How tall is Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua's Height

6ft 6in (198 cm)

British Heavyweight Boxer. On twitter he said in 2012 he stood at an imposing "6 ft 6" inches tall. This photo (by Giles) is from a Collectormania event, he had about 0.3in more sneaker than me.

How tall is Anthony Joshua
5ft 8 Rob and Anthony

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Average Guess (65 Votes)
6ft 5.7in (197.4cm)
Bizzare Oaks said on 23/Mar/17
People love Downgrading AJ and Tyson Fury.
Nick said on 22/Mar/17
Robbe said on 19/Mar/17
A.J. with 6'6" listed Mark Foster.

Click Here

Seriously?? that Foster guy has clear disadvantage as Joshua is standing in front of him way closer to the camera. (besides Joshua doesnt look the same height at all even with the advantage) Stop joking, check these pictures where they actually pose and stand side by side with Eddie Hearn (which is no more than 190cm) maybe 192ccm in shoes

Hearn is no taller than 190cm next to 175cm Luke Campbell and looks exactly same heigth as Joshua basically everywhere, show some decent evidence that Joshua is at least 3cm taller than Hearn, oh wait, it doesnt exist because is not taller :)

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Hearn with 175cm Luke Campbell Click Here

and yeah about this one Click Here here Hearn is obviously not standing straight actually he looks scoliotic in there, (seriously it looks something is wrong with his spine) whilst Joshua is all stretched up like million bucks (maybe the promoter is trying to favour the young man?)
Steve said on 22/Mar/17
@Nick Come on man. All of those photos you've posted show Joshua taller than Hearn?? I think you're measuring Hearn to the top of his hair instead of where his head would end? Remember his head will end about 3cm lower than the top of his hair. This isn't the case for Joshua as he has a shaved head in most of those photos.
Even with Hearn's hair Joshua is STILL taller in 2 or 3 of those photos so that shows there's at least 4cm difference between them.
Can't help but feel that you're just here to troll...
FissenK said on 21/Mar/17
6ft6 solid. Always looks it when I see him on TV, someone mentioned an episode of League of Their Own that he appeared on, I saw it too and it did show really well he tall he actually is. Was absolutely towering over 6ft1 Jack Whitehall and Jamie Redknapp, made them look average height. Cleared 6ft3/6ft4 Freddy Flintoff by a good few inches too. Clearly 6ft6.
Nick said on 21/Mar/17
Hearn is no taller than 190cm next to 175cm Luke Campbell and looks exactly same heigth as Joshua basically everywhere, show some decent evidence that Joshua is at least 3cm taller than Hearn, oh wait, it doesnt exist because is not taller :)

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Hearn with 175cm Luke Campbell Click Here

and yeah about this one Click Here here Hearn is obviously not standing straight actually he looks scoliotic in there, (seriously it looks something is wrong with his spine) whilst Joshua is all stretched up like million bucks (maybe the promoter is trying to favour the young man?)
Nick said on 21/Mar/17
Hearn is no taller than 190cm next to 175cm Luke Campbell and looks exactly same heigth as Joshua basically everywhere, show some decent evidence that Joshua is at least 5cm taller than Hearn, oh wait, it doesnt exist because is not taller :)
Nick said on 21/Mar/17
Hearn is no taller than 190cm next to 175cm Luke Campbell and looks exactly same heigth as Joshua basically everywhere, show some decent evidence that Joshua is at least 8cm taller than Hearn, oh wait, it doesnt exist because is not taller :)
Canson said on 21/Mar/17
@Johno: 6'5 and change agreed but a strong 6'5. Probably what you said or a hair taller 6'5.5
Johno said on 20/Mar/17
I don't think you need helplines to tell that is not 6'6 guy or at least a solid 6'6 with and 5'8 guy but more rather, someone who is more 6'5-ish.

Steve said on 19/Mar/17
@BizzareOaks Yea it would be easier to judge if Hearn had a shaved head because with that style it's a bit tricky to tell where his head actually ends.
On looking at it again I'd say 2.5inch difference is more likely than 3.

I do think Hearn is a tad taller than 6ft3, though, I watched a lot of the pre fight build up to David Haye v Tony Bellew and Hearn always had a comfortable inch on 6ft2.5 Tony Bellew.
Being a keen boxing fan I see Hearn on TV a lot and I've always had him at 6ft3.5 from seeing him with all these 6ft2/6ft3 boxers so I'd still say AJ is a comfortable 6ft6.
Robbe said on 19/Mar/17
A.J. with 6'6" listed Mark Foster.

Click Here

Joshua has very low forehead, as you may have noticed. His eyelevel is much higher than Foster's, but they are practically the same height. Usually big guys have at least 4.5in forehead, but Joshua has only ca 3.5in. Its quite rare.

P.S. Dont feed the trolls, its useless and pointless. What ever evidence you bring on the table, they ignore it, and keep on trolling. Totally waste of time.
Bizzare Oaks said on 18/Mar/17
@Steve. i dont think AJ has 3 inches on Hearn but i do think their is 2 inches difference.
Reece said on 18/Mar/17
Click Here Joshua is the taller man look at him in Flats still taller than Stromzy. Regardless of the angle Joshua is also taller. I have stood next to taller people with a hat and been the same that hat is giving Ibrahimovic more and storm you has a bad posture and Ibra looks to have a far better one.
fatjack said on 18/Mar/17
Nick said on 17/Mar/17
::D I knew it, tha super tight cap that Ibra is wearing, is making him look taller??? seriously, just figure this, Strimzy is wearing tick soled sneakers there and Ibra is in flat soccer shoes, if anything Ibra is marginally taller or maybe very close at worse, and btw Joshua doesnt look taller in that picture with Strimzy he is just standing in front of him closer to camera
Steve said on 16/Mar/17
@Nick I don't like to be rude to people but I think you need to get your eyes tested if you can honestly say that you think Hearn and AJ look the same height in this photo??

Click Here

Hearn's knees are very slightly bent but there's still a good 3inches difference.

Here's another photo which shows it... one of many...

Click Here

Also it's funny how you complain about people posting bad photos with bad angles etc and then you post ones like that Zlatan and Stormzy one where you can't see the ground level at all and can't see enough of their bodies to take posture into account whatsoever - stupid to try and base it on photos like that.

I said you're wrong about everything because it's just quicker than correcting you on each individual thing which is very easy to do but unfortunately would take too long as there's so many things you're wrong about !!!

'Either Rob is lying about his height or cares too much about his blog to expose these people' - that actually made me laugh I'll give you that one Nick, funny guy.
Kyle said on 16/Mar/17
Eddie looks 6 4 range joshua looks 6 6 period nick your deluded mate if you think he is 193cm barefoot he edges out wlad who is a solid 6 5 range guy like anon said how tall is dillian whyte who joshua cleared out by few inches and i doubt he is under 6 2 taller than chisora who was close to david haye
Reece said on 16/Mar/17
Ibra hat is making him look taller when he is not.
anon said on 16/Mar/17
Eddie Hearn looks taller than 190cm he is likely 6'4 range, I have sene countless shots of Joshua and Hearn in the ring etc joshua is clearly taller than Hearn in general, You could argue Joshua might be a 6'5.5- 6'5.75 range guy but a flat 6'5 I doubt it very much anyone guessing Joshua at 6'4- 6'5 is really pushing it so How Tall would you guys Put Dillian Whyte I am guessing 6'0- 6'1 range?
Nick said on 15/Mar/17
@Damian6ft5 yeah yeah Im this tall and he's taller and blah blah blah, no proofs whatsoever, look either Rob is shorter or he doesnt want to expose these guys cause he cares too much about his blog here, truth is Eddie Hearn is no more than 190cm as clearly shown in those pictures and Joshua looks about the same height rest is jabbering
Nick said on 15/Mar/17
you mean this Stringy guy taller than Ibra? what are you smoking? Click Here he's clearly shorter than Ibra
Reece said on 15/Mar/17
Click Here If AJ is 6-4 then why is he taller than 6-5 stormzy. Unless you say Stormzy is 6-3 which he is not. Ibrahimovic is a tall guy and stormzy is taller than him! So if AJ is 6-4 then Ibra and Stormzy are what. Every body disagrees with you.
Damian6ft5 said on 14/Mar/17
Time to hopefully put some of this 6 foot 4 / 6 foot 5 bullshigoogle to bed ! ....

