How tall is Nicole Polizzi ?

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Nicole Polizzi's Height is 4ft 8in (142 cm)

Snooki - The Reality TV Star of Jersey Shore. On InsideEdition she said "I'm 4'9, maybe with the poof 4'11.". She was 'measured by hand' at 4ft 8.
Jennifer 'JWoww' Farley, fellow Jersey star says "I'm 5'7".

Snookie and Jenni
Photo by PR Photos
Comment on the Height of Nicole Polizzi

120 said on 3/Nov/15
Last time i was that tall, that was like back in the beginning of gr. 6. Holy, she is soooo short!!!. lol
Andrea said on 1/Nov/15
Would you add him, Rob? I'm sure many people would search his height! Also, he's listed at 6' on Google, which is crazy! As i said, i myself thought he was tall, but just look at him with CM Punk or Liam Hemsworth! He can look barely 5'8 with them...
Also, Ronnie is listed at 5'8 on Google, another BS! I can't buy him over 5'6!
[Editor Rob: 176cm is what I thought just now on looking at him...]
Andrea said on 26/Oct/15
Rob, what would you list Pauly D and Mike The Situation at?
I've seen the "show" a few times and i actually thought they were tall, well at least taller than what they probably are... I'm a bit surprised to see they can look shortish in pictures with other celebrities!!!
You said Pauly has claimed 5'11? What about Mike (and maybe the other guys)? Would you do a page for Pauly? I've seen other people requested him in the past...
[Editor Rob: he could be anywhere in 5ft 9-10 range Pauly that is.]
TJE said on 26/Oct/15
Rob, without considering footwear, how much taller would Pauly D be than Snooki?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: it depends on how much he is losing in posture. At least an inch, but 2 inches? It can be harder to tell, but I'd say anywhere in 11-12 inches taller without looking at how much more footwear she has.]
Armandy said on 22/Jul/15
Pauly D 175cm
Mike 174cm
Vinny 171cm
Ronnie 167cm
Jack Cavarro said on 26/Feb/15
Pauly D 177 cm
Mike 175 cm
Vinny 171 cm
Ronnie 167 cm
zaq said on 10/Feb/15
ive seen pauly in person he's 5'7 3/4 maybe a weak 5'8
blink said on 30/Nov/14
Rob, how tall would you say Pauly D and Mike The Situation are? I'd guess 5'9 range or so, you?
[Editor Rob: yes in the 5ft 9 is very likely.

I believe he measured himself and the stadiometer started touching his hair and he thought he better not mess it up, so just went with his 'unflattened hair' height, which is 5ft 11 (his claim).]
Ado said on 22/Oct/14
Mike is 5`11 , Pauly is 6`0 , Snooki 4`2 , Jwoow is 5`7 , Vinny is 5`7 , Ronnie is 5.8 , Sam is 5`5 , Deena is 4`12
Clay said on 18/Aug/14
I think 5'9'' is legit for Pauly and he pulls off average looking easily, especially with that hair. He's not tall at all, he's just not really short kind of like me.

I think that pic with CM punk just proves Punk is around 6'0'', no?
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Jun/14
Pauly looks to be the tallest of the guys. Him and Mike look pretty close though. Here with Pauly with HHH and CM Punk. The one with CM Punk is better as its a full body pic. Rob has Punk at 5'11.75 but can look nearer 5'11. He can look 5'9-5'10 with HHH but with CM Punk 5'8 max

Click Here
Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Jun/14
Rob, she had said she was measured at 4'8?
[Editor Rob: there was a clip of it from the show, it looked like the nurse used her hand as a kind of guide to the measurement...certainly room for some error.]
Clay said on 18/May/14
Ronnie being 5'4 was started by viper and it's complete and utter horse****, check him out in TNA wrestling next to ''Robbie E'' who's about 5'9.5-5'10 as we can see in his pic with Rob. Im thinking Ronnie is more like 5'7'' now.
Clay said on 7/May/14
5'2-5'3 guys look tiny to me.
Cnut the great said on 18/Jan/14
There is no way Ronnie is 5'4".. he is probably 5'6"
Pauly looks 5'9"
MPZ said on 2/Dec/13
@big galoot:

Organized sentence structures never hurt troll. Anyway, what Waybackmachine means by 'big galoots' is not everyone over 5'2", but foolish people like yourself. Why does it bother you that Waybackmachine says 5'2-5'3" can be way more attractive than....? Different strokes for different folks, ever heard of that? It's foolish that her (or small possibility his) opinion bothers you so much, which is why you are a big galoot, not because you're most likely over 5'2".
Deb said on 17/Sep/13
Yes, I saw that episode and she is only 4f8. She looks so good now and taller that she lost all that weight and is thinner but ya... in reality she's only 4f8 max.
zaq said on 15/Aug/13
Pauly d is 5'8 flat ive seen him in person a few times anything more is pushing it

ronnie is like 5'4 but he is really jacked
big galoot said on 13/Aug/13
5'2'' MEN and way more attractive than ???
we believed you
5'6,5'7'' maybe.not 5'2'' guy.this is 1.57 and it is uber short for a guy.and whoever isnt 5'2'' isnt big galoot.take care
Waybackmachine said on 7/Jul/13
Toby, nutrition has nothing to do with it; it's genetics. Americans have a skewed opinion of height, for example calling 5'4" women short when they're average. I know several men in the 5'2-3" range and they're not "frickin tiny"; they look like normal human beings and, in my opinion, way more attractive than big galoots. Sorry Snookie ticked you off by not growing taller! LOL.
cleovulos said on 28/May/13
Click Here
TRUE 4'8''LOOK VIDEO 11:00 measured SNOOKI...
marla singer said on 27/Mar/13
@c-mo she's incredibly short but it's clear she's not a dwarf, she's perfectly healthy and well-structured. I think she's this short because she's Peruvian, in her country she'd be the equivalent of a 5' woman in Europe maybe
Toby said on 19/Mar/13
I can't believe even with our medicine and nutrition there are women who still don't grow to be over 5 foot. The male equivalent would be like 5'3, frikkin tiny.
mrx said on 9/Mar/13
pauly 177,5
Mike 176
Vinny 174,5
Ronnie 171,5
mId said on 8/Jan/13
Snookie was measured 4'8 on the jersey shore in the morning. they went after waking up straight to the doctors office where she was measured. and pauly D is nowhere near 6'. Like someone said he's shorter than 50 and he's not 6' himself.. more 5'11. Look at the video where pauly and situation are meeting ~6'1 UFC fighter chuck liddell.. they are all wearing same shoes cause they are doing a commercial for them. And they look like kids next to the Iceman Liddell. They are pretty short and small compared to him even though they look pretty big on the show.
Duhon said on 7/Nov/12
Gary Coleman was 4'8" I believe as well but i suppose a 4'8" girl seems less tiny?
Anon said on 3/Nov/12
Why not list her as Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi?
Also, these cast is collectively surprisingly short in person.
Clay said on 2/Nov/12
Roger is easily 6'3''.
chris said on 31/Oct/12
What do you think about the situation?
Chris said on 27/Oct/12
Just saw this quote from Sammi's formspring:

"I'm 5'5, Pauly is 6'0, mike is 5'10, vinny is 5'9 , ronnie is 5'8, jenni is 5'6, snooki and deena are 4'9 .. I THINK! lol"

Click Here

What do you guys think? she doesn't seem to be off of Snooki's at the very least
SPR said on 22/Oct/12
yep Cynthia, Snooki is officially measured at 4'8 by doctors
Cynthia said on 22/Oct/12
Her boyfriend has said she's 4'8 and in a recent episode where she goes to the doctor with jwoww, snookie ask the doctor to measure her height and it's 4'8.
Bradi said on 21/Oct/12
Rob, in the last episode (season 6 episode 5) 11:00 minutes in she is measured at a clinic at 4'8''.

They start to joke about her height after the measurement.
[Editor Rob: so her claim was an inch high than what the nurse said, which isn't much, you'd probably find some 4ft 8-9 girls trying to say 5ft!

I just looked at the clip and it was a hand placed on head type measurement, so more chance of error than if it were say a proper stadiometer one.]
Chris said on 20/Oct/12
Rob, do you have any thoughts on the height of the jersey shore guys? How tall do you see them to be?
[Editor Rob: I am not a fan of the reality shows so don't add many heights from this area of celebrity.]
Haze said on 2/Feb/12
After checking out some more photos I gotta agree that Pauly is a little taller than I previously thought. Could see him 5'8.75 so 5'9 isn't out of the question. So using him as the base I think I could add .5" to my estimates.
C said on 1/Feb/12
The Situation's 5'11'' claim may not be far off, if you look at him next to 6'3'' John Mayer. The height difference is 4 inches, tops!
mish said on 25/Jan/12
Pauly d interview with 5'6 chelsea handler-Click Here
5'9-5'9.5 is about right for him! Hmm I know ronnie is short but 5'3-5'4? LOL I think clay is close to accurate for the guys.
Snookie 4'9
Denna 4'10-4'10.5
Jenni looks tall,but shes not 5'8.5.Maybe 5'6.5-5'7
Sammi 5'6

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