How tall is Jerry Seinfeld ?

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Jerry Seinfeld height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

US Comedic Actor.

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jacob says on 5/Feb/14
jerry is taller than chris rock.. justin timberlake
the dude says on 3/Feb/14
A strong 5'10" / weak 5'11" at his peak.
alex says on 21/Jan/14
alex says on 21/Jan/14
Frank says on 24/Dec/13
I think Jerry is 5ft 10 no more than that
anonynmous says on 5/Dec/13
If Jerry is 5;9, Jane Leeves is 5'8 tops he was clearly at least and Inch taller than her and she is easily above 5'10, she does look around 5'10, saw enough of her on frasier also,

For me he looks a solid 5'11- The Lowest I could see him being is 179cm or something around this, he looks a bit above average height
anonynmous says on 4/Dec/13
the 5'9 listing is clearly wrong, Did you watch seinfeld theycalled him 5'11 on that and described Michael Richards as 6'3, His hieght doesn't look far out, looks a solid 5'11 at worst he might be a shade under, Jason Alexander hieght is most debatable he might be under the 5'4.5 he gets listed at.

I think 5'9 is too low for him, He did not look 6 Inches under Michael Richards for Example and if he is 5'9, Jason Alexander is under 5'3
josepf says on 11/Nov/13
anon...a joke? he used to be listed at 5-9
Silent d says on 8/Nov/13
5 foot 11. He was taller than jane leeves and that 5 foot 10 calvin klein model in seinfeld. He is always much taller than elaine and george. A few inches shorter than kramer. Solid 5 foot 11.
MD says on 20/Oct/13
We're talking either 5'11" or 6'0" for Jimmy, neither of which would make Jerry 5'11".
MD says on 18/Oct/13

Here he is with 5'11.5" (maybe just 5'11"?) Jimmy Fallon:

Click Here

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Even taking into account some possible (but very minimal) height loss that comes with age, I doubt he was ever 5'11" unless Jimmy's in lifts. Point is that he's not currently 5'11", either. Obviously, they are both in dress shoes in these, BTW.
[Editor Rob: Fallon I think can look nearer 6ft than 11 most of the time I've seen stuff of his the last year or so]
anon says on 26/Sep/13
Looks Tallish on Seinfeld, I think he is 5'11, he was taller than 5'10 Jane Leeves by at least an Inch that women who claimed 5'10 on teh show he looked a good 2 Inches taller, I mean a weak 5'11 is the lowest I could see for Jerry
f says on 13/Sep/13
how is he 5-11 when Gad Elmaleh is clearly taller than him...he was on comedians in cars getting coffee and he's listed at and tell me he's taller
Joe says on 20/Aug/13
He's probably little under 5'11". The other cast members are short so he looks taller.
Bosco says on 17/Aug/13
Keith Hernandez is a legit 6 foot. All baseball records show this. In every scene with Jerry he has no more, no less, then 2 inches. Jerry surrounds himself with Elaine, George, who both are around 5'3, so he looks taller, especially on screen. Kramer is so towering you just assume Jerry is 5'11 to 6, when he is 5'10", and 5'11" in sneakers. You're welcome.
Levi says on 8/Aug/13
He is always listed as 5'11, they even called him that on seinfeld, The Very lowest he could be is 5'10.5 he always looks decent, he is not under average height- I think 5'11 is fine.

Rob, can you understand people who say 5'9for this guy, He is easily taller than a guy like Charlie sheen who is not under 5'9
Mathew says on 29/Jul/13
5'11" - 5'11.25" range.
anon says on 28/Jul/13
5'9 is a joke for Seinfeld, He looks a decent height on his show, They called him 5'11 was a good few Inches under 6'3 Michael Richards, I think he looks 5'11 to be honest.

He is easily above 5'9
y says on 29/Jun/13
he was shorter than Gad Elmaleh on comedians in cars getting coffee...I think he's only 5-9...he used to be listed 5-9 after all
anonymous says on 14/Jun/13
He looks 5'11 on Seinfeld he was taller than 5'10 Jane Leeves and that women who said 5'10 who he dated, even if she was 5'9 say he was 2 inches taller, Kramer called him 5'11 in an an episode, Michael Richards is a solid 6'3 guy.

I think he is 5'11, 5'9 is nonsense
Kevin says on 19/May/13
He's only 5'9. I met him in St. Louis. 5'11 is way exaggerated!!!
NC (Nice Cutter) says on 1/May/13
He's a solid 6'0 guy.
Will says on 29/Apr/13
I met Jerry in person and I'm 6' tall barefoot and he was as tall as me. But he does have puffy hair,so...
idk says on 8/Jan/13
If Michael Richards is only 6'3" I don't know if I buy a full 5'11" for Jerry. Maybe his 'in regular shoes' height.
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
5 foot 11.

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