How tall is David Beckham ?

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David Beckham height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

English football star has played for clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy. In his 2004 book 'My Side' a career page compiled by Mark Baber included: "Weight: 10st 13lb (75kg) [sic] Height: 5ft 11in (180cm)."

Photo by PR Photos
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Arch Stanton said on 28/Aug/15
James B said on 7/Aug/15
Rob a suprising number of women I have met dont find david beckham attractive. They say things like "he's too vain" etc. Maybe what beckham lacks is a magnetic personality?

My sister doesn't find him in the least bit attractive either. My mother thinks he's very nice looking though, but doesn't like the tattoos. Tattoos aside he looks great, I think most men would quite happily look like him facially anyway. And he's got a great sense of style and doesn't seem arrogant or obnoxious, despite his level of fame. His son on the other hand is shaping up to be a real douche!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Aug/15
Brad Pitt is thicker set than Beckham. Becks has arms like twiglets but when bulked Pitt has decent biceps!
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 26/Aug/15
5 feet 11 sounds right. I have seen him listed at from 10 st 13, to 11 stone 2. 153 to 156 pounds at the peak of his career, giving him a lean Body Mass Index of 22. I might even suggest 5 ft 10-1/2 is possible, as he sports a size 9 shoe, same as 5'11 Brad Pitt-- In fact He and Pitt sort of resemble eachother in height & build. Great overall athlete!
TJE said on 20/Aug/15
Seems like Brooklyn has cleared the 5'8 mark recently, as evidenced by a recent pic with Kevin Hart.

Click Here

Kevin's posture cancels out camera advantage, but Brooklyn's not standing his tallest either. Even if Brooklyn has a footwear advantage, I doubt he's under 5'8 now.
Ferris said on 7/Aug/15
@Editor Rob,

can please add a page 4 Ronaldinho?!!

He strangely can look 6ft

with Prince Albert
Click Here

with Zidane
Click Here

with Thierry Henry
Click Here

with Lionel Messi
Click Here

and also could look 5'11ish

with Beckham
Click Here

With Valdes
Click Here

with Frank Lampard
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

and with Ronaldo
Click Here

i think Ronaldinho doesnt have a great posture at times, but i think
i beleive his listed 181 in most sites.

Rob, Please add a page 4 this Guy!!
James B said on 7/Aug/15
Rob a suprising number of women I have met dont find david beckham attractive. They say things like "he's too vain" etc. Maybe what beckham lacks is a magnetic personality?

A lot of girls I know like danny dyer though
[Editor Rob: James, understanding Women at times requires wisdom beyond years...

Maybe some women see him as vain, maybe a good chunk are put off by his tattoos, his voice or his wife, who knows!]
gx79 said on 6/Aug/15
rob could he be 5'11.5
[Editor Rob: Gx, at times Beckham can pull off over 5ft 11, but generally I think he is a good example of a 5ft 11 man.]
Parker said on 4/Aug/15
Sam says on 3/Aug/15
Owen looks 5ft7 tops with Beckham.

Beckham's eyebrows are 5'7. Show me a pic where the top of Owen's head falls under Beckham's eyebrows.
littlesue said on 4/Aug/15
Brooklyn seems an annoying little **** who needs a slap!
Josh1 said on 3/Aug/15
1 inch taller than 5'9 Robbie Keane so 5'10.
Sam said on 3/Aug/15
Owen looks 5ft7 tops with Beckham.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Aug/15
Brooklyn really is becoming super annoying. Click Here Signed a modelling contract (at 5 ft 7 range) and set to become a big Hollywood movie star now. Groans. He's an ordinary looking lad, with ordinary talents I'm sure. He'd not stand a chance as either a model or an actor if he wasn't Beckham's son!
I wonder where the family hype is going to end. Just how many kids of Hollywood stars or celebrities are given "modelling" contracts now, it's absurd.
Pizzaman said on 1/Aug/15
How comes he looks so much smaller than Obama both in dress shoes? Like 3-4"? He even is maybe a bit below Michelle Obama while she is in flat shoes and he in dress shoes? Maybe only 5'10? He is very small framed, small head.
MD said on 30/Jul/15
@Height183, Rob has Owen listed at 5'7.75". I'm not sure I agree with the listing either, but Rob very much seems to think they are nearly identical in height for his own reasons.
Height183 said on 28/Jul/15
LMAO at 5'8'' for Owen. Parker you've literally got to be joking. Don't be so naive pal. Rob would OWN Owen height wise!
Parker said on 26/Jul/15
5'8 for Owen and 5'11 for Beckham looks spot on.

Click Here
TJE said on 10/Jul/15
Nice finds, Height183; though in the pic with Niall, he's dropping a lot of height with his stance.

Still, I think 172 today is ok for him.
Height183 said on 9/Jul/15
Rob, will you give Steven Gerrard a page? The man is a legend in my opinion. He's done everything apart from win the league.
MD said on 9/Jul/15
@Beckham, I think he's his listing, but I'm not sure what that photo is supposed to show, either way. Not only is the picture tilted in Beckham's favor, but the sidewalk clearly slopes down toward the street. lol
Height183 said on 7/Jul/15
Whenever I see Brooklyn. The word 'irritating' doesn't come to mind. The only word I see is Nepotism, and in caps too. He seems like nice lad to be fair.
Beckham said on 7/Jul/15
A legit 5'11 guy. 183 in the morning, 181 at night. He's listed across the internet at 180-183.Rob had him at 181 but has gone with his own claim.

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jul/15
Rob, that's the era I was thinking about Click Here when Gerard was in his early twenties. He was in my opinion below average looking and like a adidas shellsuit wearing carpet fitter or something! He looks pretty classy and decent now, makes you wonder how guys like him and Beckham would look now if they were ordinary income fellas!
[Editor Rob: as I say, a bit of stubble and a better hairstyle and he probably adds a couple of points to his perceived attractiveness..
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jul/15
Actually with Joey Essex Brooklyn looks around 172cm. With Niall nearer 5'7. God that kid is getting too big for his boots and irritating!!
MD said on 6/Jul/15
I think Niall might have an ever-so-slight footwear advantage, there, but, yeah, Brooklyn still appears to be much closer to 5'7" than 5'8".
Height183 said on 4/Jul/15
I take the 5'8'' back. He's still not 5'8''. He looks a little above 5'7'' with Niall

Click Here

Click Here
Height183 said on 3/Jul/15
I think It's finally safe to say that Brooklyn is about 5'8'' now. He looks it in this new picture With 5'9.25'' Joey Essex. Not long ago he was shorter than 5'7'' Ryan seacrest, Now he is almost tall as Joey. He is probably in the middle of a spurt.

Click Here
Charlie said on 3/Jul/15
"Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP" Obama is 185 cm, not 183, besides u base your judgement one one pic, wow u gotta be smart...
James B said on 2/Jul/15
He probably will be 179cm at night when he approaches 50
Height183 said on 30/Jun/15
Rob, do you think he hits 179cm in the night after a day out? I 100% do.
[Editor Rob: be surprised if he reached that low]
James B said on 29/Jun/15
I think 181cm too
Arch Stanton said on 29/Jun/15
Click Here There. Now I remember him during the "Stevie Gerard. Well 'ard" era, and you've got to hand it to the man for making the very best of himself, with beautiful wife and great career!
Arch Stanton said on 29/Jun/15
@James Gerard is a Beckham wannabe haha. Not only the LA move, but the hair, beard, tan, the clothes LOL. I think he's good proof what money can buy. I don't know if you're old enough to remember how he looked 15 years ago, like a Scally burglar with a crew cut. He looks almost a handsome guy now! Good luck to him I say!
[Editor Rob: yeah, Gerard has aged pretty well. Look at him back in 1998 compared to last few years

A decent hairstyle and some stubble can make a difference!]
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 29/Jun/15
I'm changing my estimate for Beckham to 5'10" flat. The Obama pic I posted on 9/Jun/12 proves he can't be taller than that. I'm assuming there's a 2 inch delta between them in that pic. Obama is a flat 6', maybe even a tad lower at 5'11.75" (182-183cm). Alan Shearer is 5'9.5" (176-177cm).
David said on 14/Jun/15
MD said on 12/Jun/15
Like I've said before, he's about as close to a legit 5'11" guy as you'll find. That said, I could see him being maybe a centimeter less, but absolutely no more than that. I also don't think he could be anything over 180cm, so I'd put his range 179 to 180 and that's it.
Height183 said on 11/Jun/15
5'11'' is fair. A little under that wouldn't be surprising either.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/15
No less than this
appe 6ft0.5 said on 9/Jun/15
a bit over 180cm
Cool Cat said on 28/May/15
David Beckham is easily about 5'11". Look at the pic of him next to Jermain Defoe, who is 5'7". Playing football in heel lifts would be like racing a 3 legged horse in the Grand National. Click Here
Tim1.79 said on 14/May/15
His son still can end up same or close to his fathers height though. A friend of mine was about 5-8 at 16 and in couple of years he grew to 5-11 range, while I didn't grow a cm since I was 15, I guess my friend was a late bloomer, so can be Becham's son.
Height183 said on 12/May/15
Yes Rob, I don't think Joe is anymore than 6'4'' either. He used to look 6'5ish to me, but then he was absolutely dwarfed by Peter Crouch in one of the England team photos!
TJE said on 11/May/15
You and I understand that this fiasco has gone on for too long, so since you started it by making the claim first:

Height183 says on 1/Mar/15
Rob, Beckhams Oldest son seems to be stuck in the 5'6'' range and he is like 16. He's got about another 2 years of growth left. Do you think he will make the 5'11'' - 6'0'' range? I don't think he will.

NOTE: I didn't even post ANYTHING about the subject till 2 weeks later:

TJE says on 15/Mar/15
Seriously, Height183?

Here's a photo from last September.

Click Here

I will offer you three ways to resolve this mess of a discussion:

A. We both call it a draw until much more compelling evidence arises
B. You type up a long post of your own backing up your claim
C. You admit that you are/ could be wrong

I'm down for any of the options, as long as it ends peacefully. The rest is up to you.
TJE said on 11/May/15
Well, thanks for the extra iota of effort, it's the least I can do I suppose.

You've only said " IT'S HARD TO PIN DOWN PEOPLE WHO CAN BE GROWING", and then continue to say that Brooklyn is not a thing over 5'6.5. So, how come I can't estimate his height, but you can?

