How tall is Leonardo DiCaprio ?

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Leonardo DiCaprio height: 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films such as Titanic, Inception, The Departed, Shutter Island, Gangs of New York, Aviator, Blood Diamond and The Wolf of Wall Street. On Teletext UK, a journalist once said "He stands no more than 5ft 10ins (if that), is rake thin" and The Sun reported the reason Gisele Bundchen broke up with Leo was (in her own words) that her "ideal man has to be taller than me". Leo himself claims to be 6 foot. In AccessHollywood he said " 'That's the number one thing people say to me constantly 'Wow! You're a lot taller than I thought you'd be,...They have a perception, I guess, that most actors are gnomes or something.' For the record, Leonardo hangs in the air at about 6 feet tall."

Leo and 5ft 8.5 Cate Blanchett
Photos by PR Photos
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Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 28/Mar/15
All the listings I see in 1990's newspapers and magazines report him at 6 ft, and 140 lbs. If we subtract the standard inch, He's 5 ft 11 minimum, 6 ft tops. Yeah 5-11.5" is a good estimate.
Mat 5'10 says on 27/Mar/15
How do you explain this photo Rob?

Dicaprio has : pavement, camera AND shoe advantage yet fails to edge out 6 foot tall Toni Garrn.

Click Here

Time for a downgrade to say 5'11 - 5'11.25? Besides the general comment estimate is nearer 5'11" than 6 feet. Think about it please :)

P.S. : Click Here This last one kinda settles it, doesn't it?
[Editor Rob: they are tough photos to tell as they are moving and not posing.]
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 24/Mar/15
5ft 11.5in seems a good listing.
Amaze says on 23/Mar/15
no less than 5'11.5. maybe 181cm at his extreme lowest but he imo is 184cm waking up and shrinks to 5'11.5. he's tallish nearing low tall
fuzzblaster77 says on 20/Mar/15
I don't believe he is more than 5'10.5
James B says on 19/Mar/15
Leo to me looks minimum 5'11 flat so a solid 5'11.25.
184.3cm says on 14/Mar/15
Not under 6' in shoes, Cate is 5'11 with heels in that pic so Leo is minimum 5'11 flat. I think 5'11-5'11.25 is closer.
b-mint1994 says on 12/Mar/15
5'11" or close to it seems about right based on the photo's I've seen. Great actor regardless of his height.
James B says on 12/Mar/15
Rob do you think when Leo did Titanic he did not look over a flat 5'11? In my opinion he looked just 5'11 in that movie.

Maybe he did not do all his growing in 1997?
rockitbaby says on 2/Mar/15
Leo looks as height as Zane in this pic but there's his hair too LoL If Zane is 1,83m indeed, Leo is slightly shorter. I'd give him 1,80m/1,81m.
Jakertini says on 1/Mar/15
This will put an end to the 5'11-511.5 claims . I watched titanic I had in mind that the he was listed 6' but I saw billy Zane and I was like "boy he is tall he has to be 6'1" at least" I looked his height up he is listed as 6'0" like Leo but look at this photo Leo looks 5'10.5-5'11" he is a weak 5'11 he was probably 5'11 when in his prime and was maybe 5'11.75" with shoes. Check this out this will put an end to those 5'11.5" claims Click Here
CDS says on 27/Feb/15
Was wondering if anyone can answer this- and it's probably been brought up before. DiCaprio- when making "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" was about 18-?? He looked about the same, if not barely taller than 5'8.5" Johnny Depp, but now of course he's 6' (listed; in some places 6'1"). Did he have a major growth spurt after age 18?? This is not terribly uncommon, but look ahead to a picture taken in 1996 when he is like 22 (presumably done growing) next to Brad Pitt, who looks like a half head taller- WTf?? Also, see the movie "Celebrity", where a barefoot Leo looks about the same height as a 5'9" Kenneth Branagh (in shoes). I know Leo has admitted to wearing lifts. Now he himself has stated his own height barefoot at 5'11.25". I will give him that- out of bed height.
Hypado says on 25/Feb/15
5ft 11.5in is the perfect listing for Leonardo DiCaprio. Agree.

A strong 181 cm and a weak 182.
rockitbaby says on 19/Feb/15
This pic with Gisele is not very good but he wasn't very taller than her neither. I think Leo is 1,81 in the morning, 1,80m at night.
Dwalin says on 19/Feb/15
looked about 5'9 on wolf of wall street
Pierre says on 19/Feb/15
this picture on the beach is not good because it favor Leonardo :his feet are higher
stubby fucker says on 18/Feb/15
Click Here He appears to be at least a cm taller than his ex, so if her listed height is correct (and is currently at 180cm if I'm not mistaken) that would make him a solid 181cm guy at least, and for a Hollywood actor - not that big of a height-liar at all
Jakertini says on 15/Feb/15
I watched Titanic and I knew he was listed as 6' but I saw billy Zane and I said "boy he's tall he has to be 6'1" at least and I looked up his height he is listed as 6' too and he is taller than Leo by about 1-1.5 inches Leo is probably a weak 5'11 I think he is 5'10.5" at night maybe 5'11.25" in the morning
J.Lee says on 12/Feb/15
Rob, how tall is kate blanchett in those heels
penguinboy25 says on 31/Jan/15
Splitting hairs here? In my mind if someone says they are 5'11 that can mean anywhere from 5'11 flat to 5'11 and change. Who really cares. 5'11 is 5'11.
@rockitbaby says on 29/Jan/15
haahahha 6'1? Jeez Kate! hahaha
ARGH says on 29/Jan/15
Years ago Winslet said he was 6'1. Either she was lying or she wasn't sure. But yeah he's 5'11
@rockitbaby says on 28/Jan/15
This is Leo and Matthew at the Oscars in 2014. If Matthew is 1,80m, there's no way Leo is 1,82m.

Click Here
@rockitbaby says on 25/Jan/15
Yeah, his shoes heels are higher but if they stand next to each other it seems they will be the same height. Next to Brad Pitt, who's around 1,82m, Jon looks slightly shorter, around 1,80m.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Jan/15
205lbs on the
The Exorcist says on 24/Jan/15
Photos with 5'11" Jon Bernthal from "The Wolf of Wall Street".

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Jon looks a little taller, but he has the bigger footwear advantage. Leo's shoes are hardly giving him anything at all.
Click Here

They'd probably be about the same height barefoot. Five-foot-eleven.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 24/Jan/15
I think 5ft 11.5in is right!
@rockitbaby says on 24/Jan/15
Just see him next to 6'0 people that you'll se he's 1,81 tops. Again, next to Jean Dujardin, who claims to be 1,81m, he's the exact same height.
Tunman says on 23/Jan/15
Rob,you said he can look between 5'11 and 5'11.5,what are the chances that he cleans 182?very weak in my opinion so what about 5'11.25?He won't look over that with Honsou and even with Kate Winslet
Steve says on 22/Jan/15
He looks like he's barely 5'11".
Arthur says on 22/Jan/15
"At 5 ft. 11 in. and 175 lbs., he claims he can bench-press 205 lbs."
--Time - Feb 21, 2000.

What about this 5'11" claim Rob?
[Editor Rob: I don't know if that was from him, the journalist could have got the bit about bench press and just added in a height/weight.]
@rockitbaby says on 22/Jan/15
Leo is not 6'0, nothing takes this off my mind LoL he's 1,81m TOPS.
Johnny says on 22/Jan/15
Rob what do you think from my last comment?
[Editor Rob: bernthal isn't 5ft 10, he's a 5ft 11 guy up close.]
Johnny says on 22/Jan/15
I seriously doubt that Leo Dicaprio is 6ft tall. There was a scene in Wolf of Wall Street where he stood next to Jon Bernthal (from Walking Dead), who is listed at 5'10"; and they appeared to be the same height. Of course movies are tricky, as you need to take camera effects and lifts etc into account, but proved (at least from that angle) that Leo isn't 6ft.
david says on 19/Jan/15
180cm-181cm no more, no less.
as says on 19/Jan/15
Late bloomer looked tiny on growing pains at age 16, had a face of a 12 yr old. Must have had a good height shoot after that. I think he's in the 6ft out of bed 5ft11 in the evening range.
Jeff says on 19/Jan/15
Rob, can a 181-182 guy look like a legit tall guy to people? I'm just wondering about the "Wow! You're a lot taller than I thought you'd be..." part in the description...
[Editor Rob: maybe some people associate his youthful looks with a shorter appearance? Could be that his slimmer frame in the past and being somewhere in 181 range just surprised some of them.]
cole says on 18/Jan/15
@jeremy: There are too many unknown variables surrounding that mugshot. The thing with photographing/filming a person up against a height chart is you'd have to get the angle for the camera near 100% right for it to be accurate, slightly too low and he'd appear taller, slightly too high and he'd appear shorter. He'd also have to be standing right up against the actual chart - which in the movie appears to be some distance further away from the camera than Leo (as seen when he does the side pose and walks away). We don't know if it's a chart that's done properly either, it could have been placed lower on the wall for all we know. On top of that he's more than likely wearing some kind of footwear.
rockitbaby says on 18/Jan/15
Exactly, I totally forgot about that scene in Wolf. If he measures 6'0 (I don't even think he was in this mark) with shoes, he can't be 1,82 guys. He's 1,81 TOPS. For me, he's still the classic 1,80m guy.
KT says on 18/Jan/15
Jeremy, If he stands at exactly 6" with shoes on (as he does in "Wolf of Wall Street" when he gets arrested), then he's obviously not 6" barefoot. He's at least 1-inch under that, depending on the footwear.
Bishop says on 18/Jan/15
You have to take what shoes he's wearing into account, as they can add height :)
jeremy says on 17/Jan/15
Jesus, there is no disputing he is 5'11 1/2 - 6' exactly just look at the scene in wolf of wall street when he gets arrested. He stands next to a measure that proves exactly this
KT says on 17/Jan/15
In "Wolf of Wall Street," they show him standing in front of a height chart right after he gets arrested. He stood around the 6-foot mark; maybe slightly below if you took off the hair. He undoubtedly had his shoes on during this scene, so assuming regular footwear (1-inch), then he's around the 5'10-5'11 mark. At least we know he's not 6-feet barefoot. He's closer to 5'11 than 6'0, I think.
Arthur says on 17/Jan/15
Rob, you have to consider these pics of Dicaprio and Garrn:
Click Here
Click Here
Their difference is too much noticeable to be just half an inch
cole says on 14/Jan/15
@Dmeyer: I agree he's likely a bit shorter, but I've seen no picture good enough to specify just how much shorter.
rockitbaby says on 14/Jan/15
Btw, in these pics she seems slightly taller than Leo and both are with very similar shoes. If he's 1,82 she's probably over 1,84m or more.

Click Here
rockitbaby says on 14/Jan/15
Agree! In any picture we can see the exact difference but the thing is that she always looks taller than him, even barefoot. And it's not a 1cm difference only, is more. If Garrn is like 1,84, 1,85 then I believe Leo is 1,82m.
Dmeyer says on 13/Jan/15
Cole the thing about Toni and Leo is that in every single pic he looks a consistent 2 to the cms shorter and even if they aren't that prefect some have to be somewhat accurate which means that Leo is 180 unless Toni is over 183
Johnny says on 12/Jan/15
Rob what is Toni gardens height you think look at pics of her with karlie Kross and then tell me what you think please. Is she talller than 184?
[Editor Rob: generally garn (I added her) looks in the 6ft range]
cole says on 12/Jan/15
What have you guys seen to say Garrn's an exact amount of centimeters taller than him?
I haven't seen a single usable pic to debate Leo's height relative to Garrn. The ones where they are standing in the water or walking about on the beach are absolutely useless.
Judd says on 12/Jan/15
2 strong cms between Leo and Toni...if she's 6'0" the Leo can't be taller than 5'11.25", what he always looked...
rockitbaby says on 11/Jan/15
If she's 1,83m Leo can be 1,81 tops. If she's 1,81m then Leo is 1,80m tops because there is a difference of more than 1cm between them.
Johnny says on 11/Jan/15
I do think that Leo is 5'11. But, the thing that I question is the fact that at time with Jean he appears to be a bit taller. Not only this, but he also appears to slouch in quite a few of the pics. So, I question whether he would really be shorter than him if he werent slouching at all. Rob, how tall is Toni Garrn? Because if she is around 6' then Leo is 179. But, if shes 185, then I think he could be 182. But, what do you think is her height?
Andrea says on 11/Jan/15
Well, Dmeyer, she got listed at 6' by Rob... I've seen nothing of her except some photos with Leo but if she's "only" 6', i don't think Leo is much over 5'11! 5'11 flat really might be a better shout for Leo!!!
Georgy says on 11/Jan/15
@rockitbaby Personal agent, periodicals, magazines etc. list her her as 181 cm. More importantlt, next to a true 6'1 Karlie Kloss ( Taylor Swift's bff ), she looks no more than 181 cm.
So yeah, it's been arguees for ages, us randoma and Leo's costars and ex model gfs - he is 180 cm. Nothing more than that.
Dmeyer says on 11/Jan/15
If she is 181cm he is Max 179.5-180cm
Dmeyer says on 11/Jan/15
rockitbaby says on 3/Jan/15
I don't this picture Jean looks taller than George.

