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50 Cent height: 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
US Rapper, Curtis Jackson is standing in this mugshot says 6ft and 'appears' 6ft 1, in shoes maybe...although the mugshot isn't really accurate looking directly at it - he would be less than that mark.

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Mr. R says on 7/Jun/12
Rob, didn't you have him at 5-11 before?
[Editor Rob: I've left him at 6 foot for a good few years, although I have one film I'm going to watch to see him against a few guys I've met to see how he looks.]
Dmeyer says on 6/Jun/12
About 184-184.5cm shoes on in mugshot so 511.5-6 ft depending on shoes
Truth says on 14/Feb/12
Here is 50 Cent standing face to face with Kenye West

5'8 West 5'11 50

Click Here
relax says on 13/Feb/12
It seems that he is as tall as Tony Yayo (6 ft ) and just a little sorter than Loyd Banks(6.1) ,so I believe Curtis is exactly 6 feet tall .!!
Reality says on 10/Jan/12
Mikey D says on 3/Dec/11
I met 50 once a long time ago when he was a hustla (Before he became famous) Im 5'9 and he was a few inches taller. I think 6'0 with shoes on is accurate.

WIth shoes on he's 6'1 so he's 6'0.Anywayz I don't understand why do you have to downgrade him when we already have the proof that he's 6'0?
Nils says on 30/Dec/11
He looks kinda tall..
Johny \"Bonez\" Jones says on 6/Dec/11
50 Cent is 6' tall because the game is 6'4" and he is not more than 4 inches shorter than him.
Mikey D says on 3/Dec/11
I met 50 once a long time ago when he was a hustla (Before he became famous) Im 5'9 and he was a few inches taller. I think 6'0 with shoes on is accurate.
Predator says on 2/Dec/11
He looked shorter than 60" (in shoes, 510.5" barefoot) Timberlake. I Dont think hes the kind of guy to wear lifts, but boots Ive seen him wear. Curtis is 510" IMO, 60" is too much, if that was the case he would have towerd over 57.5" Eminem, even if hes a happy lift-wearer claiming 59".
Physics Enemy says on 22/Nov/11
5' 10"
Silent d says on 20/Nov/11
I watched get rich or die trying and he always was about the same height with 6 foot terrence howard. I remember the naked shower scene where they were barefoot and 50 cent was maybe half a cm taller. My friend said he is shorter than he looks and he knows his rappers. He said he is 180cm max but i don't believe him. He is a solid 6 footer.
guy says on 7/Nov/11
on his mug shot where it says his 6"0 - 6"1, he was only 16 years old when it was taken.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Oct/11
He's more 181cm-182cm rather than a full 6"0...
For sure not under 5"11 though
Middle says on 15/Aug/11
Torre says on 12/Aug/11
He looks 510 barefoot. 60 in lifts.

I'm not sure if he wears 2 inch shoes because it's more like 1-1.5 inch max.But if you say that with footwear he looks two inch taller then he should have 3" lifts because everyone has 1" footwear.
Torre says on 12/Aug/11
He looks 510 barefoot. 60 in lifts.
Reality says on 9/Aug/11
JohnGrey says on 30/Jul/11
the mugshot through me for a loop as well, yet timbs(which I'm stereotypically assuming he could've been wearing at the time of his arrest) add 1.5 inches of height, making him 5'10.5" barefoot, tops.

With shoes on they measured him at 6ft 1,they marked 6ft barefoot.But it's not impossible that he is below 6ft,maybe 5ft 11 or 5ft 10 is right.
JohnGrey says on 30/Jul/11
I agree that 50 has the structure and build of a 6'0"+ guy, of course, he's ripped. Yet based on picture evidence, there's no logical way he's 6'0". the mugshot through me for a loop as well, yet timbs(which I'm stereotypically assuming he could've been wearing at the time of his arrest) add 1.5 inches of height, making him 5'10.5" barefoot, tops.
lee says on 29/Jul/11
eminem is 5ft9 well so he says in a new song on badmeets evil album.
GFA says on 27/Jul/11
Legend says on 23/Jul/11
Eminem isn't 5'6.5 viper diaper. He's 5'7.5

