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Jeanette Lee Height
Jeanette Lee's height is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

American Pool Player, The Black Widow. This height she claims on her site.

5ft 8 Glenn with Jeanette

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Rose says on 25/Mar/08
If she's in heels (and depending on how big they are), I say she's more like 5'6 or 5'7, probably 5'7.
NYjoe says on 15/Mar/08
Avid pool player and saw her a few years back playing a tournament at Amsterdam billiards in the Upper East Side (the place is gone now). She really seemed shorter than 5'8" and rale thin. Maybe 5'6". She couldn't have been over a buck 10. Even my fiance (5'4") thought she looked a lot shorter in person than she does on tv. Don't remember her footwear but I will bet money she wears crazy large heels. Really, really nice person and phenomenal pool player.
glenn says on 12/Mar/08
thanks anonymous.you would have to ask rob about that one.
Anonymous says on 11/Mar/08
i like that jacket you wear in some pics, glenn, it looks good

btw why does the name field not show up sometimes above the comment field?
Derek says on 4/Mar/08
I saw her with 6'1" pro bowler Sean Rash and she seemed 5'7".
Anonymous says on 29/Feb/08
shes really pretty, she should be a model
Anonymous says on 29/Feb/08
i bet she's wearing heels in the picture.
glenn says on 29/Feb/08
big t is right.sometimes i appear close to the same height when a 5-8 girl wears heels depending on many factors.
Big T says on 28/Feb/08
Normal heels compared to normal shoes for guys won't usually give more than a 2 inch advantage. You guys exaggerate the difference. My fiancee is 5'7 1/4" and I'm 5'10 1/2", and regardless of what heels she wears I am always clearly taller than her by at least an inch, usually closer to 2 inches in normal heels.
glenn says on 28/Feb/08
im not into pool.this event had women of all kinds of sports.the black widow was there too.along with laila ali,etc.
derek says on 28/Feb/08
I'm guessing shes wearing some type of heels? Everyone here tends to forget that most women do if their out and dressed up.
Rose says on 28/Feb/08
If she's wearing heels in this picture, I'd say she's more like 5'7".
D. Ray Morton says on 28/Feb/08
Charlie may be right, on second look. She is closer to the camera than Glenn and the angle is probably makr her look taller than she actually is.

I hear she's a helluva pool player. :)
TNTinCA says on 28/Feb/08
Sounds about rigbt. She looks about an inch taller in the pic than glenn. So if glenn had a standard 1 inch heel and she was in two inch heels, that would seem to indicate she is right around 5'8".

And might I add, she is QUITE the fox. :-)
sven says on 28/Feb/08
hey glenn do u like pool?
Charliemoto says on 28/Feb/08
she probably had heels with Glenn

looks a strong 5'9 in that image around 176-177cm drop the heels and she'll go 170cm or so.

she's not above 5'7
D. Ray Morton says on 28/Feb/08
Before I saw the name, I was thinking "retired Import Model." She looks like she belongs somewhere in the Fast And Furious franchise.

Anyway, 5'8" is definitely believable. Maybe over; certainly not under.
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