I saw AJ at a cafe in London last year and stood right next to him and spoke to him.
I've been measured several times at doctors and other places and always come out dead on 6ft5 and AJ was at LEAST an inch TALLER than me (and I actually had thicker trainers than he did)

Anyone claiming 6ft5 or less is stupid.
It's funny how we have a picture of him and Rob who we actually KNOW is 5tt8 and yet we choose to judge it by shigooglety photos of him with people like Klitschko and Hearn who's heights are far from certain.
Just look at the photo with him and Rob!!!! And trust me, I'm 6ft5 dead on and he was easily TALLER than me.
It's funny cuz we have these people like Nick who've never seen him in person and they just try to find any picture of him looking shorter and downgrade him by a couple inches.
Totally solid 6ft6.
Ph87 said on 14/Mar/17
Comfortable 6ft6. Anyone saying less than 6ft5.5 is delusional the guy is very tall.
Nick said on 14/Mar/17
just to compare 175cm listed Luke Campbell next to Eddie Hearn Click Here
Nick said on 14/Mar/17
@Steve what are you 12? I could also say you are wrong about everything, so far the pictures and fact are speaking for themselves there is no way Joshua is over 193cm barefoot

see this one with Eddie Hearn who even according to Rob is 190cm Click Here they look the same height, why? go figure..
Steve said on 13/Mar/17
@Nick you're wrong about everything.
Mr T said on 12/Mar/17
Wlad is not standing properly with Helenius the posture is bad. Froch claims to be 6-0.5 and Joshua is easily 6-6. Their is not proof Joshua is standing closer the picture you posted proves Joshua is taller than 6-4. why would Rob who has met Joshua say the lowest Joshua is 6-5.5 or 6-5.75. Rob who has stood beside Joshua says he is 6-6. i would believe him over u. Wlad stated he is 6-5 but he has said 198cm too which is 6-6.
Nick said on 12/Mar/17
Editor Rob: nick, Hearn is probably somewhere in 6ft 4 range.

Ok Eddie Hearn is 190cm (which is very very tops for him) according to Rob, so explain this one Click Here
Nick said on 12/Mar/17
that picture you posted is not very good in terms of angles, Click Here (Joshua is clearly standing closer to the camera giving him at least 3cm boost) however that Froch is 180cm very tops, you can clearly see here, the other guy to the left are 179cm listed Anthony Fowler (which is not even standing straight) and Warren Baister 193cm listed which looks identical to Johsua in height
Nick said on 12/Mar/17
there you go some more fanboys on the way :) just google Helenius Klitshko if you know how to do that, replace Wlad haed with Joshua's helenius is a legit 198/9cm guys Wlad and Joshua aren't that is a fact.

They can be Wlad 195cm tops (which he has stated many times)
Joshua is no more than 193cm, just compare to legit 199cm guys as Helenius.
boxing fan said on 11/Mar/17
Wlad and Joshua are both Large 6,6 men for sure.
anon said on 10/Mar/17
How tall do you guys on this page Guess Dillian Whyte he is listed 193cm surely too high he could be a 6'3 guy maybe 189-191 for Whyte overall not at all sure on him he did look clearly taller than Chisora in their fight so I cant see him being under 187cm range say, I Think Chisora is a solid 6'1 or around that given his shots with David Haye maybe 186cm

Any Idea on Big Dillian?
Steve said on 8/Mar/17
@Nick @Robbe
Robbe, You're spot on.

I've read all of Nick's comments and there's so many things wrong with what he's said that it's too long to even bother correcting him. I actually hope he is just here trolling because if that's his genuine opinion then he's delusional.
6ft6 is exactly right for Joshua. He's almost a whole head's length taller than Rob and towers over people of 6ft2-6ft3

Here's a few photos which aren't even debatable. 6ft5.5 absolute minimum but more than comfortable 6ft6.

Click Here ... With 6ft3 Dwayne Johnson
Click Here With 6ft0 Carl Froch
Click Here With 6ft2 David Haye
Click Here With 6ft5 Stormzy

No point in comparing him with Klitschko who wears lifts!!
Robbe said on 7/Mar/17
Nick is obviously trolling, Lol at Joshua being 6'4" :D
Joshua is minimum 197cm. Anybody can see it just looking at the pic above. Wlad is a bit shorter, wakes up probably 198cm, and drops to 195-196cm in the evening.

- David Price, 203cm
- Tyson Fury, 202cm
- Dominic Breazeale, 200cm
- Mariusz Wach, 200cm
- Deontay Wilder, 199,5cm
- Robert Helenius, 199,5cm
- Vitali Klitshko, 199,5cm
- Anthony Joshua, 197,5cm
- Audley Harrison, 196cm
- Wladimir Klitshko, 196cm
- Lennox Lewis, 194,5cm
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
@Reece: Wlad may be 198 out of bed like he has stated before and can see him as 195.5 at night being he has a long torso. He looks a legit 6'5" not 6'6" and can't be that high if people are guessing him that have stood next to him barefoot at 6'4 like Allen when he said in his trainers he's the same height (I'd guess he's still an inch or close to it shorter).
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
@Nick: you're joking right? I am 6'4-6'4.5 (6'4.35 avg night time) and can't see that. He looks like he would easily be at least an inch taller than me and that's with poor posture next to Rob. He's easily at least deep into 6'5 territory and I easily buy the weak 6'6" Rob said he looks in person. Maybe he isn't a full 6'6 like listed but I wouldn't go lower than maybe a strong 6'5.
Reece said on 5/Mar/17
Joshua is not standing straight he is lowering his body and the other guy is standing Straight.Even Rob who has met Joshua would tell you Joshua is not 6,4. Joshua is at the least a strong 6,5.5 he was taller than Charles Martin in their Face to Face.Rob says below,the lowest I would argue for Joshua but for me he is taller. if Rob who has met and stood next to Joshua think he is 6,6 i will believe him over you telling us he is 6,4. he had Tony Bellew look small yesterday and Bellew looks 6,3 to me and is certainly not less than a strong 6,2.75. Robert Helenius seems like a 6,7 guy to me he looks the same as Vitali Kiltschko. the 199cm could be at a low after training he looks a 6,7 guy to me. their is not a chance of AJ being 6,4 he makes 6,3 guys look small. less than a strong 6,5 is untrue. Joshua is putting his body on Rob dropping his posture he is not standing straight.
Editor Rob: believe me Reece.

Joshua is over 6ft 5, but I can understand estimates of 6ft 5.5-5.75, it's not totally impossible.
Nick said on 5/Mar/17
I dont need to convince anyone, I know Im right because pictures and fact dont lie, while one image can be flawed by perspective or angle hundred more are saying the same thing to all youse no matter how you spin it.

Wlad might be a shade taller than Joshua but neither of them are 198cm stop kidding yourselves Joshua is not over 193cm everybody knows that by now, (but ofc 198cm sells better) Wlad is 195cm tops. Just look how tall he looks next to Robert Helenius who is REALLY 199cm.

And you can see who is lying about their heights.

Also for christsake just look at height challenge on this site Click Here check number 15 see how tall that is compared to Rob, if you believe Joshua is 198cm you never seen someone that tall.
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
Agree Reece
Reece said on 4/Mar/17
Wlad is probably 199 in the morning. 198 Mid day and 197cm by the time of the FIGHT. That is likely were the 199cm comes from.
Al said on 3/Mar/17
His site has him at 199cm
Tut Tut said on 24/Feb/17
we all have our own opinions on here. Nick you wont presuade Andrew or Vice Versa. Joshua did not look to much shorter in their Fight than breazeale even though it loked more noticeable in Confrences. but that is misleading due to changing of angles and footwear. Also,Boxers like to wear Lifts to intimiate others.Click Here look at min 13.20. i cannot see more than 1 inch difference touch gloves. the Fight is always the best example. i cannot see 3 inches or 2.75 inches difference between the two. i think both Wlad and Joshua are both 6,6 but i would not rule out 6,5.5 they look the same height but Wlad is taller in some by a inch to a inch and a half. that could be down to footwear and posture though.
Andrew said on 24/Feb/17
Nick said on 23/Feb/17
Wow let me congratulate for your math man, you must have fed on gods milk, "opponent wearing one inch shoes. That's an instant 2 inch disadvantage" how come one has magically become two :) LOL

LOL at all the pics you posted no matter how hard you try to find the angle that favours Joshua, Breazeale is the taller guy, and by at least 6 or 7cm hence Joshua is 193cm and Breazeale is probably close to the listed 200cm

Did you check the Charles Martin proof? I bet no cause it clearly show that Joshua is no more than 193cm

Joshua not wearing shoes and Molina wearing one inch shoes puts Joshua at a 2 inch disadvantage straight up. What math don't you comprehend? Molina has the extra inch, while Joshua has one inch less (wearing socks) = 2 inches.

AJ never looks 7cm shorter than Breazeale. Look at the touch gloves Click Here 13:24 you think that's a 7cm difference even with Joshua looking down?

Martin is listed 6'5
Check the touch gloves Click Here at 3:13 Joshua is clearly taller than Martin.
What can't you see here?
Nick said on 23/Feb/17
Andrew said on 22/Feb/17
Nick that video you put with AJ and Breazeale, AJ just stepped off the scales and is not wearing footwear while Breazeale is wearing a one inch heal. This is more realistic AJ wearing nikes and Breazeale wearing formal shoes.
Click Here

Click Here

You can't compare AJ wearing socks to an opponent wearing one inch shoes. That's an instant 2 inch disadvantage. AJ rarely puts his shoes on after weigh in hence why Molina looked taller than he did in the post weigh in head to head but in the ring he was dwarfed.

Realistically, wait for them to be head to head on fight night for a realistic view on their heights.

AJ is a clear 6'6" and Wladimir looks to be 6'5.5" just shorter than AJ. The dude wears lifts constantly except in the ring where you will see AJ will have the slight height advantage.

