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Joe Namath Height
Joe Namath's height is 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)

US former NFL player.

Glenn and Joe

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Anonymous says on 4/Feb/09
Joe was a 6'1-6'2 guy back in the 60's-80's. Probably 6'1.5-75. It's silly to even comment on him being peak height after about 1985 or so(43yr old)because he was the poster child for knee surgeries and replacements, he schrunk up as much as anybody. He probably is only about 5'11-6'0 now, he's a senoir citizen and a super slocher on top of it. People have got to stop confusing peak height with geiser height. Joe was probably 6'2 back in College at Alabama in about 1965, 23 yr old. Why do people look at a picture like the one above at the old folks home and talk about peak height.
Hugh says on 24/Dec/08
Where are all of these 5ft11 claims coming from. How the hell are we to judge his height if he's leaning over the table.
richinkle says on 9/Dec/08
Here is a youtube with a clip of Joe Namath on Here's Lucy (around 3:50) from his prime in the early 1970's, and a scene with Lucie Arnaz. Click Here
Look closely and you'll see Joe is wearing a bit of a heel, similar in height to Lucie Arnaz's shoes. Even with that he's not more than an inch taller than she is. Since Lucie Arnaz is 5'-9 1/2", I would estimate Joe Namath at about 5'-11" - 5'-11 1/2", certainly no more than 6'-0".
Michael Draper says on 25/Sep/08
My dad net Broadway Joe in 1972 he had a friend who brought Joe over. They were passing the ball, and my dad was trying to show off throwing the ball 60 yards and he was throwing very well, but then Broadway Joe threw the ball over a building that was nearly a hundred yards away. My dad says He never told him his real name he was trying to remain incognito. He gave my dad a name that he said was a false name. He never realized until today that it really was Broadway Joe though. He says Joe and my dads pal talked about college, and that Joe once hinted at who he was by saying call me Broadway Joe, and every one laughed.
Jordan says on 21/May/08
My Dad met Namath back in 1971 in a bar and said Namath was an inch shorter then Him and My dad is 6'1. Namath had bad posture evene in the 60's and 70's.
Chewy says on 4/May/08
6' 2" is insane. He was always 5' 11".
Observer says on 11/Apr/08
I do not have any photos of this to prove it but years ago Joe was on The Mike Douglas Show with Susan Anton and they were eye to eye with her high heels off.
She's said to be 5'11.
LOOK UP TO THE TALL PEOPLE says on 23/Feb/08
Click Here
glenn says on 17/Feb/08
bill reread posts.comprehension helps.it avoids arguments too.
Bill says on 16/Feb/08
I was a big fan as a kid, read all his books etc. When he was playing in the NFL he was listed as 6'2" but once commented that he was actually only 6'1" and the Jets routinely added an inch to his "official" height. No way was he 5'11". If so would have been one of the shorter quarterbacks in the league, and he wasn't.
glenn says on 11/Jan/08
thanks for letting us know he always stooped.at least one or 2 people here backed me on him looking 5-11.
Sean says on 6/Jan/08
You guys must be young since you don't seem to know Joe was always stoop-shouldered -- even back in his playing days. I have nothing to contribute about his height (sorry) but since no one answered Jordan's question ("Was he a nice guy or was he cold?")I thought I'd post. I met Joe a year ago at a book signing and he was very nice. He showed up 20 minutes early and stayed an hour late. He had a big smile and a comment for every person he signed for, and I noticed he asked every girl what her name was.
Derek says on 31/Dec/07
The woman in the background looks like she's giving someone the finger. My dad met him several times. I think the most recent was 1995. He said the Jets offensive line was so bad, it's no surprise Joe's knees and back are so bad since he was sacked constantly.
Anonymous says on 14/Dec/07
He was 6'2 back in the 60's-70's. The guy was famous for ripped up knees and knee surgeries and replacements 30 yrs ago, It's a miracle he's not in a wheelchair by now, so he probably is only about 5'11 now, he's in his 60's. It's hard to imagine anyone in more of a position to have lost a great amount of height than Joe Namath.
Bob says on 12/Dec/07
I met Joe 15 years ago and had a pic taken with him in Las Vegas. I am 6' and Joe was shorter.
glenn says on 9/Dec/07
thanks dave.i try my best.i didnt mind the weight comments for awhile.nowadays i feel its not needed.im not insecure.im happy with myself in all aspects.others things i cant change.mamun and rob bring photos to the site i have no interest in,but helps tremendous to the site.cause most of you are into it out there.the few us together make the site interesting.im sure theres tons of photos i bring in that may bore most.but i keep it more diverse than anyone.a-list,obscure,and metal.and posters like you dave are the reason we are here too.without the posters,we wouldnt exist.
Dave says on 9/Dec/07
he looks an easy 6'1 if he were able to stand straight, an easy 6'2 back in the day i think. Great you got a pic with him glenn. And personally i dont see it my place to comment on anyones looks, no matter if they are a super model or not. The fact is this is a height website and glenn is the best guy we have for photos, he has provided great help on this site here. Much respect and thanks for all the photos glenn!..... also a thanks to editor rob for his photos, and manmun is contributing very well for the short time hes been doing so.
glenn says on 8/Dec/07
its irritating danimal.i have a right to say that.and its sounds more weird when your asking about a girl in the background and not the subject at hand.thats all.nothing personal at you.
Socom says on 8/Dec/07
Rob, Why is Sneaker's height 5'8? Just curious.

