How tall is Jet Li ?

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Jet Li height: 5ft 5.5in (166 cm)

Chinese martial arts Actor best known for roles in films like Fist of Legend, The One, Fearless, Hero and The Expendables.

Jet with Brendan FraserPhoto by PR Photos
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viapto said on 16/Aug/15
lee is at least 4 inch shorter than jackie chan. Click Here and is bit taller than joe pesci.
Tunman said on 2/Jul/15
Is it me or he gives the impression of being a child next to Fraser?Great man anyways and 166 is fine
Knight fury boy said on 15/Jun/15
He is a legend of 168cm.
Aneesh tripathi said on 18/May/15
Physical measurment doesn't matter in front of marvelous talent
SARA said on 9/Feb/15
the shredder said on 27/Jan/15
Rob , what you guess his weight range in his prime?
ishu said on 27/Feb/14
whatever is the height of jet li he is the legend and a great marshal artist .
heads off to jet lie salute .
Efoersaan said on 16/Jan/14 That's a clear 3 inches difference.
Peter said on 3/Dec/13
Jet li is 166 167 and jackie chan 168 169 170 cm but not more.
Ever said on 2/Dec/13
He is 167 cm have a long neck but have a short body 165cm + 2 cm in the neck = 167 cm
JetLi said on 27/Aug/13
What? Jet Li is 168cm !!!!
Elfoersaan said on 24/Jun/13
Oh right 5ft 5in is not 166cm but 165cm. I took 2 cm away from the 168cm and interpreted that as an inch but because of the rounding up and down 166cm is actually 5ft 5.5in.
Anyway since yesterday I went looking for more evidence and it seems that in the film Unleashed Jet Li seems about 4 cm taller than Bob Hopkins. That's 1.6 inches. So yeah 166cm makes most sense for Jet Li.
Elfoersaan said on 23/Jun/13
As a Chan fan I've seen numerous videos and pictures with Chan and Li stood together. Chan always hunched a bit. I'm damn sure there is a good 8 centimeters between them. Considering Chan is 174 cm I simply can't swallow anything more than 166 cm for Li.
Sorry Rob, at this one I can't agree with you. 5ft 5in for Mr. Li.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 5.5 could be a better fit.]
Steven Sorenson said on 13/Jun/13
My estimate for Jet Li's height is: 5'5"
Sly has always been a lifter and lost a great deal from his peak. He most likely stands now just below the 5'8" mark. There seems to be a good 3" between the two.

