How tall is Jimmy Kimmell ?

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Jimmy Kimmell height: 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

US TV Presenter. In tvguide 2006 he claimed "I weigh 205 pounds, give or take an ounce. [And I'm] 6-foot-1.", and also in 2003 said "But nothing has made me angrier than when a guy decided how tall I was. He didn't even interview me; he reviewed 'Win Ben Stein's Money.' I am 6-foot-1 (not 5-foot-7)."
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Hypado says on 16/May/14
cole says on 27/Apr/14
180 cm range is more likely. He can look 1-1.5in shorter than Ryan Gosling: Click Here and doesn't seem taller than Adam Levine: Click Here He should be downgraded. How dare he claim 6'1?
chrisssss says on 14/Apr/14
Rob this listing is getting ridiculous bro -.- seth macfarlen was around his height last night and he's no taller than 178cm -.-
[Editor Rob: I can't see him below 5ft 11, 5ft 11 could be his mark and he claimed the 2-inch rule.]
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 12/Apr/14
I've though for a while Kimmel is under 11.5. I think he could be 11 flat

Here he is with Gosling:
Click Here

Click Here

I think Drake might be a strong 6'
chrisssss says on 12/Apr/14
And drake isn't like 6'4, cuz when he stood by shaka hislop he looked tiny, jimmy kimmel never looks 182cm
chrisssss says on 12/Apr/14
He was 4 inches shorter than drake....weak 5'11 for jimmy. Rob please downgrade 179-180cm for kimmel
jaj says on 12/Apr/14
He looks considerably shorter than 6' drake
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 11/Apr/14
close to 2" under Drake who's also billed 5'11.5
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I would say he looks an inch taller, he certainly makes drake look in 6ft range.

This is like the old video we discussed with Drake and Rio that case the angle is making it look like a strong 6ft 3 Rio can make Drake look barely 5ft 11.]
MD says on 11/Apr/14
He really does manage on his show to look very close to 6'0"

With David Duchovany:

Click Here

With former President Bill Clinton:

Click Here

With Jason Bateman:

Click Here

That said, while he may not wear lifts, I do think he probably wears an insole of some sort, or a higher heel than average.
Jesse Stone says on 9/Apr/14
1 inch shorter than 6'1 Costner
chrisssss says on 3/Apr/14
A veerrry weak 5'11, 180cm MAX for kimmel
Brad A. says on 27/Mar/14
There's a picture of him with John Mellencamp who's 5'7 or 5'8 and he only has about 2 inches on John, with similar shoes. I think jimmy is reasonably about 5'10.5 or 5'10.75, since he seems to be just shorter than 5'11 people like McConaughey, Adam Levine, and Seth Rogen.
lol@6\'2 says on 21/Mar/14
I don't think he'd drop under 6' to be honest rob.
MD says on 13/Mar/14
Hey Rob,

Do you think you could go through some pics of this guy? It seems to a lot of us that he's a flat 5'11". I think if stood straight up against Jimmy Fallon, for instance, that he'd come out slightly shorter. He really just looks 5'11" most of the time.
chrisssss says on 11/Mar/14
5'11, seth rogan was the exact same height as him or slightly taller on last night's show
5'11" barefoot says on 8/Mar/14
Jimmy kimmel can be 8 feet for that matter...he's still weak with paper hands and a girl body. Vin Diesel is an idiot also wearing platform shoes evrywhere he goes with lifts in them so he can claim is 6 foot height how sad. Look how short vin diesels arms are. He's a joke just like kimmel.
MD says on 27/Feb/14

I don't believe he's shorter than this, but he's the half-inch probably has to go, now. Here he is with Matthew McConaughey:

Click Here

And, Matt's wearing some pretty regular-to-flat dress shoes, too:

Click Here

Also, Matt is losing a tiny bit more height in this photo than Jimmy. I think Jimmmy is a solid 5'11", but not more than that.
KT says on 27/Feb/14
I just watch Himmy Kimmel show and guest (6'4") Liam Neeson had some funny things to say about Jimmy... along the lines of, "you're just a little guy... but your chair is higher - you're cheating".. quite funny! sure one can find video online for exact comments.

