How tall is Gerard Butler ?

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Gerard Butler height: 6ft 1.25in (186 cm)

Scottish Actor best known for roles in memorable movies like 300, Olympus Has Fallen, RocknRolla and Law Abiding Citizen. He had this to say about his height, "I'm 6'2'. Wait! Don't quote me on that. I'd better ask my publicist". Bizarrely Gerry got described as high as 6ft 4 when he first broke into movies.
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hijopotamus says on 11/Jul/15
Hal, yes! What's wrong with thinking he is shorter? Or maybe Mel Gibson is taller, you are right!
hal says on 10/Jul/15

Gerard is no shorter than 185cm. I think 186 is a fair listing.
hijopotamus says on 1/Jul/15
After watching the pic with Mel Gibson I seriously give Butler a 6' max. This guy has tricked everyone for years.
Mel was wearing freaking sandals!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 30/Jun/15
If Cumberbatch is 182-183cm range then Butler is near 187cm for sure.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 16/Jun/15
Gerard Butler looks 4-5 CM taller than Benedict Cumberbatch in the photos of the two together, who Rob has met and listed as 5'11.75".
mike 1.82 says on 25/May/15
looks 1.80cm with Mel Gibson
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/May/15
He actually looks a decent 6ft2 with that 6ft3 guy.
Prada says on 13/May/15
He certainly looks the height that is claimed, i believe he is 186 cm, just from his built.
shib says on 8/May/15
Around 184
WalkingTall6ft3.35 inches says on 30/Apr/15
Butler with 192cm Jerome Boateng

Click Here

Holding up pretty good i'd say...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Apr/15
Butler looks 186-187cm range with Chris Evans (minimum 5ft11). It's quite obvious he'd edge out Cavill.
184.9 on a bad day says on 14/Apr/15
Henry Cavill with Chris Evans Click Here

Gerard Butler with Chris Evans

Click Here

I'm sure Gerard Butler is a solid 186 guy, even near 187 is not impossible like 186.8
Rizzle says on 29/Mar/15
Evidence for him being downgraded doesn't get any stronger than this. Mel & Gerard wearing sandals.

Click Here

Needs sorting asap.
Dmeyer says on 29/Mar/15
Click Here , he looks 6cm taller than beckham
6'1" Joe says on 28/Mar/15
With 5'11" David Beckham:

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Mar/15
Lutz wears big shoes to look nearer 6ft2 guys.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 24/Feb/15
With Kellan Lutz:

Click Here

I think that if you consider posture, it's actually a tie between the two.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 24/Feb/15
He's similar to Kellan Lutz in a photo that I saw.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Feb/15
Jackman is a solid 6ft2 guy.
Andrea says on 21/Feb/15
Both Gerard and Hugh are not 6'2ers... With that guy, Gerard can look 6'1 range, so for sure he can pull off looking 6'1 with people but he just doesn't look it with Raoul Bova! I'm wondering if Bova would look so tall next to Hugh-"not 6'2"-Jackman too...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Feb/15
Rob, maybe 187cm is possible if he's able to look similar to legit 6ft2 guys like Jackman and that NFL player?
[Editor Rob: there are also photos of gerard with other nfl player Here and Owens is near 6ft 3, so I think from that I still would say 186.]
185dude says on 11/Feb/15
Could someone please explain this? Both heels look very similar.