Thing is that I have never really had an exact height to pin him down, but rather a general range, which is 5'7-5'9 as of right now; the farthest I could simplify the range is 5'7.5-5'8.25.

I search for the fairest photos for comparison possible and try to analyze each photo and consider all the variables. From your latest post, you think that such an approach is ludicrous and that I'm full of BS because....I'm not sure, a reason was never provided. So declaring things without analyzing photos or taking any variables into consideration is a more viable approach? That is odd for someone who claims to have helped Rob takes steps closer to the truth.

That said, I can say that I agree with a good amount of the assessments you make on this site, though you do egotistically ramble instead of educating people. That's what Rob would want; have your read the home page? Keep things light hearted, it says. If you had noticed yet, this community of this site is not teeming with trolls 24/7. I mean, there's a lot of idiots who cling onto their misinformed views, such as the lift claimers and fanboys/girls, but the community is more positive than most sites.

Another thing is it doesn't hurt to just leave some information on a page for your intended audience to read. Even if said audience doesn't take your information very well, other commenters might like to discuss it with you. What's so wrong about having a positive community on the Internet?

I have only stuck around for this long because you are so stubborn in prioritizing stroking your own ego and talking down to other commenters over finding the truth. I guess I could be a stubborn idiot too, for thinking that I could change your mind.

And ya know what, you might be right; I don't truly know about , but you know what, no one on here can know with 100% certainty, but we can get pretty close.

Oh and another thing, I don't do this for ****s and giggles or "medals". I do this for Rob, this site, and for other commenters. When I type to you, it's mano e mano. I only say some things in an egotistical manner for a comedic effect, and it's also really fun to include in these long posts.

Make of this what you will, Height183, and have a good day, friend! ;)

Please don't act like you're not going to read this.
Height183 said on 10/May/15
Rob, do you reckon Joe Hart could be 6'4''?
[Editor Rob: from having another look...I think 6ft 4 is ok for him, he's no 6ft 5 though.]
Height183 said on 8/May/15
@TJE: You just don't get it do you. This is the 3rd time I'm saying this on here.. But I'll put it in caps this time so even you can clearly read it... ''IT'S HARD TO PIN DOWN PEOPLE WHO CAN BE GROWING''. There you go, I put in a little extra effort just for you. Please remember to thank me. I don't know who Chloe Moretz is or how tall she is, so I can't comment on that. The same goes for Liana Liberato. However, I do know who Ryan Seacrest is. Brooklyn can't be a hair over 5'6.5'' with him even when the camera angle is favouring him. Don't start telling me how much their shoes give, because in reality you don't really know. So what big deal.. You only think Brooklyn is 2cm more taller than my guess. Do you want a medal for that or something?

''you're a master of talking a lot without saying anything at all''

As for that BS drivel, just ask Rob how many heights I've got changed on the site. I have helped out quite a lot. So it looks like you're talking about your own self there mate ;) Don't even bother writing another long post @ me, because I'm not going to read it.
TJE said on 7/May/15

And you have the freedom to ignore the plethora of evidence contradicting your hypothesis and just keep on declaring things to be true without backing them up. You can keep on repeating the same things over and over and downgrade every celebrity Brooklyn runs into, but it's not gonna make your point any true.

I must say you're a master of talking a lot without saying anything at all.

So to make this sweet and simple:

Brooklyn with Chloe Grace Moretz:
Click Here

So there's around 4 inches between them, 3.75 at worst, so that would put Brooklyn at 5'7.25-5'7.5 if Chloe is 5'3.5. But, does Chloe have heels on?

With 5'7 (listed on here) Liana Liberato:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Liana has heels on, one's that would pet her up around 5'9.25 and Chloe doesn't look nearly 6 inches shorter at any point. More like 3.5-4 inches. So, if Liana's wearing heels in the above pics, is 5'7 barefoot, and cannot look over Chloe's head, then I can safely presume that Chloe is wearing heels as well. A 2 inch type to be specific.

So what was Brooklyn wearing?

Click Here

A pretty thin sneaker with a thickness of around 0.5-0.75 inches.

So altogether, we have a 161 Chloe wearing 5 cm heels looking 9-10 cm shorter than Brooklyn wearing 1-2 cm thick sneakers.

Now let's do the math:

161 (Chloe's height)+5 (Chloe's heel thickness)+ 9 (minimum difference between Chloe and Brooklyn)


Brooklyn is 175 cm/5'9. And this was last August.

This makes my 5'7.5 estimate for him very if not too conservative. Still, he can look shorter than this next to his father. He looked 172-173 next to him back in September.

Click Here

The footwear's quite similar too.

Click Here

This information, together with him looking 3 inches shorter than David Blaine (I seriously can't believe you don't think he's a full 6'0 if you think David's a true 5'11) and with this 3 week old pic of Brooklyn with.... his parents!

Click Here

I can, at the very least, conclude that Brooklyn is much closer to 5'8 than 5'6.

You must've used the pics of him and David from this event to base your hypothesis on:

Click Here

Well, the thing is, that event was the premiere for "The Class of '92" and took place on December 1, 2013. So, those pics are outdated since Brooklyn was only 14 at that point. Some recent articles use the pictures just to have a picture of them on the page.

So, like I said before, you're free to continue ignoring the evidence and downgrading everybody to fit your narrative, but just understand why I'm a little skeptical of your hypothesis.
Height183 said on 7/May/15
@TJE: I think David Blaine is not as tall as you are thinking. I say this because Beckham who is around 5'11'' has more height on his son than Blaine in that picture. If you paid any attention previously, I have said it's hard to pin down people who can be growing. I still think he would measure around 5'6.5'' on the stadiometer. But you can go ahead and think he is tall as Rob if you like LOL. You are free to do so.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 6/May/15
By 186-187 CM Prince Harry:

Click Here
littlesue said on 5/May/15
Agree Arch, he has a face you would like to punch, a bit like his Mom, lol
TJE said on 4/May/15
What do you make of this, Height183?

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 4/May/15
That Brooklyn kid is getting increasingly annoying and in your face LOL. He reminds me of Bieber actually at the moment!! Just looks so smug in every photograph. Must get it from Victoria, because although Becks likes the fame, he never comes across as obnoxious and is a likeable guy.
Vince said on 3/May/15
Roy Keane: 5' 10"
Vince said on 3/May/15
Some footballers' estimates:

David Beckham: 5' 11"
Michael Owen: 5' 7.75"
Alan Shearer: 5' 10.75"
Wayne Rooney: 5' 9"
Frank Lampard: 6' 0"
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 1/May/15
He's 2 inches shorter than Prince Harry, and about 3.5" inches shorter Prince Williams.
James B said on 1/May/15
With the princes looked more 5'10
MD said on 27/Apr/15
@cobra, you're simply reporting the photo that pauly e just posted, and which we are discussing, already.
MD said on 24/Apr/15
@pauly e, oh, I totally agree, it's definitely a decent reference picture. If I had any objection, at all, it's to your assertion that Odell only loses a quarter-inch by the end of the day. I'd say most people lose more than a quarter-inch over even just a regular day. Odell was probably more around 5'10.75" in that picture if anything. And, then, my only point is that we have enough other evidence showing Beckham at 5'11" that perhaps while that's a decent picture of someone with known height, I wouldn't feel comfortable saying that Odell is any taller than David, particularly if we could see their footwear.
cobra said on 24/Apr/15
With 5-11 listed Odell Beckham Jr:

Click Here
pauly e said on 23/Apr/15
@MD Yes, they definitely weigh and measure them first thing in the morning at the combine.

you make some good points as well. we also can't see footwear. I still think the picture has some merit though, since it is with a guy who was measured.
MD said on 22/Apr/15
@pauly e, if the combine measurement is early morning any he measures 5'11.25", it's safe to say he's probably under 5'11" by the evening. Either way, I think David's neck is bent ever-so-slightly in that photo and O'dell is standing with better posture with his head tilted back slightly. All-in-all, I'd bet they'd measure very close in height.
Height183 said on 21/Apr/15
Rob, I always wanted to know how tall Jamie Redknapp is. If Thierry is close to 6'2'' do you reckon Redknapp could be 6'0.5''?

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he can look around 184 range ]
pauly e said on 20/Apr/15
here he is with Odell Beckham Jr. who is 5'11-1/4". David is not standing straight, but is somewhat less than Odell using eye and shoulder levels as a measure.

Click Here

Odell BEckham's combine height (which is an early morning height btw)

Click Here

Odell Beckham is probably 5'11 flat in the evening, which this site uses, so i would certainly say that David is not over that and possibly less.
Height183 said on 20/Apr/15
Brooklyn could be 5'6.5'' Maximum, but that's about it if you're asking me. I don't think Cara is 5'7'' either. It's just what I think. I don't think he would measure 5'7''. If I didn't compare Brooklyn next to celebs, I would've guessed him at 5'5''! As for David, yes I agree with 5'11''.
TJE said on 18/Apr/15

It seems you've taken a small step towards a solid argument. He does indeed look 5'6 with Ryan Seacrest.

Before I continue, I'd like to point out that you're like the pot calling the kettle black when simplifying my argument as "5'8! 5'8!", when your argument has essentially been, "He's 5'6 at best! He's 5'6 at best! Look at this picture, he's 5'6 at best!"

Now, back to topic. Have you considered any other variables, such as footwear and posture. To put things into perspective, here's the footwear Brooklyn had on that night:

Click Here

They look to be less than 1 inch, a few mm under at most. Idk what Seacrest wore, but I can safely assume that he wore a regular dress shoe, since he's dressed more formally and almost always wear dress shoes. So there's maybe a 0.25 inch difference in footwear, with Seacrest having the advantage.

Ok, now for the posture, Seacrest is standing quite well, where as Brooklyn appears to be standing a bit looser and might even be leaning in towards Ryan. So, Seacrest has the posture advantage by maybe 0.6-0.7 inches, and that's a slightly conservative guess.

Let's not forget that there's about an inch difference between them. The top of Brooklyn's head comes up to Seacrest's hairline, and that's assuming his hairstyle is 2-2.5 inches tall.

So Brooklyn looks about an inch shorter that a 5'7.5 Ryan Seacrest with his disadvantages adding up to nearly an inch. The difference cancels itself out; Brooklyn is 5'7.5.

