How tall is Priyanka Chopra ?

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Priyanka Chopra's Height is 5ft 6in (168 cm)

Indian Actress and former Miss World 2000. In a interview she is quoted as saying: "I love heels on women; I think I was born with heels. Without them, I feel very short and not confident enough. I'm five feet-six-and-a-half inches. Please don't forget that half, it's very important. But when I wear heels I feel fabulously tall."

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Comment on the Height of Priyanka Chopra

andrea said on 8/Feb/16
I agree height Priyanka here as it is not higher than Deepika, nor so low that Kareena .. 1.68 is correct.
Simi chandoke said on 4/Feb/16
As being Chief editor for Zoom tv..i have came across many divas in Bollywood one of which is Priyanka chopra. She is not short...she is quite tall. I am 5"3 and had to wear 6" inches heels for an interview where she wore normal 3" inch heel and were still taller than me. So she is 5.7 and half inches. And if U guys are listing her within 5"4 would you list actress like Kareena and Malaika who are 5"4 inreal and actress like Rani and kajol who are 5"3???...
DeanWinchester said on 23/Oct/15
LOL she was described as 5'9 in Quantico!!! Good show though...
Duhon said on 7/Oct/15
For some reason her character was described as being 5'9" on her new tv show.
zxc said on 10/Jul/15
@dkbose that is true. I often come across girls who are taller than my 170cm. Especially in some of the big cities, I have felt that 170cm is only average height even for girls.
dkbose said on 7/Jul/15
Lol, sometimes i feel girls here in india are as tall as the guys. I thjnk thats the case in a few european countries too. I am 177 cm, of course there are men who are much taller than me but going by the apparent average, i would say, its not more than 5'7-5'8 and for girls barely 2" shorter than that. Look at bollywood itself so many 5'7+ actresses and very few actual 6'+ actors. Amitabh, abishek, arjun kapoor, siddharth malhotra just maybe 6' barely like john abraham are the only few i can think of. And aditya roy kapoor is 6'2" huge guy so,are models like arjun rampal and sonu sood. Apart from that,all the tall guys of bollywood are 5'9-6' tall.
Linke said on 16/May/15
She's gonna star in a sitcom, good for her. As far her height is concerned 5'6 is the most that I can think of, looks 5'5ish a lot. Used to get listed as 5'8.5 in early 2000's
Vicky said on 8/Jan/15
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Ricky171cm said on 5/Jan/15
Rob .if priyanka 5ft6 in...shahrukh khan must must wacth Don 2
Vicky said on 4/Jan/15
Saw this on net she is standing with Amitabh ( 6'2" ); Please click this link and see your self
Click Here
sourabh said on 24/Dec/14
I am fat than priyanka chopra because my hiegh is 5.7 and weight 71 kg and priyanka chopra hieght 5.7 and weight 53 kg
nona said on 22/Nov/14
Parineeti is not only taller but also huge compared to the tiny Priyanka. Parineeti is 5'6" & 65 kgs with a nice curvy body whereas Priyanka ais only 5'4" & 53 kgs
Vicky said on 1/Nov/14
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Vicky said on 1/Nov/14
I Think Parineeti is taller than her sister Priyanka after seeing below link coz all the male actors are in bigger heeled shoes and still she is almost not looking short at all and to my surprise she is equally as tall as Govinda.
nona said on 25/Sep/14
@tanish: Agree that Priyanka is talented but off late she is beginning to get on my nerves with her publicity stunts. She is also pretty as you say and has a very nice body. As far as height is concerned at 5'4" she is just average and infact looks tiny next to actresses like Katrina, Anushka, Sonam, Deepika & Tabu. Infact someone the height and size of Yukta Mookhey or Huma Quereshi can make Priyanka look like an undernourished school girl
tanish said on 8/Sep/14
priyanka is the most talented actresses in bollywood ! and she is perfectly tall and pretty !
linke said on 7/Sep/14
She's 5'5ish.
nona said on 10/May/14
@F: can you post the pics of Priyanka Chopra with Britney Spears. Would love to see them as this would prove what I am saying all along, that Priyanka is no more than 5'4".
F said on 9/May/14
Check out pics with her and Britney Spears. They have the same footwear type and look the exact same height. She's 5ft4 at the most.
tiny said on 13/Apr/14
Priyanka & Anushka Sharma are 2 of the tiniest actresses as they both weigh only 50 kgs. Even girls who barely cross 5'0" are heavier then both of them.
nona said on 26/Feb/14
Does anyone have a pic of tiny Priyanka with the huge Huma Qureshi? Would love to see that comparison as I am sure Priyanka's legs are only as big as Huma's arms.