Click Here

Click Here
Andrea says on 5/Feb/15
He looks barely shorter than that guy, Rob. I'm wondering if he wears lifts since with Raoul Bova he doesn't look much over 6'... How do you explain that? It's not only one picture but more pictures where he looks a bit taller than him. And don't tell me Raoul is taller than 5'11.25 because he can look 5'11 flat a lot...
[Editor Rob: the guy might be 6ft 2, maybe he got an earlier in day measurement for nfl, but Butler I think at times just drops more height than is apparent in the photo. I would stick with him being in the 186 range.]
Editor Rob says on 3/Feb/15
He did hold up well against this chap:
Click Here
Who is supposed to be a fraction over 6ft 2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Jan/15
6ft1-2 range is perfect. He might even be 187cm.
Similar to Brosnan in Butterfly On A Wheel and also Mark Strong in RocknRolla
Judd says on 21/Jan/15
It's hard for me believe Butler is under 6'0.75"...6'1" sounds good to me!
Mike 1.82 says on 10/Jan/15
Just a joke what the hell guys? He looks 4 cm over Jason sudeikis listed 1.84cm
Andrea says on 9/Jan/15
O yeah and Raoul Bova is over 6'...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Jan/15
I argue a 6ft0 for Cooper since he can pull off 6ft1+ in a lot of pictures.
186-187cm for Butler as stated by Mike is correct.
Judd says on 4/Jan/15
I think he's something like 6'0.75-6'1"...he's an hair taller than Bradley Cooper (6'0.5").
Mike says on 7/Dec/14
186-187 is his range. 6ft max claims are bull!
Andrea says on 7/Dec/14
Just not to forget...
With 5'11.25 Raoul Bova: Click Here
And if you think Raoul could be above 5'11.25, here's a picture with Alessandro Gassman, who is between 6'3 and 6'4: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Oct/14
Butler, Wilkinson, Strong and Kebbell look pretty much identical.
jjeenie says on 23/Sep/14
He is easily 6'1+; I would actually say 6'2", having stood next to him, and I am 5'10".
Jay 184cm says on 19/Sep/14
I would have had this guy as a solid 6'2" but after seeing the photos of him with Raoul Bova and the photos with Mel Gibson, I'm really not sure. He could easily be 181cm it seems.
Andrea says on 19/Sep/14
Anywhere between 6' and 6'1 is possible... 6'1.25 could be his morning height!
184.9 on a bad day says on 18/Sep/14
Gerard Looks the same as Rodrigo Santoro both with sandals. I can't see this under 185( with good posture).he also edge out hugh jackman( I don't know how).
Danny says on 16/Sep/14
Looks anywhere from 5'11 to 6'2, as strange as that sounds. In my opinion, it all depends on the type of footwear. 5'11 guys can pull off a 6'1 look easily with the right shoes. Rob, would you be able to start a page on Chris Zylka?
Andrea says on 16/Sep/14
6'0.75 is the most i'd argue... All these guys claiming 6'1-6'2 range for him should really see him with Raoul Bova, who really is no more than 180-181!
Judd says on 16/Sep/14
i think he' 6'1"
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 6/Sep/14
Well he did appear 1.86m-1.87m in the film 'Olympus has Fallen'. Had a few inches in height over Aaron Eckhart.
184.9 on a bad day says on 17/Aug/14
@ afkm99
What you saying is unfair. Look this video, he have long arms, long legs and long torso. Looks 186-187 with ellen Click Here
Hicham says on 14/Jul/14
I would say 187cm
Click Here
Next to Sami Khedira who is listed as 189cm
terra carier says on 13/Jul/14
Butler is bang on the 187 CM mark, period.
afkam99 says on 3/Jul/14
his frame is too small for 6'1-6'2 guy
Mitch says on 28/Apr/14
Rob, not every celebrity lies about their height. This can be proven by looking at the pics of Butler next to Jackman, and Butler next to Stallone. He's at least 6'1.5" but my honest guess would be anywhere from 6'1.5"- 6'2.5".
[Editor Rob: I am well aware of this, as is seen in a big chunk of the listings which are what the celebrity has said.]
Andrea says on 5/Apr/14
I still can't explain why he looks so similar to Raoul Bova, who could even not be 181! But he generally looks around 6'1 with other guys, don't rule out 184 either for him...
Ace says on 31/Mar/14
looked like a solid 6'2" in 300
Gilipollas says on 23/Mar/14
Amazing the pics with Mel Gibson. After that I give Gerry a 5'11" max
DMoney says on 18/Mar/14
6'1" is top height for the man. A pretty tall bloke.
viapto says on 2/Mar/14
shoulder to shoulder with mark strong 6' 1'' and toby kebell 6' 1'' Click Here
Anon says on 28/Feb/14
same height as brosnan in shattered 2007.