Click Here

And in that Nespresso ad, the same thing:

Click Here

If Clooney is indeed 1,80 as he claims to be, then Jean is 1,81m, like he says himself. Leo is 1,80m, 1,81m tops.
Clooney is same height in that pic his head is just down a bit
Celebheights 6'1.5 says on 10/Jan/15
I don't know if this photo has already been linked, but he's clearly taller than a Cameron Diaz who has heels on (who is listed as 5'8", but appears more 5'8.25" to me):

Click Here

This photo proves that he's above 5'11".
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 10/Jan/15
By 6'0" measured 50 Cent:

Click Here
rockitbaby says on 10/Jan/15
@georgy I thought his ex-girlfriend was taller, like 1,84 or something. If she's 1,81 than NO WAY Leo is 1,82 LoL
Georgy says on 8/Jan/15
Next to his legit 181-cm-tall model gf. He ALWAYS looks shorter than her, especially when the're both barefoor. You don't need more evidende. Rob, he's been awaiting downgrading for ages now, deservedly so.
Click Here
Georgy says on 8/Jan/15
It's been sorted out that Leo is not taller than 181 cm since he appears shorter than his present model girlfriend ( quoted as 181 cy model agencies and all thw websites ) when they're both barefeet. He is a classic 180 cm/5'11 guy.
182 cm is regarded as weak 6'0, since it translates to 182.8 cm. Leo is not that for sure. I'm slightly above 183 and my cousin is 182 cm and does happen to have a 181 cm tall girlfriend. Compring the two couples, Leo is definitelt below 181 cm.
rockitbaby says on 4/Jan/15
I really can't see Leo as a 1,82m guy. He just looks tall but seeing him next do Bradley Cooper he's way shorter. Unless Cooper is like 1,90m, which he's not.
cole says on 4/Jan/15
@Clay: Yes you would, as Leo at best could be classified as a questionable 5'11.5. Off the top of my head Sharlto Copley, Matt Smith, Jay Baruchel, Tyler Hoechlin and Sean Pertwee are all more classic 5'11.5 than him.
Clay says on 3/Jan/15
You won't find a more classic 5'11.5 than Leo.
rockitbaby says on 3/Jan/15
I don't this picture Jean looks taller than George.

Click Here

And in that Nespresso ad, the same thing:

Click Here

If Clooney is indeed 1,80 as he claims to be, then Jean is 1,81m, like he says himself. Leo is 1,80m, 1,81m tops.
Dmeyer says on 2/Jan/15
Click Here , he is Clooney with dujardin he looks a 0.25-0.5in taller that leo does near dujardin , that Will sugest a Max 5'11 leo
rockitbaby says on 29/Dec/14
Dujardin claims to be 1,81m so Leo must be something close this height too. Sometimes he looks a little bit shorter than Jean but others the same height so...

In this video from the Oscars, Leo seems to be the same height as McConaughey. How tall is he? Around 1,80m too?

Click Here
Emil 183 cm says on 28/Dec/14
He looks identical in height with Dujardin judging from their pics, but its hard to tell really. Leo never looks shorter than 1.80 m imo and CAN look 6'0 at few occasions. I think 1.815 m is his exactly height though
rockitbaby says on 26/Dec/14
For me 1,81m is fair too, at the moment he wakes up. But during the day he's 1,80m. These pics are hard to mesure because Leo might be in a better angle and Hill isn't in his perfect posture neither. But there's one pic of him in Wolf Of Wall Street in which he's mesured 6' wearing shoes. We can't see his shoes but I'd say they had around 2cm or 3cm.
johnny says on 26/Dec/14
Yeah maybe they are but there is no way leo is 182 I think he's a solid 180 but the only thing I question is the pic of him with bar on the beach where they are both in flip flops and he looks to be a good margin taller. Maybe the photo is taken at Leo's advantage but still makes me wonder maybe it's slanted and the fact that leo is in front gives him s a couple cms. Thoughts guys?
182cm says on 26/Dec/14
181 cm is the most fair height. 182.5cm morning and 180.5 maybe 180 at night. I feel like most of the heights on this website are 1cm off
rockitbaby says on 25/Dec/14
I don't know how tall is Timberlake but he looks at least 1,82m. Next to quite tall guys as Affleck and Hedlund, he's more than 5cm shorter. Leo just looks to be 6' but he's not. Maybe in a good day he's 1,81m.
johnny says on 25/Dec/14
Yeah his claim is a lot more realistic but still he is not that height Justin just tried to overstate it leo on the other hand didn't overstate it by that much even if he is 179 which he is probably a bit over but Justin Timberlake s claim is way too much. Leo is definitely a solid 180 never dipping below that our above it
177cmGuy says on 25/Dec/14
179-181cm is the best estimate I can give for Leonardo with shoes he's easily 6'0. Merry Christmas to celebheights.
KT says on 24/Dec/14
When I first came on this site many years ago, Leo was listed at 5'11.25. He went up 5'11.75 after a guy named Glen (whatever happened to him?) posted a picture where Leo looked around 6'1". A week later, Glen reported a second sighting of Leo where Leo looked 5'10-5'11. Glen asked him about that, and Leo said something about "period shoes" (probably lifts). That's when Leo went down to 5'11.5 on here, where he has stayed ever since. I think he should go back to the original 5'11.25 listing, even though that fraction of an inch seems like splitting hairs.
sixfooter says on 24/Dec/14
Leo's 6 ft claims seem more realistic than Justin Timberlake's 6'1 claims
rockitbaby says on 24/Dec/14
@cole ok then. If Hill is 1,68m then Leo is around 1,80m. At the red carpet Leo looks way taller but when we see pics of them on their daily routine I can see a shorter difference. I think we all can say that Leo is a 1,80m guy. Pitt looks slightly taller though, like 1,82m or something.
Gx79 says on 23/Dec/14
Rob can he look 5'11 3/4,
[Editor Rob: he can look anywhere from a 5ft 11 to a 6ft at times, but generally I wouldn't guess barefoot he was over 5ft 11.5, and there is as much chance he falls a bit shy of that mark too.]
BOXOFFICEFLOP says on 23/Dec/14
Leo is 5'11 tops. It's very clear when he does films. He looks quite shorter than much taller actors who are like 6'2
Judd says on 23/Dec/14
Leonardo Dicaprio: 5'11.25"
Matt Damon: 5'9.5"
Brad Pitt: 5'10.5-11"
George Clooney: 5'10-10.25"
Samuel L Jackson: 6'1.25" (6'2" peak)
cole says on 23/Dec/14
@rockitbaby: Jonah is listed at a solid 168 cm, and looks about that, could argue 169 though but wouldn't go as high as 170. I think for Leo to be near 182, Jonah would have to be pretty much 170 cm. Mr.R thought Leo looked 179 cm when he saw him and Jonah, and figured Jonah for a 167 cm guy, but both Leo and Jonah could well be people who virtually drops a cm or so with a more care free stance. 168 and 180 is I think a fair shout for their respective measured heights. It doesn't quite look like a 5 inch difference between them, so 5ft 6.25 and 5ft 11. A strong 183 cm guy like Channing Tatum looks noticably taller than Leo compared to Jonah, and other 180 cm guys - Seth Rogen and Brad Pitt for example, looks the same as Leo with Jonah.
rockitbaby says on 22/Dec/14
Hill is what, 1,70m? He seems to be a little bit shrunken in these pics too. I found this one, in which you can see their shoes but they're not standing properly. Anyway, I'd give them a 10cm difference.

Click Here
cole says on 22/Dec/14
Click Here
I think someone used the top photo (original) to argue 6ft for Leo once.
The problem with a lot of photos that are shot up close like this is that they are easily distorted, so it's good when there's some kind of reference point, like there is in this one with the poster in the background. Leo's clearly shorter than Eastwood, 3 cm or so I'd say, and looked even shorter than this compared to him in some pictures from the set of J Edgar.
cole says on 22/Dec/14
Some caps of Leo and Jonah Hill from a youtube-clip (vote4stuff): Click Here Leo looks about 10 cm taller. They are standing/walking about in a studio, so that the ground is flat is safe to assume, but shame there's no visible footwear.
Adolf says on 20/Dec/14
Add some more movies pls.Gangs of new York, Aviator, Blood diamond.
[Editor Rob: there will come a time in 20 years if he keeps making good movies some of the names will have to make way for future films.]
rockitbaby says on 17/Dec/14
I agree with you all. These celebs sometimes look taller than they actually are when they're on premieres and other events but when you see them shooting or hanging out with friends they aren't that tall. The same with Leo. Seeing pics of him on the red carpet he really looks 1,83m to be honest but when you see him in other pics he's the classic 1,80m guy.
Peyman says on 16/Dec/14
I'd say
Leo : 180
matt damon : 176.5
brad pitt : 179
george clooney : 178

they could be 0.5cm shorter when going to sleep :)
Arch Stanton says on 16/Dec/14
He looks a weak 6 ft in Django next to Samuel L. Jackson, unless Samuel is sub 6'2 nowadays through age.
Johnny says on 14/Dec/14
Yep also look at pics of when hes not in these public events. Moreover, when you see him out and about with any of his freidns hes always a bit shorter than on these premieres. Also, for anyone thinking he is above this mark, look at other pics of him with Cate Blanchett and Leo with Tobey Maguire. Check out pics where he is with Tobey on some premieres, and then when he was with him on the Great Gatsby set. There, one can see what his actual height is. But, his lifts arent massive which is why he can look believeable on the premieres.

Minimum for him is 5'10.75 but nothing under that for sure. If that even, Maximum though is 5'11.25 I can see him being a consistent 180cm throughout the day too. Very interesting and good actor too. With a great career, Look at some of the best movies of the last decade, and he has been in quite a few of them. Itz crazy for someone to have such a good track record. Finally, check him out with Toni Garrn. Who is certainly no shorter then 184, and no taller than 185. He looks 4-5 cms shorter than her. Sometimes, albeit rarely even more. Rob, look at pics of him off the red carpet and such, and then youll see he looks shorter than a true 182.
Dmeyer says on 14/Dec/14
When you see Someone quikly when can easily get fulled , for example i saw a Guy. I pegged him 183/4cm then he claimed 182cm we stood near each other we were equal , for some reason a Guy who saw us but not together pegged him as taller than me and at about 6'1-2in , he gave me a taller impression than leo , while leo had more shoes so 5'11 is very possible
rockitbaby says on 11/Dec/14
Yeah, Leo is 1,80 but he can be 1,81 with the perfect posture in the morning. But 1,82m? Never.
AG says on 10/Dec/14
Cate Blanchett called her height : about 5'8, which means 5'8 is her maximum height. On that picture i would give her heels about 3 inches, which makes her 5'11. Leo looks just 1 inch taller than her and as i see he has regular shoes which give him 1-1.25 inches. Leo is between 5'10.75 - 5'11.
Johnny says on 9/Dec/14
Yep he prolly never dips below that, and if he does he only does so up to prolly like 179.9 But, other than that, he goes up to 180,9 too. WOuld you agree Rob?
Look at the pics of him and Tobey Maguire on the great gatsby set too
rockitbaby says on 8/Dec/14
Yeah, it's hard to say something because the angle changes from pic to pic. But I think it's fair to say he's a classic 1,80m guy.
johnny says on 8/Dec/14
Again though we are using the pic where the footwear is questionable look at other ones where leo looks the same if not slightly shorter
rockitbaby says on 7/Dec/14
Thinking like that, she would then be 1,81m with her heels and Leo would be 1,82 or 1,83m. She's still slightly shorter than Leo then.
Dmeyer says on 7/Dec/14
Her shoes give in the 6.5-7cm no more in that shot and leo has 2cm
rockitbaby says on 5/Dec/14
yeah, it depends on the angle and how they are posing. The same event, same shoes, one photo he looks taller and in the other one he looks shorter LoL but Blanchett is like 1,74, if she wears 10cm heels or higher she will be taller than him, unless his shoes are higher too.
Dmeyer says on 4/Dec/14
Click Here , same night as pic above she looks as tall if not 0.5in taller , her shoes shouldnt give more than 3in so 5'11.5 so 5'11.75-6ft shoes on for leo those dont give as mush as 1in so 5'11-11.25 is possible
rockitbaby says on 3/Dec/14
This is him with that guy from The Beach. Leo is slightly taller (both are bending, I know but still).

