How tall is Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio's Height

5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films such as Titanic, Inception, The Revenant, The Departed, Shutter Island, Gangs of New York, Aviator, Blood Diamond and The Wolf of Wall Street. On Teletext UK, a journalist once said "He stands no more than 5ft 10ins (if that), is rake thin" and The Sun reported the reason Gisele Bundchen broke up with Leo was that her "ideal man has to be taller than me". Leo himself claims to be 6 foot. In AccessHollywood he said " 'That's the number one thing people say to me constantly 'Wow! You're a lot taller than I thought you'd be,...They have a perception, I guess, that most actors are gnomes or something.' For the record, Leonardo hangs in the air at about 6 feet tall."
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How tall is Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo and Cate Blanchett
Photos by PR Photos

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CS said on 3/May/16
@c-mo when you state your estimates for people, are you thinking of their average height? Like the average of their night height and morning height.
CS said on 3/May/16
Rob has said Leo's range is roughly 5'11" - 5'11.5" so there's no doubt in my mind he's somewhere in that zone. Of course he can sometimes appear shorter like dipping down below 5'11" and other times appearing taller like approaching 6'0" but everyone appears taller or shorter than they actually are at times. That's just how it is.
James B said on 3/May/16
When will you give him 181cm rob?
Editor Rob: by the time I do he might be shrinking ;)
c-mo said on 2/May/16
easy 182cm . maybe 183cm

I dont get people here who think he is 5'10
Original said on 26/Apr/16
Tommy said on 22/Apr/16
Funny how people are commenting about a man who will probably never get married or have any kids in his entire life
Dmeyer said on 17/Apr/16
At rampage with respect , if rob list him 5ft 11,5 181,6cm means rob think the absolute max possible is 182cm And absolute minimum 180,5cm so you could do an b c , like 184/182cm 183,5/181,5cm And 183/181cm
Tommy said on 15/Apr/16
Rob, do you think his long hair makes him look taller?
Editor Rob: he brushes it back, but it doesn't have a lot of volume, so won't add that much.
TJE said on 15/Apr/16

Because people slouch. It's just how it is. Most people aren't walking around at full height and Leo's no exception.
Mat said on 14/Apr/16
Everyone here knows that by the end of 2016, Dicaprio will be downgraded to a 181 cm listing. He is going to be the most famous 181 guy in all of celebheights xD. It is just a matter of time really. I wonder if he will ever be downgraded to 180 though, cause he looks it sometimes... Anyway, 180 or 181, it's one of the two really, unless we measure him we won't know for sure. But we do know he is not 182 ;-)
Mat said on 14/Apr/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/16
Rob, where would Leo fit in?

A) 185cm/183cm
B) 184.5cm/182.5cm
C) 184cm/182cm
D) 183.5cm/181.5cm
E) 183cm/181cm
Why are you doing this ABCD **** in every single page? Admin lists him at 5'11.5, which is a weak 182 cm, so why are you asking if he is 183 cm or 182.5? That's just a waste of time and stupid. If Admin thought Leo was 183 he would have listed him 6 feet even. The question is whether Dicaprio is in the 181-182 zone or the 180-181 zone or even -though less possible, in the 179-180 zone. Oh, and the average loss for above average heights is more 2.5 cm range than 2 cm.
jtm said on 14/Apr/16
why is this slouching excuse used so often here?
TJE said on 11/Apr/16

In the wider shot, yes, but in Leo's closeup it's more 2 inches. When Leo picks his head up, Mario is looking straight into his nose indicating so.

Hence, Leo's a 5'11 range guy who frequently slouches; look at him with Matt Damon, Christopher Nolan, even Cate Blanchett on the top, who's a strong 5'8 in heels. He always looks 5'11 min

Better yet with 5'3 Martin Scorcese:

Click Here

Once you look into it more, you will realize that the 5'10 assessment is bogus.

Also, it's not those who "estimate higher" that go off topic. It's actually the opposite. In fact, most commenters that estimates higher are barraged with ad homs by other commenters. The site's riddled with such scenarios. You will also notice people who think every single celebrity wears 3 inch lifts populating the most popular pages. These people can get quite volatile if scrutinized.

In fact, you are amongst the people who both underestimate celebrities and veer off topic, albeit more levelheaded.
007 said on 11/Apr/16
Leonardo looks between 5'10.75" to 5'11.25"(180-181cm) with Jonah Hill( 5'6.25").
Click Here Click Here
Tommy said on 11/Apr/16
Rob, how much taller do you think he is next to Kate Winslet?
Editor Rob: typically she has worn heels when being seen with Leo, but when wearing heels I think leo looked roughly 3 or a bit more inches taller
Johno said on 10/Apr/16
TJE, i am just a commentator on here, policing is not my job. All my comments are here plain to see and you will notice that i don't initiate anything. Although, i do see some users ridiculing others in the aim to veer off topic and i hope others start to notice this pattern; it is mostly users that go for higher height estimates. As i said before, fixed user names would be ideal but i am fine as it is.

My post was not a rebuttal; it was just me posting content for other users to see and judge Leonardo's height ---- the content is pretty much on topic and it is not doctored by me thus, instead of ignoring it ---- simply click the link.

You will notice that Leonardo looks virtually the same height as Mario Lopez ...
Johno said on 10/Apr/16
TJE, i am just a commentator on here, policing is not my job. All my comments are here plain to see and you will notice that i don't initiate anything. Although, i do see some users ridiculing others in the aim to veer off topic and i hope others start to notice this pattern; it is mostly users that go for higher height estimates. As i said before, fixed user names would be ideal but i am fine as it is.

My post was not a rebuttal; it was just me posting content for other users to see and judge Leonardo's height ---- the content is pretty much on topic and it is not doctored by me thus, instead of ignoring it ---- simply click the link.

You will notice that Leonardo looks virtually the same height as Mario Lopez ...
truth said on 10/Apr/16
Mario Lopez is 5ft9 and he looks 2 inches shorter than Leo (eye level is at the tip of his nose). 5ft11 would be the fairest estimate imho.
TJE said on 9/Apr/16

Lol tf are you on about? You forget to take your meds this week? Please keep your conspiracy theories to yourself, mate.

Your hypocrisy is astounding since you go around this site constantly veering off subject and police other commenters in the same breath. Also, your follow up post only proves that you made your "rebuttal" out of pure insecurity.

You've essentially just trolled yourself. Congratulations. Goodbye now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/16
Rob, where would Leo fit in?

A) 185cm/183cm
B) 184.5cm/182.5cm
C) 184cm/182cm
D) 183.5cm/181.5cm
E) 183cm/181cm
Editor Rob: I think ultimately D-E zone is where he might end up, the general consensus could fall around 5ft 11.25 overall.
Johno said on 7/Apr/16
Click Here

Here is an interview between Mario Lopez who is between 5'8.75-5'9 and Leonardo Dicaprio and it is glaringly obvious -------- they look the same height !

It is quite surprising that he looks the same height as a 5'8-range, 5'9 man and Mario tends to bend or duck his head often. He stands eye-to-eye to Dicaprio and thus me giving Leonardo a phantom 1-inch should reduce any possibility of error or under estimation.

Leonardo Dicaprio with my phantom 1-inch added to his height still does not look above 5'10 and you understand why his ex-girlfriend was insinuating that he was short but i don't consider 5'10 short in any capicity.