I watched the trailer for shattered. At the end, they are face to face.
To me, Brosnan edges out Butler by an inch...
carl199cm says on 8/Feb/14
same height as brosnan in shattered 2007.
PT says on 24/Jan/14
I was on set with him for Chasing Mavericks, I'm 6' and he seemed a good 2-3 inches taller than me. So 6' 2-3" would be about right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Jan/14
Do you think Mark Strong might be the full 6ft2 then, Rob?

He edged out Butler by a couple of centimetres in RocknRolla.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Jan/14
Rob, I might've asked this ages ago but would you say it's safe to assume that he'd be 6ft2 early morning?
[Editor Rob: I think that's a pretty reasonable assumption.]
jordydecke says on 7/Jan/14
Looks a bit shorter in "Olympus has fallen", more like a 5'11.75 or 6'0 guy. Looks a lot thinner in this film too and I think it suits him more.
berta says on 2/Jan/14
the same height as bradley cooper when cooper has mutch more heels. 186 sounds right
Sam says on 18/Dec/13
Being nose-to-nose with Bradley Cooper proved Butler's 6'2" claims are erroneous. Butler is a guy who can seem bigger on screen than he does in photos. In Rock-n-Rolla, he's a bit shorter than Mark Strong and (more so) Idris Elba.
johnmcc says on 17/Dec/13
Saw a photo of him with my 6'2 Uncle in Paisley and he looked an inch smaller so maybe 185cm evening but this is also good.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Nov/13
The current 186cm listing is spot on. Around the same as Brosnan
SGR says on 22/Nov/13
For me he's 181 cm MAX

Click Here
cole says on 19/Nov/13
Eckhart seems more like a 178 cm guy to me the more I see him (think Rob also mentioned he could look it next to Yvonne Strahovski). Gerard is closer to the camera in that shot Arch Stanton posted as well. I'd go with 185-186 cm range for Butler, and 178-179 cm for Eckhart.
Hypado says on 13/Nov/13
188 / 6'2
Mathew says on 6/Nov/13
vtec says on 28/Sep/13
what do u guys think? with rg3.


I remember tons of analysts/scouts who had seen him in person being surprised at the NFL combine that RG3 measured as high as 6'2 3/8". It was probably a first thing in the morning measurement. Butler appears to be at most .5" shorter in that photo.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 4/Nov/13
He looks 6'2 with Eckhart.
Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Nov/13
Yeah, Arch he easily looks around 6'1 with Aaron but remember those pictures with Raoul Bova, who is around 180-181. The same Bova actually struggled to look 5'11 with the footballer Luca Toni, who claimed 193 in an interview. Butler really doesnt look over 183-184 with him, they actually look about the same (Bova has some footwear advantage) but i'm givin him the benefit of doubt. Maybe he's 184?
Arch Stanton says on 30/Oct/13
All the people saying he's max 6 ft check out Click Here with 5'10.75" listed Aaron Eckhart!!
screwylouie77 says on 26/Oct/13
There's a photo of him with Adrien Brody on the base and it looks like GB has a couple/few inches on AB, certainly more than 1.25" between them (you have Brody at 6'0" and Butler at 6'1.25"). So one of these heights is off by a little.
afka says on 4/Oct/13
I changed the my quastion.he is probably 183-184 cm.he look tall and big
vtec says on 28/Sep/13
what do u guys think? with rg3.

Click Here
afka says on 27/Sep/13
He is min 6'1.max 6'2 but ı think he is 187 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 9/Sep/13
Looks 186-187cm with good posture.
Mark Strong could be 188cm though.
Balrog says on 5/Sep/13
I think 183-185 is a better range, I thought he was shorter but next to Eckhart he does looks close to 6'1" but can't see him that tall when he is so close in height with Bradley Cooper (maybe lifts on Bradley) and next to Bouva he's no way near to 6'1".
Jack says on 27/Aug/13
Rob next to Mark Strong he looks about 6'1'5" range. Is 187 cm possible for him?
[Editor Rob: I think 186 is still a good shout for him...]
The Thinker says on 24/Aug/13
Here are a couple of pics with Gerard and West Indian Cricketer Chris Gayle... Now Gayle is officially billed at 188cm (6'2"). Looking at these pics makes me doubt even a sincere 6'0.5" billing for Gerard. Have a peek...

