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How tall is Dan Henderson
Dan Henderson's height is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)

US MMA Fighter. He is listed 5ft 11 on his official website.

5ft 9.5 Danimal and Dan

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Comments on their height
Original says on 7/Jan/12
He's 5'10.75" to 5'11
pauly e says on 7/Dec/11
His own website (Click Here) has him listed at 5'11 (180.5 cm). Experience tells me that he is somewhere between 5'10 and 5'11 if he is somewhat honest. People always round up.....
pauly e says on 7/Dec/11
He has the build of a 5'10 guy. Id be surprised if he were more than 5'10.5
Cuauhtemoc says on 3/Dec/11
In his earlier fights in Brazil he was listed was 178cm, which equates to a fraction over 5'10''
you can find the video on youtube, I'm brazilian and can't hear the commentator say it clearly.
And I will tell you one thing, they never under measure it.
stevie says on 20/Nov/11
i met him at the SENI expo in london and he was a fraction shorter than my brother who is maybe 5'11 at the tallest , i'd peg dan at under 5'11 maybe 5'10'5
Danimal says on 13/Sep/11
I've lost some height since then. I'm a little over 5'9" these days. I've had back problems. Used to be a fraction over 5'10" straight out of bed. This pic is from 3 years ago and it was VERY early in the morning.
Ray says on 12/Sep/11
I've met him and he's no longer than 5'11. Hendo is listed as 6'1 according to Sherdog.com.
Ray says on 12/Sep/11
Hendo is listed as 6'1 according to Sherdog. I'm almost 6'1 (185 cm) and met him in Hawaii. I'd say he's around 5'11 at the most.
Jim says on 6/Aug/11
In looking at a pic with Fedor(see link) he looks 5 10 1/2 assuming Fedor is 5 '11 1/2. Great all around fighter.Click Here
The greatest person alive in the world today says on 2/Aug/11
well if Danimal is 5'9.5", then Henderson is definitly 5'11"
Rob says on 13/Apr/11
I always figured Hendo's listing of 6'1 wasn't at all accurate. This means Wanderlai Silva has to be 5'10 & Anderson Silva like 6'1-6'1.5...
jtm says on 6/Feb/11
no way is henderson 5'9. if danimal is 5'9.5 then henderson has to be at least 5'11.5 if not 6'0.
MD says on 6/Feb/11
It's crazy to me that without any kind of irony, this guy is still routinely listed at 5'11". I think the 2" rule can work when you're still within the boundaries of the same foot (i.e. 5-feet, 6-feet), but once you get on the border feet, it becomes more noticeable.
Clay says on 30/Nov/10
lol Rampage is bare-minimum 5'11''.
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