How tall is Bruce Lee ?

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Bruce Lee's Height is 5ft 7.5in (171 cm)

Hong Kong American martial artist and actor best known for starring in films such as Enter the Dragon, Way of the Dragon and Fist of Fury. He had pretty extensive measurements of his whole body and he wrote his height before becoming famous as 5ft 8. Also 5ft 7.5 has been mentioned in some of his books and he also said in a radio interview that height. His Brother Robert Lee said on the EarlyYears website "Bruce was an inch taller than I. I am 5/7 and Bruce was 5/8 with a shoe size of 7-71/2. I know it's a little confusing, because we have all heard for years in how small he was, but in fact 5/8 is really not that small."

Bruce Lee is how tall
Bruce as Kato in ABC Televisions The Green Hornet (1967)
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Comment on the Height of Bruce Lee

amaterasu said on 18/Dec/15
Interesting, I always thought he wasn't taller than 5'6" or 168cm
G dragon said on 15/Dec/15
Is 5'8.25 inch is possible for bruce right out of bed?
Editor Rob: yeah, it's not impossible
SportsHeight said on 14/Dec/15
Rob, if you had to choose a champion for a GoT-style trial by combat fight to the death that would decide your life, what height would your champion be? Would he be huge, would he be slight like Lee, or would he be somewhere in between?
Editor Rob: that's a tricky one as if weapons were involved then sometimes smaller and having more agility/speed could win. But a straight fight, being very big brings it's own advantages.

A no-holds barred fight, I'd want the guy who doesn't try to punch a face, but knows other easier areas of the body to target.
Anonasensei said on 11/Dec/15
When were these photos of Bruce taken (with the tied back hair bun)? He's definitely bulkier, 150lbs at least, maybe 155-160 ...

Click Here
Click Here
Arbab said on 24/Nov/15
I'm 5'7 and the reason Bruce was able to achieve that weight was because of weight training which he started in America. I used to weight train in high school along with playing basketball and swimming and at my peak I was 160. Now I don't weight train mostly focusing on tai chi now and my weight has dropped down to 145 which is around the weight Bruce was at before he began his intense regime of work outs. When my skills at tai chi has been better honed I'll probably jump back to more weight training work outs to get some mass back on.
Jordan said on 12/Nov/15
I am 5'7 (height measured, not a guess), 128 pounds, and have a size 7 (UK) shoe (7.5 wrestling shoe US). I am a big Bruce Lee fan - seen the films, read the books, have a collection of pictures - and find it hard to believe that he was ever as big as 165 pounds. That's a huge jump. According to his wife, Linda (who cooked for him), his diet wasn't anything special plus I haven't seen any pictures where he looks almost 40 pounds heavier than 128. I think people just like to throw that number around to make him sound a bit more "normal".
MissingBruce said on 7/Nov/15
Van Williams towered over him in The Green Hornet (Williams was 6'). I would say Bruce was around 5'7. If he was more or less, it doesn't matter... he was PERFECT! Loved him & still miss him. His death was such a tragedy, as was his son's death.
tumac66 said on 26/Oct/15
i Believe he could have been 5 7.5 but definitely no taller as many of his Chinese co stars are as tall or taller, The actors who played Tony and Thomas in Way of The Dragon were both taller than him. Oh and by the way, im 5 7.5 and wear a 7 and a half shoe size so it is possible to be that height with small feet
Jake said on 27/Aug/15
Rob, people in said he was 128 pounds at the time of his death. Do you think this is accurate? He was so muscular though can't even imagine.
[Editor Rob: he might have been 130 range]
Anonasensei said on 26/Aug/15
No, short supporter peeps, Bruce was not 5-6 or less. Many pics of him taken with Chuck Norris who is legit 5-8 to 5-9, even ones with Bruce in flip-flops and he always stood around only an inch or so shorter, 2.5 at most when Chuck had the cuban heels. As a leading man he was always a few inches taller than many secondary Hong Kong actors and actresses, many well known ones at the time. If he were only 5-6 it would imply many of them were only 5-2 or so which I find hard to believe. Also, at one point he put on 165 lbs bulky muscle (which he did not like since it slowed him, so he trimmed down) and at only 5-6 that'd make him actually a bit fat and we know he we was never anywhere near such proportions.
Alucard said on 10/Aug/15
Between 5'6 and 5'7... Actor, philosopher, martial arts enthusiast, who had some good ideas but nothing revolutionary... Still the first that popularized the MA-TMA's culture trough movies, truly a pioneer in that department... Absolutely not a fighter, didn't even spar, although he trained a lot...
120 said on 26/Jun/15
Doesn't look 5'8" next with 5'10˝" John Saxon. Bolo could look around 5'6".

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The Master said on 17/Jun/15
@Duanne: Bolo is about 5'8". So was Bruce.
Duanne said on 16/Jun/15
Sammo Hung is 5'6 and so is Bolo young. Bruce was probably between 5'6 to 5'7
Vicky said on 10/Jun/15
I'm really fan of him. I love and miss him really. Such a great martial artist.
Key said on 23/May/15
5'7.5 (171 cm) for sure! Spot on
Ninja Guy said on 11/Apr/15
He's estimated to be about 5'8" according to stats
Nah said on 22/Mar/15
no. 5'8. Next to sammo hung (5'7) he appears a bit taller
Nah said on 22/Mar/15
5'7 but his physique is proportionate and his posture was great so he never really seemed awkwardly short
Ryan said on 25/Feb/15
I agree 171cm is his height. Rob do you think that his thin muscular body frame in some pictures makes him look taller.
DMC said on 20/Dec/14
by the way,Bruce lee's height was 5.7 inc.moreover I found a book called wing chun and a book of his invented techniques by Bruce careful don't try to find me ,when the times come u will find me.
ChinaBoy said on 11/Dec/14
Mr. bruce lee is 1,74cm here a photo on barefoot

Click Here
SteveL said on 8/Oct/14
5'6- 5'7 tops
Dude said on 14/Sep/14

5'8" on one of his legs since one was longer than the other
Saeed said on 26/Aug/14
Bruce lee doesn't look short at all in fact I think he has a decent height
Galaga said on 20/Aug/14
@Robby D and Ethan..I wear a size 12(US)shoe and I'm only 5'5"1/2; It's as if I went into a Jeff Goldblum Fly pod, had my molecules crap all over me and spit me out as a Hobbit (small body, big feet). My brother is almost 6ft and wears a size 10.5. I have no idea what happened to me; Thanks genetics!
Jatobá said on 19/Aug/14
everybody here is jealous about Bruce Lee...
why he couldn't have 5'7"1/2?????
rick said on 14/Aug/14
Same as me
fsd said on 28/Jul/14
5'7 ft
keith said on 27/Jul/14
5 foot 8
keith said on 27/Jul/14
yeah 5 foot 8 sometimes 5 foot 7.5 to 5 .7.75 depends on the posture could make you lose height temporary but he's 5 foot 8 maybe 5 foot8.5 at best
Robby D said on 19/Jul/14
IR. I cannot see Lee anywhere near 5'7.5" unless he was wearing shoes and I doubt Chuck Norris was much over 5'8" barefoot, if he were that.
IR said on 18/Jul/14
Bruce Lee 5' 7.5"
Chuck Norris 5' 8.75" peak , he could have been close to 5' 9" barefoot and with shoes that would make him up to 5' 10" so he could claim that.
Robby D said on 2/Jul/14
Ethan W. Bruce Lee may have been 5'8" in his wildest dreams but not in reality. Interesting how people who add inches to their heights do not increase their shoe sizes!
Ethan W said on 1/Jul/14
how come bruce is 5'8" and he wears a 7.5. im the exact same height and i wear a 10.5?
Robby D said on 29/Jun/14
Exorcist. You are absolutely right about his shoe size and a size 7.5 in the USA would be equivalent to a size 6.5 in the UK which I can tell you right now is tiny and more inclined to fit a person of around 5'4' or 5'5" in my opinion.
The Exorcist said on 26/Jun/14
His brother quoted Bruce's shoe size at 7.5?

A US 7.5 shoe size would be the equivilant of a UK 6.5 size, right? That's a small foot for someone in the 5'7.5" - 5'8" range. I'm 5'5" range and my shoe size is 9 US/ 8 UK.
Robby D said on 25/Jun/14
I still think Bruce Lee was 5'6", that was all he looked next to Bolo and several sources have said he was 5'6". Lots of short celebs and sportsman exaggerate their heights a few examples being Jason Priestley, David Cassidy and Michael Owen and Bruce Lee was no exception in my opinion. The fact remains that whereas Rob can be photographed with certain celebs, we can never confirm Lee's height because he has passed on, hence the fact that this site shows his height in accordance with his claim of 5'7.5", however, you only have to look at his stature to see that he was well short of his claim. Look at Lionel Messi who is a genuine 5'6.5" and makes no claims to be taller. Messi looks taller than Lee ever was to me.
Sajad007 said on 19/May/14
Frankie Edgar of UFC is 5'6".... if we compare bruce lee to him, then bruce seems 5'7" fair enough! I am also 5'7"... i c my frame equivalent to bruce lee...
The Big Dipper said on 26/Apr/14
By the way, that video claims that Lee was 5'6". Don't know where they're getting that number from, but he looks 5'6" to me.
The Big Dipper said on 26/Apr/14
Honestly, I feel that he looks smaller than 5'7" when he fought Kareem Abdul Jabar. I mean, I know Kareem was huge, but he looks almost two feet taller than him. Anyone else notice this? The battle starts at 2:17 in this video:
Click Here
RisingForce said on 18/Apr/14
Rob, it might be good to mention Bruce's 5'7.5", 140 pound claim at the top of the page from the radio interview posted below in case youtube takes it down in the future.
Inches said on 1/Apr/14
Bruce was a very well proportioned man. A strong 5-7 is my guess. He looks it!
77Stan said on 3/Nov/13
I read it on a magazine that Bruce was 176cm. Sammo hung is 172cm according to the cyclopaedia. Before I went to college, the physical examination told me that I was 176cm. Later, I went to college and did a physical examination again. My stature became 174cm. These years, all the physical examinations told me that I was 177.5cm. But a woman said I looked 170cm, much shorter than 1-179 guy. So, our stature changes.
Anthony Waller said on 2/Nov/13
Yes, bruec lee was about 5ft7, countless people who knew bruce lee confirm it so that outweighs any rare and occasion 5feet6 predictions.
He is clearly taller than Sammo in ETD by 1.5 inches at the very least. So Bruce doesnt need to be under scrutiny. Find out how tall Sammo was in 1973 and whatever he is, add and inch or so for bruce lee.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/13
His son Brandon said he was 5ft7 when an ignorant interviewer asked "your father was what...5"4,5"5?"
Richard Pawlaski said on 20/Oct/13
Bruce is at least an inch taller than Sammo hung in the opening scene of ETD, but even 2 inches taller.

