How tall is Michael Rosenbaum ?

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Michael Rosenbaum's height is 5ft 11.25in (181 cm)

American actor best known for his portrayal of Lex Luther on tv series Smallville. His website says "Michael is exactly 6'0" tall". This photo is from a 2008 Collectormania event. Jenny had about 1/3rd inch less sneaker than me/Michael.

Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville
5ft 8, 5ft 8 Jenny and Michael.
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b-mint1994 says on 20/Apr/15
solid 5'11" for sure. I'm just upset you got to meet the best Lex Luthor Rob and I didn't lol.
Andrea says on 4/Apr/15
Rob, who are the other celebrities you met who looked very similar to Michael in person?
[Editor Rob: With michael our footwear was quite similar, but there are other people who might not be exactly same but looked strong 5ft 11, a bit over that mark.

For instance a guy like Sean Patrick Flannery had a fraction more and looked in that 181 zone up close, Aaron Ashmore looked about that strong 5ft 11 range but with a fraction less footwear so more 182 range.

A guy like chris gorham is somewhere in that 181-2 zone.

Finn Jones up close looks in that zone, over 5ft 11 flat.

Tim Russ maybe is a 181 type guy now. Joe Flanigan can look that range too, 181-2..]
Andrea says on 26/Oct/14
Rob, would you say Michael's range is more 180-181 or 181-182? I think he's a solid 5'11 guy so 5'11.25 fits him... He's another guy who seems convinced to be 6', since he's claimed that in many occasions but that's probably a 'shoe measurement'... I think you can safely rule out 6', 5'11-5'11.25 is what he looks with you!
[Editor Rob: I think he's measured 6ft in sneakers, so claiming that height isn't really wrong to many people, they go with a height in shoes/sneakers. I do think he'd probably measure a bit over 5ft 11 on the stadiometer.]
dude says on 5/May/14
Wow, he's got a big head. 10 inches, maybe, Rob?
[Editor Rob: possibly ]
Lorne says on 19/Apr/14
I wouldn't go less than 5'11, even if he can look barely 180 in pics. 181 is fair. But Rob doesn't always go with the highest. Just look at Alex Skarsgard...
Andrea says on 11/Apr/14
Yeah, between 180 and 181 is probably on the money. Rob always goes with the top so 181 is fine!!
John says on 9/Apr/14
I saw him last year at the Chicago Comic Con and he walked right past me. I'm 5'10 and seemed within an inch of me. I think 5'11 flat seems about right.
Andrea says on 29/Mar/14
Well, i wouldn't use that pic to try any conclusion... That simply sucks! Yeah a flat 5'11 is not impossible, a strong 5'11 is what he is. So he could be a guy who is 180-181 at night... Btw, the Ultimate Asshole, ehm, James Marsters, looks noway near 5'9 in that photo!
MD says on 28/Mar/14
You know, even with the slight footwear advantage and the lean and angle, 5'11.5" Aaron Ashmore shouldn't look this much taller:

Click Here

It's certainly not nearly enough evidence to downgrade him, but I could see an argument being made for a flat 5'11".
Lo sgozzatore says on 26/Mar/14
Rob, could he dip below the 181 mark after a long day? He looks about 5'11 in these pictures...
[Editor Rob: I think 181 range is fair for him]
Emmett says on 21/Feb/14
He might be 6 ft exactly with that hairstyle.
Lorne says on 30/Jan/14
What's funny is that his head really doesn't look that long on Smallville! But yeah, a solid 5ft11, though I think he could be 180.5cm at his lowest.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Jan/14

G image Todd Martin, he wins the "tallest skinniest head" award...
Len says on 5/Nov/13
Wow... that's about the tallest, skinniest head I've seen on a person. He should probably get rid of the upswept hairstyle that emphasizes it.

And yeah, 5'11" or so is about right, if one is not fooled by the hair.
cole says on 7/Oct/13
Scratch what I said earlier, he's not a 5'11.5 guy. 5'11 or 5'11.25 seems reasonable.

By the way Rob, did you have about the same footwear, or did one have an advantage over the other (in the bottom photo)?
[Editor Rob: michael and I had pretty similar that day]
Robby says on 14/Aug/13
I just met him a few days ago. super cool dude. I am 5'9.5" barefoot and 5'10.5" with the shoes that I am currently wearing. I would say our footwear was about the same and I think Rob has this spot 5'11ish" Click Here
cole says on 28/Jul/13
His head seems kind of long, 180-182 cm range is possible.
johno says on 29/Apr/13
Listed height seems about right
Bard says on 6/Apr/13
Close enough. Looks 5'11 flat.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 14/Feb/13
180cm flat, no more.
afka9 says on 5/Feb/13
look guite tall.5'11 perfetc for him maybe 182 cm
Lo sgozzatore says on 25/Jan/13
Rob, you think he could be just 5'11? I'm seeing some old episodes of Smallville and it's funny because in some shots he looks slightly shorter than Tom Welling and in others he looks dwarfed by him. You think he really used appleboxes as he claimed?
[Editor Rob: michael doesn't look a 6 footer in person for sure, he can look 5ft 11-11.5 range, I'm sure welling could look sometimes 4 inches taller]
Stephen says on 8/Jan/13
that's exactly how a bang on 5'11 guy look near a 5'8 guy. 180! no more.
Elijah says on 16/Dec/12
He has the longest head of any man... it might give him the illusion of being taller to a lot of people (not me though) but in reality it is 180cm MAX for him.
Dmeyer says on 11/Dec/12
In the pics hé looks more 5'10.5-10.75 so 5'11 makes 11.25 might be his 12noon height nearer 5'11 at night
The Exorcist says on 8/Dec/12
A very ordinary 5'11".
Aragorn 5\'11. says on 21/Oct/12
sid, your definitely right! Michael Rosenbaum is exactly 5'11. I was able to meet him very briefly while he was in Vancouver, Canada shooting Smallville. He was an inch taller than me and I am a strong 5'10. And we both had similar footwear on so that couldn't have gave him any extra height. Also, he's half an inch taller than Topher Grace (5'10.5) and a little over an inch taller than Kevin Spacey (5'9.75). He was also in a movie with Jason Isaacs (5'11) and they were the same height. The extra quarter inch is unnecessary because he's clearly a strong 5'11 but nothing more! However, he can look 6'0 in shoes but barefoot nothing more than a solid 5'11.

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