How tall is Jackie Chan ?

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Jackie Chan's height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)
Hong Kong born actor best known for starring in films like Police Story, Wheels on Meals, Shanghai Noon, Project A, The Rush Hour Trilogy and Drunken Master. In his own words he mentioned his height in an online chat, claiming "I'm five foot ten and a half." His body has taken a battering over the years through his physical action roles and numerous dangerous stunts. It is quite possible that with all the broken bones, back injuries and cartilage damage he's sustained, he could have lost a bit of stature.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

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Ferris said on 16/Aug/15
Rob, Would u mind adding a page 4 Kwon Sang Woo? i think 5'11.5" is a fair shout 4 him!
Sanders said on 15/Aug/15
I've met him for work some months ago. He is definitely 174-175 cm.
Ferris said on 3/Aug/15
@Editor Rob,
How tall do u think Kwon Sang Woo is? 182 range?
Click Here
Click Here (their footwear)

Any answer Rob?
[Editor Rob: Ferris, I've not looked at Kwon much, but he can seem somewhere in 5ft 11 range at a first glance.]
Panda said on 18/Jul/15
Rob I remember you used to have his peak height at 5'9.5" (177 cm) but now you have it down to 5'8.5" (174 cm)?
Ferris said on 10/Jul/15
How tall do u think the famous South Korean Actor Kwon Sang Woo is?
he's listed 182 on most of his agencies and he pretty much looks it
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

i think chan usaully has more footwear advantage over kwon, so 5'11.5" range seems fair for him.
what do u think rob?
stan said on 3/Jul/15
@height183, i think you talking about Sammo hungs lucky stars trilogy. Those were awesome movies and very funny too, Jackie had smaller roles in those films
Height183 said on 2/Jul/15
@stan: Drunken Master 2 is another great film. Aside from the action and story, I loved the scenery and setting. Amazing stuff.

The films Jackie did with Sammo Hung were not that bad too. Even though some of them hardly had Jackie in them.
stan said on 1/Jul/15
Good selection Rob, drunken master 2 is my all time favorite, classic !!
Height183 said on 30/Jun/15
The first two Rush Hours are really good and underrated in my opinion. Police Story is a classic.
Height183 said on 29/Jun/15
Rob, what are your top 5 favourite Jackie Chan films?
[Editor Rob: Wheels on Meals, Project A, Drunken Master, Police Story...fifth one I'm not sure, I do actually like rush hour after rewatching it, seemed better than I first thought when it came out. ]
anonymous peach said on 21/May/15
There's no way he is the same height now compared to his peak. He could have been 176 or 177cm at his peak, what do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: well how much height he has lost is the question. From his 80's films, stuff like Meals on Wheels I'm not sure he looked that range though. ]
Josh said on 24/Mar/15
He was definitely 5'9 in his prime. Looked close to 5'10. Maybe he was giving his height in shoes like many others do. 5'8 today though.
Yaspaa said on 11/Mar/15
Click Here
Nico said on 16/Dec/14
Rost Jakie chan 174-175 cm
Silent_D said on 15/Dec/14
I used to think he was about 5 foot 6 but after watching a lot of his movies, I think he is about 172cm now. In his prime, he was close to 5 foot 10.5 I think. His body has taken a battering and he has lost some height. He is a few cms taller than jet li.
Kourosh said on 8/Dec/14
Eric says on 17/May/14
How tall do you think his son Jaycee is? He does look taller than jackie, but nowhere near 5'10". I'd peg him at 5'9.25"-5'9.75"

hhah 5'9.25 and 5'9.75 both are pretty damn close to 5'10 lol. some people are trolls in this page woooow
Height182 said on 4/Dec/14
Was he ever as tall as 5'10.5''? I thought that rumour was very wrong.
richie said on 21/Nov/14
Yeah Jackie is actually quite tall for an asian star, close to 5'9". He had 2 inches on Sammo Hung who is listed at 5'7"
andre said on 13/Nov/14
We understand that jackie is not a small guy but 5ft7.5 is the max he ever had
and for sure today he is 171cm
glow said on 27/Oct/14
he's about 170cm-171cm now
nom said on 5/Oct/14
He is not vry short ...maybe 5ft 9 inch ..
Vibram said on 28/Sep/14
He is below 5ft8 / 173cm by some centimeteres.