Wow let me congratulate for your math man, you must have fed on gods milk, "opponent wearing one inch shoes. That's an instant 2 inch disadvantage" how come one has magically become two :) LOL

LOL at all the pics you posted no matter how hard you try to find the angle that favours Joshua, Breazeale is the taller guy, and by at least 6 or 7cm hence Joshua is 193cm and Breazeale is probably close to the listed 200cm

Did you check the Charles Martin proof? I bet no cause it clearly show that Joshua is no more than 193cm
Nick said on 23/Feb/17
these "Wlad wear lifts" guys probably have father issues or they have other related problems with Wladimir Klitschko being taller than Joshua, just check the facts you blind fools :)

Robbe said on 23/Feb/17
Do the math guys. Robert Helenius is 6'6.5"

Click Here

Helenius is 199cm and I know it's true, so no not even in your wildest dreams Joshua will come close to that height.
Nick said on 23/Feb/17
Nick said on 21/Feb/17
Ok are you ready for the MASTER PROOF?

Wladimir Klitschko is 195cm tops.

That is fact of science, Klitschko with 199cm listed Robert Helenius Click Here

Now I personally know the guy on Helenius right of this picture (he is not standing fully straight) he is about 193/195cm we played football together many times. He is about the same height as me.

Click Here

So no way Klitschko is over the 195cm mark. Joshua is a tad shorter than Klitschko so just picture Joshua next to Helenius and then you have it, Joshua is 193cm tall.

@firecracker probably this site is full of fans, promoters and agents that are trying to keep up the hype..

Please just check the facts, on Wladimir page Click Here Joshua at 198cm is obviously ridiculous, because Helenius is 199cm and look how much taller he is compared to Wladimir which is taller than Joshua. Please guys, try and be honest with yourselves for once.
Robbe said on 23/Feb/17
Do the math guys. Robert Helenius is 6'6.5"

Click Here
Andrew said on 22/Feb/17
Why does Wlad always wear lifts in his shoes? On fight night AJ will be the bigger man because naturally he is. Wlad loves mind games.
Click Here
Andrew said on 22/Feb/17
Nick that video you put with AJ and Breazeale, AJ just stepped off the scales and is not wearing footwear while Breazeale is wearing a one inch heal. This is more realistic AJ wearing nikes and Breazeale wearing formal shoes.
Click Here

Click Here

You can't compare AJ wearing socks to an opponent wearing one inch shoes. That's an instant 2 inch disadvantage. AJ rarely puts his shoes on after weigh in hence why Molina looked taller than he did in the post weigh in head to head but in the ring he was dwarfed.

Realistically, wait for them to be head to head on fight night for a realistic view on their heights.

AJ is a clear 6'6" and Wladimir looks to be 6'5.5" just shorter than AJ. The dude wears lifts constantly except in the ring where you will see AJ will have the slight height advantage.
joe### said on 21/Feb/17
Bill said on 20/Feb/17
I think Joshua will be a little taller in the Ring. Kiltschko footwear is making him look taller he loves dresser shoes. i think Joshua will have half a inch when they fight.
Johno said on 19/Feb/17
Wlad is taller than Joshua.
NIck said on 19/Feb/17
again Charles Martin and 188cm (listed) Vyacheslav Glazkov just in case you missed it :) Click Here

Just replace Vyacheslav Glazkov with Joshua you got Joshua REAL height
NIck said on 19/Feb/17
the evidence is right there Charles Martin looked exactly the same as Joshua maybe a tad taller, Charles Martin is not 196cm barefoot can be 193cm at most.

That is a fact of science.

Charles Martin with 188cm Vyacheslav Glazkov, which btw shows how a REAL 188cm guy stacks up with a 193cm person (Haye is 183cm no more)

Click Here

Click Here

This is really big is case you have impaired vision, Charles Martin with Anthony Joshua Click Here

Now is just simple math, if you replace Martin with Glazkov you get Joshua is never ever going to be ever over 193cm
Height Master said on 18/Feb/17
Rob height things are not accurate IMO. you can by looking Joshua is easily 2 inches above it and he only has 0.3 inches more than Rob. that makes him a very strong 6,5 and close to 6,6.
Nick said on 17/Feb/17
someone mentioned the picture with Rob up here, first of all Rob you are 173cm in shoes in all these picture how do you measure yourself?

Secondly Joshua is 196cm in tick SHOES here giving him at least 3cm advantage, meaning he is 193cm barefoot.
Nick said on 17/Feb/17
once upon a time they used to put thieves in jail thats where they belonged, we used to have the great sport of boxing, but now its all a joke, Joshua will never be a true champion after stealing a gold medal, its a impostor, a poser and just hot headed guy who got it going with the right crowd, oh and btw is not a hair over 193cm

Click Here

Click Here How many cm do you see there? Brazeale is listed 200cm so no chance Joshua is 197cm or 196cm Joshua is 193cm very tall but not that tall
Steve said on 14/Feb/17
Looking at pictures of Joshua and Klitschko I think Joshua has just under an inch on him.
There's a few photos, maybe like 10% where Klitschko looks taller but I'd put that down to footwear/posture. 90% of the time Joshua looks a bit taller.

Looking at Joshua with loads of other celebs it's clear he's a solid 6ft6.
Dwarfs so many people in a way that only someone of 6ft6+ can.
Reece said on 9/Feb/17
Movieguy lets remember Wlad loves lifts.Joshua and Wlad could both be 6,6 but in a training photo after sparring Joshua looked a bit taller 0.5 inches.
pukpuke said on 7/Feb/17
Flat 195cm and barely 198cm out of bed
movieguy said on 7/Feb/17
In recent press conference photos I think Wlad looks a bit bigger than Joshua. Height wise and more broad in terms of physique. Then again there's not much difference and could be down to footwear I suppose.
Reece said on 6/Feb/17
Andrew.the camera angle can be confusing.Wilder looks taller next to Wlad than AJ. AJ looks 0.5 inches taller in boxing gear and Wilder bizzarly looks to have close to 2 inches on Wlad. look at this picClick Here. now this oneClick Here guess is
Wlad 197 cm- 6,5.5
Joshua 198cm-6,6
Wilder 201,-6,7 or maybe a touch above he looks a 6,7.5 at times like above with Kiltschko
Fury 205 cm,6,8.5-looks to have 1.5 inches on Wilder and a full 3 Inches on Kiltschko look at the touch gloves before their FIGHT
Ice said on 3/Feb/17
ROB what are the chances that Joshua falls to 196 cm after a long day ?
Editor Rob: Ice, I'd say slim..but 197 yes, that is very possible.
Andrew said on 30/Jan/17
Someone explain this:
Wilder listed 201cm
Joshua listed 198cm
Harrison listed 197cm
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
According to these photos Joshua seems to be the tallest. Obviously shouldn't be the case though.
Andrew said on 30/Jan/17
Joshua is 6'6" look at him next to Breazeale, basically the same height and he's 6'7".
Look at this photo
Click Here
Obviously Klitschko isn't the same height as Tyson yet in this he appears to be taller as he's wearing lifts in his shoes.
Either way I think Joshua is 198 and Klitschko 197. Several photos show them being similar in height and Joshua taller in some and Wlad taller in others. Either way I think AJ is at least in reality 1cm taller than Wlad.
Nick said on 28/Jan/17
as Rob pointed out, Eddie Hearn could be 192/3cm in shoes, as he's obviously 189/190cm barefeet as seen in many pictures he is about the same height as Tony Bellew who was listed as 188cm (there could be 2/3cm between them)
here next to Joshua looks same height Click Here so no, not even in your wildest of dreams Joshua is more than 193cm barefeet.
Nick said on 28/Jan/17
btw Joshua dint deserve gold, he clearly lost the match to the italian at the Olympics which was obviously fixed in Joshua's favour
Nick said on 23/Jan/17
Anthony Joshua is 193cm next to Dominic Brazeale listed at 200cm Click Here Click Here
berta said on 23/Jan/17
dont know if he is a full 198 guy . in my head he is 197
The Exorcist said on 18/Jan/17
I doubt Dillian Whyte is over 6'2" guys.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I think 6'2" flat.
Moke said on 18/Jan/17
Haye 6 ft? He's clearly not 6'3 as billed, but to conclude that he's only 6' would be wrong. There will always be a picture that hints at another direction, but as we know pictures can be deceiving. I could post the following pic and while shouting out "Haye 6'3!"
Click Here
Does it help anyone to take a close guess at his real height? I don't think so. So Haye I think should stay at 6'1.5 and Joshua at 196-197, Klitschko at 195,5-196.
miko said on 14/Jan/17
Joshua can look anywhere from 6'5.5 to 6'6.25 depending on the photo.

I do think if you measured him in the early afternoon he would be just short of a full 6'6. He has great posture though so he can easily pass for it.
184guy said on 12/Jan/17
Joshua with Audley Harrison who is also 6'6ish :
Click Here
Baz said on 11/Jan/17
There are varying photos of AJ and Wlad in training camp together being relatively the same height. And as Wlad has stated in the past, he is 6ft 5.

