How tall is Liam Hemsworth ?

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Liam Hemsworth's height is 6ft 3in (191 cm)

Australian Actor best known for roles in The Hunger Games, Triangle, Expendables 2 and The Last Song. On Jimmy Kimmell when asked how tall he was, Liam replied: "6 foot 3."

5ft 7.5 Jennifer Lawrence, 5ft 5 Miley Cyrus, 6ft 3 brother Chris Hemsworth with Liam
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joe says on 18/Jul/15
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AlexMahone says on 16/Jul/15
MsKitty says on 5/Jul/15
What do you make of these new photos of Liam with Jeff Goldblum on the set of IDR? I know Goldblum is getting older, but surely he can't have shrunk that much, can he?

I think Liam Hemsworth has a slightly footwear advantage over Goldblum and Goldblum isn't standing straight. Look at Bill Pullman, he looks almost as tall as Jeff but he cheats a little bit with his hair like Hemsworth.
TJE says on 12/Jul/15
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Liam looks an inch taller, but has 0.25 inch more footwear and Chris' dropping some hip posture.
MsKitty says on 5/Jul/15
What do you make of these new photos of Liam with Jeff Goldblum on the set of IDR? I know Goldblum is getting older, but surely he can't have shrunk that much, can he?
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Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 3/Jul/15
By Jonah Hill:

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He doesn't look over 6'3" there...
Height183 says on 30/Jun/15
It's not that Liam needs an upgrade, It's Chris that needs a slight downgrade.
Rick says on 21/Jun/15
I'd put him at 6'3.25 (191,1 cm) and his brother Chris at 6'3 (190,5 cm).

He always looks a bit taller than him.
Crane says on 14/Jun/15
It could be either 6'2.75 for Chris, 6'3 for Liam or 6'3 for Chris, 6'3.25 for Liam.. But 6'3.5 seems a little bit much for Liam. So I'd have Chris at 6'2.75 max and Liam at 6'3 or 6'3.25
MsKitty says on 24/May/15
I'm no expert, but I'd say he is taller than 6'3".
Willes190cm says on 22/May/15
Rob, 6'3.25 upgrade?
berta says on 14/May/15
always looked 192 to me
The beautiful 6'3 guy says on 3/May/15
Upgrade him to 6'3.25-6'3.5
joe 193cm night says on 27/Mar/15
6'3.25 (191) would be best for him is a little taller than Chris, in some photos also looks taller than josh
Jay says on 27/Mar/15
@Liam, you don't even know your own height?
Liam Hemsworth says on 10/Mar/15
He's tall, I think he's 6'1 at least
John says on 4/Mar/15
The more I see Liam and Chris side by side the more I am convinced that Liam grew clearly taller than Chris, perhaps by one inch.
See their recent photos at federation Sq, Melbourne~: there Liam looks very crearly taller than Chris.
Also with Josh Duhamel, Liam Hemsworth is by no means shorter. I think they look exactly same height. Liam's shoulder looks even heigher on every photo. On the one Josh is wearing a cap Liam looks taller than Josh, both shoulder and head top.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Mar/15
I imagine him measuring in the same range as Jimmy Smits, Billy Campell and Kevin Sorbo. Legit 191cm guy at night
top lad says on 16/Feb/15
I think he could pass for 6ft4 but he claims to be 6ft3.
joe 192cm says on 15/Jan/15
I agree with Joe overcame josh in the film of mercenaries dolph lundgren billed 6'6 and 6'5 their actual height 194 cm so had a read on Liam
Menace 195cm says on 15/Jan/15
I am at least 2 inches taller than him so i'd say he is about 190cm, maybe 191cm in the morning.
bad boy says on 12/Jan/15
Joe is right liam & josh both are equal in height .... Either josh is too 6.3 or liam needs an upgrade
Sam says on 31/Dec/14
Rob, would you say Liam might be a fraction taller than his brother Chris? It's hard to tell, sometimes either can seem to have an edge.
[Editor Rob: there might be a 1/4 inch between them, but I think unless measuring them to be precise, in general I don't think it's that noticeable to people.]
Height183 says on 22/Dec/14
He looks about 6'3'' to me.
Joe says on 20/Dec/14
I think he needs an upgrade, to 6'3.25 at least. Here are a few pics with 6'3.5" Josh Duhamel.

