How tall is Christian Kane ?

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Christian Kane's Height is 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American actor and singer (Kane) best known for his role as Eliot Spencer on tv series Leverage aswell as for playing Lindsey on Angel. In film he can be seen in the movies Secondhand Lions and Just Married. In this photo (by Daniel) from a Starfury Convention he had about 0.7 inch more footwear than me.

Christian Kane at Starfury
5ft 8 Rob, 5ft 8 Jenny and Christian
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Comment on the Height of Christian Kane

Harley said on 16/Jul/15
This all seems like most of you are making a mountain out of a mole-hill. Really, is there nothing more any of you nay-sayers can find to complain about? My younger brother was always the shortest in his class...or close to it. Their are male-related, & female-related problems that make some children and even the same people after they attain adult age feel bad about themselves by comparison to the golden boys, and slender, pretty girls around them. It's hardest on younger kids trying to keep from detesting their shortcomings. Add to that the bullying and often fights from their male counterparts, or being frozen out of the cool kids table at lunchtime. It's no wonder some deep, cruel treatment from your peers can stay with your subconscious for a lifetime. And if you're inclined only to 'play nice' when it suits you, you will never find your own inner peace, because you spend all your time heaping the same tired insults on one guy or gal from whom you suffered bad treatment one time in your life. Hey, none of can expect to understand what might be going on in someone else's life -- things that may be causing emotional hurt, the headache of a hangover, or just having low energy from the kind of schedules they have most days. I think it would make for a much better world to begin to comprehend we all have off days and our own personal problems. Maybe just a Few of us can be the adults in situations of character assassination. We ALL struggle with days when we're feeling down and out, and a combination of things culminates in our snapping or being rude in one way or another
Florinda said on 8/May/15
ive met him several times. I'm 5 ft and fit neatly under his arm, same as I do my son. Son is 5'8. Christian is the most down home, boy next door. But I've seen him get irritated when pushed too far by a fan.
James said on 23/Oct/14
Rob, just as a heads-up Kane now claims 5' 7 3/4" elsewhere. Time to downgrade him. It's also exactly what he looked like on Angel. His height edge on you in the photo above is due to hair, footwear, and him edging closer to the camera, obviously.

Oh, and I'm sorry he was such a jerk to Jenny. It's amazing how arrogant some stars can be, when in actuality they're nobodies without an audience and fans. He should have more class than that.
BS0625 said on 5/Oct/14
Just FYI saw an interview he did in the music world when "welcome to my house" was released. He says he is 5'10". But really, why does it matter how tall he is?
Jac said on 30/Sep/14
P.S. As to his height... It states that he's 5'7 3/4" (172cm). It could be his original stats at the beginning of his career. He is 40 years old, he could have shrunk. I think I have and still claim the 5'5 1/2". ;-)
Jac said on 30/Sep/14
I, too stumbled upon this page and I wanted to add my two cents. As two cents goes, I could be wrong. However, it looks as though you might be a bit famous in the world of celebs and it, also, seems as though you and Jenny might be a pair that can be assessed as "together". Whatever that means. My point? I've read that if a celeb thinks that what they are signing is some thing that might be used to make a profit, they will not sign it. MAYBE, since no explanation was offered, he thought that the two of you were together collecting autographs for profit after he alteady signed yours. It's completely possible. Nevertheless, I'd walk away cry, too. Unless, I was up to no good. Then I'd just be pissed and walk away putting him down. But, that's just me. Either way, I'm sorry your friend was hurt. :-(
[Editor Rob: it was an official poster, we both had one from different seasons, but I believe now he didn't like the photoshop work done on one of the posters so wasn't signing it. ]
Shana said on 18/May/14
I stumbled across this forum after watching S5 of Leverage and noticing a huge difference in Christian's height from other seasons. I just wanted to see if I was going blind or something so I looked up his height. (after reading comments, I felt compelled to say something)
As a 'newbie' of Leverage - yes, a newbie this year - I don't have TV service (5 years now) and just watched the series on Netflix. I fell madly in 'adoration' of all things 'leverage'- and not just him. Although, I have watched nearly all of his performances in/out of a bar (and bought his CD). I watched many interviews just for fun. I do not seek out 'Hollywood' because I know they live in a completely different world than I and honestly, just have no interest in meeting anyone from the 'movie/music' scene. If I were to run into someone by chance it's a different story and my expectations would be different than most people who are fans.
I made my own assessment of him based on what I viewed and the most telling, honest, respectful view I can give on him is this: he is honest, does not try and hide who he is and believe he has a huge heart (quite possibly broken many times) at 5.6 or 6.5, doesn't matter. :)
I honestly can't imagine being in the spotlight as most Hollywood people are. Yes, I realize they 'chose' it, lack of privacy comes with the job. With him though, I think if you stripped away at the Hollywood facade - you get the down home, country boy who hasn't forgotten where he came from, even in his off days (however many that may be) based on what he reports (and the story never changes): he moved a lot and had no friends in school and that alone can definitely mold a person. Add heartbreak to the mix and well, walls go up and are hard to break down.
I don't put him or anyone other 'star' on a pedestal because they are human, just like us. Most people have issues, some more than others and 'famous people' are not exempt. He dips - so what - most southern boys did or still do. Not like he is going to kiss a girl with big wad in his mouth for petes sake. HA
I watched an interview with him (well, many) explaining the 'Different kind of Knight'story - he was honest about why he wrote that and if that alone doesn't tell you the most 'telling' thing about him, nothing will. However...there is something about an honest man that should be respected, even if it's not what so many women want to hear.
Anyway...I will stick with being a fan from afar because even if up close to him, in whatever aspect - he is too far away.
I will enjoy his cooking shows, musical and acting talents for as long as he allows it to go on. As for expectations...keep it real and let him be who he is - he's not lying about it.
Bammer said on 20/Apr/14
So sorry to hear about your controversy with Christian Kane - there's always some very arrogant, and obnoxious pis*ants in the business, and apparently he is one of them. He should be ashamed.
Bernardo said on 27/Mar/14
5'9-5'9.5 IMO. at least 1 inch taller than you guys
[Editor Rob: he has bigger footwear than us and is one of the few celebrities I have seen who moves nearer a photographer to gain camera advantage!]
176,2Tunman said on 11/Feb/14
Rob,celebs acting this way are really a shame and don't deserve any respect.
What are people like C.Ronaldo, Cruise,Britney Spears,etc if not the millions of people that admire them?Nothing at all!!!!
Jenny is a nice girl and he allows himself to be that hateful with her.I Wonder what he would feel if he's one day ignored that way by his fans.
[Editor Rob: without admiration, without fans who pay their hard earned money to watch them, buy the associated merchandise, a celebrity is a nobody.

