How tall is Lee Marvin ?

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Lee Marvin height: 6ft 2in (188 cm)

American Actor best remembered for roles in films The Dirty Dozen, Point Blank, The Big Red One, Cat Ballou, The Man Who Shot Liberty Vance, Seven Men From Now and The Professionals.

Photo By Dijk, Hans van / Anefo [CC BY-SA 3.0nl], via Wikimedia Commons
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Arch Stanton says on 2/Mar/15
He might have worn lifts in the Big Heat though to fit his mean character which was intended to be imposing. Below I say I even thought he looked 198-190 in that film. Generally I think 6'1.5 would be the best shout. Did he really look 2 inches shorter than Palance Sam?
Arch Stanton says on 2/Mar/15
I think the only time I thought he looked the full 6'2 was in what was it The Big Heat with Glenn Ford in the early 50s?
Arch Stanton says on 2/Mar/15
Rob do you think 6'1.5 might be a better shout? He looked a bit more than 2 inches shorter than John Wayne and you now have Wayne at 6'3.75. He made Clint Eastwood look 6'4.5 in Paint Your Wagon if he was the full 6'2". He's looked 6'1" range in almost everything I've seen I think. There's a chance that Cleef was 187 too of course. I might check out a few more films just to be more certain but I've seen about a dozen of his I think.
Los Pollos Hermanos says on 21/Feb/15
Jamie says on 22/Sep/14:
"I always thought Lee was 6'5".
Of course, Jamie... Ha, ha, ha!! Lee, Christopher Lee...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Jan/15
Excuse that post below. The movie with Bruce Willis I'm thinking of is Hudson Hawk (1991) and the actor was actually James Coburn who had not quite yet hopped off of the mortal coil but resembled Marvin facially and coincidentally in stature also.
Sam says on 12/Jan/15
Yeah, could have been a fraction under 6'2" but I'm pretty sure he was quite even with Lee Van Cleef in Liberty Valance. Van Cleef rarely looked under 6'2" at peak IMO. On the other hand, I thought Marvin looked nearly two inches under Jack Palance in Attack!
Arch Stanton says on 14/Dec/14
Nice photo thanks! Looks like Amsterdam?
[Editor Rob: yeah]
Arch Stanton says on 12/Dec/14
Rob can you add a photo? Well, now the Duke has had a downgrade and considering that he made Clint Eastwood look 6'4.5 in Paint Your Wagon perhaps a 187 listing wouldn't be unreasonable. He could look a solid 6'2" at times though.
Sam says on 10/Dec/14
Near Rock Hudson, he looks a little sub 6'2" here but it looks like he's standing on slightly lower ground.
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Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 27/Nov/14
One of his best roles was in 'Hell in the Pacific' with Toshiro Mifune. Have you seen that, Rob? It not, highly recommend it.
[Editor Rob: not for 20 years, a lot of older films I am going to rewatch.]
Ian C says on 4/Nov/14
Okay, Arch, you got me. Wayne was so much heavier than Marvin that maybe Marvin's height was augmented so that they would look equally matched in their fight scenes. A couple of disagreeable drunkards, it has been reported, but Marvin was an intelligent man and often a serious and skilled actor, unlike Wayne, who couldn't have given a damn about most of the movies he made.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Oct/14
According to self-proclaimed 6fter Oliver Reed, Marvin was 6ft5!
Jamie says on 22/Sep/14
I always thought Lee was 6'5".
Sam says on 7/Aug/14
I think he did seem fairly even in height with 6'2" Lee Van Cleef in Liberty Valance...I imagine they had respect for each other, "Los Pollos Hermanos", both were decorated WWII veterans (like Stewart but unlike The Duke), I don't picture them fighting unlike Burt Lancaster, who anecotedly wanted to throw Marvin off a cliff for his messing up the filming of The Professionals with his drunknessness.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Aug/14
Ian C. says on 1/May/14
Marvin made three movies with John Wayne (Donovan's Reef, The Comancheros and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) and I always thought while watching those movies that he was roughly the same height as Wayne.

