How tall is Chevy Chase ?

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Chevy Chase's height is 6ft 3in (191 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 3.5in (192 cm)
American actor best known for roles in National Lampoons Vacation, Caddyshack and Spies Like us. In a 1981 edition of the NY Times he mentioned "I'm 6 feet 4." and in a Howard Stern interview talking about his early days he described himself as "Six Three and a half".

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the shredder says on 3/May/15
He looks over 230 and 6'2 , 6 '3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Apr/15
Rob, have you seen Greg's link?

He looks a strong 6ft4 beside Helms...and about 230lbs!
[Editor Rob: maybe he has some advantage in position, because he never really looks his peak 6ft 3.5 range lately.]
Greg says on 12/Apr/15
If Ed Helms is really 6', it's hard to see Chevy Chase under about 6'4" here, in this publicity shot for the reboot of his former film franchise.
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jtm says on 28/Mar/15
6'3.5 peak proves bill murray was never taller than 6'1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 6/Mar/15
170-180lbs at near 6ft4 is very skinny
the shredder says on 26/Feb/15
Rob , what do you guess his weight doing SNL?
[Editor Rob: maybe not over 180 anyway, he was reasonably slim, 170's zone.]
Uh oh says on 20/Feb/15
Chevy is down to the 6'2"-6'2.5" (188-190cm) range. He was barely an inch taller than Carson Daly at the SNL 40th Anniversary.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Nov/14
He did look more 6ft3 flat next to Paul Simon in the music video for "You Can Call Me Al"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Nov/14
He could look 6ft4 in Caddyshack and early SNL...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Oct/14
Thank you, Danimal! I'm glad someone agrees with my estimates for Candy. No way under 6ft2. I can accept 6ft4 for Chase aswell. He towered over everyone in Caddyshack including Bill Murray.
Danimal says on 20/Aug/14
He was a solid 6'4" at this peak. Here he is in sandals next to minimum 6'2" (used to be listed at 6'3") John Candy who was in workman's boots in that scene. To say that he was anything under 6'4" back then in 1982 is just not right:

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James B says on 23/Jul/14
Didn't look over 6'3 in national lampoons Christmas vacation
Mastro says on 17/Jul/14
He looks 1-2 " shorter than Joel McHale in Community when they spar/box in Season 2. That's a good scene because they can't do cheap height tricks.
the shredder says on 7/Jul/14
Rob , agree with others , he looks more 6'2 now , I believe his claim at peak though.
Spike says on 6/Jul/14
On Community, he consistently looks 2 inches shorter than 6'4" Joel McHale. He looks like a solid 6'2" these days.
GUK says on 27/Jun/14
He has lost height looks not much taller than 6ft 0.5 Ryan Gosling. In National Lampoons European vacation he looks no more than 2 inches taller than Eric Idle who was probably around 6ft 0.5 then. This would point to 6ft 2.5 peak 6ft 1.5 ish now. Maybe he quoted shoe height?
The Exorcist says on 17/Jun/14
He might have known what his own height was because of a measurement, but that doesn't mean he was a good judge of other people's height. John at 5'7", 9", 10"? LOL! Not exactly reliable, is it? And we know that Bill was no shorter than 6'1".

But fair play to Chevy for his honesty. He could have claimed the full 6'4" - as he could easily look that tall at times.
the shredder says on 11/Jun/14
Rob , At 6:09 on this video he tells Howard Stern , At that time I was " like 6'3 1/2 " . He was talking about A SNL fight in 1978 with Bill Murry , He even Says John was like 5 '7 and Bill like 6 " or 6'1

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[Editor Rob: good, I'll put the mention at the top...understandable he rounded at times to saying 6ft 4, 6ft 3.5 always looked a better shout and there he says it.]
the shredder says on 27/May/14
Yea 6'4 and 6 '5 are nuts , he actually claimed 6'3.5 . James Avery was like 2 inches bigger
Alex 6'0 says on 25/May/14
I thought 6'4 but 6'3.5 is easily going to look 6'4 anyway. 6'3.5 makes sense since he was always an inch shorter than Randy Quiad who is 6'4.5
Sam says on 21/Apr/14
It's funny, Sigourney Weaver talking about Chase insisting that she sit down when they met for a role because he was self-consicuous about how tall she was even though he had inches over her. Certainly in Fletch movies and the Vacation movies, he didn't seem to mind being next to other tall actors.
Greyling says on 19/Apr/14
I find it hard to believe Chevy Chase was 6'4. If thats true there must be a lot of giant actors.
Fletch for example, theres a few guys in it clearly taller than him.
Lorne says on 24/Feb/14
If John Candy was really 6'2, Chase had to be around 6'4. Maybe he was 6ft3.75, and has lost an inch at age 70? I know he really doesn't look 6'3 now, but his posture has never been.very good.
Lorne says on 24/Feb/14
Rob, he is 70 years old. He has lost an inch, he isn't 6'3 anymore. And I agree, he didn't stand out the way a big 6'4 would, but he was definently over 6'3. I'd give him 6'3.5-6'3.75 peak, 189 or max 190 now.
sqrhead says on 22/Feb/14
Chase next to a Swedish 6'2" actor in 2009.
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thebad7 says on 23/Jan/14
My apologies, Rob. :) I thought perhaps I could get away with it since his...ahem...occasional confrontations with people have been very well-documented over the years. It won't happen again.

[Editor Rob: you got to remember that there are other sites that allow talk about what actors get up to or personal opinions (the good, bad and ugly).

Let's try to stick with positives when we can.