the same can be said of a website! Without visitors it's worthless, so I will keep trying to do my thing, I may slip up now and again on the communication front, but last few years are tough from a personal point of view...]
J.Lee said on 11/Feb/14
Rob, is Jenny's eye level higher than his?
[Editor Rob: her eyelevel is about 4.2 inch so it is a slight advantage in any case, but remember he is a bit nearer cameraman (on purpose he knows what he's doing).]
hrm said on 2/Jan/14
Sorry if this seems stupid: what did he do to Jenny? I can't see a comment that clarifies this
[Editor Rob: well I had 2 posters (official) and I got mine signed and when Jenny was giving hers to him he said He wasn't signing reason at the time, just 'ain't signing that'...

He should have told the organizer beforehand any item/photo he had a problem with.]
Lorne? said on 2/Aug/13
My friends mom has met him, and said he seemed arrogant, and I believe her, after what he did to Jenny. Rob, could he be as low as 172? She insisted he was less than 5'8, said he is shorter than I am. She insists that with boots and good posture, he was a bit shorter than me when I wear my boots which gave near 1.8in. I mean, I'm not sure he's shorter than you or myself would be, but he really can look 172cm range on Angel, and with him and Riesgraf in trainers, he really doesn't look taller. Like I said, not sure if he'd be that low, but it's interesting and I just wanted too see if you could see him measuring under the 5'8 mark. Oh, and the woman in question is legit 176cm. (and I know this has been said, but I'm sorry about what happened with Jenny. Apparently this guy doesn't appreciate the fans whom without he would be nowhere.)
[Editor Rob: not impossible, as the 2 events I've seen him, he's worn thick boots and definitely gets a decent boost from them...]
Len said on 27/Jul/13
A 5'6" lifts-wearer. And a jerk.
Debbie said on 6/Jul/13
I'm a fan of his and noticed in Summer Catch he is the same height as two of the girl characters. As handsome as he is, he shouldn't have to lie. One website has him listed at 6' tall!
6\\\'1 said on 27/Mar/13
Looks 5'9
Connor 183cm said on 28/Jan/13
Yeah Barlog i totally agree celebrities like him dont deserve to be famous or even meet nice people like rob and jenny getting a photo taken with them or even put onto the site for that matter in fact instead of downgrading him rob should just delete him of celebheights for making jenny storm out crying her eyes out the guy should be ashmed of himself.
Balrog said on 21/Jan/13
You should downgrade him Rob for been such a jerk. And he might be shorter because if he stood closer to camera he's really aware of his height and wants to look taller.
Connor 184cm said on 1/Jan/13
Hey Rob tell jenny im sorry to hear about what happened to her she mustve been heartbroken anyway happy new year to both of you!
[Editor Rob: thanks, happy new year aswell.]
Connor 184cm said on 1/Jan/13
I dont know this guy never seen him or watched his films before rob i know this has nothing to do with height but was jenny okay after that the guy sounded like a real jerk hope you had words with him.
[Editor Rob: no, I just shook my head at him and his assistant...he should have told the organiser or the organiser asked if anything he wasn't going to sign. A few other people had the same official poster...