LOL you need glasses! John Wayne looked easily 2 inches taller!! Click Here Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 6/Aug/14
Ian C. says on 1/May/14
Marvin made three movies with John Wayne (Donovan's Reef, The Comancheros and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) and I always thought while watching those movies that he was roughly the same height as Wayne.

LOL you need glasses! John Wayne looked easily 2 inches taller!!
Arch Stanton says on 6/Aug/14
Point Blank is one of my favourites of his, that film for me was almost the iconic late 60s spy movie.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Aug/14
Yeah Sam he could look 6'1" range at times. I didn't like Cat Ballou much admittedly, but it was an Oscar winner and among his best known roles. In Paint Your Wagon at times Clint Eastwood could look 6'4.5" in comparison.
jtm says on 5/Aug/14
a strong 6'1
Sam says on 5/Aug/14
He could look a little sub 6'2" at times for sure, but generally seemed close to it, 6'1.5"-6'1.75" is the lowest I'd go but this is fine.
Los Pollos Hermanos says on 12/Jul/14
Clearly note that Marvin leads hikes. In fact, if Van Cleef pushes slightly with his finger on Lee's back, he would fall to the floor and his neck would break. Ha ha ha! Stewart looks 1'78. Because is thinner than the rest? No way!On the contrary, thinner people looks taller than fat people...
Sam says on 28/May/14
Yes, he was an Oscar winner for Cat Ballou but that was not even close to his best film. Also please add Seven Men From Now.
Arch Stanton says on 26/May/14
Rob can you add Cat Ballou, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Big Heat and Donovan's Reef?

Actually looks 189-190cm in The Big Heat.
Ian C. says on 18/May/14
Well, you could be right there, Maestro. I love Liberty Valance, even though it is cringingly bad, and the reason Stewart seems smaller than the others is only because he's so much thinner. Everybody in it is decades too old. The plot doesn't make sense unless all the main characters are in their early twenties, but the youngest actor in it was Marvin, who was probably about thirty-five. Wayne and Stewart were both about fifty.
Maestro Ciruela says on 11/May/14
I must insist, Ian C. If you see Henrik photo shown below, in the Liberty Valance film, is ridiculous that James Stewart (6'3) seems a kid of 14 years among adults. I'm sure all those guys except him, were using hikes! Cinema's world is always lying us. I think that Wayne and Stewart were 1'91, Marvin 1'84 and Van Cleef 187. Of course, without hikes!!
Ian C. says on 1/May/14
Marvin made three movies with John Wayne (Donovan's Reef, The Comancheros and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) and I always thought while watching those movies that he was roughly the same height as Wayne. In Liberty Valance they stand toe-to-toe and you don't get a sense watching that scene that Wayne was two inches taller. Even so, I do think that six foot two is right in there, within half an inch, because Marvin was not quite as tall as Clint Eastwood in Paint your Wagon, or Woody Strode in The Professionals. This leads me inexorably to the point of this post, which is that John Wayne was a lying midget. (Sorry for that outburst. I still resent that he won the Best Actor Oscar in 1969 instead of Jon Voight.)
Zediah says on 13/Mar/14
I've read that Marvin was only six foot, even though he was sometimes described as being 6'3".
Arch Stanton says on 6/Jan/14
He won the Oscar for Best Actor for that film!! No way was his performance better than Omar Sharif's in Dr. Zhivago!!
Arch Stanton says on 6/Jan/14
He looks more 6'1 range to me in Cat Ballou.
James says on 28/Dec/13
Marvin was 6'1", not the 6'2" he was billed as. He never made a film with Bruce Willis as he died before Willis was a movie star.
Mr. Kaplan says on 8/Nov/13
I believe he was 6'1". In The Dirty Dozen, he's shorter than Jim Brown who is supposedly 6'2". He is also quite shorter than 6'4" George Kennedy in the same movie.
Maestro Ciruela says on 29/Apr/13
Ed T, thanks for your comment. Now I would like to emphasize that Henrik photo shown below, the Liberty Valance film in which I find it hilarious that James Stewart (6'3) seems a youngster of 14 years among adults. Ha ha ha! Do all those guys except him were using hikes?
I apologize for my English, but I am and I write from Barcelona - Europe.
Ed T. says on 27/Apr/13
Maestro, I have seen Emperor of the North Pole a few times and I agree with your assessment. In most scenes in that movie Carradine appears to be at least as tall, if not slightly taller than Marvin. Another example of how Marvin, although a tall man, was most likely right around 6'1" peak , possibly a hair under 6'1", possibly a hair over 6'1", but to me eyes, very doubtful that he was a legit 6'2" or even a hair under 6'2". I really believe that Lee Van Cleef was no taller than 6'1.5" and in Liberty Valence, it appears that Van Cleef may be slightly taller than Marvin.
Maestro Ciruela says on 23/Apr/13
Yesterday, I saw again "Emperor of the North Pole", and Keith Carradine (6'1) and Marvin were at the same level, even sometimes, look shorter Lee...
Ed T. says on 30/Dec/12
What film was that Rampage? Didn't Marvin die in 1987?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Dec/12
Looked 2in taller than 5ft11.5(182cm) Bruce Willis in some film from 1990.
Yaspaa says on 17/Nov/12
6 inches on Bronson? I don't see it.
angeleyes says on 24/Oct/12
John Boorman said Marvin was 6'3''. A big man. I don't buy he was under 6'2'' anyway.
Ed T. says on 9/Sep/12
Henrik, I don't know if that is a more fair picture, but I don't think that Marvin was far under 6'2", just not a legit 6'2". I wouldn't be surprised if Marvin was 6'1.5" . I would be surprised if he was anything less than 6'1".
Henrik says on 9/Sep/12
This is a more fair picture with John Wayne (although Marvin is closer to the camera):

