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Ace Frehley Height
Ace Frehley's height is 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)

American Musician from KISS.

5ft 8 Glenn and Ace

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Brad says on 29/Apr/09
No, getting whiskey sucks.
el toppo says on 19/Apr/09
WTF? THis is ace? Man, getting old sucks!
Rod says on 19/Apr/09
I don't know if he really let himself go - as much as just partying HARD during the 70's and 80's. Plus you have to remember, he is pushing 60!
mcfan says on 18/Apr/09
Paul was 6'0, Ace 6'1, Gene 6'2, and Peter 5'8 back in the 70s. I even think this was their listed heights in a magazine which I may or may not have from that TV movie that was out.
LG69 says on 17/Apr/09
I'd say Ace is 6'0 if Glenn is 5'8".
John says on 12/Apr/09
wow, Ace really let himself go. I Say he might of been taller in his prime.
guyfrommars says on 9/Apr/09
Dio is closer to 5ft2, plus he's wearing 3-inch boots all the time. The guys from Kiss were tall enough (except the drummer) plus their 8-inch monster platforms made them 6ft9 - 6ft12 giants.
Daniel says on 30/Mar/09
Rising Force, are you sure the guys form Elf were soooo damn short? I thought Dio -at 5'4''- was the shortest member of the band. They rock hard and good!
glenn says on 26/Mar/09
yes,those slipknot guys are huge.6-2 to 6-5 supposedly.saw them recently.i didnt see higher than 6-2 though.maybe that guy wasnt around.saw all 9 in costume run by me once.
glenn says on 26/Mar/09
thats what i saw 15 years ago too brad.odd i see him taller now.maybe special converse.
glenn says on 26/Mar/09
and i might get carey this year too.if i ever find the damn thing.
JOSH says on 25/Mar/09
RisingForce says on 25/Mar/09
I like that style of metal. Wow, Rising signed by everyone except Carey? That is lucky, a picture with Cozy is also great. He's probably my favorite drummer.

Brad, you're right about Dio being more powerful with Rainbow. I have dozens of bootlegs of him with Rainbow and that was his peak. he's been consistently good for 40+ years, but I'd say that he was never better than he was with Rainbow. He still sounds amazing on Sabbath/Heaven and Hell's new single. I believe he was born in 1942 as well!
Brad says on 25/Mar/09
I met him 15 years ago and I'd go as low as 5' 6.5" for Criss in sneakers. Probably wears special shoes now.
jimbo says on 25/Mar/09
well, slipknot's Jim Root and Mick Thomson. as Clay Patrick McBride's photo shoot for the Slipknots he describes them ..."like the twin towers of heavy metal, or a two-headed,12-fingered monster."
glenn says on 25/Mar/09
i couldve sworn peter criss was 5-6,5-7 myself when i met him in 1993.
glenn says on 24/Mar/09
silver mountain is pretty good.euro sounding keyboard driven power metal.im lucky to have a photo with cozy powell.and a lost copy of rising signed by all except carey.
Brad says on 24/Mar/09
5' 7" is all I saw with Peter in front of me. He gets dwarfed by other Kissers. Dio was amazing in '80 with Sabbath. They blew the roof off Madison Square Garden back then. I'm sure with Rainbow he was even more powerful.
RisingForce says on 24/Mar/09
I love Elf too. I remember hearing about the rumors, they were supposed to reform with Ronnie's cousin David Feinstein on guitar. Feinstein played on Elf's debut album and he's played in various metal bands over the years. From everything I heard Rainbow was supposed to reform until Cozy Powell died in a car accident. That's a shame because Cozy was a legend and I'm too young to have seen Rainbow with Dio and I would have liked to see them more than any other band. Rising is my second favorite album of all time and Long Live Rock N Roll is right up there as well.

How is Silver Mountain by the way? I heard them years ago, but I can't remember what they sound like.
glenn says on 24/Mar/09
criss is more 5-8.he surprised me as i remembered him shorter.5-9 isnt impossible.paul usually looks 6ft in person.but has been listed as 6-1 and can look it in photos.
Rod says on 24/Mar/09
Ace is 6-1, ... Gene is just over 6-2, ... Paul is 6-0, and Peter is 5-9.
glenn says on 23/Mar/09
i never got dimmu.saw them play once in a small venue with hardly anone there.i think the singer walked past me.
Henkka says on 23/Mar/09
I didn't know either that Hammerfall were so tall!

