How tall is Matt Damon ?

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Matt Damon height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)

American actor best known for starring as Jason Bourne in The Bourne series, and for roles in Saving Private Ryan, Good Will Hunting and The Departed. Matt himself said of his height, "I'm 5'10." in a interview and in 2014 decided to add half an inch, and now claims to be 5ft 10.5, although even once got quoted in The Sun saying about Courage Under Fire: "A doctor told me later I could have shrunk my heart permanently. I am 5ft 11in and went down to 135lbs from my usual weight, between 173lb and 176lbs. It didn't do me any good."

Matt with Heath Ledger
Photos by PR Photos
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Josh says on 24/Mar/15
He is a legit 5'10
nayhole says on 19/Mar/15
He's always looked shorter in movies. He looks just under 5'9
184.3cm says on 18/Mar/15
I thought he was 5'9.75 but after seeing him next to Affleck there he really does look a good 5'10 guy. More 5'10-5'10.25, has to be a lot broader than he looks as he comes off stocky alot.
Almost 5 10 says on 16/Mar/15
He is a major Hollywood star. Would be nice to get this one as accurate as possible, wouldn't it.
Almost 5 10 says on 16/Mar/15
Rob, would you consider a slight adjustment to 5' 9.75"? A bit like you did with Robbie Williams. I think it would be more accurate, don't you?
doorjar says on 11/Mar/15
Clooney isnt taller than 5'9-5-9.5
Dmeyer says on 8/Mar/15
Click Here , damon looks 5'11.5 hre Like pitt in Cubans while he has normal shoes of course looks 5'9.5-10 alot , but i think 5'10 is fair he pulls off 5'10.5-11 oftenly with impeccable posture
Andrea says on 6/Mar/15
If you say so... Unless Ben has a 5.5 inches eyelevel it is hard to believe there are 4 inches between them, let alone 4.25...
Again, there's more difference here: Click Here
Andrea says on 5/Mar/15
Rob, do you think he's standing on something or wearing lifts here?
Click Here
He looks not a mm under 5'11, if Ben is as listed! At the end of the video, Ben jokes about Matt's height saying he's short when he himself is not even 4 inches taller!
[Editor Rob: I think he looks close to 4 inches there, I don't know what they have on their feet though, that can always be the cause of height swings.]
Arch Stanton says on 2/Mar/15
In fact there is a chance Clooney could edge out Pitt barefoot.
Hypado says on 27/Feb/15
Matt Damon is 5ft 9.75in - 177 cm
CDS says on 24/Feb/15
This from ARGH just about says it all:

Watch "School Ties". He clearly looks 5'9 and he made that when he was 21 and an unknown.

Never thought this guy was 5'10", although more recently can look it on screen. I'll give him 5'9.5" max bare feet height. It's those early heights that often say it all...
Rixton says on 18/Feb/15
Its quite obvious he is no taller than 5'9. Hes never looked 5'10.

This is like Mark Wahlberg's listing of 5'8 when its obvious he looks 5'7.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Feb/15
Could be nearer 177cm in the evening.
Almost 5 10 says on 15/Feb/15
5' 10" is a fair listing though. He's not 5' 8-9". You could maybe argue a fraction shorter. But he looks 5' 10" most of the time.
Simon says on 12/Feb/15
Look at him next to Pitt and Clooney. The three of them look close in height sometimes Pitt looks noticeably taller but it becomes a guessing as to which one of them wears lifts. My guess is Pitt and Damon do that's why sometimes Pitt looks 2 inches taller and Damon equal to Pitt. I mean look at Damon next to Robin Williams, the difference looks bigger than Ledger and Damon on the pic above and they are listed at 6'1 5'10 and 5'7 the height gap's the same.
Sebastion says on 11/Feb/15
Cant beleive this 5'8 guy claims 5'11 now.
Andy says on 9/Feb/15
Rob, do you think Damon is more like a weak 5'10? Like 176,5cm (5'95) or something ?
[Editor Rob: chance he might dip under a little but I wouldn't argue he was only 5ft 9, more often than not he looks nearer the 10 than 9.]
Arch Stanton says on 2/Feb/15
Joe, I think it's time you stopped taking height literally and starting reading articles about elevator shoes!
Arch Stanton says on 2/Feb/15
Joe you've really not got a clue! Clooney would be laughing at you I'm sure if you got him and Brad barefoot together. 2 inch difference??
Dmeyer says on 2/Feb/15
If he claims 5'10 10.5 and 11 he must be solid 5'10
Joe says on 1/Feb/15
Damon is 5'9", Clooney is 5'9" too. Pitt is genuine 5'11". Clooney has long claimed that he is 5'11", and even claimed 5'11.5", sometimes even 6'0" which is real silly considering how many times he has been photographed with Brad Pitt, and Pitt has been shown to be considerably taller than Clooney. Many average sized actors have listed themselves as 5'11" in Hollywood such as Gary Oldman, Russell Crowe, Jeffrey Wright, Sylvester Stallone and numerous others.
ARGH says on 29/Jan/15
Damon is 5'9. Clooney is 5'10. Pitt is 5'11.

Watch "School Ties". He clearly looks 5'9 and he made that when he was 21 and an unknown.
Bob says on 28/Jan/15
Looking at photos the lowest you could argue for him is 5'9.75", but I think he looks 5'10" enough to keep him there.
GP says on 26/Jan/15
On screen he can look 5'9" and possibly under, but after I saw him the other day, I gotta say that I was little surprised that he was closer to 5'10". I would guess him 177-178, nothing more. Less than that is possible, but he has to wear little lifts then, which he doesn't seem one of those.
Andrea says on 24/Jan/15
Hey, i don't believe he's a big 5'10 at all! Just saying that if Rob has Ben at a solid 6'2, this guy doesn't look under 5'10...
TJE says on 23/Jan/15
Even considering Ben's advantages, I don't see any LESS than 4 inches. It's not much more of course; actually I'd say there would be 4-4.25 inches between them if Ben didn't dominate the pic. Still, I think Matt's a weak 5'10 and a shaky one at best.
jtm says on 23/Jan/15
Andrea says on 23/Jan/15
So you're basing your guess on that pic? Ben is standing closer to the camera and he's also raising his eyes a bit, still don't see more than 4 inches, even considering Matt's footwear advantage! If Ben is really 6'2.25, Matt is really no less than 5'10 and very likely near his 5'10.5 claim!!! Unless, he always wears lifts, of course...

