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Nikki Six Height
Nikki Six's height is 6 ft 0.5 in (184 cm)

US Rocker from Motley Crue. I've read a few encounters on motley crue boards that seem to estimate him 6ft to 6ft 1 *but* a few mentions that his footwear can sometimes be slightly heelier than normal???

5ft 8 Glenn beside Nicki.

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glenn says on 15/Aug/07
thanks mike.rob please correct nikki sixx's spelling.
Mike says on 14/Aug/07
Cool pic glenn. Nikki is tall. not as tall as T-lee.
glenn says on 10/Jul/07
with all due respect,i dont need to look at photos.ive been meetin them since 1990 and my friends have been meeting them since 1984.all kinds of footwear.there was a nikki look a like replacement member possibly.matthew trippe.he was shorter.a friend witnessed this.vince was 5-9 in his prime.maybe shrunk now.
TonyD says on 9/Jul/07
Glenn...Nikki is NOT 6'1" barefoot, maybe with heels. Vince is around 5'6"/5'7". Take a look at some Motley Crue promo pics. In almost every one Tommy is wearing Converse while Nikki, Vince, and Mick are in boots.
glenn says on 4/Jul/07
btw rob,how come you never posted my vince neil pic? im sure i sent it last september or so.unless you did post and im an idiot.

[Editor Rob: I will look for this guy, I must have missed him, or just forgot to ever add him.]
glenn says on 4/Jul/07
nikki was or still is 6-1.pics are decieving.
TonyD says on 3/Jul/07
Look at that pic....there's no way Nikki can be 6'. If Glenn is 5'8" then Nikki has got to be no more than 5'11".
Rachel says on 9/Apr/07
Next to 5'9 Vince Neil both Tommy and Nikki look HUGE...however Nikki sometimes wears heeled shoes for their shoes that are at least 2'' and Tommy only wears converse which give you about half an inch so I'd guess Nikki aroun 6'1 for sure.
(RKOchick) 5\'7 and Still Growing says on 7/Jan/07
Lynsey, There's no way Tommy is 6'4 cause if they are right about Sixx being 6'0 then Tommy looks shorter then 6-4. 6-3 to 6-2
Glenn says on 11/Mar/06
Nikki Is 6-1 Tops.lee Is 6-3.
Lynsey says on 10/Mar/06
Ive been a crue fan for years and im sure that the beautiful nikki sixx (thats sixx with 2 xx's) is 6 foot 2, while Tommy Lee is well known for being a massive 6 foot 4!!!!
Kelly says on 9/Feb/06
Great Picture. =)
Nikki Can't Be That Short, Compaired To Tommy He's Only 1-2 Inch's Smaller, So He's Defentily 6.0-6.1 ish.
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