So people want him to be shorter than he is for some reason. To say he is 5ft 6 is just being mean, he was a giant of a man if not physically height wise.
He was 5ft7 at least.
Marcell T said on 10/Oct/13
A solid 5'6 to 5'7. I know he was mentioned at 5'7' 1/2, but who's measurement is that? Personal measurements are notorious for being inaccurate. When they stand side to side, he looks the same height as bolo young, who is 5'6, and sammo hung who is 5'6. By looking about the same height means, 5'6 1/2 to 5'7 1/2 MAX. I guess you could say 5'7, but a strong 5'6 is not out of the question.
Robby D said on 30/Sep/13
Powerhouse. Not necessarily odd. I am over 4 inches taller than my Dad and he was 7 inches shorter than his Father. My Brother-in-law was 6'4" and yet the first of his three sons only reached 5'8" his other two sons got to be 6'3" and 6'2" respectively. It goes that way sometimes.
Powerhouse said on 27/Sep/13
His son Brandon Lee said Bruce was 5'7 in a interview. Kind of odd that his son was over 4 inches taller than himself.
leonari said on 23/Sep/13
Those saying 5''8 need to go to some eye doctor. His frame screams 5'7" on a good day.
Robby D said on 18/Sep/13
Brad. His early 5'8" claim was ridiculous, his later 5'7.5" claim equally so, 5'7" would be unlikely, 5'6.5" possible, my guess for him would be 5'6" flat, he was the same height as Bolo.
Brad said on 16/Sep/13
5' 6.5". Gene was blown off by Bruce.Bruce trained himself and set up the fights himself. He got jacked by Fox and made up the 5' 4" listing.
IR said on 14/Sep/13
Bruce was 5' 7" flat, like me!
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
Whether he was 5'7 or 5'8 it's amazing how he was under 140 pounds in weight but still looked very well proportioned. Muscle does weigh up more than fat on the body and he was around 136 lbs in his prime and had a great rip to his muscle. I would rather weigh less and be ripped muscle wise than heavier and carry fat. I'd say he was 5'8, he did look it.
Oliver said on 17/Aug/13
5'6-ish , maybe 5'7
Dayo said on 9/Aug/13
I can see him being 5'8'' even though he has Chinese genetics and was born in 1940. Isn't he like 1/4 Caucasian?
Dr JJ said on 21/Jul/13
Highly unlikely he was as much as 5' 8". That would have been significantly taller than the average in Kowloon for those born in the late 1930s early 1940s. I can't see anything above 5' 6" although 5' 5" is my estimate.
liz said on 16/Jul/13
Gene LeBell said he was 5'4". Gene trained bruce so he would know. Why does it matter anyway? It doesn't. People are obsessed with height. It all stems from insecurity,ignorance or both. "If I'm taller then him I'm better" = human simple minded ignorance.
Chinna said on 9/Jul/13
Exlent hight and weight super finess body
hazaratajik said on 28/Jun/13
5'6 is more like it . 5'7 is his stage height
Always said on 2/Jun/13
I am 173cm, but people think I look like 175-177 or something. I don't get it, but it could be because I am a bit too skinny :P. I workout almost everyday now, and I've done so in a year now. I weigh 65 kilos, but the BMI says it's in the normal weight range, so I'm good :). How much did Bruce weigh with that height then? Btw, I'm almost in the same situation as Pothead. I told my friends, I am 173, and they were like "no, I don't believe it". I got a bit angry, because that IS my height. I am 173!! I measured it correctly like 6 times to be sure, and I got 173 to 173.2 every time. They are either joking or idk.

I think Bruce was very small. But what I have heard is that, when you make crunches, your spinal cords are being pressured against each other, and when that happens you get smaller!! No ****, because it happened to me, when I did like 80 crunches. Very difficult :(. And then my back hurt, but after I measured my height, I lost about 1cm maybe..
Pothead said on 29/Apr/13
Ok. I am 5'6.25" barefoot. 90% of people think I am either 5"7 or 5"8 when they guess my height.
Robby D said on 8/Apr/13
Marcus. I doubt he was as short as 5'5" however, I did see his height listed in a magazine as 1.67m which is about 5'5.75". I wondered at the time if the 1.67m was confused as 67" hence the 5'7" claims. Bolo is listed as 5'6" and when photographed with Lee, they look exactly the same height. Bolo is certainly not an inch and a half shorter which would be the case if Lee's 5'7.5" claim was true.
Marcus said on 24/Mar/13
Bruce Lee is towered over by his co-star Van Williams, in the "Green Hornet" television series. Williams was listed at 6'0" back in the 1960's, when the show aired. Based solely on their appearances together on this series, Lee appears to be approximately 5'5".
marc said on 16/Mar/13
in a documentaty about his life it said he stood at 5ft7 and a half
Robby D said on 1/Feb/13
Above there is a quote from Robert Lee saying that he (Robert) is 5'7" and that Bruce was an inch taller at 5'8". Then "Superbeauty" says on 22/Oct/12 as per Robert Lee, that "Bruce was between 5'6" and 5'7" or let's put it this way, he wasn't 5'7"! Bruce had a tendency to say he was taller than he was and 5'6" sounds better than 5'8". So that is two alleged statements from Robert Lee, one completely contradiciting the other. I would go along with the second statement which has also been endorsed by Bruce's wife Linda.
Sbu said on 11/Jan/13
There is a telephone interview of Lee on Youtube, from about 1973 I think, the interviewer asks Lee hs height, Lee says "five seven and a half". I guess it is quite common for people to round up half inches so he may have been listed as 5'8", also he injured his back in his 20's so could have lost a half inch but I think that as he himself said 5'7.5" he was. Lee seemed like a very intelligent man and not one to lie about his height. Also he looked about this height.
gaz said on 9/Jan/13
He was not 5'8 he claimed in an american radio imterview that he was 5'7.5 when he was asked his height and weight.
Peyman-6ft said on 9/Jan/13
bruce wasn't under 5ft7in
I bet
but somebody tell me which one is more worthwhile to be proud of?
6'4'' or one inch punch?!
RyanM said on 7/Jan/13
No way he was 5'8. You can see that he was very similar to another actor in ETD, Bolo Yung, who is confirmed 5'6. Realistically, Bruce was between 5'6 1/2 and 5'7 1/2.
Anonamous said on 17/Dec/12
When I was 11 or 12 years old I always thought he was 5'10" tall he ,wasnt much of a short guy
Daniel Craig said on 9/Nov/12
Bruce lee was a a short guy. 5FEET 7INCHES he looked to me. Do not know why some people continually say he is 5feet 6.5 every once in a while?
What problem have they got with him being 5feet 7.5 inches which is what he was, who some rounded down to 5ft7. He may have stood 5ft6ish at some point in his life but most of his life was taller, so why mention his shortest ever height?
No reason at all, just as i thought.
Rick Occonnell said on 31/Oct/12
Nah he wasnt 5ft6. People wouldnt exagerate his incredibly long reach, and if he was 5ft6ish with an incredibly long reach he would look like a monkey or orangutan.

Bruce lees peers mostly mention him as 5ft7 and thats nothing to do with what bruce lee says. When bruce lee is standing next to tall people like coburn, wall, lewis he dont look like 5ft6.
Superbeauty said on 22/Oct/12
Per Robert Lee; "Bruce was between 5'6 and 5'7 or let's put it this way, he wasnt 5'7!" Bruce had a tendency saying he was taller than he was. 5'8 sounds better than 5'6!
Brad said on 10/Oct/12
Jim Kelly told me 5' 7". I'd go with a 5' 6.5".
Brad said on 5/Oct/12
I should ask his photographer from Enter The Dragon sunday, maybe his wife if she appears, Wall-Saxon-Kelly are.
gaz said on 25/Sep/12
He definitely was not over 5'7.5. In an interview that is on youtube with Bruce he was asked his height and weight and claimed 5'7.5 135 lb. So around 5'7 - 5'7.5
GG said on 23/Sep/12
Bruce had legs that are different in lengths which explains why he can vary in height.
Alan said on 11/Sep/12
nothinbutninja, Bruce lee was nothing like YOU but a human not -god- as you wrote..., But he has done what he knew.,.,!
kevin said on 8/Sep/12
Bruce was definitely 172cm at his peak. Here is Bruce with Chuck Norris who is wearing what appears to be dress shoes with 1 inch heels, and Bruce wearing .5inch flats, and looking just an inch shorter. I'd say Chuck was close to 5'8.5" and with those shoes he would be 5'9.5", which would make Bruce close to 5'8"

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Edward Todd said on 28/Aug/12
Ive no doubt to some think he looked 5ft6ish. But the guy was rather long in the limbs. Look at his neck, his arms etc. If Sammo hung can pass himself off as 5ft7, and bruce looks 2 inches taller dont be harsh on bruce lee.

If Bruce lee stood up straight trying to make himself as long as he can be, which is how you measure your height he is a 5ft7ish guy in anyones book.
dante said on 27/Aug/12
probably a smidgeon under 5'7. I'd say 5'6 3/4
Edward Todd said on 20/Aug/12
Bruce Lee was 5ft 7 give or take really. Some have said he is 5ft6ish, maybe because they thought that is what he looked like and its hard to approxiamte anyones height from just meeting someone. YOu can make a rough estimate that is all.

For instance i can meet a genuine 6footer, but he may look 5ft 11 to me. Thats just the way it is. So you will hear stories of people thinking he is 5ft6 or so, genuine mistakes i would say.
Peyman said on 17/Aug/12
Mike Tyson is really great but he is nobody in comparison with Bruce Lee.
now back to his height : I think 5ft 7.5in is totally a true listing ,but yeah sometimes he could apear shorter but whats the difference he was Bruce Lee.
indeed a true legend !!!
jimjo said on 29/Jul/12
I am 5'7'', very fit, and weigh 132 lbs. I can see him being 128.
Mr. Kaplan said on 21/Jan/12
He weight was recorded at 128 at the time of his death.

5'7" at 128 pounds? Are you kidding? Have you seen his muscle mass?
Robert R. said on 14/Oct/07
Also Randy, I don't doubt your intelligence for one moment. In fact I think you are probably a very intelligent person and the fact that you have got Bruce Lee's height wrong doesn't alter the respect I have for you. I do agree Bruce was about one inch taller than Robert Lee and you are right, I haven't met Robert Lee, I would like to meet him however, so I could measure him and I would bet good odds he is nearer 5'5" than 5'7" which plus inch would put Bruce back in the 5'6" range.
Robert R. said on 14/Oct/07
This page is addictive. I have tried cold turkey and it doesn't work.

Anon I have just looked at that picture you posted. Are you seriously saying that you can see a clear 1.5" difference between Bruce Lee and Bolo Yeung?
Anon said on 14/Oct/07
Trudat Randy, our obsessed friend Robert R. shall surely be back, lol. He claims he's bored with discussing Bruce's height when he writes essay after essay downgrading Bruce's height with not a spec of evidence to back his claims, and gets all emotional when anyone intelligent like you challenges his lofty arguments.

Here is a picture of Bruce clearly standing 1.5" taller than 5'6" Bolo Yeung in this nice full-body shot of both of them on the set of ETD:
Click Here

Case closed!

(but ur right Randy, RobR-boy shall surely be back to re-open the case and refute this one, and continue on perpetuating his obsessive denial! I'll love him for it too!) ;)
Randy said on 13/Oct/07
Oh, forgot to mention, when a person sleeps their spine relaxes, therefore, when they wake up, they're slightly bit taller! It goes down as the day progresses due to compression and fatigueness of back muscles. So Bruce Lee could've pushed that (5 ft 7.5 in) height to 5"8 when he was sleeping! Anyways, I think he was 5"8 regardless of beauty rest:)
Randy said on 13/Oct/07
Way to use exaggerate my statement; a Straw Man. What I meant is 5"8 mark. Sorry to tell you this but, posture sometimes has nothing do with contraction of the spine after an injury. A person can have a good posture and still be in pain; they don't have to bending like a sickly geriatric with a cane to show it. And your remarks about my intelligence only serves to weaken your argument, but hey, way to impugn your contention.