Click Here
Click Here
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This Jake guy is dumb. Liam is almost the same height as Josh Duhamel.
joe says on 29/Nov/14
It is greater than a few millimeters Chris
pedriscovery says on 24/Nov/14
Un recently photos in sinsajo premier.hace a good front photos with donald sutherland a are the same height un other photos the angle camera is bad.AMD dont forgett sutherland hace 78 yeards old an he encorved sometimes
A6'1Guy says on 15/Nov/14
@Tommo Keep in mind that Liam is standing slightly further back. Emphasis on "slightly" But he still looks 0.5 inch to almost 1 inch taller (With shoe wear), but then again Liam looks to wear shoes that appear to give an advantage, my guess is that he is anywhere from 0.25 inches to 0.75 inches taller than Chris (1 inch would be stretching it), they are very close, both are tall men. Liam 6'3-6'3.25, Chris 6'2.75-6'3. Chris' listed height looks about right at 6'2.75, I am confident in my estimates.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Nov/14
Liam Hemsworth - 6ft3(192cm)
Chris Hemsworth - 6ft2(190cm)
Judd says on 12/Nov/14
sincerly in the best pictures i didn't see more than 1" between Duhamel and Liam, and Duhamel is a real 6'4".
Judd says on 5/Nov/14
he's an example of a realistic 6'3". In paranoia he has 4" on Harrison Ford (5'11" today) and a good 1" on Julian McMahon (6'1.75-2").
Jake says on 2/Nov/14
Josh Duhamel is 1 to 2 inches taller in the full bodyshot I just showed you. I can buy the 6'3 listing of Hemsworth here but unless Josh is 6'4.5 there's noway Liam is is 6'3.5-6'4 range. He's really tall nonetheless though.
Andrea says on 31/Oct/14
O yeah, completely towers i'd say... Yeah, Josh looks taller there but he might have some camera advantage, there are pics where Liam is very close to him... I think both of them are solid 6'3, 6'3-6'3.5 range! I don't buy anything under 6'3 for Liam!
Jake says on 31/Oct/14
6'3.5 Josh Duhamel completely towers Liam about 1-2 inches don't understand why you guys think Liam is 6'3.5-6'4.

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Andrea says on 30/Oct/14
Easy 6'3, i could even buy a fraction over it... In Paranoia he did look very tall, he also had a scene with Josh Holloway and he was about 2 inches taller, so 6'3-6'3.25 makes sense!
bruh says on 15/Oct/14
My guess is 190 on Chris and 192 on Liam.
mike says on 9/Oct/14
Luke: 5ft 9-9.5in 175-177 cm
Chris: 6ft 2.5-3in 189-191 cm
Liam: 6ft 3-3.5in 191-192 cm
Tommo says on 7/Sep/14
@Jake I really don't think they look identical in that photo. I'd say Liam looks around an inch taller.
Miiiiiiighty_- says on 19/Aug/14
Chris 190
Liam 193

He clearly looks like a 6'4 guy stature wise..
Bishop says on 8/Aug/14
@Dmeyer, he said NPH was 6'1"? LOL
Dmeyer says on 28/Jul/14
Without disrespecting mr r , as i have respect for all people on this site , mr r seems allways to under estimate people under 6ft and over estimate the one who are over 6ft , for example , DiCaprio who is defenetly no shorter than 5'11-11.25 he sees him 5'10.5 Clooney who is strong 5'10 today and defenetly about 5'11 peak he says hes 5'9.5 , i met him rufalo who is at worst 5'7.25-7.5in he sees 5'6 , and Many others , while Guys over 6ft for example c pine who is defenetly no taller than 6'0.75 as he can look barely as tall as costner and a har smaller than 6'1 quinto , mr r saw him at 6'1-6'2 , nph who is barely 6'0 saw him at 6'1 , you Guys get it
Amaze says on 26/Jul/14
I don't see a full 6'4''. I reckon he is a quarter of an inch taller than chris, hes 6'3.25. he's very slightly taller.