that's not the only reason i think he is not even close to 5'10 but it doesn't matter. the majority will always believe he is 5'10 or very close to it despite many evidence he isn't.
Tunman says on 23/Jan/15
But still a solid 1.5"shorter than Dicaprio for sure.You said yourself that Dicaprio could even be as short as 5'11.To be near his 5'10.5 claim we're assuming that Dicaprio wore lifts while Damon didn't.
The guy started at 5'10 then 5'10.5 and once claimed 5'11.I'm tending to think that the lowest claimed figure would be the closest to truth except perhaps for big guys like Cudmore or Kobe,that being said we never know how some guys could turn under stadiometer.
Matt still looks too often 5'9-10 range to be as tall as 5'10.5,my opinion is still on a weak 5'10
Andrea says on 23/Jan/15
So you're basing your guess on that pic? Ben is standing closer to the camera and he's also raising his eyes a bit, still don't see more than 4 inches, even considering Matt's footwear advantage! If Ben is really 6'2.25, Matt is really no less than 5'10 and very likely near his 5'10.5 claim!!! Unless, he always wears lifts, of course...
Tunman says on 22/Jan/15
Good pic and finally it seems there's 4"difference between them,rather 4.5"assuming Matt has footwear advantage.
Again it confirms my opinion of a weak 5'10 which is even visible with 5'11.25-11.5 Dicaprio,he looked about 1.5"shorter in The Departed
Time for a slight downgrade,he's more 177.
jtm says on 21/Jan/15
look at the pic TJE posted on july 28.
Tunman says on 20/Jan/15
lifts could be an explanation for how he looked near 5'11 next to Affleck,but with Clooney who won't be anything more than 5'10.5 possibly less he seemed a good 0.5" shorter in Monuments Men which seems fair assuming everyone had boots.
5'9.75 or 5'10 is still my opinion.
Andrea says on 19/Jan/15
jtm, post the photos you're talking about...
jtm says on 19/Jan/15
forget about those 2 full body pictures of damon looking 5 inches shorter than affleck with a footwear advantage.
Yea says on 18/Jan/15
I think he's 5'10 1/2. If he's claiming 5'10, 5'10 1/2, and 5'11. I'm measured 5'9 1/2, and I claimed 5'9, 5'9 1/2 and 5'10 at least once in my life. Depends on my mood. Plus he seems a little over 5'10
Andrea says on 18/Jan/15
There are 4 inches at most between Matt and Ben! If Ben is as listed, Matt must be pretty damn close to his 5'10.5 claim ..
carver says on 17/Jan/15
My god, the guy keeps going higher and higher, first 5'10, then 5'10 and a half now 5'11, what's next 6'2 on a good day? Trust me he's 5'9
Rey says on 14/Jan/15
He is very close to 5'8' 1/8 in flat feet. Very similar in facial features as Tom Brady.
London Boy says on 2/Jan/15
5' 10" is closer than 5' 9" or below. 5' 11" is pushing it though!
Arch Stanton says on 29/Dec/14
Yes, for some reason he screams 5 ft 8-9 but I think you can see in the above photo he's actually more like 5'10!! The worst you could really argue is 5'9.5" in a lot of comparisons.
Omid says on 25/Dec/14
To me he always seemed shorter (specially in Oceans Eleven), like 176- 177 range but you are the expert Rob, not me!
BOXOFFICEFLOP says on 23/Dec/14
why do actors height seem to change so often? It's like when they're unknown they're 5'10 and then when famous they're 5'11 or 6'0 and then years later they're back to being 5'10
Clay says on 22/Dec/14
Affleck towered Damon in ''Jay and Silent Bob''. That was when I was turned on to the fact Damon is a short guy between 5'9 and 10''.
Andrea says on 18/Dec/14
Of course he must be standing loose in some pics or it wouldn't explain why he can look only 2-3 inches taller! So you think Matt is a liftwearer too? Interesting...
[Editor Rob: there is a good chunk of hollywood who will at times wear just a small lift, the kind that gives you an extra cm and harder to spot.]
Andrea says on 17/Dec/14
Then, 5'10.5 or 5'11 is arguable for Matt? That's the minimum he is if Ben is 6'2.5...
[Editor Rob: i'm sure affleck stands loose with matt a lot of times...maybe matt even at times had small lift. ]
Andrea says on 17/Dec/14
"[Editor Rob: Jensen is above jared's eyes in person, that's what I seen and both had work boots, I would go with 4 inches, maybe for ben/matt it is also around 4.]"
In fact i said i can buy Jared being only 4.25 inches taller than Jensen but then again there's noway such a big difference between Ben and Matt! And i've seen a lot of pictures of them, it's not only those 2-3 pics you can find on the net!!! Seriously, at best, there are 4 inches between Matt and Ben... Could Matt be the height he claims? 5'10.5? I doubt, more chance he got that height from a shoe measurement...
[Editor Rob: 6ft 2.5 or 6ft 2 is arguable for Ben.]
jtm says on 17/Dec/14
5 inches shorter than affleck in 2 full body pictures despite the footwear advantage. affleck's 6'2.5 lisitng is generous but damon at 5'10 is laughable.
Andrea says on 17/Dec/14
So you answer with a simple "they can look just 4 inches"? 4 inches is the most there is between them and there's a good chance there's only 3.5 inches between them, he's never under Ben's eyebrows! As for Jensen and Jared, Jensen is around Jared's eyelevel in a lot of photos! This is not being objective, you must admit it, Rob!
[Editor Rob: Jensen is above jared's eyes in person, that's what I seen and both had work boots, I would go with 4 inches, maybe for ben/matt it is also around 4.]
Jack says on 17/Dec/14
Matt is a legit 5'9" guy
Andrea says on 16/Dec/14
Jared and Jensen: Click Here
Ben and Matt: Click Here
Rob insists Jared is only 4-4.25 inches taller than Jensen. Ok, it is possible but now tell me, how can Ben be 4.5 inches taller than Matt? There is objectively more difference between J and J. Rob how do you explain that? Is it part of the "Inexplicable things" of this site, together with Kobe Bryant, Dave Annable, Kim Coates, etc.??? You realize there are many heights that actually don't match each other?
[Editor Rob: there can look just 4 inches between matt and ben.]
jtm says on 15/Dec/14
he was 5 inches shorter than affleck even with a footwear advantage TJE posted on july 28.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Dec/14
He's also nothing under 6 ft 2 Andrea..
Dmeyer says on 14/Dec/14
I agree Andrea 5'9.75 damon 6'2 affleck tops 2.25
Emil 183 cm says on 14/Dec/14
He is somewhere between 177-178 cm but CAN look 175-176 because of posture and his quite long head
Andrea says on 14/Dec/14
If Ben Affleck is 6'2.5, he is no less than 5'10.5... But, of course, Ben is not 6'2.5...
Dmeyer says on 13/Dec/14
I agree not under strong 177cm weak 5'10
Prince says on 13/Dec/14
The shoes Heath Ledger has on probably give a half inch and Matt Damon's shoes likely give an inch. Ledger looks 3.5 inches taller in this pic. In reality he probably was 4 inches taller than him which would make Damon 5'9" barefoot. Damon is probably 5'9 1/2" out of bed and then stays 5'9 1'4" for several hours before dropping to 5'9" toward the evening.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Dec/14
Rob, could Damon wake up close to 5ft11?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 10.75 might be possible, although if he does drop to 9.75 then he might be 5ft 10.5 out of bed...and there, his 5ft 10.5 claim is valid, he just forgot 'out of bed' as an appendage to it.]
TJE says on 11/Dec/14
What I meant was that he is probably 5'10/177.8 on the nose at lunchtime and maybe 177.4 when going to bed.
marcus says on 11/Dec/14
for the bourne movies, his passport had 175cm. matt damon is not 5'10, he's 176cm
Prince says on 5/Dec/14
Matt Damon is over 6 feet with stilts..
TJE says on 2/Dec/14
Rob, would his absolute low be like 177.3-177.4?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't argue he was lower than around 177, you could class him as a weak 5ft 10 guy at times.]
lelman says on 1/Dec/14
Yeah looking back at that video when Ben calls him short he says he 5'10.5". I think it's pretty funny how so many 5'9-10" guys claim 5'10.5", do they like that half inch because it puts them slightly above national average? Sly, LeBlanc, Damon, Tyson. It seems like such arbitrary addition.

He looked an inch or so shorter than McCanaughey in Interstellar. I agree with most of the posters here, weak 5'10".
Joe says on 29/Nov/14
You are supposed to measure your height with shoes off in the morning, when you are slightly taller. I am 6'0.5" tall when I get out of bed, but I am 6' in the evening. This is my measurement without shoes.
Actors tend to give their heights in shoes. Athletes usually give their heights without shoes but not always.
Darren510 says on 26/Nov/14
He probably is about 5'10. Affleck is 6'2-6'2.5. They did 3 movies together, plus loads of other pics of them hanging out.Affleck really never towers Damon
6ftMagician says on 25/Nov/14
@Bob Funnily enough I'm 6ft7 in some (high heeled) shoes aswell ;)

Measure height bearfoot.
@Bob says on 25/Nov/14
You're supposed to measure yourself with your shoes off barefoot on a solid floor.
Bob says on 23/Nov/14
Hey guys. I'm 6'2.75 in shoes. Would that be my height or am I supposed to measure it with shoes off?
Tim1.79 says on 20/Nov/14
@ Joe He wasn't two inches shorter than him, and McConaughey is not 5'11.5" or 182cm.
My best estimate for Damon will be 177cm
Joe says on 18/Nov/14
Matt Damon is probably 5-9, during Interstellar he stood about two inches shorter than 5'11.5" Matthew McConaughey.
Can't Stop Addicted says on 10/Nov/14
Rob, would you consider a slight adjustment to 5' 9.75"? I think people could live with that. He does appear 5' 10" but can often look noticeably shorter.
xi says on 6/Nov/14
5'9. Watch the Bourne filma and School Ties. He's average height but he was reporred 5'11 in the late 90s
One Seventy-Six says on 5/Nov/14
I think this listing is out, but only by half an inch. I think he'd measure 5' 9.5" barefoot, by the evening. Doesn't strike me as a solid 5' 10". He can look 5' 10"+ at times. But he appears below 5' 10" too often to ignore, in my opinion.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Nov/14
Watched The Departed again the other night and I was surprised how much taller Alec Baldwin looked next to him, oddly looked easily 6 ft in comparison. He made Damon look barely 5 ft 9.
Prince says on 29/Oct/14
Matt Damon at best is 5'9 1/2 barefoot. He's probably 5'9 1/4" for first few hours of the day and drops to 5'9" barefoot after standing for 5 or 6 hours.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Oct/14
Rob, could 5ft10 be early morning for Damon?
[Editor Rob: a chance he dips a little bit shy of 5ft 10 so 5ft 10.5 morning could be a good shout.]
He - man Bran says on 26/Oct/14
Why does this site have him at 5'10"? I actually find this site very credible and accurate but this is simply wrong. We all know he is no taller than 5'9".
lelman says on 25/Oct/14
Rob, do you think it's possible he is just shy this? The amount of downgrading he gets is hard to ignore.
[Editor Rob: you can argue a 1/4 inch under this mark yes, but as low as 5ft 9 I wouldn't want to argue that.]
keith says on 12/Oct/14
5 foot 8.5 to 9
184.3cm says on 9/Oct/14
He always looks shorter than George Clooney whos around 179cm so id guess him 176-177cm.
The Truth says on 8/Oct/14
Matt Damon is 5'9".
Vibram says on 5/Oct/14
He is 176cm at daybreak
Carter says on 29/Sep/14
A guy I work with said he walked right by Matt in a gym and said he was "a couple of inches shorter than me...but really jacked....solid with big shoulders, etc." He also said he gave off a kind of "approach with caution" presence because of his very muscular build. And my buddy claims 6 feet even, but is really a bit under. So, my guess is that five-ten for Matt is a tiny bit generous...and that he's really around 5'9.5. I just saw him in that Liberace movie too...and he looks pretty tall in the scene by the pool. Legs seem way too long for someone under five-nine.
SAK says on 20/Sep/14
It difficult to give a estimate for this guy. 177cm seems a good bet. But Damons has stumpy building so will appear short.
Pete says on 18/Sep/14
Yeah, he does look like 5ft 10 but that's because of his footwear. To me, Matt has always seemed to be about 5'8. If he really was 5'10 he'd look (at least) 6 ft because he's always wearing massive boots and/or lifts.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Sep/14
He can look 5'9" range but I think he'd be near 5 ft 10. The big prominent toothy grin is at least explainable though, both his parents have a particularly wider grin and wide teeth! Click Here Click Here
blink says on 11/Sep/14
He does not look 5'10 like Kevin Bacon. I would say he's in the 5'9 range
true33 says on 9/Sep/14
What is wrong with some people here? Is like you need him to be tall. Damon is about 5.8 1/2. He is the farthest from tall than u can get. Pitt has 3 inches on him. Watch the Informant and tell me he is 5 10
Clay says on 8/Sep/14
Rob's 5'10'' is too high, as always Viper's 5'8'' flat is too low. He's 5'9'' evening guy.
Julian says on 7/Sep/14
I agree with @evil; he does look 5' 9.25" or 176 cm to me as well.
cole says on 29/Aug/14
@truth: Yeah, he looks like he could measure right between those marks (176 and 177). 176,5 cm - 5ft 9.5in.
Wouldn't completely rule out 177 cm flat though (5'9.75), but I can't see him pushing 178 cm at his low, no way.
truth says on 28/Aug/14
yeah something like 176-177cm range is most beleivable (he would measure a few mm above 176cm but a few mm below 177cm).
The Horse of FUNK says on 26/Aug/14
I get the feeling his recent claim of 5'10.5" is probably a morning measurement, hence why he's only now starting to claim it. I've always pegged him to be a weak 5'10", like 5'9.5" - 5'9.75", and that would corroborate with my guesstimate.