Mario Lopez 5'8-range, 5'9
Leonardo Dicaprio; looked the same height as Lopez plus Phantom inch is 5'10.
Johno said on 7/Apr/16
TJE ----- is that some sort of condition. At times i believe Rob should actually fix usernames on here and that way you won't see all of a sudden multitude of comments on here from a single or dual source. By labelling me, "Height183" will not serve as a good deflection or pre-emptive defense against a possible counter accusation.

Although, with user names fixed, you will probably see a good slow down of these random correspondences to Rampage or his often conversations to himself; anyway .....
Hasselbaink said on 7/Apr/16
If Tom Cruise is 5'7 then i can't see Dicaprio being 5'11.5 next to him in this photo Click Here What do you think?
TJE said on 6/Apr/16

Lmao Johno must be Height183 reincarnated.

Please go away Height183, we all know you have nothing of value to say on the subject matter.
Tommy said on 6/Apr/16
This 5'11.5 listing is the highest he can ever look
Johno said on 5/Apr/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/16
Johno, what you like is to bully and denigrate other visitors to this site because their opinions differ to yours. In some ways, your as obnoxious and dislikable as Andrea


You are something else; it seems Andrea sounds like a smart individual and pretty reasonable and pleasant to me and so do many users who have perfectly valid opinions but honestly why cannot you let people have their own height opinions without bringing commentary on the person's supposed character into question? Keep it strictly height related? This is what i have increasingly noticed about height inflators, it is almost like they have a personal affiliation with the celebrity's height category. I do hope other users notice this set pattern; it is silly.

Keep the topics strictly about height and stop crying.
Ricky said on 4/Apr/16
He looked 5ft11 range at visit Medan and Aceh Indonesia in march 2016
BT said on 4/Apr/16
@datguy: The votesy page currently has 30 (out of 66) people saying 5'11 and 17 saying 5'11.25, so yeah, most people would agree with you on that. It's been well documented over the years that he mostly does look nearer 5'11 than 5'11.5. I'm sure Rob will change the listing eventually ;)
datguy said on 3/Apr/16
leo appears 5'11-511.25 WAY more. than 5'11.5 he should get a downgrade rob he hardly ever appears this height and I'm sure most people here would agree with me
CS said on 3/Apr/16
I never really thought about Leonardo's height until I found out about this website. Looking through a lot of photos of Leo and I have to say Rob's range of 5'11" - 5'11.5" is spot on. The shortest he can look IMO is 5'10.5" and the tallest is 6'0" so 5'11" - 5'11.5" is pretty accurate with 5'11.25" being the sweet spot perhaps.
zaq said on 2/Apr/16
looks like he grew a bit since 19 when filming with depp looked to be 5'7-5'8 in that movie
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/16
Johno, what you like is to bully and denigrate other visitors to this site because their opinions differ to yours. In some ways, your as obnoxious and dislikable as Andrea
Allen said on 1/Apr/16
Leo never wears lifts! And he is on the tall side as it seems. Looks from 178 to 182.
Aaron Zamora said on 1/Apr/16
So far 5'11 (180) cm is what everyone think Leo measures. When will you downgrade him, Rob? That voting page has been there for a while already.
Editor Rob: I think it's worthwhile to keep that vote open for a long time to get more votes.
Aza said on 28/Mar/16
Rob has Kate Blanchett at 173 cm. Her shoes look to give 5 cm making her look 178cm. Think the listing is pretty close. Could argue for 181cm or 182 cm as am not 100% sure on his footwear.
Mat said on 27/Mar/16
Click Here

Rob, how tall does Leo look here? 5'10.5?
Editor Rob: with cooper he can look right on 5ft 11
Aaron zamora said on 26/Mar/16
Is there a chance of Leo being 5'10.75? Who do you think is taller him or Jake gyllenhal?
Johno said on 26/Mar/16
End of discussion? What like end of thread for all time? The whole point of these threads is to discuss; tbere is no end to anything.

Are you insinuating that the 6'1 estimate at 16 as stated in this article is correct? What is he now ---- 6'2?

Alternatively, if you believe 5'11 is his lowest and i believe, a 5'10-range could be his lowest, then i would like my odds of being correct ----- i really, really like them.
Tom said on 25/Mar/16
More proof he's 5-10. Click Here
Jeff said on 25/Mar/16
To me, the current listing fits him more than just 181cm
Tom said on 25/Mar/16
I doubt he's any taller than 5-10. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Mar/16
Thank you!

End of discussion, Johno
Jeff said on 21/Mar/16
Rob, he's listed at 6'1 here, maybe you wanna add it to your description? :) Click Here
Editor Rob: there's not really a need now, if he had claimed 6ft himself
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
Rob, what are the chances of Leo measuring 5ft11 flat?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't put my house on it, but there is of course a chance.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/16
Rob, how likely is 5ft10 flat for Leo and just under 6ft for Zane?
Editor Rob: I think Zane could look above 6ft and DiCaprio sub 6ft nearer5ft 11...but I wouldn't want to argue only 5ft 10-10.5 for Leo, that doesn't add up as much as 5ft 11-11.5 range might.
TJE said on 20/Mar/16
This listing's held out for quite a while.

IMO Leo's a strong 181 guy when up straight. 181 right before bed. Maybe an irregular listing would suit him like 5'11.375 or 5'11.3-4.

Thoughts, Rob?
Johno said on 14/Mar/16
@Alexmahone, you must be one of them career upgraders, there seem to be alot of them random ones on this board.

There are a couple of hundred celebrity heights and i only comment on a few of them and out of them few, only handful i am more then inch out and they happen to be the ones i take an interest in and they happen to be A+ listers; a majority of my estimates are within agreement of Rob's.

It seems to me your metric system is a bit out; 5'11.5-6'0 translates to more then 180cm ----- "Are you mad?"

Leo is no more then 5'10 at best, possibly 5'10.5 if yoi push it but near 6'0 as your probably insinuating? Come on now, i can't take you seriously.

Leo 5'10 average
Billy Zane 5'11.5-6'0
AlexMahone said on 11/Mar/16
This Johno guy is the greatest downgrader ever in this board. He downgrades everyone with 4-5cm. No Johno DiCaprio is not 5'10. He's only 5'3". (Billy Zane is under 180cm? Are you mad?)
Tommy said on 8/Mar/16
Billy Zane can't be under 6'1 when he clearly looks taller than Leo.
Allie said on 7/Mar/16
Congrats on him for winning the Oscar! Although I don't think it should've been for the Revenant, it was long deserved none the less. Anyways, 181 cm's my bet.
120 said on 7/Mar/16
I think he could fit with 181 cm
Johno said on 7/Mar/16
Don't apologise Rampage, nah ----- i think my estimates are closer, obviously i did not measure them with a stadiometer thus, there is always a chance of error but most of the guys you mentioned barring Hanks and Zane are around average height, they haven't given any other impression other then average ---------- never tall.

You have acknowledged the height differences between all parties at least so for example, i don't know of many people who would say Tom Hanks is anything but a 5'11-ranger and yes your right he did have some height on Leo. Also with Billy Zane, he did not even look 6'0 with Mamun and that was glaringly obviously and yes your right ----- he had inches on Leo ----- what does that make Leo? Pretty average in height.

With Mario Lopez, even if you give him an estimate of 5'9 ---- are you going to argue he is not within an inch of Leo's height as evident by the pictures? Are you going to argue that he did not have some height on Tom Hardy? ------- How can Hardy and Mario both be 5'9?