@jon that is not true, identical twins at my school look exactly a like, the difference is that one is 5'8 and has been that way for a long while now, while the other is 5'6. my other friend and his brother have an age gap of 5 years and they are both 5'11 or 180cm. but yeah hes slightly over 6'3. nothing over 6'3.5
indigo says on 26/Jul/14
Honestly i doubt he's 6'3 imo he looks more 6'3.5-6'4
jon says on 7/Jun/14
I doubt he's still 6'3. He has to be at least an inch taller than Chris now. Brothers are never the same height unless they're twins.
Dmeyer says on 27/May/14
6'3-3.25 seems right h looks 6'4-4.5in shoes on near Lawrence she has to be near 5'11.5 heels on
Peter says on 25/May/14
I think there is no doubt that Liam has outgrown Chris and is now distinctively taller than him, by about one inch at least (shoulders, eyelevels, headtops).
Therefore Liam Hemsworth is at least 6'4 tall at present.
Realist says on 21/May/14
Liam: 193 Chris: 191 Luke: 176
Johnny says on 10/May/14
Think he needs a 0.25 inch upgrade... 192cm probably is spot on..
Lillian says on 14/Apr/14
I met him in Georgia and was shocked when I discovered he was like 6'7" in person than he claimed on interviews.
Ninks says on 14/Apr/14
I think this picture gives a good idea of Chris and Liam's height difference. Standing side by side, neither slouching and both wearing similar shoes. It looks like Liam is the taller of the two. Click Here
Realist says on 16/Mar/14
About an inch shorter than Armie Hammer. 6'3.5(192 cm), Hutcherson :5'5 Jennifer Lawrence:169 , Chris:190 and Luke -174
Peter says on 10/Mar/14
Liam has just turned 24. I knew he is not much older than me, and he is said to be 6'5 now. So as he must have done a lot of exercise he grew more one inch in the last years. I met him two years ago, when he was twenty-one. I was with my brother and some very tall friends and he towered over almost everybody. He even mentioned that with my brother who was just 15 at the time and was the only one his height, even slightly taller than him.
Btw he was extremely nice, talkative, funny, and obviously outstandingly good-looking and elegant. He was already quite popular in Australia, but not as much as he is now all over the world.
Peter says on 10/Mar/14
I think that if Donald Sutherland and Chris Hemsworth are 6'3 Liam is now about 6'4.
kevin says on 4/Mar/14
taller than brother chris... so maybe 0.25 in upgrade
Realist says on 4/Mar/14
Sorry i was talking about Luke. I think Rob should open a page for him.
Realist says on 4/Mar/14
He looks 5'8 on a pic on this link :"".
Tommo says on 20/Feb/14
@Rob, not sure if it's just me but the Miley Cyrus link sends me to the Jennifer Lawrence page.
[Editor Rob: fixed it thanks]
Jaywha says on 20/Feb/14
195cm imo. Same height as his brother Chris.
Balrog says on 30/Jan/14
Rob, you upgraded Ludwig, now Liam deserves a .25 upgrade at least.
Peter says on 22/Jan/14
This photo of the two brothers side by side just confirms my opinion that Liam is at least one inch taller than Chris. Liam's shoulders are clearly above Chris's. Liam is just leaning his head on the right. So Liam's head top gets lower then Chris's. That happens almost everytime the two get side by side. It's instinctive for a slightly taller person either to lean on the side or to bend a knee to get as tall as a slightly shorter person when taking photos.