With 5ft8.25 Ralph Macchio Click Here Both had similar footwear, Jackie maybe slightly thicker.

He looks 5ft6.5 > 5ft7 flat. Given his age today in the photo... 5ft7.25 (171cm) peak?
stan said on 17/Sep/14
i agree with you Arch Stanton, he is not as short as the majority think he is. Not over 5'9 these days but not anything below 5'8.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/14
Chan is at the sort of height where in some of his Hong Kong movies he can look tallish next to some of the other Asian actors but at other times look short next to the taller Hong Kong actors who are 6 ft or a bit over. I think he's have to be 5'8-5'9 to look a decent height next to some of his costars in those movies. It's easy to think of him as a little Chinese guy, but he's taller than you think.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Sep/14
Rob can you add the Project A films too? They're classics, in fact the second one is in my 1001 movies book. They're great films, not sure if you've seen them but they're often rated as among Chan's best.
stan said on 29/Aug/14
watched a documentary of Chan a few nights ago and he looks particularly tall next to other asian actors. I wouldn't call him tall but definitely not short. The listing seems accurate even though i'd lean closer to 5ft9 then 5ft8. Rob what do you think was his peak height ?
Arch Stanton said on 21/Aug/14
Rob can you add Shanghai Noon? Wonderful movie. Owen Wilson had 2-2.5 inches on him, this looks accurate.
[Editor Rob: yeah it was good]
cc said on 20/Aug/14
surprised hes listed at this height. he gives the impression of someone much shorter, like other poster said, maybe cuz of his body proportions. thought he was possibly an inch or two shorter than this listing.
MaskDeMasque said on 29/Jul/14
hmm, watching his films i would have said 5'8 flat.
stan said on 4/Jul/14
That licence is just made up, not real.
Robby D said on 2/Jul/14
What I don't understand is if he claims 5'10.5" how come an internet image of his driver's license says his height is 5'7" and weight 148 lbs?
stan said on 27/Jun/14
i remember watching the Ellen show when Chan was on the show, he took off his shoes to show off his unique socks, no lifts there and it was pretty clear. He's just not want to care for lifts and his height never bothered him. Looked pretty tall in all his earlier movies which suggests he may have lost some height but 5ft6? not a chance.
Bernardo said on 26/Jun/14
5'6 flat. he clearly wears elevator shoes all the time.
stan said on 23/Jun/14
i've seen the latest pics of Chan and Van Damme on the net, appears to be more or less the same height yet Van Damme gets a higher listing than Chan. Rob you might wanna check it out.
Nishar said on 25/May/14
I don't believe that his height 174cm.
Eric said on 17/May/14
How tall do you think his son Jaycee is? He does look taller than jackie, but nowhere near 5'10". I'd peg him at 5'9.25"-5'9.75"
Giulio said on 20/Apr/14
in his early movies he was taller than all the other chinese people, 5'10 for sure
stan said on 17/Apr/14
lol @ Robby D. Even these days i cant see him under 5ft9, i must admit though he does give a short appearance due to his funny body proportions.
Robby D. said on 16/Apr/14
His drivers license says he is 5'7" and weighs 145lbs.
Heloween said on 1/Apr/14
I cannot understand it, 1.74 cm does not exist why ? its 173/174 so than is this 1.73 cm and not 1.74 cm
Russel said on 9/Mar/14
Yes he is short about 173,3 cm 173/174
Michael said on 3/Mar/14
Jackie chans height is a elimination... He is not more than 5ft 7 inc, Right 5ft 8,5 inch does not exist
5ft 8,5 inch is { 1,73 cm }
Agio said on 1/Mar/14
Yes its right 174 does not exist so 174 is ( 173,5 ). And jackie chans height is a ilimunati he is absoluty short about 168 not more than 170 cm i'm sure.
Wil said on 24/Feb/14
Please downgrade, I am 168cm. Met him face to face in an interview, he's not taller than me. Even if there's any difference, I'll give him 170cm at most. 2010 measurement.
Gustavo said on 5/Feb/14
174 does not exist ! I think he is same as rob paul about 173 174 so clean 173,5 cm
Lenad is sexy said on 30/Jan/14
full 5'9 isn't impossible maybe even a bit over when younger. I saw 3.5-4 inches shorter than chris tucker in the rush hour movies. Tucker is listed at 184cm which I think is pretty accurate but whatever they are , I saw around 4 inches difference
Efoersaan said on 26/Jan/14
Click Here
Greeting 174 cm Graham Norton back in 2008. Chan is 174-175 cm for sure but will probably drop to 173 cm in a few years.
stan said on 10/Jan/14
i do believe Chan in his younger days could have easily been 5ft10, go look at his older movies. He has clearly lost height since then but anything under 5ft8 is just madness.Anyone that actually met the man can vouch for that.
theflyingdutchman said on 9/Jan/14
''[Editor Rob: a lot of injuries may well have been knocking his height over 30 year career]''