I agree with you.He seems about 5'8.
Legend says on 23/Jul/11
Eminem isn't 5'6.5 viper diaper. He's 5'7.5
@ JohnGrey says on 16/Jul/11
i think 6'0 is right for 50.though at the pics you gave he really looks 5'9-5'10.but he looks 6 ft in a lot of videos.mugshot said that he is 6 ft too.
JohnGrey says on 14/Jul/11
Again, 50 looks 5'9"/5'10" next to 5'8" Eminem(who is severely slouching) and 6'1" Lloyd Banks- Click Here forget the lifts that day?
JohnGrey says on 13/Jul/11
I believe 50 is about 5'9"/5'10" barefoot, the evidence points to him wearing 2-3 inch lifts to take him up to 6'0". Here is a picture exposing his elongated leg with an illistration of where his foot should be in his boots according to the anatomy of his leg/calf- Click Here

And here he is without his lifts(On set of a photoshoot with regular shoes provided for him) looking 5'9" next to 6'1" Adrian Peterson and 5'3" Carrie Underwood- Click Here
@ Tapia says on 13/Jul/11
have you looked at these pics?he's 6'1 with shoes and 6'0 barefoot.
Tapia says on 12/Jul/11
He is not 60" barefoot, the mugshot pics is with shoes obviously, and they are never accurate. 511" is the tallest Curis can be.
jake says on 9/Jul/11
I think he's a 182 cm guy.
Clay says on 9/Jul/11
Viper says on 30/Jun/11
How so Clay. Em was shorter than 5-7 Wahlberg on TRL.

You could be onto something, remember Wahlberg was 5'7.5 max next to Glenn. I dont see Eminem under 5'7-5'7.5.
man says on 8/Jul/11
he's at least 6'0 or even taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 4/Jul/11
His height is 5ft11.25(181cm)
@ Viper says on 3/Jul/11
wahlberg is 5'9 (if you look at the pics where he's staying next to donnie wahlberg) and em's 5'8 which was proved by mugshot.though they don't measure height accurately but they can list somebody taller/shorter about half inch,no more.

you're saying that wahlberg is 5'7 while he's listed in this site 5'8 and looks 5'9.5'7 for wahlberg is your desire but not the thruth.

wahlberg is 5'9 and em is 5'8.
Viper says on 30/Jun/11
How so Clay. Em was shorter than 5-7 Wahlberg on TRL.
jjf says on 28/Jun/11
how is he 6'2 andy? when on his mugshot on that straight to the bank video says he is 6'0?
Clay says on 21/Jun/11
Ouch..Eminem 5'6.5? You're pushin' it big time Viper.
man says on 17/Jun/11
Viper says on 17/Jun/11
Eminem is 5-6.5

Actually Eminem is 5'8.
Viper says on 17/Jun/11
Eminem is 5-6.5
Viper says on 17/Jun/11
Eminem is 5-6.5
Joy says on 16/Jun/11
50 cent is AT LEAST 6'0 or taller,eminem is not shorter than 5'8.
Mathew says on 14/Jun/11
50 Cent is NOT a legit 6 footer. I'd be surprised if he was more than 5'11" flat. Eminem is 5'7.5" MAX btw.
to Viper says on 7/Jun/11
hahaha...are you crazy?eminem's 5'8,i've seen a lot of pics of him so i know how tall he is.

you're downgrading their height because you wanna feel better about yourself.50 cent doesn't look under 6'0 at all.he's exactly 6'0-6'1 and eminem is 5'8,even mugshot proved that.
Viper says on 6/Jun/11
LOL Eminem is lucky to be even 5-7.