Also, how do you rationalize Robert Lee having a Napolean complex? Do you know him? Let me answer: no. You're contradicting your own line of reasoning: "he was 1" shorter than Bruce which I don't DOUBT" then go on to say, "he not only makes Bruce taller but he makes himself taller than what he is". Ergo: YOU ACTUALLY DOUBT ROBERT!!

Wow. Logic rules!! You'll respond back. I know it. And I'll love you for it, Robert R.
Robert R. said on 13/Oct/07
Yes I knew Bruce Lee had a back injury, so does everyone else who knows anything about him but it clearly never effected his posture. Now I thought I was being generous saying 5'7" when in reality he was probably under but now it gets better, he nowe could have EXCEEDED the 5'8" range, why not round it off to 5'10" in fact why stop there? Lets make him 6ft shall we? Bruce Lee was a brilliant martial artiste, there was nothing he could not do in that field, unfortunately for him he could not make himself taller. As for Robert Lee, well it is clear he is a short guy and says he was 1" shorter than Bruce which I don't doubt, however, by saying Bruce was 5'8" he not only makes Bruce taller but he makes himself taller than what he is. Anyone with half a brain would have worked that out. People on here are letting their admiration of Bruce Lee cloud their judgement of his height, if it were anyone else but him I doubt if we would be even contemplating these ridiculous height claims. Anyway, the whole subject is boring me now. Have him at what height you like, have him at 7ft for all I care. I am done with it.
Randy said on 13/Oct/07
Unreal. I'll believe Robert Lee than anyone here; he grew up, lived, talked with his brother, Bruce Lee. Some of you are using pictures to distinguish a few inches. *sarcastic grin*: That's really scientific. And some of you might not know, Bruce Lee had a back injury, which has been documented to reduce a person's height. A very healthy, robust Bruce Lee could've reached or exceeded the 5"8 range.
Robert R said on 7/Oct/07
Whilst I agree that 1501bs-1551bs would make the average male of 5'6.5" look stockier than Bruce Lee, you have to take into consideration that muscle weighs heavier than fat and Bruce was probably all muscle without an ounce of fat on him, which could explain why he looked so lean at that weight.
Robert R said on 7/Oct/07
You have made an interesting point Anon and I must confess I was not aware that you could lose height through dehydration. I could probably accept 5'7" maximum, I still think 5'7.5" would be pushing it.
Anon said on 7/Oct/07
About Bruce's height: he surely wasn't 5'8" but wasn't shorter than 5'7". 5'7"-5'7.5" seems most appropriate. He weighed 150-155lbs at his peak and would have appeared too stocky if he were in the 5'6-ish range. I'm currently 5'9" on the dot, pretty cut and weigh 150, and have about the same proportions and build as Bruce (although not quite as cut as him, but within a similar range). If I was 5'8" or 5'7" I know I'd be noticably stockier. He weighed only 128lb just before he died in filming ETD, was very cut and lean, but grossly dehydrated and not in the best health. I can perhaps buy him being 5'6.5" at that point, when not in his best of health (he was also overly stressed and lacked sleep and appetite). There were days in college when I was literally a poor starving student, overly stressed with school, finals and whatnot, but also had to live on only instant noodles for a whole year (thank god those days are long gone lol).. I eventualy got really sick and had to go to the doctor, and I was actually diagnosed with "scurvy" (dumbass me for not eating right in retrospect, lol). I also got weighed and measure, to which I shockingly found out I had lost 20lbs and 1.5" in height (130lbs, 5'7.5")! That's when I made up my mind to live a healthier lifestyle up to this day.. so with this in mind, I have no doubt in my mind that at peak health, Bruce Lee was at least 5'7" but less than 5'8".
Robert R said on 5/Oct/07
I agree entirely Leonari. I have been looking through alot of his photographs recently and he is short in comparison to almost everyone he is photographed with. I would say 5'61/2" maximum barefoot. Anyone who believes 5'8" needs their head examined in my opinion.
leonari said on 4/Oct/07
Strong 5'6 almost 5'7". those 5'8" claims to me are a joke
TJ401 said on 3/Oct/07
John saxon was probably only 5'9 1/2 in his prime. On the site they say he doesn't even look 5'8 today. Thats primarily why i think he was a low 5'7 at best.
TJ401 said on 3/Oct/07
Chuck was probably just 5'8 in his prime. Bruce must have been at the high end of 5'6 or low end of 5'7. I think his own estimate of 5'7.5" includes shoes.
Anon said on 23/Sep/07
Bruce was awesome, way ahead of his time.

It basically comes down to this, an old chinese saying "same game, same rules, the big guy will always win". Bruce was always ahead of people in his time, and that's really what kept him the best during his time. But these days, martial-arts has really advanced, lots of it advancing from stuff Bruce developed 40+ years ago...

Meaning, not only do the biggest roided meat-heads in UFC have the benefit of modern science, medicine and (ahem) "supplements", they also have years of accumulated martial-arts knowledge including most of Bruce's tricks and techniques.

Put a prime Bruce in the Octagon today and he wouldn't stand a chance. But on the streets, his quick thinking and mental edge would many times (though not always) give him the edge over a beefier martial-artist. And being Bruce Lee, he probably would have some dirty little trick up his sleeves even if he were still alive today. Outside the octagon, an eye-gouge, throat-shot or nut-grab is all it takes to drop a 250lb killing machine... of course, if these big dudes knew all his tricks or had the same quick-wits as Bruce, then he'd once again be screwed...
zillionairepoet said on 25/Aug/07
Jack Dempsey trained the Coast Guard in hand to hand combat -- I've read his book. It features 'dirty tricks' of course. It's possible he trained other services, too. Anyway, one of his quotes : "You have a ring, three minute rounds, a referee, and rules. That's not real fighting." So I think Lee understood that, and geared himself towards more realistic fighting. Of course, all out fighting would include just throwing a grenade at someone. In the street, you may face more than one guy, and they may have weapons. As DeMile said, "It's bloody, ugly ..." in today's society, if someone attacks another guy who knows what he's doing, someone's going to end up maimed or dead. Lee trained for fights to last less than a couple of seconds. That's a realistic scenario with one person; so with multiple attackers, it's a little more.
Anonymous2 said on 24/Aug/07
Right TJ.

Chuck's actually been shown to be 5'9" in his prime, 5'8.5" these days, and he never leaves the house with his big heeled boots, so I'm suprised anyone's been able to catch him less than 5'10" (most people out there think he's like 5'11").

Those same heels, possible lifts and cowboy boots also lead many to think he's 2"+ taller than Bruce Lee: e.g.
Click Here

But with similar footwear, they're actually pretty similar in height, within 1" or so:
Click Here
Click Here
TJ said on 23/Aug/07
Read again Anon. He was talking about meeting Chuck.
Anonymous2 said on 22/Aug/07
DJ529, was your post a joke?! Bruce died in 1973. You must've been sizing yourself up with "the ghost of Bruce Lee" in the early 80's, lol. ;)
DJ529 said on 18/Aug/07
Wow! These people who think he was 5'8 are stupid. I know for a fact that he admitted to 5-7.5. (But, that's probably in shoes). Chuck norris is 5'8 DEAD ON (and I'm just about 5'8). One of his biggest fans, I have actually met him 2 times, in the early 80's. Bruce Lee looks a about and inch-2inches shorter than Chuck, according to several pictures posted. There is nothing to argue here, Bruce Lee was mid-5'6.
Anonymous2 said on 11/Aug/07
The problem with the "who could be who" thing is, is that often nobody can sure-handedly do someone in 100% of the time. Even Muhammed Ali lost a few times, he fought Joe Frazier 3 times to really establish who was better and never really DID beat Frazier in their last bout in Manila. So the thing for Bruce is, in a street fight if Bruce was able to beat some top-end martial-artists like Samoan street-fighters or whoever only 60%, it'd still damage his "invincibility" rep if he took on these challenges and even lost just 1 match...
zillionairepoet said on 7/Aug/07
Back to BL's height... I guess we'll have to accept his brother's Robert's comment. If Robert is 5-7 and he says his brother was one inch taller....

Lee was also able to access real situations. Consider when he met Vic Damone and his bodyguards in Damon'es Vegas hotel suite. The discussion came around to streetfighting vs. martial arts. The two big bodyguards and Damone were waying Yeah, a good Italian streetfighter could beat a martial artist.

So Lee said, Let's do this. "I'll go outside to the hallway. I'll come thru the door, take care of your first bodyguard standing in front of the door; and then I'll kick the cigarette out of the second guy's mouth, which represents a holstered gun. I'll do this within 6 seconds from entering. If I can do this, will you accept the validity of Chinese martial art?"

They said, yeah yeah, sure. So the two guys get in position, and Damone has a stopwatch. Lee goes outside and shuts the door.

A few seconds later, the door comes off its hinges and crashes into the first guy, knocking him down. Lee then kicks the shocked bodyguard's cigarette. Damone says, Holy S*****T!!!

DeMile has said, "Anyone who never knew Bruce can give a lot of opinions of his fighting ability. The same can't be said for those who knew him." As for the Hawaii / Samoan streetfighters during the 60s, Lee was welll known because of the TV show. If they wanted to challenge him, why didn't they?

There's a well documented story from Hong Kong during the 70s. A guy, mongolian wrestling, western boxing and kung fu. He challenged Lee in the papers. Finally, Lee agreed to meet. The fight lasted a couple of seconds, and the guy ended up with a caved-in face from one punch. He vanished from the scene and was said to be in Japan for reconstructive surgery; also, it's was said that Lee paid for it. It's very coincidental that here's a guy who's challenging Lee in the newspapers for several months; and then after the date of the fight, he vanishes. If he had beaten Lee he would have been in all the papers again. btw, such fights were illegal, so it was in someone's private yard.
JanJ said on 30/Jul/07
lee is 171cm, was 1 or 1.5 inches taller than the 5'6 bodybuilder in enter the dragon
Pete said on 30/Jul/07
ppff..bruce lee was so overrated. he even was a student with some real grand masters in california. he was pretty fast...with his hands. he would never win a street fight against street fighters of hawaii or samoa back in the 60-70s and he knew it.
zillionairepoet said on 30/Jul/07
How tall is John Saxon? Lee is in several pictures standing next to him while they're both wearing flat shoes (Bruce in kung fu shoes, which are really flat). Saxon only looks 3-4 inches taller.