He's just got a very, very stocky build; very wide bone structure. And it's true, when people get wider or fatter, the shorter it makes them look.
Micky says on 26/Aug/14
Click Here

Recently claimed 5'10.5, maybe 5'9.5 flat and around the 5'10.5 range footwear
5'9.5 flat and just rounds it to 5'10
5'10.5 in footwear
evil says on 24/Aug/14
looks like he is 176cm to me
cole says on 23/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: How tall do your recon Neill Blomkamp is, about the same as Sharlto - 5'11.5? You can find shots where Matt looks 2in shorter than him (he also looks 2in shorter than Sharlto in most pics for that matter): Click Here Note how much shorter Matt's legs is compared to Neill's in the pic you posted and in this one... Matt seems to be wearing lifts.
5'9.5 is a fair listing, I wouldn't go much higher than that. He's obviously taller than just 5'8, but he's never a solid 5'10 guy.
[Editor Rob: it is quite possible he's a fraction over 5ft 11 yeah]
Clay says on 23/Aug/14
5'7-5'8 is hate-crimeish, but I would expect nothing less from some trolls that visit here. He's in that 5'9-5'10 territory.
jtm says on 15/Aug/14
he had a footwear advantage and was still 5 inches shorter than affleck. most poeple would agree that affleck isn't taller than 6'2 but even if he is the 6'2.5 listed here that is still not enough to make damon 5'10.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Aug/14
Got a good look at him in Green Zone last night next to Brendan Gleeson and the 5'7-5'8" claims are really silly. Yes, at times he can give a 5'8"-5'9" impression because he's a stocky guy but he honestly looked around 5 ft 10. I could buy 177 but I really think he's actually near this.
lee says on 15/Aug/14
5'7 god what trolls some people are, at worst he might be 5'9.5, Good actor
groundedtv says on 14/Aug/14
Yes He is 5'7" as i worked on a movie with him and same height as me - I have to say also he is a really nice guy, no star diva , really nice to all crew
wells says on 14/Aug/14
He is NOT 5'10. I stood right nest to this guy on the subway. We got off at the same stop. W.23 St. He was in sneakers and he came up to my neck. I am 5'11. And when he exited he was on tip toes. I couldn't believe it. He is 5'7 tops!
aidan says on 5/Aug/14
His height is 5'10". What is his weight in the bourne identity??
TJE says on 29/Jul/14
*No more than a centimeter
TJE says on 28/Jul/14
He's got a short torso and movies rarely show his legs, so he can seem shorter. He could be 5'10 flat at lunch time and drop a few millimeters by nighttime. He's a good example of a weak 5'10.

Here's a good pic of him with Ben Affleck:

Click Here

I think Matt has thicker footwear, more than a centimeter though.
176,2Tunman says on 4/Jul/14
177,8 is exactly a flat 5'10 so it's still possible.He could look that with 5'8 Cecile de France but it's hard to give height to the mm.I'm almost sure he wouldn't hit the 178 mark at his lowest but could be near it though.How much near is the question.177 to 177,8 is more likely than 178 to 178,5 anyways.
Josh says on 4/Jul/14
Matt Damon is definitely 5'10". While watching The Bourne Identity I noticed that when he's next to actress Franka Potente he's like one inch taller than her, and she's listed as 5'9"
nickname1 says on 17/Jun/14
177.5, not a full 5 10 but pretty darn close
Meltdown says on 15/Jun/14
The very first several comments I think were on point.

Most Hollywood types add 1 to 1.5 inches to their "official" heights for their reputation. Matt Damon might be a weak 5'9, but he has the body of a 5'7.5 guy and a slightly larger head. I'd say 174-175 cm. I know a guy with the exact same body proportions and he was a good inch shorter than me. I am 5'10 morning, 5'9.25 night.
Rhonda says on 10/Jun/14
176,2Tunman said
Again 5'10 is possible but the more I see the more I'm convinced he's rather 177 than 78.=======How about 177.8cm? I am thinking 177.8cm could be his height and it is not quite the 178cm but under it by 2mm. I think this could be the height he is. You with me?
Daniel says on 8/Jun/14
This whole :I saw his height in a passport in a movie or anything like that" does not mean much....In the movie Sudden Death, there is a screen shot of Van Damme's information which show him as 5"11...obviously not accurate
the shredder says on 28/May/14
The " He is shorter than Clooney/Pitt , he has to be 5'8 " argument is the lamest , it means nothing because their heights vary and Matt at most likely 5'9.5 is shorter than both to begin with. He is not Rob's height.
176,2Tunman says on 27/May/14
Rob,in Monuments Men,he seemed a little shorter than Clooney like 0.75".You have Clooney at 5'10.75 and he was definitely 5'10.5-10.75 in his heydays but I think he's likely to be closer to 5'10 than 11 today somewhere between 5'10.25 and 10.5 so Damon rather 5'9.5-9.75.
Again 5'10 is possible but the more I see the more I'm convinced he's rather 177 than 78.
hammer says on 25/May/14
He's 5' 8" at most. Look at any movie he's in with Pitt and Clooney who are both DEFINITELY under 6 ft. They both have at least 2-3 inches on him. He is a little man.
RisingForce says on 25/May/14
Has to be taller than just 5'9", imo since he usually looks it and is consistently taller than guys thought to be about 5'9" themselves. Look at the picture at the top of the Heath Ledger page, looks unlikely he has lifts yet looks about 5'10" if Heath was 6'1", though did look more 5'9"-5'9.5" in a couple of other pics from that day in all fairness. I think 5'10" possible, but he also could have taken his recent claim in shoes and simply rounded up for his initial, lower claim.
nick says on 16/May/14
at one part in The Bourne Identity it said this,about jason bourne:



Hair:Light brown


is this true about matt damon?
the shredder says on 12/May/14
He might not be 5 '10 but he is not 5'8 also.
Brad says on 10/May/14
The short guy with Clooney & Pitt in every Ocean's film. He isn't 5' 10".
Dmeyer says on 1/May/14
This Guy CAN look Anywere 177-179cm
Hypado says on 30/Apr/14
Ben Afleck - 189cm
Matt Damon - 177cm
RisingForce says on 30/Apr/14
Thanks, Lorne, appreciate it. SAK, I never said a full 5'11", I said he can look near it, as far as examples, well, if Ben Affleck is really 6'2.5", then as I said, I usually see 4" between the two such as here where I see 4" max. Click Here He actually looks 5'11" there to me if Affleck is 6'2.5", and Affleck is at least 6'2" so he's passing for his 5'10.5" claim there at worst. Damon could also look 5'10.5"-5'11" range if Norton is really 6 foot, looked similar to Brad Pitt in Rome in 2004 and Pitt is minimum 5'10.5", max 5'11", imo and there was a series of full body pics where I'm not sure I saw a full 2 inch difference with 6 foot Tom Hanks, though Hanks was probably dropping posture. Plus, Damon can look more than just an inch taller than 5-9ish Andy Garcia at times, imo.

Don't get me wrong, I don't actually think Damon is that tall. I think about 5'10" is a good guess, but certainly no more and 5'9.5" is also possible, but unless the listings on this site are noticeably off, I maintain that he can look near 5'11" at times, and those are the examples when I think he has.
Sam says on 30/Apr/14
Perhaps in his Jason Bourne boots, Damon hits 5'10.5", although at times he can pull off seeming 5'10" barefoot, but often looks a smidge under rather than over that mark.
Damon says on 29/Apr/14
Click Here Here's the link to one of his 5'10.5 claims about halfway through the video. I think the claim would work better if Ben Affleck were 6'3! But, I think Ben Affleck is 6'2.5, and the vid shows a decent amount of difference. Matt's eyeline seems to be just below Ben's lips. I would say 5'9.75-5'10 is a good shout. But, I that's assuming normal footwear from both parties
Lorne says on 25/Apr/14
I must say Risingforce, I am agreeing with a lot of your posts lately and they are nice and detailed. Just giving you a shout-out I guess!!!
jtm says on 25/Apr/14
3 inches shorter than alec baldwin, 2 or at least 1.5 shorter than anthony mackie, and over 4 inches shorter than bill murray. i could go on and on. he is not 5'10 or even close to it.
SAK says on 25/Apr/14
RisingForce says: Damon generally looks about 5'10", and can look close to 5'11"
Sorry when has he ever looked 5f11. I have never seen him look 5f11. When I see him he looks below average or average (at best). To me he looks anywhere between 176-178cm. So 177cm for would be a good bet imo.
the shredder says on 25/Apr/14
I can't see 5 '8 for him or Gibson
RisingForce says on 24/Apr/14
Damon generally looks about 5'10", and can look close to 5'11", which is strange because I don't suspect he's a lift wearer, except for full body pics taken in Rome in 2004 where his shoes looked fairly bulky, his legs looked longer than usual and he looked about the same height as Brad Pitt who at other times has 2 inches on Damon, though Pitt often looks about 6 feet. The Pitt-Clooney-Damon comparisons are the one thing that makes me a bit skeptical about 5'10" because Pitt is clearly the tallest of the 3 and minimum 5'10.5", but no taller than 5'11" based on his early claim. When Clooney and Damon stand together you can see that he's only slightly taller than Damon, though he has the proportions of a taller man. Damon has relatively short legs and a fairly stocky frame which make him appear shorter, but there's no chance he's 5'8" as some think, just look at him next to guys around 5'8". The height difference with Michael Douglas could vary at the Emmys and premieres, but it was always at least an inch, and often 2 inches. Similarly, he consistently looked an inch and a half to 2 inches taller than Robert De Niro, and always looks a couple of inches taller than Mark Wahlberg. Most importantly, he's consistently taller than 5'9" range guys like Andy Garcia, Jason Patric and Casey Affleck to name a few. He also looks about 4 inches shorter than Ben Affleck rather than 5.