Click Here

(Can a supposed 6'1" man look like that next to a 6"2" man?)

Click Here

I think Gerard Butler is a strong 5'11.75" - 6' max!...
Balrog says on 20/Aug/13
He can't be this tall. Look at him with solid 5'9" Hardy, with Bouva and this guy was barely taller (if that) than Bradley Cooper. He's under 6'1". Solid 184cm I think.
Alex says on 19/Aug/13
Good listing Click Here
cole says on 31/Jul/13
Still think 6'1 is good for him.
MarcusTheSwede says on 14/Jul/13
Im in this moment looking at a Movie Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.
There is no way in h Gerard Butler is taller then 184 185cm maximum for him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Jul/13
Rob, do you still think Butler is 186cm?
[Editor Rob: standing tall I think he can look it]
Silent d says on 10/Jul/13
6 foot 1.
kevin says on 25/Jun/13
im from germany and lanz is officially 184cm but could be a little under that like 181-182cm and butler looked a bit taller than him so 185cm is still realistic for him
Len says on 23/Jun/13
Consistently looks 6'0" to 6'1". Tall, but not very tall.
cole says on 18/Jun/13
I don't see over 185 cm for Gerard, even 184 cm I could buy.
Tempest says on 14/Jun/13
Here's a video of Edbassmaster with Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart. Edbassmaster has a video with Chris Daughtry where they stand right next to each other and they both look the exact same height. Daughtry's listed at 5'8", which is what I've always thought Edbassmaster looked. Click Here
HeightMan says on 8/Jun/13
I am seeing him on German TV right now. Officially the host of the show (Markus Lanz) is 1.81m, Butler looks a little bit taller but no way 1.88m.
Balrog says on 31/May/13
Next to Eckhart he does appear close to 6'1''.
me says on 24/May/13
Gerry & his friend, and fellow Scotsman, Craig Ferguson appear together often, and Craig is always noticeably taller. On this site, you bill Craig as 6'1.5"...

If you're right about Craig, Gerry is no more than 6'0.
penguinboy25 says on 19/May/13
This must be the out of bed measurement. I have him around 184-185 IMO.
jflynn says on 9/May/13
Have met the man three times- 6'2 for sure. Very tall.
kevin says on 26/Apr/13
friend of mine whose 190cm met him said he was clearly taller than him and that hes about 6ft1in, so 185-186 fit him good.
Linebacker28 says on 20/Apr/13
He's rangy. Can look anything from a flat 6' to a near 6'2". I'd put the money on 185cm, personally. Looked that against Walker in Timeline, and for the most part in RocknRolla.
Dmeyer says on 16/Apr/13
Looked a solid 6cm taller than 5'10.75 eckart , 6'1.25 seems Right
184 says on 14/Apr/13
looks 184cm tops
BRUTAL says on 5/Apr/13
Looks 6ft-6ft 1 to me. Most actors add an inch to their listed height.
lenad is sexy says on 2/Apr/13
6'1 max
Silent d says on 5/Mar/13
Solid 6 footer.
Anon says on 28/Feb/13
Rob, consider a downgrade? These pictures with Mel Gibson are quite revealing, I think 6ft 0.75in (184 cm) is more his range.