On the fighting Bruce. I'll have to go with James DeMile. He was undefeated Air Force heavyweight boxer 100 fights. He was a streetfighter. He has invited Joe Lewis to check out personally his trapping, which he says "few people understand trapping." Gene LaBell said, "Bruce was the best of his time." Sugar Ray Leonard said that he developed his jab from watching Lee's films, and that he was a fan.
DeMile : (paraphrasing: "Joe Lewis speaks of tournament karate as same as real fighting. Bruce would beat Lewis or anyone else for that matter in a real fight. When they sparred, it was like Ali against a Golden Gloves boxer, strictly no contest." When asked about the Ali quote, "Strictly Hollywood." ...
In the ring Ali would kill Bruce. In the street, Bruce would kill Ali. ... to this day Bruce is the best fighter I have ever seen, I am in awe of his skill. When I met him considered myself the toughest guy on the planet. Bruce tied me up so I couldn't do anything. I always tried to really nail him, but never could." Other of the big guy and street fighter students said "Bruce could beat us all at the same time." Not even an Ali can say that.

* In Hong Kong, during filming, Lee would put his hand on a butcher block and invite the cooks to bring their hatchets down. This speaks of supreme confidence/craziness
* when faced by the Triad, he just basically laffed in their faces. Ali, etc. would not do this.
* Lee had a razor sharp training device. Make one mistake and you cut up your hand. This speaks again of supreme confidence/craziness/not to mention accuracy and speed (also it was electrified). So anyone who says "I could have taken him," just has to replicate this device. I doubt if any fighter today will do this.
* His mental set was far higher than Ali, etc. As DeMile says, he trained for the real thing. I heard of a guy in Vietnam; he wasn't brought on charges, but he was on 'our side' ... he would take the viet cong prisoners outside. He would say, if you can beat me, you're free to go. Then they would face off, he would pluck out their eyes, and the rest of course was easy.
Lee could do that at will. Credible witnesses say that he could put his fingers thru a full coke can. He could pull up 80 times with one arm. Others may be stronger (lifting heavier weights) but few could move their bodies like him.

Check out James DeMile and see if he's full of ____. Dan Inosanto has also said, "Without naming names, Bruce sparred with all of the championship names, and they were like kids." without naming names that would include Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, the big three of that era.
I thought Lee was a good martial artist. But it was when I looked at the history that I realized he was the real thing. DeMIle says, "For Joe Lewis to say Bruce was not a fighter is ridiculous."
btw, Lewis once tried to crash heavyweight boxing (old Ring magazine), but he never became a contender. Bruce Thomas wrote a recent book with both Lewis and DeMile in it. Too bad he didn't include more of DeMile.
Dominic said on 28/Jul/07
Just to correct a few bodyfat misunderstandings a few posters have here. Your body requires at least 3-4% bodyfat to keep vital organs running. Any prolonged time at less than 3% and you will die.
Dunken said on 20/Jul/07
the thing with Bruce, despite the fact that i'm a huge, huge fan, is that he never fought at a competition level, which is why some doubt his abilities.

how would he fare in a ring/cage, with rules and regulations, against people his own size or bigger? who knows, but to think he couldn't carry himself in a street fight and beat up bigger people than him is naive. i have and i only have a fraction of his work ethic.
Anonymous2 said on 20/Jul/07
Is the training footage from this video series?
Click Here

"Fighter" is a broad term. I think you're thinking too black and white... if there's a scale 1-10 on what a good "fighter" is where 10 is a professional who does it for a living, say a UFC heavyweight, then Bruce might be a 6, 7, 8 or 9. The way you put things, one is either a 10 or a 0 in terms of being a fighter.

The physical feat claims listed below are definitely not all true. However there IS much truth in them, like his strength in being able to hold out a 70lb+ dumbell laterally, accounted by not one but THREE different people including Joe Lewis. I like Joe Lewis, he's level-headed and is more of a thinker than a fighter, and if you read the interview with him below, he has this no BS honest attitude about martial-arts and Bruce, so I'd take his word over most below.

I've heard this debate happen all over the place, and the general pattern goes, the "believers" feel they need to go overboard and exaggerate how good Bruce Lee was to make their point and convince the "disbelievers" that Bruce was as good as advertised, and to satisfy their obsessive needs to deify (good spellin, lol) their idol. And vice versa, the disbelievers go overboard and discredit almost everything Bruce ever was, and has done, to the point of saying he's weak and can't fight, in order to hammer in THEIR point to convince the believers they're just drooling fanboys, exaggerating to counteract the believers' exaggerations, and it quickly ends up being a big downwards spiral... Like I said before, the truth meets somewhere in the middle.

Thx for this friendly debate btw, I've found myself defending Bruce on both sides of this coin before including the disbelieving side. And btw, he may not be a "10" as a fighter, but many do consider him a 10 as a "Martial-Artist" (whatever that means... that'll prolly open up another can of worms, lol).

Peace out.
Melvin said on 20/Jul/07
I don't believe most of these claims. I used to when I was a teenager until I saw the training videos which should be online somewhere by now. Some of those martial artists who praised him were ok for their time but nothing by today's standards so all that praise came easy. Bruce mostly sparred with people weaker than him. He did not spar with Gene LeBell, he took lessons from him. Gene was a grappler and everyone rated him as one of the best grapplers out there. Coburn's bag was likely on a weak hook so what's gonna happen? The most impressive thing about Bruce was his speed and his ideas but he was an actor first all his life and a martial artist second. He had more cha cha dancing accolades than he qualifications in martial arts! Linda Lee said in his bio that Bruce was moving away from martial artis moves. He had become an avid still life photographer and wanted to make a romance movie. Joe Lewis trained with Bruce for hundreds of hours and said "Bruce was not a fighter. He was an actor and a teacher. He was a great teacher." That's all we need to know.
Anonymous2 said on 19/Jul/07
Pardon my grammatization! :) I dunno Melv, yes he was just a man but you're making him sound more like a dope. Are there any of these training videos online like youtube? An interview with Joe Lewis does reveal what you're saying about the exaggerations about his sidekick with a supposed 300lb/700lb bag:
Click Here

Here's a link to a list of many of Bruce's amazing physical feats quoted from many of those closest to him:
Click Here

A few among them:

Jesse Glover - "When he could do push ups on his thumbs and push ups with 250lbs on his back, he moved on to other exercises".

Chuck Norris - "Lee, pound for pound, might well have been one of the strongest men in the world, and certainly one of the quickest".

Joe Lewis - "Bruce was incredibly strong for his size. He could take a 75lb barbell and from a standing position with the barbell held flush against his chest, he could slowly stick his arms out, lock them and hold the barbell there for 20 seconds, that's pretty damn tough for a guy who at the time only weighed 138lbs. I know 200lb weight lifters who can't do that."

Danny Inosanto - "Bruce had tremendous strength in holding a weight out horizontally in a standing position. I know because I've seen it. He'd take a 125lb barbell and hold it straight out".

Jesse Glover - "Bruce would take hold of a 70lb dumbbell with one arm and raise it to a lateral position, level to his shoulder and then he'd hold the contraction for a few seconds. Nobody else I knew could even get it up there, let it alone hold it up there".

Jesse Glover - "Bruce was gravitating more and more toward weight training as he would use the weighted wall pulleys and do series upon series with them. He'd also grab one of the old rusty barbells that littered the floor at the YMCA and would roll it up and down his forearms, which is no small feat when you consider that the barbell weighed 70lbs".

Bolo Yeung - "Bruce had devised a particularly difficult exercise that he called "The Flag". While lying on a bench, he would grasp the uprights attached to the bench with both hands and raise himself off the bench, supported only by his shoulders. Then with his knees locked straight and his lower back raised off the bench, he'd perform leg raises. He was able to keep himself perfectly horizontal in midair. He was incredible, in 100 years there will never be another like him".

Dorian Yates (Mr Olympia) - "He used to do that thing where he'd spread his scapulas and then tense every muscle in his body, he had an incredible physique".

James Coburn - "Bruce and I were training out on my patio one day, we were using this giant bag for side kicks, I guess it weighed about 150lbs. Bruce looked at it and just went Bang, it shot up out into the lawn about 15ft in the air, it then busted in the middle. It was filled with little bits and pieces of rag, we were picking up bits of rag for months".

At any rate, just like Stallone's height, the truth about Bruce Lee is out there somewhere between all the fanboys and hatahs...
Melvin said on 19/Jul/07
lol. That should be deified. There's no way he could curl a 110lb dumbbell. I've seen all his training videos and home movies. He wasn't even half of what he was made out to be. He had a 300 pound punchbag in his garden that was four foot wide. His followers said he could kick it off the chain. Every home movie I saw of him he was taking these long 20 foot run ups to kick the bag and kept missing. He was missing a four foot wide bag! Crazy. As a theorist he was very good. As an actor he had great charisma. As a real fighter Bruce Lee wouldn't have stood a chance against the many well known fighters.
Anonymous2 said on 18/Jul/07
Melvin, I agree that Bruce has been somewhat dietized by many drooling fanboys, but many of his speed and strength feats WERE quite phenomenal for a man his size. He curled dumbells around 110lbs like yourself, and did shoulder-raises with dumbells which many 200lb body-builders can't do (and I believe this came from the words of Joe Lewis or Chuck Norris). It was also either Lewis or Norris who also said Bruce hit as hard as a 200-pounder. And he did train and spar with BOTH Norris, Lewis, and "Judo" Gene Lebell too among a long list of many experienced fighters.

You can tear a muscle doing a 10lb exercise if you do hundreds of reps on extreme conditions. Bruce was often known to do crazy-ass stuff like leg-raises with "only shoulders" touching the bench, etc.. You don't even need weights to tear a muscle doing stuff like that!

"Weak" would be the poorest word to describe Bruce Lee. He's stronger than the average athletic 170lb man imho. Pound-for-pound, he could be one of the strongest ever... however, he would NOT last a round against a UFC heavyweight like Tito Ortiz or Chuck Liddell. He could probably take most people under 200lbs imho, unless they nearly match his skill level and outweigh him 50lbs or more.

What I appreciate most about him was how ahead of his time he was. Many consider him the "father of mixed-martial-arts", and I think Tito Ortiz was quoted saying he adopted many of Bruce's fighting philosophies.
Jason said on 17/Jul/07
Dunken says on 16/Jul/07
''i drink plenty of water. i'm only ripped, i don't have the "bone dry", almost dead look.

for comparision, i resemble the mid-72 to late-72 Bruce body (while he was shooting Game of Death):

Click Here

the unhealthy, mega-ripped, muscles-painted in can been seen best in the opening sequence of Enter the Dragon (when Bruce fights Sammo).''

