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Chad Smith Height
Chad Smith's height is 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)

US Musician, from Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Bryce Watts says on 28/May/09
I met Chad about two years ago. I stand at 6'3" and he had about an inch on me, but no more.
Big King says on 6/May/09
I would say he's 6'3.5" and has a very strong similarity to Will Ferrell who is 6'3.5" as well.
frida says on 13/Aug/08
oh come on, write in centimeters. nobody ho doesnt live in usa or wherever you come from gets that. / swe
Sam Green says on 19/Jul/08
i know for sure chad is six three atleast.. im six five and i met him at the pearl manufacturing building in nashville and got to jam with him and i asked him how tall he was and me and him stood back to back and i was about inch and a half taller than he was.. very cool guy to be around.
mike says on 17/Jul/08
I'm 6'3", my friend is a tiny bit over 5'8", I'd say this guy is like 6'4"
Betinho Macarini says on 30/Apr/08
Big dude! But hey, I have something really important to say. Watch the videoclip of the song "Dani California". At the very end of this video, Chad stands next to guitarist John Frusciante. Frusciante has the tip of his head on Chad´s chin level, so I would say Chad is 6´5, maybe 6´6.
He is not just 6´3.
cantstop25 says on 2/Apr/08
easily 6'3" big dude
Neonmir says on 12/Mar/08
He is far above 6'3". Smith is 6'4" at least.
Gary says on 28/Feb/08
When I have shoes on 5'8 comes to my lips and im 6'3.5 with shoes, he looks 6'3.5
Labdu Sehergcha says on 20/Feb/08
This guy is a giant, he positively dwarfs his bandmates. When they play, Anthony John and Flea move around in front of him and even behind his drumkit, he's just looming in the background like an immense mountain.
Sal says on 19/Feb/08
Now that we know he is 6'3" i think we can safely say that he and will ferrel are twins! haha
glenn says on 16/Feb/08
well,alot of the time i bump into celebs.most of it is planned though.
AAAA says on 16/Feb/08
Ohhh, I didn't realize you had info on where celebs were going to be, especially on all cases. I know it is your job to do that, it just still amazes me all the peolple you get to meet Glenn
glenn says on 15/Feb/08
conferences? i never met anyone at those.not sure what you mean.they have those here in nyc seldom to announce a tour or something if thats what you mean.
glenn says on 15/Feb/08
i dont understand how is that random? sometimes it is,but this is planned buddy.
Anonymous says on 15/Feb/08
man this guy dwarfs the rest of his bandmates all 5'6-5'8 reminds me of nicky wire form manic street preachers dwarving jdb and sean and richie
AAAA says on 15/Feb/08
No, I just can't believe you manage to run into celebs at random places and not like confrences or other fomal stuff. .
glenn says on 14/Feb/08
why is that hard to believe? how do celebs travel? lol.i use to get the bulk of my celebs at airports.and some the pics are here on the site.i would hope i wouldnt dress in a t shirt for the winter too.lol.so no current shows.im not sure if they were even her for shows.they were all here(not 100 percent if kiedas was in town.seperate flights or days.i bumped into flea a couple times.didnt ask for a photo.maybe it was kennedy,newark.i cant remember well.i know around this time i was at laguardia alot.
Viper says on 14/Feb/08
I was there back in December. I knew it wouldnt be as nice as say JFK, but it just felt old and dirty inside. The worst airport structurally Ive ever been too.
AAAA says on 13/Feb/08
I can't believe you met him at Laguardia Glenn. Are they doing another show in the area somethime soon

Viper, it is dingy. I took my friend their and we were both shocked to see they still had the hanger bays from the 30's up and all other stuff just slapped onto the new terminals. For a second we thought he was flying out of those hangers. Then again, I usually go out of O'hare, so every airport back in the New york/NJ area where I am from is pretty dingy
Viper says on 13/Feb/08
Laguardia is such a dingy airport Glenn.
msn87 says on 12/Feb/08
I would also have guessed him a little under his claimed 6'3 judging by some other pics (1'89 m to be precise), but Chad does indeed look a full 6'3 here and it's probably what he is.
glenn says on 12/Feb/08
1984 was their first album.
glenn says on 12/Feb/08
newark or laguardia.i think lagaurdia.
Viper says on 11/Feb/08
He does look at least 6-3 here. I figured he could have been marginally under that but he doesnt look it here.
Derek says on 11/Feb/08
Glenn- Was this at JFK airport?
Anonymous says on 11/Feb/08
lol i seriously think that he and will ferrel are long lost twins .. they look really related
Derek says on 11/Feb/08
Glenn- Wasn't the Red Hot Chili Pepper's debut in 1989? Blood Sugar was released in late 1991.
Tony says on 11/Feb/08
I DONT KNOW IF ANY OF YOU NOTICE , but since ferrel was on snl in 97 i always thought these guys looked alike . Ofcourse the drummer is balding and doesnt have the sme head of hair will has but . But there appereances are uncanny
glenn says on 10/Feb/08
are you serious? people are that stupid? there are actually millions of losers that think blood sugar is their first and album,and young losers that think californication is their first.
Brah says on 10/Feb/08
One time, during a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, the crowd started chanting "Will, Will, Will!" and some people screamed "More cowbell!".

They thought it was actually Ferrell guesting on the drums...
Derek says on 9/Feb/08
Nothing under 6'3". Could be a hair over.
D. Ray Morton says on 9/Feb/08
He bears an uncanny resemblance to Ferrell in every photo I've ever seen of him and in real life, as well. It's crazy. They could be brothers.
AAAA says on 8/Feb/08
6'3-6'3.5, Damn, the other 3 are what 5'6-5'8.5 and he is looking a strong 6'3
Kris says on 8/Feb/08
No, I've always thought he looked like Will Ferrel too. Oddly enough, I believe Will is also 6'3''.
Lynn says on 8/Feb/08
I don't know him, but great pic glenn.
Alex2 says on 8/Feb/08
Looks 6'4 there.
Xander says on 8/Feb/08
6ft3 sounds correct!Great photo!
D. Ray Morton says on 8/Feb/08
Anonymous says on 8/Feb/08
"Is it me or does he bear a striking resemblence to Will Ferrell?"

It's not you.
Bee says on 8/Feb/08
Yeah, he has always struck me as 6'2 or 6'3. And yes... oddly enough, he does look very much like Will Ferrell to me too.
Elle says on 8/Feb/08
In this picture he does, but he doesn't.
Anonymous says on 8/Feb/08
Is it me or does he bear a striking resemblence to Will Ferrell?
D. Ray Morton says on 8/Feb/08
I love it! Chad is a character.
Alex says on 8/Feb/08
6'3, maybe 6'3 1/2 at most.
nate says on 8/Feb/08
legit 6'3! now all u need is john frusciante's height who i think is 5'8.
rod says on 8/Feb/08
looks more than 6'3'' here.
Lmeister says on 8/Feb/08
He looks this height eventhough he has a bad posture. He definitely is a Will Ferrell look a like = )
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