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Dec/14
@cole: in that picture he does look around 5ft11. But he's slouching while Blanchett is standing better.

Rob, is 5ft11 flat possible for Leo or do you still think he can clear can mark?
[Editor Rob: anywhere in 5ft 11-11.5 range is arguable, I've went with the top of that range as the guess.]
rockitbaby says on 3/Dec/14
Leo is as tall or shorter than Jean Dujardin, who claims to be 1,81m. Leo is 1,80, 1,81m TOPS. Look at him in the beach, next to his French co-star. He's a little bit taller and the guy is 1,76m.
cole says on 2/Dec/14
@Dmeyer: Yeah it isn't always easy to tell from a meeting like that, if you had stood with him for a while on flat ground it would have been much better. That you even managed to see Leo in public is quite the accomplishment though, he usually does everything in his power to pass by unnoticed!

@Rampage: I think somehow Cate is at a disadvantage in the above photo, can't quite put my finger on what it is though. Here's another where Leo should be at an advantage because of the angle the photo is shot from, but he looks only an inch or so taller. Cate is wearing similar heels to the ones she's wearing in the above photo: Click Here
Dmeyer says on 2/Dec/14
At Cole , i now think 5'11-11.25 is closer , i person he seemed 6'0.25 but had 0.5in more shoes and so 5'11.75 and had a baseball cap that could fulled me 0.5in so 5'11-11.5 is possible
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Dec/14
He actually looks 6ft in the above picture. Blanchett is definitely hitting 5ft10+ territory in those heels and Dicaprio's shoes appear to be normally heeled.

I wouldn't go below 5ft11¼(181cm) for him and the current listing is probably closer.
cole says on 30/Nov/14
@Dmeyer: Agreed, but do you still think 5'11.5 is a fair shout? I honestly haven't seen a shred of viable evidence to suggest he could measure this close to 182 cm. 181 cm is the highest I'd go.
I take it you've seen the pictures of Nicholson, Wahlberg, DiCaprio and Damon at the 'The Departed' premiere, so here's one of Damon with Pitt: Click Here Looks quite like Leo vs Damon to me. Pitt might have the slightest footwear advantage, but he's also dropping a little in posture, so it should more or less make up for it really. I see a 180 cm guy and a 177 cm guy in that shot, and to me Leo looks no taller than what Pitt does compared to Damon. There could be some small differences that comes into play though, like in any case, but still I don't think this listing has a solid enough foundation of evidence to back it up, or maybe I've missed something?
Dmeyer says on 30/Nov/14
To me matt damon isnt under solid 177cm but leo can look 'anywere 180-181 with him
rockitbaby says on 29/Nov/14
Agree! 1,81m in the morning and 1,79m in the evening. With shoes he's 1,83m
cole 2 says on 28/Nov/14
Yeah sorry No I think you were first my bad
My name is cole though
But yeah by me Leo is like 180-179
How tall do you think his father is Rob? He looks to be quite a lot shorter. As does his mother thats why to me Leos huge growth is so odd and not only that but him being this height and not having lifts would be insane. Unless he got dem rlly good genes
Sponk says on 27/Nov/14
181 in the morning
180 during the day 100% KNOW THAT!
179,5 in the evening
cole says on 27/Nov/14
@cole: Could you add something to that nickname, so people can tell us apart? Or were you the first cole? :O
rockitbaby says on 26/Nov/14
Oh I thought that you meant he was the same height as him or 1,83m. He's not much shorter, true. 3, 4cm is a little difference =)
184.3cm says on 26/Nov/14
If he was measured 183cm in dress shoes then he is probably closer to 181cm if they were regular 2-2.5cm dress shoes and not extra thick ones. So i thought first a weak 5'11 (180cm flat) but now i think hes the full 5'11 as he looks very close to Nolan as well.
cole says on 26/Nov/14
@Dmeyer I think Leo is even a bit shorter though. Maybe 179. But, this is only true if people like matt damon are also like 175. Then he is most certainly 179. There is a lot of evidence suggesting matt damon is only 175 too. This guy is kind of hard to judge
Dmeyer says on 25/Nov/14
I meant zane is 184cm leo 181cm
rockitbaby says on 25/Nov/14
@Marcus in that pic I think he wasn't even at the 6'0 mark, was he? Anyway, with heels he's close to 1,83 so he's around 1,80, 1,81m tops!
marcus says on 24/Nov/14
in the wolf of wallstreet he was measured 183cm with dress shoes on(1 inch) so minus that he's 180cm he has bad posture too so he can look 5'10 most of the time
rockitbaby says on 23/Nov/14
Sorry, now the right link

Click Here
rockitbaby says on 23/Nov/14
@Dmeyer If Leo is anything close to 1,84 then Bradley Cooper is like 1,90, Jean Dujardin (who claims to be 1,81) is actually 1,85 and Tobey Maguire is 1,78m. This picture is not good to see their heights at all. This is another picture, just like this last one you sent and Zane is quite taller than Leo.

Click Here
Dmeyer says on 22/Nov/14
Click Here , for those who say he is mush shorter than zane whom i met and is near 184cm
rockitbaby says on 21/Nov/14
Leo seems slightly shorter than Zane in Titanic and during promotion of the film. Zane is what, 1,83m?

Click Here

Click Here
Judd says on 21/Nov/14
Lebensdorf says on 20/Nov/14
I think 5'11. Really no more than that. Billy Zane seemed taller in Titanic. Did they have scenes together in that movie? It's possible that he wasn't done growing at that point. Next to Armie Hammer, he looks between 5'11 and 6 feet even.

I agree. I think diCaprio is 5'11.25", so precisely as tall as Christopher Nolan.
In titanic, there were more than 1" between diCaprio and Zane, and the last one showed to be a realist 6'0.5" next to tall guys like James Cameron (6'2" in 1997) and David Warner (6'1.75-2" in 1997).
rockitbaby says on 20/Nov/14
@Cole yeah, I agree with you. So Leo is like 1,80m, perhaps 1,81m when he wakes up? Rob should get him short here LoL He's not 1,82m.
rmv says on 20/Nov/14
this is a generous listing. he is 179cm max. clearly shorter than nolan and next to tom hanks he's giving up at least 1.5 inches
Lebensdorf says on 20/Nov/14
I think 5'11. Really no more than that. Billy Zane seemed taller in Titanic. Did they have scenes together in that movie? It's possible that he wasn't done growing at that point. Next to Armie Hammer, he looks between 5'11 and 6 feet even.
cole says on 19/Nov/14
@rockitbaby: Yeah he likely would measure between those two marks, but I highly doubt he would measure any taller than the latter. Hanks always had him beat by about 2-3 cm when he still was near to his peak height, today he's clearly dropped a cm or so, and Leo with a hint more footwear and better posture suddenly looks the same or a tad taller. Dujardin, who claims 181 cm, is listed on this site as 180 cm - which is what he mostly looks - Leo looks the same as him or maybe even a tad shorter in premiere pics, when both are wearing similar footwear. In the film though he looked taller than Dujardin, and close in height with 6'0.5 Jon Favreau. In premiere pics with Favreau though, he looks noticably shorter. He definitely had lifts in some of the scenes in 'The Wolf of Wall Street', like he had in 'The Aviator' and in 'The Departed'.
rockitbaby says on 19/Nov/14
Leo is bending yeah but Benedict is also not in his right posture neither. He's taller than Leo. This is him next to Tom Hanks, who is listed as a 1,83m guy:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Now next to Jean Dujardin, who is 1,82m:

Click Here

Click Here

Leo is 1,80 or 1,81m.
abit over 180 and iam taller then 90% guys i meet says on 17/Nov/14
He looked pretty tall when was young(thanks to slim build) In the times when i dont care about anybodys height i believed that he was 185.
But nowdays- no way he is anything about 182 cause it means that he reachs 183 in the morning. He is still young but i think he obviously lost about 0,5cm.
In Gilbert Grail with Johny depp he was around 20+ and ended up growing. As i remember he was about 5cm taller then Johny, 6-max what i can brought so:
180.5-182.5 when he was young(evening-morning)
180-182 today(he can easly lose 2cm durng day since he is a bit overweighted atm)
Last verdict: 181
Dmeyer says on 13/Nov/14
His leg is bended near cumcerbatch could easily look as tall
rockitbaby says on 7/Nov/14
@Joe I agree Joe. He's the kind of guy who looks tall but he's the classic 1,80m guy. He's not shorter than that but he's also not 6' at all. This is him next to CUmberbatch, who's 1,83m. Clearly shorter.

Click Here
Joe says on 6/Nov/14
Di Caprio is not a full 6 foot tall as some publicists claim. He stood next to legit 6 footer Tom Hanks his co-star in Catch me if you Can several times, he stood about an inch shorter than Hanks, maybe a bit more. A British tabloid described DiCaprio as 5-10 with a very slender frame. I believe his taller than 5-10. Probably between 5'10.5" to 5'11". Definitely not a full 6 feet tall man, his rather skinny build makes him appear to be taller than he really actually is, still a very talented actor and lives a very charmed life.
guest says on 2/Nov/14
Jared, isn't the obviously taller guy in the middle listed at 6'1 and LD is wearing thick soled shoes
Dmeyer says on 30/Oct/14
This Guy can look 180 181 and 182
rockitbaby says on 30/Oct/14
For me, Leo is 1,80m, 1,81m tops! Unless Jean Dujardin is like 1,83m and Bradley Cooper is 1,88m or something close to that.
cole says on 29/Oct/14
@Jared: The ground is wonky and uneven to begin with and he's standing on a higher point than the others.
cole says on 28/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: Your thoughts on this? Click Here
Dmeyer says on 28/Oct/14
Jared in that pics he looks solid 184cm considering footwear
rockitbaby says on 28/Oct/14
@Jared I don't think so. Leo is never 1,85, at least in my view. Next to Jean Dujardin, who claims he's 1,81m, he's slightly shorter.

Click Here

Bradley Cooper is listed as 1,84m and Leo is quite shorter than him.

Click Here

And with his girlfriend, who's what? 1,81m? Or she's taller?

Click Here
Jared says on 27/Oct/14
What about this picture?Click Here
That's Christoph Waltz at the far right and he's 5'7 and Di Caprio looks a lot taller than him. I mean from 5'7 to 5'10 is just 3 inches and 3 inches doesn't look that big of a difference in real life. Now Jamie Foxx the black guy is 5'9 and still a lot shorter than 5'10-5'11 Di Caprio when in real life 1 inch is hardly noticeable. It looks like Di Caprio is 6'1 from this picture. What do you think?
rockitbaby says on 26/Oct/14
Leo is 1,80m. I'm convinced.
beau says on 26/Oct/14
His model girlfriend, who is ALWAYS taller than Di Caprio ( importantly, not wearing heels whatsover ), is 5'11.5. And all the pictures out there prove one thing: she is taller than Di Caprio.
sparta says on 24/Oct/14
i ilke he tall but i tall is 190 cm
6 feft
cole says on 23/Oct/14
Click Here
About mid way in the article it says: "At 5 ft. 11 in. and 175 lbs., he claims he can bench-press 205 lbs."
5ft10guy says on 19/Oct/14
How tall is his model girlfriend she looks taller then him
ARY says on 16/Oct/14
If you're a big A-lister you add 4-5cm to your height. Leo can't be taller than 181cm but most of his career he was talked about as if he was 185
Silent_D says on 15/Oct/14
James B says on 11/Oct/14
These days leo is not that lean yet he still looks taller than 5'11 flat. When I first saw the beach thought he looked 6'1 in that film.
rockitbaby says on 7/Oct/14
This is Leo next to Guillaume Canet, who is listed 1,76m. Leo is the classic 1,80m guy.

