puma shoes: Click Here
Another link with the Nike shoes: Click Here
Crypto139 says on 21/Jul/14
Ok Rob I found a site selling elevator shoes and it has a shoe with 5.5 inch height increased but how much would it really give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably the same as the dons ones...about 3.8 inches]
Annnon says on 20/Jul/14
hey rob, how much height do sketchers shoes add? ive seen many with thick soles. mens of course. do u know?
[Editor Rob: there's variation in a lot, I've seen a lot of men's skechers give anywhere from 0.6 to 1.2 range.]
Norma says on 20/Jul/14
Are there any Vans trainers for women that give you an inch or more extra height? I'm 5'4", would like to look 5'5" or taller.
[Editor Rob: yes there are vans authentic platform sneakers...they do look quite thick though, but are basically your normal vans with another half inch or so]
unknown says on 19/Jul/14
Hey there Rob. I bought and started to use the Nike Overplay VIII with the 2-3cm insoles. My size is 41 but I bought size 42 shoes to fit correctly on me, and to not to cause the bulged laces effect as you wrote. You was right, with the bigger size It didnt caused any lace problems, otherwise it would have. Although the shoes became pretty uncomfortable with the height insoles in it. After a while, I could hardly, but I could figure out a good solution for that problem. I covered the uncomforable height insole with simple 0.5mm insole. And on the top of that I covered the 2 layers with the original Nike Overplay insoles which is the original insole of the shoes. So now its 3 layers, the 1st layer is the height increasing one, the 2nd is the Lacoste 0.5mm simple insoles and the 3rd is the original Nike ovreplay insole. I would like to recommend the camouflage effect given by the top layer of insoles. Always put the original shoe insole on the top of the height insoles to hide that you're using this kind of cheating :) Even if someone asks you to put your shoes off, he/she is not going to notice the height insoles, only the original simple insole is going to be seen by the person.
So thats my "brilliant" solotion for the comfort problem which I had. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: yes that is a good option as at a glance it might not be that obvious if your sneakers are lying about. Whatever solution, adding a small extra insole to improve the feel is something worth trying.]
lelman says on 19/Jul/14
What do you think a pair of suede desert boots would give (Click Here)? Looks like it might be similar to the boat shoe, just under an inch, wouldn't mind if they got me up to 6ft, though!
12ac says on 18/Jul/14
Rob how much for Nike Cortez?
shabab says on 17/Jul/14
Dude how much does the new nuke nightglazers add ?
[Editor Rob: not seen them up close, but they are a thick style, maybe near 1.4 inch]
unknown says on 17/Jul/14
How much height would these Nike overplay VIII add?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: near to 1.2]
Fran says on 16/Jul/14
Hi, Rob, how much for this model of Nike Hyperdunk?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they got to give at least 1.1 inch]
Idk says on 16/Jul/14
Hi, Rob. You said I can do some stretching to grow a little bit more than the expected. But I'm a little bit confuse, what kind of exercises? I mean: For the back, for the legs? I've searched in Internet but I don't find anything. Maybe you know about them.

Thank you very much :) !
[Editor Rob: half way down this article Here is some of the basic yoga style stretches and normal everyday stretches that most grow taller programs have.]
Sasha says on 16/Jul/14
Hi Rob, really cool site) Could you help me, how much hight can these shoe give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: wouldn't say less than an inch]
unknown says on 16/Jul/14
Hey There Rob.
I would like to ask that how much height does the Nike Overplay VIII series basketball shoes add? And my 2nd question about the shoe is that it is possible or not to put 3 cm height increasing shoe insoles into it?
These are the shoes: Click Here
Thank you.
[Editor Rob: those can give 1.2 inch, if you put a 3cm lift inside your laces area would bulge a bit, but not a great amount - if you bought the sneaker a half size bigger than normal then that might be perfect]
Somebody's Problem says on 16/Jul/14
Hey Rob for answering, really enjoy your work, and the data here.
Turns out you were right, i did grow to 5'10" ( yay? )
But i've also realized that new sneakers give more heel than the old ones.
But how long would the initial 0.62 last? some 3 months?
Anyway thanks.
[Editor Rob: the insoles of converse are pretty good I think, they should last a few months of wear before starting to lose anything - unless they get really worn or you weigh a lot...I do have one pair that is a few years old and now give 0.5 inch range, it lost a few mm.]
Crypto139 says on 15/Jul/14
Hey rob I have recently saw in ads for 12 inch high heels you know, they are huge! But do you think they really give 12 inches of height? How much would they really give?
[Editor Rob: Like these :)...they are insanely big, and potentially ankle breakers! But when described as 12 inch as that image shows, the back of the stem will measure 12 inches, but the actual height will be more in the 9.5-9.75 inch range - the platform part is about 6 inches.]
PinkFloydFanatic says on 14/Jul/14
What would these give, Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those give near to 1.3]
Reid says on 14/Jul/14
How much for Nike Air Flight 89?
[Editor Rob: not sure on them, but there is a similar model that I thought was them (but turns out isn't) that gave about 1.2 inches - those look thick enough in the front part to possibly give that amount, but really not sure.]
abc123 says on 13/Jul/14
How much do these two Click Here
and Click Here give Rob? and are those shoes good to hide lifts? for example the shoe (heel+insole) should give me 3,5-4cm, would anyone notice that? and would it still be comfortable?
[Editor Rob: pretty near the inch an inch lift inside and you can get at least 1.7-1.8 inches out of them without it being very obvious.]
Crypto139 says on 13/Jul/14
How much do both of these shoes give Rob?