His career as a stuntman and action star spans over more than 40 years. Have we forgot that Jackie Chan appeared as a stuntman on Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury (1972) and Enter the Dragon(1973)?
It's impossible he was the same height as back then. Consedring his bone wracking stunts.
1796 mm german said on 6/Jan/14
There is absolutely no way Jackie Chan hasnīt lost height. This guy litteraly broke almost every bone in his body. He always looked an easy 5ft 9in in his heyday. He is just not that kind of guy that stands up really straight to appear taller. You should definetly add an peak height on this one Rob!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jan/14
5ft9 range peak, Rob?
[Editor Rob: a lot of injuries may well have been knocking his height over 30 year career]
Gustavo said on 27/Dec/13
the guy next to the red girl is 172 cm look jackie chan he is 168 cm about 170 cm
I hope everybody no that jackie chang is not 174 cm
And Mr Rob if you would change the height..

Click Here
chinagirl said on 21/Dec/13
Its not possible that mr.chans height is 1.74m . He is 1.68
Elfoersaan said on 15/Dec/13
Click Here
A young Jackie Chan and Jonathan Ross back in 1989. Stand next to each other. The height difference seems about four inches. Which puts the '80s Jackie Chan at a strong 5ft 9in.
stan said on 4/Dec/13
i don't know much about accurate height measurement as Rob, but i made a point to measure myself this morning when i woke up, i put an aerosol can ontop of my head standing barefoot and i measured 174cm (5ft.85in) and i know i drop height during the day so in the evening i drop a little below 5.8. but more than a decade ago Chan was filming a movie in South Africa called "who am i" and i got the chance to see him mere metres away from me and he was clearly taller than me by at least an inch, i'd say 2inch maximum. If he's any shorter than 174cm today then something is seriously wrong, he was defnitely not a short looking man but rather built with a big head. Rob do you think Jackie could have lost that much height since then ?
Peter said on 3/Dec/13
Hey rob i think you know that jackie chang is 170 cm but you would discusion here :))
Ever said on 2/Dec/13
He is 168 cm come one peoples !!!!
5ft 8.5 guy said on 13/Oct/13
Rob would you say he looks 5ft 8 here with Obama? Click Here
In other pics you can clearly see he is in ridiculous looking elevator shoes... Click Here
[Editor Rob: about 5ft 8 yeah, but I don't think those are ridiculous shoes]
Eddy said on 6/Oct/13
He is 167 cm or 168. He look very short !
caaq said on 12/Sep/13
I think 5-8.5 is quite accurate. His hair is flat totally. He doesn't get any advantage there. He wears regular shoes. So when in shoes he looks 5-9 or a bit more means he is about 5-8.5. Chris tucker looked 4 inches taller mostly. Once in a while 5.
Elfoersaan said on 28/Aug/13
Dear Jackson,

What the hell are you talking about Chan looks just a tad shorter than Serh Macfaene in the pictures.