On the question of 5'7" Bruce Lee; mId, you raised interesting points about how B.L. might have experienced some difficulties if taken to the ground. However, it is safe to assume that someone of Bruce Lee's intelligence, discipline and natural abilities would have adapted and developed his ground game.
Further, lets not forget that even though mma comes closer to real life fighting than any other legalized current tournament, the conditions remain artificial. For instance, in a real life situation, you wouldn't want to take the fight to the ground unless you're 100% certain that it will remain a 1 on 1 fight and that no one would come and stab you whilst you're mounted on your opponent. Be it in a battlefield or in a gangland streetfight, you'd want to keep moving and not provide a static target to potential multiple opponents.
Finally, I believe it is worthwhile to make the distinction between an apt fighter who chooses not to participate in tournaments and an mma contender. Although I'd be the 1st to extend respect to any fighter stepping in the Octagone, I have to say the majority of them are incomplete fighters with poor technique and mindset. Most are tenacious, tough brawlers not afraid of getting hit hard and even injured. These are excellent qualities usually sufficient to ensure victory but against a superior artistic fighter they would likely end up TKOd fairly quickly.
The two stand-outs in mma in my view are Bones and A. Silva. Bones combines extraordinary athletics with ever improving technique and a cool, adaptive mind. To me, he is leagues above anyone else in the game. Anderson S.' undefeated record is impressive as well but his mind has shown frailties that could be exploited. As for GPS, he is physically very strong and technically proficient on the ground but for the reasons I've stated before, his fighting style would only be safe in a 1 on 1 type setting.
Real life fighting is a completely different animal. There are weapons involved often leading to casualties and death. The irony is that most who engage in this type of fighting are either F.U.I or FUBAR. Zero technique, swinging wildly and letting adrenaline take control usually resulting in hospitalization, death and/or jailtime.
Contrast that with swat or special forces where control, proper form, strategy and tactics play a commanding role.
To sum it up, while it's true that as you say, practice and testing what works in the arena leads to improvement, no amount of practice is a substitute for an intelligent artistic execution to fighting. And to me, that's what Bruce Lee possessed.
Many would disagree here but it is also a quality I observed in Roberto Duran. He had the aggression level of a psychopathic T-Rex combined with the control of a neuro-surgeon.
Clevelord said on 21/May/13
I seen him next to Jackie Chan, looks as if Jet Li is smaller than him by 4-5 inches. Jackie Chan is 5ft9, Jet is probably 5ft5 or 5ft4.
J said on 6/Apr/13
I can't believe you people are even going back and forth, Skilled martial artist were great at what they do and if you remember Bach when ufc started there was no weight class and I seen small guys whip the **** out of some huge guys, I'm not just sticking up for the little man, I'm 6 foot and 220,I have a couple small friends that kick ass.
Silent d said on 10/Feb/13
166cm. They are not humans fighting in the mma.
mId said on 17/Nov/12
Michael: I hear you and agree with most of what you say.. like I wrote myself.. Bruce had the right idea' about "fighting".. and he was a martial artist way ahead of his time.. however that's what he was.. he wasn't really a fighter.. He had some street fights when he was younger against nobodys really.. and 1 or 2 other martial artists(Kung fu guys), but how good were they really?.. I think you could take them on and I don't even know you :) In his older days(because of his wide knowledge of different martial arts etc) there could be a chance that he was the best fighter on the planet at that time(if he now really was that well rounded so he could hang with a catchwrestler for instance).. Similar to how the gracies could beat everybody because they were ahead when it came to real fighting.. well, atleast without eyegouging etc ;) But today there are many people who would be able to beat him(the same way people beat the gracies) because they also learned what worked and what doesn't and at the same time constantly fight for "real"(not points) against other good fighters. Bruce never really did that and didn't really get to see what worked and what didn't out of his 'techniques' in a real fight. Funny thing is we don't even know if he has a good chin.. he could have a glassjaw for all we know :) But I agree with you in all the other things you say about him.. and because of that.. if he still had his youth he'd for sure be a force in his weightclass if he fought in the UFC for instance, but without updating some of his techniques a little and learning the "new" groundgame I think he would lose pretty fast. I've seen every movie, documentary, interview, backyard-training clip there is about the guy and that's what it looks like to me.. that he couldn't cut it today that is with just what he knew and was(martial artist).. but his MIND.. when it comes to the philosofy of fighting or just overall when if comes to being a human being etc, is maybe unmatched still to this day I think. He had a good heart and a great mind.. mostly because it was open.. he would teach anybody too.. under the moon we are all the same he said :) And he was very humble too and always continued learning.. even though as he said it would be easy for him to be cocky.. because like I said, at the time.. he could have been very hard to beat. Sorry for the long read, but we are talking about BRUCE LEE here and you(Michael) had a good point. I just wanted to share my thought about it.
Michael said on 15/Nov/12
IMHO, there is a forgotten factor here, because this is all hipothetical, Bruce Lee of all the fighters in the world was the deadliest, there are no records of another fighter with such knowledge of body dynamics, phisiology, strategy, mind control, power, speed, accuracy, etc. than him and if he were about the same age as the best fighters nowadays he would probably come up with other ideas, once he was a man ahead of his time. And I doubt if one of these so called professional wrestlers would accept a fight to death with no rules and no controled environment against Bruce Lee if he was alive and at his peak. In short he had brains, speed and power.
stevenson said on 11/Nov/12
Mr.PLB In fact, MMA fighters or boxers are good just because they are trained to fight, not because they are huge,there are much bigger guys than Tyson and Fedor for example!Jet Li might be short but is a man with very well trained reflexes, correct striking technique and coordination. It is true that height and weight helps a lot, but reflexes and good technique win a fight.I`ve seen with my own eyes how a small size light weight boxer I used to train with, completely destroyed a huge rugby freak.Just because the big guys funny attacks with head down were ridiculous.
mId said on 6/Nov/12
Silent d: That is my point.. MMA IS totally different. He competed in Wushu, wich is nothing like real fighting.. and winning street-fights(?) against people who don't know what they are doing is different than competing against other trained fighters in far more effective styles. I was never really into Jet Li, but Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan were pretty much my idols growing up. But even before the UFC and such I never believed Jackie Chan could take on even a somewhat of a good boxer simply because he's not a fighter. He sure has heart though, but he doesn't train in that effective arts. IF he was a fighter he would fast realize that he would need to train in full-contact arts such as boxing or muay thai(not points or form style arts).. and if you add the ground game.. wrestling or jiu jitsu. Bruce Lee had a different mind-set and the speed but he was still old-school when it comes to techiques. In MY opinion ok, and the way I see it is that all of them would lose easily in a fight against a atleast 'ok' real fighter.. The ONLY way I see them winning is if they would kick to the pills or eye-gauge. And it's not like the real fighter can't do that too. It's a matter of effective styles, experience & body conditioning for real fighting. And Jet Li is at an disadvantange in all areas against a proffesional 'fighter'. That said.. since MMA is still a new sport there are alot of bums and wannabe's now in that sport. And I'm sure Bruce and Jackie could win against that type of fighter with "boxing" if they avoided the ground game. That's the way I see it. Sorry for the long post guys :/
PLB said on 3/Nov/12
Jet Li is a very, very small man. I would have guessed 5'4".

