How tall is Ian McKellen ?

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Ian McKellen's height is 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 11in (180 cm)
British actor best known for his portrayal of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings movies and Magneto in The X-Men. When asked about his height, he once said: "It depends on whether I'm standing up straight. Probably about six feet".. Granted I think he might have shrunk 1cm since his heyday of about 5ft 11.5, he does hold good posture in photos and on film and knows many a trick when posing - in fact, he has his own technique: "The McKellen Technique"

He's also wise to the tricks of camera's, when asked about his height in regards to X-Men: "Tyler Mane is nearly a foot taller than I am but there was no intention to trick you into thinking otherwise. The camera can, however, give the impression that an actor close to the lens is larger than one who is more distant"
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MOF said on 2/Sep/15
Walked right past him a year ago, came so close I almost bumped into him. I'm exactly 5'11" and he appeared to equal to my height. He may have been wearing boots or big shoes, couldn't tell.
George said on 12/Dec/14
@teej, are you sure Harry wasn't wearing a pair of those?
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teej said on 6/Dec/14
I dont think he's 5'11 after i saw him with 5'10 harry styles on graham norton show. Harry looked 1 and a half inches taller comfartably. Could he have shrunk that much?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/14
182cm peak, Rob?
Max M. said on 28/Jul/14
I,ve researched and he is 5,10
Byron T. said on 5/Feb/14
Thanks for the downgrade, Rob! Photo evidence has proved he's shorter than a 5'11'' Michael Fassbender.
Super6Feet3Inches/6\'3.25\" said on 3/Feb/14
Hey Rob do you think Ian McKellen was still 5'11" in lord of the rings 1 or 5'10.75"
Bundy said on 17/Jan/14
I have to agree McKellen is shorter then Fassbender. He definitely needs to be downgraded to 5'10". What's the hold up, Rob. He may have once been 5'11" but he is for sure much shorter nowadays as you even say so yourself.
cole said on 18/Dec/13
Yeah around 5'10 now seems more likely. He's shorter than Fassbender.
Seanmc said on 22/Nov/13
Saw him last month in Whole Foods, TriBeCa NYC. Definitely 5'11". Bigger frame than I thought as well. Search pics of him and Michael Fassbender and you will see what I mean. Definitely not a frail guy and more like the super heroes he plays :)
dmeyer said on 15/Nov/13
I agree 6'9 Is too tall
Lorne??? said on 26/Sep/13
Remember Mckellen is like 74 now, at the height where height loss truly sets in.
Iceman said on 24/Sep/13
Ian McKellen looks shorter then Fassbender and doesn't look 3 inches taller then Patrick Stewart. 5'10" seems more believable for Mckellen.
Greg said on 9/Sep/13
If Patrick stewart is listed at 5'8", which seems about right, probably no less, McKellen must be about 5'11" at least, probably closer to 6' when younger:

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McKellen looks at least 3" taller here.
jtm said on 31/Aug/13
he could have been 5'11 when he was younger but he is no more than 5'10 now.
Byron T. said on 8/Aug/13
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Rob, at age 74, what do you think the maximum height Ian McKellen can be?
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 5ft 10-10.5 range I think he could be now]
gsbr said on 24/Jul/13
Today, he looks about the same height as the 5'11" Michael Fassbender.
SAK said on 2/May/13
He is shorter now. Probably 5f11 in his prime.
Byron T. said on 30/Dec/12
@ Sam: Judging from the photo you had provided, I don't think Ian McKellen can be less than 5'10.'' There is more than 1 inch height difference between him and a 5'8'' Andy Serkis.
Sam said on 10/Dec/12
At age 73, McKellen looks to be less than 5'10" today besides 6'2" Richard Armitage. I think it's time for a "current height" downgrade, don't you Rob?:
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DaShakes said on 6/Feb/12
@Arnold, I agree 6'9 anywhere in the world is very tall. I'm merely 5'8 so I wish I were taller. I get picked on for being small when technically I'm of average height (Asian). I hope I'll be able to hit a strong 5'9 or 10 once I'm done growing. Got a few more years to do that lol
Arnold Darscjiae said on 1/Feb/12
I am really tall and I regard that as a problem. When I was 11 I was 5'10 and I wanted to be 5'11. When I was fifteen I was a massive 6'4 and now I am 6'9!! I hate being so tall as people keep making comments such as hows the weather up there. One person even went as far as pretending to think I was a lamp post! Some people wish they were tall, I wish I was small.

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