Glad everyone is confirming that JImmy is about 5'10".. that's always been my guess when I've seen him live at Mega-parties he has hosted or M.C.ed -- 5'10" with very generous fancy dress shoes!
chrissss says on 20/Feb/14
shorter than matthew Mcconaughey who is 5'11, jimmy is not above 6ft, he 5'11
JB says on 16/Dec/13
It's funny I always thought he was a 5'10" kind of guy. Then I saw him listed as 6'1" somewhere and couldn't believe it. Then I come here and it looks like everyone else thinks he's 5'10", looks like I'm not the only one.
cole says on 14/Dec/13
5'11.25 at best barefoot, likely under.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Dec/13
LOL if he's 6'1" Chris Hemsworth is 6'5!! 5'11.25 (181 cm) I think would be a good shout but 182 is at least more likely than 6' or 6'1!. Hemsworth looked a comfortable 4 inches taller to me.
MD says on 27/Nov/13
With a flat 5'11" Adam Levine:

Click Here

Again, Jimmy Kimmell is not a thing over 5'11".
Heightgirl says on 4/Sep/13
5f11.75 - 6f1 Vin Diesel was on Jimmy's show last night and was taller than him by about an inch. Vin posted a pic of them on his FaceBook group standing beside each other but you can not see their footwear.
cole says on 27/Jun/13
Click Here

Ellen is listed 5'7, but I doubt she's taller than 5'6.5. In this shot she's in flat shoes, and Jimmy is in some kind of sneaker. Can't really see Jimmy Much over 5'10. I that Knife Guys eipsode with Ferrell and Gosling, you could see the entire frame of Jimmy Kimmell, and when I saw his footwear, it appeared he was wearing some kind of lifts, the wrist of the shoe/boot was very, very high. He probably hits 6'1 in those babys, but he's more of a 5'10-11 guy barefoot.
bodwaya says on 19/Jun/13
rob here a link were dean cain is on jimmy kimmel and dean cain who u claim is same height as kimmel is actually taller then kimmel in this video is it possible kimmel needs a down grade or cain is actually 6 foot Click Here
[Editor Rob: they look very similar height to me]
Ben says on 13/May/13
@Jesse You're absolutely right about Matt Fox, Kimmel and Fallon. Fallon is caught all the time wearing 2-2.5 inch lifts. But I absolutely promise you Gosling is a solid 6'1 and Timberlake 6.05 - 6'1. I've met BOTH guys while wearing my flip flops and I am exactly 188cm barefoot.
johnny says on 6/Apr/13
seeing him claim 6'1'' is funny. he's 5'11'' on a good day.
Tempest says on 8/Feb/13
Yeah, he looks 5'10"-5'10.5".
FACE says on 12/Jan/13
Solid 5'11.25 (181 cm)
Hew says on 11/Jan/13
You gyus are letting the obvious liftwearing fool you. He was a good 10 cm shorter than Matthew Fox barefoot. Last time I checked Matthew was 6'2 not 6'4. Rob how can you know so much about lifts and yet not see the obvious?
Click Here
Click Here

Also he doesn't seem 17 cm taller than Regis Philbin...
Click Here
mike 181cm says on 2/Jan/13
Hmmmm if kimmels not wearing lifts when he greets cat heely than he can be 183-185 range
Lebensdorf says on 19/Nov/12
He's 6 feet even, I think, maybe a bit more, but not quite 6'1.
stoodnext2 says on 26/Sep/12
Click Here
At 0:12 - 0:25 Cat Deeley she is next to Jimmy Kimmle and CLEARLY shorter than him in her 4 inch heels.

Can't find the Clip but Cat Deeley CLEARLY is TALLER than Jimmy Fallon when on 6/7/2012. Her and BOTH Jimmy Fallon and Jimmie Kimmle are tough. I'd say a clean 5'11 for Kimelle, Fallon slightly under, and her 5'8
Tim says on 18/Aug/12
standing next to rick springfield--they looked the same height. And rick ain't short!Probably over 6 feet one!!!
Lebensdorf says on 4/Aug/12
Looked 6 feet even next to 6'1'' Barack Obama at the Correspondent's Dinner.
mike 6 feet out of bed says on 31/Jul/12
Hes a legit 5 10 guy hes delusional claiming 6"1 if I ever met him id be like your not 6"1 dude your like 5"10 . He pisses me off!!!!
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m says on 14/Jun/12
Kimmel is as listed or maybe a cm less; Jude Law's 5ft 10.5in (1.79 m), Gosling's 6ft 0.5in (1.84 m).
Chameleon says on 14/Jun/12
Right, except Jude Law is 5'9 and Ryan Gosling 5'11 max.
Jesse says on 13/Jun/12
In that shower scene with 6'2" barefoot Matty Fox, the top of Kimmel's head is at his eyelevel, so 5'10" is right for Kimmell. That also puts Fallon at 5'10", Timberlake at 5'10.5", Jude Law at 5'10", and Ryan Gosling at 5'11" - 5'11.25".
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m says on 30/Jan/12
181 cm and 183 cm first thing in the morning...

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