50 is 5-10 and maybe some change MAX
@ J says on 6/Jun/11
he is not shorter than 6'0,because he looks 6'0 or 6'1 nex to eminem who is 5'8.

most correctly for him is 6'0.5.
J says on 4/Jun/11
Maybe he is 5'11. I've seen the beginning of the window shopper video of him and mase (who is 176cm so i've heard) and he only looks a little taller than mase. Compare that do diddy and mase who is 5'10.5 according to this website.
Alex says on 29/May/11
He looks 5'11ish I'd say. He'd need some huge boots to be under 5'11 barefoot and his the 6'1 mark.
JoMama says on 23/May/11
Stop pulling your opinions out of your assholes.. mugshot says 6 ft 1 in shoes... listed as 6 w/0... end of story retards
kurdish boy says on 20/May/11
50 cent is a tall man i think he is taller than 183cm
Viper says on 17/May/11
LOL Mughshots dont show accurate height
Webmmaster says on 17/May/11
50 is like 6'2 and he and 230 pounds
marko says on 17/May/11
50 cent is taller then 5 ft 10.5 viper,look mugshot,he looks 6 ft
Viper says on 11/May/11
He gives real 6-0 guys a bad name. 5-10.5 MAX
marko says on 11/May/11
he looks 6 feet tall
Rob2 says on 29/Apr/11
50 Cent is not 6'0...The mugshot that lists him at 6'0 is probably because he was measured in his shoes!
Russ says on 19/Apr/11
The mugshot says 6'0" and 170 pounds, he is obviously heavier than that now.
Milky says on 13/Apr/11
50 Cent is a weak 5'11" max.
Russ says on 25/Mar/11
The mugshot has to be right, they measured and weighed him at 6' and 170, although he HAS to weigh more than that now.
CLiPz says on 24/Mar/11
Click Here

This is a picture of 50 cent next to 5'8" Floyd Mayweather and 6'1" Chad Ochocinco. 50 has a hat on but you can tell he's not as tall as Ochocinco, who has about two inches on 50. You can also tell he's about two inches taller than a hunched-over Floyd Mayweather. 50 should be about 5'10", 5'11".

If you Google pictures of him next to Dr. Dre and LL Cool J, you'll see 50 cent is about two inches shorter than them. Both Dr. Dre and LL Cool J are 6'1"
david isbetter says on 23/Mar/11
ok anyone saying he is 5'10 5'11 6'0 is WRONG
i am 5'10 and i have a couple of pictures with 50 and in all pictures he is clearly about 6'2 about 3 inches taller than me
i work for violator management and get to work with 50 on a regular basis so yes he is taller than average.
andy says on 10/Mar/11
50 cent is not 6 feet tall... havent you seen a video showing a picture of him? in vevo? i know vevo sucks but here is the link showing he is 6 foot 2 all you ma ****in dumb ass ma ****as out there >>Click Here<< it is called straight to the bank dumb ass ma ****a
JackWyatt says on 5/Mar/11
50 Cent came to the theater I work at in san francisco to promote get rich or die tryin a few years back and he was at best 5-10 and he was wearing timberland boots im 6-2 and he barely met my brow. everyone looks large on film few are large in life.
B says on 28/Feb/11
jj, why WOULD I waste my time to make up a lie like that? I'm one of the members of the press who attended the convention and I specifically waited for 50 at the booth because my girlfriend is a big fan of his and wanted an autographed shirt (which had 50 Cent + Sleek Audio headphone branding). I'm not specifically a fan of 50 but I'm not one of those "haters" either. For the record, I have no specific preference in music, pop, rap, rock, I take anything that sounds good.