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: including insole maybe near 1.1 inch, both look a 1-inch type heel]
Somebody's Problem says on 12/Jul/14
Hey Rob...
I own a pair of the Converse. I'm 14 and 1,77 for now.
If those sneakers give only 0.62 inches, how come back at school, some of my friends told me I was taller than before in just a month of recess, if I was the same height as before, and the only thing I did was get a new pair of these SAME sneakers...?
My point is: it's only 1.6cm
[Editor Rob: I've no idea, maybe you did grow a little during that time?]
Joe says on 12/Jul/14
Will nike air odyssey and nike air max 1 add the same height?
[Editor Rob: they should be really close in height]
no matter says on 10/Jul/14
What about the originals adidas superstar? Can they give as much as auperstar 2s?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think they're the same, brand new not that much under 1 inch but they lose about 3mm after a few weeks. To be fair, the pair I had didn't last long, it was poor design I found from Adidas on those superstars.]
Idk says on 10/Jul/14
Hi, Rob, I'm 16 too. I'm near 6'2''. Some people has said me that I will only grow an inch more, but my dream is to be 6'4''. Do you think it's possible for me to be 6'4'' or -even- 6'5'' or 6'3'' is the maximum I can reach?

Thank you very much! :]
[Editor Rob: well there is a chance. You already are quite tall, but if you want to maximise your height then eat good meals, get good sleep, just keep up exercise (even do some daily stretching) so you give your body the best chance of reaching max height (or even slightly more!)]
Joe says on 9/Jul/14
What about these nikes? How much height will they add? Click Here
[Editor Rob: close to the 1 inch mark]
Shane says on 9/Jul/14
Rob, I am 5`10.5 at 16 years old. My father is 6`1.5, while mother is 5`6. Are there any chances that I gonna be 6`1+ ? What do you think?
[Editor Rob: there is a chance yes. To maximise any growth you have left, keep sleeping well, eating big varied meals, get some exercise regularly and see what happens.]
Fran says on 8/Jul/14
How much for Duramo 6?
Click Here

Thanks! :)
[Editor Rob: in 1.1-1.2 range, the insole is like 1/3rd inch under the top white part]
Fran says on 8/Jul/14
How much for Adidas Vanquish?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: these can give between 1.2-1.3]
big john says on 7/Jul/14
I find interesting what the other user has said about the height difference.

Do you think a person whose height is 190 cm (6'3'') can shrink the whole inch?

[Editor Rob: it is more likely 6ft 2-4 that you will shrink a full inch (some even a bit more) than a 5ft 7-8 guy would...]
no matter says on 6/Jul/14
Rob, what do you think about adidas zx 750?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: about 1.2 range]
Tom182 says on 5/Jul/14
Hi Rob, what do you think these give?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: might be just a little bit shy of 1 inch, depends on thickness of insole]
167 says on 5/Jul/14
How much do these give Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those shoes look a classic 1 inch type sole plus a little insole, they might be 1.1]
tuite says on 4/Jul/14
hi rob how would you say looking the pic. the guy with the white shirt is my buddy and next to him its me , he is a strong 511 how much diference can you see in the pic with me?
i'm short says on 4/Jul/14
Hello, Rob. What is the height difference between you wake up and you go to sleep?
Some people says me near 0.7 inch and other people have said me that they have measured a difference of 1 to 1.2 inches.

Thank you, Rob :)
[Editor Rob: about 0.7 inch is very common, mine is near that. 1 inch is a bit more than average. The longer your spine the more chance you could shrink in the 1 inch range.]
Hamburger says on 3/Jul/14
How much for Adidas Rose Away? Thanks Rob.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: really not seen those up close, they look a bit over an inch though]
Chris says on 1/Jul/14
How much height do Converse All Star Chucks lose after some time of wearing? I'm 182 cm barefoot, do they still take me up to a legit 6 ft?
[Editor Rob: I think they are pretty hard wearing, the insole doesn't really sink that much and the rubber sole itself is hard wearing...I have a pair 3 years old and they aren't much less than new, maybe between 1-2mm]
Tomcat1992 says on 30/Jun/14
Tomcat1992 says on 29/Jun/14
Hey Rob! How much for that style of timberland:
Click Here

Thanks in advance!
[Editor Rob: about 0.8 inch ]

This shoe gives as much as a desert boot or less?
[Editor Rob: a little bit less than those desert boots]
Tomcat1992 says on 29/Jun/14
Hey Rob! How much for that style of timberland:
Click Here

Thanks in advance!
[Editor Rob: about 0.8 inch ]
Destiny says on 28/Jun/14
Good night, Rob, how much for Nike Revolution 2?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they can give near 1.2 inch]
Fran says on 26/Jun/14
Wow, amazing webpage. How much for Nike Hyperfuse?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: look in 1.3 inch range]
Steezy says on 22/Jun/14
Hey rob I couldn't see the response on my previous post, I'd really appreciate a response. Thanks.
[Editor Rob: they can give close to 1.4 inches new]
PinkFloydFanatic says on 22/Jun/14
Rob, how much height do you reckon these would give? Thanks in advance.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those look like about half inch at most]
Nick74 says on 21/Jun/14
Hi Rob, Thanks for the info on the Timberlands. Is there any boot that gives 1.5 inches in height that is available on a cheaper budget?
[Editor Rob: This type or Cat styles can give very near 1.5 inches]
GreyGoose says on 20/Jun/14
GreyGoose says on 16/Jun/14
Hei Rob! How much for Nike Lunar? And For Nike Pegasus 29? Please answer! I have to choose between them :)
[Editor Rob: there doesn't look much between them, you aren't really going to notice 1/8th inch, choose whatever feels and looks better to you!]

