How tall is Leonardo DiCaprio ?

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Leonardo DiCaprio height: 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

American actor best known for starring in films Titanic, Inception, The Departed, Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street. On Teletext UK, a journalist once said: "He stands no more than 5ft 10ins (if that), is rake thin" and The Sun also reported the reason Gisele Bundchen broke up with Leo was (in her own words) that her"ideal man has to be taller than me". Leo himself claims to be 6 foot. In AccessHollywood he says " 'That's the number one thing people say to me constantly 'Wow! You're a lot taller than I thought you'd be,...They have a perception, I guess, that most actors are gnomes or something.' For the record, Leonardo hangs in the air at about 6 feet tall"

Leo and 5ft 8.5 Cate Blanchett
Photo by PR Photos

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curious says on 15/Apr/14
Rob, don't you think that Leo has the proportions of a smaller guy? Like 5'10? I'm not saying he's that tall though. Oh, and how many inches do you think his head is?
[Editor Rob: I've never thought of his proportions making him look small, but I think you can take somebody at 6ft or even 5ft 10 in single photos and get them mixed up!

His head doesn't look much more than 9 inches, it looks quite balanced (eyelevel to head equal to eyelevel to chin)]
Jed says on 15/Apr/14
His girlfriend is listed at 5'10-5'11 (5'10 by her agency) yet looks taller than him a lot of the time.
Babu says on 13/Apr/14
5 ft 11 inches
Banshee says on 6/Apr/14
Exactly, 181 cm out of bed is bang on. No way is he 6'0.
cole says on 6/Apr/14
@Seahawksfan: Exept he's standing several steps closer to the camera than Jay... Useless to argue anything.
176,2Tunman says on 5/Apr/14
Aged 19,he may very well have been 5'10.5" with 5'9 De Niro.
I would have thought 5'11.5" was fair for him but watching Blood Diamonds he could be a good 2-2.5" shorter than Honsou,like a good 6cm,possibly closer to 5'11 than 6',181 is perhaps bang on.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 5/Apr/14
I expecting for him to be towered over, but he really isn't much shorter than 6'1.5"-6'2" Jay-Z here:

Click Here

He goes from looking identical with him to edging him out, but this photo looks to be the most realistic as there's likely no footwear advantage. This proves that he could be 6'0.
Banashee says on 5/Apr/14
He is 181 cm out of bed. No doubt about it, just read Cole's comment below.
Dejavu says on 1/Apr/14
He looked shorter when he was 19, like 5'10
Arch Stanton says on 29/Mar/14
Realist says on 18/Mar/14
Guys, just watch Basketball diaries, titanic and the movie with Diane KEaton, some of his early ones. He does not look more than 178 in them. He is just a little taller than DeNiro in one of them. I am damn sure he has had limb lengthening or some special lifts. This guy is making me really suspicious.

Brad Pitt is another one who could look 5'9" range in his early movies, 178 max yet being fully grown and nowadays looks nearer 6 ft too.
Arch Stanton says on 29/Mar/14
Really doesn't look 5 and a half inches taller barefoot than Winslet in Revolutionary Road on the beach.
cole says on 28/Mar/14
Honestly, giving Leo 5ft 11.5in has always seemed like a generosity to me.
I just cannot see how he'd measure that mark...

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

@Editor Rob: By having Oscar Isaac at 5'7.5 and now listing Mark Ruffalo at that mark as well, to me it looks like you should be edging your way towards a flat 5'11 listing for Leo. He does not look 4 inches taller than those guys, no way. He could just about pull off looking near 182 cm if Ruffalo was 173 cm, but now that he's been put down to 171 cm, the listing Leo's currently holding makes little if no sense.
[Editor Rob: 181 isn't out of the question]
PeteClone says on 25/Mar/14
All this talk of Leo really being 5'11" gives me that warm feeling inside when you find out you're taller than the current Hollywood heartthrob.
lulz says on 21/Mar/14
@Realist, Yea, Leo's got time for limb lengthening with all the movies and appearances he does every year throughout his career. You literally can't walk like a normal person for 6 months after starting such a surgery. You can see a million pictures of him in public not wearing these magical (invisible?) "special lifts" you say he has. He's also visibly lanky in Marvin's Room (the movie with Diane Keaton you mentioned)
[Editor Rob: in 50 years there may be techniques or therapy that can somehow gain you height, or surgery which has much shorter recovery period. If Sly was around in the future, every few years I'd be upgrading his height up half an inch...]
Realist says on 18/Mar/14
Guys, just watch Basketball diaries, titanic and the movie with Diane KEaton, some of his early ones. He does not look more than 178 in them. He is just a little taller than DeNiro in one of them. I am damn sure he has had limb lengthening or some special lifts. This guy is making me really suspicious.
Joash says on 18/Mar/14
what! 5'11.5" if she's 5'8.5" he's definitely 6'0" from that photo - her heels are quite high. At best Leo should be 5'11.75" out of bed, this pic was probably taken at past midday. upgrade, Rob.
Hypado says on 15/Mar/14
He is 180cm
Height181 says on 15/Mar/14
He looks near enough 6'0''.
dmeyer says on 13/Mar/14
i met Jonah hill he is close to 5 ft 7 at least 5 ft 6+
Mr. R says on 12/Mar/14
@ Mary. I saw Leo and Jonah together at a screening last year. Jonah is 5-5. Leo is 5-10.5
Dejavu says on 12/Mar/14
I think 182cm is the tallest he can be
Maio says on 10/Mar/14
In movie wall street, he was measured in shoes as week 6f, but nowadays how many lifts a dress shoe can give you, as least 3cm for an ordinary one let alone celebrities wear customary shoes..
in the movie he has been photographed and he looked 6ft with shoes on, but you need to consider that he was closer to the camera and probably the photographer wasn't on the correct line...
I think he could be anything between 5ft11 and 5ft11.5...
Ka says on 10/Mar/14
In movie wall street, he was measured in shoes as week 6f, but nowadays how many lifts a dress shoe can give you, as least 3cm for an ordinary one let alone celebrities wear customary shoes..
1.84 m 72 kg says on 9/Mar/14
1.83, in movies say that. 1.82 is improbable
Banshee says on 6/Mar/14
Inded, in "Wolf of Wall Street" he was measured 6' ( a weak one to add ) with suit shoes on. Average suit shoes have 1' heel, so indeed, Leo, yet again, proved to be no more than 180 cm in person.
DMEYER says on 3/Mar/14
blanchet should be 5 ft 11 with those on 2.5-2.6 in type if she is 5 ft 8.25-8.5 , leo looks 6 ft shoes so 5 ft 11.25 seems right since they dont look too thick
chrissss says on 3/Mar/14
180cm, in wolf of wall street he waas measured 6ft with shoes on, never looked 6, more a 5'11 with bad posture
DMEYER says on 2/Mar/14
about 5-5.5 in shorter than 193cm guy so he can look 5 ft 11 there
Dejavu says on 1/Mar/14
Closer to 5'11 than 6'0. 181cm
Banshee says on 27/Feb/14
The final proof ( God, we've got so much evidence to suggest it already! ) that DiCaprio is no more than 180 cm tall in the morning.
With Charlize Theron wearing 'ballerina' shoes ( there is a video from the event on youtube where you can see that ).

