How tall is Bob Dylan ?

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Bob Dylan height: 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

American Musician. Some might say shorter but he does kind of slouch making him look slightly shorter.
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Sam says on 4/Jun/15
Any chance of a current height (not much but probably half inch loss) and a photo for Dylan, Rob?
Spencer says on 29/May/15
5'7 ish
Sam says on 4/May/15
Rob, is this his peak height?
[Editor Rob: yeah that's what I thought.]
Ian C says on 4/Feb/15
Now Berek, the protocols for "poetic license" apply to literary or theatrical treatments of real events. When Bob Dylan tells people things about himself that are not true he not being poetically licentious. He is lying. If that little (select whatever pejorative noun you may be comfortable with) were to tell me that the sky was up I'd go outside and look, just to make sure.
Sam says on 8/Dec/14
Leaning near Kris Kristofferson, he does look near listing. Click Here
In some photos, such as the ones with Tom Petty, Springsteen or Muhammad Ali, I thought Dylan could have looked 5'7" depending on how big his footwear was.
Berek says on 29/Sep/14
People saying in the comments here that he has claimed 5'11" doesn't make it true. There is a photo on the front of his Biograph album that shows a passport detailing a height of 5'10", but anyone that has listened to Bob Dylan's lyrics, his showmanship or his fabricated biography knows this is a man deeply enthralled by poetic license. Claiming 5'10" is just another way to mislead and beguile his reader. Dylan is not as low as 5' 6.5". Watch his video for "Blood in My Eyes". He's likely wearing cowboy boots in the video, as is his custom, but he still pulls off 5'9" when in situ with recognisable landmarks in Camden town. He's likely 5' 7.5" in his stockings.
Sam says on 24/Sep/14
Rob, he is over 70, possibly due for a current height listing. Maybe shrunken about a half inch or a bit more.
Somebody's Problem says on 4/Aug/14
I heard he claimed 5'11, what a joke.
RoDawg says on 19/Jul/14
I could see him at 5ft 7.5 back in his prime but definitely no taller. As for right now the listed height seems accurate.
Ian C. says on 8/Jul/14
I wonder if Bob Dylan is the most aggressive height liar ever considered by Celebrity Heights. This site is cluttered with the names of celebrities who have added and sometimes subtracted inches, but Dylan seems to hold the record for biggest lie by going for four-and-half inches of imaginary height. Bob Dylan seems to be one of those people who thinks that the strict truth is only for people who are too stupid to make stuff up.
Sam says on 2/Jul/14
Does look around 5'6" IMO next to President Obama.
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Sam says on 8/Apr/14
Again, I don't see under 5'7" here from Dylan meeting Elvis Presley.
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Sam says on 13/Mar/14
I've seen listings from 5'4" to a ridiculous self claimed 5'11". I still think it's possible he hit 5'7" at peak, though.
truth says on 21/Feb/14
Most sources say 171cm this source says 169cm. I think 170cm flat peak.
Samuel says on 3/Jan/14
What about his peak height then?
He looked short even back in the 60s. Probably in the 5'7-5'7.5 range (at most), with boots around 5'8.
John says on 1/Dec/13
I think he's a bit taller than that. 5'8 seems fair
Sam says on 9/Oct/13
He could look 5 inches taller than Paul Simon.
Sam says on 27/Sep/13
His sons are taller than him, but don't know about Samuel or his daughters. Jakob's around 5'9"ish next to Bruce Springsteen.
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And Jesse Dylan is seemingly over 6 foot, being about 2 inches shorter than Will Ferrell and a few inches taller than strong 5'9"ish Judd Apatow.
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Sam says on 22/Jul/13
Maybe the shortest I've seen Dylan look, here with Marlon Brando. Dylan looks like 5'5" if he's lucky but I don't know about angles, et al.
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Sam says on 11/Jul/13
Hey, Dylan could have reached 5'9" a boot with a large, 2-inch heel...I think his footwear why he looked close to Springsteen, not as much shorter than Muhammad Ali as you'd expect, etc. during the Rolling Thunder tour in 76. I do find it incredible that he could claim 5'10" in serious way. It is not common for people other than wrestlers to give themselves a 3 (or more?) inch upgrade, 2 inches is more typical in Hollywood.
Ian C. says on 10/Jul/13
I'll bet you this month's liquor bill that Bob Dylan has always wanted to be tall. When asked how he came to choose the stage name Dylan, he has always claimed that, I dunno, he just kind of thunk it up. Come on. I think he named himself after Marshal Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke, who was enormously tall. Yeah, and his first stage name was Eldred Gunn, and I think he took that name from the eponymous hero of Peter Gunn, also a popular TV show when Bob Zimmerman was in high school. And Peter Gunn was tall. I tell you, this was a little guy who was very unhappy about it. As an interesting personal note, I am six feet four. I am not a fabulously wealthy songwriter who is widely regarded as a great American artist. I'm not happy about that.
[Editor Rob: he thinks he's 5ft 10]
Sam says on 11/Jun/13
Any particular reason for the downgrade, Rob?
[Editor Rob: I had an eye on him for a while and thought a little lower was closer]
Matt says on 27/May/13
5'6.5 now? Wasn't he listed 5'7"?
Junior Goodbar says on 13/Mar/13
Also seen photos of him with neil young, who's 6ft, looking not that much shorter. Probably his boots I imagine.
Sam says on 3/Dec/12
Dylan with even shorter colleagues-
Van Morrison:
Click Here
Paul Simon:
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Sam says on 3/Dec/12
Dylan and Bruce Springsteen can look close in height:
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Though other photos support that Springsteen has a few inches over Dylan:
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Sam says on 10/Feb/12
Here's the photo with Ali:
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