Click Here
jay says on 25/Feb/13
before bed? what does this mean?
James says on 22/Feb/13
6'0.75 before bed
you says on 22/Feb/13
I think anything below 6'.5" is unfair, since in this video he appears to have at least an inch over Craig Ferguson. I don't think he could boost himself from 5'11", as some are claiming his height might be, to over 6'2" to loom over Craig without wearing some ridiculous looking shoes. Click Here
Josh says on 14/Feb/13
6'0.5 the most
Balrog says on 9/Feb/13
182-184 is more his range.
Silent d says on 7/Feb/13
6 foot.
Lo sgozzatore says on 5/Feb/13
I said it Silent d :)
The 6'2 claim is outrageous... He looks about the same with Raoul Bova, let's say a bit taller just because he has shoe disadvantage... And Bova did neither look 5'11 with footballer Luca Toni, who has claimed 193! No way this guy is 6'1.25 but again he's more "important" and famous than other stars on here, so he probably deserves at least one inch as a gift!
Silent d says on 4/Feb/13
That photo with mel gibson makes him look 180cm and mel is wearing sandals. No lifts. He is also wearing thin trainers. This is shocking. Maybe gerard butler is not that tall after all. I am saying he's 6 foot flat now after those shocking mel gibson photos.
kevin says on 4/Feb/13
if cooper is 183-184cm than i would guess butler as 184-185cm cause to me he does look a bit taller.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Feb/13
Click Here

Rob, you mentioned 184 he can look at lowest. How tall do you think he looks here next to Mel Gibson. Surprises me, I only see 6' tops here.
[Editor Rob: he can vary in those sets of photos from 2 to 4 inches from what I saw]
Stoo says on 3/Feb/13
Pictures of him with Mel Gibson both wearing flat footwear....if Gibson is 5"9 Butler is only 5"10
Lo sgozzatore says on 2/Feb/13
Silent, trust me he's not "at least 6'1"... Have you seen the pics with Raoul Bova or even with Bradley Cooper, who's just a 6' range guy? I'd say he's 6' range too...
Arch Stanton says on 1/Feb/13
From what I've seen he seems around 6'1".
Arch Stanton says on 1/Feb/13
He looks close in height to 6'2" Chris Cornell Jake, he can look 6'1.5".
Silent d says on 1/Feb/13
Suspicious footwear. I know gerard butler is at least 6 foot 1 and bradley is a known lift wearer. 186cm.
Sam says on 15/Jan/13
Rob, Butler and Bradley Cooper seem to be around the same height. The only ones where Butler looks taller is where he is closer to the camera or standing straighter. In some of the shots Cooper even seems to have a hair over Butler. I think Butler is under 6'1". Downgrade time yet?
Click Here
Hew says on 10/Jan/13
With 5'11 max Ralph Fiennes: Click Here
With 5'9.5 McGregor, 5'8 DeNiro and 6ft Adrien Brody: Click Here
With 5'11.25 Raoul Bova: Click Here

Actually I'm doubting he's even 6'1 now. I've seen him a lot lately and sometimes he even seems as low as 6ft flat. Sure about the 6'1.25 Rob?
[Editor Rob: of course he can look a range, 184-186 is what I'd say he generally can look.]
lulo says on 6/Jan/13
Always thought he was like 6'3'' I think I read that somewhere, suprised when I now realise he's around 6'1''
Lo sgozzatore says on 28/Dec/12
In fact, 187 is crazy for him! I doubt he hits that mark even out of bed...
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 27/Dec/12
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Dec/12
187cm is possible. Same height as Brosnan
Tell that to 181 Raoul Bova, who looked "barely" shorter than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Dec/12
187cm is possible. Same height as Brosnan
balrog says on 25/Dec/12
Butler was same height that Bradley Cooper. Can't see him over 6'1''
Pk says on 18/Dec/12
He is at least 6'1. I have a female model friend that is 5'9 and is the 2nd person from the right in this picture. Assuming she has 3in. heels, then Gerard is 6'2 in dress shoes. I'm not sure if this will load because it's a facebook picture.Click Here
Mark E Smith says on 16/Dec/12
Sorry third reason, he is clearly shorter than Jonathan Ross (who may have been 6 1 when younger but at 50 and overweight must have lost height - likely height now say 6).

Also lots of sightings in Glasgow have Gerard him as average - tall rather than tall.

Guess he is 5'11 - 5 11.5.