Click Here
cole says on 24/Feb/14
@Zenit: Nice one! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Carew in person, but I've met other Norwegian internationals whom I feel very sure about height-wise, and Carew doesn't look a single cm taller than 193 with any of them. I've met Morten Gamst Pedersen (former Blackburn-player) - he didn't seem any taller than me (180 cm), and he looks the same height as DiCaprio does with Carew in most pictures.

Fact: Carew is 6'4 at best, but got listed 6'5 when he started playing abroad. Fact: Pedersen is 5'11 at best, but got listed 6' when he started playing abroad.
This seems all too familiar, and not in a good way...
Zenit says on 23/Feb/14
Leonardo being dwarfed by 193 cm/6'4" ex-soccer player John Carew.

Click Here
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 21/Feb/14
Yeah, I think at his low he is right on 5ft 11.5
Banshee says on 20/Feb/14
I think that any claim of DiCaprio standing taller than 5'11' is a joke. All the evidence suggests to the contrary.
To those people talking about 'out of bed'/'night time' height differences. As a medicine student I'll tell you something: the max height difference day/night is no more than 1.5 cm ( according to scientific data ). The average difference is 1 cm.
Thus, again, any claim for Leo at 6' is just a lie. 5'11.5 is being 'generous', while 5'11 is 'spot on'.
Tom Hanks looks taller, even now that he measures max. 5'11.5
Sam says on 20/Feb/14
All the tiny url's are coming up with a message "URL Terminated" due to no-abuse policy. That ain't good.
[Editor Rob: best switch to or another one ]
Sam says on 19/Feb/14
He and 5'11" Jean Dujardin appear to be the same height, confirming to me that DiCaprio's 5'11" flat.
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dmeyer says on 18/Feb/14
When standing well Leo can defenetly look 5'11.5
dmeyer says on 17/Feb/14
Leo shoes are Under 1in and her Just Under 3in and He look Solid 1in taller So 3" taller 5'8.5 and 5'11.5
Mary says on 15/Feb/14
Hey Rob, what do you think about this photo? Leo is towering over Jonah Hill, and both of them seem to have the same posture. Assuming Jonah Hill is 5'7 (170 cm), how tall would you say Leo looks here?

Click Here
Goose says on 15/Feb/14
Thanks DMeyer. You are usually pretty right on when I compare the celebs I've personally seen with your estimates. My only doubt is during interviews, etc next to Hanks which would put him lower unless Hanks himself warrants an upgrade. That being said, your account jibes with friend's accounts. Actually, the people I've known who have been in actual proximity to him usually put his height in the 6' - 6 1/2 range however they usually don't guess heights on a regular basis either.
Goose says on 15/Feb/14
Thanks DMeyer. You are usually pretty right on when I compare the celebs I've personally seen with your estimates. My only doubt is during interviews, etc next to Hanks which would put him lower unless Hanks himself warrants an upgrade. That being said, your account jibes with friend's accounts. Actually, the people I've known who have been in actual proximity to him usually put his height in the 6' - 6 1/2 range however they usually don't guess heights on a regular basis either.
DMEYER says on 13/Feb/14
i meant i didnt see him in good conditions but i saw him enaugh to see a range like 5 ft 11-6ft after seing pics i think 5 ft 11.5 is bang on he did look 5 in taller than 5 ft 6.5 glenn
DMEYER says on 13/Feb/14
i meant i didnt see him in good conditions but i saw him enaugh to see a range like 5 ft 11-6ft after seing pics i think 5 ft 11.5 is bang on he did look 5 in taller than 5 ft 6.5 glenn
Dmeyer says on 12/Feb/14
@goose i didnt see in good conditions , but i did see him And hav seen 1000 pics of him beside people i met , i think 5'11.5 is on the money , with chance of 5'11.25 And 11.75 i Will ne surprise of h was 6ft or 5'11 flat , in inches 5'11.5 at worst 11.25 , 11.5 is range tall enaugh to look 6ft-6ft1 to some people And 5'10-10.5 to some , rob has him right
Red183 says on 12/Feb/14
I dont think hes a 6 footer on any time.

511.75" right out of bed, 511"flat normal low, on a bad day 510.75".