Click Here
Dmeyer says on 7/Oct/14
Rob i use to think leo was 5'11.5-11.75 now i think 5'11-11.25 dinner time
[Editor Rob: 11.25 is always a real possibility]
Judd says on 7/Oct/14
I think Leo is 5'11.25" and Chris Nolan 5'11"
jtm says on 7/Oct/14
he would look shorter than nolan if nolan stood up straight.
Jack says on 6/Oct/14
I agree watterbottle. Not only that but Leo looks to be a bit shorter in some pics. Also Christopher is definetly not a lift wearer
waterbottle says on 6/Oct/14
Funny how Leo is listed at 6'0" nearly everywhere, but he he looks the same exact height as Christopher Nolan (great director btw), who is listed at 5'11" everywhere. I even think 5'11.5" is a bit generous. I would give him 5'10.75"-5'11", especially if we are factoring in NO footwear and if his hair was flattened down or shaven. There is obviously not a difference at all betweem Nolan and Leo:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
John86 says on 5/Oct/14
beau, agencies have been known to downgrade heights as well as upgrade them to fit the ideal. They might say she is 180cm but she may be even taller, which is not desirable for clothing companies chasing the perfect 5'10 female model.
rockitbaby says on 5/Oct/14
@beau I've read a lot of websites that list her as 1,81m. But if she is this height then Leo is under 1,80m...
184.3cm says on 5/Oct/14
Classic 180cm guy. Look at that film, The Beach. He never looks Tallish only slightly above average. Didnt Tower his co-star either in Shutter Island and that guys what? 170cm? Ruffalo.
beau says on 4/Oct/14
I suggest you guys look at every single picture with his current model-girlfriend. She is ( as her modelling agency lists her ) 180 cm tall, and every time she looks taller than DiCaprio. Every. Single. Time.
PS Barefoot, to be precise.
rockitbaby says on 2/Oct/14
I think he's 1,80m or 1,81m. And he probably did grew up until his twenties =)
cole says on 2/Oct/14
According to Madame Tussauds Beijing, Leo is 4-5 inches taller than Depp: Click Here lol...
But it's not unlikely that he filled in a little after 18/19, however I very much doubt he grew more than an inch. Age 18/19: 5'10, fully grown: 5'11.
John86 says on 1/Oct/14
And might I say, Leo at 18 years old in What's Eating Gilbert Grape is an amazing example of a very late bloomer. He looks an inch shorter than 5'9 Depp and has the face of a 15 year old. He must have grown until he was about 23. He looked full adult height in Titanic, at 24.
John86 says on 1/Oct/14
Ah the classic 'my man has to be taller than me', but she forgot to mention the ' heels' part at the end. :-) Typical example of a girl thinking her heel height is her actual height. Leo was taller than her/same height, no doubt about it.

5'11 for Leo is fair, no less than that.
rockitbaby says on 30/Sep/14
This picture was taken in 1993 and Leo was like 18,19. He's slightly taller than Depp and Depp is listed as 1,75m. Is it possible that Leo grew up 7cm after turning 18? I don't think so. He's 1,81 tops!

Click Here
Dmeyer says on 29/Sep/14
Évén thaugh he fooled me for about 6ft in person i think 5'11.25 is closer
jasperwazup says on 29/Sep/14
Leo is 181cm tops maybe 182 out of bed. I'm 178cm and people used to tell me I looked 182,183. Leo has a bigger forehead than me and slightly longer legs. I have a 30'' pant and was generally 28''-29'' at 13. about 5'7''-5'7.5''.
rockitbaby says on 28/Sep/14
@Jack hahahaha I agree, Leo is not 1,82m. Like, EVER. Correct this Rob! =) Some people say that Bradley is actually taller than 1,84m. How tall is Ben Affleck? Around 1,91m? Bradley seems to be 5cm shorter than Ben. That Makes Leo 1,80 tops!

Click Here

Click Here
Jack says on 26/Sep/14
Downgrade him Rob for the love of god. Get him to 179. Or at least 180. I mean look at all these evidence pics
Jack says on 25/Sep/14
In that pic Leo looks around 6 cms shorter/ I would give him around 178 based on that pic alone. But Bradley likes lifts so I dont know for sure
cole says on 25/Sep/14
@rockitbaby: More like 179 or 180 in that pic, but no visible footwear.
Tyler says on 25/Sep/14
5'10.5 barefoot
5'11.5 footwear
6'0 with hair
rockitbaby says on 24/Sep/14
If Bradley Cooper is really 1,84m, then Leo is 1,81m or 1,80m.

Click Here
rockitbaby says on 19/Sep/14
@lelman same picture by another angle. Leo is a little bit taller than Johnny. He's definitely 1,81 tops. Depp is like 1,78m.

Click Here
lelman says on 19/Sep/14
@rockitbaby Leo was what 18-19 there? It's possible he got an extra inch or so after that (not likely, but don't rule it out.) Depp might also be wearing lifts or something.

I think Leo is in the 180cm range for sure, and Depp is probably around 176.
rockitbaby says on 18/Sep/14
@Jason oh but I mean his actual height in the morning. Because during the day our heights usually get shorter. I think Leo is 1,80 or 1,81. But it's weird because Johnny Depp is listed as 5'10 in lots of places and he's as height as Leo here:

Click Here
guest says on 18/Sep/14
Baz's shoes looked diff in another pic.
Jason says on 17/Sep/14
From that video Jean looks taller than Leo. So im going to say that hes 179. Definetly doesnt drop below that. But, he may early in the morning go above 180.
rockitbaby says on 17/Sep/14
Jean Dujardin claims he's 1,81m and they look pretty much the same height in the video below. I think Leo is 1,81m or 1,80m. I was exagerating by saying he was 1,83m.

Click Here
Jason says on 16/Sep/14
The only question is when are we going to get the downgrade. I would say a 3cm. downgrade. But 2 would also be appropriate from what I see.
Thoughts Rob?
[Editor Rob: 181 is a perfectly reasonable argument for Leo, he can look 5ft 11-11.5 generally.]
rockitbaby says on 15/Sep/14
@Marty Yeah, he's close to 6'0 in this pic but he's wearing shoes so he's probably around 5'11, tops.

@Jason you're right, Leo is probably 1,80 =)
Arch Stanton says on 15/Sep/14
Rob you might want to mention that in Catch Me If You Can (which is worth adding BTW as is The Aviator, Gangs of New York and Revolutionary Road) that his character was described as 6 ft and 160 pounds.
Jason says on 15/Sep/14
While I do believe the guy is somewhere between 178-179 we cant say for certain whether or not he is in lifts. But, even if he isnt he is still slightly below 180. Because in that pic he is a bit lower and then those shoes lessen the heel a bit more than 1 inch.
Marty says on 14/Sep/14
@Rob, His chin is at the 5-0 mark & the top of his head is 6-0. This pic shows it.But he is wearing a 1 inch lift & a 1 inch thick sole so he is 5-10 in socks
toad says on 14/Sep/14
Nope I stood next to his effigy at Sydney Darling Harbour madame tussauds.. he was also on a platform and was 2 inches shorter than me I am 6 ft. dicaprio is 5.9 at most if the wax works was accurate
Jason says on 14/Sep/14
@rockitbaby You cant take a pic like that for reference
Gisele is prolly 178-9 But the way they are walking sweks perception.
Look at her head her hips her shoes
all of them are slightly less than Leo i nthat pic she is down to 175. Leo doesnt look much taller than a 5'9 guy in that pic because of how much she drops.
177cmGuy says on 14/Sep/14
If he is 182cm he's closer to 6'0 then 5'11
rockitbaby says on 13/Sep/14
I think it's weird because Gisele is like 1,79m and she is more than 1cm shorter than Leo. Unless she's shorter than that.

Click Here
Paul says on 13/Sep/14
@Spencer : that's what i'm serching to say :)
Spencer says on 12/Sep/14
5'11 guy who looks 6 feet. I am a legit 5'11 and I can pass for 6 feet easily.
nguyen van kuyen says on 12/Sep/14
so..dicaprio is taller than beckham?
dante says on 10/Sep/14
All the pictures below me show clearly DiCaprio is nowhere above 180 cm early morning. Too much evidence of that + the confessions of all the modesl he was with, who clearly stated they were taller than he was ( for example Gisele Bundchen who claims 180 cm ).
cole says on 9/Sep/14
7/Sep/14 post: Click Here
ed says on 9/Sep/14
Rob, you listed Jon Bernthal as 180cm.

look at this photo of dicaprio and bernthal in The Wolf of Wall Street.
Click Here

a better look at their footwear
Click Here

i would say dicaprio is in the 179-180cm range.
Marty says on 8/Sep/14
@Rockitbaby Leo's head measures nearly 12 inches which is above average compared to the standard 9 inches. This makes him look taller.
[Editor Rob: Leo must be brothers with Maurice Tillet or Nicolai Valuev if his head is anywhere near that :)]
cole says on 7/Sep/14
@Red183: Yeah, I mean from chin to top of head when you look straight forward.
I would say 5'11 flat is the absolute most he looks with Waltz and Foxx in that particular shot.
I don't think this one with JGL and Cillian Murphy has been linked before: Click Here
Again he looks nothing over 5'11.
rockitbaby says on 6/Sep/14
@cole great picture to compare! If Robbie is 1,66m as it's listed here, I would say that Leo is definitely slightly above 1,80m. She's in the same height as his nose practically...there would be around 14 or 15cm of difference?
cole says on 6/Sep/14
I looked more closely on this scene from 'The Wolf of Wall Street': Click Here
Leo's loafer adds practically nothing, maybe not even 1 cm. Margot Robbie is barefoot, Bernthal's footwear looks like they could add about 3 cm. Mostly Bernthal looks give or take 4 cm taller than Leo in the scene. But there's not many moments when they have matching postures. I've added three of the better moments in the collage. Although some might think it, I don't think Leo's dropping more posture, it's just Bernthal who's tilting his eyelevel up and Leo who's tilting it down a little (tilting it down can add a cm or so depending on head shape - by tilting it up you could drop a cm, again depending on head shape). I'd say there's a good chance they'd measure close to the same height, and without seeing much of them together other than this, I wouldn't say Leo was near 2 cm taller. Too bad there weren't any full body shots in that scene of just Leo and Jon, that would have been very interesting.
rockitbaby says on 5/Sep/14
@Marty yeah, he's like 1,81m, very close to 1,83m as this pic shows.
Marty says on 4/Sep/14
DiCaprio is 5-10 flat foot. In this pick he is wearing a 1 inch lift in his dress shoes that have a 1 inch sole.
cole says on 4/Sep/14
@Red183: Do you know your head lenght and eyeline? I'm near enough 180 cm (within 1-2mm) at my usual low and have a 24 cm / 9.5in long head, and an eyeline of 12 cm or so / 4.75in. 170 cm is pretty much bang on my eyebrows. I think Leo has an average sized head - somewhere in 9in range and seemingly 4.5in or so eyeline. I can't see how he'd measure much more than myself at his low unless he's dropping a little posture in most pics he's appeared 180 cm, which based on what I've seen seems to be in the majority.
Paul says on 3/Sep/14
@rockitbaby : no doubt , Leo height is around 180 cm at midday (barefoot) .
Marty says on 2/Sep/14
@Cole: That shot is from the actual movie. He has 1 inch soles on his dress shoes so he definitely is not 6 foot flat footed. With shoes he barely makes the 6 foot mark by a hair. Now if he is wearing a standard 1 inch lift, he is only 5-10 flat foot.
rockitbaby says on 2/Sep/14
@Paul I agree Paul! When I watched Gilbert Grape they were the same height and Leo was already older back then.

Click Here

I don't know how tall is Joseph Gordon-Levitt but he seems to be 1,76m and Leo is at least 5cm taller.