Leo 5'10 Max
Mario Lopez 5'9 Max
Hardy under 5'9 ----- Max
Tom Hanks 5'11-ranger
Billy Zane ----- Under 6'0
Jack Daniels said on 7/Mar/16
I think Leo is 5'11" maybe 5'11.25" in the morning. Many photos shows that.
Around 5'9 said on 7/Mar/16
I think he's 2/3 of an inch under 6'0. Probably 180cm at night time. Great job winning Oscar Leo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Mar/16
His claim is honest enough. He probably would be 6ft earlier in the day
LOL2 said on 4/Mar/16
hollywood is crazy if 5'11 men are wearing lifts
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/16
Sorry Johno but those are all well off...DiCaprio is 5ft11 range, Zane is over 6ft and can look near 6ft1. Hardy is no less than 5ft9 and may very well be a fraction over it. Lopez is around 5ft9 also
Tommy said on 3/Mar/16
Rob, do you think he got taller after Titanic?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have thought so
Alex said on 3/Mar/16
I dont know, he looks the same height as 6'0( 183cm) Nick Diaz. Maybe 1 cm shorter, but not more.
Johno said on 3/Mar/16
@Rampage, whilst i agree with you on there being around 2 inches or so between Leonardo and Billy Zane; i do not agree on Billy Zane being 6'1 ----- it was quite evident by Mamun's pictures that Billy did not look more then 5'11.5-5'11.75 next to him thus, in comparison to Zane, making Leo look less then 5'10 next to him.

With Leonardo in the 5'11-range would make Mario Lopez most definently 5'10.5-5'11 and Hardy 5'10 and make him basically the same height as his co-star in Catch me if you can, Tom Hanks --------- Tom had a few inches on him. In all fairness, i would be quite surprised if he measured more then 5'10.

Tom Hanks 5'11-5'11.5
Hardy 5'8-5'8.5
Mario Lopez 5'8.75, 5'9
Billy Zane 5'11.5, 5'11.75 ------ 6'0?
Leonardo, not more then 5'10
Idk said on 1/Mar/16
Picture with the Diaz bros does a good job of showing you actual 6 footers next to Leo. Clear to see that there is more than .5 inches between them, more like 1.5
Dmeyer said on 1/Mar/16
H is for sre not 1mm under 180,3cm/5'11 in person because of solid 0,5in more shoes h looked about 6ft h is defenetly 6ft And change with normal 1in shoes on , the Guy isnt outside 5 ft 11-11,5 zone
hijopotamus said on 1/Mar/16
Leo seems to be a 181-182 languid terrible sloucher.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/16
You could argue a strong 5ft11 for Leo and a weak 6ft1 for Zane...
Sean95 said on 29/Feb/16
On the votesy poll I tried to click 5'11.25 but it took 5'11 flat for some reason
Steve said on 29/Feb/16
I tried on some of the Titanic costumes in 1999, I was 177 cm and 82 kg or 5'9.5 and 180 lbs. I could barely fit into Billy Zane's costume let alone Leo's,both were super skinny, the only one that fit properly was the one for Bernard Hill (Captain Smith). Billy is probably just over 6 ft and was always taller than Leo in that Movie, something doesn't add up. Maybe he's counting the 2 inches of hair that's usually sticking up.
Click Here
Steve said on 29/Feb/16
I tried on some of the Titanic costumes in 1999, I was 177 cm and 82 kg or 5'9.5 and 180 lbs. I could barely fit into Billy Zane's costume let alone Leo's,both were super skinny, the only one that fit properly was the one for Bernard Hill (Captain Smith). Billy is probably just over 6 ft and was always taller than Leo in that Movie, something doesn't add up. Maybe he's counting the 2 inches of hair that's usually sticking up.
Click Here
Aaron zamora said on 29/Feb/16
Now that he won an Oscar I'm sure that his name on here is going to make up on the list. Congrats to Leo great actor. Well deserved.
Johno said on 27/Feb/16
Click Here

A snap of both Leonardo and Mario Lopez. I also watched their interview, their eyelines are roughly the same but Leo's forehead appears to larger, i can give Leo a 0.5-inches over Leo. Mario's footwear appear 0.25-inches thicker then Leo's, thus Leo may have 0.75-inches over Mario.

Rob has Mario at 5'9 thus, Leo appears 5'9.75 next to Mario.

I have Mario at 5'8.75, that makes Leo arouns 5'9.5 standing next to Mario.

However, alot of height users have Mario at the lower end of 5'8, this makes Leo appear no taller then 5'9 in comparison ----- Leo is not 5'9 but a 5'10 estimate would be fair. I can give a bit away and Leo would not appear more then 5'10 next to Mario. He also does not have 2-inches on Tom Hardy, betweem 1.5-2 inches; Hardy nearly always has normal flat shoes on [The man is confident in his own skin].

Mario 5'9, 5'8.75, 5'8-ranger
Leonardo 5'10/weak-5'10
Hardy 5'8-5'8.5
184.3cm (Night) said on 26/Feb/16
I think him and Nolan could be both 5'11.25". He never looks 6 foot and a true 182cm guy can pull that off at times easily. I just can't buy 5'10 though, the pic right here with Blanchett puts that to bed.
ElDuderino said on 25/Feb/16
5'10 - 5'11 with mario lopez
Aaron zamora said on 25/Feb/16
@dinny I don't think Nick is the full 6' but Leo does have a poor posture and Nick is fronter of the camera. I think his brother Nate would edge Nick out.
177-178 cm guy said on 25/Feb/16
@Johno Look at him with legit 5'11" Nolan and tell me he's shorter than 5'10":

Click Here

179-181cm is normally the range he looks.
ax said on 24/Feb/16
I met him a couple times. My friend dated him. 5'10". Interesting person.
5'11 said on 24/Feb/16
Rob, doesn't he look like a solid 5'11" guy more often than 5'11.5"?

He rarely looks taller than Nolan who is listed at 5'11.25". In some pics, Nolan edges him out. You'd expect the opposite if Leo were a solid 5'11.5".

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: I think his range can look anywhere over 5ft 11-11.5
Dinny said on 24/Feb/16
Leo is 5'10.75
Here is a picture to prove it: Click Here
Both of these guys are 6 ft. They are Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz. Leo looking 1.5 inches shorter with his hat on. It's time for a downgrade rob, please, the evidence is clearly there.
Dmeyer said on 24/Feb/16
I think he might be 181cm at his very low after long day on his feet or after running and 181,5 on a good day , in person we might be few mm of each other ,
Aaron zamora said on 22/Feb/16
Rob, how tall do you think Leo was in the titanic movie?
Editor Rob: he could look 5ft 11-11.5 range, certainly no six footer
Len said on 22/Feb/16
Has never looked taller than 5'10".
James B said on 20/Feb/16
Funny 10 years ago before I discovered celeb heights his internet movie database profile had him at 6'1. I really believed he was that tall.
James B said on 20/Feb/16
A true example of a legit 5'11 man. Actually just goes to show you that a 5'11 man can pull of looking tall since I don't think people realise what 5'11 really looks like in reality since 5'9.5 range guys claim it.
Len said on 19/Feb/16
Yet another 5'10" actor who claims 6'.

Seems to be a very common thing. Is 6' magical or something?
MaskDeMasque said on 17/Feb/16
If Leo is 5'11.5, then Hardy needs an upgrade to 5'9.5. Personally i can see 5'9 maybe 5'9.25 for Hardy and 5'11 maybe 5'11.25 for Leo.
Mat said on 17/Feb/16
@177-178 cm guy

Damon is a weak 5'10
Johno said on 17/Feb/16
@177-178 cm, yes with a 5'10 Matt Damon he can look 5'11, with a 5'11 Matt Damon he would look like 6'0 but that is if the difference is 1-inch between.