511.25" would be pretty fair, 511.5" is generous
dmeyer says on 11/Feb/14
Morning 183-183.5cm night 181 181.5cm on a good night 5'11.5 listing Is fair
dmeyer says on 11/Feb/14
In the pic his har Is near 6'1
Goose says on 11/Feb/14
I've read your accounts on Leo's height, not taking into account other posters, if you had to put a number on him in inches what would it be....thanks
dmeyer says on 11/Feb/14
Knowitall in that shot I see more 0.5-0.75in while hanks has 0.25in more shoes and his head is slightly backwards , I at think at peak hanks was max 1-1.5cm taller than Leo , now Leo look taller than him in 2013-2014 in 80% time , hanks use to be 6 ft and standing very well made him look 184cm Leo about 181.5cm and standing poorer made he look 180cm wish explain in some shots 1-1.5in diferance , now when they both stand at tallest they look very close , I have seen a interview video were Leo has a flat sneakers 0.7in type and hanks 1inchers and looked about equal in height or 1cm shorter wish make him same height I think peak Leo 5'11.5 now same and peak hanks 6ft now 11.5 , I met both they look similar within 0.5in both looked same height near me but I had 1cm shoes with Leo , so 1.5cm diferance with hanks peak maybe
Mr. R says on 11/Feb/14
Knowitall says on 8/Feb/14
DiCaprio is shorter than Tom Hanks by about an inch and a half:

Knowitall, I have been saying all along that Leo is 5-10.5 He walked right past me on level ground.

Click Here

If Hanks is six feet, DiCaprio is five-ten & a half.
1nedstark1 says on 10/Feb/14
guys,what do you think about this: Click Here

is wearing shoes or not in this picture?
Balrog says on 9/Feb/14
A decent 5'11'' man never dips below 5'11'' (180.3cm) when I said DiCaprio is a solid 5'11'' I mean he never dips below 180.5, so I really can't see him at 5'10.5'' Mr R.
Sam says on 8/Feb/14
Someone said its doubtful Leonardo's even 6ft or close to it in the morning, in which case he'd probably be dipping below 5'11 at night which I honestly can't see as he always looked solid 5'11 range to me, so he could be 6ft or just a little over in the morning, so his heightt: 181cm
Knowitall says on 8/Feb/14
DiCaprio is shorter than Tom Hanks by about an inch and a half:

Click Here

If Hanks is six feet, DiCaprio is five-ten & a half.
dmeyer says on 7/Feb/14
About 181cm Is lowest for him at worst 180.8cm He looks taller than 180people
dmeyer says on 7/Feb/14
I met him twice but not in good conditions 1 time He walked by me the other was standing too far
Sam says on 6/Feb/14
Sleazy posture? LOL at that word combination.
dmeyer says on 6/Feb/14
Rob could Leo be as short as legit 5'11 like 180.3-180.4cm wish Will make me 1cm taller , He does look That range with Dujardin
[Editor Rob: it is arguable yes, 181 could be his measured height though.]
dmeyer says on 6/Feb/14
If they have same footwear and considering the 186Guy dosnt stand as straight as possible it hard to ses more than 181cm on the other hand can look Just 2cm Under 183.5cm watababe , 5'11.25 Is possible 5'11-11.5
Dejavu says on 6/Feb/14
In photos, he usually appeared to be at least 5'11. Most I have seen him look is probably 6'0
DMEYER says on 5/Feb/14
i might look a hair taller than leo near a 186cm guy
Balrog says on 5/Feb/14
Good picture, Rob looks a good 2in difference there. So 180-181 I mantain my solid 5'11" guess. And also I repeat he should won the Oscar!
Skinner says on 5/Feb/14
He does look more than 180 cm in this pic
Click Here
That's probably his best physique appearance to date.
Right now, he has bad and sleazy posture, that's why it makes us visualize him to be shorter than we've thought.
DMEYER says on 3/Feb/14
so if 5 ft 11-11.5 is arguable then 5 ft 11.5-6ft is less likely
[Editor Rob: yeah I wouldn't argue more than 11.5, I mean it is worth posting this photo again: Leo and Dom.

Dom in the past has talked about this site on the radio and taken a dig at our riduclous Bruno Mars listing on twitter ;)

anyway he said on the radio he's a fraction over 6ft you can argue Leo is 180-1 with him I think.]
Goose says on 3/Feb/14
My friend is a realtor in Beverly Hills and I asked him last week if he had ever seen DeCaprio. He said he had in Barney's BH and he judged him to be his height. My friend is roughly 6 1/2 inch without shoes. Take it for what it's worth as it's a second hand account.
dmeyer says on 3/Feb/14
Rob dinner time wath is more likely for Leo 5'11.25/181cm or 5'11.5/181.5-6cm
[Editor Rob: I think it's 50/50, you can really argue 5ft 11-11.5 range]
Dejavu says on 2/Feb/14
He looks at least 5'11 in all of his photos.
DMEYER says on 2/Feb/14
i think leo is not less than 5 ft 11.25/181cm dinner time i think 5 ft 11.25 11.5 and 11.75 are all possible 5 ft 11/180.3cm is not impossible
kevin says on 2/Feb/14
i think hes between 180-181cm. 183 is too high anyway but 179 would be too low
DMEYER says on 2/Feb/14
mr r , wath shoes leo had and wath was yours and was his posture good
johnny says on 2/Feb/14
The absolut lowest he could be is a strong 5-10. But 5-11.5 sounds accurate. He's older now and has gained more weight and probably looks shorter sometimes. but back when he was a young guy he always looked pretty tall. Like in The Beach.
dmeyer says on 1/Feb/14
Rob from wath Mr r saw and the fact that you say 5'11" flat is arguable , Leo is defenerly no taller than a 181.3cm dinner like me ???? Answer
[Editor Rob: there is a fair chance he might be around 181, 179 I wouldn't want to argue that]
Mr. R says on 1/Feb/14
@Balrog Nope. I stick to my original sighting of 5-10.5 when I saw him a few weeks ago.
Dural says on 31/Jan/14
He's shorter than Hanks, 183cm is impossible dmeyer. I can see him between 5'10.25" and 5'11.25", the mugshot is reality. I'm not convinced he's taller than Bundchen, maybe on the red carpet.