ArjunaKoral said on 5/Feb/14
Thanks for the beautiful photo, Rob - MUCH APPRECIATED!
nona said on 2/Jan/14
Priyanka at just 50 kgs have got to be the tiniest actresses amongst all Bollywwod actresses standing more than 5'4". Even Kareena who is only 5'4" weighs close to 63 kgs and looks huge compared to Priyanka.
nona said on 26/Dec/13
Is there a pic of Priyanka Chopra with Sameera Reddy? Amongst all the actresses who are between 5'7" & 5'9" Sameera is the biggest and at 5'7" she easily weighs about 75 kgs with broad shoulders and huge hips and thighs. Priyanka will look like a small schoolgirl next to Sameera
Qwerty said on 23/Dec/13
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Sonakshi should be 5'8 at least. Not 5'6. Priyanka looks very tiny in comparison
nona said on 30/Nov/13
Would love to see a pic of Priyanka & Sonakshi Sinha. Guess Sonakshi at 5'6" & 75 kgs with her huge shoulders and wide hips would look like a giantess next to the tiny Priyanka who is 5'4" & 53 kgs
nona said on 14/Nov/13
Priyanka looks tiny compared to Kareena specially the lower body even though they are the same height. Guess Kareena weighs 65 kgs to Priyanka's 53 kgs
Arjuna Korale said on 3/Nov/13
Rob, please could you put up a pic of 5 ft 6.5 inch Pryanka - her page looks really drab without a pic! Besides Ashwariya Rai has a pic on her page, so Pryanka (who is even more attractive than Rai) should defo have one.
nona said on 22/Oct/13
Read on one of the sites that Parineeti Chopra who is Priyanka's younger cousin is referred to as Junior Priyanka. Compared to Priyanka who is about 5'4" & 53 kgs Parineeti is a big girl at 5'6" & about 72 kgs and she has huge hips compared to Priyanka. Guess this is another case of the younger sister being taller & bigger thant the older one
OC said on 23/Aug/13
@SV We can't see their feet and therefore what footwear they each have on. She must have heels on. Or are you suggesting that she is standing barefeet in that picture?
SV said on 24/Jul/13
@ArjunaKorale what do you want to sat about the pic I posted, then?
ArjunaKorale said on 20/Jul/13
@SV: There is no way Pryanka is 5 ft 8! Just as there is no way that she is just 5 ft 4! Rob & his guys have got it spot on at around 169 cm (5 ft 6.5)! I'm glad Rob, u are not listening to the fantasists & upgrading or downgrading her height. Cheers guys!
SV said on 16/Jul/13
@yana Priyanka is a tall girl
SV said on 16/Jul/13
Click Here
she is taller than Pitbull who's listed 5'7.5" here
So,5'8" I guess
raaju said on 13/Jul/13
jay sean is 5' 9". met him. took a snap with him. i know my own height precisely. according to that picture, priyanka looks around 5' 6.5"
Yana said on 15/Apr/13
She is only 5'7 /5'8 in heels so I would say 5'4. Definitely.
Yana said on 15/Apr/13
She is only 5'7 /5'8 in heels so I would say 5'4. Definitely.
tim said on 15/Apr/13
Hey guys priyanka looked taller than katrina at TOIFA grand finale. So she must be around 5'8
ArjunaKorale said on 14/Apr/13
Arch Stanton, I like your taste, man!
ArjunaKorale said on 5/Feb/13
Rob & Team, can we please have a picture up of this gorgeous goddess! I know you guys are extremely busy, but please could you just take some time out to do it, if poss. This page is a little dull without a pic of this beautiful woman.
ArjunaKorale said on 5/Feb/13
Well done, guys - you have gauged another celeb height right! Yes, I agree Pryanka is around 5 ft 6 or 5 ft 6.5 & definitely nothing taller. Hell even the goddess admits this height herself so really this should be the end of the story (though people often do lie about themselves). @nona: There is no way that Pryanka is just 5 ft 4 (162 or 163 cm); she's a few inches taller. @mckey; you too have got it wrong for Pryanka is a full inch & a half to two inches shorter than your overestimate. In your case, you simply wish her to be 5 ft 8 inches, so just dream on! LOL!!!
nona said on 3/Feb/13
Does anybody have a pic of Priyanka Chopra together with the southern actrss Namita. Priyanka at 5'4" & 50 kgs with her tiny frame, small shoulders and tiny hips will look like a schoolgirl next to namita who is 5'8" & 90 kgs with broad shoulders and huge hips.
nona said on 17/Jan/13
Priyanka is around 5'4" and at only abour 50 kgs is really tiny when compared to even short girls like Sonakshi Sinha (5'6" & 75 kgs) & Kareena (5'6" & 65 kgs). If you compare her to the taller girls like Katrina (5'8" & 70 kgs), Tabu (5'10" & 80 kgs) she looks like a small kid. I saw a pic of Priyanka with Yukta Mookhey (6'1" & 88 kgs) and it looked like Yukta could easily carry Priyanka on her huge hips
simi said on 13/Jan/13
Alexandra said on 31/Dec/12
She is indeed 169, guys. I mean, take a look at this pic here with Jay Sean:
Click Here