When the difference is big it is pointless to do that, but when the difference is almost imperceptible that happens just naturally.
Tommo says on 20/Jan/14
The relative height of him and his brother is a weird one. There's plenty of pictures where they look exactly the same height, but a few, like the Last song premiere Liam looks a bit taller. And there's one or two where Chris looks a bit taller. Click Here At the recent Thor 2 premiere they looked exactly the same, so I think it might be a case of Chris have crappy posture. Guess we won't know until Rob meets them both, maybe we can have a celebheights whip round and send him to comic con? ;)
Viking says on 20/Jan/14
Chris 189 and liam 191-2
Balrog says on 15/Jan/14
He deserves a slight upgrade already. He's looking taller than his brother in almost every pic.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Jan/14
@Mr. R: Somewhere between 6ft3-6ft4 I can believe, but 6ft4-6ft5?
Dejavu says on 13/Jan/14
Looks 6'4 in that picture with Jennifer Lawrence.
Balrog says on 4/Dec/13
Clafin is legit 5'11'' he looked that next to Lawrence and Hutcherson, so the more I see this guy is for sure over 6'3'' I'd say a solid 191cm or 6'3.25''.
Lo sgozzatore says on 4/Dec/13
6 inches, huh? I've seen some pics of him with Claflin (i actually dont even know who he is) and Hemsworth can look 4.5 inches taller than him, noway there are as much as 6 inches. Could be Hemsworth is a strong 6'3 (which i believe) and Claflin a weak 5'11?
chriss says on 3/Dec/13
ok explain this, he looks 6 inches taller next to sam calflin(180cm)either sam is 5'9 or liam is really 6'4/6'5
Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Dec/13
I can buy a strong 6'3, he's probably between 6'3 and 6'3.5, but 6'4-6'5 is crazy!
Mr. R says on 2/Dec/13
Liam is taller than he claims he is between 6-4 and 6-5. Folks who work with him have told the truth. On Kimmel, he downgraded his height so he can keep on working. Just like Jared Padelecki.
Mr. R says on 2/Dec/13
Liam is taller than he claims he is between 6-4 and 6-5. Folks who work with him have told the truth. On Kimmel, he downgraded his height so he can keep on working. Just like Jared Padelecki.
Balrog says on 2/Dec/13
Linebacker28 says on 1/Dec/13
This listing is on the target. Was every bit of that 6'3" in Paranoia, towering over most of the cast and having a significant edge over an older Harrison Ford. Certainly had that slick executive look. Cool guy, too; wonder if he'll have the same success as his brother has had in the industry. So far, things seem to be looking up for him.
Rikashiku says on 30/Nov/13
I don't think either he or his brother are 6'3".
Frank says on 27/Nov/13
In comparison between Sutherland and Liam, 1st of course the camera angle is important and 2nd i dont think that Sutherland is 6.3 in this moment. Probably Donald will be 6.15 or 6.2 now.
Silent d says on 24/Nov/13
zelda says on 19/Nov/13
Click Here This guy looks WAY taller than Donald Sutherland, who's supposed to be 6'3". Did he grow, since he is still in his early 20's, or is it the camera angle?
John says on 7/Nov/13
I think Liam is almost 6'4" now, because I was that height when I met him and I think we were same height. I admit he was slightly shorter then me then, but he is definitely taller than his brother at 6'3".
Silent d says on 21/Oct/13
Solid 6 foot 3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Sep/13
"Liam Hemsworth's height is 6ft 3.5in (192cm)"