Thanks Rob! Can you tell me how much height for these different pair of shoes? Thanks!!
[Editor Rob: they are very close to 1.3 inches, the pegasus really could edge by a very slightly amount]
nick says on 20/Jun/14
Rob what about this Adidas? How much inches? It looks like very thick though. Thanks in advance
Click Here
[Editor Rob: never seen that model up close, but from similar models, the outside looks thicker than how high the insole actually sits. I'd guess those were more around 1.25 inch range.]
rick says on 18/Jun/14
Hey rob, what are the most stylish sneakers/boots that would add the most height? Im certainly using Nike air max 90s mid.
steezy says on 18/Jun/14
hey rob how much height do these timberlands give?
Click Here

Thanks in advance.
Boo says on 17/Jun/14
What do you think of this type of brogues Rob? Click Here

[Editor Rob: probably 1.1 as I doubt the insole is micro thin]
delvin says on 17/Jun/14
hi ron can you please add on nike free trainer 3.0
GreyGoose says on 16/Jun/14
Hei Rob! How much for Nike Lunar? And For Nike Pegasus 29? Please answer! I have to choose between them :)
[Editor Rob: there doesn't look much between them, you aren't really going to notice 1/8th inch, choose whatever feels and looks better to you!]
paul says on 15/Jun/14
Now Rob how much height would these shoes give?

Click Here

Thank you!!
[Editor Rob: if size 9-10 then about 1.3]
John P says on 13/Jun/14
hey rob how much do these shoes give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: near to 1.3 ]
Dolly says on 13/Jun/14
Hey Rob,

Nike AirMax 90 and AirMax 180, which pair of shoes give a higher sole? Your Nike Air 180 picture above shows a 2.7cm sole height but it looks like a pair of AirMax 180 to me, while the Nike AirMax 180 picture doesnt look like AirMax 180 to me so I am a little bit confuse. I would like to buy the pair of Nike AirMax shoes which make me look the tallest. Thanks;)
[Editor Rob: oh it should be air max 360, I will update that bit at the bottom...the 360's give a decent amount in the 1.3 inch range, the 180 on this page was a great sneaker, I wore it for a couple of years but the quality wasn't that great and they wore down fast!]
Wesley says on 12/Jun/14
Click Here rob, would you say these give the same height as a pair of air maxes?
[Editor Rob: I don't think they give over an inch]
Lars says on 10/Jun/14
If someone is measured at 174,5 cm, is it fair to put him/her at 5'8.75?
I think 5'8.5 is too low for that measurement ..
What do you think?
[Editor Rob: yeah that is perfectly fine.]
marcya says on 8/Jun/14
How about nike roshe run? And nike free + 3? :)
J.J. says on 8/Jun/14
@Rob how many inches will this shoe add to my sister's height:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: those should give near 5 inches, the platform is big enough to make them close to that mark.]
neffa says on 7/Jun/14
rob my gf is 1,60 mt tall. Yesterday she wore this kind of shoes and she looked around 1,73 mt (5'8):

Click Here

with this shoes on, someone can became 5'' taller or i failed my gf estimate of height?
[Editor Rob: I don't think they would give 5 full inches, but definitely 4 inches]
Crypto139 says on 7/Jun/14
Click Here

What about these in a size 11.5 US?
[Editor Rob: could be about 1.3 inches]
arthur says on 3/Jun/14
Rob how much difference my friend has on me?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: looks near 2 inches taller, although if he has less footwear maybe more]
sean5 says on 3/Jun/14
Click Here
[Editor Rob: bit over an inch ]
Crypto139 says on 1/Jun/14
Also rob how much would these shoes give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: a bit under an inch, unless a thick insole then possibly an inch, but I would say a few mm under that]
Crypto139 says on 1/Jun/14
Click Here

Now Rob how much height would these shoes give. They seem to give quite a bit based on someone I know wearing them.
[Editor Rob: those should give in 1.3 range, if the insole is good maybe even a tiny bit more]
Martin says on 1/Jun/14
Hi Rob, how much would these shoes from DIESEL add?Click Here
Thanks for the help!!!
[Editor Rob: look a 1.25 heel]
delvin says on 1/Jun/14
i'm pretty sure converse all star gives at least 2 cm
sean5 says on 31/May/14
Please could I have your guess on the 1987 nike high ac delta force trainers?
[Editor Rob: a bit under an inch, more 0.7-0.8]
Josh says on 31/May/14
How much the Stefan Janoski Max add?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: not sure on those ones, never seen them up close, they look almost an inch though]
anon says on 31/May/14
Hi rob,
how much Men Nike Air Jordan Hydro 2 Slippers add?
and what is the best adder Slippers?
anon says on 30/May/14
Click Here