The difference looks more rather 0.5-0.75 inches thus, with a 5'10 Matt Damon he can look 5'10.5-5'10.75. With a 5'11 Matt Damon he can look 5'11.5-5'11.75 -------- however ....

With a 5'9.5 Matt Damon he can look 5'10-5'10.75. With a 5'9 Matt Damon he can look 5'9.5-5'9.75. With a 5'8-range Matt Damon ????? Let us just say he does not look above 5'10.

He never had an inch on Jamie Foxx in Django but who knows ---- Foxx maybe 5'10? Or 5'10.5? Certainly then Leo would be 5'11. However, most agree Foxx is 5'9 so i am afraid 5'10 sounds like the best option.

Leo 5'10 tops [Tops !!!]
Jeff said on 17/Feb/16
He looks more than a flat 5'11 most of the time. 182cm is spot on
amaterasu said on 16/Feb/16
Rob, majority is thinking that he is 5'11" flat, but I found this Click Here and here he is looking no less than 182cm if Billy Zane is indeed 184cm. So maybe he doesn't dip below 5'11.5" mark.
Editor Rob: at times he pulls off 182, then in other photos doesn't look outwith 180-181cm range...ultimately he may well end up 181cm.
177-178 cm guy said on 16/Feb/16
@Johno Here's a group picture of him next to Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg. If Damon is 5'10" then Leo is at least 5'11":

Click Here
NBAer said on 15/Feb/16
With 175 Hardy,Leo looks about 180-181
With 175-176 Jamie Foxx(aka Django),he still looks about 180 minimum
So,imo Dicaprio is a guy who would measure in the 180-181cm range evening time barefoot,meaning:closer to 180 at his lowest,and maybe closer to 181 at his normal low height.In other words,Leonardo Dicaprio is a legit 5'11 guy on the worst case scenario...
Jeff said on 15/Feb/16
Dicaprio generally looks anywhere between 1 to 2 inches taller than director Innaritu: Click Here Click Here He can also look 3 inches taller on some occasions. My bet is 5'11.5 as listed. He doesn't have Pitt and Cruise's posture and can also look 6ft quite a fair bit when he stands straight
Editor Rob: the ongoing visitor opinion seems to be 5ft 11-11.25...which is a range he can look. 5ft 11.5 is probably the top end of a range for him.
Johno said on 14/Feb/16
The fact that he looked exactly the same height as Mario Lopez is rather worrying for Leo.

When i state 5'10, i am being pretty open. I certainly would not state this height for a $64,000 question if i was only allowed to be 0.25 inches out ---- my estimate would be a bit less optimistic in that scenario.

5'10 [Don't be surprised if happens to be lower]
177-178 cm guy said on 11/Feb/16
Whoops I meant Johno. My bad
177-178 cm guy said on 11/Feb/16
@S.J.H I highly doubt Leo is 5'10" max. The shortest he has looked is 5'10.5" and most of the time he seems to be 5'11".
S.J.H said on 10/Feb/16
Honestly Leo is no way taller than 5'11 and this is the max 2inches he look taller than a legit 5'9 joseph gordon levitt and sometimes they even look 1.5" strong in height difference. Lowest 179cm and max 180cm for Leo
Mat said on 9/Feb/16
Rob, has Dicaprio ever looked under 5'11 to you?
Editor Rob: anybody at times can appear shorter/taller, so sometimes you can see him looking maybe barely 5ft 11.
Dmeyer said on 9/Feb/16
Looks 3in on sly easy
Johno said on 8/Feb/16
On the contrary, the movie Django was an excellent movie to make height comparisons between Foxx and Leonardo, they both had on Western Boots and both looked similar in height.

In the promos, in some events, Leo was a few inches taller then Foxx and Walts and that was rather silly, but in some dress events Foxx looked taller. Foxx is not a short man, strong 5'9. Leo is not a short man, probably one of the tallest average-normal men but not tall --- a legit 5'11 is tall. That 5'10 height that reporter gave Leo was probably fair and certainly don't believe he is taller then this, he is probably shorter still.

Jamie Foxx strong 5'9
Leo Max 5'10
Allie said on 7/Feb/16
Does Leo really look 182 cm with Toni Garrn who claims 6'0 herself?
I think he's a solid 181.
Johno said on 6/Feb/16
Leonardo is not one of the tall guys. With Jamie Foxx, the one where he has lifts on he can look near 2 inches taller. Alot of the pictures they look the same height and at times Jamie Foxx the taller one.

In Django, they were all wearing cowboy boots including Leonardo and Leonardo was exactly the same height as Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx is 5'9.
Da Vinci said on 5/Feb/16
Why does everyone loathe Leo's height? He's a solid 182 cm but nobody seems to want to accept that lol
Moke said on 4/Feb/16
Offtopic, but
-How old is that picture? Looks very young to me.
BT said on 3/Feb/16
@5ft 9.25: I did not. I have seen enough pictures of Leo with either of them, standing side by side, to see that he does not look 4.5in taller than Waltz or 2.5in taller than Foxx. Heck, a bunch of them has already been posted several times. I have seen this picture posted before, and I have posted it once already myself, but it seems like people overlook it, so I will post it again: Click Here Scroll further down the page and have a look at the full body shots of Leo with 5'9 Hardy and 6'2 Poulter as well. He looks 5'11 flat more often than near 5'11.5. 5'11.25 is an ok shout, he could well measure near that, but I would not argue he was 5'11.5 when Hardy and Foxx claim 5'9 and Waltz claims 5'7 - it does not match up.
Dmeyer said on 3/Feb/16
To me it isnt hard to see 6cm taller than 175cm hardy
5ft 9.25 said on 2/Feb/16
If you argue based on the movie "Django unchained" you're off. Camera angle and footwear deceived you.
IMO evening heights:
DiCaprio 5'11.25
Foxx 5'9
Waltz 5'6.75
But personally I think DiCaprio would edge out Cumberbatch so I'm still happy with 5ft 11.5
5ft 9.25 said on 2/Feb/16
I would downgrade Leo. 181cms should be a fair evening height for him.
177-178 cm guy said on 1/Feb/16
Hey Rob. Would you say that this is just a two inch difference or a little bit more?:

Click Here
Editor Rob: it can be 2 inch range, more if he has looser posture.
Mat said on 1/Feb/16
Rob, what do you think of the difference between Poulter and Dicpario?
Click Here
Click Here