Edges out his brother
Rusty says on 19/Sep/13
His brother is likely 6'3" flat

I could buy up to 6'3.25-5" for Liam. He is a fraction of an inch taller than Chris
Arch Stanton says on 18/Sep/13
He does seem a little taller than Chris. Didn't somebody say he was slightly taller that 6'3.5" Josh Duhamel. I could buy 6'3.5" but I'm not sure he is a real 6'4" guy.
S says on 16/Sep/13
He's taller than 6'3. He was 19 in the last song. He's taller now than he was then.
Myrus says on 10/Sep/13
@Marcustheswede in the BTS stuff on the DVD (or youtube) you can see that she's standing on boxes and platforms for a lot of that stuff.
Merr says on 6/Sep/13

It's a movie, for all we know miley might be standing on appleboxes.
Arch Stanton says on 25/Aug/13
Did you see the height difference between him and Statham in the Expendables? Sly even said to Statham about "having short legs" and not being able to catch him. He's clearly a genuine 6'3" er.
Rusty says on 15/Aug/13
His brother Chris claims 190cm, which is about 1/5 of an inch under 6'3"
MarcusTheSwede says on 8/Aug/13
I must agree with MS. He isnt over 189cm. Just look at the Movie The Last song, several times he stands besides her or holding her..she is listed 165cm..and there is not chance in hell Liam is over 190..that is laughable..just look at the height diffrence in the Movie where both Liam and Miley Cyrus stands beside eachother without shoes...if he where 190..or over..he would really have towered over a girl that is 165cm but in not one scene he does dwarf her..he is tall but not at all as listed here.Look at evidence look at the Movie. He is not over 189cm not a chance.
Thanks for great site.
cole says on 30/Jul/13
He is slightly taller than his brother, Chris, about 0.5in or so. 6'3 for Liam and 6'2.5 for Chris is fair enough.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Jun/13
Pushing 192cm. He looks a bit taller than Chris Hemsworth who might be 190cm?
Balrog says on 18/Jun/13
At best he is .5 taller than his brother. Chris is at least 6'2.5''.
Average weight says on 17/Jun/13
Liam looks .75 taller then Chris. Fraction over 6'3 seems right cause he looks very tall. Chris looks 188.
Balrog says on 14/Jun/13
Rob what about 6'3.25'' for Liam? They're not common on the site.
[Editor Rob: it might be a good shout, a fraction over 6ft 3]
6\'3\" says on 12/Jun/13
Needs an upgrade if you ask me. Looks close to 6'4", probably like 192,5cm. Abit taller than his brother who's a solid 6'3".
Arch Stanton says on 31/May/13
Yes, I think Liam edges out Chris slightly, struggles to look 6'2" is laughable, to me he looks 6'3.5" more often than sub 6'2".
John says on 28/May/13
I guess Liam grew slightly taller than Chris. That's why he tends to fall a bit on his side when he is by his brother. Chris instinctively keeps upright and then they look same height on pictures, but Liam's shoulders are always above Chris's. Whatever the difference it looks always less than one inch.
MS says on 11/May/13
My friend saw him and he said he was only a couple cm taller than him, and he's 187 cm and was in converse those days while Hemsworth was in 1 inch soles. He struggles to look 6'2, I don't know why people including Rob are over-inflating his height. He's never been 6'3 a single day in his life. 189 cm at most for this guy.
Arch Stanton says on 9/May/13
Click Here

Scroll down a bit. If anything he looks near 6'5" in that photo!! He does seem a bit taller than his brother Chris I've got to say even though he is closer to the camera. I think he was claimed 6 ft 4 too, Miley says he's 6'4". Maybe he is 6'3'" and change and rounds up?
Dunbar says on 9/May/13
In the pic with Miley Cyrus, he looks 6'2". If Cyrus is 5'5" or 5'6", she comes up to his chin, that's 9 inches. He is also standing on the flat part of the sidewalk, but she isn't. He's at least 6'2".

I've seen other pics of him where he is barely taller than his brother and his brother is barely taller than other actors who are 6'0" like Loki.
Ud190.5cm says on 19/Apr/13
hey rob,
Was he still 6'3 when he was 17 and just got into the movies?
Arch Stanton says on 13/Mar/13
Click Here

In flip flops and looks an easy 6'3". More chance of 6'4" than 6'1.5". He can look a bit taller than his brother I think.
zA says on 27/Feb/13
This guys clearly 6'3-6'4 at LEAST.
Balrog says on 15/Feb/13
Seems a legit 6'3''.
Arch Stanton says on 2/Feb/13
Its the way he comments Alex, I agree, see his comment on the Chris Hemsworth page.
Rikashiku says on 2/Feb/13
I had given pics, neither of you have yet to give pics to back up your claims. After that, you all started calling names and even stalking my activity here.

You ask me to get a life yet you two stalk this website more than I do.
Alex says on 1/Feb/13
Arch, it's not just the height of the guy. Hell, I'm not even a fan of the man. He just gives me the impression of a tall 6ft3 guy. If Rikashiku had anything close to manners, I'd just poliely disagree with him than move on. Like I normaly do but ,seriously, have you seen his comments on this page? The guy is obsessed,arrogant,rude and keeps bashing everyone who deosn't agree with him in a manner most smug and aggressive. An attitude sadly prevalent on the internet which absolutely infurates me. He was right about one thing though, this is getting tiring, I'm not gonna waste anymore time with him. I just want to apologise to the editors and the visitors of this site for my behaviour. Arch, I don't think you should bother anymore either, it's pointless. Rikashiku,man....get a life, please. Cheers.
Arch Stanton says on 31/Jan/13
Rikashiku I'm not Alex, Rob can confirm that. Is the Alex posting here the old Alex who Rob measured a little over 6' and is into bodybuilding? Can you confirm this Rob? All I can say is that neither I or Alex are obsessed or stalking your Rika, we just think you have an agenda with the Hemsworths. Liam can actually look a bit taller than Chris from what I've seen.
Rikashiku says on 28/Jan/13
Dude, you're obsessing now. You're waiting everyday to see my comments. You're upset because I have a different opinion about this guys height, and I have provided pictures to back up my claims.