it's not like the guy's been photoshopped sitting on the back of a donkey or anything...

but a real disappointment to Jenny (she bought the guys cd's before aswell, he's a singer too).
esther said on 4/Dec/12
OK, he's 5'7", really. The boots he used to wear had lifts inside and huge heels giving him about 3". On publicity stills there would be staging to make him appear taller. However, note that in season 5 of Leverage he is less concerned with his height. There haven't been concerts in the US to go to, but there have been sitings and he's usually in tennis shoes. Clunky ones, but still, he's allowing himself to appear more his real height. The love of a good woman can make a man confident enough to stop the fakery.
leonari said on 15/Oct/12
Not cool what he did to Jenny. He is nothing above 5'8". Likes big shoes and possibly a little lift...
thorterr said on 7/Oct/12
extra footwear and extra hair advantage ,,im really seeing 5ft 7ish here
Raunchy! said on 11/Aug/12
I had a photo with Christian in December 2011. I'm 5'10'' but had heels on making me 6'1'. without my heels Christian was the same height as me (& his heels weren't THAT big!!)
Nesh! said on 8/Aug/12
Rob he's nowhere near 5'8. Looks pretty short in Leverage, I would say 5'6 at most. But he's really well built which makes him appear taller I guess.
jaypee said on 8/Feb/12
The more episodes of leverage, the more I think he is 5'6. beth riesgraf and him had a scene where they were both wearing trainers and beth riesgraf was taller by an Inch.
Ashley said on 1/Feb/12
I <3 Christian Kane!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I had thirty-five or thirty-seven I go to him and marry immediately he!!!!!!

I LOVE HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/07
He wears big shoes 5'8 seems right.
Norman High said on 3/Jul/07
Went to Norman High with Chris Short (graduated 1990), before he moved to LA and changed his name to Christian Kane. Chris was a decent enough guy. Hung out with the wrestlers and was about 5'6". Which was the same height he was when he was an ATO at OU a few years later. He may have grown a few inches, but when he was last around these parts he was 5'6".
Missy said on 13/Jun/07
i definitely wudnt put him at anything over 5'8"... in Angel he did seem really small compared to David Boreanaz, who's six foot
Editor Rob said on 9/Jun/07
I saw this guy in beginning of June, one of few actors who seemed aware of height, you know, wanting to look taller.

Because on getting a pic, he *edged* forward a few inches lol. Add to the fact he had on at least 1.5 inches (probably nearer to 1.7) of footwear vs my 1.02, so he of course managed to pull off appearing 5ft 9 in a pic...although barefoot, he could be closer to 5ft 8.

For future reference, here is shoes he was wearing when I met him: Click Here
pretty thick eh?
Matt Lemmons said on 26/Feb/07
I've posed for a convention photo with Christian. I'm 5'11" in sneakers and his eye level was even with my mouth, so he stands 5'8" in cowboy boots that looked to have heels *at least* 1 1/2"to 2".
DaMan said on 25/Jan/07
The guy looked pretty short on Angel to me. Angel even referred to him as the "Tiny Texan" once on the show. I was surprised to see him listed at 5'10", I honestly thought this guy looked 5'8" or less.
don said on 22/Jun/06
i dunno, i honestly wouldnt peg this guy over 5'9....stephanie romanov played lilah on angel and she was 5'9...she always looked close to 5'11 in her heels..and always, always 2 inches taller then kane..if he was 5'10 in a 1 inch heel they would have been close to eye to knowing david boreanaz is 6'0.5....lilah was always about an inch at most she's 5'11.5 and best kane is 5'9.5 but i would push for 5'9...just becuase he doesnt look that tall
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/06
Some sources list him as 5'8''.... I don't know. The guy can look tall - especially when he sports short hair - and the guy is very muscle and very heavy.

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