Click Here
nick says on 31/Jan/14
That mugshot picture is AMAZING. 6 foot in shoes.

Most likely 5'11 flat
Dmeyer says on 30/Jan/14
The somallest he could be is 5'11 1/8in like almost 181cm
Dmeyer says on 30/Jan/14
Rob i have. Hard Time seing leo at 5'10.5 , when in looks similar as hanks when in qual posture , taller than 5'10.5 bundchen , i think 183cm is more possible than 179cm best is 181-182cm 180 and 183 are unlikely , but 179cm is impossible
[Editor Rob: I'd be very surprised if he was 179. It's probably at the lowest end of the guess range for him, sure he can look it sometimes, but more often he looks more than that.]
Dmeyer says on 30/Jan/14
Rob i have. Hard Time seing leo at 5'10.5 , when in looks similar as hanks when in qual posture , taller than 5'10.5 bundchen , i think 183cm is more possible than 179cm best is 181-182cm 180 and 183 are unlikely , but 179cm is impossible
qartt says on 30/Jan/14
rob on the subject of mugshots, leonardo has a twelve inch head based on the photo of wolf of wall street. His eye line is at 5'6 which puts his height at 5'10 to 5'11. I am not saying he is, just the photo would indicate that. His head in reality will be 9 and 1/2 inches not 12. You need to subtract an inch from the top and an inch from the bottom.
[Editor Rob: remember your head is in front of the height chart so it will look amplified in size if you are using the lines behind.

His head is very average size.]
Balrog says on 30/Jan/14
Mr R any chance on full 5'11". 179cm seems a bit too low.
Mr. R says on 29/Jan/14
Stood right next to him. 5-10.5
Jordan says on 29/Jan/14
How could a Guy who is 5'11.5 TOPS in a mug shot, in shoes ( he was all Dressed up), somehow be 6 feet in height? He is lucky to be 5'10.75"!
Arch Stanton says on 29/Jan/14

Because it looks exactly what he's measure if stood next to one. If his head was near the 6'4" mark then you'd know it was fudged.
Balrog says on 28/Jan/14
Solid 5'11" guy. 180cm. He deserves the Oscar.
Goose says on 27/Jan/14
Why would you assume the movie's mugshot is accurate? I've seen all kinds of mugshots in movies where they make the actor look taller by fudging the measurement scale. The only mugshot height I would trust would be a real one.
Realist says on 27/Jan/14
Sam says on 27/Jan/14
Mel's head is so much closer to the camera that it's hard to tell the comparison. Gibson can look 5'10" easily with posture and shoes, so DiCaprio should be a solid inch taller looking.
NJP says on 27/Jan/14
Stood on the red carpet with him at Leicester Square for Revolutionary Road and shook hands with him in the foyer and had the opportunity to exchange a few words. I'm 179cm in the evening or a little over 5'10". I never felt that he was any taller than me, both of us in dress shoes. I guess that if he stood to attention he'd be around the 5'11" mark but only just.
NJP says on 27/Jan/14
Seahawksfan says on 9/Jan/14
Unless there's a major footwear advantage, he looks a little taller than 6 feet by 6'2" Morgan Freeman:

Click Here

The photograph was taken at a low angle, taken at around upper chest height, giving the impression that the difference in height is less than it is. While it appears that Leo's eyes are level with Morgan's nose, the reality is that his eye level is probably closer to Morgans top lip.
dmeyer says on 26/Jan/14
i think 5 ft 11.5 is closer than 5 ft 11
Dural says on 26/Jan/14
@Mr. R

Here's one with a better angle

Click Here
Mr. R says on 24/Jan/14
Ok, not the best angle, but clearly Mel and Leo are closer in height. Leo seems to be looking Mel almost in the eye.

Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 22/Jan/14
I saw his footwear in the film Cole and it looked normal. If you think he'd be wearing lifts just for that... He looks 6'0.25-5" in shoes to me, barefoot I'd say 5'11.25-5, this is about right.
Sam says on 21/Jan/14
Ah, Day-Lewis is at least 6'1" with good posture.
Sam says on 20/Jan/14
In The Wolf of Wall Street, he could look from 5'11" to six foot. Close to Kyle Chandler's height but he did not seem taller than Jon Bernthal for sure.
Adrian says on 19/Jan/14
The reason why Leo looked tall in Wolf of Wall St is because he was acting along side a short Jonah Hill. Same thing happened in 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum; where he looked massive next to Jonah Hill.

Lets go back to Gangs of New York; where Leo starred opposite a genuine 6 footer; Daniel Day-Lewis. And now compare the height!

Leo is no 6 footer.

No more than 179cm in the morning for Mr Dicaprio.
Red183 says on 19/Jan/14
Rob wouldnt 511.25" (181cm) be simply perfect for this one?
[Editor Rob: anywhere from 5ft 11-11.5 is very arguable]
Red183 says on 19/Jan/14
Looks 60.25" in the mugshot, even his hair is under 61"(185).