He is about 6 ft tall, 180 cm. She has heels of maximum 12 cm in her feet and she is still so much taller than him. So I'd even say she's about 172 cm.
Dost said on 11/Dec/12
She's 5'6"

Click Here
tiny said on 20/Nov/12
Saw a pic of Priyanka with Sonakshi Sinha and going by the fact that Sonakshi is 5'6", Priyanka is no more than 5'4". Also it was clearly visible how tiny the 53 Kg Priyanka was when compard to Sonakshi who weighs close to 75 kgs and has broad shoulders and huge hips
nona said on 22/Oct/12
Priyanka is only 5'4" & weight 53 kgs. She looked tiny compared to Kareena kapoor in the scooter ad they did together. Those were Kareena's pre siize zero days when she had huge hips and legs and Priyanks looked like a small school girl nxt to the broad shouldered Kareena who is 5'7" and weighed abt 65 kgs back then
Inch Tape said on 27/Jul/12
Rob, time to fix this, she is no more 5.41/2 ...if that! Stood next to her in brazil, she is shorter than me and I am 5.5 myself. She is a bit shorter than Aish, so hers too needs fixing. Its Indian actor/actress/model, they increase their heights by 2+inches always.
checkout her pics with katy perry and Aish, she is def shorter than 5.5.
Aatish said on 15/Jun/12
She is 5' 7" in Don 2 she is the same height as shahrukh khan who is 5' 7" himself she is not 5'6
nona said on 8/Feb/12
If there is one girl who is getting shorter and shorter by the day it is Priyanka Chopra. She was listed at 5'7" during the Miss India contest and now everyone says that she is not more than 5'4". Going by all the pics i too think she is only 5'4" & about 50 kgs which is very short & tiny compared to the younger.taller. bigger girls entering the industry
RATILAL CHAVAN said on 28/Jan/12
you are 5ft 7 inches to the indian women standard it is sufficient! wearing heel shoes lookong almost 5 ft 10 inches which i fell very good height attained , now since your weight is 50 kg you look sizzling ie chavali chi sheng! your body structure is fantastic dear, its remind veteran mumtaz! you too bindiya chamkegi! its hot1 bajate raho your new fan ratilal chavan

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