Mark Whalberg is in the picture much closer to the camera than Chan also the angle of the camera is in his advantage. Also Whalberg's shoes look very suspicious.

The official listing of Felix Baumgartner is 170 cm while Chan looks about 2 inches taller than him in the picture.

There are pictures on the net of Chan standing with either Robert Downey Junior or Mark Whalberg both are well known as notorious elevator boot wearers that give them mostly a 6 cm boost. The best we can do is guess Chan's height with pictures of him standing with celebrities that are virtually the same height and are not addicted to lifts.
Will said on 28/Aug/13
Remember Jackie is still 5ft 8, forget that he is not 5ft 9.
stan said on 26/Aug/13
ok, for one mark wahlberg is not taller than jackie, he's just closer to the camera because on the 1 pic where all 3 there backs are facing Jackie doesn't look shorter. As for Don cheadle looking taller than Jackie, he does not. Don looks shorter to me by an inch.
chrisss said on 24/Aug/13
He is no in rush hour 2, standing next to 5'8 Don cheedle jackie was a little shorter, calling him 5'9 is just funny and i really doubt he was ever 5'10, in rush hour chris tucker often makes fun of
matheuscore said on 24/Aug/13
rob, do you think that 174cm is short for a man ?
[Editor Rob: depends on the country, in some it might be a bit short, others it could be average]
Jackson said on 23/Aug/13
Click Here
Jackie with Mark Wahlberg and Seth McFArlane...and he is shorter than both. Jackie is max 5'7 these days!!! I really doubt he was ever taller than 5'8 or 5'9
Will said on 1/Aug/13
When Jackie was in the Rush Hour movie, his height was said to be 5'10", believe it or not. Though Chan in reality is about 5'8 1/4".
stan said on 31/Jul/13
i'd still say no less than 175cm these days
Will said on 28/Jul/13
Hi Rob, so is Jackie Chan at least 5ft 9?
[Editor Rob: I think chan is somewhere in 5ft 8 range]
Elfoersaan said on 21/Jul/13
Like I stated before Chan was definitely over 5ft 9in 30+ years ago. I remember a video from the '80s when Chan was in Japan at the time were he looked like a giant compared to his 5ft - 5ft 2in Japanese female fans. His way above average height for men in China three decades ago, his huge head and hands are probably the result of the 12 month pregnancy of his mother. He just looks short because of his bigger bone structure. A 176 cm mark in his heyday seems fair enough to me.
TheBigDipper said on 18/Jul/13
5'7, when he was on Ellen, he and Ellen were the same height. 5'7 max. Jet Li 5'5 max.
Vansallday said on 14/Jul/13
@Adrian HOW can you even tell just based on that picture?? :/
adrian said on 5/Jul/13
He is 100% 170 cm look picture he is absolutely NOT 174cm
Aron said on 6/Jun/13
Photos of him and jet li makes him look like 5' 8-9'
Lorne said on 22/May/13
Hey rob, why did you remove the peak height? He was definebtly 5ft9 at peak, Rush hour alone proves that. Seriously, just watch his old movies, you're original listing was spot on.i
Good Guesser said on 19/May/13