Taking away the footwear he looks 511"-511.25"
cole says on 19/Jan/14
It would have been better if Leo got a similar mugshot to Jon Bernthal: Click Here
cole says on 19/Jan/14
Well for one he's not standing right up against the height-markers and the 6ft 1 mark is well over the top of his hair, so he does not look 185. The top of his head wouldn't go up to the very top of his hair, it would obivously be higher than the 5'11 mark, maybe near the 6ft mark and perhaps a tiny shade over if he stood his tallest. BUT we don't know what kind of footwear he's wearing, so it basically means very little.

There could be so many things affecting what we see. He could be closer to the camera than what the markers are (as well as not standing right next to them), he could be wearing big shoes, we don't know. They shoot each scene with a purpose, how tall Leo's character seems in a mugshot we see for mere seconds, in a movie, and when there are so many things we don't know or can't see, it's frankly a rather pointless argument.
jtm says on 19/Jan/14
5'11 in shoes
Jordan says on 19/Jan/14
He only hits 6 foot in the mug shot because of Hair and shoes. Take that away he is a lucky man to be even 5'11. Look at the pic posted by Aiden. IDK how someone can look at a man that is not over 6 foot with his hair and shoes on and still claims he is a solid 6 foot.
6-4 says on 18/Jan/14
Take a good look, he is 185 in The WOLF's mugshot with shoes. No way he is under 5ft11 (you shorties :)) Why is so hard to except, that he is 5.11.5??
Dmeyer says on 18/Jan/14
Nothing under 6'0.25-0.5in shoes on , i was 5'11.8-11.9in with 1cm trainer h was har taller in normal sneakers 2.5cm type , defenetly 6'0+ shoes on , Will hit 6'1 in big footwear 1.4-1.5in
cole says on 18/Jan/14
@Arch Stanton: You have absolutely no idea what kind of footwear he was wearing in the mugshot. It's all speculation, no need to get angry.

This is your opinion, one that you have every right to have, but I've got to say: if you honestly believe the top of his head is anywhere near the top of his hair, you may be the one who needs glasses. It's a little higher than the line drawn in the first post, sure, but it's obviously nowhere near 6'0.5 - 6'1 range, no chance.

Maybe he just about scrapes the 6ft mark, maybe he would reach a tiny fraction above 6ft if stood as tall as possible. But again, it's speculation because we have no way of knowing what kind of footwear he's wearing in that shot.

I maintain my 5'11 estimate (will never agree with 5'11.5 +) - 5'11.25 is not outragously impossible (although I wouldn't argue 5'11.25 as his low), maybe he could be around that height early in the day, but more than likely he dips a little under 180 cm in the evening, near enough 5'11 flat to claim 5'10.75 - 5'11 as his low.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
Am I the only one who thinks he looks 184 in shoes in the mugshot and that without he's likely 5'11.25-5 as listed here? Jeez.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
LOL you're undercutting his height with the line!!! His skull mark is actually near the top of his hair because he has a side partin and the hair is gelled against his scalp.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
Fellas you're wrong, watch the film and you'll see that this talk of him only being 5'11.5 in shoes is nonsense.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Jan/14
@Power you're wrong dude, you need glasses!! Towards the end of Wolf of Wall Street he is stood by the height chart for his mug shot and he's BANG ON between 6'0 and 6'1" in shoes. 5'11.5" is absolutely spot on.
Seahawksfan says on 17/Jan/14
He grew a few inches after 21 since he was shorter than Johnny Depp (5'9") in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and is taller than him now. By Tobey Maguire who I feel is 5'8" and not 5'7.5" (he's 2.5 inches shorter than James Franco whose 5'10.5"):

Click Here

The footwear is visible as well, and Leonardo DiCaprio isn't even in his best posture. 5'11.5/182 CM is my bet.
cole says on 17/Jan/14
@Highland: Marsden rarely looks 5'10. He was noticably shorter than the 5'10 Jesse Tyler Ferguson on 'Modern Family' and looked barely taller than Mark Wahlberg in '2 Guns', he was also around the same height as Katherine Heigl in '27 Dresses'. He's a 5'9 flat guy in my opinion, 5'9.25 at most. It's only for a very brief moment DiCaprio is next to him, so it's not much to go by. I'd imagine Leo would look roughly the same with Marsden as 5'11 Josh Radnor did - 1.5-2in zone taller.
Highland says on 17/Jan/14
Check the video below, we can see him standing in the same angel with james marsden who is a solid 5ft10 (178). And Leo clearly has a little bit more height (So we can rule out anything below 179).

I think the author is pretty much spot on

Click Here
The Power says on 16/Jan/14
Leo was 5'11.5 in mug shot in wolf of wallstreet IN HIS SHOES,!!!!!!he is 5'10.5 to 5'11 barefoot, not 6'0.
dmeyer says on 16/Jan/14
Realy looks barely as tall as 5'11 dujardin who claims 5'11.25
Guest1985 says on 16/Jan/14
I met him in 2006 and he looked about 6'1 to 6'2 in flip flops. He has a gigantic head so that may have skewed his height a little. Met Brad Pitt as well and he seemed a like 5'10-5'11 (normal sized head).
stanleyhipkiss 180cm says on 15/Jan/14
Click Here
stanleyhipkiss 180cm says on 15/Jan/14
I think Leo height is 179cm because Jean dujardin height is 181cm
Aiden says on 15/Jan/14
@Diogo, How does it prove he's 6 feet tall? The mugshot scene (Click Here) shows him at 5'11 (most likely in shoes). If he's not standing too straight, he might still measure 5'11 barefoot but that's about the absolute most I can imagine.
As for the pictures from the 2014 Golden Globes with 6ft 0.5in listed Bradley Cooper, he looks somewhere between 5'10 and maybe 5'11.