6'1.5 is outlandish. Also behave over the physique, in Sparta 300 it's mostly CG.
Mark E Smith says on 15/Dec/12
Come on, this site is meant to cut through the fiction. 6ft 1.25in is nonsense for Butler. Three reasons:

lots of Pics with Henrik Larson and Butler at best 2 inches taller. Larson is 5ft 9in tops. Met H in Glasgow, very nice guy but I was surprised how short he was.

Also recall a pic of Butler in petrol filling station standing beside a range rover sport (height 5ft 11.5) and Butler was (you guessed it)standing upright shorter than the roof.
Conti says on 4/Dec/12
I would definitely say 5'11 barefoot,and in shoes 6'1.
James says on 17/Nov/12
6'4 is bizzare for Gerald. He's still tall though at 185cm.
Lo sgozzatore says on 12/Nov/12
Rob, i dont know if you're aware but there some photos out there of Butler with Lena Headley, that you met! Well, he is standing pretty straight, she has bad posture and she's wearing slippers (so he also has footwear advantage)... He really doesnt look more than a good 6' next to her (with all these advantages). Maybe it is worth to downgrade him to 6'1 (even if he likely is shorter than that, he's also very similar to Cooper who's nothing over 6'0.25-6'.5)
[Editor Rob: a flat 6ft 1 might be ok]
Lo sgozzatore says on 4/Nov/12
Rob, you want pics? He looks similar to bova who isnt over 181 and isnt taller than cooper, who could easily be 6'!
[Editor Rob: butler for sure can sometimes only look 6 foot range, but I think that's more standing loose. He has less footwear with bova, at least give him that half inch back ;)]
Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Nov/12
I looked more about Bova and he really doesnt look over 180-181 (see the recent pics with Gassman). Butler looks very similar to Bova... There are also some pics of Butler with Bradley Cooper. Butler really doesnt look taller than Cooper, in many pics he even looks shorter. Now we know that Cooper could be 6', so Butler maybe needs a downgrade, Rob?
balrog says on 18/Oct/12
He's 6'0.5'' because he is same height that Bradley Cooper.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 26/Aug/12
Rob, i remember a photo on the pitch (so they had same footwear) of Bova and Luca Toni, who claimed to be 193 (and he looks all of it)... Toni looked at least 5-5.5 inches taller (if im not wrong i showed you that pic and you confirmed that)... I dont think he looks 6', as you say! Anyway, i'll try to see more stuff about him ;)
ANDREA[ITA] says on 25/Aug/12
Rob, could u please explain how he looks no taller than raoul nova? There are many pics on the net and they look similar, sometimes butler looks even shorter!
[Editor Rob: maybe bova is near the 6 foot mar]
BigT says on 4/Aug/12
The .25" should be dropped.
truth says on 17/Jun/12
6ft1 on the dot. 3cm lower than his 188cm claim.
Anastacia says on 12/Feb/12
I'm 5'10 and my husband is nearly 6'1. Gerard was at our hotel in Brazil during Carnival a few years back......he is absolutely 6'1. (6'2 w/ shoes on)
ramiz says on 31/Jan/12
he look pretty tall in law abiding citizen.nearly 6'2
I think 200-220 lbs before 170 ıbs. good physical(before weakness)

Click Here
? says on 30/Jan/12
he looks taller than bradley cooper whats wrong with u Voiceless dental fricative
Haze says on 23/Jan/12
Voiceless.... They are virtually the same height in that picture. And look at Coopers shoes. Your joking right?
ANDREA[ITA] says on 22/Jan/12
Rob, how do you explain that he looks at the same height of Raoul Bova in every pics of them? Trust me, Raoul Bova isnt over 180. 181 is already generous in my opinion. But they look the same.
ramiz says on 22/Jan/12
he look usualy very strong 6'1.5 but sometimes look only 5'11.he has a weird shape

his weight 75-80 kg now ı think.if body ratio %7
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 21/Jan/12
Click Here
He's looking shorter than Bradley Cooper (listed at 6'1.0)

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