David Price 6ft 8
Tyson Fury 6ft 7.5
Deontay Wilder 6ft 6.75
Vitali Klitschko 6ft 6
Gary Cornish 6ft 6
Wladimir Klitschko 6ft 5
Hughie Fury 6ft 5
Anthony Joshua 6ft 5
Eddie Hearn 6ft 3.75
Dave Allen 6ft 3
Dillian Whyte 6ft 2.5
Luis Ortiz 6ft 2.5
John Fury 6ft 2
David Haye 6ft 1.75
Dereck Chisora 6ft 1.5
Peter Fury 6ft

You basically give or take 1 to 1.5 inches and get their real height.
berta said on 10/Jan/17
not a full 198 guy closrer to 197
Reece said on 10/Jan/17
Fury is taller than 6 foot 7. he is clearly 2.5-3 inches taller than 6,5.5 Kiltschko. 6 foot 8 at least
nick92 said on 2/Jan/17
rob how tall would you say eddie hearn the boxing promoter was?....I always thought 6ft3.75-6ft4 but he claims 6ft5....Click Here looks a little over 2 inches shorter than klithsko here.
Editor Rob: nick, Hearn is probably somewhere in 6ft 4 range.
anon said on 26/Dec/16
Dillian Whyte looks above 6'2 but those are pretty good guesses tbh
The Exorcist said on 23/Dec/16
My estimates:

David Price: 6'8"
Tyson Fury: 6'7" (possibly .25)
Vitali Klitschko : 6'7"
Deontay Wilder: 6'6.5"
Wladimir Klitschko: 6'5.5" (he wears lifts at press conferences)
Anthony Joshua: 6'5.5"
Hughie Fury: 6'4.5" (or .75)
Eddie Hearn: 6'4"
Joseph Parker: 6'3.5"
Shannon Briggs: 6'3"
Luis Ortiz: 6'2.5"
Tony Bellew: 6'2" (or .25)
Dillian Whyte: 6'2"
John Fury: 6'2"
David Haye: 6'1.5"
Dereck Chisora: 6'1"
Alexander Povetkin: 6'0.5"
Peter Fury: 6'0"
anon said on 23/Dec/16
Agree on your estimates Tim Pretty much, Eddie Hearn is likely 6'4 range maybe 193 he is above 190 Whyte is no 185 guy I think around 6'3 maybe 190, I would put chisora at 186 too looks a legit 6'1 range guy, some of the people on here seem to downplay everyones height by 2 Inches, Joshua at 6'4 lol, guy is 6'5.5 minimum maybe 197cm as you say but I cant see him being under that.

The most interesting one is Hughie Fury he is down as 6'6 but looks 6'4 range I think could be 6'4- 6'4.5 range maybe, Most boxers wont get measured or give their heights in shoes, Froch himself claims 6'0 and he was always officially listed as 6'1 when he boxed.
Tim181 said on 23/Dec/16
More likely:
Joshua 197
Klitschko 197 + 0.5' lift always
Eddie Hearn 193
Dillian Whyte 190-191
Dereck Chisora 186
anon said on 22/Dec/16
Dillian Whyte is 6'0- 6'1?.

Rob, How Tall would you guess Dillian, I cant buy 183-185 for him, Maybe 190?
firecracker said on 18/Dec/16
Nick said on 16/Dec/16
Bottom line if Klitschko is 195cm, Joshua is 193cm tops

And then this bunch of guys

Eddie Hearn is 190cm
Tony Bellew 188/189cm
Dillian Whyte is 183/185cm
Derek Chisora 183cm
David Haye 183cm

very good, nick.
agree with you, maybe whyte can be 186-187cm. he is 3-5cm taller than chisora:Click Here

But you understand how lies are part of the game: haye billed 190cm!!! whyte 193cm!!! chisora 187cm!!! all fake!!! the only one serious is wlad klitschko who said many times to be 195cm.
David said on 18/Dec/16
Guys, let's remember Klitschko always uses lifts, there was a face off where Joshua clearly looked more or less 2 cm taller than Wlad (which may be the most reliable since Klit's height cheating historial.
Steve said on 18/Dec/16
Rob you better fix your stadiometer because if AJ is 6ft4ish like people are saying then you must be 5ft6!! Lol.
Of course, there was just a slight hint of sarcasm there... Joshua is a solid 6ft6. People are just jumping to conclusions based on a few photos where footwear and even ground can't be seen. I could find many photos which show a solid 6ft6 for Joshua. The one with Rob and him being a good one to start with.
Editor Rob: Steve, I wouldn't say Joshua was a solid 6ft 6...there is a chance he still falls a little under the mark more than being 6ft 6.25.
will said on 16/Dec/16
wow.. these joshua klitschko face to face meetings have shed plenty of light on the height of these guys. i think youll be compelled to downgrade joshua from 6'6 to 6'4.5 or so... klitschko is also 6'5 like he says
Nick said on 16/Dec/16
check these Click Here Click Here Click Here

Bottom line if Klitschko is 195cm, Joshua is 193cm tops

And then this bunch of guys

Eddie Hearn is 190cm at best Click Here Click Here Click Here

Tony Bellew 188/189cm Click Here

Dillian Whyte is 183/185cm Click Here

Derek Chisora 183cm Click Here

David Haye 183cm Click Here
Scott said on 16/Dec/16
Anthony Joshua doesn't look as tall against Charles Martin as 6'4 Malik Scott does, who bafflingly looks a solid 2" taller than Martin.

Scott also looked about 3-4" taller than fellow 6'4 Luis Ortiz.

Does Scott actually know his own height, or is he the only one telling the truth??
Moke said on 15/Dec/16
@ Nick
This is one picture out of dozens. Watch the videos and you will see they are pretty much within millimeters from each other. Both around 6'5.5.
Nick said on 15/Dec/16
klitschko has a solid inch or 3cm on Joshua, Joshua is 193cm Click Here
joe### said on 14/Dec/16
Klitschko uses elevators, I would say 196 at most he looks with Fury
Jam said on 14/Dec/16
Joshua looked a fraction taller than Wlad at the press conference and they had very similar footwear
anon said on 14/Dec/16
Nick, Molina looked at least a couple Inches under aj, He might be between 6'3 and 6'4, Joshua looks 6'6 at worst a weak one
firecracker said on 14/Dec/16
joshua is as tall as wlad klitschko. klitschko said many times he is 6'5" (195cm). So it means joshua is max 6'5"(195cm). Here joshua and klitschko face to face after joshua demolished molina:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

they look very similar, maybe klitschko is a shadow taller.
Nick said on 13/Dec/16
as a general rule of thumb, when looking at any given athlete or actor stats just shave off 1 or 2 inches (3 to 5cm) at least and you will have their real height, they are accurate on very very rare instances
anon said on 12/Dec/16
Hi Rob, do you watch much boxing, Any Idea on The Heavyweights Luis Ortiz and Joseph Parker, Both listed 6'4 could be more 6'3, Ortiz looked same height as British boxer David Allen as did Dillian Whyte.

I think Parker, Whyte and Ortiz might all be around 6'3 ?
Editor Rob: I watched more in the past, but not so much lately.
CreepX said on 12/Dec/16
Klitschko definitely looks more than 0.25 inch taller. I would say 1 inch give or take:

Click Here
Nick said on 12/Dec/16
Molina is not shorter than Joshua they are exactly same height, Joshua is 1cm taller tops. They are both between 192cm and 195cm Click Here
Jam said on 12/Dec/16
I think Joshua's absolute low is 6'5.5. Looked about 0.25 inch smaller than Wlad in the ring who was wearing a 1 inch dress shoe. Joshua's boxing boots would give about 0.5-6 inch range
tim181 said on 11/Dec/16
Klitchko a wee taller but he is in dresser shoes that might contain a lift
Click Here
Jam said on 10/Dec/16
Rob, Joshua and Klitschko head to head in the ring- photos on both of their twitter pages. What would you say the height difference is?
Editor Rob: Jam, they look very similar height in the photo.
Borats Chicken said on 10/Dec/16
Rob, what about 6'5.75? he could look nearer that sometimes
Editor Rob: Borat, that figure is certainly arguable.
oPOPo said on 10/Dec/16
Molina is 6'3 going by the adamek weigh in. Joshua is 6'5 min
Editor Rob: the lowest I would try to argue for big Joshua is 6ft 5.5, that's a bottom line, but he seemed taller than that to me.
qartt said on 9/Dec/16
At the Molina weigh-in, Joshua in socks for the stare down Molina in shoes. Joshua still taller than Molina by an inch. Molina is listed 6'4, they are trying to make Joshua look smaller most of the time not bigger.
Will said on 7/Dec/16
There's no way AJ is 6'6" rob. Look at the face to face with Charles Martin, they look EXACTLY the same height and Martin is listed at 6'4". I'd say Joshua is 6'4-6'5
Andrew said on 6/Dec/16
Rob, how tall would you say both look here respectively? Taking into account leg posture?
Click Here
Editor Rob: with Joshua he could look 6ft I think
Dave said on 6/Dec/16
i met AJ in real life and i am 6'3.8 , to be honest i really do not think he is 6'6 as i stood next to him and there we just over an inch in it , he edges more 6'5
shiva 181 cms said on 15/Nov/16
He's 6'5.75 at the very least , i agreehe looks 6'5 considering the footwear the reason