Rob, what's your take on Leo? Perhaps he's not quite 182cm but 179/180 cm?
[Editor Rob: Leo I think can be anywhere 5ft 11-11.5, above that I'd rule out. Below it? I think I'd be surprised if he dipped under 5ft 11.]
Diogo says on 15/Jan/14
Wolf of Wall Street proves that he's 6ft tall or at least very close to it.
cole says on 14/Jan/14
With Bradley Cooper (however tall he really is...)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

With 170 cm Christoph Waltz
Click Here

With 171 cm Oscar Isaac
Click Here
Click Here

I don't see how DiCaprio could possibly measure 182 cm.
SkiP says on 14/Jan/14
In the wolf of wallstreet trailer you see leo and jon bernthal almost right next to each other ... and jon bernthal is 178cm
when you look at the picture you will see that leo is quite the same height as jon
i dont know how u all see that but for me leo is something slightly under 180cm

just type in gogle jon bernthal and leo and you will see it or watch the trailer of wolf of wallstreet
Mr. R says on 13/Jan/14
Leo seems taller in our eyes because he is so thin. He and Jonah Hill walked right past me on solid ground last month at WoWS screening. Leo was exactly one inch shorter than me. 5-10.5
anonymous says on 13/Jan/14
He REALLY looks around 5,9 next to bradely cooper even if we assume they are both wearing lifts Click Here
Sam says on 13/Jan/14
He looked a solid inch shorter, maybe a bit more, than Bradley Cooper when they were talking at the Golden Globes.
c-mo175cm-night says on 13/Jan/14
well one thing is for sure

we can rule out anything under 180cm or over 183cm ?
cole says on 12/Jan/14
@Seahawksfan: That's a spoof-mugshot, and has no context with the Wolf of Wall Street-mugshot... It also seems digitally added. The picture with Morgan Freeman is also completely useless to estimate Leo - you can't see their feet, he's standing in front of the camera and Freeman is in the background...
Mugahot says on 11/Jan/14
Thw mugshot is yet another proof he is nowhere near 6' mark. Too much evidence suggesting he is 5'10 - Gisele Bundchen who at 5'11 said her husband should be taller than she is ( and he wasnt ), he was visibly shorter than Tom Hanks in Catch me if
You Can movie, now this mugshot pic ( you always wear shoea for those as you wear the rest of your clothes ). 5'11 in the morning is plausible so he could claim that ( since you always claim your highest height in the documents, not the lowest ).
Seahawksfan says on 11/Jan/14
Click Here

There's a better angling of his mugshot. Why does he stand taller than six feet by Morgan Freeman if he's just a hair under 5'11 though?
cole says on 10/Jan/14
What's your take on the mugshot, Rob?

I'm think 5'11 flat at best barefoot.
[Editor Rob: it can depend, some people might stand near their measured height, but others could always be not standing as though being measured and drop 2cm]
Jack Daniels says on 10/Jan/14
I saw this mugshot scene quickly in cinema, I saw Leo at 6ft, but no the top of his head is at 5'11", maybe 5'11.25". Spassiba Aiden! Question is: with or without shoes?
truth says on 10/Jan/14
5ft11 flat
Aiden says on 9/Jan/14
Mugshot Scene from "Wolf of Wall Street": Click Here

The top of his head reaches 5'11, assuming he wore shoes, that would put Leo at 5'10.
Maio says on 9/Jan/14
Morning/Out of Bed: 6 ft 0.2 in/183,5 cm
Late Morning/Afternoon: 5 ft 11.8 in/182,5 cm
Afternoon: 5 ft 11.6 in/181,8 cm
Evening/Night: 5 ft 11.4 in/181,5 cm

I think that 5ft11.5/182 cm is a good estimate for him!
Seahawksfan says on 9/Jan/14
Unless there's a major footwear advantage, he looks a little taller than 6 feet by 6'2" Morgan Freeman:

Click Here
jtm says on 9/Jan/14
probably wearing with gore.
cole says on 9/Jan/14
@Jack & Jack D: Thanks! Al Gore I've heard about, but never seen his face!

I did a quick search for Al Gore with Tommy Lee Jones and I have to say they looked close. Tommy to me has looked 182 cm or under for a while, maybe he was 182 in the pics with Gore (image-search Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones). Gore looked maybe a fraction taller, but it was close, so 6ft flat is probably more accurate than 6'0.5 for him. Leo appeared an inch or so shorter in other pics with him (as you say) for sure, so 180 cm range is again what he can look.
Brah says on 8/Jan/14
That's Al Gore. Listed 6'0.5" on celebheights
Jack Daniels says on 8/Jan/14
Hi Cole, the guy next to Leo is Al Gore, who was supposed to be 6'1" in his younger days, but now probably 6' or under. But there are other photos with Al Gore, where Leo appears to be one inch smaller.
Jack says on 8/Jan/14
@cole That's Al Gore and he's listed here at 6'0'5"(184 cm).
cole says on 7/Jan/14
Click Here

Who's that next to him? And how tall is he?
dmeyer says on 7/Jan/14
With terible posture He looks 2-3cm over Damon wish means He Is 4cm taller 178 and 182cm
Mr. D says on 6/Jan/14
Click Here