website says 1.25", but it appears smaller than that
[Editor Rob: some of these soles will be that thick, but because they are concave they are like 0.4-0.5 inch smaller]
anon says on 30/May/14
Click Here
anon says on 30/May/14
Click Here
[Editor Rob: depends on how much the insole gives, new I think they are close to 0.9 inch]
anon says on 30/May/14
Click Here
anon says on 30/May/14
Click Here
[Editor Rob: look around inch styles]
anonymous says on 29/May/14
today i check my blazer's heel and i notice it give 1,5CM in height. Does it result to you, rob?
I wore it since 3-4 months so perhaps the soles are lower than the top...
[Editor Rob: might have lost 2mm, but 0.6ish range yeah]
Josh says on 28/May/14
Rob could you recommend a business type shoe that adds over 1.2 inches?
[Editor Rob: over that they start to look more clunky and thick]
CAS says on 27/May/14
How much do nike air pegasus add
Alex says on 27/May/14
Hey Rob. Could you help me? how much can this shoe add( in cm please) Click Here
[Editor Rob: there's a lot of different ones on the page, but those types can give about 0.6-0.7 inch]
Crypto139 says on 27/May/14
Rob, how much would these shoes add?
Click Here

In a men's 11.5 USA size to be exact. Just curious as a friend wears these and they seem to give more than his converse.
[Editor Rob: yeah they should give a third of an inch more than the converse, close to 0.9, maybe 1 inch if the insole isn't paper thin and is 2-3mm]
Sean5 says on 26/May/14
I've been trying to post a hyperlink text that gets you to the image but it won't let me, it says that I'm advertising or something although for other users they seem to have no problem posting their image?
[Editor Rob: can you copy the link into the box on and then past the shortened link into the comment?]
Quill says on 25/May/14
How much would something like this add?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably three quarter inch, not more than that anyway.]
abc123 says on 22/May/14
Hello Rob, what about adidas ZX Flux? Click Here
[Editor Rob: never seen them, they are being rerelased I take it...look no more than 1 inch and probably a little under the mark.]
Victor says on 18/May/14
Hi Rob, which specific dress shoes and flip flop brand/model would give the most boost?
Crypto139 says on 18/May/14
Also Rob I have a question how much height will these shoes add to a woman?

Click Here

Just curious, as I know women that wear these shoes.
[Editor Rob: ones in that style can give 0.5-0.6 range typically]
John P says on 17/May/14
Hey rob how much do you think these shoes give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: never seen them up close, but looking at them there, I think they are under an inch near 0.75 inch]
ItalianSailor says on 17/May/14
Rob! Reading all the posts I got very uncertain about which sneakers to buy for summer. I read NewBalance574 is the thicker; but I read also about AirForce1, Nike Lunar and Airmax..I usually use a 2cm insole to comfort my feet so what's your advice about my situation? which sneakers I have to buy? Thank you mate!
[Editor Rob: some sneakers fit different feet better, unfortunately it is hard to say which I would recommend as from trying them all on, the Lunar actually felt a good fit and the airmax I think needed a bit more 'wearing in' for my feet.

Air Force 1 I had a pair and didn't think they were that great, donated them ]
Sean5 says on 16/May/14
With sneakers/normal dress shoe would you say the average would be 1.25"?
[Editor Rob: nah, that'd be too much, a 1.25 dress shoe is pretty big, a lot are between 0.7 and 1.3.

When you get into skate shoes or vans/converse/low fashion sneakers you get more 0.5-0.6.]
Bran says on 16/May/14
Hi Rob im going to a wedding soon and have to get some shoes, im thinking of cubans, do they generally give over an inch, thank you.
[Editor Rob: they could give around might not seem much but it can make your posture a little nore upright aswell]
Stevie says on 16/May/14
Rob: Nike Roshe Run?????
[Editor Rob: they are in 1 and 1/3rd range]
lol93 says on 15/May/14
Rob what about the shoes I posted? thanks
lol93 says on 13/May/14
What about these Rob how much you think they give?
Click Here
AndyBg says on 12/May/14
Goodmorning Rob what's the best "adding-height" between Nike Lunar and Airmax1? Please answer me!!!
[Editor Rob: there doesn't really look much between them, certainly talking a few mm, but choose whatever is most comfiest is what I say.

Absolutely no point in wearing sneakers that cause you foot problems or rub or give you a blister just because 'they look good'.]
Alex says on 12/May/14
Hi Rob, do you know whether the air max 90 hyperfuse gives as much as the original air max 90? They look a bit thinner and more streamlined or are they the same? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: not sure on the hyperfuse, but I just think the outside has more rubber and the actual height is similar to the older ones.]
GreenBoy says on 12/May/14
Hey Rob :) how much does Reebok leather vintage give? thank you very much.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: typical near 1.2 inch]
tim says on 10/May/14
Click Here
Here is a link, how much would you say they give?
[Editor Rob: in the half inch range, not that much...they might start a little thicker but around that 0.5 mark I'd say]
Boo says on 9/May/14
Hi Rob, what do you think on these latest diesel model?