I feel Dicaprio is 181 cm
Editor Rob: he can look near 3 inches shorter
BT said on 31/Jan/16
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM: So Jamie Foxx claims 5'9 but is really 5'10, and Christoph Waltz claims 5'7 but is really 5'8? DiCaprio looks at best 2 inches taller than Foxx and 4 inches taller than Waltz, so the 183 over 180 cm argument is pointless. He's most likely around 5'11 flat or a tad over, and that's not "wanting him to be shorter" (@Sean), that's just what he looks.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 30/Jan/16
I would guess that he's 183 CM over 180 CM (I'm not saying that he's either by the way). 182 CM is definitely fair for him.
Sean said on 30/Jan/16
Everyone, stop wanting him to be shorter so that you guys feel better about yourselves. Leo is a man who's above average height and get over it!
John said on 29/Jan/16
More like 181cm rather than 182 or 183 for Dicaprio.
Idk said on 29/Jan/16
He is 180 and hardy is 174-175
Alessandro said on 28/Jan/16
In the "Wolf of Wallstreet" he stays right on the spot (maybe half an inch under) of 6', although with high shoes.
Barefoot i think that he is no more than 5'10.75/11 in the morning (:
tk said on 28/Jan/16
I think that most of the times, he seems a bit over 5'11''. My guess is close to Rob's, at 5'11.25 - 5.11.5''
berta said on 28/Jan/16
if he is 180 then hardy is 173
TJE said on 27/Jan/16
There's honestly no need for the poll. Ad populum isn't much of a reason to change a listing; we're better off just discussing it on here.
ElDuderino said on 27/Jan/16
Yeah he definitely looks a full inch shorter than Garrn
Aaron zamora said on 27/Jan/16
Rob, how long will you keep the voting open for Leonardo's height? So far 5'11 is the winner it has a total of 55% don't you think that it's time for a downgrade?
Editor Rob: I might put a link to it at the top and let it run a while.
Allie said on 26/Jan/16
180-181 cm. Toni G destroys those 6ft claims haha.
Mat said on 26/Jan/16
Rob, how much is the visual diffrence with Blanchet in the pic? She should be 5'11 in the pic with those heels. If Dicaprio is wearing lifts I think it can be explained.

Is this a 1.5 inch or 2 inch difference? If it's 1.5 difference then a case can be made for 5'11.25 for Dicaprio (if he is not in lifts), and that's if his shoe gives 1.25 in. Unless she is not 5'8.25 and she is a flat 5'8 as she claimed. What do you think Rob?

@Dmeyer no way that's a flat shoe he is wearing, it's about an inch definitely.
Editor Rob: maybe in 1.25-1.5 range,there's probably almost 2 inches in footwear difference.
Dmeyer said on 26/Jan/16
5 ft 11 and change get called 6'1 in the us a lot , 5'10.5-11 claim 6ft usualy , the worst lyers are extras on movie sets on average 1.5in round up , guys 6ft and up usualy are honest enaugh
Editor Rob said on 26/Jan/16
Saw him described over 6ft in one article (Telegraph)
"When the 16-year-old DiCaprio - by now 6ft 1in after a sudden growth spurt"
Dmeyer said on 26/Jan/16
even if they give just 2.5in she is 5'11 with the shoe he has to be a bit over 6ft wearing flat shoes so about 5'11.5
Dmeyer said on 26/Jan/16
even if they give just 2.5in she is 5'11 with the shoe he has to be a bit over 6ft wearing flat shoes so about 5'11.5
Votesy said on 25/Jan/16
We've noticed some registrations on Votesy coming from here. We just launched the site last week and so are working hard on fixing a bunch of bugs. We did just fix the bug that was preventing Facebook users from logging in though.
Mat said on 24/Jan/16
Rob, how much do Blanchet's heels give in the picture above? Less than 3 inches? If they are 3 inches, then only 5'11 would be hard to argue for him.
Editor Rob: I'd say in 2.8-3 range.
Editor Rob said on 24/Jan/16
there was some bugs on this vote site below, but the facebook login now works.

If you want to vote on what you think Leo is, here is the link:

Click Here
Mat said on 23/Jan/16
Rob, you mentioned that Leo wore lifts in the Aviator? How do you know? Do you think there's a possibility he generally wears a small lift and he is 5'10 range in reality?
Editor Rob: he told Big G he had special shoes!
Dmeyer said on 23/Jan/16
he walked by me and from the lidl i saw he cant be outside 5'11-11.5 range
guest said on 22/Jan/16
I'm looking for that WOWS mugshot pic with the height chart. It was in the movie and the pic was mentioned on here. They could place the chart at any level they wanted. I don't see though why they'd make him shorter in it at all because he was tall in the rest of the film.
datguy said on 21/Jan/16
Paul he looked shorter because Jon Bernthal had the footwear advantage...
The Exorcist said on 21/Jan/16
Might be a bit bold of me here, but I put the The Wolf of Wall Street as Di Caprio's best movie, and possibly Scorsese's best movie also. It's at least as good as Goodfellas and Casino for me. Excellent movie!

Anyways, he's 5'11" minimum, 5'11.5" maximum. 5'11.25" would be a safe call.
Paul said on 20/Jan/16
How can a 181cm guy be shorter than a 180cm (5'11) guy?? Unless you don't know how to convert centimeters and inches, your explanation makes no sense.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jan/16
Rob I don't know if you want to ADD The Revenant. An excellent film. The problem with Leo is that he's really so on top of the Hollywood machine that almost eveyr year now an Oscar nominated film appears and there's only so many films you can mention haha! You could probably replace Shutter Island or something with The Revenant as it is Oscar nominated.
amaterasu said on 20/Jan/16
Come on Rob, you know that 5'11.25" is calling you ! He is exactly same height with Nolan, and you have Nolan here at 181cm.
Dmeyer said on 19/Jan/16
5ft 11.5 at noon 5'11.25 night a solid 181cm weak 182cm
datguy said on 19/Jan/16
Seems 181 cm to me. He was shorter than Jon Bernthal (listed at 5'11) in The Wolf Of Wall Street and doesn't look much more than over 2 inches taller than Tom Hardy.
John said on 18/Jan/16
There js a scene in Wolf of Wallstreet where he is literally standing next to a height chart after being arrested. He is wearing a full suit and is therefore in shoes. His shoes arent shown unfortunately.

He is exactly 6ft in this shot. He cannot be taller than 6ft based on this evidence and is therefore 178cm to 180cm range unless he is wearing lifts or extremely thin soled shoes. He is slightly taller than average in height and certainly not a short guy.
Sean said on 16/Jan/16
5'11 flat. Not more or less
Mat said on 16/Jan/16
Editor Rob: yes he can look about 5ft 11 there, domnhall is looking taller than he has in the past with good posture there.

You mean Poulter :p

So, since Dicaprio looks 5'11, mind adjusting his height a bit? Also, Inaritu who does look 1.5 in shorter than Dicaprio in their pics, has always footwear disadvantage over Leo. Maybe you should check it out yourself. Poulter is not over 6'2 by the way.
Editor Rob: I mean Domnhall, I think he can look under 6ft 1 at times
Grant said on 16/Jan/16
Nevermind I was getting domhall confused with will poulter
Grant said on 16/Jan/16
Looking at the picture with domhall, they both seem to be standing up straight, could domhall be 6'2.5?
Mat said on 16/Jan/16
Click Here Rob, isn't that a 3 inch difference?
Editor Rob: yes he can look about 5ft 11 there, domnhall is looking taller than he has in the past with good posture there.
Elduderino said on 14/Jan/16
Looks about 5'11 in Shutter Island next to Ruffako
bodwaya said on 13/Jan/16
how tall is director od reverant imdb lists him as 6 foot
The Exorcist said on 13/Jan/16
@HeightObsession: I saw Leo's wax figure at Madame Tussauds in D.C, and it was six-foot for sure. But don't take any wax figure's height as a genuine representation of a celebrity's true height as they're almost all wrong. You will see this if you google images of celebrities with their waxworks. Most of them are shorter.