You haven't and yet you stalk and insult me throughout this site. You're obsessed with the Hemsworths. I didn't say anything about you being American, so why'd you bring it up?

Stay on topic. I still say he is under 6'3". The last time I saw him, he was no taller than I am.
You haven't given pictures or met him and you still insult me. Get a life, you loser.
Alex says on 27/Jan/13
LMAO @ Rikashiku I'm a guy and I'm not even american! I came here while browsing around this site and saw your comments. I just hate obvessive, no-life nerds who act obessive and keep attacking people who don't agree with them. They ruin the internet and they need to get a life ASAP!
Rikashiku says on 25/Jan/13
Steve and Alex. I've given several pics showing that he isn't 6'3" and at least a weak 6'2". Neither of you have given anything. You guys shouldn't take this so seriously. I've just stated and shown that he isn't 6'3". Fangirls like you two need to grow up.
Knight92 says on 22/Jan/13
Liam is legit 6'3" . 191 cm . Those who says he's 6' 1.5 " those are nonsense . even i'm 6 and half . this guy at least has 3 inches on me . I saw his pics with Miley Cyrus . who's 5'5" .
imanhonestguy says on 21/Jan/13
LOL at all these comments below me... clearly both the Hemsworth brothers are at least 6'2.5"... possible to be way over 6'3" with shoes on.
Alex says on 15/Jan/13
Steve,I think Rikashiki might be just another troll or worse, a deeply,deeply jealous and disturbed kid with a height complex. I think it's best to ingnore him from now on. Anyway, this guy is a pretty legit 6'3'' maybe 190 cm but nothing less. Just watch pics of him with that Alex Ludwig, who's a pretty much a legit 6'2''.
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in says on 6/Jan/13
Can't wait to see him with Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming movie 'Empire state',it should help us determining their height,anyway based on everything i've seen by now Liam looks like a solid 6'3,this photo supports the claim i think: Click Here
Btw looking at the image i've noticed that his body frame is almost identical to mine,though at 102kg(average fat %) i'm a bit heavier :D
Steve says on 30/Dec/12
Rikashiku - you haven't proven anything at all, except for an obsession with the Hemsworth's heights. Why does it matter so much to you that they may or may not be 6'3? You seem to live on these threads, ready to pounce whenever anybody dares suggest that they are the height they claim to be.
Rikashiku says on 28/Dec/12
Geez, you replied immediately after my comment was made. Were you waiting for me the whole day? You're aware that it takes at least 12 hours for these comments to be posted, right?

You've gone off topic Alex, you're no longer talking about height. Your life is stalking me, and thats weird.

Hemsworth is still at least 6'1.5"-6'2". But not 6'3". I've actually proven it, several times.
Alex says on 24/Dec/12
@Rikashiku: LOL @ your comment. Stalking you? I've only seen you on Hemsworth pages. You think too much of yourself, kid. Nobody is stalking you,nobody wants to stalk you.Nobody cares about you. You are not important or notable. I just thought you were getting too damn irritating. But I ain't wasting no more time, I've got serious thing to do and, you know, a life. As for you just...stop obsessing and get of the internet, you are making a fool of yourself. Cheers.
Rikashiku says on 24/Dec/12
I pop up on a lot of pages Alex. Are you stalking me or something?
Alex says on 13/Dec/12
@Rikashiku: Seriously, you pop up on every Hemsworth-related page, getting into fights with everyone, raving about how you have !PROVEN!their legit height with your pics. Bottomline: nobody cares. You are so damn pathetic and desperate for attention that I can't decide if you're laughable or simply sad. Seriously,I wouldn't even bother to type this in the first place but you're getting damn irritating,kid. Get off the internet and get a life ASAP.
Rikashiku says on 30/Nov/12
Actually I have proven that they are 6'1.5"-6'2", with MANY pictures. You've only posted very bad pictures with bad angles and short people. VERY short people.