Click Here

[Editor Rob: look pretty thick, possibly 1.4-5]
dave says on 9/May/14
hey how much does superfeet green insole give u have any idea?
Smithe626 says on 5/May/14
Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read? fgefefggdgekegeb
AndyBg says on 5/May/14
Hey Rob!! How are you? I would like to ask you which is the best sneaker to add more height between Nike RosheRun and Nike Airmax90?? Thankss
[Editor Rob: they are both pretty thick, 1.3 range, hard to see much between em]
tim says on 3/May/14
Hey rob, how much would you say these shoes give after being worn a few weeks with the weight of a 200lb person on them? Its the DC brand Men's court graffik shoes, I wasn't sure how to post a link.
tim w says on 3/May/14
How much height would you say a DC brand skate shoe adds, particularly the court graphic model?
I went to the doc and they had me measure with shoes on and told me they'd take off a full inch to get my height, they said 5'11.75 but I didn't get to ask if that was before or after subtracting the inch.
spoty says on 3/May/14
These suggest to give 4 cm, do they really? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think the insole probably sits at the line joining the two parts of the heel, maybe 3cm]
Stefe says on 3/May/14
Do you know howmuch the nike stefan janoski air max gives?
Andrea says on 3/May/14
Brand new, how much you think they give? They really don't give more than 2.8-2.9 cms "today"...
[Editor Rob: they definitely look in 1.2 inch range or 3-3.1cm new]
BigBangBoong says on 2/May/14
Hey Rob the AirMax 90 looks the best to give extra heights is it right?
Andrea says on 2/May/14
Rob, if i'm not wrong, you said these sneakers give something like 1.2 inch:
Click Here
I've been wearing them for almost 2 years everyday, is it possible they can "shrink" after a while? I measured myself with and without sneakers and the difference was just under 3 cm...
[Editor Rob: yes the insole can lose a couple of mm in many sneakers.]
Crypto139 says on 30/Apr/14
Hey Rob how much does a Nike Air Visi Pro IV give? They are basketball shoes.
meho says on 30/Apr/14
Does anyone know how much taller the Nike Air Max 2014 Running Shoes will make you?
Aperson says on 29/Apr/14
What about the reebok zig shoes
joe says on 29/Apr/14
And what about these? Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: don't know what the inside of those are like, they appear like your typical converse type, but it is possible they give a bit more than 0.6, like 0.7-0.8....]
Riidd says on 29/Apr/14
How about nike roshe run?
[Editor Rob: they look in 1.3 inch range]
joe says on 28/Apr/14
Click Here what would these add?
[Editor Rob: they look almost an inch]
NangaParbat says on 25/Apr/14
Hey Rob I have 2 questions for you: I want to buy a new pair of sneakers for summer, which adds more height between: NewBalance574, Nike OG Superior and Nike RosheRun?
The second question is: I bought on the net these lifts:

Click Here

I use only the "3.5cm part" but it seems giving to me only 1,5 cm more than my normal height, why? using smaller lifts sometimes seems to me to be/to walk taller than when I use big lifts..can you explain me please? thank you very much...greets from italy!
[Editor Rob: the roshe and NB are pretty similar I feel, I can't explain your lift problem - the 3.5cm one should give you maybe 2.5-3cm, the smaller one near 1.5cm...]
Boo says on 15/Apr/14
I like those cat boots too Rob, looking for something in that style with a solid insole. My last choice would be these, what do you think Rob, same as the other Dr Martens? Click Here

[Editor Rob: with insole a bit over the inch zone]
Kourosh177cm says on 15/Apr/14
Hello Rob, can you tell me how much these would add? thanks alot
Click Here
[Editor Rob: brand new I think they would give a solid inch, but after a while might dip a tiny bit shy once insole thins out]
Boo says on 15/Apr/14
How much for these Cat boots do you think Rob?

Click Here

[Editor Rob: not so sure on how high the insole is on that type. My guess would be a little shy of 1 inch, I like that kind of boot more than the big cat boots.]
Taj says on 15/Apr/14
Palladiums. How much height do these normally give? They look somewhat low.
[Editor Rob: not sure which one you mean, there are a few types of those boots]
SAK says on 14/Apr/14
Would these give around 3cm/1.2"? Thanks in advance.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah roughly that range, I think I had those in my hand the other day]
abc123 says on 12/Apr/14
Hey Rob, is there a big sneaker heel height difference between a us size 6, 6,5 or 7?
[Editor Rob: not really, but I noticed on some brands say a size 7 versus a size 9-10, there was a 2-3mm difference - as if the manufacturing changed the thickness of the shoe for sizes above 8! It was nike air styles I noticed it on.]
Bran says on 11/Apr/14
Cheers Rob, i believe using older insoles is a cheap way for people wanting to gain abit of height rather than buying a half inch lift or something, and do things like air max 1 and 90's really give a difference from each other, as i would guess they both look 1.3 inch ish.
[Editor Rob: sometimes old insoles can squish to nothing though! Some gel insoles for running and just orthopaedic type can give 1/4 inch. My sister was doing running recently and found she needed an insole to help and hers is like a fraction of an inch.]
Editor Rob says on 11/Apr/14
I had a look at those Nike Roche again and definitely look a good 1.3 inch style, as do the New Balance 574 range, the insole might lose 3-4mm after a few months with those ones though.
the shredder says on 11/Apr/14
Thanks Rob , Michael biehn did not have much over me at all then :) . I still stand by my eyes and say he looked 6'0. I took the pics at noon so I should be a solid 168 cm in them , C.Thomas footwear looked like 1.5 dress boots , his heel was big.
the shredder says on 11/Apr/14
Rob , how much do these add? I had them on at Comic con

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they probably look a little bit thicker than they actually are, around an inch is what I'd guess.