This picture is taken from low angle with the tall guy standing a bit farther to the camera so the mug shot isn't correctly matched with his real height
Editor Rob: not really sure about 'the tall guy standing a bit farther to the camera', I'm looking at the lens, he's not. The camera is (as you look at the photo) on the left edge of his shoulder, similar to say Nick Blood photo - we are both looking at the camera, it's clearly on his side, he is nearer the camera...
matt said on 5/Nov/16
How Tall would you guess Eric Molina his next opponent, He is listed as 6'4
Editor Rob: might not be far off it, will be interesting matt, to see how he squares up to Joshua next month.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Oct/16
@Peter, you do realize that he clearly clears 6'5.25 in the photograph not even standing his best?
Arch Stanton said on 21/Oct/16
Yeah, if he's not 6'6 on the nose he's extremely close. Nothing under 6'5.75.
Steve said on 20/Oct/16
I've seen pictures of Joshua with many 6ft2/3ers and he towers over them. Saw a video of him and Dwayne Johnson together and he easily had 3or4 inches on him. Also there's a picture of him with 6ft3ish Bradley wiggins on his Instagram and he's got a clear 3inches on wiggins, if not a little bit more.
Click Here Picture of him here with 6ft Carl Froch shows it well!!
Rob only comes up to the bottom of his chin also.
I saw an episode of A League of Their Own where he made 6ft1 Jack Whitehall look short, and also had a good 2/3inches on 6ft3/4 Freddy Flintoff.
Solid 6ft6.
Peter 179cm said on 9/Oct/16
Looks more like 6'5.25-5 range or a solid 196 guy.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Oct/16
A fraction under is possible but he generally does look around this doesn't he?
BSD said on 7/Oct/16
always looks at least an inch taller than 6 4.75 Lennox lewis
will said on 26/Sep/16
definitely agree with rob on this one.. check out joshua and lennox lewis standing together.. joshua towers him
CNROM89 said on 15/Sep/16
I think he is 6'5,5.
Brandon said on 12/Sep/16
Canson said on 7/Sep/16
@Christian: that may be a bit high at least with Rob and the pics with Klitschko. He may be more like your height 196cm at his lowest
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 5/Sep/16
"Anthony Joshua's Height is 6ft 5.75in (197.5cm)"
Bard said on 30/Aug/16
Looks a little under 6'6 (accounting for lean - footwear), not much though obviously.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Aug/16
Saw this guy on TV earlier during the Joe Joyce match and I thought actually that he looked taller than Joyce who is listed at 6'6 too. Anthony also looked noticeably bigger next to John Inverdale than Steve Redgrave (who Rob STILL hasn't added)...
184guy said on 20/Aug/16
Rob,do you believe he loose at least 0.3 in leaning in the photo ?
Editor Rob: looking at him in the shoot I thought he was standing reasonably well most of the time, but I did try to match what posture, and I think I am.

You can See here, compared to middle of crotch we both have a similar type.

184guy said on 18/Aug/16
These 6'5 claims are absolutely nonsense
Gman56 said on 12/Aug/16
I think 195/6cm for big josh at the end of the day is fair
anon said on 12/Aug/16
Yh I agree pretty much, close estimates, Tho Whyte could be more a weak 6'3 guy- I am not at all sure on him, At time I thought he was strong 6'3 range than can look 6'2 range overall he might be more a weak 6'3 maybe around 190cm.

I agree on wilder I could see him being 6'6.5, the 6'7 might be rounded up or he was measured in shoes?
Josh said on 12/Aug/16
@Rampage Agreed, Especially for a boxer
The Exorcist said on 11/Aug/16
@anon: I would guess Dillian at 6'2-6'2.5 range and Deontay Wilder at 6'6.5" ish
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Aug/16
A weaker 6ft6 overall but still a more than fair claim.
anon said on 10/Aug/16
Yh cheers Rob, I think the quote you referred to from Dillian must have been him talking About heavyweight boxers around clearly and not just general people when out and about, whyte has sparred taller guys than himself like Tyson Fury, Klitschko, Wach etc so He is referring to all these guys being mainly 6'6 or more.

Wilder have you seen much of him Rob, Listed 6'7- I think he was a solid inch taller than Wladimir when they sparred, He has at least 4 inches on Haye too, so He must clear 6'6 maybe 6'6.5?. Fury looked taller than him, Would be interesting to see Wilder and Joshua together, I think Wilder might edge out Joshua.

Any Guess on Deontay?
will said on 16/Jul/16
@douglas did you just call joshua 6'3 or 6'4?? are you on drugs?
184guy said on 16/Jul/16
Dillian que look around 6'3 with joshua,190 maybe be possible.
anon said on 15/Jul/16
Hi Rob, Just out of curiosity what is your Thoughts on Dillian Whyte height?, He is listed as 6'4, someone asked him on Twitter going back and he said 5'11 and they said you look much bigger and told him that he gets listed 6'4, he said no idea where they get it from and again said he was 5'11? very strange, He must surely be underselling himself by at least 3 or 4 inches, I am guessing Whyte must be somewhere overall between 6'2 and 6' 4.

strange, I would have guessed 6' 3 for Dillian maybe
Editor Rob: maybe he's just having a joke.
Sometimes they don't translate well to the written word, but work better with facial expressions or gestures!

But he has said "am 6.4 and 248 250 am small most guys now a days is well over 6.6"

Which is even more of a joke, the last part :)
184guy said on 10/Jul/16
So do you think this enormous list of guys saying 6'5 and 6'5.25 are bs ?
Editor Rob: I would call anybody saying 6ft 4 was a BS guess, but 6ft 5-5.5 isn't an outrageous guess.
184guy said on 8/Jul/16
Rob,which one of those AJ slide into ?

A) 200,5cm/198,5cm
B) 200cm/198cm
C) 199,5cm/197,5cm
D) 199cm/197cm
E) 198,5cm/196,5cm
Editor Rob: anywhere in B-D range could be possible.
Canson said on 29/Jun/16
He looks more Wlad's height 6'5 1/4 and can even look 6'5 flat with you Rob or less. Of course the angle is a bit off but he for sure isn't 6'6 or even 197.
ly said on 27/Jun/16
rob is head a bit over or under 10 inches
anyway its looks very long
Editor Rob: probably a good 10 inch
184guy said on 25/Jun/16
Rob who looked taller in person
Clive Russell(Standing at his tallest) or Anthony ?
Do you believe Anthony could be a flat 1,96 guy ? Like the HC 15 ?
Editor Rob: I would say anthony is taller in person...than clive.
The challenger in person can vary, at times actually looking under 6ft 5 because of his size...having a slimmer frame and good posture like Joshua helps maintain an impressive appearance walking about.
184guy said on 22/Jun/16
Rob,how much do you Believe there is between Carmelo Anthony ( 6'6.25) and Anthony Joshua using Lewis Hamiltom as comparsion :
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: I would expect a 171 guy to be touching Joshua's chin - that's what I witnessed when a con friend got his photo the day i seen him, so lewis has pulled off looking a few cm taller in his photo.
nick92 said on 21/Jun/16
thank you for the reply Rob. Also if stormzy and wladmir stood face to face what do you think the height difference would be? Because I honestly would say wladmir will be a inch or just over an inch taller than stormzy.
Editor Rob: Stormzy may well fall into a little under, Vladimir generally can look over a flat 6ft 5 by a fraction, they may well look more than just a small fraction apart, maybe half inch or so.
nick92 said on 18/Jun/16
Anthony Joshua 6ft5.75

wladmir 6ft5.5

stormzy 6ft4.5

.......oh and btw rob what sort of measurement are u guessing celebs heights from a stadiometer, measuring tape or laser measurement ? The reason I ask this is because when my doctor measures me with the stadiometer I stood at 6ft1.5 at around 4pm. but when I check my height in the gym with the laser measurement my morning height is only 6ft.075 and evening is 6ft0 so what measurement should I take as my actualy height?.....that's why I believe some of the celebs when they inflate their heights its not on purpose its just that the most probably used a stadiometer or measuring tape not laser. what are your thoughts?
Editor Rob: just based on a normal measurement, like tape measure or stadiometer...but some devices could be off a fraction or laser machines give incorrect readings.
berta said on 3/Jun/16
Cant se him taller than klitschko. all therit photos he looks 1 cm shorter. I Think they both are 197
YLYL said on 3/Jun/16
From what I gather hes 6'5 because when hes fighting tall men Hearns kept saying he's 6'5 but when hes fighting short men hes 6'6 lmao. Most boxers add 1"-2"inches so I think hes 6'5.25 like Wlad
Canson said on 26/May/16
@Mathew: Wlad's closer to the camera and favored. There the same or minimal diff for Wlad both somewhere in 6'5 ranfe
Johno said on 23/May/16
Wlad appears to edge Joshua Mathew.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 20/May/16
Click Here

.75" taller than Wlad? I wonder. Unless Klitschko is wearing his lifts again, I don't see it.
bobbyh3342 said on 13/May/16
strong 6'5 .barefoot
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/16
I think 6ft5½-6ft5¾ range is very probable.
Alex said on 17/Apr/16
I'd say either a weak 6'6 or strong 6'5 zone from this picture.
Peter 180cm said on 17/Apr/16
Looks 196 with a little more footwear,although both Rob and this guy are losing height.He could be 197cm,i'm not so sure about 198 though...
Canson said on 12/Apr/16
6'5.25 like Johno has looks good. 6'5-6'5.5 somewhere in there. I don't see him crossing into 197 territory at least staying in it if he wakes up in it
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Apr/16
Decent 240lb-er at least and 250lbs, I'm sure he's been up to that
Johno said on 11/Apr/16
Johno said on 11/Apr/16
Was described as 6'5 in his latest interview with Men's Health magazine.
Josh said on 9/Apr/16
@ James B. . 245lbs at the weigh-in yesterday, lightest he's been
_177 said on 8/Apr/16
@Rampage agreed. Pretty much the same as Wlad
James B said on 6/Apr/16
Rob my dad reckons Jackson weighs 252 pounds of pure muscle.

