How tall is Brandon Flowers ?

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Brandon Flowers's height is 5ft 9in (175 cm)

American Singer from The Killers.
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tom w says on 8/Jun/15
I seriously doubt this 5'9 listing, I swear he's been down as 5'11 for years and this change is recent. He looked a good 3 inches taller than Graham Norton who's 5'8.5 and even allowing for footwear advantage(if he has any) he's got to be 5'10 at the VERY least.
charlie says on 7/Dec/14
He certainly wears lifts, 5'9 no more
Blabs says on 18/Sep/14
Oh yeah, the comment about him probably having "lost an inch or two from his peak height" is such laughable bullsh*t! The guy is still only 33 YEARS OLD! He's hardly an arthritic-riddled antique at this early stage. Don't make me laugh!
Blabs says on 18/Sep/14
I would say he's closer to being 5'10". I was near the stage when they played at a festival here back in 2005, and Brandon struck me as a rangy guy. Definitely more like 5'10" than 5'9" (same height as the late Freddie Mercury - think about that, come on). Flowers has never looked 'short
' - not on TV, nor in 'real life'.
MD says on 11/Feb/14
His slight build can make him look taller when he's on his own, but you can't make your judgement off solo shots. This guy is INCHES shorter than a stooping Mark Ronson, who is often listed at 6'0" and is probably closer to 5'11", and Brandon might even have a slight footwear advantage, here, along with throwing his head back to make him look taller:

Click Here

He simply isn't more than listed. He has really thin limbs, and dresses to make himself look taller, but he's average height (for an American) at best.
tom w says on 8/Feb/14
I'm sorry, this guy is not 5'9'', he simply does not have the bodily proportions of a 5'9'' guy. Watch The Killers live at the Royal Albert Hall and then tell me he looks 5'9'', his legs are way too long. In my opinion, 5'10.5''MINIMUM
mr man says on 5/Dec/13
Though in saying that he's probably lost an inch or two from his peak height.
mr man says on 5/Dec/13
R4v3nh34rt, Dawkins seems to be about 5'8".
(S)aint 185 says on 2/Dec/13
I always thought he was tiny before I looked into him more. Like 5'5". now I can see 5'10".
satchy says on 21/Nov/13
looked almost a head taller than ellen degeneres he must be 6ft or something
Anon says on 11/Oct/13
Met him once, he's actually quite tall I'd say around 5'11
R4v3nh34rt says on 19/Jul/13
I actually saw him on a youtube video with Richard Dawkins. Now, Dawkins is supposed to be 5'10" or so and he's a little bit taller than him. Check it out (didn't want to post any vids, not sure that is allowed)
Nick says on 28/May/13
He is 5' 9". I asked him last month.
Anna says on 12/May/13
I met him in Mexico, he signed my cd and he's the same height of my 5'11 boyfriend which is about 180cm.
Search the video of him with Bono and Coldplay, he is almost the same size as Chris Martin and way taller than Bono.
satchy says on 25/Feb/13
so how tall is brandon then? Click Here

5ft 10-5ft 11?
joe joe says on 22/Feb/13
Rob has there never been a Mark Ronson page? Im sure there was at some point. Anyway for Anon and other people talking about himbeing 5'11-6ft. He is not he is a minimum of 6'2. I've met him and he was quite tall. I'm a good 6'1 and he edged me out easily. I would actually put him at about 6'3. Here he is in a slouched posture with 182 listed Jimmy Fallon Click Here and here is is with wretch 32 who I have also met and can confirm is around 182/183 (even though he claims 6'2)Click Here I can confirm they are wearing similar footwear as there are more pictures on the sight. he just doesnt have the proportions of a 6ft guy and like i said I have met him and he looks like a good 6ft2.5/6'3 to me
(S)ain\'t says on 4/Jan/13
He claims 5'11 1/4" LMAO
truth says on 22/Dec/12
@satchy if you put noel at 5ft6 then flowers looks no more than 175cm, 176cm tops.
truth says on 22/Dec/12
@satchy doesnt look more than 6ft to me.
satchy says on 28/Oct/12
lmao Dave is nowhere near 5ft 11, he is 6ft 2, and Mark is 6ft 5. Ronnie is 6ft
satchy says on 28/Oct/12
If he is really 5ft 9 then Ellen is no more than 5ft 6. he looked a lot taller than her
truth says on 22/Oct/12
lou reed is 5ft7 and flowers looks 2 inches taller 5ft9/lower side of average case closed. the drummer looks around 5ft10, guitarist 5ft11-6ft (5ft10 due to slouch) and bassist is 6ft3( he looks 6ft1-6ft2 due to slouching).
satchy says on 11/Oct/12
Noel is no more than 5ft 6...and thats a wishful thinking
Dan says on 3/Oct/12
Click Here

Looks 5'10" next to 5'8" Noel Gallagher.
Dan says on 19/Aug/12
Met him, and he's shorter than me, I'd say between 1.5-2 inches shorter. I'm 5'11.

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