From doing events over the years an inch plus or minus a tiny bit is a very common size male celebrities worn. 0.5-0.6 is on the low end, 1.3-1.5 the top end. The times I've worn converse generally I would feel more of a weak 5ft 8, but then switch to 1.1 Nikes I feel a solid 5ft 8er.]
Boo says on 10/Apr/14
How much do you think on standard clarks desert boos Rob? Click Here

[Editor Rob: near inch mark]
Bryan says on 10/Apr/14
Click Here How much would these Air max 1's give ??
[Editor Rob: they should give you either 1.2 or 1.3 range, if size 9+ then I'd say 1.3]
Anon says on 8/Apr/14
Click Here
[Editor Rob: these can give near 1.3]
SAK says on 7/Apr/14
Would these provide over an inch.?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: just a little more, they are quite concave (the insole) so the outsole looks like 1.3, but it is more 1 and a little bit]
Joe says on 7/Apr/14
Hi rob, how many cm would a '3.5cm' shoe lift give in actuality? (The bottom piece claims 3.5cm on it's own) Click Here
Bran says on 7/Apr/14
Click Here
Ive got these hoping i get 1.6-7 inch with a few insoles placed inside them, have you any idea on this style Rob, looks pretty thick up close, cheers
[Editor Rob: they should give in 1.3 range plus a couple of gel insoles and 1.6 range is doable.]
JoshWoods says on 6/Apr/14
Hi rob how are you? Is there any low top sneaker that can give around 1 inch height? such as adidas super star-vans style and so.. thank you!
Phil says on 6/Apr/14
Rob, how much would these give? looking for a 'lighter' summer shoe Click Here
[Editor Rob: new maybe close to 1.2 inch]
joe says on 5/Apr/14
Click Here
what about these?
[Editor Rob: depending on how thick insole is, 1.6 inches is possible]
Alex says on 5/Apr/14
hi rob, any idea how much height these give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: 1.2-3 range]
Mr_x says on 4/Apr/14
Hi rob, what abouut this pair?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: not seen those in the shops, they might give 1.4 inches.]
Broguy says on 4/Apr/14
I think if your wearing more then 0.5 inches shoes, your not a man sorry! just my opinion
Z123 says on 3/Apr/14
Rob have you ever seen the shoes the lebron 10? So you said I might reach 6'3 in the morning with those shoes how tall do you I'd be ?
JoshWoods says on 2/Apr/14
rob can this one give 1 inch? Click Here
[Editor Rob: they look under that mark, I'd be surprised if they gave much more than about 0.6 inches]
176,2Tunman says on 2/Apr/14
Rob,two quick questions.First according to you how much gives a 7cm heel without Platform?Second,do you agree that most boots give more than the heel seems to give,seems like the insole is often thick? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: the insole is going to add a little, 2-4mm is possible.

The 7cm heel could add somewhere in 6-6.3cm range - that's if the measurement is like the back of the heel stem giving 7cm.]
joe says on 2/Apr/14
Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe 1.25 types]
Z123 says on 1/Apr/14
Rob, if I'm 6'2 and some. How tall am I in the morning?
[Editor Rob: you might reach near 6ft 3]
Anon says on 31/Mar/14
Click Here
[Editor Rob: they are in 0.75 range]
french guy says on 29/Mar/14
Click Here