Still not convinced?

With 5'7 Cara Delevingne from the same night:

Click Here
Click Here

Cara's footwear:

Click Here

If they had equal posture, the difference would be around 2.25 inches. She's got just about that much more, so he looks 5'7 with her that night, but the ground's wonky. Still, he doesn't drop under 5'7.

Last but not least, with 5'3.5 Chole Grace Moretz:

Click Here
Click Here

Hopefully all the links work. That's all I have to say for now. Have a good day.

And on an unrelated note, David Beckham is 5'11.
Appe 6ft 0.5 said on 18/Apr/15
@height183 Lampard is clearly 1cm taller, there are a lot of photos that prove it.
Lampard 183-184
Gerrard 182-183
184.3cm said on 18/Apr/15
To be fair though we cant see footwear and Seacrest has far better posture. I think my 5'7 estimate is pretty close for his kid. Obviously not 5'8 though.
Bishop said on 17/Apr/15
Yeah, I never saw Brooklyn as 5'8" like people are saying. Probably between 5'6-5'7". He could still be growing, of course.
Height183 said on 17/Apr/15
Here is a picture from the other day of Brooklyn next to 5'7'' Ryan Seacrest.

Click Here

Where are the guys now who were screaming ''5ft 8!!! 5ft 8!!!'' ?? Shows me how little you know about your heights. I told you Brooklyn was 5'6'' range at best!

There is No way in HELL Brooklyn is as tall as Rob!
Height183 said on 15/Apr/15
Frank Lampard is another guy who edges out Steven Gerrard when it comes to height.

Click Here

Click Here

The height difference can be quite hard to spot because both of them are almost identical in height. But you can see Lampard is slightly taller.
Height183 said on 14/Apr/15
I can still buy 6'0'' for Gerrard just like Rob. At times he can look under that mark though. Jamie Carragher also can't be anymore than 6'0''.
[Editor Rob: Carragher himself actually claims six foot...]
Almost 5 10 said on 13/Apr/15
5' 11" is accurate. He's always looked a genuine 5' 11" to me. The only time I questioned his height was in a photo below amongst the general public, where he looked very average height and I thought he appeared more 5' 9.5"-5' 10". Just goes to show that everyone can look shorter at times than they actually are!
Bishop said on 13/Apr/15
lol, meant Xabi. Sorry about that.
Bishop said on 12/Apr/15
Xavi looks a strong 6'0". Gerard is probably a bit under the mark.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Apr/15
Colin Farrell or Johnny Depp I think tend to get the most chicks raving about them. The Hemsworths and Jackman too.
James B said on 7/Apr/15
Arch Stanton says on 2/Apr/15
@James B I reckon Beckham doesn't look as good in person. It's the voice primarily. In photographs you see him and expect him to have a sort of Clint Eastwood growl and as soon as he starts talking he seems like a wet blanket!

Beckham is renowned for being a good looking man yet a lot of women seem to make comments about him like "those tattoos of his are gross"

A fair few women i have met when asking about beckhams looks don't really rate him and just think hes too vain. A lot of girls i have met love Danny dyer though. Strange huh?
Height183 said on 6/Apr/15
@MD: I'll post it again

Click Here

Click Here

I thought Xabi would be around average height like 5'9'' Lol. He looks about 6'0.25'' to be honest.
MD said on 6/Apr/15
@Height183, that link to your picture doesn't work, but how tall did you think Xabi was? It's not like it was some total mystery. It's not like he's grossly under or overlisted.
Height183 said on 3/Apr/15
Rob, would you also give Xabi Alonso 6'0''?

Click Here

His height really surprised me, had no clue he was this tall.
TJE said on 3/Apr/15
@Arch Stanton
Well, he hasn't always looked like that. I believe he had a makeover in the 90s; but yeah, you would expect a deeper voice.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Apr/15
@James B I reckon Beckham doesn't look as good in person. It's the voice primarily. In photographs you see him and expect him to have a sort of Clint Eastwood growl and as soon as he starts talking he seems like a wet blanket!
Height183 said on 1/Apr/15
Rob, what height would you give Steven Gerrard if you had him here? 5'11.75''?
[Editor Rob: I might give him 6ft]
Height183 said on 31/Mar/15
I can buy 5'11'' for David, but at times I'm not convinced that he is a proper 5'11'' person.
James B said on 30/Mar/15
Beckham could be dipping into 179cm these days with all his years being an athlete and injuries a fraction of height loss is not impossible. With Prince William I dont think becks looks a legit 5'11 either.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Mar/15
All of the boys are more like Victoria, especially around the eyes Click Here , none of them look that obviously like David. I'd say Cruz looks the most like both of them, Brooklyn the least. The Brooklyn kid is a bit irritating, tries too hard to look cool. Romeo on the otherhand looks effortlessly cool.
Height183 said on 29/Mar/15
Seen a recent picture of David and Brooklyn and he did look 5'7''. It's really hard to pin down people who could be growing. Let's just see how tall he ends up. He's got to grow 4 more inches if he wants to be the same height as his Dad. Realistically he's got a short 2 years to do that.
Dmeyer said on 29/Mar/15
After seing him with 185 Zidane he is no more Than 180cm he is no 181
TJE said on 24/Mar/15
Height183, face it, you haven't proved anything at all so far. Well, to be fair, I can believe 5'6 for him 2 years ago, but today he's 5'7.5 minimum maybe 5'7.25 minimum. Still though....

Rob, what do you think is more probable for Brooklyn nowadays: 5'6 or 5'8?
Arch Stanton said on 24/Mar/15
Agreed, Brooklyn looks nothing like David.
Height183 said on 21/Mar/15
That is a 5'6'' frame at best.

Click Here

Don't be ridiculous and say that Brooklyn is tall as Rob. Brooklyn in trainers would still be shorter than Rob barefoot.
MD said on 20/Mar/15
I don't mean to be rude, Magician, but that is a crazy theory. Almost every actual modern study ever done shows higher average heights as one climbs the income ladder. Even just anecdotally your story would seem to be in the extreme minority. Most of us notice that rich kids are generally taller than poor kids with certain other controlled factors (ethnicity, location, etc...).
lee said on 19/Mar/15
he is clearly no shorter than gareth ball in this link. maybe its just the angle of the photo or davids shoes give him more height. what you think rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: Beckham really is a comfortable inch smaller there, possibly even a bit more. ]
Alex said on 18/Mar/15
Brooklyn is 5'7 5'6.5 but I don't think beckham is quite 5'11 maybe 5'10.5
TJE said on 18/Mar/15
I'd say he looks about 5'7.5-5'8 in the pic I posted. Brooklyn could reach 5'10 by 21. 5'10.5 isn't impossible, but over that is unlikely to happen.

5'6 max is ridiculous though; He's clearly taller than a guy like Dave Franco.
184.3cm said on 18/Mar/15
His son looks 5'7 there in that pic TJE maybe a fraction more. Can he grow 10cm by 21 ? Not likely but not impossible either.
Height183 said on 17/Mar/15
Brookyln genuinely looks nothing over 5'5.5'' - 5'6''. He is 16 years old now too. Realistically he's got about 2 more years of growth left. Can he reach his Dads height in this short space of time?? I don't know. It's looking unlikely. That's a lot of growth for him to be anywhere near 5'11''.
Sam said on 15/Mar/15
He's looking short there, TJE. In the bottom pic posted by Arch his son could pass for a weak 5'9, other one just 5'8. Depending on how tall he actually is, he might peak nearer Beckham (maybe 179cm or so). Don't know if he will make it to 6' which is pushing it, but who knows.
TJE said on 15/Mar/15
Seriously, Height183?

Here's a photo from last September.

Click Here
Matt said on 13/Mar/15
Any guess on his weight? I saw 162pounds listed, just not sure??? He seem very light/slim.
James said on 9/Mar/15
Even though he tries to copy his dads style and hair 'facially' he looks nothing like becks in my opinion. Or Victoria for that matter.

LOL i mean even gordon ramsey is doing a better job of copying beckhams look than brooklyn is.
Height183 said on 9/Mar/15
Brooklyn is probably 5'6'' on a good day, if he is lucky!
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/15
Generally Brooklyn looks 5'8 range now I think Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/15
5 ft 6?? You're having a laugh aren't you Click Here Brooklyn lokos about 5'9 there and Becks might have a bit of footwear advantage. That was taken last year too. I'd say it quite likely he'll end up about David's height if not 6 ft.
Parker said on 2/Mar/15
David was ~5'6 at 16.
Height183 said on 1/Mar/15
Rob, Beckhams Oldest son seems to be stuck in the 5'6'' range and he is like 16. He's got about another 2 years of growth left. Do you think he will make the 5'11'' - 6'0'' range? I don't think he will.
[Editor Rob: depends on his genes, he might have a spurt left in the 16-18 range.]
hs2015 said on 28/Feb/15
DB with 6'0" listed Victoria Azarenka: Click Here

180cm seems fair.
[Editor Rob: if that isn't the same height, I don't know what is!]
The Exorcist said on 26/Feb/15

Ferguson looks taller because he is closer to the camera in your photo. Beckham is standing BEHIND him!
chris141 said on 24/Feb/15
Click Here with eddie redmayne! now i think eddie redmayne is 182cm not 180 and eddie redmayne is a good 2 or 3 cm taller than beckham. beckham is no taller than 180cm.
Andrea said on 22/Feb/15
Sure, Rob. 5'11 is a good listing, but i just wouldn't argue he was over that next to Ibra!
Almost 5 10 said on 21/Feb/15
About 5' 11" is correct. He just got unlucky there and was amongst some genuinely tall/very tall people. He looks 5' 11" alongside most celebrities and footballers of verified heights, doesn't he.
Almost 5 10 said on 21/Feb/15
This is getting like Brad Pitt's page! Soon we'll be hearing, "5' 9" MAX!" That said, I've never seen him look as average height as that. He genuinely looks to have shrunk a good inch or two there! Something doesn't add up...
Almost 5 10 said on 21/Feb/15
Is 5' 10" possible Rob? Could he actually be an occasional lift wearer?
[Editor Rob: I'd say no chance, on the pitch he generally looks around 5ft 11 range much more consistently than how a 5ft 10 guy would look.]
Almost 5 10 said on 21/Feb/15
I wouldn't exactly say "solid proof" that Beckham isn't 5' 11", as we don't know how tall any of those people are. But he honestly looks average height at best there, doesn't he! I've always thought 5' 11" minimum though for Becks.
Andrea said on 20/Feb/15
Rob, do you think he might be 179.5 after a football match? I mean, he might be 180-180.5 on a normal day and dip to 179.5 after a football match, like you said on the Ibra's page!
Btw, he generally looks 5.5 inches shorter than Ibra in photos, sometimes even 6-7 inches shorter but i guess photos on football fields aren't the best to judge height...
[Editor Rob: he could dip a little below for sure, but generally I think he looks a decent 5ft 11er.]
high and low said on 20/Feb/15
Click Here