That's more like 7%. Calipers are inaccurate (often off by up to 4% either way) for getting a good bodyfat reading.
Melvin said on 17/Jul/07
That's good but what I'm saying is Bruce was fast and knowledgeable but he was pretty weak compared to the stories that went around after his death. He wouldn't spar or fight with anyone with good experience. Joe Lewis was once going to beat the mother out of Bruce on his doorstep once. I saw training footage of Bruce doing some sparring with this Italian American guy from San Francisco. That guy was a west coast karate champ. Was beating Bruce around like a daddy beats a bad son.
Dunken said on 17/Jul/07
Melvin: i'm pretty strong for my size. in BJJ classes, i can hang and often outmuscle guys 2 weightclasses above mine. there's also some heavyweights who get tooled by welterweights in classes and get submited in no time.
Melvin said on 17/Jul/07
What I hate most if the aura of invincibility and stories of immense strength some of fans and those who make money out of his name have created. Bruce Lee was strong for a very light guy and fast too but he admitted himself he would not be able to beat Muhammed Ali. He also said in his notes that you can read in the Tao of Jeet Kune Do that a good boxer can beat a good martial artist. Lee wasn't very strong either. He tore his nerves doing a 125lb good morning exercise. That's serious light weight. I was deadlifting 750lbs at 19 years old and could do one arm preacher curls with 110lb dumbbells. Those finger push ups I could do at 16. I found out that they were easy to do if you didn't weigh much. The man was was a great philosopher and had a larger than life personality but strong he was not.
glenn said on 17/Jul/07
i had microscopic tears in my arm muscles from curling too much at 14,and that was incredibly painful.and pulled or tore a stomach muscle 10 months ago.was in pain for 8 months.whenever i pull my wrist,which happen yearly from not lifting weights,but moving heavy objects,im in pain for 3 or 4 months.never put it in a brace like a in pain from that now as i write this.
Brad said on 17/Jul/07
Those muscles in "Enter The Dragon" were so tight that if he did a move too fast and in a contorted manner, Warner Bros. would eat millions in dead time breaking down a big budget film for 2 months while Bruce healed. I read he was in unbelievable pain for weeks & weeks after he ripped his muscles....just stuck in a bed reading books and suffering a few years before. Ouch!
Viper said on 16/Jul/07
I figured at 1 percent you would be dead.
Dunken said on 16/Jul/07
i drink plenty of water. i'm only ripped, i don't have the "bone dry", almost dead look.

for comparision, i resemble the mid-72 to late-72 Bruce body (while he was shooting Game of Death):

Click Here

the unhealthy, mega-ripped, muscles-painted in can been seen best in the opening sequence of Enter the Dragon (when Bruce fights Sammo).
Melvin said on 16/Jul/07
Less than 1% body fat is very dangerous level to stay at. Your spinal column needs water and fats to maintain healthy posture and so do your glands for healthy functioning.
There was a bodybuilder called Mohammed Benaziza who didn't drink liquid for 2 weeks and took diuretics to get the bone dry steel hard look. His stomach cramped up so hard he had to leave the competition stage to vomit. His fellow competitor Porter Cotrell said it was 'projectile vomit up to 5 meters'. Benaziza died after winning the competition. The coroner said his liver was shriveled up to half size. Dangerous being that ripped and dehydrated.
Dunken said on 16/Jul/07
he removed his sweat glandules at some point (spelling might wrong). i achieved that ripped look and i still sweat like any ther human. muscles ripping sounds like bad nutrition, lack of liquid ingestion.

i'm around the size Melvin described of Bruce's death with less than 1% body fat and i'm one of the healthier people i know. nowadays he could've achieved that look without virtually killing himself in the process.
Brad said on 15/Jul/07
The guy ripped his muscles numerous times. He said it was of the greatest concern that he didn't tear his muscles because it took forever to heal. His skin looked almost painted on. The guy was around zero body fat. Lean lean lean. He lost a lot of $ being in a bed for months around '71. The guy had to have sweat made from spray bottles in his films. The guy never sweat. That's a bad sign.
Melvin said on 14/Jul/07
Bruce Lee was measured 5ft 8 and 150 pounds for his driving license in 1964. He was very healthy at the time. On the day of his death the coroner measured him 5ft 6 and 126 pounds. The coroner mentioned his body was completely dehydrated. The story goes Lee was dehydrating himself for three years to get that super ripped look. He was also smoking pot and taking diuretics to get that bone dry look. Dehydrated bodies lose height. So peak 5ft 8, lowest 5ft 6. Average 5ft 7.
glenn said on 13/Jul/07
the thing is chuck claims it any possibilty chuck was 5-9 peak?
Brad said on 12/Jul/07
Chuck is 5' 8". Subtract the 1.5" in the photo. May add 1/2" more with the downslope from the stairs. I saw Lee's penny trick in person, it was like a wizard. Jabbar wore nothing on his feet in the last film (If I remember). Somebody should ask Jabbar at a sports autograph show. I don't think he'd lie. Norris might to cover his not well known lack of height to the general public. Most people I ask say "6'" for Chuck.
Anonymous2 said on 12/Jul/07
He's too close in height to Chuck Norris to be only 5'6.5". That would give them a 2" difference assuming Chuck's at 5'8.5" (he was probably 5'9" in his prime). Most pics of them seen together, they differ by 1", 1.5" at most. It's more accurate to measure people with others closer to their own height, not Kareem Abdul Jabaar, lol!

See this:
Click Here
zillionairepoet said on 6/Jul/07
I think 5'7" or a little less is more accurate ... this from photos with Bruce in flat shoes (fighting scenes). Also, check out his demo on Hong Kong TV where he's bare-footed. If he was around 125 - 130 pounds for ETD, 5-6 5-7 would be right. I met a documentary filmmaker in Hong Kong; he knew several of the old Bruce Lee stuntmen. He asked about his height, and they said around 5-6 1/2. Btw, he also said they were in awe of him. Once trick he did :
he would place his fist on the ground with thumb up. Straight-leged he bent down and put his thumb in his mouth. They said they had never seen anyone do that.
Brad said on 30/Jun/07
Robert Lee is just trying to make his brother appear bigger. 5' 8" is LAUGHABLE for Bruce Lee. I'll go by the wife. I know what I saw: he wasn't 5' 8" plus Cuban heeled boots coming in at 5' 10.5". Jabbar is a legit 7' 2". I was 6' 8" in boots next to him in '80 and I was looking up big time.
Anonymous2 said on 27/Jun/07
Hey Arjun, don't forget Bruce is standing with a wider open-stance which usually lowers one's height by 0.5"-1":
Click Here

Brad, you just go by any quote that goes your way and supports your height claims. How about Robert Lee's quote above saying Bruce was 5'8"? You're probably gonna believe the next 5-year-old kid who saw Bruce Lee in his dreams at 5'5" lol!
Arjun said on 26/Jun/07
I scaled that Bruce-Kareem-Tien pic. If Kareem is 7'2", Bruce comes out to 5'7" exactly. Bruce is 78% of Kareem's height. If, however, Kareem was only 7'1 3/8" as some have claimed, Bruce comes out to only 5'6.5" .....
And Tien is about 5% taller than Bruce, i.e. betweeen 3.25 - 3.5 inches. But that's in his shoes, so if he's 5'10.5" in shoes, Bruce still comes out to 5'7" easy.
Brad said on 22/Jun/07
Go by the wife's quote.
Anonymous2 said on 8/Jun/07
I'm still not convinced a 10-year-old kid can accurately guage height nor even pay attention to footwear and clothing in general. 5'7" isn't that much taller than your 5'5" either. And you said he walked right by you, meaning he was in motion and we all know from this site you can't accurately judge height on people walking...
Brad said on 1/Jun/07
If she said 5' 6" then he's 5' 6". He was only a tad taller than I (5' 5") in Cuban heels walking right by me in '67. Subtract those Beatle boots. He was one surprisingly small guy to all us kids.
Robert.R said on 23/May/07
Perhaps you are right Anonymous2. It makes no sense her saying he is 5'6" if she is 5'7" and he is clearly taller than her.
Anonymous2 said on 15/May/07
It's all good Robert. Just wondering if you've ever thought there may perhaps have been a typo in that article? Maybe the "8" partially got erased and became a "6"? Or the writer just totally messed it up? Wouldn't his wife wanna updgrade, not downgrade his height, assuming he was say around 5'7"? The only living person who'd know for sure is Linda Lee herself. Anyone who ever runs into Linda should guage her height then ask her how tall Bruce was ...
Brad said on 14/May/07
Linda's right. He wore those Cuban heel boots on "The Green Hornet" 100% of the time. He had to, Van Williams was much taller. I met the late actress who played the secretary on the show at a Ray Courts celebrity show where a lot of the people who worked at Fox on Batman & The Green Hornet came, she & Bruce were of the same height (both in heels) and she was about 5' 6" tops. I'm trying to judge a photo of me and "Enter The Dragon's" Ahna Capri and a Capri-Lee photo. Gotta find one.
Robert.R said on 14/May/07
The truth is Anonymous2 I just don't know, never having met him. I agree with what you say though, he does look the same height if not taller than Linda in the pictures with her and she is supposed to be 5'7" yet it was her who allegedly stated in an article that he was only 5'6" and concious about his height, so I am a little confused.
Anonymous2 said on 14/May/07
Haha you're funny Robert, if you really think Bruce is 5'6" then just say so, no need getting schizophrenic accepting 5'7" one day then going back to your 5'6" ways, lol. :)

Well, you said so yourself that Linda Lee was 5'7", so how come 5'6" Bruce is equal or taller than her in so many pics?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In the first pic from a Hong-Kong talk-show, Bruce was doing a kung-fu demo so was most likely wearing kung-fu slippers or trainers and not cuban heels, yet standing straight he'd end up looking the same height as Linda.
Robert.R said on 12/May/07
I did not realise he wore huge cuban boots on The Green Hornet Brad. In that case you could well be right.
Brad said on 12/May/07
Ridiculous 5' 6" was reality. Bruce at 5' 8" is hilarious. Wore huge Cuban boots on The Green Hornet...and in personal appearances. Didn't eliminate his Chinese talk. Warner Bros. first opt out on him was this fact for "Kung Fu". He said something like "If they want a Chinese person, they get one, I guess I'm too Chinese". Much respect for that.
Robert.R said on 9/May/07
I would go along with 5'8" with morning shoe height Anonymous2, I just cannot accept that he was ever 5'8" barefoot even it the morning. I think he may have been 5'7" barefoot in the morning, perhaps dropping down to 5'61/2" at night.
Anonymous2 said on 6/May/07
But I totally agree with you and Editor Rob, Franco - Bruce was around 171cm. He could get away 5'8" with shoes. He might have been only 5'7" or 5'8" with morning or shoe height, but he's somewhere in there. But not anything ridiculous like 5'6".
Anonymous2 said on 6/May/07
The point is Brad tends 2 downgrade those who are rich, successful, with hot wives.
Franco said on 30/Apr/07
wtf does SLY got to do with BRUTE LEE??

talk about SLY in his thread.....i mean come on, this is a mess.

and i agree Bruce is 171cm
Brad said on 17/Apr/07
If you think Sly is only getting 2" in that shot straining to kiss her, yer dreaming. She's slouching and he's stretching everything he has. I wonder if he (I doubt it) ever gets a divorce that it will top Jordan & Neil Diamond in the figure. 100+ million easy.
Anonymous2 said on 11/Apr/07
Standing on tiptoes to equal 6' Brigitte Nielsen. 5'10" flat-footed...