The idea that he could beat up large MMA fighters is just silly. Every culture has weight classes in their boxing-fighting matches. Maybe the greatest martial artist of all time was Anton Geesinck. This Dutch judo fighter never lost a bout. He was about 6'6" and 270 lbs. Size matters ecxcept in movies where it is good box office to show contra-factual fights with little men and women winning in fights against big scary guys. Drew Barrymore - the little girl from ET - is a deadly fighter in the movies. In the real world, all other things being equal - the bigger guy always wins. The people who believe that Jet Li is some kind of dangerous dude are the same people who believe in Samurai swords and other oriental fantasies.
Silent d said on 31/Oct/12
Mid jet li is a great fighter/actor. He has competed before and won a lot of fights. MMA is totally different. You can't compare the two. I'm sure jackie chan, bruce lee and jet li could own those mma fighters. The are gentle souls but they could do some damage. I remember when jackie chan told david letterman about a story before he was famous walking around la with his friend and a large group of guys started racist taunts and they all attacked him. He beat them all up and he said some were pretty big guys. Have you seen jackie chan's build. It is crazy! Jet li is 166cm.
Anonamous said on 21/Oct/12
whats the point saying jet li is 166cm, 5'6" is short so?
mId said on 1/Oct/12
Wow, just wow.. the MMA vs Actors debate is stupid.. first off.. Shane Carwin is in my eyes nothing more than a strong guy who for the past years have trained in "MMA". I wouldn't call him an martial artist really, but he is the only one mentioned in this thread who should be called a fighter. Because that's what he does.. he fights against other trained fighters. What these other guys mentioned in this thread do is train in mostly useless martial arts and then ACT. Yes, some of them(Like Jet Li) have competed in their "style", but if you think competing in 'wushu' is the same as competing in MMA you are either a kid or you are really ignorant about 'real fighting'. The closest thing to a real fighter that later did acting was Don 'the dragon' Wilson who competed in kickboxing. The others did point-karate tournaments or they never even competed. I'm not sure but i think Jet Li only competed in 'form-wushu'. Bruce Lee was never a fighter in that sense either, however.. he knew that what these other actors did was mostly useless in a real fight and trained somewhat like a modern MMA-fighter. /Greetings from Sweden.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/Aug/12
He really doesnt look over 5'5.5! 166 is closer!
Silent d said on 23/Jan/12
Makes sense. I don't think brad pitt and jolie went to the hong kong wax museum. Jet li is 166cm.

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