Solid proof beckham is not 5'11. Scroll down the article and actually LOOK at how small he is with the other parents, it's quite surprising.
Llen49 said on 19/Feb/15
Emil 183
Look at this image on Don't see much difference there. Not dumb. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/15
Always looked a solid 5ft11 guy
Emil 183 cm said on 6/Feb/15
That's clearly a 5-6 inches difference you nut. Lmfao dumbest post I've seen so far
MD said on 2/Feb/15
Taking him more than 0.5" below his currently listed height is really out of the question. The proof showing around 5'11" greatly outstrips whatever other exceptions people are able to find.
Llen49 said on 31/Jan/15
Click Here Click on this article If you scroll down to the second pic down. Marco Verrati is listed at 5 foot 5 and beckham is listed at 5ft 11. In that pic beckham and Verrati are near enough the same height. Beckham is not a 5ft 11 man. No chance.
high and low said on 29/Jan/15
Seeing pictures of him leaving a spin class (exercise bike) he looks no more than 5'9 barefoot unless all the women/girls he walked past where giants. I have never seen a 5'11 guy look that short.
david said on 19/Jan/15
181-182 cm
London Boy said on 2/Jan/15
Just watch all the downgraders cry "5' 10" MAX!" When you take footwear disadvantage into account, he would still be about 5' 11". I used to think 181 cm minimum for 'Goldenballs', but there are more photos emerging that suggest he's 5' 11" flat.
Husbanator said on 31/Dec/14
seems 5'11" to 6'0" range based on this picture: Click Here

guy on the right is 6'3". both are most likely wearing the same footwear
Gx79 said on 25/Dec/14
Rob do u think he is 5'11 1/2
[Editor Rob: I think he can at times look a strong 5ft 11, other times I think right around 5ft 11. Maybe an honest 5ft 11 guy at times with good posture can look taller. Although with Tony Parker he looks a good 3 inches at least smaller, although with less sneakers. Parker claimed on his site years ago to be 186cm.]
Height182 said on 16/Dec/14
Beckham looks 5'10.5'' at best with Ferguson. Click Here

There's no point of Fanboys on here trying to prove me ''wrong'' by posting recent pictures of Beckham and Ferguson together. Ferguson is in his 70's today and no doubt has lost height.
Celebheights 188 CM said on 15/Dec/14
A photo with 6'3" Will Ferrell (with the footwear being visible):

Click Here
Ryan said on 15/Dec/14
I met him in LA, he looked my height 182cm.
Celebheights 188 CM said on 13/Dec/14
By 6'2.5" Rob Riggle:

Click Here
Celebheights 188 CM said on 13/Dec/14
By 5'10 7/8" measured Reggie Bush:

Click Here
MD said on 18/Nov/14
This isn't really about Beckham, at all, rather exaggerated sports heights, but look at Beckham, here, listed with a 6'1" Henrik Lundqvist:

Click Here

The two-inch rule strikes again. lol
Phil said on 15/Nov/14
I haven't met him as such but when he played for utd he used the same dry cleaners I used to use ( bridge street Manchester, spurious link I know! ) I am 5ft 11 and he is taller than me and in any foot wear also. Not by much but if you met him and he told you he was six foot you would believe him.
joe said on 15/Nov/14
181 cm
RoB said on 14/Nov/14
After seeing a bunch of videos in which beckham appears next to prince william and others I must say this guy is a legit 5"9.5 or maybe 5"10 MAX!! A legit 5"11 up to 6 feet WITH SHOES would not appear the way that he did. I am 5"11 or 5"11.5 on good morning out of bed and 1.84cm with shoes and I do not look like he did next to a 1.91cm guy...
max said on 10/Nov/14
@samantha he actually said the fractions? or just 180cm?
Samantha said on 4/Nov/14
He's 5'11" 180.34cm... self-professed by the man himself.
Height182 said on 3/Nov/14
Rob, do you think 179cm is impossible for Beckham? Sometimes to me, he doesn't look like a legit 5'11'' guy.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't go under 5ft 11 for him, I doubt he'd really measure at worst much at all under 5ft 11 mark, he may hold near enough that mark most of the afternoon/evening.]
Emmett said on 11/Oct/14
I really think he is 181 cm, I'd be surprised if he measured 180 flat in the afternoon/evening.
James B said on 2/Oct/14
Yeah he often looks a weak 5'11 with William
Vibram said on 2/Oct/14
Click Here Next to 6ft3 Prince William, Beckhams weak 5ft11 height is apparent. Could be 5ft10.5 / 179cm, but I think no less.

Prince William next to 6ft4.5 Stephen Fry. Click Here

Beckham is an average height man these days, but his proportions and slimness make him look 6ft1. I mean I felt small at Beckhams weight (72kg) and I'm 5ft9.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/14
Yeah, 5ft11 flat is definitely closer. No shorter though
184.3cm said on 28/Sep/14
Legit 180cm and an honest guy bad news for height liars.
James B said on 27/Sep/14
Parky is not standing as well
Vibram said on 25/Sep/14
He was an inch bigger than Michael Parkinson on his show in the year 2000. Parkinson was 5ft10 at the time. Both had similar dress shoes on. Click Here
James B said on 17/Sep/14
Amaze 10 stone 13 at 29 you mean?
Amaze said on 15/Sep/14
oh never mind found out that was a mistake rob xD read comments below

he was 10 stone at 29 in that book, yeah

ermm whatevz i think brooklyn is 5'7/8? 170-173 range
Amaze said on 15/Sep/14
rob 75kg is 11.8 stone, so in that 2004 book he was nearly 12 stone, 10 stone is 64kg and 11 is 69, was that listed wrong? yeah he probably is 74kg or 11.5 stone now
[Editor Rob: we don't know which of the figures the editor put in the book. Generally I would have said since they put him with 10st 13lbs first and then the (75kg) in brackets, that the stone/lbs figure was the weight he was during playing career.]
Max said on 15/Sep/14
Nope, go check their site now, they have him 187cm, which clearly isn't his height, so that's the point im making, the clubs website isn't very accurate.
James B said on 14/Sep/14
What would you guess his weight range today rob?
[Editor Rob: might be nearer to 11.5st]
James B said on 14/Sep/14
Rob could beckham be 12 stone today?
[Editor Rob: maybe not quite, I think that's slightly more than he looks]
Whatevz said on 13/Sep/14
How tall do you think Brooklyn is Rob?
Click Here
Joe joe said on 6/Sep/14
@max. Real Madrid have benzema listed at 184 on their official site not 187. Plus be khan himself has claimed his height as 5'11. He has never looked 6ft next 6footer like Brazilian Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos
HULK said on 29/Aug/14
"Weight: 10st 13lb (75kg)"
75KG IS 11st 8lb
amateur mistake
[Editor Rob: which is why the [sic] is after it, because that is how the mistake is in the book.]
Max said on 27/Aug/14
@185 bro im telling that is a very old stat, and literally the only one, nowhere else has him below 183cm, and just remember places real madrid have benzema listed 187cm 181cm is too little, even from looking at him from a tv screen he doesn't look that
Height181 said on 27/Aug/14
Frank Lampard is 6'0'' minimum. My friend is a solid 5'10'' guy and said Frank was 2 - 3 inches taller than him, when he met him. At least 6'0'' for Frank.
Spirit Level said on 24/Aug/14
Looked 181 cm in 'United - Class of '92'.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 22/Aug/14
Getting repetitive now, was listed 1.81 m at Chelsea.
GOX said on 22/Aug/14
Click Here
Luis Figo height in all club wish he was playing he was listed at 1m80 and in all site he s 1m80 , in this pic beckham look 1cm max maybe so i think david height is realy 1m80-1m81 case closed :)
johnmarco said on 22/Aug/14
Well i'd go with what rob says, 183cm for frank lampard. The probably just rounded off the fractions he had after 183cm. And david beckham is shorter than superfrank, a full inch. So beckham is no taller than 5'11
Bran said on 22/Aug/14
Rob, you met Lampard ?, and what do you mean by near 6ft?; 5ft11.5-6ft ?, i think if anything he's abit over 6ft...
[Editor Rob: briefly, he could look 6ft range, I've measured 2 guys exactly 6ft (well 6ft 1/8th on the stadiometer) and would say he looked similar]
Max said on 21/Aug/14
@185 bro lampards not 181cm, he's 183cm at least, he's a tall player.
As for david beckham, 181cm seems right for him, looking at pictures with him and luis figo beckham looked the same height or maybe a fraction taller. Becks is 180cm and change. Solid 5'11
johnmarco said on 21/Aug/14
@1.85 i have met him, and i am 182cm, he was taller than me, and nowhere has him 181cm, show me where has that, i'd love to see that
Spirit Level said on 20/Aug/14
Rob, we could be undercooking him a small fraction here. He looks more 181 cm compared with other footballers of known heights. Also, Robbie Williams isn't 1 inch taller than Becks.
avi said on 17/Aug/14
5'10 range guy I think after looking more at pics of him
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 16/Aug/14
I haven't - at any time - downgraded Ronaldo or Bale. If you're trying to make a point, don't lie. I don't know who you are you are and don't believe you've met Lampard, if you have, I don't believe you were able to estimate his height to the nearest cm. He's listed as 1.81 m by Chelsea. I really don't care for a loose comment from Harry Redknapp, if that's how you estimate height, you're opinion is invalid.