Hahaha... Elfoersaan is right THE action stars from Asia and the West are currently both a weak 5ft 9in but both claim 5ft 10.5in. So much likeness hahahaha... even though Chan has no height complex. He's just to manly to care about his height.
Elfoersaan said on 4/May/13
It's obvious the guy lost much more height than an average person would. It's hard to compare him with other celebrities because their heights are also vague. Take Stallone for example in some pictures he is even with Chan and sometimes he's towering over him, most likely because Sly is wearing elevator shoes at that moment. One thing is for sure the biggest action hero of Asia has the same height as the biggest action hero in the West.
If you watch Chan's early movies where he is in his early twenties. Like Shoalin Wooden Men, To Kill with Intrigue and Half a Loaf of Kung Fu he's taller than any other cast member. I find myself pretty good at comparing in heights. I would say that Chan was a weak 5 foot 10 back then. The current height added here is spot on for Chan nowadays.
5ft10guy said on 17/Apr/13
he must stand on something because he is never towered by 6ft2 guys in pics .I mean 5ft8.5 is still 5ft8
5ft10guy said on 17/Apr/13
Rob its hilarious you have johnathan ross at almost 6ft2 here he is with jackie
Click Here its wrong even if hes bending down.
MaskDeMasque said on 9/Mar/13
Looked 5'8 in rush hour films.
Bo said on 21/Feb/13
He could have shrink to be 5ft9 today but I'm almost sure I met him at 5ft10 over 15 years ago, during weeks, not a 5 mn meeting, just check this pics with Hugh Jackman and tell me where is the 6-7 inches difference if Jackie is supposed to be 5ft8 or 5ft7:
Click Here , you can view this pic on "成龍 Jackie Chan facebook profile" and face the fact that the guy is not as "small" as all of you suppose. He's holding a bigger bone structure that make most of you confused because you measure him on a scale that is wrong. When some of you assume he will wear a S size helmet he would barely fit in a XL... Get real, there's 5ft7 people but he's just not one of them except in your desire to make the man smaller. If Jackie is 5ft7 on this nowadays pic then Hugh Jackman is 5ft11, that just doesn't make any sense...Click Here MGBY
Silent d said on 10/Feb/13
truth said on 10/Jan/13
max 5ft8, but more likely a solid 5ft7. Claims 5ft10 or 5ft5 are taking the piss. 171cm, same as Stallone, Cruise etc.
Dmeyer said on 8/Jan/13
On Getty images CAN look anywere 173-175cm so about 174cm very possibly 175cm 20 years ago
Rikashiku said on 3/Jan/13
He might actually be a weak 5'9". Its hard to tell because he is always cast next to really tall actors. He isn't a small man himself.
Key said on 14/Dec/12
Met him a few days ago. He's not less than 5'8 (172 cm). But not taller than 5'9 (175 cm) FOR SURE. I'm pretty sure he's 5'8.
Vouile said on 13/Dec/12
I agree, he is probably 5'8.5. If not, then shorter, minimum 5'8 and maximum 5'9.
J.J. said on 11/Nov/12
Rob amber Lavette had 0.5" on him
Bo said on 10/Nov/12
I couldn't agree more with Johnnyfive, Stan and Silent d last comments, they reflect objectivity and good sense of observation to point the nonsense of the 5ft7 argumentation.