Leo next to 5'10 Matt Damon. I'd say he is 5'11 max (maybe even shorter, if Damon is shorter than 5'10 in reality)
cole says on 5/Jan/14
Here's one with Favreau: Click Here
Mick says on 5/Jan/14
Always struck as being around the same height as Christian Bale. 5'11"
gsbr says on 4/Jan/14
I thought he looked imposing in The Wolf of Wall Street, but I'm sure the camera played a part in that. And he was shorter than the 6ft+ guys like Kyle Chandler, Rob Reiner, and Jon Favreau. Still, he seemed taller than everyone else, so I'd put him at least 5'11". I would have liked to see how he compared to the 5'11" Matthew McConaughey and Jean Dujardin, but he was always sitting in their scenes together.
lelman says on 3/Jan/14
Legit 5'11", never looks short but rarely looks tall.
SixFeetTwoInches says on 2/Jan/14
There's way too much evidence suggesting him being shorter than 6', especially the one presented by Gisele Bundchen ( Victoria's Secret Angel ).
berta says on 2/Jan/14
i think he is 183
Realist says on 1/Jan/14
This guy has had a limb lengthening operation.
cole says on 1/Jan/14
@Jack Daniels: Spot on.
cole says on 31/Dec/13
@Jamie: How nice. One more time though: he isn't 6 foot.
Jack Daniels says on 30/Dec/13
I saw this morning "the wolf of Wall Street", Leo appears beside a height chart in police place. He's exactly on the 6' feet mark, but I think in shoes.
I personnally think he's a real 5'11", no more. He's always a inch smaller or so, than legit 6'ft guys.
Jamie says on 30/Dec/13
@cole I met the guy and he does seem 6 foot
cole says on 30/Dec/13
@songo and satchy: No way he's a legit 6 footer. No way.
songo says on 29/Dec/13
Doesn't make it by a lot but i think he is a legit 6'0
satchy says on 28/Dec/13
always look tallish on screen, I guess he is a legit 6ft tall guy
cole says on 28/Dec/13
@TripleA: If it's this you are reffering to, it has been linked to several times before: Click Here I don't know what to make of it. Pitt is closer to the camera, and since we can't see footwear it's just speculation. But they could be close in height. Personally I'd say DiCaprio cold be a hair taller. 5'10.5 - 5'10.75 zone for Pitt and 5'10.75 - 5'11 zone for DiCaprio.

To link a picture, you just go to: Click Here and copy/paste the URL of the image you want linked, into the white space. When you click "Make TinyURL!", choose the middle URL under the appearing text: "TinyURL was created!". Then just copy/paste that new URL into your comment!
TripleA says on 27/Dec/13
I'm not sure how to post a link to a pic, but I saw one of Pitt and Dicaprio standing beside eachother after the filming of "Basketball Diaries" when Dicaprio was 21 years old and he was ever so slightly shorter than Pitt. If Pitt was wearing lifts then Cap must be 5'11.5"-6'. If Pitt was not wearing lifts they are the same height at 5"10.5" - 5'11". There is no way Cap grew after 21, despite being a late bloomer. Posts for him at 6'1" are crazy. I think the pic says it all.
Dejavu says on 26/Dec/13
He is more 181-182 barefoot. I don't think he ever drops under 5'11.
TripleA says on 25/Dec/13
A solid 5'11" guy. There is no credible evidence that he's more.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Dec/13
I can see 1-2cm between the two in, Neil's favour
Balrog says on 24/Dec/13
I agree with Dmeyer, Leo at 5'10.5" and NPH at 6'1.5" makes no sense, DiCaprio solid 5'11" and NPH 181-182 so I think NPH might edge out Leo by a little bit.
DMEYER says on 23/Dec/13
to me nph and leo will be eye to eye max 1cm apart
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Dec/13
DiCaprio could be a strong 5ft11 at worst. But generally he looks near 6ft when straightened out.
Zane is easily a 6ft0.5 guy. He had 2in over Nicole Kidman and 1in over Sam Neill. He has too much height over 5ft11 range guys to look any less than his listed height. Personally I don't rule out 6ft1 for him either. NPH can look 5ft11 to 6ft1 at times. I'd give him 5ft11.75/182cm at worst.
Mr. R says on 23/Dec/13
@dmeyer, This is what I experienced. I have been with both on solid ground. Leo is several inches shorter than NPH.
dmeyer says on 22/Dec/13
If you look closely Leo is not mush shorter than Zane , and he can look 5" over hill
cole says on 22/Dec/13
@dmeyer: Yeah, both 5'11!
cole says on 22/Dec/13
@Rampage: 6'0.5 I'd say is the highest for Zane, so 5'11 should be the highest for DiCaprio. I agree if Zane is 6' flat then Leo is 5'10.5, and I can actually see a possibility of that being the case. Barefoot there would never be 1 inch or less between Zane and Leo - so the current listings doesn't make much sense to me. 6'0.5 for Zane and 5'11 for Leo I could agree with. Zane should be listed 6'1 if Leo holds up at 5'11.5, which would be overly generous in both cases.

The most realistic is Leo at 5'10.75 - that's the impression I get when seeing him with Damon and Jonah Hill off screen, and with Bernthal/Edgerton on screen (to name a few). Then it would add up with Zane being more around the 6ft flat mark, 6' - 6'0.25 - which he looks most of the time to me.
dmeyer says on 22/Dec/13
Mr r sees Leo 5'10.5 and nph at 6'1.25 in it didn't make sens those guy are similar height
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Dec/13
Zane at 6ft flat would make DiCaprio 5ft10.5
cole says on 21/Dec/13
@Rampage: Billy Zane is never over 184 cm, I'd go with 6ft flat or 6'0.25 for him actually. DiCaprio is 5'11.
Dejavu says on 20/Dec/13
He looks constantly shorter than legit 6'0 guys. He is a strong 5'11 nothing under.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Dec/13
Rob, maybe 181cm is fair for DiCaprio and Billy Zane is 184-185cm?
Spencer says on 19/Dec/13
180. 181 tops. He is a 5'11 guy not 6 foot. Many 5'11 guys can look 6' feet easily.
cole says on 18/Dec/13
I just can't see 5in + between Leo and Jonah Hill:
Click Here
Click Here

Let's be honest, he looks nothing over 5'11 with Jonah, and with the recent clip of him with Jon Bernthal (whom Rob have actually met and pegged 5'11) from 'The Wolf Of Wall Street', it's safe to say that 5'11 is a very reasonable listing for Leo. I might even buy Mr.R's estimate of 5'10.5 - it's not at all impossible. I've always thought he looks closer to a 5'11 flat more often than he looks over that mark.

