How tall is Enrique Iglesias ?

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Enrique Iglesias height: 6ft 1.5in (187 cm)

Spanish Singer, said in an online chat: "My size. I'm 6'2". I think a lot of people think I'm smaller though"
On the Jonathan Ross he also said "That's what a lot of people say! They always think I'm a lot smaller!...I'm six two.... I wasn't tall in high school. I was pretty small, I suddenly grew."
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Armandy 6'1.5 said on 9/Aug/15
185 - 186
Willes190cm said on 30/Jul/15
Enrique= 187cm
MarcusTheSwede said on 3/Jul/15
Hijopotamus: Well someone must educate you girlfriend ;) No just kidding hope all is well Kind regards to you.
Yasamin said on 20/Jun/15
I think he is 185
David said on 14/Jun/15
Rob or Anybody, can tell me how this guy looks next to Enrique?.
Click Here
hijopotamus said on 2/Jun/15
Marcus, you talk too much, girl.
MarcusTheSwede said on 31/May/15
And by the way: Enrique is one awsome Singer and artist and person but that has nothing to do with discussing his f height. Look at him with 185 Ronaldo. Both in trainers. Just Google the picture. Enrique is tall no discussion about that but ge always always wear thick thick Vibram soles on his concerts or and high sneakers he needs a downgrade he has a very perfect lean body that makes him look taller but about same height as Ronaldo nothing more. Thanks.
MarcusTheSwede said on 31/May/15
hipo: well I really dont want to be rude to you back as an x paratrooper I can assure youre troubled mind I havent BUT here we discuss height and I can assure you this Its much more intresting when famous people claim a height they dont really have. And thats what I personally find very intresting. If you dont like it I suggest you read people that upgrade I and many others here search for the truth. And If you find that hard to understand well Then you are really on the wrong forum. We discuss here and hey I can be wrong sometimes but its rare. And just so you understand I dont f dislike actors or models no matter and either way the round up their height or not we are all out for the truth and focusing on that is good enough here. Understod. Good boy. Thanks and end of pointless answer to no name idiot subject person.
OneNamePlease said on 14/May/15
Enrique is 6'1. Downgrade neccesary
hipo said on 5/May/15
187 all right, very tall. Marcustheswede, dude you do have a height complex. You keep downgrading everyone and that is very suspicious and fishy.
him said on 5/May/15
he's tall like listed here, but why he still wear thick boost????
fish said on 25/Apr/15
I think he looks exactly what he is listed here next to charlie sheen in 2 and a half men
dhungie said on 22/Apr/15 reeallyy tall! Could you plz not act to not accept that... critics! And you all are not even anyone who can assume his height jst by looking at some of his pics and videos... he's very much perfect regarg his complexions
anonymous510 said on 29/Mar/15
Looking at the episode of two and half men where he is guest starring, the guy seems omly a little taller than 5'9" charlie sheen and charlie doesnt wear lifts so at best around 183-184 cm, his lean disposition makes him seem taller
Ana said on 19/Mar/15
I just found out that Julio Iglesias, Enrique's father, is listed as 6 ft 1 in goo'gle. I've looked at photos of him and he really does look tall. Quite tall for a man of his age, born in Spain. But of course, he's from upper class family. That makes quite a difference. And no wonder Enrique is that tall too. Tall family it seems.
MarcusTheSwede said on 19/Dec/14
ValeryL: So you Say.....any pictures what model of sport shoes some has about 3cm heel and even the one that looks flat still often have a total 2cm atleast not the sole included I still think he is much shorter just look With Ronaldo Who I think is listed 185cm next to Enrique well there are no diffrence and they had same sort of trainers on and Enrique standing With better posture he is 185 at best without huge Vibram or thick soles majority of pictures proofs it so IF no one can find a full body picture with shoes included this listing still to High needs downgrade to 185.
ValeryL said on 7/Dec/14
I am proper 188-189 and took photo with him couple days ago before his show he was in flat sport shoes and we were similar of maybe 1 cm different. So I think 187 is righ.t I am a girl and I hate my huge height so have no reason for lying.
MarcusTheSwede said on 15/Oct/14
appe4: Thanks! Finally someone has got it right. And seen those boots shoes with massive heel that he always wears Vibram with massive massive outersole and inner build up not in count only the outer sole is massive. Finally someone sees it.
Enrique needs a downgrade. I love him to death but this listing needs to be downgraded.
Serge said on 5/Oct/14
I met him in Mexico twice in my hometown, 6'1", he was taller than Mickey Rourke and Johnny Depp and much taller than Antonio Banderas.
appe4 said on 26/Sep/14
I am a weak 185 and I met him in 2012; we were face to face 2m distance, he was not taller than me but he had on these shoes @MarcusTheSwede talked about. I would bet money on his 184-185 height! Rob, downgrade
MarcusTheSwede said on 31/Aug/14
LISTEN. Pictures where not whole body shows are WORTHLESS.
Full body pictures with shoes are the only one that tells the truth.
Enrique is always always wear thick vibram soles that give him atleast 5cm and that incount not the build up inside.
Pictures without whole body and shoe isnt worth anything so dont post them doesnt matter who he stands beside if not the whole body and shoes can be seen
Alan said on 30/Aug/14
Hey Felipe, Bos has been described accurately to be 186cm, which is an smidgeon taller than 6'1".
Felipe said on 28/Aug/14
I think Rob nailed it.
In this picture Click Here he is next to the Spanish superstar Miguel Bos (who is 185cm tall) and he (Enrique) seems to be just a little bit taller.
Jasonsteel said on 20/Aug/14
Size of Enrique 1.90cm / 6.2ft
Size of Juan Luis Guerra 2.00cm / 6.5ft
Size of Ronaldo 187cm / 6.1ft