We were discussing Lampard's height to gauge Beckham's. This is one of the ways this forum works.
Andrea said on 11/Aug/14
Dmeyer, i reinvite you to see him with Ibra, who has been measure 194 :)
He can look more 179 than 180 with him!
Dmeyer said on 11/Aug/14
Probably got measured 180.4cm after a game his very low and is 181cm on a easy day
kyle said on 10/Aug/14
Becks is a strong 5'11, xabi alonso was an inch taller when they met a couple weeejs ago for the peace cup, i'd say becks is a fraction over 180cm(180.3cm)
Spirit Level said on 10/Aug/14
He's as close to 181 cm, in my opinion. I'd list him at that.
MarcusTheSwede said on 9/Aug/14
Please stick to the topic David Beckhams height! If you want to discuss Lampards or youre grandmas height go to That page.
johnmarco said on 9/Aug/14
@1.85m you comment here a lot and downgrade everyone, ronaldo, bale etc. i've actually met frank lampard and he's 183-184cm, strong 6footer, and he was always listed 6feet on the chelsea website. Harry redknapp even said in an interview "he's grown to be a very built player, he's over 6feet"
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 30/Jul/14
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

What was so funny? There's countless others but I haven't got all day. His listing looks pretty perfect to me. Unless you have some other evidence that isn't some terrible hearsay. Rob says he looked near 6 feet, it's possible he could be 1-2 cm off.
James B said on 28/Jul/14
Rob how tall do you think frank lampard is? 181cm range?
[Editor Rob: I thought he looked near 6ft in person!]
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 27/Jul/14
Lampard is officially listed at 1.81 m (Chelsea website - most credible listing), no chance he's any higher than this. For me Lampard is a 1.80 m man. Beckham is really around 5'10" but famous enough to be listed as a 6-footer.
Andrea said on 5/Jul/14
Dmeyer, just look at him with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who's supposed to have been measured 194... You still think he might be over 180?
Dmeyer said on 28/Jun/14
Looking at him with tom Cruise. 181cm us closer
Dmeyer said on 21/Jun/14
Rob i think becks was measured 5'11 1/8in or 11.25 and just claims 11 he dosnt seem Like a 180cm flat Guy , he realy looks 0.5-1cm taller than travolta who stands as tall as pissible , travolta shrinked but he aint lÚss than 181cm.
James B said on 5/Jun/14
Click Here
Almost 5 10 said on 20/May/14
He's right in between 180 and 181 cm, in my opinion. 5' 11" is correct
tim said on 14/May/14
Click Here in this pic with jeter an arod he looks pretty short compared to them but then again their like what 6'3 or 6'4
johnny said on 12/May/14
I think he is definetly a strong 179 to 180 good call Rob spot on I feel
jamesfitpal said on 11/May/14
I've met him in los angeles he looks 5'11 min and 6' max, id give him a 181.5
Dane said on 6/May/14
mr.rashid: I don't think Scholes is 5'7. He's listed 5'6, and can be shorter in fact.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 6/May/14
Martin definitely has a height advantage in that photo.
James B said on 5/May/14
Looks a weak 5'11 with ramos
Appe4 said on 5/May/14
This interesting even if we don t see their footwear (Sergio ramos 183cm)Click Here
avi said on 2/May/14
@James B says on 23/Apr/14
Rob with Ricky Martin (further down the page) would you agree Beckham looks 5'10ish?
Click Here

They look same height. 5'11 area
Klass said on 30/Apr/14
David next to Luis Figo 180 cm ( his real height ) both of them wear shoe soccer so what do you think guys ? specialy Rob ??
James B said on 27/Apr/14
Arch Stanton says on 27/Apr/14
Jackman looks around 15 st yeah, but over that does seem higher than expected. He's 6'2" and train pretty heavily. If you look at him he trains his legs pretty hard too, the full body, and muscle weighs more than fat. He's naturally skinny though and if he didn't train I suspect he'd be 180 tops.

Tall people do pull of looking better with more muscle than shorter people do
Arch Stanton said on 27/Apr/14
Jackman looks around 15 st yeah, but over that does seem higher than expected. He's 6'2" and train pretty heavily. If you look at him he trains his legs pretty hard too, the full body, and muscle weighs more than fat. He's naturally skinny though and if he didn't train I suspect he'd be 180 tops.
James B said on 25/Apr/14
Arch you would never think hugh jackman weighed 15 stone 6 would you?
Arch Stanton said on 24/Apr/14
James says on 26/Dec/13
Guys how much do you think beckham weighs these days?

Somewhere around 160 I reckon. He was weighed at 158 lbs at Paris I think.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Apr/14
Rob is there really no photograph for him? LOL. he's one of the most photographed people in the world, you'd think there'd be a photo available!
[Editor Rob: there was one i downloaded but hadnt put it up till just now!]
Arch Stanton said on 24/Apr/14
He looks barely shorter than Ricky Martin! One of the few guys he looks a bit pudgy faced next too though! I agree that nearer a flat 5'11 is more likely than 182.
James B said on 24/Apr/14
How tall would you say he looks in comparison rob?
[Editor Rob: maybe 3cm]
James B said on 23/Apr/14
Rob with Ricky Martin (further down the page) would you agree Beckham looks 5'10ish?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: don't think he looks that small there]
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 21/Apr/14
@Steven P
Steven P said on 18/Apr/14
180cm exactly. His OWN WORDS within his autobiography. How can anyone deny this admission??
AD said on 17/Apr/14
We know Becks and Robbie Williams are extremely close in height... 1cm if that, Olly Murs is 5'9" as a fact as someone I know who is 5'9" met him and had a photo with him... they are exactly the same height in the photo... all footage of Robbie and Olly together show that Robbie is at least 2" taller than Olly if not 2.5"(they wear similar footwear) with Becks being the same height as Robbie he's also going to be at least 2 inches taller than Olly.
James B said on 17/Apr/14
Will smith is standing on lower ground in the photo
MD said on 17/Apr/14
Go look at the rest of the evidence. You are posting some bad photos and making some really bad estimates.
chrisssss said on 14/Apr/14
@james B wayne rooney is a 5'9 guy! Lol 176cm max
James B said on 7/Apr/14
Yeah at times he looks 5'10ish in pics with Rooney
kenny said on 5/Apr/14
he dose look a gud 5'10 an a half his standing up aginst rooney who is measured at 5'9 look a inch taller then rooney so 5'10 is about right of course I can see how people view him at 6'0 as james stated he has a very slim frame so he looks a lot taller then he appears
John said on 2/Apr/14
I can easily buy a flat 5'11" for Beckham. He looks 180cm exactly.
chrisssss said on 31/Mar/14
Solid 5'11 with great posture 180.3cm(exact 5'11)
James B said on 27/Mar/14
Looks minimum 180cm with ronaldo

Click Here
Tape Measure said on 24/Mar/14
He's 5' 11". No doubt about it.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 22/Mar/14
The more I see Beckham the further away from six feet he looks. 5'10 1/2" for me.
James B said on 11/Mar/14
Messi himself could be 168cm

I'd say becks is 5'10 1/2-5'11 range
Paul177 said on 18/Feb/14
5' 11" flat is his absolute low.
JAJ said on 18/Feb/14
About 4 inch taller than Messi. So he's 5'10.5" 179 cm.
Dane said on 14/Feb/14
Here is Beckham next to Nicky Butt (listed as 178).
And he looks a couple of inches shorter than Wes Brown (listed as 185).

Click Here
truth said on 11/Feb/14
he is 5ft11 to 5ft11.25, 6ft0 when he became famous haha.
AD said on 30/Jan/14
The problem with the statistic profiles in books is that whoever is putting the book together (this will not be Becks himself) will just use the copy and paste from his profile compiled when he went pro at Man U (he was 17 then) ...if it's something that's 'from his own mouth' then I remember a quote from him in the same book which read 'the growth spurt that took me to six foot came much later' ...just making the point that the 180cm stat isn't what he actually penned, just purely whoever manages compiling the book will do it as research from the Man U archives.
Paul177 said on 15/Jan/14
181 cm is as possible as 180 cm, i.e: 180.5 cm - so this listing is accurate. Just look at him alongside any footballer with a verified height listing.
Appe4 said on 7/Jan/14
Have you seen the last photo with beckham and torres standing together? What do you think about torres height...?
Johnnyboy said on 27/Dec/13
He looks to be about 5'10.5 to 5'11. That looks about right. He's not 6'0 as some posts claim.
James said on 26/Dec/13
Guys how much do you think beckham weighs these days?
TripleA said on 25/Dec/13
@Silent d - Agreed. He would never be taller than his self-proclaimed height.
truth said on 25/Dec/13
Clooney is 177cm and Beckham is 180cm.
Jason said on 21/Dec/13
@ c-mo175cm-night
I saw your post. There is no context to that photo, but they look close to eye level with each other... Clooney slightly shorter at probably 179cm. (I actually think Clooney is more like 177cm) I might give Becks 181cm, but that still does not explain his autobiographical claim of 180cm. Anyone asserting he's taller needs to explain this. Otherwise there is no merit to a higher claim.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/13
This could be close. No not under it. Might still be a fraction over like 181cm
Jason said on 17/Dec/13
To all doubters of 180cm, you have to go with the published proofs. First of all, if ManU measured him at 5'10.5" at 20yrs old there is no way he grew... Becks was NOT a late bloomer. Secondly, why in the world would he state that he's 180cm in his biography (Both Feet on the Ground -- PAGE 379) if he were taller? If anything he would have exaggerated up a centimeter. Becks has exceptional posture and a lean torso, making him appear taller than his actual height. The proof is in the publishing... his own biography!
Bosnia said on 14/Dec/13
Beckham is taller than Michelle Obama so he is about 181-182 cm.
linda said on 13/Dec/13
ive stood next to him and hes about 5.10
Vibram said on 13/Dec/13
c-mo175cm-night says on 6/Dec/13
he must be taller because if he is 180cm then clooney is what ?