I think it's time for a nice little christmas-downgrade for Leo, Rob!
french guy says on 16/Dec/13
he really looks 5'11, but a solid 5'11 like 180.5 cm.
Lorne says on 15/Dec/13
I think he is about the same as you Dmeyer, a solid 181. This listing is ok, but it is certainly the max. 5ft11.25 might be closer, but I can see him 181.3-4, like Dm. I'd say his range is 181-181.5, like 180.7 minimum, 181.7 max.
cole says on 15/Dec/13
@DMEYER: At 6ft 0.5in in those dress shoes it would mean he's near 5ft 11in or under barefoot. The type he usually seem to wear add more than just one inch. The ones I have add near 1.5in, and the heel on those look smaller than the ones he's wearing. Again: 5'11 is fine for DiCaprio. If he's 5'11.5 then Kidman is 5'11, which personally I can't see. It's giving them their morning heights, which is wrong.
DMEYER says on 14/Dec/13
if you look at all pics he looks 1 in smaller than kidman wch is normal she is about 6 ft 1.5 shoes on whle he is 6 ft 0.5 in shoes
Seahawksfan says on 14/Dec/13
Okay, I don't know of the footwear, but he appears at least an inch taller than 5'10.5"-5'11" Nichole Kidman here:

Click Here

2.5 inches here, although he probably has footwear advantage in this photo:

Click Here

I will give him 5'11.5" though.
cole says on 13/Dec/13
@The Horse of FUNK: I'm assuming you're talking about the pics from this event: Click Here
cole says on 12/Dec/13
@Editor Rob: If your max for Leo is 5'11.5, and the lowest you can see him is 5'11, I have to say, you should go with 5'11.25. There's not a whole lot of people listed that height on here.
The Horse of FUNK says on 12/Dec/13
Should see the recent photos of him with Orlando Bloom.
Spencer says on 11/Dec/13
He can get away with claiming 6 feet like all legit 5'11 guys can, but he is not a full 6 feet. 181-82 cm.
Mr. R says on 11/Dec/13
The other issue about Leo is that he is very thin, so he looks taller than he really is.
Mr. R says on 11/Dec/13
dmeyer, Pine is taller than people think - 6-1 plus. I was with him at the theater on solid ground. As I said, I saw Leo a little more than a week ago on solid ground. He walked past me and I had to look down. I am 5-11.5. Leo is 5-10.5
Mr. R says on 11/Dec/13
dmeyer, Pine is taller than people think - 6-1 plus. I was with him at the theater on solid ground. As I said, I saw Leo a little more than a week ago on solid ground. He walked past me and I had to look down. I am 5-11.5. Leo is 5-10.5
scata says on 9/Dec/13
Old picture of Leo standing next to Brad Pitt, who is classified as 5'11 yet looks taller than Leo. Even though Brad Pitt is known to wear elevator shoes, this still supports the notion that Leo is closer to 5'11 than 6'0.

Click Here
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 7/Dec/13
He's claiming 6'0 though I don't think hes his claim. 5'11 range is most likely. Really at worst 5'10.5-5'10.75 he would be to get away with claiming 6'0 but I wouldn't go under 5'11 for him
dmeyer says on 5/Dec/13
So leo isnt taller than me rob ?
[Editor Rob: he could turn out to be very similar if measured]
Balrog says on 4/Dec/13
5'11" is what I think he is, flat 180cm, I got to agree with Rob on this one can't see him at 179cm but who knows... Pine could be a weak 6'1" but he claims six feet only and he does has some great posture.
Mr. R says on 4/Dec/13
I was wearing my sneakers and he was in patent leather dress shoes. We were on equal ground. He and Jonah Hill walked right past me. He is 5-10.5 An inch shorter than me.
DMEYER says on 3/Dec/13
when i met leo the floor wasnt perfect and i had 0.5in shoes so about 5 ft 11.9 in shoes looking about 5 ft 11 and i was same height as 5 ft 10.75 in friend who has 1.3 in shoes so was 6 ft shoes on and leo seemed abit taller like 6 ft 0.5 in shoes his shoe were no more than 1 in , but was very thin and he had a hat so 5 ft 11 is very possible plus 1 in shoes and 0.5 in hat advantage 5 ft 10.5 impossible
dmeyer says on 3/Dec/13
rob mr r se leo at 5 ft 10.5 and chris pine as 6 ft 1.5 while pine and leo are within 1 in of each other how come
[Editor Rob: Pine with good posture can fool people into believing he's 6ft 1...there's always chance ground isn't perfectly flat?]
dmeyer says on 3/Dec/13
Rob more chance 5'11.75 or 5'10.75
[Editor Rob: he's got to be somewhere in that range, I think closer to 11.75 but I would say my max is 11.5 for him.]
dmeyer says on 3/Dec/13
Mr r wath shoes you guy had
dmeyer says on 3/Dec/13
He was no less than 6'0.25 in 1 inch sneakers when I met him
dmeyer says on 2/Dec/13
Do you think 180cm for Leo possible it seems low , 5'11 guy can defenetly look 6 ft
dmeyer says on 2/Dec/13
Mr r Leo foulled me for 6 ft he had 0.5 more shoes so 5'11.5 , 5'10.5 seems low , usually look over 5'11
Mr. R says on 2/Dec/13
But Rob, I saw him yesterday. He was a good inch shorter than me!
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11 isn't impossible, but 10.5 I'm not as sure on that one.]

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

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