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T. I. Height
T. I.'s height is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

US Rapper. "5'9" with the soul of a 6'4" nigga" is what he says on song Motivation. He also said "5ft 8 or 9".

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MD says on 8/Feb/07
The link to the February article on T.I.:

Click Here

It reads:

"On the evening after Christmas, T.I.’s petite, 5’6” frame stands tall as the top-selling rap artist of 2006—his fourth album, King, having moved 1.7 million copies."

I'm sure in his boots he can look near 5'8", but barefoot, the guy is in the 5'6" range.

MD says on 8/Feb/07
5'8" is just too tall; to generous a height to give this guy. He's 5'6'ish and skinny as hell, but with a huge personality.

Kavade says on 7/Feb/07
His criminal record says he's 5'7. I met him once at a restaurant and he was about two inches shorter than me so that sounds about right(I'm 5'10 in shoes)

T.I. fan says on 7/Feb/07
hey guys in the lastest XXL issue there is an interview with T.I. and the article begins by mentinioning T.I. small frame at 5'6.

venus says on 27/Dec/06
i met t i and he's around 5'9 he's taller than he appears on tv

Anonymous says on 28/Oct/06
T.I.s in the October issue of GQ, wearing tweed of all things. Yeah, he definitely looks 5'7" or 5'8", but maybe it's because they have him standing next to models in 6 inch heels (which in turn make them look 6').

Bablo says on 28/Sep/06
T.I is about 5'7 it's is long head that makes him look 5'9 no offence though he is a good rapper.

O-town says on 26/Sep/06
He is either 5-8 or 5-9!!! thats final!! ppl keep saying he shorter and shorter was next yall will be saying he 5-2.

Viper652 says on 7/Sep/06
He cant be 5-8 or 5-9. 6-0 Michael Vick has him by 5 inches.

Anonymous says on 17/Aug/06
he is like 5'9 or 5'8 i met him. he's skinny as hell though, he probally wieghs about 130

80's Man says on 26/Jul/06
Because T.I. has stated "5'8" or 5'9" i can only assume hes no taller than 5'8". Anyways he looks between 5'7" and 5'8" due to his build and he also looks this in the pic with michael vick.

5-10chick says on 20/Jul/06
im start'n to think he 5'7 he look stumpy these days

k-tip says on 16/Jul/06
yo yo yo wats crackin its ya boy k tip from 106 and park i got a new rap for yall im still hot noc ya shell a $ stack ya plus i came from the ghetto spit in yall face wit doh doh dats rite son yo bout ti i knew he was short im 6'0 and 190 lbs

Viper652 says on 24/Jun/06
Check out 6-0 Michael Vick dwarfing TI Click Here

Id say hes between 5-6 to 5-7.

[Editor Rob: good you found an nfl guy beside him...maybe its finally time...to take lsat cm, but I can't see 5ft 6-7]

Aj says on 21/Jun/06
T.I is shorter than 5.8, i went to a club in London, called The Penthouse and T.I was there and i was chatting with him for a little while then he went off, and he is SHORT! im short myself (5'5) and he has got to be 5'6 MAX! we were at the same level. Seriously there is no way he is taller than 5'6. without shoes i'd say hes like 5'5

dishanna harris says on 12/Jun/06
was up T.i is my biological brother and he is 5 ft 9 inches

5'10chick says on 11/Jun/06
i think he is 5'8 but not no 5'6 , he is either 5'7 and up but below 5'9 and a half

A D says on 22/May/06
5 foot 6 is close to being a girls height if he is close to that height than that mean the people he standin next to are midgets because if u saw ATL the movie u can see that he is over 5 foot 7.

MD says on 19/May/06
Yeah, he has a long torso, but this legs are really short.

A.C. says on 19/May/06
I met T.I. last Saturday in a steakhouse in ATL. He looks pretty damn tall when he's sitting, but I guess when you look at the pics with him and "Tiny" (who's only 4'11'), you can tell that he's no taller than 5'6" or 5'7".
He is fine as hell, and really sweet too.

MD says on 17/May/06
He's anywhere between 5'6" and 5'8" not 5'8" and 5'10". Why is he still shown over 5'8"?

JE says on 17/May/06
I met T.I. personally after the miami game last night at an after-party and there is no way he is 5'9. I'm only 5'10 and he was at least 2 inches shorter than me.

A D says on 16/May/06
T.I. is 5-9 145 pounds. if u heard his last album you would know that by now.

[Editor Rob: if you read the quote on this page below this comment, the guy doesn't even know his own height ;-)]

Editor Rob says on 30/Apr/06
This quote was on the Hauteness.net:

"I don't know. I'm like 5 feet 8 inches [or] 5 feet 9 inches. I fluctuate between 140 and 150lbs"

Enough to take him down another cm? The guy don't exactly know now! ;-)

J. says on 24/Apr/06
From Concrete Loop:Click Here

'Angel LA, I can definitely agree with you about the fact that T.I. is too damn short & skinny. He keep saying he is like 5'9, but I have seen him and he looks like he is 5'5 or 5'6.'