Another band to take into consideration is Dimmu Borgir; appart from Silenoz (who is about 5'9 if I'm not mistaken), I think all the members are between 6'and 6'3... and can't forget the giant 6'6 Vortex, of course.
glenn says on 22/Mar/09
i happen to walk by and saw hammerfall in the street once.it was all or most members.i took the group photo with.i have to look at it again.luckily i know where it is.i think i looked like a midget in the photo.if im wrong,then its safe to say at least 2 were giants.i think anders is more of 6-6 type i read.i have his old band silver mountain's album.one the first,of the power metal genre.i dont know anything about elf,except i love their music,have them all signed by dio,and they were to reform 8 years ago.so was rainbow with blackmore and dio.blackmore kept delaying it.now we have over the rainbow with blackmores son.
Arnie says on 22/Mar/09
Wasn't "Old Skull" made up of elementary-school kids, about 10-12 years ago?
Brad says on 22/Mar/09
Attila (Billy Joel's duo heavy organ band) is number three.
RisingForce says on 21/Mar/09
Elf defintley rivaled ACDC for shortest band. If I'm not mistaken Elf had members who ranged from 5'0" to 5'4". I never realized Hammerfall was so tall Glenn. Then again I've heard Anders Johansson is a giant at 6'4" or 6'6" and from what I remember in their band pictures he didn't stick out as particularly tall.
glenn says on 21/Mar/09
ah!!! yes!!! of course.know who they are.dont think i ever heard old skull.
glenn says on 21/Mar/09
crowbar is great.especially their last album.heaviest is a tough one.
glenn says on 21/Mar/09
yes,he does still does the card with his great looking autograph.
Brad says on 20/Mar/09
Heaviest? BTO. Mountain. Burger King '79 Times Square, "whoppah". I wonder if Ace still draws the playing card on his signature.
Danimal says on 20/Mar/09
Shortest Bands: AC/DC and Elf (Ronnie James Dio's former band). I wonder who the HEAVIEST band is? Probably New Orleans's Crowbar.
D. Ray Morton says on 20/Mar/09
They were that punk/thrash band comprised of 10-year-old kids from the late 80s.
glenn says on 20/Mar/09
i never noticed his nose until this evening above.he has that condition i see in only in old men for some reason.that puffy,deformed nose.sometimes red like rudolph.nathans times square,circa 1976.those were the days.
glenn says on 19/Mar/09
d-ray-i vaguely remember them.refresh me.
Brad says on 19/Mar/09
The Small Faces were the shortest. The McCoys second. Ace's nose is a mess plus the Jim Beam didn't help. I think he was in a bad car crash as well.
D. Ray Morton says on 19/Mar/09
I think Old Skull would have qualified as one of the shortest bands. Remember them?
glenn says on 19/Mar/09
ace's nose was deformed.i dont think you can tell in the pic.i was nt expecting that.nor have i ever noticed that in the 90s.
glenn says on 19/Mar/09
i dont know about metallica.not at all.lars is the only one thats really short.5-7.5 to 5-8 guys dont qualify.ac/dc is the most obvious.small faces the first ever perhaps.ron wood(5-10.5) and rod stewart(5-11) were too tall.they had to change their name to the faces.the strokes are pretty tall.sans one or 2 guys.
Nate says on 19/Mar/09
the strokes are tall guys.
Mickey says on 19/Mar/09
Glenn what about the shortest bands? Metallica would be on there if it wasn't for James Hetfield.
Brad says on 17/Mar/09
He's put on weight.
glenn says on 17/Mar/09
yes,killers should be on the list,but on the bottom cause,though around 6 years,still kinda new to me.the other bands are either legends or around for awhile.
glenn says on 17/Mar/09
yes,the black crowes.it was bothering me that i couldnt figure out the one i left out.in fact,that should be on top of the list.all time tallest band in my opinion.even when they get replacement members they order them tall.
trueheight says on 16/Mar/09
Wow, he looks 75 in this photo.
Danimal says on 16/Mar/09
glenn says on 16/Mar/09
tallest bands would have to go to audioslave,soundgarden,hammerfall(possibly,i could be wrong,though i have group photo with),type o negative,queens of the stone age,then kiss.

And the Black Crowes.
flash_of_eden says on 16/Mar/09
hey glenn wouldnt the killers also be one of the taller bands? theyre all over 6 ft with the exception of brandon, who is close to...
glenn says on 16/Mar/09
tallest bands would have to go to audioslave,soundgarden,hammerfall(possibly,i could be wrong,though i have group photo with),type o negative,queens of the stone age,then kiss.
Brad says on 15/Mar/09
He's tall in boots. Kiss Army will straighten this out. Looks like Peter with helium and 21 days of Jack Daniels. Could pass as an Oakland Hell's Angel.
PJ says on 15/Mar/09
Met him many times, he's a sloucher ... 6'1 easily.
glenn says on 15/Mar/09
neither did i brad when i saw him last summer.have not seen him since 1996.he walked right into a yellow cab and i nearly missed him.luckily i realised my mistake.he rolled down the cab window and signed my albums.i was thinking who the hell is this 80s looking metal guy?
glenn says on 15/Mar/09
he isn't standing straight.
Paddington says on 15/Mar/09
I think KISS might be the tallest band around, even without their ridiculous platform shoes.
derek d says on 15/Mar/09
Guys, he is slouching, easy 6'1 there...
D. Ray Morton says on 15/Mar/09
Looks like a blowed-up Peter Criss here. 6'1"+ in younger days. Looks 6'-6'1" here, depending on footwear. Hilarious guy.
ZAQ says on 15/Mar/09
more like 4 inches dont ya think

i say he's 6'0

the top of your head has to be like under a person eye level which is considered 5 inches
Brad says on 14/Mar/09
I don't recognize him anymore.
victor says on 14/Mar/09
he seems to be in the 6ft 1 range, maybe a little under...........but it looks like he is hanging........maybe im wrong?
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