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Michael Bloomberg Height
Michael Bloomberg's height is 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)

New York Mayor, described himself as "5-foot-7" before.

5ft 8 Glenn with Bloomberg, Al Sharpton and Ross Perot.

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Derek says on 6/Apr/08
Glenn- What was Sharpton like? I know he isn't exactly liked by many people.
someone says on 15/Feb/08
the guy is 5' 6'' for sure, he has a picture with my dad and he looks exactly the same height, my father's 5' 6''
glenn says on 5/Feb/08
well i saw them in person plenty of times.not one encounter.in fact i have a photo somewhere with my arms around sharpton and 5-6 james brown.my pics are proof to what i say.and others here will agree.its the reverse.whatever heights they are,sharpton is taller.even if its only an inch.and im wrong.he is still taller.look at pics of him marching.especially with 6-3 jesse jackson.hell,sharpton can look 5-10 sometimes.
Eric says on 5/Feb/08
I'm not talking about your pics. I saw them both in person and Sharpton is about 5'7 and Bloomberg is about 5'8 and a half.
glenn says on 4/Feb/08
thats not what my pics show on top and thats completely wrong.sharpton is around the 5-9 mark and even if bloomberg was 5-7 and not 5-6 and sharpton 5-8,that still makes you wrong.i read a 5-10 claim for bloomberg and i see him at 5-6.
Eric says on 3/Feb/08
I've seen them both and I can guarantee you that Sharpton is definitely shorter than Bloomberg.
glenn says on 1/Feb/08
your blind eric.
Eric says on 31/Jan/08
I've seen Bloomberg in person and I'll guarantee you that he's not 5'6. Bloomberg may not be quite 5'10 as he claims, but 5'9 is easily believable. 5 foot 6 inches tall? I'm a legitimate 5'6 and if someone called me 5'2 because of the difference in my height and Bloomberg's, I'd clock him.

[Editor Rob: he ain't really claiming 5ft 10, see the 1-line at top, he himself called 5ft 7 as his height, see washington post.]
Reminidi says on 1/Sep/07
Glavine is more like 6 ft even, tops, rather than 6 ft 1 (I should know, no offence, I'm from Atlanta, lol!) He was always the shortest of the "3 Omigos" (Glavine, Maddox, Smolz) Your right, Wright is not too tall (lol)
glenn says on 14/Aug/07
did i say sharpton was 5-10? not being snotty,but i thought i said 5-9.
antron says on 13/Aug/07
al sharpton is 5-10 Glenn, really? here is a pic of him with Al Franken (5-6):
Click Here
looks more 5-8ish
Anonymous says on 11/Aug/07
Click Here

Here's a pic with Bloomberg and baseball player Tom Glavine. Tom Glavine is listed at 6"1. Maybe he's shorter than that. If Mike is 5'6", then Glavine is about 5"11-6". Glavine is taller than a bunch of guys on the Mets team (Ie- David Wright)
richinkle says on 10/Jul/07
I work for the City of NY and have met Bloomberg a number of times. There are also pictures of him standing next to half the people in my office. He appears about 5'-7" to me, and next to my coworkers whose heights I'm pretty sure about.
EJ says on 23/Jun/07
Jesse Jackson is 6'3" according to his mugshot.
I've heard Perot described as 5'5" and 5'7".
I remember that back in 2002 Bloomberg used to claim to be 5'10". Don't know if that was a joke or not.
3 says on 22/Jun/07
none of these guys are taller than 5-8 Glenn
glenn says on 21/Jun/07
james to my eyes was 5-6.hard to gauge cause he was wore big heels.
Anonymous Rex says on 20/Jun/07
I'd say 5-4 for JB
leonari says on 17/Jun/07
Anonymous Rex: So you think James Brown was taller than 5'6" or what?????
MD says on 16/Jun/07
The only thing I've ever seen Sharpton described as (in the mainstream media that tends to boosts heights, no less) was 5'8" or 5'9". At least, that's what he was given when he was running for president in 2004 when the media sometimes discussed what height meant to the presidency.
Anonymous Rex says on 15/Jun/07
Now I know there's NO WAY James Brown was 5-6. Lots of photos of Sharpton and Brown camde out around the time JB passed away. I was assuming Sharton was at least 5-10 or 5-11!
antron says on 14/Jun/07
ill take your word for it on a 5'10" Sharpton, Glenn.
glenn says on 14/Jun/07
perot is 5-4.thanks d-ray.the 3 stooges.lol.never met rose.
TheJerk says on 13/Jun/07
I thought Perot was shorter than this, what would you say he is Glenn 5-5.5?
D. Ray Morton says on 13/Jun/07
Great shots! I could say something about the Three Stooges (Sharpton would be Curly), but I won't.

Glenn have you met Charlie Rose?
EJ says on 13/Jun/07
Why do Sharpton and Perot not have their own pages on this site?
glenn says on 13/Jun/07
jesse i read was 6-3.shapton is taller than me.
antron says on 13/Jun/07
Yeah Chris, Jesse Jackson is well over 6 feet, Sharpton is well under (5'8" to my eyes). Bloomberg looks 5'6.5 (169cm)at the absolute tallest to me. I am 5'7" and my Dad is 5'8" and there is not as big a gap between our heights as between Glenn and Michael in that picture, Glenn is leaning even.
glenn says on 13/Jun/07
no way 5-7.then im 5-9.
richinkle says on 12/Jun/07
I've met Bloomberg a number of times, and have had my picture taken with him on a few occasions as well. He is just about 5'-7". 5'-6" seems too short for him.
Chris says on 12/Jun/07
Bloomberg looks 5'6.5" to 5'7" from the photo. I always thought Al Sharpton was huge, but maybe that's Jesse Jackson?
Derek says on 12/Jun/07
5'6" is correct for Bloomberg. He is an inch shorter than my dad's friend, who is 5'7".
glenn says on 12/Jun/07
bloomberg is 5-6,sharpton is 5-9.
Anonymous says on 12/Jun/07
So, Glenn, Sharpton is 5'7"? He looks an inch shorter than you. I always thought he was slightly under average.
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