Liam never stood next to Lundgren in the Expendables 2. The only time he is actually standing next to someone is the 5'9"-5'8" Sylvester Stallone.
The Exorcist says on 29/Nov/12
@Rikashiku: Both of them (Liam and Chris) are very similar range. I saw Liam in "The Expendables 2" this afternoon and he looked the same height as Dolph Lundgren. I think thst 6'3" is very believable for Liam and Chris.
Arch Stanton says on 28/Nov/12
I didn't say he was 6 ft 4. I'm saying in that photo proportionally he looks nearer it than 6'1". You haven't proven either of them are 6'1.5" unless you formally measure them and prevent evidence like the challenges.
Rikashiku says on 24/Nov/12
You sure you want to stand by saying he is 6'4"? Not sure if you're just trolling now because you're just going with any pic that makes these guys look taller than anyone else, even though I have proven that they are not even 6'3".

If you want to keep saying Chris is 6'3", then you can't say Liam is 6'4" then.
Click Here

If thats the case, then everyone on the avengers, and everyone who has even met these guys are all 2.5" taller than they really are, accroding to you Shaun.
Arch Stanton says on 22/Nov/12
Click Here

Seriously you think he doesn't even look 6'2?? He looks nearer 6'4" than 6'1" to me..
Rikashiku says on 11/Nov/12
And yet Hugh Jackman is just the same height as 6'1" Zack Ryder. Here he is with 6'2" Alex Riley.
Click Here

Did these people say how much taller Liam is than Jackman?
Arch Stanton says on 11/Nov/12

On the Hugh Jackman page somebody said Jimmy Kimmel said that Liam was easily taller than Hugh Jackman who himself is obviously not under 6'1.5".
JohnTK says on 5/Nov/12
the lowest I can give to Liam is 6'2" (188cm) base from Miley, Lawrence and Sylvester.
Rikashiku says on 30/Oct/12
6'1". Miley is 5'4". Even short people can have long legs. You don't have to be tall to have long legs in ratio with your body.
Silent d says on 29/Oct/12
6 foot 3. Miley is much taller than 5 foot 4. Long legs. 5 foot 6.
Rikashiku says on 26/Oct/12
Reall? cbm? really?
Click Here

I've got more showing that they're the exact same height.
Cbm says on 24/Oct/12
Looks 189 and Chris 187-188 cm. They remind me of my friend and her sister. They're around seven years apart like Chris and Liam. My friend is taller than her sister who's older by 1 or 2 cm. That's kinda strange.
Rikashiku says on 21/Oct/12
Legit not 6'3" out of bed. 6'1" at most.
Van says on 10/Oct/12
Legit 6'3 out of bed.
Shaun says on 17/Sep/12
I think said before that he doesn't look 6 ft 3 in comparison to 5 ft 4 Miley. For some reason he can look 6'1" a lot as he did in The Expendables but I think he is actually around this, his brother definitely is.
Chiara says on 12/Sep/12
@paulfromchicago LoL of course you did!
paulfromchicago says on 11/Sep/12
Met this guy last year when he came into my place of business Japonias in Chicago. We were both wearing dress shoes and we were eye to eye. I am 185cm on the dot. He was maybe a cm taller than me.
MarcusTheSwede says on 7/Sep/12
This guy is NOT 191cm tall. I looked at The Expendables 2 and he is taller then Stallone but no way he is 191cm. This guy is at most 185-185cm tall. Nothing more.Look at The Ependables 2 and see for yourself.
jasonX says on 26/Jul/12
never mind, i just looked through the rest of the pictures and there's one where you can see the huge height diffrence, im guessing the first was photoshopped and air brushed
jasonX says on 26/Jul/12
if he's 6'3 and Miley Cyrus is 5'4.5 how do you explain this picture Click Here she would have to be about 5'10/11 if he was 6'3
mr handsome says on 14/Jun/12

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