Your opinion?
Editor Rob: didn't he weigh in between 230 and 240 pounds, he might be a guy who walks about 240-50 at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/16
"Anthony Joshua's height is 6ft 5¾in (197.485cm)"

I think he could be in that weaker 6ft6 zone. Definitely clears 6ft5 though as Josh mentioned he edges Lennox Lewis (6ft4½-6ft4¾).
Josh said on 30/Mar/16
I think when you look at the photos of Joshua next to 6 4.75 Lennox Lewis after Olympic victory, you can see a clear inch or more between them. Click Here
Standing very loosely in the photo with Rob which is probably why there is some doubt about the listing - IMO if he was to stand tall for a measure he'd be within a few mm of 198
James B said on 25/Mar/16
I'd say comes in around 6'5.25 if he had footware advantage over rob. Under the scale with footware advantage looks a solid 6'5.5.
MadDrummer720 said on 14/Mar/16
198 cm on the nose! Great listing, Rob!
Moke said on 10/Mar/16
I don't think the app supportes the 6'6 claim to the fullest. Slightly taller than 6'5. As tall as Challenger nr. 15 which would be 196.15.
The Exorcist said on 7/Mar/16
Rob, what estimate would you give boxing promoter Eddie Hearn?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: Hearn claims 6ft is a bit doubtful, I would have thought 6ft 4 range
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Mar/16
Daniel Cudmore : 199-200cm
Anthony Joshua : 197-198cm
joe @@ said on 1/Mar/16
Cudmore looks 197-198
Anthony looks 195-196
Rodrigo said on 28/Feb/16

I liked this new app, it helped a lot to see the differences on a scale. Congratulations, Rob.
Will said on 24/Feb/16
6 6 is a fair listing. Although he likely measures slightly under the mark and is rounded up, it is certainly not as inflated as the ridiculous claims of some. . and holds up when compared to other boxers:
Here edging 6ft5 listed Charles Martin in their first press conference Click Here
Clearly taller than 197cm listed sparring partner Otto Wallin Click Here
about an inch shorter than 6 7 listed Gary Cornish Click Here
and about an inch taller than 6ft 5 Stormzy Click Here
BSD said on 22/Feb/16
6 6 seems a fair claim although likely slightly under the mark. Has the edge on 6 5 listed Charles Martin at latest weigh-in, and over 197cm listed sparring partner Otto Wallin (Click Here)
Scott said on 21/Feb/16
He seems to be close 6'5 ish in person. Maybe a little under IMO.

His promoter Eddie Hearn seems to change his height according to his opponent. For the last 2 weeks with Charles Martin, Joshua has been officially '6'5', whilst a couple of months ago vs the smaller Whyte he was '6'6' apparently!
Johno said on 12/Feb/16
Also, there still is a footwear advantage.
Johno said on 12/Feb/16
Even under this fairy accurate scale he is closer to 6'5 then 6'6, there is a 6'5 inbetween those lines.
TJE said on 11/Feb/16
Nope, still 6'5.5-6'6.
Alex said on 9/Feb/16
So with this new app on the photo he look like a 6'6 next to 5'8 Rob. We all made a mistake here.
6'2 said on 7/Feb/16
Trust me hes 6'6 forget about pictures he was mesured at 6'6" no need for any downgrade
joe @@ said on 6/Feb/16
considering Idris Elba weak 6'2.75 it really does not seem 6'6
Canson said on 4/Feb/16
looks similar to Wlad if anything marginally taller. I like Emil 183's estimate maybe 6'5 1/2 and rounds up.
Johno said on 3/Feb/16
@Pablo, if you claim to be impartial then i am afraid your observation is all out.

First of all, how does Anthony have a full head on Rob ---- especially considering Joshua has the footwear advantage? Takeaway the footwear advantage, forget chin, Rob would be right near his lower lip ----- how can you not even see Rob is clearly passed his chin? ----- it is right there. Rob is leaning to; Rob does that to compensate for the celebrities stance. Joshua head is of normal size thus, he is around 8.5 inches taller then Rob, make it clear a 9 inches to compensate for any errors and Joshua comes out 6'5 max.

Also, if your trying to insinuate that Wladimir had lifts his shoes in those snaps supplied by CreepX ---- he has flat boxing shoes on for foodness sakes !!! Wladimir looks to edge Joshua in those shots and Wladimir classes himself as 6'5 on many occassions and Rob has him at 6'5.25.

With Joe Manganiello, to me he looks nothing more then 6'4. Rob would clear his lower lip taking account of posture and footwear disadvantage but if you want, compare him to Ken Kirzinger who Rob has listed at 6'4.5 and Ken is taller with Rob.

Also, Thor's head is not more then 10 inches, it is normal length and longer then Rob's and Rob is about an inch below bis chin meaning he appears around 6.6.5 and i put bim at 6'7.

Your Kevin Nash estimate seems the furtherest out. He is hardly losing any height with his head tilt. Check Rob's example of height loss due to head tilt. I have Kevin at 6.7.5. I know height contributor Ali Baba did not see him as much taller then him.

Look if you want, compare all these celebrities with all the tall height challenges. Compare 6'5.25 with Kevin or Joe or Joshua and their heights will become clearer to you.

Joshua 6.5 max
Wladimir 6'5.25
Thor 6'7
Nash 6'7.5
Joe 6'4
John said on 1/Feb/16
Anthony needs a slight downgrade to 197cm or 196, Rob. Even with the sneaker advantage, he just doesn't strike me as a full 6' 6" individual.
Emil 183 cm said on 1/Feb/16
I cant see this guy being an inch taller than Wladimir Klitschko. If Wlad is 6'5.25 then Joshua is 6'5.5 tops
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jan/16
"Anthony Joshua's height is 6ft 5½in (197cm)"

He might look a fraction over 6ft6 w/h the advantage
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 30/Jan/16
@Johno said on 28/Jan/16
Thank you that you prove to me that you are not a troll but stills to be a bad guesser in heights(In my opinion)

Kevin Nash with Robs had one picture where he is dropping height and he still looks 6'6 ( And I'm not considering the fact that he has a over 10in head).In the other he looks easily 6'8 but you think that he looks 6'7tops.
With Joe Manganiello he looks 4'' taller.There is even some pics where Kevin is in converse and Joe in Boots and he still has at least 3 inches.

Joe Manganiello looks with Rob and Jenny exactly how Ryan Mcpartlin looks with Rob.So 6ft 4.5 is possible but Rob says that Joe has a reserve height at times which puts him nearer 6'5

Anthony Joshua have a full head in the pic with Rob and is leaning much more.He looks 6'6t with the footwear but w/o he falls to about 6'5.7 Joshua with Wlad don't look 6'5 but like many thinks,Wlad drops a bit of his claims.And he also is supposed to know the lifts artefact since he looked taller than 6'7-6'7.5 Fury He also looked taller than 6'5.25-6'5.5 Ralf Moeller but I don't know if he ever uses lifts or only to fight someone taller in the pre-match events.And we don't have a good pic between Wlad and Anthony (Angle,floor,footwear,distance of cam)

The 6'6.5 claim to Hafthor is a bit of a joke since the guy have a big head and also next to 1 foot on Rob.See how Cudmore looks(who claimed 199) and see how Hafthor Looks.It's very obviou the difference.

Like you claims to be,I try to be impartial in all the cases but unfortunely I'm not have a crystal ball to guess exaclity every claim.

Anthony Joshua 6'5.5
Wladimir 6'5.5
Kevin Nash 6'8.5
Thor 6'7.5-'6'7.75
Joe Manganiello 6'4.75
Paul said on 30/Jan/16
197-198 for Anthony. He leans more towards 6'5.75" rather than 6'6.25"
Johno said on 28/Jan/16
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 25/Jan/16 
@Johno said on 24/Jan/16 
I'll give you some credit.Maybe I was wrong saying that Nash looked almost 6'9 in the pic with Rob.He wasn't with the best posture and wasn't the best pic BUT I still believe that he is at least 2,04 since he has about 4 inches on the minimum 194,5 Manganiello in 2015.

Now I'm very sorry with you,but you are making a ridiculous job downgrading all these heights OR IT'S ALL A JOKE ? I dunno,you look like a troll .