Other famous words to think about next time a short, rich famous person calls you late for dinner:

"Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo."
- H. G. Wells (1866-1946)

"Don't be so humble - you are not that great."
- Golda Meir (1898-1978) to a visiting diplomat
Brad said on 28/Mar/07
Standing on his tip toes, stretching his body with his ex slouched, he sure does look 5' 10". In the words of Cousin Kackle in the Addams cellar: heeheeheehee.
glenn said on 28/Mar/07
and sly also looks 5-10 barefoot next to bridget neilson.oops forgot about that.
Anonymous2 said on 27/Mar/07
I hear ya on people becoming big-headed after fame and fortune, even those who were total flukes. But on a lot of the interviews I've seen with Sly, he does sound pretty down-to-earth and humble tho, even the very early ones when he just started out like the one on Dini Petty after Rocky's success. He seemed to be genuinely gracious for what he has and gives respects for those who truly should be acknowledged like Muhammed Ali. On one of his latest Rocky Balboa interviews I remember him saying something along the lines of "yah, we had a real boxing set in Vegas with a real boxer (Tarver), the only thing fake was ME!" But give the man props, people like Stallone and Bruce Lee didn't make it to where they were being stupid or weak-minded, they're some of the most intelligent, driven and talented people with heart out there no matter WHAT their height is!
Brad said on 27/Mar/07
Sly has never appeared barefoot taller than his wife. My favorite Sly & wife photo was the one when she is cuddling her baby and Sly clearly 3" shorter than her with his eyes looking up at her.Vaj wrote "ooops, forgot my lifts" next to it. The only time he is taller than his wife is when he is in his $2,000 4" added shoes.He can't touch Travolta in 3 1/2" cowboy boots. Hogan isn't stupid, he stood next to him for a few hundred hours. Yer right about 5' 5" people and the calling late fer dinner anytime after fame, $, etc..
Anonymous2 said on 26/Mar/07
Hogan is like you Brad, he was like 6'6" and would have trouble deciphering height of anyone under 6' - 5'10" could have been 5'7" for all he knew. Even if you knew your own height at 10, I have doubts you were able to accurately guage others at that age. The difference between 5'6" and 5'7" isn't that great, most adults would have trouble decifphering those two heights today. And most people disagree with you that Sly can't appear taller than his 5'9" wife, there dozens of photos that show he can, barefoot and even when she's in 4" heels... and "the poor guy" Sly ain't all that poor when you really think about it is he? ;) Even IF he's really only 5'5", with a career, wealth, fame and wife like that, he can call late dinners for ANYONE he pleases!
Brad said on 23/Mar/07
Frank2 worked at Fox a lot. I'm sure he saw Lee on the lot. People can call me anything but don't call me late for dinner. Saxon is 5' 9"....if he thinks Bruce is 1.5" shorter than him, he ought to recheck photos of them together in thin sole fighting footwear.
glenn said on 23/Mar/07
frank2 was an have your faults,but at least your fun.if you knew it bothered me before,why do you still mention his name?.frank2 had alot to offer,i am aware of.
Brad said on 23/Mar/07
I always knew my height. We had a height thingy in our house.I was 5' 7.5" in '69, 6' 6" by '73. Stallone is 5' 8". Hulk Hogan in his autobiography says the same thing. Just look at him in his lifts/heels, the poor guy can't get to his 5' 9" wife's height in almost every photo except in monster boots. I'd even agree with 5' 8.5" which is real close to 5' 9", some downgrading (gaffaw). Frank2 where are U?
Robert.R said on 22/Mar/07
Keoini, I believe Linda Lee was 5'7".
Robert.R said on 22/Mar/07
Actually Anonymous2 you could not be more wrong. I realise I am in the minority on this page, it seems the general opinion is that he is 5'7.5" and I have got to the stage whereby I want to see him as that height myself, although he does not look that height to me, I will compromise and go along with 5'7" because I have never met him and pictures can be deceiving. I recall reading an article by John Saxon where he described Bruce as being just over 5'7" so the truth is I am not sure, although I am beginning to think I underestimated his height at 5'6".
Anonymous2 said on 22/Mar/07
BUT - of all people PUHLEAZE don't take Brad as a height authority! First off, he met Bruce in person when he was only 10. How many ten year olds even know THEIR OWN height at that age for crying out loud?! Go ask a dozen 10-year olds today what their height is and I bet you 99.9% of them won't even have a clue! Even better, ask them how tall they think *SOMEBODY ELSE* is, or how tall they think YOU are and 100% of them won't even be in the ballpark! For crying out loud, grownups even have trouble estimating the heights of people standing right before their own eyes as this site has shown over and over again, so forget about some vague memory of a ten year old kid seeing Bruce Lee 40 years ago!! Brad is 6'5" today and STILL believes everyone is small! Guys at that height have trouble deciphering the height of anyone under 6'. Just take a look at the Stallone height page to see all the havoc and turmoil Brad's stirred up with his insistence in downgrading 5'9"+ Sly Stallone down to 5'8" and you'll see what I mean.
Anonymous2 said on 22/Mar/07
Geez Robert, you seem obsessed with that 5'6" height lol! I'm no longer gonna dispute you about Bruce's height, it's obvious that nothing will change your mind. It obviously brings you great happiness and joy to have belief in that height, so I'll just let you be, whatever floats your boat man!
Keoini said on 22/Mar/07
It seems like y'all arguing about which source is right and wrong. I think looking like ppl whose height we know FOR SURE that are alive today and has once stood next to Bruce in LIVE video, not picture or movies, is the BEST way to estimate the range of Bruce's height. His wife Linda (who's still alive) appeared to be taller than him in high heels at a 70's or 80's Japanese karate Exhibition (Youtube video), any1 know how tall Linda is?
Brad said on 21/Mar/07
Being 10 and 39 years ago is not the only thing. Meeting most of the cast of "Enter The Dragon" & Van & Wendy from "The Green Hornet" as well as Burt Ward & Adam West next to them, you get a better idea what Lee was standing next to. Even at 10 I was amazed how little he was. I never met Black Belt Jones. I grew up in Greenwich Ct..
Robert.R said on 21/Mar/07
Anonymous2 although I respect your opinion and all those who have claimed his height is taller than I thought, I have to be honest and in that photo you showed below featuring John Saxon and Bruce Lee, Lee only looks around 5'6" to me. I cannot say that categorically because other than how he looks, I have no other proof only the article where his wife stated he is 5'6" which is not in my possession, however, I am sure you could produce several articles contradicting this. The only real proof I can say which supports my theory is the fact that Brad agrees with me and he has actually had the privilage of meeting him.
Anonymous2 said on 20/Mar/07
John Saxon took photos of him and Bruce while filming ETD and wrote a book about it:
Click Here
glenn said on 20/Mar/07
know anybody who met black belt jones brad? you? now thats rare.jabbar is common now.though he doesnt pose.
J. said on 20/Mar/07
You're from Connecticut, Brad?
Scarlet said on 20/Mar/07
There is a training video of 5'9 Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee on youtube. Lee is 2 inches shorter.
Brad said on 20/Mar/07
Saxon is 5' 9". He was taller than Bruce by 3" at least. All us kids on the YMCA day trip wanted Bruce to come up to Connecticut to do a demonstration. He told the guy in charge he was only in town for 24 hours. Van Williams fights The Shoreline Crips now, at least that's what he told me.
Robert.R said on 19/Mar/07
Fairplay Anonymous, in retrospect it was as silly comment to make, everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect yours. I will go along with 5'7".
Anonymous2 said on 19/Mar/07
No disrespects Robert, but that's a silly comment to make. That's like me accusing everyone thinking like you of being a Bruce Lee hater for thinking he's only 5'6". You've said so yourself we're all entitlted to our own opinions, and many of us just happen to believe he's 5'7.5" / 5'8" based on solid objective evidence, including the Editor.

John Saxon height page:
Click Here
Click Here

Platform shoes are more like boots, were only worn at parties and going to movie sets. I seriously doubt he wore them in suit and tie (and if you believe so, you'd accuse Bruce of having poor fashion sense too). And of course, they could never be worn while Bruce does martial-arts, and most photos of him are from such shots.

To be quite honest, I now think Bruce is more 5'7" most of the time, 5'7.5" only in the morning. If I were blinded by being some drooling fan, I'd insist him to be 5'8" and 5'8.5" in the mornings. But I seriously doubt he was even a millimeter under 5'7".
leonari said on 19/Mar/07
Robert.R: great comment! I agree 100 %. But shouldn't people appreciate his skills in martial arts even more if he was only 5'6"...because thats what he was...maybe 5'6.5" but almost 5'8" skinny and toned as he was he would have looked bigger on screen.
Brad said on 18/Mar/07
Saxon 5' 11"?!!! Even at 5' 10" which is too high (I've met Ahna Capri from the film, good to judge) 4" brings him to 5' 6".
glenn said on 18/Mar/07
hard to imagine you were ever 5-5 brad.any man that met bruce lee has my respect.outside the sly page that is.i met norris and saxon and they were both 5-9.
Robert.R said on 18/Mar/07
Annonymous2 To get back to your earlier comment, no I cannot remember the name of the publication where his wife said he was 5'6" as it is over twenty years since I saw it. Therefore no doubt you will come to the conclusion that it did not exist, which I can assure you it did. I have seen the measurements which the editor showed and I remember they stated his height as 5'8" which I think we can all agree is nonsense, if I remember correctly Bruce wrote them himself. My opinion is that the majority of people on here who believe him to be 5'8" or even 5'7.5" are letting their awe of him as a master of the martial arts, cloud their judgements on his real height.
Robert.R said on 18/Mar/07
Brad is correct, in the seventies Bruce Lee wore platform shoes.
Anonymous2 said on 18/Mar/07
Dunken ur right, Bruce averaged around 140lbs, if he were only 5'6" he'd look pretty stocky, more like Jet Li proportions. And here's another photo showing that you're also correct that Bruce was a bit taller than Bolo:
Click Here

Brad, Bruce only had the big 70's heels when he dressed trendy, in that formal suit and tie photo with Williams, I'm sure he's just wearing regular 1" dress shoes and so is Williams. John Saxon lost a lot of height growing old, check out his height page on this site. He was a legit 5'11" in his prime. In the Norris pic at the airport, Chuck was wearing giant heels.
Robert.R said on 18/Mar/07
Difference of opinion here. I would say 5'7.5" is ridiculous. The absolute maximum I would agree with is 5'7" first thing in the morning to 5'6.5" during the day.
Brad said on 18/Mar/07
Come on, Bruce wore big heels and even at 2" added he came to 5' 8" and Van was clearly taller than him by a lot of height. John Saxon is 5' 9". I've met him 3 times. I've seen too many photos of Saxon from "Enter The Dragon" clearly 3" higher than Bruce in flat footwear for each. Chuck Norris is taller than him at an airport by 3" in a shot I've seen. What's Norris? 5' 9"?
Dunken said on 18/Mar/07
i have to give Bruce 5'7, on the spot, after rewatching his movies again (huge fan of Bruce as well):

- he was taller than both Sammo and Bolo, who are/were in the 5'6 range.

- he was around 4 inches shorter than 5'11 Saxon.

- he was fraction smaller than Norris (5'8 at the time?).

- a bit bigger then Unicorn Chan, who was also at the 5'6 range.

i'm 5'6, currently at 128lb, less then 2% body fat. when i look at Bruce's pics i get the feeling he looks a bit bigger then me.
Anonymous2 said on 18/Mar/07
Ok, you wanna base on Van Williams? Then see this good side-side photo:
Click Here

Both Lee and Williams have about the same size head. I first ask you guys, how long you think the typical human head is? Well it's about 8-10", let's say 9" for the sake of argument. Now looking at their height difference, can you say they differ by *half* a head? No way, not even close! But if they were, that's roughly a 4.5" difference, so Williams being 6' (as Brad has said so having met the man in person), then would make Bruce be 5'7.5" spot on. But to me, the differnce looks more like 2/5 or 0.4 head lengths, for a difference more like 3.6", which would imply Bruce to be more like 5'8.5". Now I'll agree that's even a bit too tall for Bruce, it could be due to the fact that Williams' head is slightly tilted.