I use to think 5'9.5" was the best guess, but now I think that's his minimum and this listing is good. 5'10.5" is probably his morning height or possibly shoes height.
Mitch says on 23/Apr/14
Rob, Damon can't be over 5'10", he's one of those celebrities that places to much emphasize on his height. Also, the doctor said I'm 5'11" and that was barefoot, but then I was measured at 6' with shoes on... Which do I say when people ask me? I'm just asking because people have told me I look anywhere from 5'10" all the way up to 6'2" because I'm so skinny. And I'm tired of saying 5'11 and people responding, "No you're at least 6'!" Or vice versa.
[Editor Rob: apparently our former GotoGuy on this site had an in depth conversation on their heights and they agreed that Matt had to be over 5ft 10 and near 5ft 11, and that of course the GotoGuy was 5ft 8....I suppose it was a mutually beneficial agreement of sorts! If you add an inch, then I can add one too!]
SAK says on 10/Apr/14
I have seen quite a few films of his lately. He never seems to look a full 5f10/178cm though. I would peg him between 176-177cm. I think 177cm would be a better listing for him.
Shell says on 9/Apr/14
I saw Damon in Vegas while they were filming the first oceans movie. I was shocked at how small he looked, no way he is 5 ft 10 in , he didn't even look 5 ft 9 in. Maybe 5 ft 8 in, I'm 5 ft 9 in tall and I was westing flat shoes and he was not as tall as me. My friends saw many of the actors from that movie the week we were there and we were all surprised at how much shorter they all looked in real life.
AJ says on 5/Apr/14
In stuck on you looks about the same height as greg kinnear, a quarter inch taller at max. I think 177cm is better than 178.
SaveUsY2J says on 4/Apr/14
I'm with Shredder on this one. He doesn't look a full 5'10 but never looks as low as 5'8" either.
lelman says on 3/Apr/14
@JamesB it's obviously a joke, the whole thing is them ripping it out of each other as a joke. Although, compared to Ben Affleck, Damon IS short.
chrisssss says on 3/Apr/14
In the bourne movies, he was listed 5'9(175cm) in his passport, i'd say he's that height, cuz jimmy kimmel ISNO TALLER THAN 180CM and looks 2 inches taller, so 5'9 for damon
the shredder says on 27/Mar/14
5'9.5 , not 5'10 not 5'8
Dejavu says on 26/Mar/14
The tallest he can be is 178cm. I think he is inbetween 5'9 and 5'10
Brad says on 20/Mar/14
Now claiming 5' 10.5". This guy is a clown. He gets owned by Clooney & Pitt in every Oceans film with ease.
jtm says on 19/Mar/14
5'8 range. look at him next to bill murray.
Realist says on 18/Mar/14
About an inch taller than Walhberg. Comments like that of affleck should be taken with a pinch of salt. They think a 5'6 guy is a 5'8 guy. They're estimation is about 2 inches more always. Affleck is so big that anyone would feel small in front of him.
James B says on 14/Mar/14
Ben Affleck says Damon is small
Click Here
FM says on 13/Mar/14
He definitely wears some padded footwear. That's how he goes from this:
Click Here

To this:
Click Here

At times he looks just shy of 5'11.5" Kimmel, at other times he looks a full two inches shorter.

The passport pic below from The Bourne Identity I think is pretty accurate - I can see him at 5'9" and wears big footwear. Although, in Pineapple Express the police readout has Seth Rogen at 5'9", so heights listed in movies should be taken with a grain of salt. I do think, however, that he's about an 1.5" shorter than George Clooney.

Tape Measure says on 12/Mar/14
He looks 5' 9.5" with Ben Affleck:
Click Here
the shredder says on 11/Mar/14
5'10 1/2 and 5'8 are nuts , a strong 5'9 at worst , but under 5'10.
Sean says on 3/Mar/14
[The good thing though...if you are old, have lost height and then pass away, you actually end up growing back to your peak on celebheights!] That is too funny!
[Editor Rob: Arnie by age 80 will be praying for the end, he may end up six feet under, but he'll spend an eternity at over six feet on celebheights!]
176,2Tunman says on 3/Mar/14
Rob,if we consider than Dicaprio is maybe a little closer to 5'11 than 6' like 181 perhaps Damon is more likely 176.5-77?In the most reliable scenes of The Departed he looked at least a good 4 cm shorter than Dicaprio.I think he dips a little under 5'10 more 177 than 178 in my opinion,perhaps his 5'10.5 is first thing out of bed,or evening height with standard 0.75-1" shoes?
[Editor Rob: dicaprio maybe wore lifts in films we didn't expect? I know for Aviator he had them, but who knows what other films?]
StopHijackingMyNick says on 2/Mar/14
peak still 5ft9.5
Paul177 says on 1/Mar/14
Rob, what do you see between him and Don Cheadle? I see 2 inches max.
[Editor Rob: they can look sometimes 2 inches, sometimes near 3 inches difference!]
Realist says on 1/Mar/14
174-175 peaking.
Dural says on 26/Feb/14
I said I see an inch and a half difference, not only half-an-inch. The second pic they are barefoot and it's a full body shot, that's why it's a decent pic. The third pic not so much, I admit.


Don's eyes are exactly at the tip of Matt's nose, not under his nose. Damon has a very small nose not to forget. At the very max it's a 2inch difference, but that's generous. Cheadle is listed 5'7.5" which is Rob's opinion. My guess is 5'7" for Cheadle and a weak 5'9" for Damon.
MD says on 25/Feb/14
You've got to be kidding me (and that's just on the one half-way decent pic at the end, Dural, if you only see half-an-inch difference, there. The first picture they are all out of step with one another, and the second pic you can't tell anything.
Freddy says on 24/Feb/14
big lol at the 5'10.5 claim^^
first of all a legit 5'10.5 (179cm) man in hollywood, would just claim 5'11 since its almost the same height, but 180cm sounds just so much better...damon on the other hand cant go that high because he knows nobody would buy it then

...secondly, c'mon the man can be lucky if he pulls off a weak 5'10 on a good day....5'9.5 is my bet
StopHijackingMyNick says on 24/Feb/14
Dural in first two pics he looks roughly 2 inches taller, in the last one 3 inches (must be the camera angles). Don Cheadle is 5ft7.5, Matt Damon is clearly about 5ft9.5. Dons eyes in the first pic come roughly under his nose, that is 2.5 inches, take into account his bad posture he would be 2 inches taller still. In the second pic Matt is stomping a bit, Don is standing straight and it still looks 1.5-2 inches, he would be 2+ inches taller standing straight. Last pic is a pretty bad pic, so we can exclude that one for analysing.
jtm says on 24/Feb/14
cheadle is now listed at 5'7.5(that is still questionable) and damon certainly doesn't look 2.5 taller.
Sam says on 24/Feb/14
He can look from 1.5 to 2 inches taller than 5'7.5" Don Cheadle, IMO. This supports that he might be around 5'9.5", at least after the morning.
Dural says on 23/Feb/14
He's no more than an inch and a half taller than 5'7"ish Don Cheadle. How do you explain 5'10"+ or even 5'9.5"?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
JC says on 22/Feb/14
I kinda believe he would be 5'10 1/2 sometimes I claim 5'9 sometimes 5'9 1/2 and sometimes 5'10 so he could be between 5'10 and 5'11
the shredder says on 21/Feb/14
5'9.5 seems perfect. Noway 5'10.5 or 5'8. The same with Mel Gibson .
Paul177 says on 18/Feb/14
Rob, didn't Matt Damon meet Matt Dawson once? Dawson is a legit 179 cm guy. It would be interesting to see how Damon measured up to him! Unless Damon had footwear advantage.
[Editor Rob: I put a link to the only photo I found of them a few weeks ago, but of course damon was nearer the camera so it wasn't of much use!]
Paul177 says on 18/Feb/14
Rob, how convinced are you that he'd be (within say half a centimetre) of 5' 10", if you measured him? If not, then I think he should be altered to 5' 9.5". My estimate: 5' 9.25" (176 cm)
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9.5-10 I think is the range you can argue for him...]
Brad says on 18/Feb/14
His 5' 10.5" claim is as bad as Wahlberg's steaming pile. He really wants to be Pitt & Clooney height, but; he's the guy shorter than them. Sorry Matt, the Bourne bricks you wore are Diesel inspired.
MD says on 17/Feb/14
Yeah, the 5'10.5" is definitely in shoes.
Pizzaman says on 16/Feb/14
Seems our Matt is becoming more sensitive about his height as well. He is always in bulky footwear, easily more than an inch, and now this new claim. While 5'10" could be seen as innocent rounding up (although 5'9" would be closest), this new claim is just a plain lie (no, I don't buy it that every actor who claims an inch too much, claims it in shoes, that is just naive). What he says about Northern Europe is just plain silly too, he is already a way above the world average, or maybe he means the white men average, but then he would still be very average (without Northern Europe) and not above it. Well, at least he knows where the tallest people live, he has that right.
Bryan says on 15/Feb/14
Matt Damon: if you take out northern europe then i'm way above average
Pizzaman says on 15/Feb/14
What is he saying in that video? Can't really hear him since he is turned. I am 5'10.5" and if you take out Northern Europe, then ...? Anyways, Affleck looks 5" taller there and I think he is 188.5, that would make Damon 176.

Anyways, seen him in the Monuments Men and as I stated on Clooney's page (see there), he looks very identical to him, maybe 1-2 cm shorter and also very similar to Blanchett, so maybe just 175 for Damon.
truth says on 15/Feb/14
5ft10.5 in normal footwear (1inch)
Dural says on 15/Feb/14
He doesn't look 5'10.5" next to Affleck, that's for sure. Weak 5'9".
Balrog says on 15/Feb/14
I know he has a stocky build but he doesn't look 5'10'', looks 5'9'' most of the time. Even in that video next to Affleck who I think is a legit 6'2'' man he looks 5'9'' range.
the shredder says on 14/Feb/14
Yep he claims 5'10 and a half so should be at the top ... I take it that is in shoes and he is 5'9.5 .
jtm says on 14/Feb/14
lol at 5'10.5.
brandonk says on 14/Feb/14
Claims 5'10.5" in this video standing next to Affleck at 1:36 mark:
Click Here
Jed says on 14/Feb/14
Claims 5'10.5

Click Here
tom says on 12/Feb/14
I don't think he's quite 5'10". If you look at the pictures on Brad Pitt's page on this site, he is 2 inches shorter than him at least, and the slippers Pitt is wearing can't be giving him that much of a lift. He looks comparable to my own build - wake up 178, go to bed 176 - if not slightly shorter. 5'10" isn't a crazy claim but he looks lower to me. Compare him to somebody like Michael C Hall and he doesn't look that tall.
jtm says on 11/Feb/14
dicaprio was barely taller than tom hardy. he is not 5'11.5.
176,2Tunman says on 7/Feb/14
He doesn't seem more than 1.75-2in shorter than Dicaprio who is a good 5'11.5 maybe 5'11.25 at worst.Possibly 5'9.5-9.75 is more likely than a full 5'10?He could even look a flat 5'9 at times .Still 176 is the lowest arguable in my opinion.Most reliable figure is 177 or 5'9.75
chrissss says on 7/Feb/14
correction, the passpoart says 175cm, so then he's a solid 5'9
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't pay as great attention to that until he changes his own claim to 5ft 9, but he's been saying 5ft 10 for a while.]
Dejavu says on 6/Feb/14
176 cm is closer to the truth
truth says on 6/Feb/14
Probably 5ft9.5.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Feb/14
He's not as small as you think but his stocky build makes you think he's 5 ft 8-5'8.5!. He's definitely not 5'8" range, but a case could certainly be made for 5'9" range.
chrisssss says on 2/Feb/14
Matt damon is 176cm, and in the bourne films they listed him 5'9 on his passport
Realist says on 1/Feb/14
Don Cheadle 170
Matt Damon 174(looks more cause he must be wearing a lift of about an inch)
MD says on 22/Jan/14
From the most recent (January 18th) Screen Actors' Guild Awards (SAG). All pictures taken on level ground.