As always, silly retorts. You had Nash near 6'9, strictly speaking ----- Nash looked like a 6'7 individual with a 5'8 individual in those snapshots and an height 6'7.5 would be fair ----- you probably cannot see this. You say that he looked 4-inches taller then Joe Manganiello? The thing is, Rob and Jenny have pictures with both individuals, you have the luxury to make direct comparisons instead of Third-party references. Compare both to Rob direct. Joe looks 6'4 next to Rob and Jenny, he has got some footwear advantage you know ----- or have you conveniently forgotten?

Have you also conveniently forgotten that Joshua has some footwear advantage in the above snapshot with Rob? Are you deliberately ignoring these facts? Joshua looks around 6'5 with Rob with his 0.3-inch footwear advantage; he looks more a strong 6'4-ranged individual then a 6'6 contender as you believe ---- you estimates seem to be relatively far-out, mine seem to be less biased. Look, i have even given Joshua 0.25-0.5 inches due to benefit-of-doubt, despite believing he looks even shorter next to Rob. Also, CreepX has even given you comparisons with Joshua and Wladimir, Wladimir insists that he is 6'5, Rob has him at 6'5.25 and he does not shorter then Joshua, if anything, looks taller by 0.5 inches ---- so how you can have him towards 6'6? Trolls don't write paragraphs but trolls can call others trolls when they have not much to say.

Even with Thor, where Thor looks around 6'6.5 with Rob, i have him at 6'7, you overstate his height. You see i readily give 0.25-0.5 inches away to celebrities since i am impartial ----- you Spaghettify them.

Anthony Joshua 6'5
Wladimir 6'5.25
Kevin Nash 6'7.5
Thor 6'7
Joe Manganiello 6'4
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 27/Jan/16
@CreepX said on 26/Jan/16
I think that 196 is too low for Wlad.Everybody here agrees that he is 197 minimum but after the lifts incident with Fury he lost some credibility.
Emil 183 cm said on 27/Jan/16
Anything between 196-198 cm is arguable. Bit hard to tell tbh
CreepX said on 26/Jan/16
Look at this pictures with Joshua and Klitschko together... Joshua does not look two centimeters taller at all, it's more likely the other way around.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

As you can see, both got flat boxing shoes, do you still really see two centimeters in Joshua's favor Rob?
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 25/Jan/16
@Johno said on 24/Jan/16
I'll give you some credit.Maybe I was wrong saying that Nash looked almost 6'9 in the pic with Rob.He wasn't with the best posture and wasn't the best pic BUT I still believe that he is at least 2,04 since he has about 4 inches on the minimum 194,5 Manganiello in 2015.

Now I'm very sorry with you,but you are making a ridiculous job downgrading all these heights OR IT'S ALL A JOKE ? I dunno,you look like a troll .
douglas said on 25/Jan/16
typical 6'3"-6'4" guy
Alex said on 25/Jan/16
198? Really? He should completely cover the Rob's head. Joshua is 195 cm.
Johno said on 24/Jan/16
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 24/Jan/16 
@Johno said on 22/Jan/16 
Here we go again
The same with the 6ft 3ish JOE MANGANIELLO right ? 
Maybe Joshua is more like 6ft 4.25 ? Hahahha


You were arguing that Kevin Nash looked 6'8.75 with Rob and clearly made up 12.75 inches from somewhere.

Now, your finding the idea that Anthony looking 9-inches on Rob as hilirious despite knowing Joshua having the footwear advantage, quite clearly your pretty bad at guessing heights despite having the pictures right in front of you. Maybe you have a reason for inflating heights? Who knows. Anthony Joshua looks 6'5 in comparison and if anything his height could be further south not north.

Pablo, you also sound very familiar.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 24/Jan/16
@Johno said on 22/Jan/16
Here we go again
The same with the 6ft 3ish JOE MANGANIELLO right ?
Maybe Joshua is more like 6ft 4.25 ? Hahahha
Emil 183 cm said on 22/Jan/16
You're right.
I rewatched the fight recently and Joshua got a gift from the judges. Daylight robbery
Johno said on 22/Jan/16
If you takeaway his footwear advantage, this is how a classic 6'4-ranged guy would look like a 5'8-ranged man. He looks 6'4.5 in there, 6'5 would be a very estimate for Joshua.
mrtguy said on 20/Jan/16
He's huge anyway
Alucard said on 19/Jan/16
Emil, not only the fight with Cammarelle was close and controversial, but also the one with the cuban Savon, and another one that right now i don't remember... Joshua had a massive political/home advantage of course, but now it's all part of history, he's a great heavyweight and an exciting prospect for the division... He has much better fundamentals and footwork compared to Deontay Wilder for example, Joshua has lots of potential...
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 13/Jan/16
Rob,where is the downgrade ?
It's very safe to say that he is a legit 1,97 guy
So you decid,5.5 or 5.75 ?
mrtguy said on 12/Jan/16
Andrea said on 9/Jan/16

He has a full head on Rob
Andrea said on 9/Jan/16
mrtguy said on 8/Jan/16
He looks nearer 6'6'' than 6'5''.
Emil 183 cm said on 7/Jan/16
It was a close fight, the olympic final, but I thought Joshua won.
Alucard said on 5/Jan/16
Looks to be about Wladimir Klitschko's height, 6'5 range... Great heavyweight prospect, great power, a bit stiff but obvious since his size, not tested still, but there's time... The Olympic Gold in 2012 was a gift though, lost two or three bouts, but it was expected since home advantage and the Olympic Games being mostly political...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jan/16
Weak 6ft6 range seems likely.
Emil 183 cm said on 3/Jan/16
Rob, we better be careful with them Glen jokes - he might be watching.. And I did see the back of a 5'6.5 stature wih a ponytail in a dark forest last night :(
mike m. said on 2/Jan/16
I thought on your video on how to guess a 6'5" persons height your head would be right under their chin. Your head is above his chin.
James B said on 28/Dec/15
6'5.75 is probably his true height.

Very tall bloke even if he isn't quite a legit 6'6
Emil 183 cm said on 27/Dec/15
Im sure the 5'8 heightweight champ Glenn "G-minator" Cunningham would like to challenge Mr. Joshua though
Editor Rob: last I heard G was auditioning for a role as Ram-man in the new He-Man movie.
John said on 26/Dec/15
Absolutely no way Anthony can be 198cm, he was 1cm shorter than 197cm Klitschko, so Anthony has gotta be 196cm. Click Here
Strale_195cm said on 24/Dec/15
Yeah, I could agree with this one. He is probably 198 cm. Lowest could be 197 cm for this guy, in my opinion, but not less.
Johno said on 22/Dec/15
I generally give any picture of a celebrity and Rob the most authority; the most credit and if the picture is pretty fair then i seldom argue over a height Andrea.

The set with Joe Manganiello were not consistent with one thus i gave Joe a range --- i don't really remember going as low as 6'3 though and i definitely don't remember giving him a height estimate of 6'5 Pablo. If a single solitary picture of Joe had been like-for-like then i would have given an early estimate height based on it and stuck to it. Anthony's picture on otherhand doesn't leave much room for doubt; it is a bodyshot and both parties are in similar postures. This picture seems pretty accurate and since i do give precedent to Rob's pictures over external comparisons, i would be confident in saying Anthony is 6'5; he hit me as 6'5 right away and together with the footwear advantage, i would be confident in stating he isn't any taller.

Of course he could be 6'5.5; the sameway Rob could be 5'8.7. The only thing which could throw a spanner in the estimates is if Rob produced another picture of himself with Anthony and both pictures conflicted.

Anthony Joshua seems like 6'5; he did edge Lennox Lewis who is in the 6'4 range.

Anthony Joshua 6'5
Emil 183 cm said on 22/Dec/15
I'm sure you can KO him
Editor Rob: well I certainly wouldn't want to try!
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 21/Dec/15
@Johno said on 20/Dec/15
Well, so you went from a flat 6ft 3 to 6ft 4.25 to Joe right ?
Maybe the same thing will happen and you will se Joshua at 6ft 5.5 which actually he looks .
Andrea said on 21/Dec/15
Yeah, Johno... If you wanna be objective and judge the picture for what it is, Anthony does look around 6'5! Of course, this does not rule out the chance that Anthony might measure taller than just 6'5 flat... After all it is just ONE picture! It is true, the photo with Wlad are not ideal but i doubt they would be much different! Wlad is easily 6'5-6'5.5 (he just goes with 6'5 but i think he might measure a bit taller than just 6'5), Anthony is probably similar. 6'5.5, i can buy that...
But yeah this doesn't show a 5'8(.25) guy against a 6'6 one! ;)
Modeus said on 21/Dec/15
regardless,he can look taller than many guys listed at 6ft6 here.
John said on 21/Dec/15
If 6'7" Tyson Fury is constantly being billed at 6'9", it would only make sense for 6'6" Anthony Joshua to be billed at 6'8"! It's ridiculous.
Johno said on 20/Dec/15
@Pablo, there were three pictures in that set with Manganiello. Non of the pictures presented the complete picture and did not correlate with one another; my final assessment was 6'4.25, i believe this was fair.