Click Here
Paul says on 2/Sep/14
@cole : yeah , 182 is impossible ! but the thing that impress me about Leo height ; when he was 19 years look 178 cm max with Deep !
Paul says on 2/Sep/14
@dante : right he's max 181 cm in the morning , midday around 180 cm ( barefoot)
dante says on 2/Sep/14
Guys, he is visibly shorter than Tom Hanks in "Catch me if you can", approx. 2-3 cm difference. With that in mind, I don't think you could find a better guess. He is definitely 180 cm.
Out of the context of standing near other people, seriously, he doesn't look when standing alone anything more than that. He simply doesn't even give an impression of someone taller than 180cm. Take, for example, Robert Pattinson who is 184 cm tall. Take him alone, again. He looks much taller than DiCaprio, which would again justify 180cm for DiCaprio.
There's too much evidence to suggest that DiCaprio is nowhere above 180cm ( ok, 181 at the max max most in the very morning, straight out of bed ).
cole says on 1/Sep/14
@Paul: Yeah I know. It's still nearer 182 cm than 181 cm though - hence why I think a 5'11.5 listing is too much.
rockitbaby says on 31/Aug/14
Jean Dujardin claims he's 1,81m and Leo is exactly his height...
Paul says on 31/Aug/14
@cole : 5ft 11.5in = 181.61 cm not 182 ;)
Paul says on 30/Aug/14
@cole : right , i think he could be [ 179.5 cm - 181 cm ] barefoot at midday .
cole says on 30/Aug/14
@Paul: I've seen 178, 179, 180 and 181 cm mentions on various sites. Some have him at 183 or 185 cm, the highest I've seen is 187 cm, but I haven't seen 182 cm on any other site than this. Personally I do think he can look in the upper 179 cm range at times, like 5'10.75, which is something he could measure late in the evening - but 5'10 flat is too low a guess. Mostly it looks like he hovers around 5'11 flat.
TJE says on 29/Aug/14
Never looked like he would pass for 6'0. 180-181/ strong 5'11.
cole says on 29/Aug/14
@Marty: Never seen it from that angle before, interesting. Is it from 'behind the scenes'? Maybe they shot that scene in a way that he would look a little over the 6ft mark, which he looked in the movie - but not in this shot. Another addition to the flat 5'11 case. Nice.
Paul says on 29/Aug/14
Click Here
Click Here
What do you think guys? :)
Marty says on 29/Aug/14
DiCaprio in this mug shot from his Wall Street flick is 6-0. Assume he is in standard 1 inch thick dress shoes with a 1 inch lift, so he might be 5-10 flat footed.
rockitbaby says on 26/Aug/14
It's complicated because we always base on other people's height. If their heights are not correct, then Leo is taller or shorter. It also depends on the angle, the shoes they're wearing, etc. Leo is taller than Cate in this picture but maybe she isn't 5'8 but shorter than that. Or he's as tall as Jean Dujardin and Jean is not 6'0 but 5'11. Anyway...I've read Jean saying that he's always been 1,81m.
Dmeyer says on 26/Aug/14
I agree leo with hill , cooper , macguire can look a 180.5cm/5'11 Guy no more
Jason says on 26/Aug/14
I agree with Cole. But he can look even only 11cms taller than Jonah. He does generall tower him, but Leo also has better posture, weighs less, uses more lifts, and all around has a head that gravitates everything. Also, with all pics of Jami Foxx and him, Foxx for some reason bends down like he deadlifted 150 kilos. So, Leo is only like 179.
cole says on 26/Aug/14
Damn it link, work!!! Kind of makes my whole rant fall apart when the link isn't working... I'll try again: Click Here
cole says on 25/Aug/14
I'm not usually a big fan of these rants that go on forever, and I tend to divert from doing them, but I want to ask a few questions, and speak my mind a bit.
It might be a little unnecessary, because I might already know the various answers, but here it goes...

@rockitbaby: You're right in that Leo mostly looks 12 cm taller than Jonah - who's listed, and looks 168 cm. Personally I think one of the ways that people are trying to rationalise Leo being a 182 cm guy, is by upgrading guys like Jonah to 170 cm. In my opinion - he's not. As far as I can tell he looks about 168 cm with every single person I've seen him with in decent shots. With Seth Rogen and Michael Fassbender for example, they look about the same height as Leo compared to Jonah. Seth's not 182 cm, Michael's not 182 cm - that's clear when stacking them up against many other celebs. On Blanchett I've said this before: her claim is "about 5'8" - isn't it more likely that she's 173 cm or under, rather than over? I haven't seen too much of her to be sure, but I feel like that's the consensus when someone is using the word "about" when referring to their height.

To everyone (please give your two cents on this picture as well @editor rob): I've posted it before, but it's definitely worth posting again, as most people sadly just kind of neglected it the first time: Click Here Frankly I'm a little stunned that it hasn't been mentioned at all - as I think it's one of the few good shots to argue Leo's height relative to others' - and one where I think it's hard to argue much over 180 cm, due to the reasons I am about to mention.

This is what I'm thinking. Feel free to explain why you agree/disagree, by posting better evidence, for example.
Going by the picture with Foxx, Waltz and Jackson alone, if Leo's in fact a legit 181-182 cm guy - it would mean both Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz are claiming 1-2 cm under their real height. Is it just me or is it more likely that Leonardo DiCaprio - a beloved Hollywood-star of many, many years is the one upgrading himself/being upgraded, rather than two (compared to Leo) relatively new Hollywood-faces downgrading themselves? Then there's a 187 cm (ish) - loosly standing Samuel L. Jackson, in less footwear - still looking about 5 cm taller than Leo. I understand that this is just one picture, and that there might be higher res pics from this event, from better angles - but this is the best I have to go on at the moment.

I feel like I'm being quite reasonable here - but then some might say I'm just deluded and insecure.
Let the record show: I'm not. I honestly believe 5'11 is an all around better shout than 5'11.5. I don't care more about what height Leo is listed at than anyone else, to me it just feels as though it's one of the more stand-out listings that examplifies a 0.5in generosity, when compared to others.

I guess my main questions are: how do you decide which people to give the benefit of the doubt, if you're guessing them between two marks, like say 5'11 and 5'11.5. Why go with the highest arguable height? Especially when personally you claim your lowest measured height. If we're talking about a morning measurement, then sure, I can see Leo measuring 5'11.5 or thereabouts, but it's not something he looks consistantly when actual pictures are being taken at events, premieres etc. Tell me if I'm wrong here, but aren't those events/premieres usually taking place in the evening?
Also I get that it's not possible to be 100% accurate, and say "he/she looks this and that much shorter/taller than him/her", when the people in question are wearing different footwear, having a different stance, different hair styles as well as the camera-angle could be questionable - but what makes you decide to go with 182 cm for DiCaprio and 170 cm for Christoph Waltz (for example) - when in nearly every picture, you couldn't really argue there being more than 10 cm between them?
dadang says on 25/Aug/14
He's only 5'9.5" (175cm) without shoes and 5'11.5" (181cm) with elevated shoes. End of the story.
rockitbaby says on 24/Aug/14
@cole It's true. But check this picture of him and Cate Blanchett in this page. She's very tall, around 1,74cm, and even with high heels she's shorter than Leo. Of course his shoes have at least 3cm of heels but he seems to be 1,82. And assuming Jonah Hill is like 1,70cm, I can see a 12cm difference in the link below and in the one you posted.

Click Here
cole says on 23/Aug/14
@rockitbaby: Garrn looks at least 3 cm taller there, but the photo is no good. In fact there are no good pictures of Leo and Toni Garrn to argue Leo's height to the cm, but have a look at the ones I posted on the 24th of June - in stature, Garrn appears noticably taller.
rockitbaby says on 21/Aug/14
In this picture she doesn't seem to be very taller than Leo. He's probably something between 1,81 and 1,83.

Click Here
James B says on 21/Aug/14
181cm is spot on. He's not small at the very upper end of average.
ikura says on 15/Aug/14
Toni Garrn is practically the same height as Karlie Kloss and Frida Gustavsson, who both seem to be 6'2. These three always tower over the majority of models. I bet shes at least 185.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 11/Aug/14
Aaaarghhh I doubt Toni Garrn is 6'1 barefoot. Might be 5'11 but with same floor level she aint taller than Leo
Clement says on 6/Aug/14
Toni Garrn is a tall girl. She is 6’1” tall. This is according to her page on theFashionSpot where it was mentioned her height as 6'1" by people who have worked with her directly.
Ron says on 5/Aug/14
She broke up with him for not being tall enough...that is ridiculous. The dude is like 6 feet!?
Loeparen says on 5/Aug/14
It's hard to determine the height of someone when you don't know the exact heights of the people you compare the person with. My guess, however, is that Leo is 180 cm tall (midday).
Goose says on 4/Aug/14
DMeyer, could you look at the Letterman appearance - especially part where he is standing next to Dave's desk. Lot of first hand accounts that Dave is 6'1 +. Curious as to your POV. Also, DeCaprio doesn't seem like a lift wearer but I could be wrong. Thnks..
Dmeyer says on 2/Aug/14
Rob do you agree he can look 181cm alot i think a true 181cm that dont dip under 180.9-181.1 cm at very low 5'11.25 can defenetly claim 5'11.5 or get listed that , once you are 180.6-180.7 cm then 5'11-11.25 is closer , at oftenly 181.3-181.7cm it possible i am a few MM taller than him
[Editor Rob: 181 is quite arguable for him]
Dmeyer says on 2/Aug/14
Considering he is 5'11.25-11.5 plus he is thin and thick footwear its normal people see him 6'0-6'1
Goose says on 24/Jul/14
My accountant used to live in LA and she said she met DiCaprio at a wedding for an agent. She said unprompted - "he's taller than I thought." She's about 5'71/2 & I'm a weak 5'10. I asked if he was at least 6'. She said 'definitely' . Second person (though second-hand whose told me he was at least six and 'tall.' Also, saw him on early letterman (his only appearance - and when he gets to Dave's desk he's standing right next to him and has close to an inch on him . Hard guy to figure out...
rockitbaby says on 22/Jul/14
He's around 6'0. Below that never! He dated Gisele Bundchen and she's 1,79m. In this picture he's at least 5cm taller than her Click Here
Emil 182.5 cm says on 12/Jul/14
He's a bit of a sloucher, I think thats why he trends to look 5'10.5-5'11.
I find him no less than 5'11.25
cole says on 12/Jul/14
Well Blanchett has claimed "about 5'8 - I think", meaning she's more likely to be under it than over. I'm just wondering here, but is it to justify guys like Leo having a 5'11.5 listing that you give Blanchett 0.5in over her own claim? I mean, even in solid heels she can look a tad shorter than 5'10 listed Matt Damon in dress shoes/boots, so that should tell you something.
Dmeyer says on 5/Jul/14
Blanchet is 5'11-11.25 shoes on leo looks aleast 6'0.25 flat shoes on 5' 11.5 is fair
foster says on 4/Jul/14
Jackie says on 29/Jun/14
In really any of the scenarios outside of live events or the red carpets he looks 5'11 or slightly under. I think Leo is one of the people that we should take into consideration only in real life scenarios and not on events.
Doug says on 29/Jun/14
Rob, if you look at any pics of Leo and Toni Garrn outside he always looks 3-4 cms shorter. This is even to his advantage as this is taking into consideration slippers and flip flops on both of them. So, if he truly is 182, then why is there a noticeable difference between the two if she is 183. Thoughts on this too Rob?
Two Pump Jump says on 28/Jun/14
he looks 5'11"
Doug says on 26/Jun/14
Also, Rob what do you think of the pics of Leo and Toni Garrn at the beach. She is a definite 6'. But, he looks about 3-4 cms shorter. So, what do you think? I think his sneaky ift wearing can make him appear taller than the 179 that he is. Thoughts?
[Editor Rob: they make him look barely 5ft 11 but I don't know about how they'd look if posing on known flat ground]
Doug says on 25/Jun/14
If Chiwetel Ejiofor isnt a lift wearer which I dont think he is, then Leo is 179. But, I do think Leo is a lift wearer and really good at concealing it. In the above pic his shoes have no open arc. Why do you think that is? its because he has lifts in them.
cole says on 24/Jun/14
There are loads of pictures of Leo on some of his fansites (one contained over 7500 pics). Here's a couple more I found with Garrn on that. Just in pure stature it's fair to assume he's a bit shorter. His legs also looks quite a bit shorter than hers.
Click Here (stealth mode)
Click Here

Throwing in some more I found where I just can't see him over 5'11:

With 5'7 listed Christoph Waltz
Click Here
Click Here

With 5'6 listed Bono (who's most likely in massive elevators)
Click Here

With 5'3 listed Martin Scorsese
Click Here

With 5'6.25 listed Jonah Hill
Click Here

No good comparison-wise, but looking pretty much eye to eye with (imo) 5'9.5 - 5'9.75 (5'10 listed) Chiwetel Ejiofor.
Click Here
Doug says on 23/Jun/14
Yeah Cole I completely agree and he always stands closer to the camera when with Toni Garrn. Yet, even then his scalp line reaches below hers. Also, he looks closer when they are shoulder to shoulder. If he were 183, then there would be no difference. But, there really is a difference of 3-4 cms with his 6' or 182-183 gf. Maybe Toni Garrn is below 6' but I doubt it. Maybe she is above it. But, all in all, I see him as a 179 guy. He even looksed 4 cms shorter than a slouching Jon Bernthal, who was in 4 cms heels. Albeit Leo might have been slouching a bit too but not as much as Jon Bernthal. Also Leo was in .5cm slippers. So, I really think he cant be over 179.
cole says on 23/Jun/14
Standing closer to the camera has that effect of making you look taller.
Plus Bloom isn't 5'11.
Doug says on 20/Jun/14
Seahawkfan you do have to remember that Leonardo is quite possible a lift wearer. I mean look at pictures of him with actualy 183 people or 6' people like his gf. He always looks a good 3-4 cms shorter. So, I still stand by my estimate of 179.
anonymous says on 11/Jun/14
Dmeyer, i don't think he's taller than you!
You met Hanks and you said he was 0,5" taller than you?
Aswell, in catch me if you can Leo is 0,5" shorter than Tommy Hanks, at least...
french guy says on 10/Jun/14
he is a solid 5'11", 181 and 182 cm is too much.
Alex 6'0 says on 10/Jun/14
Really looks no less than a 5'11 guy.
Dan says on 7/Jun/14
Same height as me, 181.5 :) :). Nice height!
DMEYER says on 1/Jun/14
i agree cole from wath i met him , its not enaugh to judge
Goose says on 1/Jun/14
I met a few people who have been in proximity & they all thought 6' but you guys are right that 'proximity' in not necessarily an accurate indicator.
Anon says on 1/Jun/14
He's an inch to an inch-and-a-half shorter than bald, 6'0.5"(?) Billy Zane. This based on red carpet shots of them together in similar formal shoes. I judge by difference in eye levels as well as the top of their heads to get an estimate. No less than 5'11"
Dejavu says on 30/May/14
I think 180cm min. He can look taller than 5'11.
Dmeyer says on 29/May/14
Goose the other dmeyer is not me i steel think min 181cm for him
cole says on 28/May/14
Dmeyer says he's seen Leo twice, once walking by him and once from a distance. It's very hard to tell his height to the tiniest fraction by being in his proximity for a couple of seconds like that. To do that you need to see him standing with people you know the exact height of, or stand right next to him for a bit yourself. And you need to know how much of a factor the footwear/headwear has on his and your appearance. Getting a good photo next to him on even ground, preferably full body makes it easier. If that's the case, then you could start arguing his height quite accurately down to the fraction. Dmeyer thinks he's a 181-182 cm guy, but rules out 180 cm flat. Personally I think that's a bold statement given the circumstances of which he saw him, and even a little laughable that he keeps dismissing this and that height purely based on the brief moments he saw him.

Mr.R's sighting of 5'10.5 might be one where Leo wasn't standing his tallest(?), but personally I think that 5'10.5 could be within the realms of possibility, but probably my lowest guess for what he's appeared. 5'11.25 is not impossible, but seems a bit unlikely from seeing him with estimated 171 cm range guys such as Oscar Isaac and Mark Ruffalo, a 168 cm guy like Jonah Hill and a 170 cm guy like Christoph Waltz. Add what he looks with 175 cm guys like Jamie Foxx, Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to that, and the very fact that he at best looks the same height as 180 cm Jean Dujardin and Jon Bernthal - somewhere in/near 180 cm range is the most likely height for him. Next to the 186 cm Dom guy as well (a pic Rob posted in a response to Dmeyer), he really looks just 180 cm, maybe a shade over. 5'11 flat is overall the best bet imo.

Boy that was long...
Dmeyer says on 28/May/14
If the Guy is truly 171.5cm leo looks no taller than 179.5cm
Goose says on 27/May/14
DMeyer, previously you thought he could be 5'11 1/2 & I thought you'd been in his proximity. Why the downgrade?
cole says on 27/May/14
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

How this is 5'7.5 vs 5'11.5 I will never know...
5'10 says on 19/May/14
He looks like a definite lift wearer I would put his height as still bein 5'10.5. I mean look at him with his current girlfriend. She seems to tower him at times and is never ever listed as being taller than 6'. Most of the time she is listed as 181 or 180. So, that would put him as being 178 or 179.
Dmeyer says on 19/May/14
For some reason j Hill apeared nearer 170cm , i was barefeet hé had 1.5cm shoes skate type he seemed 5'7.5 with thèm on but he does look not more than this near pitt évén counting shoes and pitt is defenetly no taller than 5'11
jtm says on 15/May/14
looks 5'10 with jonah hill.
cole says on 14/May/14
I've never seen him look more than 5'11 flat with Jonah Hill to be honest. There's a whole bunch of full body shots of them, and it's pretty clear that Jonah has to be at least scraping 170 cm / clearing it, if Leo is 5'11.5 (both very doubtful imo).

I will agree though that the 5'11.5 estimate is obviously something he's appeared a few times to get that listing by Rob, who is almost always extremely accurate with his estimates - but it's not something he looks anywhere near consistantly enough for me to agree with.

He has looked around 5'11 with a huge amount of celebs, not to mention with his various model girlfriends. With Jean Dujardin, Matt Damon, Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg, Mark Ruffalo, Oscar Isaac and Tom Hanks to name a few (evidence is all over the place), he looks 5'11.

Mr. R estimates him at 179 cm (Rob would likely be shocked if that turned out to be true!), I wouldn't be very surprised, but I still maintain my 5'11 flat estimate, because that is what he appears more often than not.
Andrea says on 14/May/14
Yeah, Lillo, i do agree with you... Just ignore that seahawsfan guy ;)
Lillo thomas says on 14/May/14
Guys should not take seahawsfan seriously . The dude posted some crazy things like 6'2 is a giant in the United States and his insane arnold estimates, his bad pics with terrible angles etc. And yep leo dicrapio look 5'11 max with Jonah hill. 6'1.5 is a joke.
cole says on 14/May/14
Some agencies lie, yeah, but that's usually not on the downgrading end! Doubt any model-agency would ever list someone 5'11 if they were 6'0.
Balrog says on 13/May/14
Seahawsfan, I don't know if that is a joke, but there is no way he's pulling 6'1.5'' on that pic. Solid 5'11''.
cole says on 13/May/14
@Seahawksfan: Are you actually being serious right now?? Jonah Hill is a 5'6 range guy at best, and being generous you could say there is 5 inches between them.
johnny says on 12/May/14
I just cant see over 5'10.5 I mean there is a lot of evidence suggesting that he isnt anything over it
johnny says on 12/May/14
I do get the feeling that he is a lift wearer, and I mean when he is not on the red carpet there is really a difference and change in height.
Its surprising how tall some of the women he dates are. Some seem to tower him like the current one.
[Editor Rob: I heard a rumour he was caught buying lifts from a guy outside Bronx Zoo once!]
Dmeyer says on 12/May/14
I steel think 5'11.25 minimum i dont Know who is the other dmeyer , hé should use another nickname Like dmeyer2 or something
cole says on 11/May/14
@Dmeyer: What happened to "5'11.25 minimum"?
Obivously I agree with johnny - at best he looks 180 cm with Ridley Scott.
cole says on 28/Apr/14
@Dmeyer: The top of his head is bang on the 6ft mark, and maybe with a wee correction in posture, he could hit 6'0.25 - 6'0.5. That's the fact of the mugshot, but it is from a movie, and a scene where we have no view of his footwear, so it's rather pointless arguing the fractions from the mugshot alone. He could be in 2 inch lifts or he could be in regular dress shoes - we just don't know. Assuming he's in regular dress shoes then yes, 5'11.25 or 5'11.5 is likely. But since it's hollywood I'd be sceptical to say anything for sure based just on the movie-mugshot.

I'd much rather argue over the scene where he in loafers looked noticably shorter than 5'11 John Bernthal who perhaps had a small advantage in footwear, or the premiere pics of Leo and 5'11 Jean Dujardin where Leo definitely didn't look taller. While in the movie Leo looked about 1 inch taller than Dujardin, so that supports the claim that he was indeed wearing lifts in some of the scenes, what's to say he didn't wear them in the mugshot-scene?
Dejavu says on 27/Apr/14
It's not like 5'11 is short though. He just dates tall women.
Dmeyer says on 27/Apr/14
cole says on 10/Jan/14
What's your take on the mugshot, Rob?

I'm think 5'11 flat at best barefoot.
[Editor Rob: it can depend, some people might stand near their measured height, but others could always be not standing as though being measured and drop 2cm]
I agree i havé à friend who insist hé is 178cm but usualy looks 176cm but when hé fully streches very rarely he can look 177.5cm
Dmeyer says on 26/Apr/14
Wakes at 183cm and 181cm night but could be 182cm too but not 180cm or 183cm
Hypado says on 26/Apr/14
Leo is 180/181cm
James B says on 26/Apr/14
Rob deep does look 5'9.5 with Leo in that pic. Would you agree?
[Editor Rob: he could have been one of the rare guys who got a bit more age 19 range]
Banshee says on 26/Apr/14
All his past girlfriends, ALL of them, say clearly that "they want a man that would be taller than them". This guy is 180 cm flat. Even in "Wolf of Wall Street", when he was measures, he was barely 6'0 with suit shoes on, which usually are around at least 1-inch-heeled.
Joe says on 25/Apr/14
Look at him with his 6 foot sometimes 5-10 listed girlfriend, they are bare feet and in flip flops and she is always at least 2" taller than him... 5-10 for dicaprio
jtm says on 25/Apr/14
he looks like he is trying to look as tall as possible with blanchett and his footwear looks questionable. i still don't think he is 5'11 or 6'0.
Dejavu says on 24/Apr/14
I think he filled out and grew after 19.
cashionf says on 24/Apr/14
I know Leo personally and he's 6'0"
avery_t says on 22/Apr/14
I walked by him twice last night in TriBeCa. He looks 6ft in sneakers at 9PM. His sneakers probably give him an inch. So, I'd say 5' 11" at night.
cole says on 21/Apr/14
Really doubt he grew 1-1.5in after the age of 19.
MarkyMark says on 19/Apr/14
I think he's a legit 6'0. A least 181 cm. Cate Blanchett is 174 cm, the heels she's wearing in the pic give her at least 8 cm. So she's at least 182 cm, and Leo's shoes give him 3 cm at max and he looks 3 cm taller than Blanchett.
curious says on 15/Apr/14
Rob, don't you think that Leo has the proportions of a smaller guy? Like 5'10? I'm not saying he's that tall though. Oh, and how many inches do you think his head is?
[Editor Rob: I've never thought of his proportions making him look small, but I think you can take somebody at 6ft or even 5ft 10 in single photos and get them mixed up!

His head doesn't look much more than 9 inches, it looks quite balanced (eyelevel to head equal to eyelevel to chin)]
Jed says on 15/Apr/14
His girlfriend is listed at 5'10-5'11 (5'10 by her agency) yet looks taller than him a lot of the time.
Banshee says on 6/Apr/14
Exactly, 181 cm out of bed is bang on. No way is he 6'0.
cole says on 6/Apr/14
@Seahawksfan: Exept he's standing several steps closer to the camera than Jay... Useless to argue anything.
176,2Tunman says on 5/Apr/14
Aged 19,he may very well have been 5'10.5" with 5'9 De Niro.
I would have thought 5'11.5" was fair for him but watching Blood Diamonds he could be a good 2-2.5" shorter than Honsou,like a good 6cm,possibly closer to 5'11 than 6',181 is perhaps bang on.
Banashee says on 5/Apr/14
He is 181 cm out of bed. No doubt about it, just read Cole's comment below.
Dejavu says on 1/Apr/14
He looked shorter when he was 19, like 5'10
Arch Stanton says on 29/Mar/14
Realist says on 18/Mar/14
Guys, just watch Basketball diaries, titanic and the movie with Diane KEaton, some of his early ones. He does not look more than 178 in them. He is just a little taller than DeNiro in one of them. I am damn sure he has had limb lengthening or some special lifts. This guy is making me really suspicious.