For a true 6" difference, the top of Bruce's head would line up just under Van William's nose-level, which isn't the case. Many of you guys just don't realize how short 5'6" is. Yes, I agree that 5'8" for Bruce is stretching it, but 5'7" sure isn't, nor is 5'7.5". 5'6" is ridiculous for Bruce!
Brad said on 17/Mar/07
"Skinny & so weak"? When did I say that? By saying his body fat was zero is a compliment. Bruce was the one who said he had to watch out for ripping his muscles because in '71 he ripped his back muscles so badly he was confined to a bed for weeks. He was near bankrupt due to the medical bills. I'm not a Bruce Lee fan? I drove all the way to L.A. to meet most of the cast of "Enter The Dragon" some years back at a reunion as well as the Green Hornet cast. I was 10 when I met Lee in '67. I was 5' 5". He was a little guy. Van beats him by 6" in most every shot, look at Kato's shoes. 5' 8" for Bruce is ridiculous.
Robert.R said on 16/Mar/07
Incidentally, I am a Bruce Lee fan and just to reiterate my earlier comment, my opinion of his height does in no way whatsoever deter my respect for his martial arts skills, however, he would not be the first person to add an inch or two to his height and I doubt he will be the last.
Robert.R said on 16/Mar/07
Anonymous2. Bruce Lee's wife once stated that he was 5'6" and in my opinion he looks it, he may well have been 5'8" shoe height but I cannot seriously believe he was anywhere near that height in barefoot. I cannot supply any solid proof, however, I have seen no solid proof as yet to the contrary. So I suppose we will have to agree to disagree. I do respect your opinion though, which is what this page is about.
Anonymous2 said on 16/Mar/07
And Robert R. what you said about the "stretching measuring tape" doesn't quite make sense, as Bruce stated being 5'8" BEFORE he got famous. Rob, didn't you have a link a while back with a picture showing the height charts Bruce made of himself while training and teaching martial arts before his acting career? And which magazines stated him being 5'6" if you don't mind me asking? I have a friend who owns a vintage magazine and book store who could easily look this stuff up.

[Editor Rob: yeah, its around on the web somewhere, before fame, the gym improvement sheet...]
Anonymous2 said on 16/Mar/07
Brad and Robert R. I respect your opinions, enjoyed all your accounts of meeting Bruce or people who knew him and sharing your stories, but unfortunately you have not provided anything near SOLID PROOF that can justify Bruce being under 5'7". Only anectdotes and opinions. If there's an article out there with someone creditable (his wife, masters, students or even Bruce himself) claiming he was 5'6" then I shall be the first to eat my words and admit that he is, but until then, every shred of solid photographic and written evidence have pointed to Bruce Lee being at a 5'7" minimum height with a chance of being a little over.
Anonymous2 said on 16/Mar/07
Editor Rob put at the top of this page, Bruce's younger brother Robert who was 5'7" said Bruce was an inch taller. Here's a web page with several pics of Bruce and Robert together that proves this:
Click Here
Anonymous2 said on 16/Mar/07
Let's not forget a few important things folks:
i) Bruce himself said he was 5'8". Sure he may have rounded up or gave his "shoe height", but who can seriously get away with exaggerating TWO full inches?
Anonymous2 said on 16/Mar/07
Brad, what's with all the low blows? Skinny and so weak that he'd always rip his muscles working out? Shorter than the 12 year old kid you were?! Come on bro, wassup?! You're clearly not a Bruce Lee fan and it shows. For the record, the man did pushups on two fingers and did shoulder raises and curls with dumbells 220+lb bodybuilders are normally accustomed to. In the beach photo with Van Williams, Bruce is standing on much lower ground and his leg in a bent running pose, totally useless to judge height.
Brad said on 13/Mar/07
His body fat was zero. He was a little guy who had to watch out he didn't rip his muscles which he did and put him down for weeks on a shoot.
Robert.R said on 13/Mar/07
I take nothing away from his brilliance as a Master of the Martial Arts, however, articles in the early seventies always stated his height as 5'6" which from my observations have been correct, then listings of 5'7" appeared and finally the most popular which is 5'71/2". Then he stated he was 5'8", I can only assume his tape measure had stretched.
Brad said on 13/Mar/07
Somewhere is the photo of Van & Bruce on the beach in barefeet and Van has him by 6" easy. My aunt worked for Irwin Allen at Fox and was afraid of his dog. I guess from what she said, he was almost as big as Bruce was.
Robert.R said on 11/Mar/07
I go along with 5'6" Brad. He looks nowhere near 5.71/2" to me.
Brad said on 11/Mar/07
A little over my height in full Kato attire (with mask on) and those Cuban heel boots he wore at a NYC car show 40 years ago. 5' 6". I've met Van Williams a few times and 6' is accurate so subtract 6". The "Enter The Dragon" cast came to Ray Courts' celebrity show a some years back....amazing how small you'd picture Bruce next to them. Bob Wall looks like he could take on an army, he's awesome. His fists were massive.
Robert.R said on 1/Mar/07
The wingspan theory is a new one on me trueheight. Guess you learn something new everyday.
trueheight said on 24/Feb/07
I think 5,7.5 is the best estimate as the most esteemed sources(John Little). He was reported to have a 6ft wingspang which makes sense since wingspang can range from same to over 4in more than height in average males. I'm 5'9 and have a 73in wingspan; go figure
Robert.R said on 15/Feb/07
I would agree JoseK.
JoseK. said on 13/Feb/07
From the pic with BL and TIEN (5-10). Bruce looks dead on 5'7 or possibly a bit less.
Robert. R said on 17/Jan/07
I must admit Anonymouts that the 4th image where he is wearing jeans shows that I was wrong in thinking he had a short body and like I have said I have never met him so I don't know for sure. I have seen numerous articles which have stated he is anything between 5'3" and 5'8" though the majority of them lean towards his being 5' 7.5". I have looked closely at all his pictures and I still think he looks in the 5'6" range. Whatever his height I still have alot of admiration for him and his martial arts skills.
Glenn said on 17/Jan/07
Yeah,anything is possible.even 5-6.but 5-7 makes the most sense.
Robert.R said on 17/Jan/07
I think your guess is about right Glenn. I think he was probably about 170cm first thing in the morning and I am sure he was smaller than you. Obviously, no one can prove his height now and I have no actual proof to back up what I think. I am just going by the man's stature. He appeared to me to have a short body and legs.
Lynn said on 17/Jan/07
Saxon and Lee. For me we have at leat 4" not 3".
Click Here
Glenn said on 16/Jan/07
My best guess is Bruce 5-7.who knows,maybe Bruce was 5-8 and Norris was 5-9.I coincendtly ran into the rare few I know that met Bruce last week.they say he was smaller than me.but couldnt say by how much.
Robert.R said on 16/Jan/07
Surely Norris was more than an inch taller than Lee and don't forget, in the seventies Lee wore platform shoes.
Franco said on 16/Jan/07
no LYNN i don't agree, BL was 5'7.5 and Norris is 5'8.5

today Chuck Norris is a 5'8 and thanks to the boots he wear often looks 5'10.

Lynn said on 16/Jan/07
I think the BL height problem is easy to solve observing the photo with John Saxon.

For example Click Here
Four real inches or plus, not 3".
And we don't really know how tall is Tien but we all know that Saxon was 5'10 max in his prime.
Robert.R said on 16/Jan/07
Bruce Lee is one of those people who always looked short to me in his photographs and his films. If I would have had to guess his height I would have said around 5'6". I know he has always been listed as 5'7.5" but I find that difficult to believe.
Lynn said on 16/Jan/07
yes, taken just from this site:
"found an article from AustinActors where the writer says: "In addition, Terry and Eddy both mentioned, "You know Chuck wears lifts in his shoes." Supposedly, Chuck is only around 5'7" tall and most of the people playing opposite of him were required to be his height or shorter". In many of the barefoot shots of chuck and bruce from early days there isn't much between them."

I say 5'7 Norris and 5'6 BL in their prime.
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/07
Norris might not be solid 5'9"/175cm but is very close to it. This site lists him at 174cm:
Click Here
Chuck could have been 175cm when he was younger in his prime during the Bruce Lee era, or now in the morning. At any rate, Bruce often looks so close in height to him it leaves no doubt in my mind Bruce was nothing under 5'7".

I was a big BL fan myself when I was younger. I'm 5'9" now as an adult, and always thought he was a solid 5'8" from the bio's on him. As a teenager, I was a solid 5'8" and always thought it was cool how "I was as tall as Bruce". But my friend's martial-arts teacher who once trained under Bruce in the 60's said Bruce was a tad shorter than me, so I thought he must have been 5'7". But the photos with Chuck and Bolo show he was a bit over 5'7".

Another one with Chuck, slightly rotated in Chuck's favor. Straighten it out to show they're within 1" apart.
Click Here
Dunken said on 15/Jan/07
lynn: Bolo is 5'6. it's all over the net.

and Norris is nothing over 5'9.
lynn said on 15/Jan/07
we cannot really know how tall were Tien and Bolo.

But regarding Norris.
Do you really think he can be 5'9?
I don't like to compare height and weight but in tha case of Norris I do.
He was 7 time karate world champion Pro in the MEDIUM weight and he was massive.He cannot be 5'9.
lynn said on 14/Jan/07
Who said James Tien is ( was ) 5'10?
I don't think so.
Bruce was my idol when I was 17 but I have always known that he is far less then 5.7. Maybe no more than 5'6
trueheight said on 14/Jan/07
That photo w/ Kareem and Tien - Tien is wearing some sort of shoe, those aren't feet or socks
Arjun said on 11/Jan/07
SirCharles: Great pic of Bruce, Kareem and Tien. Kareem has LONG limbs, almost all his height is in his legs, his head/neck are barely any longer than Bruce's or Tien's. But I think Bruce looks 5'7+" in the pic, as he's only three inches shorter than Tien , not 4.5, and you have to take off a couple cm for Tien's shoes too. He does'nt look as short as 5'6" with Kareem either.
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/07
He Franco, many have said Chuck was prolly 5'9" in prime, so 1.5" shorter than Bruce makes Lee 5'7.5". Even at 5'7" he could be 5'7.5" in the morning. My suspicion is, when Lee measured himself as in Rob's quote, he must have done it in the morning to read 5'8" at his absolute morning peak height.
Franco said on 5/Jan/07
bruce lee looks 5'7 not 5'7.5 no matter what they wrote or what his biography says. he looks 1.5 full inches shorter than Chuck norris in most pix.
SirCharles said on 30/Dec/06
In Anonymous's pic with Bruce and Tien. Bruce is at least 3 inches shorter than Tien. Tien isn't holding is head up as high.
anonymous said on 19/Dec/06
Also, in that last photo by St. Andrews, in that scene of the movie, Bolo wears sneakers (which probably give 1 inch) while Bruce wears those .25 inch slippers.
St Andrews said on 16/Dec/06
Well, the first photo tells me that the difference is about 1.5" but no less. In the second photo Lee probably has normal shoes and Norris has flat trainers and in the last photo the shot was taken from the side angle of Lee, hence camera favours Lee greatly.