The above picture of Rob and Anthony seems more accurate as contrasted with Maganiello's and Rob's. Anthony looks like a flat 6'5 in there, i believe he is around 6'5 and he lists himself as 6'6 [seen more outlandish exaggerations].

If you believe his height to be any different; or taller for example, you could provide a comparison.

Anthony Joshua 6'5
Modeus said on 20/Dec/15
Looks to be around 6ft5,5 maybe a bit more considering his posture
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 20/Dec/15
@Johno said on 19/Dec/15
Just one question. Wasn't you the guy that said that Joe Manganiello was just 6ft 3 ? Probably the same to Joshua ??
mrtguy said on 19/Dec/15
He has a full head on Rob.
Johno said on 19/Dec/15
Does not look anything over 6'5 in that picture to be fair.
That man over there said on 19/Dec/15
6'5.5"-6'6" seems likely
Jam said on 18/Dec/15
So his eye height is roughly 185.5-186.5 range?
Editor Rob: yeah it could be around that.

I think his eye-chin length is around 5.5 inches
James B said on 17/Dec/15
He does look 6'6 compared to Lennox Lewis
maximus said on 17/Dec/15
6' 5.75".....seriously.....a 1/4" is hardly noticeable ......he does look tall probably is around 6'6"
Andrea said on 17/Dec/15
9.5 inches taller? I showed you he doesn't look taller than the big 196 guy...
Also, look at this... Click Here
The highest line is a REAL 9.5 inches difference, based on the fact that you have a 9.5 inches head! Anthony clearly does look under it, about a good half an inch shorter! That would make him roughly around 196, which "confirms" the photo with the 196 guy!
Take away 0.3 inches and he does look around 6'5, more than this i don't know what to do...
I'm not saying he cannot be over 6'5 for sure, there are things that are hard to tell just looking at a photo (maybe he could have lost some height in posture or the photo took some height away)... If you tell me that he looked taller in person than in the photo, that's ok! But at least be honest and don't say he looks 9.5 inches taller than you in the picture :)
I agree with the others, i do think he'd measure 6'6 at some point of the day but it's hard to believe he'd be that tall at his low, considering how "short" he look here!
EzioAuditore711 said on 17/Dec/15
Does he have a a smaller head than me?
Editor Rob: I've never seen yours so I don't know :) If you have a 11 inch head you are in the 99.99 percentile range or more.
Jam said on 17/Dec/15
What would you say his eye level is?
Editor Rob: his eyelevel is a good 1-1.25 inch less than his eye-chin, which is big, so no more than 4.5 inch eyelevel.
TJE said on 16/Dec/15
6'5.75 would be fine. He certainly doesn't look a solid/strong 6'6.
Moke said on 16/Dec/15
I think it's safe to say he measures 6'6 sometime during the day, so why not give him the height? Possibly he drops under 6'6 in late afternoon but that's a matter of definiton. In the pic he leans a tiny bit more than Rob. A very tall guy leaning probably loses a bit more than a shorter one...
Andrea said on 16/Dec/15
As low as 6'5? And he's still listed at a full 6'6...
So, a Rick Fox would look even shorter next to you?
Anyway, you seem very convinced that Anthony is 6'6 range... So, i guess something went wrong when they took the picture! Maybe the same thing which happened with Colin Salmon? He looks 6'5ish in the photo above...
Editor Rob: I think he can look about 9.5 inches taller, or 9.2ish with slight footwear difference, so 6ft 5.5 is about the lowest I would argue.
Andrea said on 16/Dec/15
Then, there's noway he is a legit 6'6... Still very tall, but not 6'6! He might be 6'6.5 out of bed and 6'5.25 at his low, but i doubt he's much over it!
Did he look taller than 6'5.5 Rick Fox in person?
Editor Rob: Fox could look as low as 6ft 5, Joshua certainly walked taller...
Arch Stanton said on 16/Dec/15
You could argue Calvin Harris range at 197cm but he looks near 6'6 to me. Perhaps 6'5.75 as James says might be on the money. I'd say it safe to assume he hits 6'6 at some point in the day, the question is how much he dips under it.
The Exorcist said on 15/Dec/15
It's hard to tell if he's taller than Wladimir, and if he is taller, by how much? There's not much in it that's for sure.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

With (6'0" listed) Carl Froch.
Click Here

A staredown with 6'7" billed Gary Cornish.
Click Here

With Will Smith.
Click Here

And I'm not sure how tall Gary Lineker is, but anyways, here he is getting dwarfed by AJ.
Click Here
EzioAuditore711 said on 15/Dec/15
I'm almost 6'6'' and my head is 11 inches long. What makes you think Joshua's head is shorter? He's 6'6''.
Editor Rob: mine is 9.5 inch, I'm not sure his would be 1.5 inch longer, but he was doing a photo with frank bruno this day and bruno has a wider/longer head I thought.
Andrea said on 15/Dec/15
Rob, actually he doesn't look any taller than Big C... Click Here
That guy was measured 6'5 1/8th and he doesn't look shorter, actually a hair taller!
And, if you consider Joshua is also wearing 0.3 more shoes, he does look 6'5ish in the photo actually!
You should take a picture with a real 6'6 guy, to show how tall a REAL 6'6 would look next to a strong 5'8 guy like you!!!
Also, even though there's about a 0.7 inch swing in footwear, Daniel Cudmore gives a slightly taller impression next to you! So he can't be just half an inch shorter than Daniel barefoot, but probably at least a solid inch... And Daniel himself came out with 6'6.5!
Editor Rob: did he look (ignoring footwear) as tall as Cudmore? Maybe not so.
Alex 6'0 said on 15/Dec/15
Looking again I see more like 1/2 inch range above his chin so with a 10 inch head that's 9.5 then minus 1/4 inch footwear you'll get 9.25 inches. Rob 5'8.25 and Anthony 6'5.5
Alex 6'0 said on 15/Dec/15
Andrea, I pretty much agree with you. I don't see a full 6'6. I'm gonna go with 6'5.5 but 6'5.25 is possible too. 10 inch head. Looks a 9.5 inch difference take away 1/3 footwear and you get 6'5.25 likely. Certainly not over 6'5.5 though
Alex 6'0 said on 15/Dec/15
10 inch head I can see but Rob's head is prob an inch above his chin plus the slight footwear Id give this guy more 6'5.5
Andrea said on 15/Dec/15
Yes, they are not ideal photos but still I doubt Wlad would be a couple cms shorter! Without looking at his footwear, did he look a good inch taller than the 196 challenger in person?
Editor Rob: yes he could look taller than much is debatable.
Andrea said on 15/Dec/15
One inch above his chin actually is "not that much" :)
I can certainly believe he was taller than a guy like Rory Mccann who claims 6'6, yeah, but doesn't look over 6'4.5 with you (I mean Rory)! A fraction above 6'5 isn't impossible for this guy but a big 6'6? He just doesn't look it with you and Wlad! There are no pictures where he looks taller than Wlad... You can say they would measure very similar but i doubt Anthony would be 0.75 inches taller!
In this case, you can say Wlad is the honest one and probably is "cutting" a fraction when he says to be 6'5 and this guy maybe measured a hair above 6'5 and just rounded up to 6'6...
Editor Rob: it's tricky from the photos with vlad to really say what difference. Would like to see them in a staredown...

Andrea said on 14/Dec/15
Yeah, 10 inch head is believable... You look about an inch above his chin, so that's 9 inches, let's say 9 good inches AT MOST. Considering the fact you're 5'8.25, you can say he can pull off 6'5.5 in the picture (certainly not over though). Take away 0.3 inches and 6'5-6'5.25 is probably his barefoot range! I'm sure a guy like Big Ali, who is a legit 6'6, would be taller than him!
Editor Rob: I don't think I was that much above his chin, but he did seem taller than some guys who claim 6ft 6 (like nonso anozie and rory mccann), although I think he has a slightly above eyelevel for his height.
movieguy said on 13/Dec/15
On a side noticed from weigh in of Joshua vs Whyte that Eddie Hearn the promoter is really tall. Pretty much eye to eye with 6'6'' Joshua. Hearn isn't really a celebrity I suppose but when you are a height obsessive you can't help but notice these things.
Travis said on 13/Dec/15
Gaining weight or getting bigger Photos don't make u taller
Andrea said on 13/Dec/15
For those who say that he looks 6'6 with Rob, look at Big Ali with Michael Rooker who is supposed to be 5'9... Unless this guy has a 11 inches head or he's losing an inch in posture, he doesn't look 6'6! He looks a good 6'5, but considering he has got more shoes, 6'5 flat is what he looks HERE! And that also makes sense if you look him with Wlad...
5'11.25 said on 13/Dec/15
Very rare to see boxers/MMA fighters/wrestlers whose height listing is legit spot on.
James B said on 13/Dec/15
Rob maybe give this guy 6'5.75 since you think he is 6'5.5-6'6
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 12/Dec/15
Rob, do you really think that a guy like Hopper is a big 1 inch smaller ? They are quite close,and one had the advantage of the footwear.
EzioAuditore711 said on 12/Dec/15
Doesn't look under 6'6'' to me.

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