Brad Pitt is another one who could look 5'9" range in his early movies, 178 max yet being fully grown and nowadays looks nearer 6 ft too.
Arch Stanton says on 29/Mar/14
Really doesn't look 5 and a half inches taller barefoot than Winslet in Revolutionary Road on the beach.
cole says on 28/Mar/14
Honestly, giving Leo 5ft 11.5in has always seemed like a generosity to me.
I just cannot see how he'd measure that mark...

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

@Editor Rob: By having Oscar Isaac at 5'7.5 and now listing Mark Ruffalo at that mark as well, to me it looks like you should be edging your way towards a flat 5'11 listing for Leo. He does not look 4 inches taller than those guys, no way. He could just about pull off looking near 182 cm if Ruffalo was 173 cm, but now that he's been put down to 171 cm, the listing Leo's currently holding makes little if no sense.
[Editor Rob: 181 isn't out of the question]
PeteClone says on 25/Mar/14
All this talk of Leo really being 5'11" gives me that warm feeling inside when you find out you're taller than the current Hollywood heartthrob.
lulz says on 21/Mar/14
@Realist, Yea, Leo's got time for limb lengthening with all the movies and appearances he does every year throughout his career. You literally can't walk like a normal person for 6 months after starting such a surgery. You can see a million pictures of him in public not wearing these magical (invisible?) "special lifts" you say he has. He's also visibly lanky in Marvin's Room (the movie with Diane Keaton you mentioned)
[Editor Rob: in 50 years there may be techniques or therapy that can somehow gain you height, or surgery which has much shorter recovery period. If Sly was around in the future, every few years I'd be upgrading his height up half an inch...]
Realist says on 18/Mar/14
Guys, just watch Basketball diaries, titanic and the movie with Diane KEaton, some of his early ones. He does not look more than 178 in them. He is just a little taller than DeNiro in one of them. I am damn sure he has had limb lengthening or some special lifts. This guy is making me really suspicious.
Joash says on 18/Mar/14
what! 5'11.5" if she's 5'8.5" he's definitely 6'0" from that photo - her heels are quite high. At best Leo should be 5'11.75" out of bed, this pic was probably taken at past midday. upgrade, Rob.
Hypado says on 15/Mar/14
He is 180cm
dmeyer says on 13/Mar/14
i met Jonah hill he is close to 5 ft 7 at least 5 ft 6+
Mr. R says on 12/Mar/14
@ Mary. I saw Leo and Jonah together at a screening last year. Jonah is 5-5. Leo is 5-10.5
Dejavu says on 12/Mar/14
I think 182cm is the tallest he can be
Ka says on 10/Mar/14
In movie wall street, he was measured in shoes as week 6f, but nowadays how many lifts a dress shoe can give you, as least 3cm for an ordinary one let alone celebrities wear customary shoes..
1.84 m 72 kg says on 9/Mar/14
1.83, in movies say that. 1.82 is improbable
Banshee says on 6/Mar/14
Inded, in "Wolf of Wall Street" he was measured 6' ( a weak one to add ) with suit shoes on. Average suit shoes have 1' heel, so indeed, Leo, yet again, proved to be no more than 180 cm in person.
DMEYER says on 3/Mar/14
blanchet should be 5 ft 11 with those on 2.5-2.6 in type if she is 5 ft 8.25-8.5 , leo looks 6 ft shoes so 5 ft 11.25 seems right since they dont look too thick
chrissss says on 3/Mar/14
180cm, in wolf of wall street he waas measured 6ft with shoes on, never looked 6, more a 5'11 with bad posture
DMEYER says on 2/Mar/14
about 5-5.5 in shorter than 193cm guy so he can look 5 ft 11 there
Dejavu says on 1/Mar/14
Closer to 5'11 than 6'0. 181cm
Banshee says on 27/Feb/14
The final proof ( God, we've got so much evidence to suggest it already! ) that DiCaprio is no more than 180 cm tall in the morning.
With Charlize Theron wearing 'ballerina' shoes ( there is a video from the event on youtube where you can see that ).

Click Here
cole says on 24/Feb/14
@Zenit: Nice one! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Carew in person, but I've met other Norwegian internationals whom I feel very sure about height-wise, and Carew doesn't look a single cm taller than 193 with any of them. I've met Morten Gamst Pedersen (former Blackburn-player) - he didn't seem any taller than me (180 cm), and he looks the same height as DiCaprio does with Carew in most pictures.

Fact: Carew is 6'4 at best, but got listed 6'5 when he started playing abroad. Fact: Pedersen is 5'11 at best, but got listed 6' when he started playing abroad.
This seems all too familiar, and not in a good way...
Zenit says on 23/Feb/14
Leonardo being dwarfed by 193 cm/6'4" ex-soccer player John Carew.

Click Here
Banshee says on 20/Feb/14
I think that any claim of DiCaprio standing taller than 5'11' is a joke. All the evidence suggests to the contrary.
To those people talking about 'out of bed'/'night time' height differences. As a medicine student I'll tell you something: the max height difference day/night is no more than 1.5 cm ( according to scientific data ). The average difference is 1 cm.
Thus, again, any claim for Leo at 6' is just a lie. 5'11.5 is being 'generous', while 5'11 is 'spot on'.
Tom Hanks looks taller, even now that he measures max. 5'11.5
Sam says on 20/Feb/14
All the tiny url's are coming up with a message "URL Terminated" due to no-abuse policy. That ain't good.
[Editor Rob: best switch to or another one ]
Sam says on 19/Feb/14
He and 5'11" Jean Dujardin appear to be the same height, confirming to me that DiCaprio's 5'11" flat.
Click Here
dmeyer says on 18/Feb/14
When standing well Leo can defenetly look 5'11.5
dmeyer says on 17/Feb/14
Leo shoes are Under 1in and her Just Under 3in and He look Solid 1in taller So 3" taller 5'8.5 and 5'11.5
Mary says on 15/Feb/14
Hey Rob, what do you think about this photo? Leo is towering over Jonah Hill, and both of them seem to have the same posture. Assuming Jonah Hill is 5'7 (170 cm), how tall would you say Leo looks here?

Click Here
Goose says on 15/Feb/14
Thanks DMeyer. You are usually pretty right on when I compare the celebs I've personally seen with your estimates. My only doubt is during interviews, etc next to Hanks which would put him lower unless Hanks himself warrants an upgrade. That being said, your account jibes with friend's accounts. Actually, the people I've known who have been in actual proximity to him usually put his height in the 6' - 6 1/2 range however they usually don't guess heights on a regular basis either.
Goose says on 15/Feb/14
Thanks DMeyer. You are usually pretty right on when I compare the celebs I've personally seen with your estimates. My only doubt is during interviews, etc next to Hanks which would put him lower unless Hanks himself warrants an upgrade. That being said, your account jibes with friend's accounts. Actually, the people I've known who have been in actual proximity to him usually put his height in the 6' - 6 1/2 range however they usually don't guess heights on a regular basis either.
DMEYER says on 13/Feb/14
i meant i didnt see him in good conditions but i saw him enaugh to see a range like 5 ft 11-6ft after seing pics i think 5 ft 11.5 is bang on he did look 5 in taller than 5 ft 6.5 glenn
DMEYER says on 13/Feb/14
i meant i didnt see him in good conditions but i saw him enaugh to see a range like 5 ft 11-6ft after seing pics i think 5 ft 11.5 is bang on he did look 5 in taller than 5 ft 6.5 glenn
Dmeyer says on 12/Feb/14
@goose i didnt see in good conditions , but i did see him And havé seen 1000 pics of him beside people i met , i think 5'11.5 is on the money , with à chance of 5'11.25 And 11.75 i Will ne surprise of hé was 6ft or 5'11 flat , in inches 5'11.5 at worst 11.25 , 11.5 is à range tall enaugh to look 6ft-6ft1 to some people And 5'10-10.5 to some , rob has him right
dmeyer says on 11/Feb/14
Morning 183-183.5cm night 181 181.5cm on a good night 5'11.5 listing Is fair
dmeyer says on 11/Feb/14
In the pic his haïr Is near 6'1
Goose says on 11/Feb/14
I've read your accounts on Leo's height, not taking into account other posters, if you had to put a number on him in inches what would it be....thanks
dmeyer says on 11/Feb/14
Knowitall in that shot I see more 0.5-0.75in while hanks has 0.25in more shoes and his head is slightly backwards , I at think at peak hanks was max 1-1.5cm taller than Leo , now Leo look taller than him in 2013-2014 in 80% time , hanks use to be 6 ft and standing very well made him look 184cm Leo about 181.5cm and standing poorer made he look 180cm wish explain in some shots 1-1.5in diferance , now when they both stand at tallest they look very close , I have seen a interview video were Leo has a flat sneakers 0.7in type and hanks 1inchers and looked about equal in height or 1cm shorter wish make him same height I think peak Leo 5'11.5 now same and peak hanks 6ft now 11.5 , I met both they look similar within 0.5in both looked same height near me but I had 1cm shoes with Leo , so 1.5cm diferance with hanks peak maybe
Mr. R says on 11/Feb/14
Knowitall says on 8/Feb/14
DiCaprio is shorter than Tom Hanks by about an inch and a half:

Knowitall, I have been saying all along that Leo is 5-10.5 He walked right past me on level ground.

Click Here

If Hanks is six feet, DiCaprio is five-ten & a half.
1nedstark1 says on 10/Feb/14
guys,what do you think about this: Click Here

is wearing shoes or not in this picture?
Balrog says on 9/Feb/14
A decent 5'11'' man never dips below 5'11'' (180.3cm) when I said DiCaprio is a solid 5'11'' I mean he never dips below 180.5, so I really can't see him at 5'10.5'' Mr R.
Sam says on 8/Feb/14
Someone said its doubtful Leonardo's even 6ft or close to it in the morning, in which case he'd probably be dipping below 5'11 at night which I honestly can't see as he always looked solid 5'11 range to me, so he could be 6ft or just a little over in the morning, so his heightt: 181cm
Knowitall says on 8/Feb/14
DiCaprio is shorter than Tom Hanks by about an inch and a half:

Click Here

If Hanks is six feet, DiCaprio is five-ten & a half.
dmeyer says on 7/Feb/14
About 181cm Is lowest for him at worst 180.8cm He looks taller than 180people
dmeyer says on 7/Feb/14
I met him twice but not in good conditions 1 time He walked by me the other was standing too far
Sam says on 6/Feb/14
Sleazy posture? LOL at that word combination.
dmeyer says on 6/Feb/14
Rob could Leo be as short as legit 5'11 like 180.3-180.4cm wish Will make me 1cm taller , He does look That range with Dujardin
[Editor Rob: it is arguable yes, 181 could be his measured height though.]
dmeyer says on 6/Feb/14
If they have same footwear and considering the 186Guy dosnt stand as straight as possible it hard to ses more than 181cm on the other hand can look Just 2cm Under 183.5cm watababe , 5'11.25 Is possible 5'11-11.5
Dejavu says on 6/Feb/14
In photos, he usually appeared to be at least 5'11. Most I have seen him look is probably 6'0
DMEYER says on 5/Feb/14
i might look a hair taller than leo near a 186cm guy
Balrog says on 5/Feb/14
Good picture, Rob looks a good 2in difference there. So 180-181 I mantain my solid 5'11" guess. And also I repeat he should won the Oscar!
Skinner says on 5/Feb/14
He does look more than 180 cm in this pic
Click Here
That's probably his best physique appearance to date.
Right now, he has bad and sleazy posture, that's why it makes us visualize him to be shorter than we've thought.
DMEYER says on 3/Feb/14
so if 5 ft 11-11.5 is arguable then 5 ft 11.5-6ft is less likely
[Editor Rob: yeah I wouldn't argue more than 11.5, I mean it is worth posting this photo again: Leo and Dom.