The only difference in boots of enrique (+5 cm)
Titans said on 14/Aug/14
184cm. Has thicker shoes
Click Here
Daniel T. said on 7/Aug/14
185 cm.
6'0 (183cm and half) said on 1/Aug/14
Enrique is 184cm
Juan Luis Guerra is 192cm
mohcine305 said on 9/Jul/14
I think that is the real length of 1.89 or 1.90 and Shoe thick (taller) I think 1.95cm
Proof image with Juan Luis Guerra was there a difference by 2 or 3 cm Note that the length of the last 2.00 cm
Joe said on 21/Jun/14
Strange how some websites still list him at 6'3.
MarcusTheSwede said on 9/Jun/14
Enrique is 184cm. I thought he was taller BUT..lately Ive seen him and he always always wears Vibram soles and they are thick as nothing out of this world. They would give him 2-3cm minimum and next to Cristiano shows clearly he is not 187 he wears sneakers and same height and thats generous. He is 184 not more. He always wears massive Vibram soles and appear 187 but he is at best 184 without them. Im a great fan of him but know I see why he always wears them. The pic with Cristiano also nailed it. This listing needs a downgrade.
Ryan said on 16/May/14
Enrique is 1.84
Kerry said on 12/May/14
Is imposible. 1.85 max - 1.84
Infinite guy said on 2/May/14
My Calculation for Enrique's height:
From that picture with Cristiano who is 185.5 cm tall, has 2 cm thinner soles than Enrique's, if he wears the same heels, I think they would be same,but with a good posture Enrique can pull off 186 cm, so I think 186 cm will be a good shout for him.
strong said on 19/Apr/14
flat 6 foot, yet he had a big thick insoles yet he was smaller than me, I'm 188 cm.
Gilipollas said on 6/Apr/14
In that pic with Cristiano, Enrique has footwear advantagw
E. Btw Cristiano is 185 max. Enrique is 184 max but always uses thick sole footwear plus his wig and slender figure people can think he's taller than he really is.
sss said on 4/Apr/14
187, 2 cm taller than legit 6'1 Ronaldo. I mean, Ronaldo really is the epitome of 6'1.
MarcusTheSwede said on 11/Mar/14
MD : Yes I agree this listing is correct so we think the same. 187 is the acceptable but not a millimeter more. I also saw him in Two and a Half men with 175cm Charlie Sheen..and well Enrique is 187 at best but I can agree 186-187 is ok. Not more. 192 was ridiclious and that was what I aimed for to claim he is definately not. 186-187 at best. We are at the same page there.=)
MD said on 7/Mar/14
Nice find, MarcusTheSwedge, though, I'd definitely give him this listing. He's taller than 185cm Ronaldo, but it's a very slight difference.
MarcusTheSwede said on 6/Mar/14
He is 186-187 Look at this picture with Ronaldo: Click Here
And that is with shoes. And with a height advantage to Ronaldo cause Enrique got thicker soles on his shoes.
Enrique is AT BEST 187cm at best.
MarcusTheSwede said on 11/Nov/13
No no not six two. Enrique is maximum 186cm he Always wears Heavy duty boots. Atleast 5cm heel and that is not measured with inner sole.
He is not 187cm have seen him in Stockholm Sweden and I am 183cm with converse and he was at best 3.5cm maximum taller and that was with boots standing outside same Hotel same door. He was tall but without those boots not taller then max 186.Max. This listing is generous. But I can go with it.But generous 187.Thanks for great site.
Dejavu said on 20/Sep/13
He is very close to 6'2. He looks about an inch taller than Ronaldo who is a strong 6'1.
MarcusTheSwede said on 12/Sep/13
I have to correct myself.
Enrique is maximum 186cm
Look at this Picture: Click Here
He wear heels with Vibram sole. That sole is a Heavy duty sole several centimeters high.
I have looked to almost every Picture of Enrique thats out there. And also seen him in those shoes with Vibram outer sole. And he is at most 186cm without shoes.
BigJoe said on 3/Sep/13
He's not 186, he must be 187 but not 188.
cole said on 6/Aug/13
He seems to round up a bit when he claims 6'2. Just under 6'2 is what I would have guessed.
MarcusTheSwede said on 2/Aug/13
If anybody of you all search youtube for Enrique Iglesias at Lopez Tonight show. You can see Enrique next to Prince Royce 173cm height and next to Lopez. In the video everybody can see he Towers over Royce and 186-187 is correct. You also se his shoes. He has a heel but consider the height diffrence if you would pictureit without heel he still would be a strong 185-186cm
I Think this listing is correct. He is a tall guy.
MarcusTheSwede said on 23/Jul/13
Gilipollas: You probably never have seen him or Heard him sing live.
For the first. He is 186-187 cm not a centimeter under that. I have seen him live both in Sweden and in US and he is atleast 186 atleast. I have seen him also at beach without any shoes on, I am 183cm and he had atleast 3 cm on me.
He is a tall guy so all the talk about 183 cm you can forget. Dont speak if you dont have any real facts to back it up or have seen him in person. Also he sings awsome. I have Heard him live and dont know **** about anything. He sings awsome not only at youtube or recorded songs also live he is one of a kind the best voice ever. So dont even begin with sings horrible he has the sharpest voice and the best male voice in this World. If you dont understand that well..I really feel sorry for you Gilipollas. Maybe you dont hear yeh thats probably that.
Thanks for great site and please...if you just talk **** and dont back things up with facts..dont..just dont. If you have facts write.
Thanks for great site.
cole said on 18/Jun/13
Xior says on 15/Apr/13
Click Here