With Don Cheadle:

Click Here
Ace Justice says on 20/Jan/14
I met him at a convention for The Bourne Supremacy, and he was 5'8.50". I'm 5'6.75" and I was wearing two inch heels, so I was around 5'8.75" and he and I were the same height and he was wearing very low, converse shoes. Not much of a heel. Flat he's 5'8.50"
dmeyer says on 20/Jan/14
Jerry weintraub looks barely taller than Damon and looks 5'11 with Clooney and Pitt this guy fooled me for 6'2.5 in person 10 years ago he either lost a lot as he is old
dmeyer says on 19/Jan/14
Rob do you agree at times Damon can look very solid 5'10 like 178cm flirting with 5'10.25 of course can look 5'9.5 too
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 9.5-10 generally, at times any guy can look taller yeah - you can look 6ft in photos aswell. It's a shame Here that Damon wasn't side by side with matt dawson as that guy is 179 range.]
Paul177 says on 19/Jan/14
This listing ain't ever changing...
[Editor Rob: never say never...

I plan on doing this site a long time, when I'm 60 we'll be talking about whether Sly is 5ft 5 and whether a 85 year old Arnie is now the heading towards 5ft 8.

The good thing though...if you are old, have lost height and then pass away, you actually end up growing back to your peak on celebheights!]
truth says on 19/Jan/14
Clooney is 5ft9.75 to be exact, Damon is 5ft9 or 5ft9.25
Han says on 18/Jan/14
Rob, I really think you should put 5'9.5" instead, clooney just looks more than .75" taller than him in socks.
1.25" seems perfect between the two, so if Clooney is 5'10,75", Damon has to be 5'9",
Bundy says on 17/Jan/14
Damon is 5'9", Which is what 95% of the posters seem to agree with. Although there are a few crazies who think he is 5'11", lol.
hi says on 16/Jan/14
I knew I saw a passport that said 1,75 in one off the Bourne-movies
Han says on 14/Jan/14
I knew I saw a passport that said 1,75 in one off the Bourne-movies
Click Here
truth says on 11/Jan/14
one of those strong 5ft9ers who upgrade themselves by a few fractions to a full number (5ft10).176cm.
Jack Daniels says on 10/Jan/14
I can't believe Matt at 5'10". I think he's around 5'9", althought I have no proof.
CJ says on 7/Jan/14
He doesn't look like he's 5'10"... All guys round their height up when they tell somebody, as it said they told him his height himself. He's probably 5'9" or so.
phamus says on 31/Dec/13
All male celeb's publicists and studios inflate their hgt. I suppose the macho, hero roles they play wouldn't be possible by someone short? Matt Damon is not tall but in some photos he's taller than Minnie Driver others he's shorter. Next to Jimmy Kimmel he is shorter but not much, lifts no lifts who knows,but why should we care? He's a fine actor and a decent human being - 5'6" or 5'10"probably in the middle.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Dec/13
179-180cm straight out of bed, I reckon.
Dmeyer is right, he doesn't fall below 177cm at night.

At worst he's a weak 5ft10
jtm says on 24/Dec/13
he would look the same height if he wasn't closer to the camera.
truth says on 24/Dec/13
Always gave a 5ft9-10 impression, 5ft9.5.
MD says on 24/Dec/13
Maybe they got deleted when Rob accidentially deleted my posts (though, they may be on Michael Douglas's page), but he is considerably more than an inch taller than Michael Douglas, which simply means Douglas is overlisted. It is certainly not an inch difference.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Dec/13
Damon 177-178cm, Clooney 179-180cm, Pitt 180-181cm
Vibram says on 23/Dec/13
He is a weak 5ft9. Only looks 1 inch taller and no more than an aging Michael Douglas, listed 5ft8 now. Click Here
cole says on 22/Dec/13
Proportionally and compared to most people he just seems to come off as shorter than 5'10. He could be in the 5'9.5 range, but much over that I'm having a hard time seeing. Definitely shorter than Pitt, and probably shorter than Clooney (although they can seem similar at times, probably due to Clooney slouching a bit).

The way I see it at the moment:
Brad Pitt: 5ft 10.5in - 5ft 11in (179-180 cm range)
George Clooney: 5ft 10in - 5ft 10.5in (178-179 cm range)
Matt Damon: 5ft 9.25in - 5ft 9.75in (176-177 cm range)

Is this someting you can agree with, Rob? Surely you must be beginning to doubt this 5'10 listing for Damon?
dmeyer says on 22/Dec/13
Damon is a strong 177cm he dosnt dipp under 177cm like 5'9.75 probably wakes 179cm , not as short as 5'9.5/176.5cm , can pull of 5'10
Brad says on 20/Dec/13
Go to the barefoot boat shot with a 5' 7" Cheadle, 5' 10" is a joke.
calvinator says on 17/Dec/13
5'8.5 to 5'9" Max. Good actor but shorter type guy with short arms etc...
Lorne says on 15/Dec/13
Damon being 5'11", lol, C'mon Rampage. Damon is 5'9".
John Smith says on 15/Dec/13
Damon looks about 5'9" to me.
Jem says on 12/Dec/13
He's Definitely not 5'10". Damon is 5'9" max
Spencer says on 11/Dec/13
5'9.5 tops
MD says on 8/Dec/13
Really, I don't know how this 5'10" is holding. There has been more than enough proof these past few months to finally get him listed more realistically.
the shredder says on 7/Dec/13
5'9 , 5'9.5 is better than 5'10 or 5'8.5
Knowitall says on 6/Dec/13
I agree.
Realist says on 6/Dec/13
He needs a downgrade to about 5'9 to 5'9.5.Many people would agree.
Realist says on 3/Dec/13
DiCaprio:5'10.5 Pitt 5'10 Clooney 5'9.5 Damon 5'8.5 Mark Wahlberg: Any possible height between 5'6-5'8 reference from Oceans and The Departed
Carter says on 28/Nov/13
I have a friend who's just under 6 feet who just told me he talked to Damon at a gym in L.A. He said Damon was bigger, in terms of shoulders, muscles, etc., than he expected...and also that he was a couple of inches shorter than him. This would make him around 5'9.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Nov/13
I don't know how to say this, but he looked a solid 5ft11 in Good Will Hunting like 180-181cm if Robin Williams was 5ft7/170cm
jtm says on 27/Nov/13
he only looks inch taller than cheadle. cheadle was 3 inches shorter than guy pearce. no way in hell damon is 5'10.
cole says on 26/Nov/13
@Paul177: I have to agree with you that Cheadle doesn't look 5'8 most of the time, especially next to Denzel Washington, in 'Flight'. Damon does look about 2-2.25in taller I'd say, so I'd go with 5'9.5 / 5'9.75 for Damon and 5'7.25 / 5'7.5 for Cheadle.

In a perfect world they'd stand within an inch or two of eachother, facing the camera, which was lined up at a perfect angle, both barefoot with equal posture, no hats, shaved heads, and standing on a perfectly straight floor. You might as well just go ahead and delete every single picture you've got with celebs so far, and re-do it in this manner, Rob! :P
Paul177 says on 23/Nov/13
Barefoot with 'questionable' 5' 8" Don Cheadle:
Click Here
Click Here

No sweat if you think Damon still looks 5' 10". Must be my eyes.
Hypado says on 18/Nov/13
Sam says on 18/Nov/13
He looks a solid couple of cm taller than Jason Patric to me, but it could be that Patric is only 5'9" even, which would make Damon 5'9.5"-5'10" range through the day IMO.
MD says on 15/Nov/13

With 5'9.5" Jason Patric:

Click Here

Click Here

5'10" may be his first-thing-out-of-bed, height. But, he's the weakest 5'10" I've seen in awhile. Maybe, time to take off a quarter-inch, at least?
[Editor Rob: he may well be in the weak 5ft 10 range]
ajcf1995 says on 7/Nov/13
@Bosnia I've had a chick guess me at 5'8 and I'm around 5'11 at my lowest. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person this has happened to.
truth says on 30/Oct/13
@Bosnia well some short women, average or tall women are pretty accurate, im 5ft10-11 btw.
Bosnia says on 29/Oct/13
@heightist Im 181 cm tall and my gf calls me short and she is 170. She tought that Im 175 cm but generally woman ar horible at guessing height and always donwgrading guys for 2 inches.
Dejavu says on 23/Oct/13
In the full body shots he is 5 inches under ben affleck. Definitely not over 5'10. I would bet that he is closer to 5'9
Arch Stanton says on 17/Oct/13
I've never seen proof that he's a lift wearer but at times he can even look 5'11" which is suspicious...
Arch Stanton says on 17/Oct/13
Actually Rhonda he looks 5'9" range in that photo! Affleck is 189cm, not 191-3 cm, he was claiming his shoe height when he said 6'3.5". I agree that Damon has to be near 5'10" but he often gives a short impression because of his stocky build. For some reason he gives off a 5'8" impression at times which he isn't.
jtm says on 14/Oct/13
maybe that's because affleck doesn't wear lifts?
Sam says on 14/Oct/13
In general Affleck looks about 4 inches taller than Damon.
jtm says on 13/Oct/13
he is closer to the camera, better posture, and probably wearing lifts.
Rhonda says on 12/Oct/13
He has got to be 5ft10 178cm next to Ben Affleck. He makes Ben look 6ft1.
Click Here
Frank says on 7/Oct/13
I think that this height for him is not bad, perhaps 177 cms would be closer, but not shorter.
Sometimes he has bad postures and he is not slim so perhaps he looks shorter in some moments or with rare angles in camera.
He is not tall of course but he is not short neither.
truth says on 26/Sep/13
I think he is 175cm at night flat, 177/178cm morning.
heightist says on 23/Sep/13
I don't think he's 5-10 because I've never heard of a real 5-10 guy getting called short unless it was for basketball or other sports....if he's 5-10 or close to 5-10 with big shoes on that's different
heightist says on 23/Sep/13
he was shorter than justin timberlake...Click Here

if he's 5-10 justin timberlake is 6 footand justin timberlake is really 5-10 because nash who measured at 6-1 w/o shoes was taller than justin by 3 inches...matt damon can't be more than 5-8 1/2
Silent d says on 17/Sep/13
MD next to sharlto copley, he looks 5 fo0t 9 at most. I can't see him as 5 foot 10. 5 foot 9.
cole says on 16/Sep/13
He's a shade under 5'10 I think, 177 cm. I would be very surprised if he were to measure 5'7-8 range.
5ft 8.5 guy says on 13/Sep/13
I know that it's not a good idea to compare seperate pictures, but look at this:

Click Here
Click Here

Yes the camera angles and distances vary but those two guys are listed the exact same height yet compare their proportions. Also needless to say that Damon has a minimum inch of more footwear here.