I do agree that Leo is 5'11", maybe 5'11.25". But that is solely on judging photos...the ones which are good for judging height.
Mat said on 13/Jan/16
Rob, how tall would Innaritu be? over or under 5'10? He is listed 184 on the net. Mind making a page?
Click Here
Editor Rob: 5ft 10 range is probably reasonable.
jtm said on 13/Jan/16
inarritu is probably 177cm and dicaprio doesn't even look a full inch taller.
HeightObsession said on 12/Jan/16
Leo is not 5'11.5. My boyfriend is definitely exactly 5'11.5. He stood next to him at Madame Tussauds London and he was about a half inch or less shorter than my boyfriend at about the same heel height. I would give Leo 5'11.25 the most but I think 5'11 is the most accurate.
TJE said on 12/Jan/16
Alejandro Gonzlez looks 2 cm shorter than Leo. I reckon he's 179 range.
James B said on 12/Jan/16
Claiming 6ft and 'being' 6ft are 2 different things
Mat said on 11/Jan/16
Rob, he has greatposture right? I've never seen him slouching. Do you think he is height aware?
Editor Rob: at times he does, but sometimes he isn't standing as great like a pitt or cruise would.
bodwaya said on 11/Jan/16
ROb at the golden globes he looked taller then the director of Reverent who claims hes 6 foot.
Editor Rob: I doubt the director is that tall, he'll be sub six foot for certain.
whoa said on 10/Jan/16
181 tops. Maybe when he was younger he appeared taller as he was so thin. He looks 179 now. The tall girlfriends dont help
BT said on 10/Jan/16
@Editor Rob: Don't you think it's time to change Leo's listing to 5'11.25 if not 5'11? He has always looked like a typical 5'11 guy. I can see a case for 5'11.25, but he's obviously not 5'11.5 at his low. He's 2 inches taller than self-proclaimed 5'9 guys Jamie Foxx and Tom Hardy, and 4 inches taller than self-proclaimed 5'7 Christoph Waltz, at least that trumps almost all other evidence for me...

Click Here
Click Here
Dejavu said on 9/Jan/16
I think Leo is 181-182.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jan/16
He was at least 2in on Tom Hardy...gotta be in the 5ft11 range
jtm said on 3/Jan/16
still think he's 5'10.
177-178 cm guy said on 1/Jan/16
At least bring him down to 5'11.25" Rob. He really doesn't look any taller than 5'11" most of the time.
gian92 said on 31/Dec/15
not over 5'11 near Tom Hardy
cole said on 25/Dec/15
Nothing over 5'11 flat if Tom Hardy is 5'9 flat.
Johno said on 24/Dec/15
As the journalist described him, 5'10.
MD said on 23/Dec/15
With 5'9" Tom Hardy:

Click Here

He's always been closer to 5'11" flat than halfway to 6'0".
Idk said on 22/Dec/15
180 max
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 22/Dec/15
Can accept his claim (out of bed). In the evening/night he is probably nearer to a flat 5'11 than 5'11.5.
Personally I prefer honest celebs.. A good example is Pierce Brosnans who adds 6ft 2 'on a good day'..
177-178 cm guy said on 22/Dec/15
Click Here
Kati said on 20/Dec/15
I happened upon the Revenant premiere and Leo looked normal height to me (5'9"-10") which is right because his "actor height" is 6'0". That's a formula we use in LA and take off 3 inches. Those photos of Tom Hardy and the ones from the event I attended confuse me because he looked teeny tiny. I'm 5'3" he didn't seem that much bigger.
S.J.H said on 18/Dec/15
Theres some camera angle make leo taller than modest 5'11 christopher nolan. In atually fact leo is more like 5'10.75 or 5'11
ElDuderino said on 16/Dec/15
Is 5'11.5 his mid day height or his height before bed?
Mat said on 14/Dec/15
Click Here
Dmeyer said on 13/Dec/15
Hardy has air max 95 that gives near 1,4in 2,5cm so 1cm 2,5cm shoes leo is wearing so leo is about 6cm taller 181-2cm
Mat 5'10.25 said on 11/Dec/15
Admin, are you going to see The Revenant? If you see the film will you consider the 181 bet?
MaskDeMasque said on 11/Dec/15
In those photos, Leo is 2 inches taller. He's 5'11.
amaterasu said on 10/Dec/15
Don't forget that Tom is wearing sport sneakers, and because of the body weight the sole is compressing. While Leo is wearing dress shoes with a solid heel, so Tom doesn't really have any footwear advantage.
Nam said on 9/Dec/15
@Carl B if you look at the shoes Tom Hardy's wearing, they give him a bit of extra height.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 8/Dec/15
@Carl B
Lifts and downgrade Leo half of an inch and we know why..
Carl B said on 7/Dec/15
Can anyone explain these pics of Leo and 5'9'' Tom Hardy? I thought they were interesting.

Click Here
BT said on 17/Nov/15
@Rampage: 5'11.5 is 181.6 cm, which technically is nearer 182 than 181 cm. I don't think DiCaprio would measure nearer 182 than 181 cm though. Somewhere between 180 and 181 looks quite possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Nov/15
"Leonardo DiCaprio's Height is 5ft 11⅜in (181.292cm)"

Brushes 5ft11 (which technically is not 182cm but about 3mm below it). Can also look barely 5ft11 (5ft10⅞) at times.
dmeyer said on 11/Nov/15
I agree at 5'11.5 i am usualy taller than all kids under 14 also women and taller than a lot of older men , thats huge amount of people
James B said on 9/Nov/15
said on 3/Oct/15
Rob I'm 5'11.5 it seems I'm taller then most people so I would say my height perfect
[Editor Rob: it's above average, so really you shouldn't have any feelings of shortness through life, nor much worry about height.]

No feelings of shortness at 5'11.5 in life? not sure if i agree with that, i mean go to some of my local bars and I think you would feel on the short side at 182cm amongst some since this weekend I must have seen 3 or more guys who were close to or on 6'5 at my local.
Editor Rob: relatively speaking - the amount of times you will feel short should be incomparable to the amount of times you blend in as being above average when nearly 6ft.

And you will be taller than 99% of women and 99% of kids 13 and under...that's a massive chunk of the public.
dmeyer said on 28/Oct/15
i agree in france average is 5 ft 9.25 and when i am wearing 1-1.25 in shoes and am 6 ft 0.5or a lidl more i feel on the tall side also in america people 20-50 are about 5 ft 9.5-10 in so at 5 ft 11.5 is decently above average , of course people 18-30 are nearer 5 ft 10-10.5 and then 5 ft 11.5 is barely 1-1.5in above
Anonymous Height Researcher said on 27/Oct/15
Gx79 said on 3/Oct/15
Rob I'm 5'11.5 it seems I'm taller then most people so I would say my height perfect
[Editor Rob: it's above average, so really you shouldn't have any feelings of shortness through life, nor much worry about height.]