Dom in the past has talked about this site on the radio and taken a dig at our riduclous Bruno Mars listing on twitter ;)

anyway he said on the radio he's a fraction over 6ft you can argue Leo is 180-1 with him I think.]
Goose says on 3/Feb/14
My friend is a realtor in Beverly Hills and I asked him last week if he had ever seen DeCaprio. He said he had in Barney's BH and he judged him to be his height. My friend is roughly 6 1/2 inch without shoes. Take it for what it's worth as it's a second hand account.
dmeyer says on 3/Feb/14
Rob dinner time wath is more likely for Leo 5'11.25/181cm or 5'11.5/181.5-6cm
[Editor Rob: I think it's 50/50, you can really argue 5ft 11-11.5 range]
Dejavu says on 2/Feb/14
He looks at least 5'11 in all of his photos.
DMEYER says on 2/Feb/14
i think leo is not less than 5 ft 11.25/181cm dinner time i think 5 ft 11.25 11.5 and 11.75 are all possible 5 ft 11/180.3cm is not impossible
kevin says on 2/Feb/14
i think hes between 180-181cm. 183 is too high anyway but 179 would be too low
DMEYER says on 2/Feb/14
mr r , wath shoes leo had and wath was yours and was his posture good
johnny says on 2/Feb/14
The absolut lowest he could be is a strong 5-10. But 5-11.5 sounds accurate. He's older now and has gained more weight and probably looks shorter sometimes. but back when he was a young guy he always looked pretty tall. Like in The Beach.
dmeyer says on 1/Feb/14
Rob from wath Mr r saw and the fact that you say 5'11" flat is arguable , Leo is defenerly no taller than a 181.3cm dinner like me ???? Answer
[Editor Rob: there is a fair chance he might be around 181, 179 I wouldn't want to argue that]
Mr. R says on 1/Feb/14
@Balrog Nope. I stick to my original sighting of 5-10.5 when I saw him a few weeks ago.
Dural says on 31/Jan/14
He's shorter than Hanks, 183cm is impossible dmeyer. I can see him between 5'10.25" and 5'11.25", the mugshot is reality. I'm not convinced he's taller than Bundchen, maybe on the red carpet.

Click Here
nick says on 31/Jan/14
That mugshot picture is AMAZING. 6 foot in shoes.

Most likely 5'11 flat
Dmeyer says on 30/Jan/14
The somallest he could be is 5'11 1/8in like almost 181cm
Dmeyer says on 30/Jan/14
Rob i have. Hard Time seing leo at 5'10.5 , when in looks similar as hanks when in Équal posture , taller than 5'10.5 bundchen , i think 183cm is more possible than 179cm best is 181-182cm 180 and 183 are unlikely , but 179cm is impossible
[Editor Rob: I'd be very surprised if he was 179. It's probably at the lowest end of the guess range for him, sure he can look it sometimes, but more often he looks more than that.]
Dmeyer says on 30/Jan/14
Rob i have. Hard Time seing leo at 5'10.5 , when in looks similar as hanks when in Équal posture , taller than 5'10.5 bundchen , i think 183cm is more possible than 179cm best is 181-182cm 180 and 183 are unlikely , but 179cm is impossible
qartt says on 30/Jan/14
rob on the subject of mugshots, leonardo has a twelve inch head based on the photo of wolf of wall street. His eye line is at 5'6 which puts his height at 5'10 to 5'11. I am not saying he is, just the photo would indicate that. His head in reality will be 9 and 1/2 inches not 12. You need to subtract an inch from the top and an inch from the bottom.
[Editor Rob: remember your head is in front of the height chart so it will look amplified in size if you are using the lines behind.

His head is very average size.]
Balrog says on 30/Jan/14
Mr R any chance on full 5'11". 179cm seems a bit too low.
Mr. R says on 29/Jan/14
Stood right next to him. 5-10.5
Jordan says on 29/Jan/14
How could a Guy who is 5'11.5 TOPS in a mug shot, in shoes ( he was all Dressed up), somehow be 6 feet in height? He is lucky to be 5'10.75"!
Arch Stanton says on 29/Jan/14

Because it looks exactly what he's measure if stood next to one. If his head was near the 6'4" mark then you'd know it was fudged.
Balrog says on 28/Jan/14
Solid 5'11" guy. 180cm. He deserves the Oscar.
Goose says on 27/Jan/14
Why would you assume the movie's mugshot is accurate? I've seen all kinds of mugshots in movies where they make the actor look taller by fudging the measurement scale. The only mugshot height I would trust would be a real one.
Realist says on 27/Jan/14
Sam says on 27/Jan/14
Mel's head is so much closer to the camera that it's hard to tell the comparison. Gibson can look 5'10" easily with posture and shoes, so DiCaprio should be a solid inch taller looking.
NJP says on 27/Jan/14
Stood on the red carpet with him at Leicester Square for Revolutionary Road and shook hands with him in the foyer and had the opportunity to exchange a few words. I'm 179cm in the evening or a little over 5'10". I never felt that he was any taller than me, both of us in dress shoes. I guess that if he stood to attention he'd be around the 5'11" mark but only just.
NJP says on 27/Jan/14
Seahawksfan says on 9/Jan/14
Unless there's a major footwear advantage, he looks a little taller than 6 feet by 6'2" Morgan Freeman:

Click Here

The photograph was taken at a low angle, taken at around upper chest height, giving the impression that the difference in height is less than it is. While it appears that Leo's eyes are level with Morgan's nose, the reality is that his eye level is probably closer to Morgans top lip.
dmeyer says on 26/Jan/14
i think 5 ft 11.5 is closer than 5 ft 11
Dural says on 26/Jan/14
@Mr. R

Here's one with a better angle

Click Here
Mr. R says on 24/Jan/14
Ok, not the best angle, but clearly Mel and Leo are closer in height. Leo seems to be looking Mel almost in the eye.

Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 22/Jan/14
I saw his footwear in the film Cole and it looked normal. If you think he'd be wearing lifts just for that... He looks 6'0.25-5" in shoes to me, barefoot I'd say 5'11.25-5, this is about right.
Sam says on 21/Jan/14
Ah, Day-Lewis is at least 6'1" with good posture.
Sam says on 20/Jan/14
In The Wolf of Wall Street, he could look from 5'11" to six foot. Close to Kyle Chandler's height but he did not seem taller than Jon Bernthal for sure.
Adrian says on 19/Jan/14
The reason why Leo looked tall in Wolf of Wall St is because he was acting along side a short Jonah Hill. Same thing happened in 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum; where he looked massive next to Jonah Hill.

Lets go back to Gangs of New York; where Leo starred opposite a genuine 6 footer; Daniel Day-Lewis. And now compare the height!

Leo is no 6 footer.

No more than 179cm in the morning for Mr Dicaprio.
cole says on 19/Jan/14
It would have been better if Leo got a similar mugshot to Jon Bernthal: Click Here
cole says on 19/Jan/14
Well for one he's not standing right up against the height-markers and the 6ft 1 mark is well over the top of his hair, so he does not look 185. The top of his head wouldn't go up to the very top of his hair, it would obivously be higher than the 5'11 mark, maybe near the 6ft mark and perhaps a tiny shade over if he stood his tallest. BUT we don't know what kind of footwear he's wearing, so it basically means very little.

There could be so many things affecting what we see. He could be closer to the camera than what the markers are (as well as not standing right next to them), he could be wearing big shoes, we don't know. They shoot each scene with a purpose, how tall Leo's character seems in a mugshot we see for mere seconds, in a movie, and when there are so many things we don't know or can't see, it's frankly a rather pointless argument.
jtm says on 19/Jan/14
5'11 in shoes
Jordan says on 19/Jan/14
He only hits 6 foot in the mug shot because of Hair and shoes. Take that away he is a lucky man to be even 5'11. Look at the pic posted by Aiden. IDK how someone can look at a man that is not over 6 foot with his hair and shoes on and still claims he is a solid 6 foot.
6-4 says on 18/Jan/14
Take a good look, he is 185 in The WOLF's mugshot with shoes. No way he is under 5ft11 (you shorties :)) Why is so hard to except, that he is 5.11.5??
Dmeyer says on 18/Jan/14
Nothing under 6'0.25-0.5in shoes on , i was 5'11.8-11.9in with à 1cm trainer hé was à haïr taller in normal sneakers 2.5cm type , defenetly 6'0+ shoes on , Will hit 6'1 in big footwear 1.4-1.5in
cole says on 18/Jan/14
@Arch Stanton: You have absolutely no idea what kind of footwear he was wearing in the mugshot. It's all speculation, no need to get angry.

This is your opinion, one that you have every right to have, but I've got to say: if you honestly believe the top of his head is anywhere near the top of his hair, you may be the one who needs glasses. It's a little higher than the line drawn in the first post, sure, but it's obviously nowhere near 6'0.5 - 6'1 range, no chance.

Maybe he just about scrapes the 6ft mark, maybe he would reach a tiny fraction above 6ft if stood as tall as possible. But again, it's speculation because we have no way of knowing what kind of footwear he's wearing in that shot.

I maintain my 5'11 estimate (will never agree with 5'11.5 +) - 5'11.25 is not outragously impossible (although I wouldn't argue 5'11.25 as his low), maybe he could be around that height early in the day, but more than likely he dips a little under 180 cm in the evening, near enough 5'11 flat to claim 5'10.75 - 5'11 as his low.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
Am I the only one who thinks he looks 184 in shoes in the mugshot and that without he's likely 5'11.25-5 as listed here? Jeez.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
LOL you're undercutting his height with the line!!! His skull mark is actually near the top of his hair because he has a side partin and the hair is gelled against his scalp.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
Fellas you're wrong, watch the film and you'll see that this talk of him only being 5'11.5 in shoes is nonsense.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
@Power you're wrong dude, you need glasses!! Towards the end of Wolf of Wall Street he is stood by the height chart for his mug shot and he's BANG ON between 6'0 and 6'1" in shoes. 5'11.5" is absolutely spot on.
cole says on 17/Jan/14
@Highland: Marsden rarely looks 5'10. He was noticably shorter than the 5'10 Jesse Tyler Ferguson on 'Modern Family' and looked barely taller than Mark Wahlberg in '2 Guns', he was also around the same height as Katherine Heigl in '27 Dresses'. He's a 5'9 flat guy in my opinion, 5'9.25 at most. It's only for a very brief moment DiCaprio is next to him, so it's not much to go by. I'd imagine Leo would look roughly the same with Marsden as 5'11 Josh Radnor did - 1.5-2in zone taller.
Highland says on 17/Jan/14
Check the video below, we can see him standing in the same angel with james marsden who is a solid 5ft10 (178). And Leo clearly has a little bit more height (So we can rule out anything below 179).

I think the author is pretty much spot on

Click Here
The Power says on 16/Jan/14
Leo was 5'11.5 in mug shot in wolf of wallstreet IN HIS SHOES,!!!!!!he is 5'10.5 to 5'11 barefoot, not 6'0.
dmeyer says on 16/Jan/14
Realy looks barely as tall as 5'11 dujardin who claims 5'11.25
Guest1985 says on 16/Jan/14
I met him in 2006 and he looked about 6'1 to 6'2 in flip flops. He has a gigantic head so that may have skewed his height a little. Met Brad Pitt as well and he seemed a like 5'10-5'11 (normal sized head).
stanleyhipkiss 180cm says on 15/Jan/14
Click Here
stanleyhipkiss 180cm says on 15/Jan/14
I think Leo height is 179cm because Jean dujardin height is 181cm
Aiden says on 15/Jan/14
@Diogo, How does it prove he's 6 feet tall? The mugshot scene (Click Here) shows him at 5'11 (most likely in shoes). If he's not standing too straight, he might still measure 5'11 barefoot but that's about the absolute most I can imagine.
As for the pictures from the 2014 Golden Globes with 6ft 0.5in listed Bradley Cooper, he looks somewhere between 5'10 and maybe 5'11.

Rob, what's your take on Leo? Perhaps he's not quite 182cm but 179/180 cm?
[Editor Rob: Leo I think can be anywhere 5ft 11-11.5, above that I'd rule out. Below it? I think I'd be surprised if he dipped under 5ft 11.]
Diogo says on 15/Jan/14
Wolf of Wall Street proves that he's 6ft tall or at least very close to it.
cole says on 14/Jan/14
With Bradley Cooper (however tall he really is...)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

With 170 cm Christoph Waltz
Click Here

With 171 cm Oscar Isaac
Click Here
Click Here

I don't see how DiCaprio could possibly measure 182 cm.
SkiP says on 14/Jan/14
In the wolf of wallstreet trailer you see leo and jon bernthal almost right next to each other ... and jon bernthal is 178cm
when you look at the picture you will see that leo is quite the same height as jon
i dont know how u all see that but for me leo is something slightly under 180cm

just type in gogle jon bernthal and leo and you will see it or watch the trailer of wolf of wallstreet
Mr. R says on 13/Jan/14
Leo seems taller in our eyes because he is so thin. He and Jonah Hill walked right past me on solid ground last month at WoWS screening. Leo was exactly one inch shorter than me. 5-10.5

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

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