Back to 50's height, that's exactly what I saw and frankly, other members of the press who were there also did mention how much smaller he was (but of course by no means tiny) compared to what they see in music videos. Just remember CES is also a nerdfest, people who normally sit in front of their workdesks and workstations all day who would care less about 50's height, or even bother to exaggerate about it. If you were talking concert goers or 50 fanboys, yeah, they might make up a couple of lies to push him down shorter or rank him up taller than he really is
Sweeney says on 23/Feb/11
179cm max

look at the start of this video next to a 176cm Mase
Click Here
B says on 22/Feb/11
I was at the CES convention last month and 50 appeared at the Sleek Audio booth to sign autographs/promote his line of headphones. It was my first time meeting him and I must say he's a lot smaller in person than I'd have imagined (ie compared to seeing him in music videos where he looks 6-2 and whatnot). I'm 5-10 and taking footwear into account, I'd put him at 5-11, maybe 5-11.5 max. I have a friend who is 6-0 and he is taller than fifty.
Cosmos tsibela says on 17/Feb/11
Thanks for the tip Leonari.i guess the tv screen has a way of making celebs look taller than they are.
SolidSnake says on 17/Feb/11
50 Always dwarfs Eminem. the mugshot is the best indicator so far. 6'1 in shoes
tell-em says on 16/Feb/11
i mean a tad bit below 5'8" for de niro
tell-em says on 16/Feb/11
he is a hair below 6'0'. looked 4 inches taller than robert de niro in rightous kill whos a tad bit below 5'7" these days and 50 had on boots. hes in the 5'11" range.
leonari says on 16/Feb/11
Hey Cosmos: He may look that tall but in reality could be a hair below 6 feet
Cosmos tsibela says on 15/Feb/11
Curtis "50 cent" jackson looks about 6'2 on his videos or perhaps taller.
hey says on 14/Feb/11
he's probably 5-11 3/4 or 1/2 at least if he's 6-1 in the mugshot he's about 6-1...but i'm thinking he's 6 foot..if you watch the movie Twelve he's about 1.5 to 2 inches taller than Chase
Clay says on 12/Feb/11
He wants everyone shorter, for unknown reasons...
SolidSnake says on 12/Feb/11
Why does 50 cent's mugshot board say 6 foot when his head is clearly touching 6 foot 1?
hey says on 9/Feb/11
Viper says on 25/Jul/10
The guy looked 5'9 with 6'1 Adrian Peterson

you must just want him to be shorter lol look at that mugshot it's clear he's 6 foot he probably had shoes on so 6 foot
pinkcolors says on 10/Jan/11
he looks smaller than snoop dog because snoop is more than 190 cm.And snoop appears very tall because he is so skinny.
Will says on 23/Dec/10
I'm 6'0 barefooted and i've met 50 Cent back in the 90s, when he was not as famous as today. I was talking to him at eye level, 6'0 is accurate for him.
Oli! says on 23/Dec/10
I think he is more than 6'0. More likely about 6'1 - maybe even 6'2
Mattiew_- says on 17/Dec/10
By the way he always appeared pretty average to me ( body proportions, also how he stacks with other people in his clips ) so I was really surprised there was a debate about him being 6' or 6'1 ..
Mattiew_- says on 17/Dec/10
He is not 6'0 imo .
In PIMP he looks really small next to Snoop , I'd say 4 inches min, maybe 5 and we know Snoop sports Timberland's or big shoes while Snoop has regular/thin soles most of the time ...

180-181 barefoot seems spot on .
Pamco says on 28/Nov/10
Should be downgraded to 5'11.5
Big T says on 22/Nov/10
I was just watching the video for "Window Shopper" with Mase, who is listed at 5'9 1/2" here. Right at the start he is standing next to 50 in a full body shot, and they proceed to spend the rest of the video walking around together and you get a good opportunity to compare their heights.

Honestly 50 only looks a weak 5'11". He looks very similar next to Mase to how Diddy looks next to Mase.
5\'9 dude says on 21/Nov/10
I met 50 way back in the day when he wasnt even a huge rapper. Im 5'9 with shoes and he had a good 3in on me. I'd say a solid 6'0 with shoes probably like 5'11 barefoot.
Calob Adams says on 12/Nov/10
He's 6'0'' ft. trust me i know.
Shaun says on 9/Nov/10
182cm I think. He is a shade shorter than Val Kilmer.
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