Can someone explain this, please? What do you think Rob? Enrique at 187 en Jason Segel at 193, yet no visual significant difference..

I noticed the same while watching HIMYIM. But Jason is obviously not the full 6'4, more like 191-192. So let's say Enrique is honest and really is the full 6'2, or at least close enough. A hunched Jason Segel would be around 6'2 - 6'2.5, and the camera angles does the rest.
Joyshankar said on 19/May/13
I wish I had like his height however I'm 6'0"
Balrog said on 6/May/13
A strong 6'1'' man 186-187 cm. Can look 6'2'' but he wears heeled boots a lot.
Xior said on 15/Apr/13
Click Here

Can someone explain this, please? What do you think Rob? Enrique at 187 en Jason Segel at 193, yet no visual significant difference..
Johny said on 6/Mar/13
I saw him he is not 1.87 1.90 1.86

2 years ago I meet him in the miami

and he sayd to me My realy height is 1.92
James said on 28/Feb/13
Jorge says on 10/Feb/13
Probably, Jonathan is American! So innocent!... Im shore he never been in Spain.He doesnt know the difference between a Hispanic and a Spanish.Spanish people has an average of 1.77 cms, Americans 1.76 cms. Americans, comparing with most of Europeans, are smaller. Im Portuguese and not small...