Actually these 5'9 statistics were taken from 1950's and 1960's army census where the average person was 5'9 roughly and 160 pounds, now the average is 200 LB and 6 Feet tall rob.
[Editor Rob: In the UK the average is still 5ft 9, it's not increased much and neither has it in America.]
Spencer said on 26/Oct/15
5'11.5 morning..5'11-5'11.25 for the majority of the day I think. 181 cm
Filippo said on 17/Oct/15
How can he be listed this tall when he is clearly a few cms shorter than Toni garrn?! She is listed from 5'10 to 6'. So, her maximum height is 183, and I'm not even considering the fact the all the model agencies lie about measurements. Leo is 1.80 on the dot as his absolute maximum. More likely a shade under that mark.
Idk said on 15/Oct/15
Lol he is not 6'1. Strong 5'11
Spencer said on 13/Oct/15
I think he's more 5'11 than 6 feet. Hanks looked near an inch taller in Catch me If you Can and Hanks looks 6 even.
Gx79 said on 3/Oct/15
Rob I'm 5'11.5 it seems I'm taller then most people so I would say my height perfect
[Editor Rob: it's above average, so really you shouldn't have any feelings of shortness through life, nor much worry about height.]
Gregor said on 29/Sep/15
Looks 5'11.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/15
5ft11(182cm) is still a fair guess. He can pull off looking the full 6ft at times.
BT said on 15/Sep/15
Personally if I were to be arguing 5'11.5, it would only be because of his tendency to not stand his best at all times. Other than that I'd say 5'11 flat looks nearer the mark. Perhaps that's why he's listed 5'11.5, because there is that doubt about his posture at times.
Joanna said on 15/Sep/15
Leo is 6'1,but he slouches terribly.That's why he looks shorter.He needs to straighten out his back.
Jon said on 15/Sep/15
Rob, thank you for your response! Btw, just not to be groundless, below attached I copy a picture which proves that Leo - just like almost anyone and anything out there - is around 180 cm mark. Here, next to his girlfriend, Toni, who is a legit 6' model:

Click Here

It is beyond any doubt she is at least 2-3 cm taller than he is.
Best regards and thank you again, Rob, for this awesome site!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/15
Rob, how likely is 5ft11 flat?
[Editor Rob: you could argue that mark, 5ft 11 up to 11.5 is all arguable, sometimes he looks anywhere over that range.]
dmeyer said on 9/Sep/15
Can look anywere 5'11-11.75
Jon said on 7/Sep/15
The difference on every single picture between Toni and Leo is an inch, at least. This would put Leo on a 5'11'' mark he most often looks. Admin, don't you think it's high time to downgrade Leo to 180/1 cm mark? Seriously, there's no evidence to show he is 182 cm when next to a legit 183 Toni he is at least 3 cm shorter.
[Editor Rob: I've said for a few years 181cm for Leo is very arguable, 5ft 11.25 may ultimately be the best fit.]
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 5/Sep/15
I really believe 5ft 11.5in is a good listing for Di Caprio.
Joseph said on 3/Sep/15
Looks 6' on the spot, but we don't see his feet.

Click Here
Betty said on 31/Aug/15
He is tall he is almost 6'0 so not bad
Michael said on 28/Aug/15
Looks the same height as Brad Pitt Click Here
Allie said on 26/Aug/15
Man, Toni G's actually 183cm tall. Look at her with Karlie Kloss. Whose a legit 6'1er. And she's taller than 5'11 Karolina Kurkova.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 24/Aug/15
Toni is in similar height to Leo. Don't really know why she's listed taller.
177-178 cm guy said on 19/Aug/15
177 cm is too low. He doesn't look anything under 5'11 next to Chris Tucker and Nolan.
Ali said on 16/Aug/15
177cm max. Gisele Bundchen is 177 cm tall and Di Caprio about the same height. Why 182cm rob? Real height + 2 inches hollywood height?
man said on 14/Aug/15
Toni Garrn is listed 181cm so Leo is 176cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/15
More than 50% of legit 5ft11 guys will claim 6ft.
It's purely an ego thing.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/15
More than 50% of legit 5ft11 guys will claim 6ft.
It's an ego thing.
Jakertini said on 7/Aug/15
My dad looks a lot like him and has a similar height claim. My dad claims "six foot" even though we have measured him and he is a flat 5'11" guy. I have a feeling that if they stood next to each other they would be the same. Both are good examples of a 5'11" guy lying over that inch they are shy of. If you want the most precise range for leo here it is 5'11"-5'11.25".
Gx79 said on 3/Aug/15
Rob would u say 5'11.5 is a good height for a man or short or what would u say the perfect height is fore
A male
[Editor Rob: gx, I think there are heights that are desired by men who are short or average. They would like to be 6ft, 6ft 1 or 2...some men who dream of basketball or nfl careers might have desired heights taller, like 6ft 3 or 6ft 7!

ova said on 30/Jul/15
need a downgrade. Leo is a legit 181cm. If he is 182 than Toni Garrn is 185cm. And Toni says she is 183cm
cup1 said on 27/Jul/15
what do you think was high in titanic ?
zyzz said on 24/Jul/15
here he is with chris tucker
Click Here
Gx79 said on 16/Jul/15
Rob it seem 5'11.5 guy can pull off 6'1 sometimes
[Editor Rob: anybody has the potential to look taller/shorter than their actual height. Photographs/positions/posture can sometimes account for 1-2 inches difference. I've seen it many times myself, someone looking shorter or taller in a photo than they really are up close.]
177-178 cm guy said on 28/Jun/15
Good find Jakertini. Here another picture of him and Tarantino and Foxx. Both him an Jamie seem to be in similar sneakers.

Click Here

Take away the hat and that's at least two inches.

And here he is with Christopher Nolan who us listed at 5'11" everywhere and the both look the same height:

Click Here

Leo is 5'11" and nothing more.
Jakertini said on 27/Jun/15
Leo is 5'11". He wears lifts and can give the illusion of being a 6'0" or weak 6'1" guy. I used to be 5'11.25" or 181cm. People thought I was 6'1". Now I am a strong 6'1" and soaking wet I can be 6'2". People nowadays think I am 6'3" or 6'4".

Here he is with a 5'9" Jamie foxx and keep in mind 3 inches should only should be a little above his eyebrows. They look like they are MAYBE 2 inches apart Click Here

Here he is with 6'1" quentin tarantino he looks 2 inches shorter. Click Here

To rap it up his build gives the illusion of being a 6'0" or 6'1" guy
real height said on 22/Jun/15
Click Here
He's not 182 cm
Di caprio ---> 5ft11 (180cm)or somewhere between 5ft10/5ft11 (179)
Jean Dujardin --> 5ft11 (180cm) exactly
youssef 5'8 said on 22/Jun/15
All the people i know thought he's short when i asked them most remember him for titanic and i thought he's short too max 5'9 and i don't think that a 5'11 guy would give that impression of a small guy i'm shocked to see this listing
Jakertini said on 21/Jun/15
Hey Rob where did the extra half an inch come from a majority of the people here think he is 5'11" maybe some change. I posted a pic of him and billy zane a solid 6'0" guy and he appears to be an inch taller than leo and they both are listed 6'0" on the nose or 183 on the internet. Could you please tell me where the extra .5 of an inch came from only a couple people believe he is a weak 6 footer and most think he is a solid 5'11" guy
[Editor Rob: It's what I'd say was the top end of the range for him, I think 5ft 11-11.5, anywhere in it is arguable.]
5'11Stud said on 19/Jun/15
Dicaprio's height definitely fluctuates between 5'11 -> 5'9.5.

Assuming Erin Heatherton is 5'9.5 (average between 5'9 and 5'10).

Pics with Erin Heatherton:
Pic on flat surface (Leo has shoe advantage ~1inch): Click Here
Pic on beach (Leo has sandal advantage ~.5inch): Click Here

My current theory is there is a smaller interval of height loss when his weight is low.
I've noticed that too with myself, where not only will I accumulate some height over the days
but also notice a smaller loss of height each day.