Clooney is 177cm = a strong 5ft9/weak 5ft10. That would make Beckham 180 to 181cm which seems about right.
truth said on 8/Dec/13
Iverson is a typical guy that is between 5ft10 and 5ft11, who prolly claims 6ft, since lol everyone lies about their height.
MD said on 8/Dec/13
Almost forgot to mention that even if there is reports Allen Iverson was measured at 6'0", for whatever reason, they measure height in the NBA during the draft season with and without shoes. If you go to NBA draftexpress, you'll see that they take those two measurements, as well as armspan, etc...Allen Ivereson, though, was in the league so long ago you're likely not going to find his measurements, there.
MD said on 8/Dec/13
Allen Iverson was billed at 6'0" in the NBA. I don't ever recall hearing that that was his measurement, and really, he's somewhere in between 5'10" and 5'11" (he's listed as being 5'11", here, BTW).
Vibram said on 6/Dec/13
181.5cm for beckham. Rob, how tall do you reckon Roy Hodgson is? He looks about 5ft10.25 compared to 5ft9.5 Rooney Click Here

but other times looks a weak 5ft11 and other times a weak 5ft9 such as here: Click Here

Do you think he might wear lifts rob?
Bosnia said on 6/Dec/13
Rob, Beckham was 182 cm on this site and first you downgraded him to 181 cm and finally to 180 beacuseof his book. Why did you downgraded him in the first place from 182 to 181 ? Did you see a picture where he looked shorter or?
[Editor Rob: he just went the half inch to 5ft 11 from 11.5, to go with his own height in his book.
The Exorcist said on 6/Dec/13

Thanks for clearing that up! Now I understand. :)
JJ said on 5/Dec/13
definite 182, probably 183.
MD said on 5/Dec/13
Exorcist, maybe I need to explain my comment further. It's hard enough to judge the height of people within two inches of each other in photographs, let alone when one person is considerably shorter of taller than the other, because that ends up excerbating the difficulties (angles, differences in head sizes, angles, etc...) you find in photographs of folks even very close in height.

I didn't mean to imply you couldn't tell anything from the photo you posted, but with Beckham being so closely narrowed down in height (I do believe this is very close to his actual height if not the actual height, itself), it gets to where we need even more and better evidence if he's to be brought down even a centimeter further, and that's going to be hard when comparing him to someone like Lennox Lewis, who is so much taller, and particularly if the angles and such are not spot on.

Again, didn't mean any offense, and sorry if I was short with you.
The Exorcist said on 4/Dec/13

It was the only picture I could find of the two on the Internet...and I wouldn't say it was a bad one. Yes, you can't see the footwear and the camera position favors Lewis. But that's not the important part! The important part is that Beckham is AT LEAST an inch under Lewis' eye!

At the same function, Lewis had a photo with Bruce Willis. Now this photo is very similar to the one he had with Beckham, as you can see. And you can also see that Willis, who I believe to be a legit 5'11", looks higher than Beckham did against Lewis and with a more relaxed posture as well.

Click Here
James said on 3/Dec/13
True rob but his very slim frame can make him look taller. Do u agree?
[Editor Rob: it can be an advantage yeah]
Bosnia said on 3/Dec/13
I'm 181 cm but I never looked that tall even next to 6 ft 1 guys. I wonder how they come up with 6 ft listings in Gallaxy, Henry is on his standard 188 cm listing but on Espn site, Beckham is 6 ft and Henry 6 ft 1 and when lookong their pictures on the pitch in USA I was surprised that Thierry isnt much taller than Becks.
James said on 2/Dec/13
would you say 179cm is impossible for beckham rob?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't want to argue it, I think arguing in the 5ft 11 range is easier as he generally looks that.]
Bosnia said on 2/Dec/13
Click Here
Rob, did Beckham wore lift here? He looks taller than Katie H. and she is in high heels and he is pretty close to Will Smith even though Smith has quite thin sneakers. It is really interesting...
[Editor Rob: might just be standing in the ideal part of the photo (the photographer is above their heads so being middle and a little further away might help?)]
MD said on 1/Dec/13
That's really a bad picture for a whole host of reasons, Exorcist.
The Exorcist said on 28/Nov/13
Looks less than 5'11" with (6'4.75" listed) Lennox Lewis.
Click Here
Paul177 said on 23/Nov/13
180.5 cm - a definite 5' 11" listing. A centimeter on Shearer.
MD said on 23/Nov/13
Very true, Pascal. Very true. That's really a perfect comparison of someone who looks a certain height and someone who is a certain height.
Pascal 5 10 said on 22/Nov/13
Except that Beckham IS a true 5' 11". Whereas Pitt LOOKS 5' 11".
dmeyer said on 17/Nov/13
Look about same as Pitt on Ellen Pitt realy is 5'11
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 15/Nov/13
This listing is better than the 5'11.5" listing he used to have, but I still think his 5'11" claim is 0.5" too high. He's just rounding up his actual height of 5'10.5" to the next full inch.

David Beckham 5'10.5" (179cm)
Dom said on 14/Nov/13
If Beckham is 180, Timberlake must be 178 lol. and Timberlake is listed as 182 here. This listing is plain wrong.
Bosnia said on 13/Nov/13
Rob, I just saw that that Beckham posted picture on fb with few brasilian players, including Thiago Silva and one picture where Becks and Silva are standing next to each other alone. Thiago Silva is listed 183 cm and in first photo he is taller maybe 1 cm but in the other they are same height, maybe Becks even taller. They have similar footwear. For me, Becks is for sure taller than 180 cm and I never saw 2 inch difference between him and Zidane and Ronaldo (Brasilian) never had more han 1 cm on Becks.
Vibram said on 12/Nov/13
Beckham was measured 5ft10.5 (179cm) in 1995 age 20 by Man UTD physicians. He might of grown 1/2 an inch more as he said his feet grew until age 24.

Also, the new England sensation Andros Townsend is no way 6ft / 183cm!. he is 5ft8 > weak 5ft9 tops. Look at this picture with 6ft4 Chris Smalling: Click Here
Joe joe said on 6/Nov/13
I haven't been on the site for a bit of time So I've just seen that Beckham has finaly been down graded. What made you do the right thing Rob? Now for Vin diesel
[Editor Rob: since it was always in his book, it was better to go with it.]
MD said on 6/Nov/13
Not the best pictures, because they aren't standing in line, but with a 6'1" Chris Hoy to the far right and with a just under 6'3" Bradley Wiggins to the far left:

Click Here

Click Here

Not sure how accurate the heights are for Hoy and Wiggins (that doesn't even look like him), but it's basically what they've been listed at for their careers.
Bosnia said on 2/Nov/13
Interesting pictures @AD. He does look just one cm shorter than Robbie.
AD said on 1/Nov/13
OK ..I know that most people seem to have a thirst for downgrading, but here is a reason why downgrading Becks could be wrong: someone I know to be 5'9" had their photo with Olly Murs and is exactly the same height (he is listed as that on here also). Photos I see of Robbie Williams with Olly show Robbie quite clearly near the 6ft mark:
Click Here
The photos of Robbie and Becks together (barefoot) for the Unicef promo show them the same height:
Click Here
The height difference between Robbie and Olly is clearly more than 2 inches and as Becks is the same height surely he's nearer to 182cm or even 6ft?
Bosnia said on 1/Nov/13
During the medical at Real Madrid in 2003 they discovered that his one leg is bit shorter.....
LeeM said on 31/Oct/13
Interesting that the photo below was taken 30th of November 2013. Beckham is stood next to Australian Kangaroos Rugby League player, Cameron Smith who is listed as 6.0feet.

Click Here
Bosnia said on 31/Oct/13
I agree with kevin and Bakel. He never looked 2 inches shorter than Zidane and Ronaldo, so probbably 181 cms seems more acurate.
Pascal 5 10 said on 31/Oct/13
He's definitely a standard 180 cm guy. Like most people he can look half an inch taller at times, due to footwear differences and that.

One thing I do wonder is if he ever slips a sneaky half inch lift into his footwear? I mean, a good looking guy with an image like Beckham obviously does everything to look his best. What do you think Rob?
Bakel said on 30/Oct/13
He is more than just 180cm come on! Just look at pictures with 176cm Rooney.
Do you see 4cm here between him and 184cm Lampard (same posture + same footwear)?
Click Here
He is 181 at worst and more likely 182/183.
kevin said on 29/Oct/13
to be honest i think just 180cm is too low for him. 181cm would be perfect
glynny 182 said on 27/Oct/13
5.11 180 is defo more near the truth for sure rob good call to down grade him never quiet looked a 182 5.11.5 like myself althou he could be 181 for sure an lookes it at times. you agree rob?
Wenger said on 18/Oct/13
yep 5'11 guy for sure
MD said on 18/Oct/13
Finally, we have it write. He is a solid 5'11".
Balrog said on 17/Oct/13
Perfect listing now, a legit 5'11" man.
Lo sgozzatore said on 17/Oct/13
Well done, Rob. Look at him with Ibrahimovic, he struggles to look 5'11 with him. 5'11 is for sure closer to the truth
Pascal 5 10 said on 17/Oct/13
Finally. This is bang on now! About as classic a 180 cm guy as you will see.
John said on 15/Oct/13
Hi Rob, I know you pride your site on accuracy and only make changes (downgrades) when concrete evidence is advanced. With that in mind, I have taken the liberty of adding the excerpt from "Both Feet on the Ground" -- his autobiography released August 2003 when he was 28 years old. In the "Personal Summary" page 379 of 401 he lists his full name, birthday, parents and sisters names, date of marriage, wife's name, sons' names, then his height and weight. It states Height: 71in (180cm) Weight: 167lb (75kg). This is EXACTLY what it says on page 379. If he were taller than 180cm why wouldn't he indicate that? I feel this is unequivocal evidence that he is 180cm and therefore I see no reason why he is listed at 182cm. I would be curious to read any contrary arguments to something this precise/deliberate (and in his own words) that sold thousands of copies worldwide. If anything he would have exaggerated his height up a few cm. Thx.
[Editor Rob: I think it is probably the best value to give him.]
-- said on 4/Oct/13
so i ran across this site n seen all these people GUESS. David Beckham is 5'10 (solid, no more no less). He use to be all over LA area,I actually got to shake his hand, he was cool about it. Im 6'0 even and i had 2 inches on him, i had sandles on he had thinner laced shoes. He looked kinda taller from further away but once i was right there he wasnt really. just look at him with barack obama who is "roughly" 6'1. or with robbie keane hes liked at 5'9 (which hes not) hes 5'7-5'8 tops. And wayne rooney is NOT 5'9 either
cole said on 24/Sep/13
He's a solid 5'11 flat, possibly close to 181 cm.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Sep/13
MD says on 2/Sep/13
You guys serious about the weight? I was actually arguing that he looks heavier than that, now. It's funny, because he doesn't look that lean, to me. He has a fairly average, athletic build.