MD says on 18/Apr/06

Look at the photo I recently posted of Mario and Quddus. It shows their feet, and shows that the picture you have below of the two is greatly distored. Quddus has at least 2" full inches on Mario.

[Editor Rob: yes, I've looked at all the pics of m/q, it goes to show how he can have laid back posture and look 5ft 10 but then you can make him look easy 6ft...I don't think he's far from that mark, 5ft 11.5 isn't out of the question but then J said he seen the guy looking in 6ft range!...I know xaoi and I had argued about this guy a lot in the past. Arguing down 1cm at a time for him...

As for t.i, I again looked at all the pics and would say 173cm might be closer to the truth...although 174 hmm, look at the comment on mario page 30 mar 05, I originally guessed the ti bloke at 172cm then thought he was tricky and had left him at his own quote (i.e tricky, being posture at times)...]

xaoxio says on 16/Apr/06
I've wanted to say that T.I. can be shorter than 5'9" listing but as I see you've downgraded him slightly. Can he be shorter than this? In photos with Will Smith he doesn't look a proper 5'9"-footer.

Chris says on 13/Apr/06
5'6" Confirmed - Its in his NY Times article 4/12/2006 - "If I do a video, I have you four minutes," said the rapper, who stands just over 5 feet 6 inches. "If I do a movie, I have you two hours, and I'm 20 feet tall.
Click Here

ceo757 says on 12/Apr/06
I just checked out A.T.L. and Big Boi is listed as 5'7 and in the movie him and T.I. where the same height so T.I. is in that range if not shorter.

dee says on 24/Mar/06
T.I lies constantly!
(1) The guy is no where close to being 5'9! (2)Im from Atlanta, and know for a fact that he's not from Bankhead...he's from Riverdale! He went to Riverdale High School in Atlanta, which is no where close to Bankhead, neither is it anywhere close to any hood! (3) he didnt go to jail off deug charges...i dont care how much money you have, you cant get out of jail for a show, and go back in after the show. Jails dont give out field trips! (4) He's not a 7 time felon like he says...3 strikes in GA and your gone for good!

I Luv TI says on 15/Mar/06
I don't know if people are still checking this site or how many of you have actually seen TI up close and personal. I live in ATL and I met TI at Lenox mall. Yes he is fine as all hell but he is DAMN Short. I am only 5'0 and we were damn near eye to eye. He is definately no where near 5'9. He might be 5'6 on a good day with the right shoes on...but hey, it still works for me.

TIPs wife says on 21/Dec/05
t.i i 5'9 and his d*ck is 9'9!haha

Mrs.TIP says on 25/Nov/05
I met him in Baskin Robins and i went crazy cause he my favorite rapper and he is the only rapper on my wall no other celebrity and he is about that height

Mrs.TIP says on 24/Nov/05
He is 5'9

F-ICP says on 17/Nov/05
I've seen him in concert, he's like 5'8" with his shoes on, I think he's 5'7" tops like other people on here, usually when a rapper has to claim their height because they're so short they're usually rounding up...

nae says on 27/Oct/05
t.i iz around 5'6 5'7 i've seen him in concert

Ball-A-Hallic says on 20/Oct/05
Yup in Motavation off his newest album URBAN LEGEND he says 5'9 wit da soul of a 6'4(he says Six'Fo) Nigga MOTIVATION!

James says on 13/Oct/05
Yeah, he say in "Motivation" he's 5'9". That's not small, that's average. Cuz it's said that the average male is 5'9". These days for a man, 5'5", and 5'6" is short. But in terms of weight, T.I. is pretty small. He's not really built, I dont think he works out.

Trickle says on 4/Oct/05
J., when they said he was "small", they probably meant his weight, not his height. He said in his song, "motivation" he was 5'9, but he might have exagerrated.

Diplomat says on 19/Aug/05
TI is 5'9 like J said. And that is not considered short these days. Im 5'5 and thats short

bmp says on 11/Aug/05
T.I is not 5 ft 9, at ost he is 5 ft 7

J. says on 7/Aug/05
I agree Maria, the more I see him, the shorter he looks. Also, according to the hip hop gossip world, he and rival Lil Flip got into a fist fight earlier this year and people remarked on how well T.I. fights for someone so 'small'. Since when is 5'9" referred to as so 'small'? ...Makes me wonder.

CK says on 11/Jun/05
He said in his song "Motivation" that he is 5'9"

[Editor Rob: Yep, "5'9" with the soul of a 6'4" nigga"]

J. says on 30/Mar/05
Rob, are you sure???? I think he's 5'10". Do you have any pics?

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