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Joe Walsh Height
Joe Walsh's height is 5 ft 10.5 in (179 cm)

US Musician, Eagles.

5ft 8 Glenn with Mr Walsh

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Viper says on 8/Jun/08
Yeah, Frey looks about 5-9 to me as well. Henley looks 5-10. I thought Walsh was taller than just 5-10 1/2. Glenn, I know you have had some legendary run ins with Frey and Henley :) And whats funny is Henley and Frey hate each other half the time anyway. Its not surprising that the Eagles have had a crazy, tension filled lovehate relationship.
AshnarLynx says on 8/Feb/08
I think Henley's 5'11, I read it somewhere. Felder is 6' and Frey is a bit shorter, maybe 5'9.
glenn says on 25/Jan/08
i know nothing of leadon,but your estimates are pretty accurate.though id put henley at 5-10.25.and maybe timothy at 5-8 now.5-9 then.
RP says on 24/Jan/08
How tall are the rest of the Eagles. I was looking at old pics and looks like
Frey and Schmidt are about 5'9" , Meisner and Henley look about 5' 10" , Leadon and Walsh look 5' 11" and Don Felder looks about 6 ft. Any ideas?
glenn says on 8/Oct/07
i never saw a celeb concerned so much about not signing for me or posing.would stare me with hard,mean looks and get his security and airport security after me.strangely,as of last year in l.a. and now in new york,he does sign and pose inside the events.why there and not outside,im not clear.its like robert redford.only inside events.about henleys height.yeah.can look 5-10,then the next moment 5-11.
Yeppers says on 7/Oct/07
Yeah I always thought Henley had a chip on his shoulder. Interesting. Hard to guage his height, too.
glenn says on 6/Oct/07
henley did seem 5-10ish.
glenn says on 6/Oct/07
i never met a bigger asshole than henley.all these years still an asshole.saw him yesterday.but he does pose and sign inside events.not outside.outside he is very,very mean.
glenn says on 24/Sep/07
walsh looks 6ft in the new eagles photo sessions that has me wondering.but yeah,i see 5-10ish.
Schnouzer Breath says on 24/Sep/07
5-10ish sounds right on to me. Seems a smidge taller than Henly who is about 5-10 max maybe just under. Rick Neilsen's about 5-11ish and seems bout an inch taller than Joey Bagodonuts lol (aka mr. puffy redvest, got any gum?? lol)
anonymous says on 19/Sep/07
Hmm.. I just met him actually the other day at a guitar store. Really nice guy. But he seemed 5'10" max. He seemed the same height as me, maybe a 1/2" shorter, and I'm 5'10" if I stand up straight.. But the pic posted here seems to say otherwise. Just thought I'd interject.
dmeyer says on 17/Sep/07
looks 5'11 with sloush so 6ft straight
glenn says on 17/Sep/07
thanks for the contribution lanie.im glad to know im not the only one that thought he looked under 5-11 with the slouch.
lainie says on 17/Sep/07
i've met JW a few times, and he's a few inches taller than me (i'm 5'7"), but he slouches a tiny bit. i'd say more like a solid 5'11" standing straight up.
korntrak says on 16/Sep/07
he seems 182-183
glenn says on 15/Sep/07
so im not crazy on the 5-10ish appearence.
Lucais says on 15/Sep/07
looks at most a couple of inches taller than Frey when they all stand tagether, so i'd agree with 5-10ish
glenn says on 12/Sep/07
he could very well be 6ft.but he gives me this strange illusion of 5-10ish due to possibly his posture.even in the ealy 90s.we need to study him more.
Danimal says on 12/Sep/07
The man looks to be at least 5'11" and he is leaning quite a bit.
Anonymous says on 12/Sep/07
5'10.5 seems right but hes not standing fully straight could be 5'11.
Brah says on 12/Sep/07
He is obviously much closer to the camera
maximus says on 12/Sep/07
Unless he has some thick soled shoes on, he is most likely 5'11 to 6'...I'm 5'10 and he looks a little taller than that......upgrade to at least 5'11.
Danius says on 12/Sep/07
looks 6'0
glenn says on 12/Sep/07
yes.i see him often.strangely he looks 6ft in the new photo sessions and looks big here.so im wondering if im wrong.5-10.5 seems the safest.
Editor Rob says on 12/Sep/07
This is the height you think he looked?
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