Damon is 5'9 range proportionally imo, he simply looks too stocky for 5'10
Pascal 5 10 says on 13/Sep/13
Always strikes me as being closer to 5' 9" actually. He can look taller though. But I'd bet good money on him being below 5' 10" by the afternoon.

5' 9.25".
jtm says on 10/Sep/13
copley is more than 2 inches taller than damon even when he is not closer to the camera. damon is not 5'10 without his footwear.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Sep/13
It still baffles me that he was once listed here as 5ft10.75.
Did he claim 5ft11, Rob?
[Editor Rob: there has been a few years back one interview that put a 5ft 11 quote by him, but nearly every other has had him saying 5ft 10.]
Cnut the Great says on 4/Sep/13
He looks 5'9" on screen......... im 5'9" and look about the same as him height wise
Adam says on 3/Sep/13
Rob you have Shartlo Copley as 5'11.5, if he is this height then this pic proves Matt Damon is maximum 5'9.5: Click Here
truth179cm says on 29/Aug/13
yeah those pics are in Copleys favour. Go on Sharlto Copleys page and see the pics with him. He looks 5ft8 on this page but there he looks 5ft9 since he is equally closer to the camera. And Sharlto is more 180-181cm (no lower than that) and he looks 2 inches shorter. I would give him 175-176cm, no more.
jtm says on 28/Aug/13
looks like he forgot to wear his lifts on that day.
mlogan says on 27/Aug/13
By the pics with Sharlto Copley, 5ft 9inches may not be the case! With all things being equal, the shoes, lifts, a level ground surface etc. I think 5ft 8inches flat is accurate for Matt. Matt is really an average looking dude.
Jesiah says on 27/Aug/13
I've seen in one of the Bourne movies he was listed as 5 8, so I always thought that was his height in reality too.
shamrock says on 25/Aug/13
Flight Attendant alert : 5'10. Carried him on flight. Almost as tall as Jude Law. About the same as Brad Pitt.
mlogan says on 24/Aug/13
5' 9" flat is accurate -- that's flat. With shoes give an inch or two above that.
Brad says on 17/Aug/13
Pitt & Clooney always own him...he's never been 5 feet 10 in his life.
fuzzblaster says on 13/Aug/13
Saw him on a street in NYC. He was blabbing on a cell phone. He's def. at least 5'9" but not much more.
Conti says on 9/Aug/13
In Saving Private Ryan looked 5'8.5 in boots,so I'd say 5'7.5.
dmeyer says on 5/Aug/13
this guy has a stocky built and is happy with his height it wouldnt surprise me if he was a solid 5 ft 10
Bigpapi says on 5/Aug/13
Worked out at a local gym of mine for a summer. Defiantly in the 5 '10 range. Did not seem much shorter if he was.
cole says on 31/Jul/13
If he says 5'10 himself, he could be honest, and he could be 5'8-9 range (as 5'10 generally seems like the ideal height for 5'8 guys to claim). But let me be clear, I don't see him as a 5'8-er. I would say in the 5'9.5 - 5'10 range is what he generally looks next to fellow actors. So I wouldn't lable him as the worst liar out there.
Iceman says on 31/Jul/13
I do remember them listing Jason Bourne as 5'9" in the Bourne Identity. Damon barely looks taller then 5'8" Franka Potente when they are wearing similar footwear. I think 5'9" is a better listing for Damon. You can't base actors heights of how tall they look in movies. Heights can be easily manipulated with boxes and camera angles. Premiere photos are much better.
Yaspaa says on 28/Jul/13
I wonder why he was listed as 5'9 in Bourne?
Jones says on 22/Jul/13
@ Runt
Like it or not there are plenty of guys in the world who were blessed with height who will consider anything under 6 foot to be short. I agree it's stupid and cliche but it's true.
jtm says on 11/Jul/13
clooney and pitt are under 5'10. damon is under 5'9.
cole says on 10/Jul/13
I think his range is 176-177 cm, not the full 5'10. George Clooney is slightly taller, altough sometimes they can look even. 177-178 cm for Clooney, and 179 cm for Pitt.
Craig 177 says on 9/Jul/13
176 cm (5' 9.25"). 5' 10" really is a stretch, I must say. That's George Clooney and Jude Law territory.
Lorne says on 2/Jul/13
5ft9.75in. And Douglas looks to have lost serious height...
Sam says on 27/Jun/13
Only nearly reaching 5'10 in shoes (assuming he doesn't wear more than an inch heel), but barefoot I see a weak 5'9.

5'8.75 for Matt Damon.
Martin says on 26/Jun/13
He has stocky proportions so 5'10 seems too tall for him
superman says on 23/Jun/13
he lokke between 5'8 and 5'9 in good will hunting he never looked tall, he looke about same height as casey afleck who is liste at 5'9 on your site i really think matt damon is 5'9 what do u think rob? maybe even shorter nowadays?
refresh says on 20/Jun/13
i forgot this.. with 173 franka potente
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
ilove this guy but he is no tallet then 174cm
refresh says on 20/Jun/13
Click Here
Click Here
i dont know... :)
Petrolhead says on 19/Jun/13
I think Damon is 5'9 Click Here granted in this pic Pitt may have lifts on though.
Sandy says on 4/Jun/13
Taller than I perceived
jtm says on 1/Jun/13
damon looks like he is standing tall as possible in those pictures and might even be wearing lifts. i also think douglas might be in the 5'8 range nowadays.
Stiffelio says on 31/May/13
I'm inclined to believe Matt Damon is 5ft 10in after seeing many pictures of him next to Michael Douglas (listed 5ft 9in here) from Behind the Candelabra, both promo pics and at the red carpet. Damon is clearly at least 1 1/2 inches taller than Douglas, if not 2 inches. So if people doubt Damon's 5ft 10in, then we should downgrade Douglas.
jtm says on 31/May/13
much closer to 5'8.
Arnie98683 says on 26/May/13
The camera always makes actors look much taller than they are. Raquel Welch was working on a film in my area. I dropped by to watch. There was a short, attractive, but rather plain woman standing next to me. I turned to a guy on the other side of me and asked him, "Where is Raquel Welch?" He looked at me dumbfounded. I asked again and he muttered under his breath, "Right next to you." I was floored that she was standing right next to me. I always thought of Raquel as a very statuesque woman, but she was much, much shorter and more slender in person.
Arnie98683 says on 26/May/13
The camera always makes actors look much taller than they are. Raquel Welch was working on a film in my area. I dropped by to watch. There was a short, attractive, but rather plain woman standing next to me. I turned to a guy on the other side of me and asked him, "Where is Raquel Welch?" He looked at me dumbfounded. I asked again and he muttered under his breath, "Right next to you." I was floored that. She was standing right next to me. I always thought of Raquel as a very statuesque woman, but she was much, much shorter and more slender in person.
truth178cm says on 25/May/13
Anything over 5ft9.5 at night is absurd. 5ft10 is an ok listing if it is earlier in the day. Matt is a solid 5ft9 but 5ft10 is Brad Pitt and George Clooney area.
truth178cm says on 24/May/13
between 5ft9 and 5ft10
Dirty Pitts says on 23/May/13
@the height man

Matt Damon, you're back here posting again. I give you an A for effort but you are clearly shorter then 5'10" Cloontang and much shorter then 5'11" Brad Pitt.
You are 5'9", which is not that bad a height.
Mr. R says on 22/May/13
Matt is a weak 5-9.
the height man says on 21/May/13
about 5'10.5. I thought he was 6'0
Dirty Pitts says on 18/May/13
5'9" tops, Damon and Cloontang are at best average height guys.

@ Lol, Matt Damon is that you?
Dmeyer says on 2/May/13
5'9.75 night height
Shell says on 12/Apr/13
I saw Matt Damon in Vegas while they were filming the first Oceans movie and I was surprised at how short he was. I'm a 5 ft 9 in woman and though I wasn't standing right next to him there is no way he is close to my height. I would say more like 5ft 7in and that is being generous. My friends and I saw many of the actors from that movie and they are all very short. I stood right next to Andy Garcia and I towered over him and I had flats on. Everytime I see an actor I'm always shocked at how short they are in real life. Everyone lies about their height, especially men. My son is 6ft 3in tall and he has stood next to men who claim to be 6ft 4in or 6ft 5in and he is taller than them.
Lol says on 10/Apr/13
I dont know Matt Damon but watching his movies he seems taller then 5'10
71 inches says on 5/Apr/13
rob he doesn't look like a 5'10 bcoz a 5'10 guy looks tall , like micheal c hall
truth178cm says on 24/Mar/13
Damon is strong 5ft9 range 176-177cm.
Anonymous says on 12/Mar/13
I am sure Matt Damon is 177 out of bed and around 175.5-175.8 at night,Brad Pitt and George Clooney look more than 1 inch taller than him
MaskDeMasque says on 18/Feb/13
I think 176cm is good for Damon. Looks a bit more than 5'9 flat but never looks 5'10.
TNTinCA says on 16/Feb/13
I actually met Matt Damon in Las Vegas about 10 years ago. I stand just under 5'10" (about 5'9.75") He did appear to be slightly taller than me, but it was hard to tell. Definately in the 177-178 range for Matt.
Silent d says on 10/Feb/13
Balrog says on 8/Feb/13
Krasinski destroyed his claim. Damon can't be over 176 cm.
MarcusTheSwede says on 26/Jan/13
I really think Matt Damon is a great guy. But pictures and evidence point at same way. He is maximum 176cm not taller.
BarefootMatt says on 25/Jan/13
Sorry guys, met him in Malibu on the sand in California, no hidden shoe lifts. He is 5'8", if that. I'm 5'10", my son who is 5' recognized him. easily 2 inches shorter than me. Looks good for his height.
refresh says on 20/Jan/13
this guy is happy if he is 175 cm tall barefoot
The Eye says on 15/Jan/13
I happened to walk past Matt in Tribeca a few years ago when he was shooting the third Bourne film, within three feet of him on a flat road surface. We stood exactly eye to eye and I had the wherewithal at the time to look back and spot-check his shoes. Our soles were comparable. He's 5'9.5"
Brad says on 8/Jan/13
Bourne Booties, the chunky bricks to make him taller. As I've said so many times: look at him with Clooney & Pitt, at 5' 10" you don't owned like that.
Nothingman says on 8/Jan/13
In The Talented Mr. Ripley he sometimes looked as tall as Gwyneth Paltrow (who's listed as 5'10) and sometimes a bit taller, but that was due to camera angles, i think they wanted him to appear at least a little taller than the lady.
Trey says on 8/Jan/13
5'10 is overly generous. 5'9 range: 5'8.75 - 5'9.25.
truth says on 28/Dec/12
from 5ft8.25 to 5ft9 is fair.
Mathew says on 27/Dec/12
I see Damon as 175 - 176 cm range.
Lars says on 21/Dec/12
You are right shredder. 5'8 and 5'10 are garbage. Matt Damon is closer to 5'9. I'd say he's somewhere in the range 5'8.75 - 5'9.25.
Silent D says on 13/Dec/12
176cm at most.
Mr. R says on 13/Dec/12
I saw Matt the other night in Hwood at a screening of his new movie Promised Land. I could not get close to him, but comparing him to others who did, he is about 5-9.
The Exorcist says on 12/Dec/12
Here he is with Morgan Freeman.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He's 5'9"
Silent d says on 5/Dec/12
I don't know sometimes he looks tall, sometimes he doesn't. 176cm is a safe bet.
Sam says on 5/Dec/12
No surprise, dale. I caught Jon Stewart on TV standing next to the Today Show staff and he was barely shorter than Matt Lauer.
dale says on 4/Dec/12
Today show 12/4/2012 - Matt Damon was guest and was at least 4-5" taller than the staff - including Matt Lauer, Savannah - compared to everyone on the set, Matt Damon was a giant! Damon is average - - not a midget like most actors.
The Exorcist says on 4/Dec/12
Here he is looking 5 inches shorter than (the debatable) 6'2.5 Ben Affleck. Note that Damon has a significant shoe advantage in this picture, also.
Click Here