Jonathan is English...
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/13
His Dad is like the dictionary definition of debonair. Not surprising Enrique inherited his father's way with women. Julio looked a legit 6'1" guy in his prime I thought.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/13
Greg says on 13/Dec/12
Wow, he's listed at 6'3!

Mmm, from the Will Smith school of height estimation obviously..
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/13
Your fan says on 3/Jan/13
Honestly speaking , i thought you were 5'10 or 5'9 . This really is a shocker.

Why? 6'1.5" isn't very tall and Enrique has always had chicken legs and been quite gangly in frame which makes him look tall. Honestly I was far more surprised at Timberlake claiming almost 6'2"!!. I had always thought he was quite short.
Zach said on 20/Jan/13
Anyone got the Ross video? Ross is a legit 6'1, would be good to see them side by side.
Greg said on 13/Dec/12
Wow, he's listed at 6'3!
MarcusTheSwede said on 9/Dec/12
Sylinher: Yes I agree he towered Pitbull in that picuture but in videos if you look for example youtube..well Enrique is taller then Pitbull..offcourse expected as Pitbull is listed 171...then even a 179cm guy would look visiable much taller..but if Enrique is 187 he really really should tower him in more pictures and also in videos that show them together. And he doesnt. He is visible taller but not as much as 187 cm...I think he is about 185.186 at most.
Without those shoes also.
Enrique is great..and he is are so way out wrong..Enrique is tall. No doubt about that..
But 187 sounds little to much even for a big Enrique fan..and I have seen in also in irl , I am 185cm and without those shoes he has on..I dont think he is much or even taller then me..looking at him at street he looked like a tall guy..but not..much taller then 185. 186.He is tall but maybe time to downgrade little.
Sylinher said on 9/Nov/12
to MarcusTheSwede...i dont know what kind of pitbull and enrique's photos are you talking about...but in this one...Click Here
enrique complete towers pitbull...i mean the diference of heights is really yeah if pitbull is 1.71 enrique is a legit 1.87
Doodss said on 5/Nov/12
No way he is over 6'. 5'9-5'10. Maybe even 5'8. Look at those dayum heels on those shoses. close to 3" at least. And he probably wears another 1" inside. that's 4 inches. 6'1.5 is way too high. More like 5'9.5
Terrence said on 31/Oct/12
He was as tall or taller than Jason Segel, who is listed here at 6´4, in How I met your mother. And please don´t try to tell me it´s all footwear and camera angles, because it was a straight shot, and Enrique was wearing sandals. Does that make him 6´5? Someone needs a big downgrade, and I´m not talking about Enrique Iglesias.
balrog said on 12/Oct/12
ice in HIMYM Iglesias was clearly taller than Neil Patrick Harris who is at least 5'11''
ice said on 16/Sep/12
He must wear lifts . In how i met your mother he was not over 5'11
devon said on 8/Sep/12
julio iglesias maybe when he was young 6' 1' now he looks shorter than rafael nadal 6' 1.5'.
Peyman said on 26/Aug/12
To me Enrique Iglesias always appears tall not quite 6ft 2in but definitely more than 6ft 1in , 6ft 1.5in is a fair shot for him & yes very tall as a spanish
I also think Jonathan Ross is a solid 6ft 1in guy .
& a peak 6ft 0in is my estimate for Julio Iglesias.
nick said on 11/Aug/12
Enrique one can say u r smaller than 6'2 u r aproxx 187
gvigo said on 6/Feb/12
If Cristiano Ronaldo we know is 185'5 measured with laser, in this photo Enrique is 187 aprox. Click Here
By the way , his father Julio Iglesias was 1'81-1'82 when young.
SIlent d said on 24/Jan/12
afg2nvy said on 23/Jan/12
Yeh he only seemed about a cm taller than 185 Cristiano ronaldo so 186-187 is about right. Once again Rob has nailed it.
Shaun said on 22/Jan/12
Real short, because he is under 6'2"... LOL. @ nice guy He can look 6'3" actually in those boots he wears and probably is. I think I remember him looking about this next to the G maestro, or he was slouching or something, can't remember..

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