[Editor Rob: something had to go on it because its stored as a height page with feet/inches, not a separate article or anything.]
Danimal says on 7/Dec/07
Glenn, I didn't see it the first time. I've been on here for 3 years now man. Because I did something once or twice, doesn't mean that's MY thing. Anyways, I've always pretty much been on your side. So what if I asked the same thing twice? I meant no disrespect.
glenn says on 7/Dec/07
thanks socom.sorry.
glenn says on 7/Dec/07
thanks socum.
glenn says on 7/Dec/07
ayman i know you meant no harm,but after awhile one gets tired of the comments,even though luckily not abundant.its not needed.you look in shape.i hate fat guys telling me im fat,and bald guys telling me im bald,and short...
glenn says on 7/Dec/07
i answered that for you danimal.you have a habit of doing that.you did that with hetfield.no disrespect.amazing guy.wouldnt stop talking to me.the kunt in the background said no photos,yet everyone was getting one.not my fault joe himself was holding up the line.
Socom says on 6/Dec/07
He really looks around 6 feet even if he stands up straight, of course he might not be able too. Much respect Glenn!
Jordan says on 6/Dec/07
Glenn, Was he a nice guy or was he cold?
Darren says on 6/Dec/07
He is 6foot 2
Danimal says on 6/Dec/07
So Glenn, who's the girl in the background?
MarkMark says on 6/Dec/07
He was noticeably shorter than Chris Cuomo from GMA. Maybe 2-3 inches shorter. Anyone know how tall Cuomo is?
Del Mar says on 6/Dec/07
Is that his average posture? Then, it seems like he has problems with really standing proper, poor guy. Your face expression reminds me of Brad Pitt here, glenn, that's cool!
glenn says on 6/Dec/07
you know,for a long while i didnt mind the weight comments,now its just pretty rude.this was like 10-12 weeks ago.the photos you should now already dont pop out on he site the second its taken.thats absurd.it couldve been 3 years ago for all you know.is it even worth mentioning? its a photo.depending on my shirt or how i moved,it can distort things.ayman,i hope your a thin good looking guy?
Viper says on 6/Dec/07
Hes 6-2 If he stands fully straight I have to think.
cantstop25 says on 6/Dec/07
the top of his spine looks all curved and hes got horrific posture, i guess that ocmes with age
glenn says on 6/Dec/07
aaaa is right.he seemed 5-11.i was surprised he didnt seem taller,but he did have a horrible slouch from what appears to be a back problem.the women worked for him i believe.or sprint.this was to promote sprint.she was a kunt.
Frank says on 5/Dec/07
He's not 6ft 2 and most likely never was
Mike says on 5/Dec/07
Glenn, did he give you the Suzy Kolber treatment ?
Lynn says on 5/Dec/07
uhm... some difficult to stay in the pic....
Danimal says on 5/Dec/07
Cool shot Glenn. Who's the girl in the background?
AAAA says on 5/Dec/07
I heard he was 5'11, even in his prime. Hard to gauge now. He has probably lost considerable height after all those knee surgeries
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