Me (low weight 8% BF): 5'11.5in -> 5' 11in
Me (heavy): 5'11in -> 5'10in

Seems there is compound gain/loss with each consecutive day from my observations.
rockitbaby said on 19/Jun/15
Rob, just put Leo as a 1,81 legit. It sounds fine by me. NO WAY he grewp after Titanic, at 23.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/15
181cm at the end of the day is possible.
Danimal said on 16/Jun/15
5'11" guy and 6'0" in shoes.
an anonymous peach said on 13/Jun/15
All evidence shows that Leo is a flat 5' 11" guy. He is clearly a solid inch shorter than Edward Norton who we know is a genuine 6 footer and Leo meaured 6 foot or possibly even a smidge less on a height chart with shoes on.

I think the absolute highest he can measure barefooted is 5' 11.25/181cm
an anonymous peach said on 13/Jun/15
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 10/Jun/15
His height at 18=5'7.5"

Do really think he grew after Titanic? I always thought he looked like a 5' 10" guy in that movie.
Jakertini said on 13/Jun/15
He definitely wears lifts I looked up some photos of him and al gore. Al is 6'0.5" or 184cm and in some pictures leo looks 2 inches taller than him some 2-3 inches shorter than him and I only found one that leo looks 5'11.5" about a solid inch shorter than al. I think he is one of those 5'11" guys who says they are six foot he definitely could be in the morning maybe 1/4 or 1/2 an inch under. It is acceptable for him to claim 6'0" but he better give it up because he will shrink soon he is 40. When I was 13 I was 5'10.5" or 179cm at night and 5'11.5" or 182cm from a full nights rest and I used to say I was 6'0". I used to be 5'11" and my peak was 6'0" on the nose and I claimed my morning height. People believed me and nobody said "You are not six foot you are more like 5'11".
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 10/Jun/15
His height at 18=5'7.5"
Mat 5'10 said on 30/May/15
Rob, how sure are you about this listing? For some actors you seem more confident about your estimates and for others not so much. What about a flat 5'11 for him?
[Editor Rob: I've said a while 181cm is a possibility for him.]
an anonymous peach said on 22/May/15
When do you reckon he stopped growing Rob? He seemed like a late bloomer to me.
[Editor Rob: 19-20 he could have got that other inch...]
192 Scandinavian said on 21/May/15
Leonardo is between 5'11 and 6'. Heck NO under 180. He is 181.6, I bet!
My friend, who is 184cm, has interviewed him for a several times and says the first time he saw him walking to reporters, he looked taller than they've thinked he'd be. He's over 180 but little bit shorter than my friend. Once he had sneakers, he told. And still rather tallish. The pic with Norton, who is about 184, stands straighter and Leo leans forward.
JJF said on 20/May/15
Agreed. 180-181cm seems bang on.
Always looks 5'11" in pics where he is not dressed up for the occasion - ie. when he wears normal shoes and isn't 'prepared'...
177-178 cm guy said on 18/May/15
5'9" is waaay to low for Leo. That would make Billy Zane 5'10.5 and Tom Hanks 5'10". He is bang on 5'11". It's what he pretty much always looks.
rockitbaby said on 14/May/15
Leo is shorter than Norton, who's 1,83m. And not just 1cm. He's the classic 5'11.
fish said on 12/May/15
shib 175 ?? you must be out of your mind.
i think dicaprio is closer to 6 feet than 5'11"
he is indeed a tallish guy.
shib said on 8/May/15
175 to 178
perfect height man said on 5/May/15
I'm a tiny bit over 5"11.25' and I could clearly recognize he is the same exact height as me. I told someone that and they got mad at me saying Leo is 6'+.

Looking at some pictures here, he seems to have a lot better posture than me, I seem to slouch and yet most people say they'd believe it if I said I was 6 foot.

If you ask me, my height and his is perfect for a man, but he ain't 6 foot and nothing wrong with that.
b-mint1994 said on 30/Apr/15
Here are some good pics of Leo and Nolan. Both seem to be wearing similar shoes:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If Nolan is indeed 5'11.25 then Leo is as well.
Amaze said on 29/Apr/15
still at a good height. tallish guy
no homo but he definitely looks better clean shaven. whats with the beard xd
177-178 cm guy said on 28/Apr/15
I find it funny that Gisele Bundchen was implying that Leo was shorter or the same height as her, when in most pictures Leo looks taller than her.
Marc said on 26/Apr/15
Rob do you think his height increased a little bit even after his 18. I've seen some pictures and at that age he looked like a 13-14 years old guy. I'm pretty sure he had late growth spurt. Before 18 and on his 18 birthday i think he could have been 5'10, after 18 he have reached the 5'11.5 level. Chris brown is a similar example. what do you think??
[Editor Rob: yes around 18-19 he might have got another bit of growth. ]
Chron540 said on 21/Apr/15
Even though, He's pretty tall for a guy in his appearance.
Chron540 said on 20/Apr/15
Rob, you think 181 cm might've been possible. he might've looked close to that.
177-178 cm guy said on 11/Apr/15
He pretty much looks just 5'11" in everything I've seen him in. This half-an-inch seems like too much. Quarter of an inch is possible though.
rockitbaby said on 6/Apr/15
Agree with Robbie. He's shorter than Garrn indeed and Levitt is 1,76m, Leo isn't that much taller than him.

And this is him next to Edward Norton, who's a legit 6'0. Shorter.

Click Here
Robbie said on 5/Apr/15
Leo looks a lot more 5'11 than 6'. But, occasionally he looks to be quite tall. But, I think he is actually around 180. Because if you look at pics of tobey maguire and Leo on the great gatsby set. You can see that the height difference definitely isnt as large as it seems on promotional events and premieres. So, I think this guy is 180.
Click Here
Click Here
These pics speak for themself. Albeit Tobey does have a slight footwear advantage. There is no way that Leo has more than 8cms taller.

Then, there is the case with his girlfriend Toni Garrn. No matter what, he looks to be at least 2-3 cmss shorter than her, and sometimes can look a bit more. Finally, with rockitbaby, he does reach 1.82-1.83, with shoes. What does that say for him being without shoes?
Click Here
This is inception and it does not look like the picture was altered. Leo looks around 3 cms taller than JGL and has all types of advantage on him.

Finally, with Jon Bernthal he looked to be exactly the same height in the wolf of wall street, maybe a cm on him, on a good day.

What are your thoughts on this Rob? Also, why can he sometimes look quite tall at premieres. Is he a lift wearer, or something.
rockitbaby said on 1/Apr/15
Leo is barely 6' wearing shoes as we can see from that pic in Wolf Of Wall Street. He's 1,80 guys.
dennis djjd said on 30/Mar/15
The problem with most listings is that celebs get height listed while wearing shoes, barefoot Leo is never 6 foot,same as the rock never is 6'3 without military boots.
b-mint1994 said on 30/Mar/15
I wonder who would be taller if they stood next to each other today. Leo or Pitt? I think Leo would edge him out.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 28/Mar/15
All the listings I see in 1990's newspapers and magazines report him at 6 ft, and 140 lbs. If we subtract the standard inch, He's 5 ft 11 minimum, 6 ft tops. Yeah 5-11.5" is a good estimate.
Mat 5'10 said on 27/Mar/15
How do you explain this photo Rob?

Dicaprio has : pavement, camera AND shoe advantage yet fails to edge out 6 foot tall Toni Garrn.

Click Here

Time for a downgrade to say 5'11 - 5'11.25? Besides the general comment estimate is nearer 5'11" than 6 feet. Think about it please :)

P.S. : Click Here This last one kinda settles it, doesn't it?
[Editor Rob: they are tough photos to tell as they are moving and not posing.]
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 24/Mar/15
5ft 11.5in seems a good listing.

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