Joking about things to do with height is ok, things like BieberBoard ® or Munsters.]
thebad7 says on 23/Jan/14
........... It's a shame because the man has a gift for improvisational comedy. Whatever his shortcomings, he was always tall, and he was definitely 6'4" in his prime. As others have stated, in 1983's VACATION, he only looked about 1" shorter than Randy Quaid, whom I believe to have been 6'5" in his prime. In 1994's COPS & ROBBERSONS, he is identical to Jack Palance--and Palance, whom I believe to have been 6'4" as a young man, was 74 at the time. If anything, Chase had a fraction on Palance--perhaps a 1/2" advantage.

Two little notes regarding Chase: he never had the best posture, and the years of physical comedy appear to have taken their toll. Having seen him in COMMUNITY, he doesn't tower over his co-stars the way he used to. I'd guess him to be a strong 6'2"/weak 6'3" today in 2014. He has lost a noticeable amount of height.

[Editor Rob: remember we shouldn't be trying to insult any celeb, no matter what we think, ]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Jan/14
At peak

6ft4.25/194cm out of bed
6ft4.25/194cm early morning
6ft4/193cm morning
6ft4/193cm lunchtime
6ft3.75/192cm afternoon
6ft3.75/192cm evening
6ft3.5/192cm night
6ft3.5/192cm before bed


6ft3.75/192cm out of bed
6ft3.75/192cm early morning
6ft3.5/192cm morning
6ft3.5/192cm lunchtime
6ft3.25/191cm afternoon
6ft3.25/191cm evening
6ft3/191cm night
6ft3/191cm before bed
James says on 5/Jan/14
In christmas vacation looked as tall as will Ferrell does in his movies like 190cm
Sam says on 12/Dec/13
He was for sure shorter than Randy Quaid in the Vacation movies, at times right around an inch difference from the looks of it. Despite being quite tall, I've read Chase gave Sigourney Weaver a hard time when she was up for a role because he was paranoid about looking tall even though he had a few inches height over her.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Dec/13
"Peak height was 6ft 3.75in (192cm)"

Maybe even 6ft4...
teffteff123 says on 9/Nov/13
I met him and he was the same height as me (6'4)
Blaze says on 30/Oct/13
barely had 3 inches on steve martin. 6'3 max
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Jul/13
Looks the same height as Matheson
Sam says on 10/Jul/13
He looks closer to 6'3" next to 6'2" Tim Matheson in Fletch:
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Cole says on 17/Jun/13
Remember thinking he looked shorter than 6'3.25 Zachary Levi.
avi says on 11/Jun/13
wasn't he like barely 4 inches taller than strong 5'11 Steve Martin? so a strong 6'3 seems right
Lomax says on 25/Apr/13
6'4" if not even. Then rounded up. Taller than cusack
mike 181cm says on 16/Jan/13
I give him 6"4 prime 6"3.5 might be bang on.
James says on 7/Jan/13
In Christmas vacation quaid was in heels
Trent says on 31/Dec/12
Could you link to that interview so we can verify and Rob could add the quote to the top?
Me says on 26/Dec/12
In a recent Howards Stern interview, he claimed 6'3.5" in his prime and 6'3" nowadays. Must be reading this site lol.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Dec/12
Looks 191-192cm range now.
In Hot Tub Time Machine he's still 1in taller than 6ft2-6ft3 John Cusack. In the 80s he was a legit 6ft4
James says on 16/Dec/12
although i think quaid was wearing heels in that film
James says on 15/Dec/12
Rob do you think 6'3 (191cm) could be closer for his peak height?

i thought there could look a 3cm difference between him and randy quaid at times. randy has not got great posture either. in lampoons christmas vacation esspecially i thought he looked not ove 6'3
[Editor Rob: yeah that's one instance were he doesn't look 6ft 4.]
dicksock says on 12/Dec/12
He was 6'4" in his prime.
Vegas says on 4/Dec/12
with kareem in 1983 Click Here
berta says on 17/Nov/12
i think he was a full 193 and now he is 190
angeleyes says on 1/Nov/12
I think the man himself is spot on. 6'4'' seems about right. That group of comedians Ackroyd, Murray, Candy, Quaid and Chase were all really big guys. Reminds of the main cast of MASH where a lot of the stars were very tall.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 13/Oct/12
Randy Quaid was 6'5 and Chase always looked like an inch shorter. Chase was 6'4 at his peak
Van says on 8/Oct/12
Chevy Chase was at least 6'4" at his peak, maybe even a little taller. Bill Murray even said himself on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno a while back that "Chevy is about 6'4, 6'5." Now, at almost 70 years old, he's closer to 6'2 though.
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
I still can't believe he is that tall. 6 foot 3. Deceptively tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 26/Sep/12
In the 1980s
John Candy 6ft2(188cm)
Dan Aykroyd 6ft1.25(186cm)
Chevy Chase 6ft4(193cm)
Robban says on 3/Sep/12
191-192 peak, 188-9 today
Nick says on 24/Aug/12
"Give it a rest. He had 2-3" on John Candy in Vacation and minimum 3" on Dan Akroyd. BARE MINIMUM 6'4" in his prime."

No. Chase doesn't stand out like a legit 6'4" guy would. By legit, I mean measured at night under a stadiometre). For the record, I also think Akroyd and Candy's heights are being inflated.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Aug/12
I think 6"4(193cm) peak and still at least 6"3 today.
Henrik says on 24/Aug/12
Danimal, a hair is one inch or less. I thought Quaid was 6'4.5" (which I wrote) and Chase 6'3.5".
Nick says on 23/Aug/12
6'3" peak. 6'2.5" nowadays. Was no more than an inch taller than 6'2" William Gould in the Star Trek skit.
Henrik says on 16/Aug/12
6'4.5" Randy Quaid seemed to have a hair on him in the Lampoon movies. 6'3" range sounds right, I guess.
Mathew says on 13/Aug/12
6'3" is about right. He can look shorter by himself, but compares to others as 6'3".

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