rob, how many centimeters add the boots that enrique iglesias wear ? I spotted someone in my university who wore the same!This guy seems to be 187 cm with these shoes .
thanks :)
[Editor Rob: they look a good 1.5 inches]
176,2Tunman says on 28/Mar/14
As you like Rob.It would have been funny but too dangerous though.Many beliebers would commit suicide once he's back to 5'6 and we would be held responsible.
sputnik says on 28/Mar/14
Click Here Click Here
How much? they cant give 4 cm do they?
176,2Tunman says on 27/Mar/14
Rob,what about making a joke for the Beliebers?From today till April 1st Bieber will be listed at 5'9 with fake evidence obviously.Are you tempted
[Editor Rob: I don't really do any trick listings! I don't think I even did an april fool yet!]
spoty says on 27/Mar/14
I meant these. They look a little bit thicker than 1.4-1.5 dont they? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I would say just under 1.5]
spoty says on 27/Mar/14
Any ideas rob on the ones i posted?
[Editor Rob: the sergio army boot got to be 1.6 inches, the other boot a bit less than 1.5]
Marius96 says on 26/Mar/14
Hi Rob! Is it possible that these Click Here could give near 1 inch?
[Editor Rob: more 0.6 inch range]
John P says on 21/Mar/14
hey rob how much do you think these give?
[Editor Rob: they look about 0.75 inch styles]
spoty says on 21/Mar/14
Click Here
spat says on 20/Mar/14
Click Here
[Editor Rob: no less than 1 and 1/3rd inch]
anon says on 19/Mar/14
Click Here
[Editor Rob: that's your typical converse style high top, near 0.6]
Nk says on 19/Mar/14
Hey Rob, can worn out sneakers/boots lose the amount of height they give you?
[Editor Rob: yeah, some can lose a couple mm on the outsole and many that start off with a nice insole find that the heel flattens it so it might be like 5-6mm new and like 2mm after months.]
bob says on 17/Mar/14
Click Here
bob says on 17/Mar/14
Click Here
Click Here
Rob what about those two pairs? How much extra would give Nikes and how much Reeboks? thx in advance:)
[Editor Rob: the reebock new should give you in the 1.2 inch range, maybe a touch more than those roche...the inside of the nike's are a bit concave so don't give as much as the outside suggests.]
Drew says on 15/Mar/14
Rob, I am looking to order some Converse All Star shoes online, I've never purchased them before. Since they run big, should I go 1/2 or a full size down? I normally wear a 9.5-10 in Vans, with 10 being a tad too lose.
Peter says on 11/Mar/14
What about classic 6 timberlands or similar? How many cm?
Peter says on 11/Mar/14
What about classic 6 timberlands or similar? How many cm?
Johnny says on 10/Mar/14
Hi Rob, I was wondering which sneakers gave the most height between the Roshe Run, Air Max 90 and Air Max 1. And are there any specific models with thicker soles?
Sammy says on 9/Mar/14
If i'm 167,5 cm (about 5'6"), how tall am i during the morning hours?
[Editor Rob: possibly 5ft 6.5, maybe 5ft 6.75]
Snake says on 8/Mar/14
Hey Rob. What do you think these would give:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: no more than 0.6, possibly a good 0.5 inch]
Billy says on 8/Mar/14
Hi Rob. How much should these give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: the outside of that air max looks a few mm more than it gives, it's still in 1 and 1/3rdish inch range]
David says on 6/Mar/14
I keep buying the Air Max trainer by Nike at first thinking they gave me a 2 inch height but not.Maybe they give about 1 and a half inch on height.I have measured myself even had a medical with them on once and i think it gave me a one and a half inch advantage.But when wearing Doc Martin shoes i was the same height as the Air Max trainers.I guess it does have a 1 and a half inch heel on.In normal one inch dress shoes i'm 5ft 10 and a half but 5ft 11 with Air Max and Doc Martin shoes on so there you have it.
176,2Tunman says on 5/Mar/14
Okay,Rob,I measured myself in the old Asics this night.I got 176.8 and 176.9 and barefoot I got very exactly 176.3 176.3 and 176.25 my lowest as usual.This shoe definitely doesn't give more than 6mm.I have run at least 100-120km in them,so maybe the heels became exceptionally thin.Another similar Asics gave me a good 8-9mm over barefoot height.Strangely,these same shoes had different resistance to activity.While the first pair rapidly deteriorated the other pair needed a good month to become very flexible,and the outside remained solid,quality difference obviously.
Gary_191cm says on 5/Mar/14
Rob, how many cm does the average person shrink by in the first hour of waking? What time does height "loss" stop and on average how much is this? Thanks for a great site!
[Editor Rob: height loss tails off after 6 hours, it's a bit like a steep curve...the first 2-3 hours you are going to lose a healthy chunk. Usually after being up 2 hours you could lose a cm]
ZenMaster says on 5/Mar/14
Yeah, Spockasia.. I'm thinking between 1.25-1.50" is what they add. People thinking they add 2" or more is just ridiculous.
176,2Tunman says on 4/Mar/14
Rob,I have a very old flat Asics which insoles were removed,basically I can feel the ground when I walk in them,according to you how much would they give over barefoot height,I would have thought nothing more than 5mm?
[Editor Rob: well the tigers give about 0.6ish, I don't think if you took out the insole it would drop to nothing, maybe 0.3-0.4]
JoshWoods says on 3/Mar/14
ROB, can this one give more than 0.5? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I doubt much more than 0.5 range]
Spockasia says on 2/Mar/14
TheZenMaster, I just measured my classic 6" Timberlands, they add just over 4cm of height to my barefoot height.
Dave182 says on 1/Mar/14
How much do Adidas gazelles give, Rob?
[Editor Rob: those are like 0.5-0.6 range]
TheZenMaster says on 28/Feb/14
Anyone with the classic 6" Timberlands, I seem on Amazon that the heel size is 1.25"
Jon says on 28/Feb/14
Hey Rob. What about Click Here ? Nike Air Pegasus 89
[Editor Rob: new they should give about 1/3rd over the inch mark]
tommy says on 28/Feb/14
How about Nike Air Max 90 Essential rob? Please tell me. Click Here
[Editor Rob: they should give in 1.3 range]
Bran says on 27/Feb/14
Click Here Click Here These sort of vans i meant, is it 0.5-0.6 max for each, cause on looking at them they can appear bigger ?
[Editor Rob: yeah they are between that range, vans do look bigger on the outside than what they actually give.]
viennese says on 26/Feb/14
rob, how about these? 0.6-0.7 range? Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah around that range]
john says on 26/Feb/14
hey rob, how much do you think these pair of new balances give?Click Here
[Editor Rob: new they should give in the 1.3 inch range ]
mike says on 26/Feb/14
Click Here adidas LIFT OFF 2013 how much will give me ? thanks in advance
[Editor Rob: near 1.2 inch I believe, but it wasn't quite exact model I've seen, but pretty similar style]
Bran says on 24/Feb/14
Hey Rob, i wear the flat black popular pumps and believe they give around 0.25 inch, does that sound credible and also is the max any vans give 0.6 ?
sputnik says on 24/Feb/14
And also these Click Here
[Editor Rob: those could give nearer 1.5 range, maybe with reasonable insole of 3-4mm could give nearly 1.6]
sputnik says on 24/Feb/14
what would these give?Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably 1.3 inch range]
abc123 says on 23/Feb/14
Hey Rob, what do you think would this one give: Click Here
[Editor Rob: a little over an inch is possible but never actually seen how high the insole sits compared to the white outsole]
bmx says on 21/Feb/14
Rob, please please can you answer my questions? Thank you.
bmx says on 21/Feb/14
I have a refrigerator that is 5 feet 6 inches. I always thought that the distance from your eyes to the top of your head is 4 inches. The head of the refrigerator comes up slightly below my eyebrows, does that mean I'm 5'9/5'10 or somewhere between?
[Editor Rob: it can vary, typically 4 inch is a small eyelevel. If you had that then you might not be quite 5ft 10]
bmx says on 21/Feb/14
Hey Rob, how many inches is the distance between the middle of your eyes and the top of your head? Do you know yours? Does it vary from person to person, different head shapes, sizes?
[Editor Rob: very common range is between 4.4-4.8in range. Above that and you have a low (large) eyelevel, under that it's a high (smaller) eyelevel. Mine is in 4.5-4.6. always remember if you tilt your head up or down you effect how much it will look in photos or to other people. For height, if your eyelevel is 4 inches you are essentially going to see the world half inch taller than what you measure at.]
BigBangBoong says on 20/Feb/14
Hello Rob..what about desert boots clarks? Hug from Italy!!!
[Editor Rob: not much over an inch ]
Sean says on 18/Feb/14
Would most new standard slippers give 1cm?
[Editor Rob: maybe half inch yeah, but a lot really thin out after a bit of wear, unless they are good quality, but your 10-20 bux range, most I ever had, I'd find after a few weeks they give 1/4 or 1/3rd inch ]
JoshWoods says on 15/Feb/14
Click Here