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Perhaps Marvin wasn't a legit 6'2", but I don't buy that he was far under it. 6'2" straight out of bed is what I would say.
JR says on 6/Sep/12
Im with SRG and Ed T. I think he was a solid 6'-6'1 at the most.
Ed T. says on 1/Sep/12
I agree SRG. Marvin is also one of my favorite actors. I think that your point about Marvin's lanky build and his fearless attitude has a lot to do with some people perceiving him to be a little taller than he actually was, is dead on. Marvin had long legs for his height and that combined with his slim build could make him appear taller at first glance. I've seen too many films where he looks at least two inches ( if not more) shorter than actors who were most likely between 6'3 and 6'4 inches barefoot, such as Jack Palance, Donald Sutherland, Robert Ryan and John Wayne. There are scenes and a photograph in "The Professionals" where he looks to be easily more than two inches shorter than both Jack Palance and Robert Ryan. Also in the Dirty Dozen, I remember a scene where Marvin and George Kennedy are side by side while saluting a superior officer. To me it seemed that Marvin was nowhere near as tall as Kennedy. If I recall correctly, to me in that scene, Kennedy appeard to have a "good" three inches or so on Marvin. Even in some face to face scenes with Sutherland in the Dirty Dozen and in a scene in the trailor of the making of the film for the Dirty Dozen when walking side by side down a London street, Sutherland appears to be quite noticeably taller than Marvin, I'd say by at least an "easy" two inches. Personally, I believe Sutherland to have been closer to 6'3" barefoot than 6'4" barefoot or maybe 6'3.5" . From all the films and pictures I have seen of Marvin I believe an accurate description of him is probably a barefoot height of around 6'1", maybe slightly over 6'1" at most, but not 6'2" barefoot. Add his lanky appearance and "I'm gonna kick your butt attitude" to 6'1" and the perception can become 6'2" for some people.
SRG says on 23/Aug/12
I think he had the build and the attitude to pull off 6'2 ( Lee Marvin was one of my favorite actors by the way) but I think he was under 6'2. Just look at the photo below from donovan's reef with 6'4 inch John Wayne. someone who is 6'2 should be able to easily hold there own against a 6'4 inch guy but it looks like there is alot more than a 2 inch difference between them. Although John Wayne was known to wear lifts so I might be wrong.

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