How tall is Nick Nolte ?

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Nick Nolte's height is 5ft 11in (180 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 0in (183 cm)
American actor known for roles in films such as 48 Hours, The Hulk, The Thin Red Line, Lorenzo's Oil, The Prince of Tides, Cape Fear and Extreme Prejudice. His Arrest sheet lists him as 6ft 00. In an interview in the La Times (2/11/79), when asked his height Nick replies "Six feet, but it depends. In the morning I'm taller." In The Dallas News from (12/4/87) he again confirmed that height saying "I'm not as tall as everyone seems to think. The boots are the trick. They make me seem taller. I'm even 6 feet. I have a sister who's 6-1 and Grandpa Nolte is 6-6".
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Jul/15
Nothing wrong with the height you measure in the morning.
Unknown says on 13/May/15
[Editor Rob: he's got a body that is looking old and a bit worn out...1.5 inch loss at his age wouldn't be that shocking the 80's though he generally looked that 6ft range. Under it a 1/4? I'm not sure.]

yeah, i agree. however i think he wasn't a strong 6', like 6'0.25"...I think he was likelier 182,5-183 cms than 183,0-183,5 cms...
Judd says on 10/May/15
[Editor Rob: I think peak he looked a six footer, now he struggles at times with 5ft 11.]

i think 6' as peak listing is fair, too. my question was also if in your opinion he was a strong 6', so 183,0-183,5 cms in the afternoon (like Alex or others actors as David Duchovny and Hayden Christensen), or a weak one, so 182,5-183 cms (like Jensen Ackles or Nicholas Cage)?

IMO he could have been 182,5-183 cms at peak and 179-180 cms today, so 5'10.75"...
i think at almost 75, a loss of 1,25" is plausible, also if a man in good condition at his age maybe could have lost 0,75-1"...
[Editor Rob: he's got a body that is looking old and a bit worn out...1.5 inch loss at his age wouldn't be that shocking the 80's though he generally looked that 6ft range. Under it a 1/4? I'm not sure.]
Judd says on 8/May/15
Rob recently I've seen this picture: Click Here
Here he does look a tad taller than Robert Redford, who you list today at 5'9.5" and does look (with good posture) as tall as the first man from the left, that you listed at 5'10.5".
Actually, in 2015 he doesn't look a full 5'11" but more a 5'10.25-10.5"...

Any chance that he has been measured an hair under 6', like 5'11 and 3/4 or 4/5, and he round up to 6'?
Also next to Eddie Murphy he did look 7 cms taller than him, and there's always the chance that Eddie is 5'9"....
[Editor Rob: I think peak he looked a six footer, now he struggles at times with 5ft 11.]
Sam says on 3/Apr/15
Yeah, similar or maybe edged out a fraction by Joel Edgerton in Warrior and Edgerton is a weak 5'11".
In some films from the 80s and 90s, Nolte really comes off a big 6'1"+ man so he's definitely a guy who at times the screen can make seem bigger than he really was.
Danimal says on 15/Mar/15
Everyone lowering his height based on how he's stacked up since 2000. The man is 74 years old. He HAS lost height. He was 6'0" in his prime.
joelj says on 21/Feb/15
5' 11.5 on a good day when younger; no more, no less.
Sam says on 17/Oct/14
but really he looks 5'10" with normal posture and i doubt he could be taller than 5'11" if measured. look at him with josh brolin and aaron eckhart. 5'11.5" is a nice gift for nick, today
Sam says on 14/Oct/14
rob why not 5'11" today? today he can't really pass for a 5'11.5" guy
[Editor Rob: generally he looks more 5ft 11 yeah, but could he stretch up for a taller measurement?]
Sam says on 13/Aug/14
He's similar to or just edged out by Joel Edgerton in Warrior and Edgerton is a weak 5'11" guy, so I think Notle could be just 5'10.5"-5'11" today. With his growling voice and build, this guy can look bigger on screen. At times, in 48 Hrs., he could pass for a big 6'2" guy.
dmeyer says on 19/Jan/14
0.5-1in loss at 72 he did well
[Editor Rob: he does look a lot near 5ft 11 now.]
TheoJ says on 25/Dec/13
Worked with him in 1999 on a film set, day after day, and he was a bit shorter than I expected.
Barely 6 foot, and closer to 5'11". But a great guy!
Sam says on 12/Dec/13
He can seem 6'1" easily on screen back in the 70s to 90s, but Nolte is one of the most honest men in Hollywood per his height quote. At times I think he's too limited as an actor (one mood: growly), but not many actors would admit to being shorter than their perceived as.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Dec/13
"Peak height was 6ft 0.5in (184cm)"

Alright, I admitted to the boots. But many actors will say "6 feet" to sort of generalise how tall they are roughly. It can account for 1-2in.
richie says on 24/Nov/13
Couldn't be any shorter than 6ft, he had a clear 3 inches on 5ft 9inch Eddie Murphy in 48hrs.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Nov/13
Rob, I just noticed he's easily an inch shorter than an ancient Bob Mitchum in Cape Fear. Looks almost 2 inches actually. I'd say it is pretty much impossible that Mitchum was 185 and him 183. If Mitchum was still peak height in 1991 the most Nolte looks in comparison is 180.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Nov/13
Looks about 6 ft in Cape Fear.
cole says on 15/Jul/13
He's not much over 5'11 today, he has definitely lost a good chunk of height over the years. He seemed the same height as Joel Edgerton in Warrior.
Edgar says on 26/Jun/13
i don't know if Willis wore lifts, but in that pic he's a good in taller than Nick... Click Here
I think they're both 5-11 today...
Knowitall says on 13/May/13
For what it's worth, Nolte wore lifts in Mulholland Falls.
Leung says on 5/Feb/13
yeah in Gangster Squad looked 182cm so current height seems accurate, but Peak height needs reconsideration because Nolte in his prime looked 6'1".
Ajax says on 2/Feb/13
The most one can be when they claim a height is 1/2" more than what they say. So at the most he was 6'0.5".
berta says on 28/Jan/13
is 184 possible peak? I always thought he was in the 185 range.
Silent d says on 18/Jan/13
His sister is taller than him. That is shocking. She is gigantic. 182cm. He is an imposing figure.
roadcase says on 7/Dec/12
i met nick backstage at a show one time, and I can't believe that he is anything over 5'8"!

Very surprising!
jen says on 22/Sep/12
Definite 6'1" at peak, possibly even slightly taller maybe he is a bit shorter now
Miiiiiiighty_l- says on 17/Sep/12
I don't know why I always thought Nick was 6'2ish and saw him list at that height.
Just noticed he is way shorter while watching " The thin red line" where he is like two inches smaller than Travolta ( who must be in his trademark cowboy boots )
mike 6 feet out of bed says on 1/Aug/12
Prime deffinitely a strong 6 footer!
sailorjupiter says on 22/Jan/12
recently i saw the movie 'warrior' with T.Hardy, J.Edgerton, J.Morrison 'nd Nick.
Well, i think he's tall precisely like Joel Edgerton (5'11). I don't know how tall he was during his youth, but i think he's 5'11 now:

T.Hardy: 5'9.25
J.Morrison: ?
N.Nolte: 5'11
J.Edgerton: 5'11

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