I think he's 5'9"-5'9.5 range.
Louis says on 30/Nov/12
I agree with 2cm difference between jude and matt, but i don't agree with 180 and 178
If celebrity claims 175 that is max
I can't imagine male celebrity downgrading himself
In my opinion jude is 175 max damon 173 max
leonari says on 30/Nov/12
Damon has much shorter limbs than Law and is much stockier even without bulking up. I can see why some think he is shorter than he actually is. I bet his wingspan is as much as 2 inches shorter than Law's.
Sam says on 29/Nov/12
You could also have posted these with Jude Law where Damon and Law look pretty much the same height:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Louis says on 28/Nov/12
Click Here

with Jude (i'm 5'9) Law
5'6 is not ridiculous at all, 5'10 is
leonari says on 28/Nov/12
It's exactly stories like this user "Departing" posts that ticks me off (and yeah sometimes I lose it-forgive me) . A pure average guy like Damon being described near 5'6"...I mean come on this BS has to stop at some point.
Departing says on 26/Nov/12
I somehow stumbled upon this site and it seems like the perfect place to get this off my chest. It's guys like Matt that give me the impression that the industry suffers from inflated stats! Having stood next to him while shuffling out of a theatre at the conclusion of a film at TIFF (Solitary Man - he wasn't in the film, but he was there to watch it), I, a mere 6'0" with shoes off, was struck by how short he was. My impression at the time was that he seemed no taller than my sister (5'6"), who shuffled by ahead of me. If he were to stretch that to 5'8", with shoes on, I might believe it, but 5'10" is a con. Like all anecdotal evidence, take it with a grain of salt, but I concur with the anonymous fan in the blurb: "Real short"
SAK says on 22/Nov/12
After watching Departed, he looks noticebly shorter then Baldwin(182cm) and DiCaprio(181cm). I think he is 176cm.
Kartal says on 22/Nov/12
This listing is a joke. No way this guy is over 175
James says on 17/Nov/12
runt says on 17/Nov/12
real 5-10 guys don't battle 'short' rumors.
Sandy says on 28/Oct/12
I met him and he seemed at least 5'10"
Silent d says on 28/Oct/12
Tom says on 27/Oct/12
Damon is 5'9", period.
bodwaya says on 26/Oct/12
In contaigne hes only 2 inch shorter then 6 foot steven soderbefg. In bourne ultimatum hes only 1 inch shorter then 5 foot 11 paddy cosidne. I rest my case 5 foot 10 not an inch more not an inhc less
Chris says on 25/Oct/12
Did anyone see the Colbert special? Damon looked slightly shorter than Colbert. Colbert looked maybe an inch or 2 shorter than tom hanks.
Silent D says on 25/Oct/12
175cm for matt.
kevin says on 24/Oct/12
i would also say hes exactly 176cm. i think thats what he was listed in the beginning of his career. some magazine gave that height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Oct/12
Leonardo DiCaprio 5ft11.75(182cm)
Matt Damon 5ft9.75(177cm)
Nick says on 24/Oct/12
he looked noticeably shorter than Leonardo Dicaprio in The Departed. i think 5'9'' maybe 5'9.25'' max
RisingForce says on 23/Oct/12
As far as the other things Louis stated. Downey is always in lifts NOW, the photo with Malcolm McDowell was taken in 2003. I looked into this and found that Downey's footwear changed a lot around 2006, and more since he got the role of Iron Man. Before that, Downey's footwear really didn't look unusual. Regardless, it's not smart to make assumptions about someone's footwear when you can't see it.

167 cm for Downey is so ridiculous I'm not even going to dignify that with a response. And your photo of Jude Law and Daniel Craig doesn't even begin to prove anything. First of all, 1 photo never proves how tall someone is and more importantly, they're walking in the photo which makes it useless for comparing height. This is a better photo. Click Here Jude is slouching and still looks a bit taller than Craig who has good posture.

Granted, I do think that both Jude Law could be closer to 5'10" just like Craig, but from what I have seen of Jude Law I really don't see anything less than 5'10", and I think Rob's 5'11" listing is believable.

As far as the claim, Jude's claim is absolutely open to interpretation. When asked about his height he said it depends on his mood. He did say 5'9" in that interview, but he goes on to say some days he feels 5'9" and other days he feels 6'. Maybe he just felt 5'9" that day. If you read his quote it makes sense. Plus, when you have a claim like that which is open to interpretation, I think it's best to go with what makes sense visually rather than try too hard to interpret it. Admittedly, I haven't look at Jude Law's height as closely as others, but from what I have seen, he really doesn't look less than 5'10". Plus, I think Rob is always very close with his estimates so I really don't think he'd be off by 2 inches.
RisingForce says on 23/Oct/12
When was Iverson ever measured barefoot at 5'10"? Draftexpress has him at 6'[0" without shoes. And I can find some sources that also claim that in old articles.

"Measured at 6 feet and 167 pounds in the 1996 pre-draft camp," - 1/6/06 Los Angeles Times

Iverson also claimed that height. ``I'm only 6 feet tall,'' Iverson said. ``I'm going to have to play point guard." - 6/4/96 Philadelphia Daily News

So regardless of what height you think Iverson is, don't lie about a measurement that never happened, or you have no source to back it up because. People do that way too much and it's really annoying. I don't mind opinions, but don't lie about facts.
Silent d says on 21/Oct/12
This matt damon's page not jude law's. Damon 175cm.
Louis says on 21/Oct/12
the shredder says on 21/Oct/12
At Louis , I think Jude can be 5'9 but he really did not claim 5'9 as he said " Sometimes I feel 5'9 and others 6 ft "
"It depends on my mood, really. I'M FIVE NINE, and some days I only feel five nine. But if I'm feeling tall, I say six feet!"

he clearly stated that he's 5'9

Click Here
look at this photo, it's not best photo but i think it's clear that craig is taller than Jude

now look kenan thompson with allen iverson(178 barefoot measurement)he looks 172-173
Click Here
craig was same height as kenan on snl

downey doesn't wear so big shoes on movie premieres as on Sherlock set

on photos of downey and jude on sherlock premiere , downey is always in sneakers, probably with lifts but that's not even close as bis as this
Click Here
mugshot photo is not good, not best angle and he doesn't look full 5'9, i don't know maybe he was tip toeing

shredder, explain to me how jude can be anything over 174, i give you pretty solid evidence that he's not
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 20/Oct/12
5'9.5-5'10. Very close to George Clooney (5'10.75), Brad Pitt (5'11), Edward Norton (5'11), and Leonardo DiCaprio (5'11.5) Anything less than 5'9 is INSANE!!!
Louis says on 20/Oct/12
why would Michael Caine call him short if he always look only couple cm taller than Jude?
no doubt he's lift wearer
Louis says on 20/Oct/12

so Downey is always in lifts, but he wasn't when took picture with McDowell LOL
Downey 171-173 just fits your estimate but he really is just 167

how do you explain Jude looks shorter than Daniel craig on photo where both are in sneakers, but on high profile events Jude looks same height or even taller, good proof he is wearing lifts
and there is enough evidence that craig is NO way 178

about his claim 5'9, he says he is 5'9 but depending on his mood he can say 6'

there is photo of him and Ed Westwick and he looks few cm taller with better posture and Westwick is no more than 170

Jude is not big guy, i'm sure, and you can think what you want
Louis says on 20/Oct/12
whoever think that Jude downgrades himself is just ignorant..
Louis says on 20/Oct/12
@the shredder
i'm really interested in your opinion about Jude's height, 184,191,204??
RisingForce says on 18/Oct/12
Since when does Jude Law force his posture? That's the exact opposite of reality. Jude actually slouches a lot, plus I've seen nothing to suggest he's always wearing lifts. It's funny you bring up lifts and then state that Jude is barely shorter than Robert Downey Jr. The irony of the statement is that Downey wears enormous lifts and elevator shoes to the point it's excessive. Downey has literally worn external heels of around 3 inches, actual platform shoes and shoes packed with lifts to the point they look swollen and his foot is pretty much falling out. The fact that Jude is still taller than Downey in that type of footwear when Downey is likely in the 5'7.5"-5'8" range suggests that Jude is over 5'10", possibly 5'11". 170-173 cm for Jude is not even close to realistic.