Seriously? I'd say somebody like Frank Lampard had an average athletic build. Beckham has a torso like a pancake, not quite as extreme as Tommy Lee but close. Very thin arms and chest.
Parker said on 15/Sep/13
5'9 for Beckham? Utter tosh

Here he is with 5'9 Rooney

Click Here
Pascal 5 10 said on 13/Sep/13
Isn't 10st 13lb, 69 kg? The height sounds spot on though - 5' 11". NO WAY is he only 5' 9"!
A said on 12/Sep/13
I met him the other night. I am 6' tops. He was a good three inches shorter than me. I would go with the 5'9".
Craig 177 said on 4/Sep/13
10st 13lb ain't 75kg. They've made a mistake there! 69 kg is 10st 13lb...
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/13
cole says on 31/Aug/13
He's a 180 cm guy. I don't know about 75 kg though, he seems very lean.

11 stone 8? Seems about right for today but he was once 147 pounds in his earlier playing days. 11 stone range is still really skinny for a guy near 6 ft. I'd have guessed 155-160 pounds, 75 kg is 162 lbs.
cole said on 31/Aug/13
He's a 180 cm guy. I don't know about 75 kg though, he seems very lean.
Bakura said on 30/Aug/13
@MD- Well he always gets listed 6'-6'1" He's looking an inch taller than Beckham there so the former's more likely.
Balrog said on 30/Aug/13
Yeah MD, Rob put that quote but Beckham is still listed at 5'11.5". He was also listed at 180cm before fame, as someone already mentioned. And I agree he is not 75kg. He's a pretty thin and lean guy.
Balrog said on 27/Aug/13
"Weight: 10st 13lb (75kg) Height: 5ft 11in (180cm)" David Beckham: My side - The Autobiography
191 guy said on 27/Aug/13
my friend is exactly 181 cm and he has a picture with beckham where he is at least 1 and 1/2 inches taller. i say beckham is 177cm tops
Balrog said on 26/Aug/13
In his biography he gave his stats.
Viper said on 9/Aug/13
Original says on 12/Mar/13
He's measured in Manchester in 1995 with 5'10.75", 180 cm. So 5'10.75 to 5'11 is confirmed, not shorter.

This looks correct seeing he has an easy 2 inches on a 5'8.75-5'9 Luke Perry on video.
Balrog said on 1/Aug/13
We can't see Cristiano's footwear.

Beckham himself claimed 5'11'' (180 cm).
Arch Stanton said on 31/Jul/13
Click Here

Looking 5'11.5" next to 6'1" Ronaldo...
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 25/Jul/13
Solid above average, sometimes tallish. below 179 he'd have that average Daniel Craig look..above 181 he'd have a tallish look.

Id bet 180-180.5cm night(solid 5ft 11). but within 179-181 range is worth a debate.
Gringo said on 25/Jul/13
I am 184cm and stood next to David in 2001 . I was surprised he was almost as tall as me so would agree he is 182 or very near.
Montgomery95 said on 23/Jul/13
My mother met him and one hundred percent guarantees he is 5'9 5'10, no where near 6'0
Parker said on 20/Jul/13
Little between him and Travolta
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jul/13
Rob, could you explain this?

Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: bob could have shrunk/bad stance?]
truth178cm said on 18/Jul/13
179.5cm at night, he got measured that at Manchester.
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 11/Jul/13
After a lot of analysis, he's 1.80 m.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jul/13
Click Here

Looking tallish here next to the other old Man U guys. Looks around 6 ft here in my opinion, even accounting for curb standing.
Craig 177 said on 8/Jul/13
At the Olympics, he had 3 cm on Liam Gallagher - who is no less than 177 cm. I think 180 cm would be spot on for 'Goldenballs'.
Harrie64 said on 3/Jul/13
My mother (she's 5 7) met him, got his autograph said the idea of him being 6 ft made her lol 5 9 she said 5 10 maximum and thin.
cole said on 29/Jun/13
Pretty sure he has even claimed 5'11, why the extra .5"?
Silent d said on 22/Jun/13
The obama photo makes him look 5 foot 10. Weird. He always looked close to 6 foot to me.
ohno said on 20/Jun/13
no less than 180
Craig 177 said on 5/Jun/13
I'd bet good money on him being a similar height to Damon Albarn from Blur. 180 cm.
Balrog said on 22/May/13
Rob he has claimed 5'11''. Why not listing him at 180 cm?
Original said on 19/May/13
5'9.5" is absurd. He's 5'10.75" min measured at 19 years in Manchester.
Arch Stanton said on 19/May/13
Strange, he looks 5'10 range next to Zidane.
Greer81 said on 16/May/13
Looks 5'9.5 - 5'10 People he's not 6'1 nor 6'0, stop it.
Gaz said on 21/Apr/13
With 6'1'' listed Zidane Click Here
haven\'t got one said on 16/Apr/13
My niece used to work at Everton FC and she had her picture taken with Beckham barefoot, she's 5ft 7 and he was only an inch or two taller at most- 5'11 my arse!!
Arch Stanton said on 15/Apr/13
[Editor Rob: why is Gazza listed 5ft 9.25 and not the 5ft 9 in his biography? I think beckham is a fraction over 5ft 11, whether it's a small fraction or he's more 5ft 11.5 earlier in the day and drops nearer 5ft 11 at night, that's why we have discussion about heights on here ;)]

Well, why don't you list him at 5'11.25 (181 cm) then?
Bakel said on 8/Apr/13
Plus the guy has hundreds of pictures on the net with others celebs, and he almost always looks his height. During his career, he has been measured 181cm(LA Galaxy) 182cm (Real Madrid, LA Galaxy) and 183cm (PSG), so 182cm is a fair listing.
Bakel said on 8/Apr/13
Average Joe says on 21/Mar/13
He is 5'10, 178cm. 179cm max.

Click Here

Giggs is suppose to be around 179cm, Becks is barely any taller while having the advantage of studs while Giggs is in socks...


--> Nop man you're wrong, there is a bit of perspective distortion in this pic, giggs is standing closer to the camera. I can see that if they stood face to face beckham would have a good edge on him.
Balrog said on 8/Apr/13
Before he got famous he was always listed at 180 cm.
Louis said on 3/Apr/13
Rob, why is he listed at 182 if in his autobiography he says 180

he looked 5'11 max yesterday with messi and ibrahimović
[Editor Rob: why is Gazza listed 5ft 9.25 and not the 5ft 9 in his biography? I think beckham is a fraction over 5ft 11, whether it's a small fraction or he's more 5ft 11.5 earlier in the day and drops nearer 5ft 11 at night, that's why we have discussion about heights on here ;)]
Craig 176 said on 27/Mar/13
He's 180, no doubt about it.
Average Joe said on 21/Mar/13
He is 5'10, 178cm. 179cm max.

Click Here

Giggs is suppose to be around 179cm, Becks is barely any taller while having the advantage of studs while Giggs is in socks...

Original said on 12/Mar/13
He's measured in Manchester in 1995 with 5'10.75", 180 cm. So 5'10.75 to 5'11 is confirmed, not shorter.
Craig said on 6/Mar/13
Stood next to him at Madame Tussaud's, I'm 179cm barefoot, & was exactly same height.. I've noticed they make the wax works,slightly taller than they are...
johno said on 5/Mar/13
Jordan ayew is listed at 5'11 and half, has been listed lower before. He is about 5'11 max and edges beckham. Beckham is in the 5'10 range as most of other user comments estimate.

Beckham 5'10 - 5'10.75
Bakel said on 2/Mar/13
Arch Stanton says on 28/Feb/13
Rob see this

Click Here

This destroys his 182cm listing. Scroll down and see the pic with 178cm listed Modou Sougou.

That's not Modou Sougou, it's Jordan Ayew who is also 182cm.
5 10 said on 1/Mar/13
5' 11 is accurate, no more
Dmeyer said on 28/Feb/13
Compare to 6'0.75 zidane he dosnt Look under 181cm he aint legit 182cm but 181-181.5cm not 5'11 or 5'11.75 but 5'11.25-11.5
Arch Stanton said on 28/Feb/13
Rob see this

Click Here

This destroys his 182cm listing. Scroll down and see the pic with 178cm listed Modou Sougou.
James said on 26/Feb/13
Clooneys posture?
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/13
I agree that he often doesn't look anything over 5'11, I think 181cm would be fine.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/13
Hmmm but did you seem him next to Clooney?
James said on 16/Feb/13
Will u still keep him at 182cm?
[Editor Rob: I'll think on it]
James said on 15/Feb/13
Rob would u agree that 181cm is probably best fit for David given that prince William had 4 inches on him? You yourself originally thought 181cm was more accurate.
[Editor Rob: 181 could be it]
cobra said on 13/Feb/13
He needs a downgrade to 5-11 even. Too much evidence that suggests he's closer to 5-10 than 6 ft.
James said on 9/Feb/13
He looks 184cm next too john terry in that pic (uneven ground)?

In some pics though becks really does not look over 179-180cm range.
Zazai said on 8/Feb/13
Click Here
Zazai said on 8/Feb/13
He is 5 11 180 cm im sure if u look here with Frank Lampard is 183
Rich said on 7/Feb/13
Alan Shearer is NOT 5'10.

Back in 2007 I stood next to him in the urinals at a charity evening dinner fundraiser. I was working at the hotel in Newcastle serving the guests dinner.

Shearer is 5'9 MAX. Absolute maximum.

Still looks like a strong guy for his age. A real England legend.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 3/Feb/13
Adam says on 5/Jan/13
David Beckham: 5'10.5
Alan Shearer: 5'10
Roy Keane: 5'9.5

I agree with Adam's listings.
Andy 185cm said on 2/Feb/13
Click Here Beckham with 5'8 Nasser al-khelaifi
Jed said on 1/Feb/13
He's over an inch shorter than Teddy Sherringham - listed as 6'
Jamesy said on 23/Jan/13
With 6'1 Gerald butler looked 5'11 tops.
Peyman-6ft said on 12/Jan/13
I think 95% of the footballers need a true downgrade on this site.
Beckham : 179_180
Gerrard : 182_183
Lampard : 183
Terry : 185_186
Drogba :187
Zidane : 184
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 11/Jan/13
If wiggins is 6'3 parker then Becks is 5'11 max! His hair is thick and his actual head is about his eye level(4.5 inch).