Therefore I still stand with my statement. The difference is about 2'' and definetely more than 1" as stated in this website.
St Andrews said on 14/Dec/06
I had already took all what you mentioned into account, when I said Norris is at least 2 inches taller than Lee. They are on different scales, however you look at it.
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/06
It's funny how some people can claim how anyone can be "exactly" shorter or taller by this and that "exact" number when human height can vary by up to an inch during the course of a day? Making height predictions to the closest inch is tough enough, anyone who believes they can accurately guage someone's eight to the exact 1/4" by simply looking at a picture should think twice. I think if bruce were truly in the 5'6" range, he'd sell himself as being 5'7". Selling yourself 2" taller than you really are may work for taller people (Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, etc...), but wouldn't really be passable for someone of Lee's height ballpark. Even heightmonger Sly Stallone who's probably 5'9" sells himself as only being 5'10" and wouldn't dare go anything beyond (verbally at least, his lifts take him anywhere he wants you to believe)! And btw, Bruce has an open stance in the pic with Robin (who has his legs together) which gives more of a height advantage than you'd think (and who's to say Burt Ward couldn't really be 5'8.5")?
SirCharles said on 11/Dec/06
Actually, in that pic "ROBIN" is at 5'8 and it's pretty obvious Bruce is shorter than him (even though they are not perfectly side-by-side).

The best analysis, is the one I posted with Kareem, James Tien, and Bruce: Click Here

Now James Tien, at 5'10 is wearing chinese loafers that are at most 3/4 inch. Bruce is exactly 4.5 inches shorter than him in that pic. Even if I be nice and assume that James Tien is 5'10.5 (Note that he's never listed at 5'11, so 5'10.5 is probably too high), AND his soles are 1 full inch thick (Which would be more common in gym shoes), then Bruce's height would work out to exactly 5'7. So people who think he was at LEAST 5'7 have it backwards. Bruce is at MOST 5'7.

In that picture, it is best to assume tien at a dead on 5'10 (true height 5'9.75 to 5'10.25. Than use 3/4 inch for Tien's sole estimate. Bruce comes out to 5'6.25 tall.
ninjaturtle said on 8/Dec/06
no way bruce is under 5'7. arias dude you can read all over this site that running or walking poses are the worst to use to judge height comparisons just like your pic. just look on the arnold thread and you'll see how 5'11 prime minister tony blair looked several inches over arnold while they're walking in one photo, where arnie is really 6'+. plus bruce is standing on lower ground and his leg way more bent than van william's. i don't think bruce is a solid 5'8 either, but minimum 5'7. 5'6 is too low. bruce is so close to chuck norris' height in dozens of photos to be only 5'6. i think editor has it spot on.
Brad said on 14/Nov/06
5' 6" was what I remember meeting him at a car show almost 40 years ago in full Kato attire no less. Van Williams was about 6' at Ray Courts show in North Hollywood. Van beats him by about 6" in most master shots. I'm sure the close-ups have Bruce on a box....they did that with Davy Jones on The Monkees.
SirCharles said on 9/Nov/06
If they are standard one inch, then Yes, Bruce is at least exactly 5'7. But I'm pretty sure those are a type of chinese loafers with 1/4-1/2 inch soles. 5'6.5 to 5'7 for Bruce. Of course, Tien could be a little taller than exactly 5'10, but he's probably not over 5'10.5 (otherwise he'd be listed at 5'11).
SirCharles said on 1/Nov/06
Actually, that pictures crooked. But here is a picture with BRUCE LEE, KAREEM ABDUL JABAR, AND 5'10" JAMES TIEN. Comparing Bruce to Tien, you can easily tell that Bruce is under 5'7- Click Here
Arias said on 1/Nov/06
I think I've solved this mystery. Here is an excellent picture of Van williams and Bruce Lee. C'mon now guys!...Even if we assume Van williams was 6ft tall (I've never seen estimates that high for Williams), Bruce wouldn't cut 5'7. Bruce is an easy 6 inches under 5'6 is not only plausible, but likely. Click Here
SirCharles said on 1/Nov/06
Bruce Lee was short. There is excellent clip of him in green hornet, where it's obvious he was under 5'8. 5'7 can be considered, but 5'6-5'7 is definetly more like it. I agree with others that body style, especially on film, can make someone look a lot taller. And I too saw the Bolo yung (5'6)scenes with Bruce, where they look the same height. Bruce also looks about the exact same height as Sammo hung (5'6). With his wife (5'7), there is a couple pictures where you can ignore shoes, and Bruce looks a bit shorter. I think the bolo scenes are the best evidence for 5'6ish.
sf said on 26/Oct/06
K-9 - I have no doubt that Bolo was stronger, but that really doesn't mean much when it comes to martial arts and skill.
Franco said on 25/Oct/06
hey Brad i'm legit 6'4 without shoes i was about 5'8 at 13 y old and when i was 14 i had the worst pain you could ever immagine in my back to the point i couldn't move (almost paralized) and stay in bed for 3 weeks (lots of massage and other crap), when i finally cured and got out of bed i was 6'2, when stay that height until 15 and then at 16 i was 6'3 and stayed like that till 18 that's when i got the last inch. now i'm 27 years old and 6'4. hehe :-D

as for Bruce Lee, that guy was a legend, his expression and moves are unqualed.

1.71 cm look correct for Bruce Lee.
K-9 said on 24/Oct/06
I say Bruce Lee looks pretty tall in his picture. But if he say he 5ft 8 then that is true. I always wondered that which one is stronger. Bolo Yeung or Bruce Lee. I wish that some day I would become strong as them and surpass them.
John said on 6/Oct/06
Think that Bruce used to wear those kind of flat chinese shoes on his movies so he was pretty much as the same height as Norris when they are fighting and Norris was wearing a pair of sneakers that gave him an extra inch over Bruce.
Diamond said on 3/Oct/06
Bruce lee has always looked short. In the bolo scenes you can tell, as with chuck norris. His body style is deceptive, but it would hard to believe him taller than 5'6.5 to 5'7.
Brad said on 7/Aug/06
None at all.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
Brad, do you practice any form of martial arts and if so, which ones and for how long have you been involved/what degree are you?
tenaciousC said on 6/Aug/06
anyone ever here about this cat davis miller?
Click Here
he was a big bruce lee fan/hater (yeah its kinda weird), clearly one of the foremost bruce lee 'experts' on the planet, wrote a very controversial book demythicizing (prolly wrong spellin) bruce's legend.....he knocked down bruce throughout the book and it seemed like he had a weird need to chop bruce down a few notches to prove to himself 'how could i have been such a dumb fanboy fool to buy into all the hype' or somethin along those lines......some say it was a good read and had some truths, others a trashy quickie cash-grab....think it was one of the things that got linda lee to make a documentary (which had a cameo from jackie chan) to dispell the alleged 'lies'. itd be interesting to know what this miller guy would think of bruce's height??
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
But I weigh only 185. Oprah could body slam me. Bob Wall vs. Lee. That would have been World War Three in a ring. Ali '65 vs. Tyson '89, Marciano vs. Tyson. Dontcha wish....
Earl said on 6/Aug/06
6'5" Brad? Well you definately won't get any arguements from me on this site?
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
I've met 3 over 39 years. Bob Wall was at Ray Courts' North Hollywood Celebrity Show with about 4 people who starred in Enter The Dragon about 7 years ago. He could eat 3 people at once. Van Williams & the lady Wendy something same show. He said some huge grip on The Green Hornet with judo skills got Lee into a hold and sent him flying like a ball the next second.
Danimal said on 6/Aug/06
Brad, how do you get to meet all these legend martial artists? Who's next?
Earl said on 6/Aug/06
tenacious & trueheight. I am amazed. I used to watch Chuck Norris in a TV series, I think it was 'Walker Texas Ranger' or something like that and I always thought he was about 5'10". So without shoes I guess there is not much difference between his and Bruce Lee's height. You guys sure know your stuff.
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
Yeah, I was tall. 5' 7" at age 12 and 6' 5" by age 15. Easy to judge. You know your height and he walked by. I met Norris a few years ago.....gawd is he short! I thought Mariah Carey was short til I met her.....that girl was 6' with ease in heels! You never know.
Danimal said on 6/Aug/06
Brad, you were 5'5" at 10 years old. I was like one of the tallest kids in my grade when I was 10 and I was only 4'10". You were a giant for your age. MY GOD!! Are you like 10 feet tall today? ;).. Sorry, but I'm being sarcastic. I have a very hard time believing your story.
trueheight said on 5/Aug/06
earl - ever since his career started in the late 70s, norris has always been partial to his 2in cowboy boots. He's 5'8.5(peak)
Earl said on 4/Aug/06
Yeah, 10 years old and 5'5", that would have been some height at that time. TenaciousC in that photograph of Bruce Lee with Chuck Norris there doesn't look hardly any difference in their heights. For some reason I thought Norris was alot taller. Any idea what footwear they are wearing?
Brad said on 3/Aug/06
Met him at a NYC car show when I was 10 and 5' 5". He was only an inch taller than I. I think everybody there was amazed how small he was. He took his time with every kid answering the same questions. I think he got pissed when some kids showed him their throwing weapons. The penny grab was great. He knocked some hats off kids in less than a second.
Glenn said on 29/Jul/06
Amen on the grammar.who has time for that BS.only a anal geek with no life.nothing Against you Rob2.
tenaciousC said on 28/Jul/06
'What reason would I have to lie?'
you tell me. cos what ur saying cant be TRUTH! why all these same jokers shaving off 2-3inches off asian martial-arts stars? trueheight is right, get REAL evidence other fictious quotes from made-up interviews.
trueheight said on 28/Jul/06
Call me lazy, but grammar isn't usually the 1st thing on my mind when posting here ;)

You act as if you're a professor reading my thesis! can we say: uptight?

to reiterate for the 10th time, back up your claim or and then you might get some credibility here
trueheight said on 26/Jul/06
'there is no reason for her to lie.'

yea but there is for you isn't it? why is it that I see the same ppl trolling the Lee/Chan/Li/Hung boards without giving so much as an ounce of proof?

Dont tell me, I'll bet your loyal subscribers to astronomy, chirapractic and homeopathy as well huh?
trueheight said on 26/Jul/06
'his wife said it, and he looks it.'

Yea sure, and Angelina was quoted yesterday saying 'Brad is 5'8!'. Documentation?
cuz w/ out it your just wasting your precious time posting here b/c the 5'7.5 isn't gonna change
electric06 said on 20/Jul/06
My2cents isn't worth much more.

Bruce lee was 5'6 : his wife said it, and he looks it.
My2Cents said on 29/Jun/06
"My2cents IS Trueheight"

Yah, and I'm the Easter Bunny too. Like Bruce being no taller than 5'6.5" = a figment of your pipe dreamin' ...
trueheight said on 26/Jun/06
actually, the slomo on that last vid looks comparable to the speed an average martial artist could achieve and still be accurate; just incredible
trueheight said on 26/Jun/06
yea it was crooked b/c YOU photoshopped it(not a great job, either). Are you still stuck on getting BL lowered? now resorting to childish and pathetic attacks?

You really make me LOL. BTW electric06, the editor does not allow regular contributors to use more than one sign-in name

I dunno to much about Segal and his speed but someone on Youtube posted one of BL's clips:

Click Here
some rare footage

Click Here
this one's quite popular; can you actually believe this had to be slowed down?

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