I can understand the confusion with Jude Law's height to some extent, though. His quote is unclear, but I'm not sure he's seriously claiming 5'9" in the quote. If you read it, he says his height "depends on his mood."
Louis says on 11/Oct/12
in talented Mr. Ripley he looked little bit shorter or same height as Jude Law(I'M 175)
he is 173 MAX
i don't see a chance that Jude downgrades himself, he is alwaay forcing posture, definitely wearing lifts, no way Jude over 175, he is not much taller than Downey Jr.
Jude is more likely 170-173
Ka says on 10/Oct/12
Mackie is closer to 5'11, look at him in flat sneakers w/ 6 ft Bigelow page, wearing 3 in heel, and 174 cm Renner. Damon is, I think, 3 cm under 180 cm Mackie,so 177 cm. His build is making him shorter, but I doubt he's same height as Rob. Min 175 cm
Hullywood says on 10/Oct/12
I really think 5foot10 is to much. A 5foot11 guy is has a really good height, for me tall looking. But Damon doesnt look tall to me, and believe me, i seldom think: oh, this guy isnt tall. Ive got a bad heightcomplex, a really big problem and all other people looks tall to me, BUT Damon not. And with 5foot10 a Thomas Jane did it to me.

Here is a german actor, i dont like this guy, plays in daily soaps. But his height 1.77m is known since years. Now compare this guy, with the 1cm taller Matt Damon. Damon will lose it.

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

I see Damon at 1.74-1.76m. And maybe i have a feeling for that, cause thats my own height. I always can compare myself with guys at my height.

But ok, Rob is god here and a like this website, so it doenst matter what i say and think.

Sorry for bad english, im working on it. ^^
Hullywood says on 10/Oct/12
Hey Rob,

Michael said here: "In The Bourne Supremacy, the CIA details say he is between 5'7" & 5'9"

pleas tell me, makes it sense, to list a "strong, dangerous agent" at a lower height as the actor of that role?

Why did they list the dangerous Bourne at 5foot7 - 5foot9, when even the friendly Matt Damon ist 5foot10? So Bourne should be tall as Damon, or taller.

Sorry for my bad english.

Im verry surprised, Matt Damon is not my height (1.76m), cause he looks it to me. But i must say, in Good Will Hunting, he looks an inch taller then Casey Affleck.
[Editor Rob: sometimes small details in movie computer screens aren't given that much care.]
jtm says on 9/Oct/12
mackie was listed 5'10 in here before and that is more accurate imo. either way i thought mackie was 2 inches taller than damon.
Ka says on 9/Oct/12
Anthony Mackie is 5'11 though, the update is good. And Damon looks 177-178 cm next to Mackie. If anyone got clear shot of Damon wearing elevator, bring it out, stop conjecturing
jtm says on 8/Oct/12
he never really looked 5'10 except with edward norton but norton had terrible posture and damon had a footwear advantage. he could look 5'9 sometimes but that is probably because of the footwear he wears or his posture. he was clearly shorter than anthony mackie who is 5'10.
Silent d says on 8/Oct/12
RisingForce says on 6/Oct/12
I have absolutely no idea where the 5'8" stuff comes from. He really never looks it, and there's very little evidence to suggest he's a lift guy. His height doesn't even look to vary much in videos/movies and photos. He pretty much always looks either in the 5'9" or 5'10" range.
Brad says on 5/Oct/12
Strong 5 feet 8, he's fooled people for years. He's the guy looking up at Clooney & Pitt in each film.
Dmeyer says on 3/Oct/12
Rob are those evening height possible damon 5'9.75 Clooney 5'10.5 Pitt 5'10.75
Dejavu says on 1/Oct/12
I think he is a little above 5'9.
leonari says on 26/Sep/12
I agree with Rising: Damon is a solid 177 cm. 100 % average height with a somehow stocky built that gives a shorter impression.
Silent d says on 23/Sep/12
GP says on 23/Sep/12
I wonder why nobody is mentioning the fact that he was about the same height as Billy Crudup in The Good Shepherd. He is no way 5'10". The most he could be is 5'9", which i even doubt that.
Chameleon says on 22/Sep/12
Damon is about 5'8 he is noway near 5'10
RisingForce says on 22/Sep/12
Yeah, there were 3 pictures from that day where Mel looked taller, but none of them were good for comparing, imo.

But I did think Damon looked a good 2 inches shorter than Bruce Willis in Oceans 12. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/Sep/12
I think his official height is 5ft9.75(177cm). Roughly 5in shorter than Ben Affleck and 2in taller than Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.
RisingForce says on 17/Sep/12
I think 5'9.5" is the best guess for Damon. I use to have him at 5'10", but I went by morning height then, which I've stopped doing on this site because it gets too confusing.

I see a good 5 inches here between Damon and Affleck
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

So if Affleck is 6'2.5" then 5'9.5" seems accurate, though some have thought Affleck was more a flat 6'2". I don't see where the 5'8" stuff comes from for Damon, he'd have to be a constant lift wearer, and there's no evidence to support that. But I'd guess there's more than an inch between Damon and Pitt. Also, I think Clooney is about 5'10.5" and even with his bad posture, he still usually looks taller than Damon, which wouldn't be the case, imo with just a half inch difference.
Michael says on 16/Sep/12
In The Bourne Supremacy, the CIA details say he is between 5'7" & 5'9"

He looks totally 5'8" to be honest.
Harvard? says on 11/Sep/12
I'm assuming Susan S only visited Harvard and didn't attend. I say this as I doubt a Harvard grad would misspell heels. I'm guessing her math isn't too hot either :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Sep/12
I think he'd be down to 5ft9.5(177cm) by the end of the day but no lower than that. Morning height? probably just over 5ft10.

I think back to back he'd be roughly 1in shorter than someone like George Clooney or Brad Pitt despite the fact that he could look as much as 2in shorter than both in Oceans 11.
Dmeyer says on 11/Sep/12
To me damon dosnt measure under 5'9.75 in even after a long day do you agree Rob , he wakes 179-179.5 5'10.5-10.75
[Editor Rob: he may drop to 177, at times he can look that range]
RisingForce says on 9/Sep/12
Some pretty good pictures of Damon and De Niro who I think is about 5'8" as listed here. 5'10" seems quite possible for Damon next to De Niro, although Damon's posture generally seems better, but the the first picture looks to be the best for comparing. Lowest I can see for Damon there considering posture is 5'9.5".

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
bodwaya says on 7/Sep/12
5 foot 10. he was taller by 2 inches then 5 foot 8 jack nicholson in departed.
jtm says on 7/Sep/12
either way damon is not 5'10.
bodwaya says on 6/Sep/12
baldwin has claimed 6 foot in the past his profile even says 6 foot. In bourne unltimatum he was an inch shorter then paddy consideine who is 5 foot 11. Therefore 5 foot 10 is accurate.
jtm says on 6/Sep/12
he was shorter than chris cooper and i thought damon was 3 inches shorter than baldwin and i don't remember him claiming 6'0 before but i think he is 5'11 anyways and if he was wearing lifts damon probably was also wearing lifts.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 6/Sep/12
Rob, you've said for a while that Damon is somewhere 5'9-5'10. Don't you think it's reasonable then to put him at 5'9.5, as that's right in the middle of that spectrum?
[Editor Rob: until I was more sure of 5ft 9.5 I don't want to change, sometimes if I think 5ft 9.5 or 10 for someone was possible, I might go in between or just leave 5ft 10]
bodwaya says on 5/Sep/12
he equal height to 5 foot 10 chris copper . second of all baldwin claimed 6 foot in the past and damon was only 2 inches shorter. Pkus baldwin is know to wear big lifts. Baldwin is 5 foot 10 barefoot.
jtm says on 5/Sep/12
he was 3 inches shorter than alec baldwin. baldwin has claimed 5'11 in the past.
leonari says on 4/Sep/12
Damon is an average guy with a somehow "short" quality to him. You just somehow think he is short. I can't explain it. Very strange. Could be 177 but nothing below. Not even a mm.
Chameleon says on 3/Sep/12
No effing way is he 5'10. he is like 5'8 max.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Aug/12
Anything between 5"9-5"10 is accurate for Damon.
In Ocean's 11 he's 1.5in shorter than Brad Pitt and George Clooney.
Louis says on 21/Aug/12
On Jude Law page i posted a pic with Daniel Craig and it's obvious that Jude is 173 absolute max, and yet some of you think that Damon is 178
joe joe says on 17/Aug/12
@KN dicaprio is around 182 i think in the vid the seems to be about a 4cm difference betweem himself and Damon so i think a 178 listing isn't wrong. that's if dicaprio is 182. But the video does not look like a 6'1 man next to a 5'10 man in any way shape or form
jtm says on 8/Aug/12
yeah but i doubt dicaprio is even 5'11.
KN says on 4/Aug/12
Click Here
Watch it please. He can't be 1.78cms unless Dicaprio is around 6ft1.
Any thoughts?
BigT says on 4/Aug/12
With 6'1.5ish Ben Affleck he looks 5'9 or shorter. I think he's 175 cm flat first thing in the morning, and 174 cm rest of the day.
bodwaya says on 3/Aug/12
in informant he was 2 inches shorter then 6 foot scott bakula. So 5 foot 10 is right
KN says on 30/Jul/12
I have just watched the Departed and it seems there is about 6 cms differences with him and Dicaprio. So if Dicaprio is really 180 Matt Damon is sure as hell between 5ft8 and 5ft9 range.
BigT says on 27/Jul/12
If he claims 510" he is most likely in the 58" range, like Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Zach Efron.
Dave618 says on 27/Jul/12
If Affleck is about 6'2" then Damon is about 5'8" to 5'9" based on the pictures I've seen of them standing together.
jtm says on 13/Feb/12
he was shorter than 5'9 guys. that will tell you if he is 5'10 or not.
Silent d says on 24/Jan/12
Who is lisa snowden? Actress? Solid 5 foot 9. It will be interesting if he does a movie with johnny depp. They should be the same height. We'll know who wears lifts.
JohnnyRB says on 23/Jan/12
cant you see that he is tiptoeing :))
dennis says on 22/Jan/12
guys can we explain this photo/ (8th picture down): Click Here .

Matt Damon: 5 ft 10
Lisa Snowdown: 5 ft 10

Lisa is wearing 4inch plus heels there. And theres less than an inch between them. Either matt's wearing lifts.. or lisa isn't 5 ft 10.
Chris says on 21/Jan/12
5'9.5 (176,5 cms) for Damon sounds perfect.

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