For me Becks cant be 179cm or lower but he could be a weak 180cm.

Between 179.5-181 at night is his range.
Zein said on 9/Jan/13
Look at pictures with him and zidane who is 6'1.Beckham looks 1 1/2-2 inches shorter.I say 5'11-5'11 1/2 at very most.Becsause of his athletic build and hair he looks taller in pics.IMO he is 5 11.Ih he was 5 10 ot would be a pretty visible difference between him and zidane.And its not.5'11
Adam said on 5/Jan/13
David Beckham: 5'10.5
Alan Shearer: 5'10
Roy Keane: 5'9.5
Louis said on 30/Dec/12
178, 179-180 morning def not over that
he looks it with kaka, who is def 186 because cr is measured at 185 and he is barely taller
Parker said on 28/Dec/12
Here is the Beckham-Wiggins link again.
Click Here
Parker said on 28/Dec/12
Bradley Wiggins is listed at 6'3 on most sites. His eyebrow level would then be 5'11,and Beckham is above it. Another listing Rob has spot on IMO.

Click Here

Ferguson and 5'9 Denis Law
Click Here
Law and Rob
Click Here

Plenty of pics of Ferguson on Beckham on the net. Ferguson was listed at 5'11 in his playing days (not saying he is that now), but nothing under 5'11 for Beckham.

Click Here
Radek said on 26/Dec/12
Beckam = 5'10.5 nothing above it.
173 said on 20/Dec/12
Looks 5'11"
Arch Stanton said on 20/Dec/12
The 5'10" claims for Beckham are pretty ridiculous. He's about one of the best examples of a legit 5 ft 11 man you can get. He might not quite measure 182cm later in the day but anything under 180cm is just not true.
st said on 18/Dec/12
why do people underestimate heights of celebrities, jealousy? he is 5 11 and a strong one!
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 18/Dec/12
5'10.5", 179cm MAX for DB.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Dec/12
Click Here

More 5 ft 11 flat I think.
Hew said on 11/Dec/12
Barely taller than 5'9 Robbie Keane, 5'10 is realistic.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Nov/12
Click Here

3rd pic down of Romeo, how many kids have got cheekbones like that LOL!!
mId said on 14/Nov/12
Click Here
Scroll down to picture 4.. zidane(185), ronaldo(183), figo and beckham.. exact same height.. figo is listed 180cm. But just like everyone else probably overlisted.. but 180cm is the maxheight they are if that's what they are listed.
The Exorcist said on 13/Nov/12
Weak 5'11".
James said on 23/Oct/12
Was towered by prince william
cobra said on 20/Oct/12
Shouldn't there be a downgrade to 5-11?
Louis said on 16/Oct/12
Steve Nash didn't look 185 with kaka maybe 184
Hard to guess Beckham's height
Anywhere from 175 to 178 not much taller than Jode Mourinho
James said on 15/Oct/12
He looks tiny next too peter crouch as well
Louis said on 15/Oct/12
he looks 178 with sergio Ramos, Barack Obama, Steve nash
he is probably 177-178
James said on 12/Oct/12
Looks no taller than 5'10 in your pics cobra
cobra said on 12/Oct/12
A couple more with Nash, I don't think he's over 5-11:

Click Here
Click Here
James said on 8/Oct/12
rob would you say that beckham looks 181cm next too 6'1 steve nash
Click Here

Although steve is closer too the camera beckham has a thicker hairstyle.
[Editor Rob: I think both their hair is pretty similar, yeah he can look about 181cm]
cobra said on 1/Oct/12
Beckham on Leno, he might have an inch on Leno but its hard to tell because their heads are quite different in size:

Click Here
Comicbookmaster17 said on 21/Sep/12
Rob, Is there a chance that Beckham is 180cm because his posture laid back in most pictures.
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 11-11.5 range more than anything under or over that range]
joe joe said on 30/Aug/12
John terry is 6'1 and a half but on the pitch he can look 6'2 as the average height for a prem footballer is 178cm. Just out of interest rob. How do you estimate your heights? and what do you look for when you need to up or down grade a height.?
[Editor Rob: the more people I meet and have a good idea of their height, you can see how others stack up against if you have measured athletes with actors in video etc that's always usefull!]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Aug/12
Rob, how tall would you say John Terry is?
[Editor Rob: six one half maybe]
joe joe said on 25/Aug/12
i think it's time the 182 listing is downgraded. beckham is a max 181 man. here he is next to a bare foot sergio ramos who is rightly listed on the madrid website at 183. becks has a soccer boot advantage against a 183 man who is barefoot!!!!!! using common sense one could deduct that a true 182 man in
boots would look 185 next to a 183 man who is bare foot. that isnt happening in this pic
i would say 179 would be more accurate for beckham

Click Here
MaskDeMasque said on 14/Aug/12
saw a photo of him with 5'9 tom daley, he was 2 inches taller. 5'11.
Jack said on 14/Aug/12
Click Here With a legit 185 cm Zidane he looks 180 cm at best.
Click Here And here...186 cm Kaka towers over him.Thats definitely not 4 cm difference. I'd give to Becks 179 maybe 180 cm judging these pics...182 cm is a stretch.
Yitzhak said on 11/Aug/12
In that pic with Pele he doesn't look anything over 5'11, considering the slouch.
zalo said on 5/Aug/12
6 Feet
BigT said on 2/Aug/12
With Obama he looks under 5┤11
Boeing17 said on 2/Aug/12
There's a picture of him and Casilias standing next to each other beckham looks about 1 to 2 cm taller , altho it might be posture and camera angles but no doubt that both casilias and beckham are below 6ft mark
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 30/Jul/12
A definite 5'11".
matt said on 28/Jul/12
here┤a video with luke perry . beckham is little bit taller. perry is listed with 1,78cm Click Here
johno said on 17/Jun/12
Obama has about 3 inches on beckham. 5'10 would be his max height next to him. The president is between 6'0.5 - 6'1 himself.
Kalle said on 15/Jun/12
U wankers seriously thinks hes below 1,80?:O, since u dont see the feet u know nothing about that obama pic.
Here u really see the height of beckham with Zidane (1.85) and Raul (1.79)
no doubt that becks is 1.82. Period.
Click Here
guess said on 13/Jun/12
obama looks huge in that pic killer.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/Jun/12
Rob, what about 5'11 or a bit less? He really doesnt look less than 2 inches under legit 185 Obama...
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 9/Jun/12
He looked 180 MAX next to 185cm Obama: Click Here

In fact I think 178-179cm (5'10"-5'10.5") is a better estimate based on that picture. Definitely nothing over 180.
AD said on 12/Feb/12
Becks is the same height as Robbie Williams as we've seen in that barefoot shoot ...perhaps 1cm smaller at the most. Robbie is listed on here as 6'0" with photos to illustrate it. He's also clearly 2 or 3 inches taller than 5'9" Sebastian Coe in the pictures below. He very much seems around an inch and a half less than 6'1.5" Jonathan Ross.... 5'11.5 is a very accurate listing with all the evidence. The 5'10" guesses are way off!
Godred said on 10/Feb/12
@Adz - Beckham is never 184 even in shoes,he`s nothing over 5`11 might even be as low as 5`10.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Feb/12
5'11 tops! That 1/2 is because he's english...
AD said on 8/Feb/12
Becks with 5'9" Sebastian Coe ...
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
brooksy said on 2/Feb/12
As an Arsenal fan it is odd, because RVP is nearly as tall as manager Arsene Wenger who says he is 6 foot 4!And I'm not sure Wenger is 6 foot 4 so I'd guess 6 foot 2 for RVP.
HULK said on 31/Jan/12
HOW tall do you think Robin Van persie is?
He's down as 6ft(183) but looks 187 and was previously listed as 6'2(188)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
How tall do you think Arsenal fc Aaron Ramsey is?
178 said on 29/Jan/12
miko says on 25/Jan/12
Alan Shearer at 5'10 is absurd.

I'd say 5' 8" or 5' 9" is absurd for Shearer, but 5' 10" certainly isn't. Teddy Sheringham, who I've met is in the 5' 11" range, not the full 6' 0" (183 cm) he is often listed. Shearer is at least 1 inch shorter than him. Shearer is also the same height as legit 178 cm Andy Cole, BUT taller than Roy Keane who's also listed at 178 cm - but looks 5' 9.5" to me.

Someone commented on a fan page saying: "Shearer is not as tall as you'd imagine". The fan said he was 5' 11" and that "Shearer was clearly shorter than me, maybe 5' 8" or 5' 9".

I can't believe that low for 1 second. The fan may actually be closer to 6' 0" than 5' 11" flat, who knows!

I personally reckon Shearer's either 5' 10.25" (178 cm) or 5' 10.5" (179 cm)... not above that surely.
miko said on 25/Jan/12
Alan Shearer at 5'10 is absurd.

Both Becks and Shearer are 5'11, if not more. Beck is slightly taller.

Shearer has an inch on 5'10 Nicky Butt.

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Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 24/Jan/12
I used to think Beckham was taller than Shearer like you do, but there's hardly anything between them:
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I think both Shearer and Beckham are 5'10" flat, 5'10.5" MAX. And I think Andy Cole is around 174cm, but I agree with your other estimates.
Adz said on 23/Jan/12
I reckon Becks is 184 out of bed and 182 at night. And I think Jonathon Ross is 6ft 1 now and has lost his half inch (if he was even 6ft1.5 as he always claims)
brooksy said on 23/Jan/12
@dean I would probably be a shade under 183 at night or maybe the same? I am not sure.

From far away Becks looked around my height, but when I got closer he was slightly shorter, although he had his football boots on. I think for Beckham 5'10.5-5'11 is about right. He is kind of a hard one to pin down a little bit..
178 said on 22/Jan/12
Sir Alex Ferguson: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Michael Owen: 5' 7.25" (171 cm)
Chris said on 21/Jan/12
Mr Killer Shrimp, I can assure you that David Beckham is a 5'11 guy. He was listed at that height in 1996, when he began to be regular in the starting lineup of the Manchester Utd. Years later when he became famous, they pumped his height to 6'.

5'11 (180 cms) for Beckham, no more, no less.

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