In fact reading all the last oomments there's evidence about the reality:

There's is two categories of people here:

The first one noticed that in real life the guy is a large built individual with a big head and hands, who is probably standing around 5ft9 nowadays at the end of his sixth decade of life and was probably a bit over 5ft10 in his heyday before multiple injury and normal aging.

The second one are judging on proportions only and think he's around 5ft7 to 5ft8, which is that anyone will assume seing the man standing alone due to his body proportions most commons among shorter people.

Take a guy like Denis Cyplenkov, on a pic alone, the guy look 5ft8 and in real life he's 6ft1. Don't rely on proportions alone, they're often right in general but never on every individual.

But as I've said, he look shorter until you face him in real life and realize his head and hands are larger than most average people you might know.

174/175 today seem possible and probably 177/178 when I met him 15 years ago and 179 at peak is possible.

BTW, I'm back in Paris, France, as soon as I put my hands back on some newspapers pics in my family home in the south, I'll scan them and post them to let anyone see by themsleves.

MBGY all.
Johnnyfive said on 5/Nov/12
Jackie holds his own against six foot guys like Chris Tucker and Chow Yun Fat. I think he does come close to 5 9. 5 8.5 makes sense for Jackie, maybe 177cms in his youth.
stan said on 1/Nov/12
silent d you right, i still believe he could be 175cm today, he's defnitely not as short as people think, and yes i've seen his arms and he's still built at his current age.
Silent d said on 31/Oct/12
I think his peak height was 179cm considering all the injuries he has sustained over his long acting career. 174cm. He has to be about 80kg right? Have you seen his arms.
Frankie said on 26/Oct/12
Met him in real life!!! My friend is acting in him in his next film Chinese Zodiac - He is surprisingly not that small! 5'8-8'5 would be right on. He has a massive head and hands in real life!!!
Will said on 11/Oct/12
I still strongly believe that Jackie Chan is basically a strong 5'8" tall. But for reality's sake he is not as short as 5'7" though.
Shaun said on 5/Oct/12
For some reason you think 5 ft 7 Asian but if you really look at him he is taller than quite a lot of other Asians in his films and does look near 5 ft 9, which is above average for a Chinese guy.
Silent d said on 14/Sep/12
David said on 2/Sep/12
Maybe he was 5 9.25 in as his peak
GPeck said on 16/Aug/12
It was late night 13 years or so ago, limo outside of of a Sandy Springs/Dunwoody Grocery store saw a limo with several happy Asian Ladies maybe others....Was in an isle of the store saw a guy that looked remarkably like Jackie Chan!!! I declined to ask if he was because he was at least 5'-10"!
I am just saying!!! It was ATL Chris Tucker's was him-5-9 to 5-10+
Marvz said on 2/Aug/12
No way Jacky's height is 5'7"..... He's actually 5'3"
Bo said on 24/Jan/12
@Silent d: Hard to tell nowadays, but I think 15 years ago, 100 millions HKD was about a couple of Millions dollars, somewhere between 2 and ten, in any case not much for an international set in three locations. Europe, South-Africa & Malaysia. Jackie did get a major car crash with a Pajero (I think}, speeding on a south-African country road, which delayed a bit the movie.
@Stan: Stallone came to France and stand eyes to eyes with a 5ft10.75/180 cm TV host, "Cauet", the host was wearing normal shoes, while Stallone had extremely suspect sport shoes, the upper part of his feet almost angling at 60 degrees with the ground... So I guess, I would be also the same height than Stallone even if he's probably a couple of inches shorter than me. But I never stood in front of Stallone, still I did in front of Jackie and he didn't wore "drag queens" shoes. So I won't picture them being the same height till I see them barefoot standing side by side.
Bo said on 24/Jan/12
@Silent d: Hard to tell nowadays, but I think 15 years ago, 100 millions HKD was about a couple of Millions dollars, somewhere between 2 and ten, in any case not much for an international set in three locations. Europe, South-Africa & Malaysia. Jackie did get a major car crash with a Pajero (I think}, speeding on a south-African country road, which delayed a bit the movie.
@Stan: Stallone came to France and stand eyes to eyes with a 5ft10.75/180 cm TV host, "Cauet", the host was wearing normal shoes, while Stallone had extremely suspect sport shoes, the upper part of his feet almost angling at 60 degrees with the ground... So I guess, I would be also the same height than Stallone even if he's probably a couple of inches shorter than me. But I never stood in front of Stallone, still I did in front of Jackie and he didn't wore "drag queens" shoes. So I won't picture them being the same height till I see them barefoot standing side by side.
Silent d said on 23/Jan/12
It sounds bad. Stallone can't really act anyway but he still has great screen presence. 174cm.
stan said on 23/Jan/12
burn Hollywood burn is actually a very bad movie about a director trying to make a movie starring Stallone, Chan and Whoopi Golderg, not recommended. It does show however how similiar in height Chan and Stallone are.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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