This one rob?
[Editor Rob: depending on insole possibly 1.2 inch]
SAK says on 15/Feb/14
Click Here

Would these give over an inch.
[Editor Rob: not really]
NangaParbat says on 14/Feb/14
NangaParbat says on 13/Feb/14
Hello Rob, I need your help: Shortly I have a very important business trip with colleagues from all over the world and obviously the dress code provides formal dress, my question is: what kind of shoe gives me more inches? Let me explain, or I put the classic lace-up shoes with maybe a little 'lift inside, or I thought (which is very fashionable) I buy a pair of NewBalance, maybe using a lift too (I read here these sneakers are among the most thick), creating a nice contrast with the suit; I haven't much money right now so I can't buy a DON's pair even if it would be the best compromise..So I have to choose what to do with these 2 options..I wait your answer..thanks for your patience!
[Editor Rob: I'd just go with a 1-inch dress type shoe and then put a half inch lift, it will make your posture solid too]

@Rob the problem is that I feel always under average, I'm very young (25) and I'm 5'7'' / 5'8'' (when I'm lucky); mostly of my peers are taller than me; so I would like feel better, even with some "tricks" in this occasion..I would like to take advantage of as much extra height as I can by using the best sneakers and the best lift..That's why I asked you about NB574..sorry for my insistence but you are a great guy for me ;)) and you like help people :))
[Editor Rob: if you put the half inch inside the NB then you are going to be 1.75 taller than your barefoot, which would basically feel like being an inch taller than usual. That is maybe a better option than the normal shoe.]
NangaParbat says on 13/Feb/14
Hello Rob, I need your help: Shortly I have a very important business trip with colleagues from all over the world and obviously the dress code provides formal dress, my question is: what kind of shoe gives me more inches? Let me explain, or I put the classic lace-up shoes with maybe a little 'lift inside, or I thought (which is very fashionable) I buy a pair of NewBalance, maybe using a lift too (I read here these sneakers are among the most thick), creating a nice contrast with the suit; I haven't much money right now so I can't buy a DON's pair even if it would be the best compromise..So I have to choose what to do with these 2 options..I wait your answer..thanks for your patience!
[Editor Rob: I'd just go with a 1-inch dress type shoe and then put a half inch lift, it will make your posture solid too]
Johno says on 11/Feb/14
What about these rob Click Here
[Editor Rob: 0.6-0.7]
rj says on 11/Feb/14
Hi rob which shoes do u think would add more height the reebok ziglite? Or the nike shox nz? Thanks
James says on 10/Feb/14
Hey rob, how much do you reckon these add? Click Here
James says on 10/Feb/14
Hey rob, how much do you reckon these add? Click Here
[Editor Rob: 1.3ish, not a fan of that model]
Rams175 says on 6/Feb/14
Hey Rob! Could you tell me which is the sneaker add most height? I read here that new balance 574 is pretty thick, about 1.3 inches as a normal redwing or timberland; there is something thicker ? What about clarks desert boot ? Thanks a lot!!!
[Editor Rob: a thick boot which isn't quite huge but solid near 1.6 inch is the timberland tack head. ...Nike show can give 1.4...desert boot isn't overly thick]
dcxb says on 5/Feb/14
Hey, Rob, I measured the heels of these boots with a measuring tape and it gave me 2 inches from the top of the heel to the bottom. Do you think that's correct? The boots I am talking about, that I have and I measured: Click Here
Here are the same boots but in different color: Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes the outside part looks near 2 inches, but the inside part I'd be surprised if the insole was sitting that high up?]

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

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