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Condoleezza Rice Height
Condoleezza Rice's height is 5 ft 6.5 in (169 cm)

US Secretary of State. Hmm, close to the 170 range I think. Donald Rumsfeld does actually look in the 174cm range, Cheney a bit shorter.

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6'5 project dude says on 4/Aug/06
Rob what is your deal not posting my comments, i give my insight, and you shove back in the virtual dumpster?

[Editor Rob: a rice comment or a couple questioning if someone is 5ft 7?]

Y-Man says on 31/Jul/06
Wow!... how much difference can a camera angle make!
I really had some doubts for sometime though.
Thanks Rob for clearing that up :-)

[Editor Rob: on first glance I would have thought a good few inches over rice aswell, I think she might still have edge (jolie), you'd need to see a number of angles or shots where the angles don't come into play that much to be sure]

Y-Man says on 31/Jul/06
something's fishy!
Click Here

[Editor Rob: its not really that fishy, but I'll give some possible reasons for its apparent fishiness.
a) Jolie has larger heels, maybe 2/3 inch.
b) there is at least 6 degree tilt in that picture favoring jolie.
c) the camera is low, so if jolie was x inches closer that might amplify any apparent difference in height.
here is another event - Not so fishy]

Earl says on 30/Jul/06
She looks alot taller than 5'6.5" to me, unless she wears really high heels.

Carl Regis says on 29/Jul/06
Itseems to me that Dr. Rice is taller than 5' 6.5" My daughter is 5' 6" and Dr. Rice seems to be taller comparibly than my daughter.

Marie- Ann says on 17/May/06
Hey Rob! Pls, say us Hillary Clinton! Condi looks 5ft.8, Hillary? Why her height not here!

[Editor Rob: no more politicians unless I see them declaring them height, sorry]

Jason says on 15/Apr/06
John Howard's around 169cm (5'6 1/2'').

Condi looks 5'8''. Hopefully oneday she'll be having her mugshot taken at The Hague, then we'll know exactly.

Editor Rob says on 13/Apr/06
When she was in UK recently, there was some footage of her at blackburn football club. When she was standing beside manager Mark Hughes (in heels, condi that is) on the same level of ground she looked shorter to me...I don't know, 5ft 8...hmm...

S says on 1/Apr/06
Does anyone know how tall the Prime Minister of Australia is? He always looks really short on TV and in pictures but next to her (in heels) she didn't look very tall.

trueheight says on 28/Mar/06
Rumsfeld looked real short compared to Saddam Hussein in the early 80s

AC says on 28/Mar/06
She can't be 5'6.5". I met her on one occasion. She walked past me and she's at least an inch taller than me, but certainly not shorter. I'm 5'7". I guess she's telling the truth about her height in the book.

CelebHeights Editor says on 9/Feb/06
Saw a quote in book called 'Condi': "I'm Five foot Eight"

A-Bomb says on 22/Nov/05
Donald Rumsfeld and John Howard (5'6 1/2 / 5'7"). I think this picture is too unkind on Rumsfeld. I believe he's probably 5'8", but they look the same here.
And although I can't offer any photographic evidence there was news footage of Howard and Cheney at a bbq at the Oz embassy in 2001 and I was surprised at the time that Cheney was only just maybe an inch taller than Howard (putting him at around 5'8" max, 5'7 1/2 more likely).

Anonymous says on 24/Sep/05
She is taller; she is clearly above George W.Bush who is 6 feet tall but this is when wearing heels. I doubt they are more that 3/4 inches - so if you subtract 4 from 6'2" (which she'd have to be in order to be noticed to be taller than Bush), then she is around 5'10"

EJ says on 29/Aug/05
Cheney is 5'8". I am fairly sure of this, submitted it to IMDb a while ago, and confirmed it now using your methods of celebrity height estimation. 173 +/-1cm.

EJ says on 27/Aug/05
Donald Rumsfeld looks more 5' 7". After all, he is 73 years old but did look close to 5' 10" when he was younger.

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