How tall is Robert Conrad

Robert Conrad's Height

5ft 7in (170 cm)

American actor known for roles in The Wild Wild West, Flying Misfits, Sudden Death, Jingle All the Way and The Lady in Red.
Robert Conrad is my dear friend. Y'know Bob is not six foot one. I'm a foot taller than Bob. I'm not saying what size he is, but a lot of guys his size won't use big guys like me in their movies. Like when I did WALKER, TEXAS RANGER. Chuck Norris is a little guy. - Don Stroud, Psychotronic interview
I have never stood on a box while dealing with "the lustful advances of actresses who tower over' me. While acting or in real life. I stand on my own two feet.
I was complaining because they had me wearing elevator shoes and they were very uncomfortable. They were actually Alan Ladd's and his feet were smaller than mine.
I'm Five Eight. - Chicago Sun Times, 1986

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5ft 7in (170.2cm)
Smoosh said on 26/Dec/16
Theres mot wven 2 inches between him and Arnold Shwartzenegger in JIngle all the way
Vibram said on 26/Sep/16
Look at his long scene in Columbo (1974) where he was barefoot with Peter Falk (who was wearing 1.25" dress shoes). They were of equal heights. Falk is 5'6", 5'7.5" in shoes, so I think Conrad is 5'7.5".
Rob Bryant said on 1/Aug/16
I was at a boxing event in the 1970's. I ran into Robert Conrad. He was wearing custom made leather construction boots. They had a nap sole on them similar to the shoes Boris Karloff wore in Frankenstein adding at least six inches to his united six inches to height. He still didn't look very tall. Being in my late teens I didn't care. I was excited seeing Jim West in person!
VC said on 14/Nov/15
I have to agree with Ian.C, Rob is a small version of Big Clint. In fact, they were together in a tv series 'Centennial' and he look tiny beside Clint.
Mike said on 14/Nov/15
I say that Robert Conrad is about 5'8. 5'7 is an inaccurate depiction of his height. He was about 3'' shorter than 5'11 Ross Martin on Wild Wild West.
meezemaker said on 11/Oct/15
hard to say, but if larry manetti is 5'7, so conrad is an inch more.
check on this link
Click Here

but larry manetti was not 5.7. more or less 5.5-5.6 I would say
and both are trying to be taller, and conrad knows better how to look taller, but he got an inch on manetti. I would say my height. 1.71 morning, 169.5 evening.
Chase Witherspoon said on 10/Oct/15
In Bradford Dillman's auto he mentions Conrad as being a little guy who always wore Cuban heels or cowboy boots to boost his stature irrespective of the role/costume... I used to think he was 5'8"-5'9" but after reading that and comments I'm inclined to believe 170/5'7" region...
Parker said on 6/Sep/15
Having again watched the Columbo episode he appeared in next to Falk in bare feet, and also with standard addidas trainers I would say no more than 5'7, possibly 5'6.5
sean said on 1/Sep/14
There is a mission impossible episode (season 5, ep 1 "the killer"), that you can see on netflix that has him standing near Peter Graves (hotel scene), and graves towers over him... looks like he has 8+ inches on him. In fact, that was the only part of the episode that Conrad came in contact with the cast. Since the cast is very tall, they probably wrote it that way. I would guess 5.5, 5.6 with normal shoes.
Ian C. said on 27/Apr/14
I think of Robert Conrad as a miniature Clint Walker. They both possessed unusual male beauty and athleticism and unforced virility, but Walker was (I suspect) a foot taller. Conrad could have walked down the street before he became famous, and people would have sneaked looks at him. In Walker's case, people would have just turned and stared, without thinking to conceal their fascination.
tpekelder said on 18/Feb/14
It isn't hard to tell that the guy is not very tall. He was still a very handsome man with a good physic and a lot of confidence. Not afraid to do anything. I'm 6 feet tall and when young was in very good shape but would trade for the strong features and confidence any day. I still love watching wild wild west. I hate to see all my old action hero's getting older. But they live on in the movies and television shows. What more can you ask for. Sure they may not be like the big Hollywood productions now day's but they are so out there anyway. Guy's like Clint, Bronson, Connery, and Conrad ruled the day. And were down to earth and believable not so much in fantasy land. Personality not special affects. Going to miss them when they are gone. Thumbs up!
Ian C. said on 16/Feb/14
I have long been actively interested in how tall celebrities are, and I cannot recall another instance of a man saying that he was five foot eight. This is because that is an unremarkable height, and men who really are that tall, or near it, are rarely asked how tall they are. Only unusually tall or short people are asked their heights. So, if Robert Conrad just volunteered that he is five foot eight, he's probably adding inches. He certainly looks short.
Scott27 said on 22/Dec/13
Peter Flak was 5' 6" and clearly 2" taller than Robert Conrad.
KILLER B said on 30/Jul/13
since guys exaggerate a great deal about inches, i would say Robert Conrad is 5'6
KILLER B said on 30/Jul/13
since guys exaggerate a great deal about inches, i would say Robert Conrad is 5'6
Daniel said on 17/Jul/13
@Rob Bryant I'd just like to say that I don't think anyone here is judging anyone by their height (the opposite, probably). I think we're mostly just interested in knowing the truth about public figures who are often billed as being sort of "larger than life". For me, it also helps to see how I fit into the world. I know how tall I am, but I can't see myself from the outside. By watching film and television, I can put myself in the place of actors who are my height, and gain some perspective of how I appear in the world.
Daniel said on 17/Jul/13
@Rob Bryant I'd just like to say that I don't think anyone here is judging anyone by their height (the opposite, probably). I think we're mostly just interested in knowing the truth about public figures who are often billed as being sort of "larger than life". For me, it also helps me to see how I fit into the world. I know how tall I am, but I can't see myself from the outside. By watching film and television, I can put myself in the place of actors who are my height, and it gain some perspective of how I appear in the world.
Daniel said on 17/Jul/13
Watching an episode of Columbo (Season 4, Ep. 1). There's a great shot of Conrad without shoes standing next to Falk in his standard brown Columbo shoes (which look pretty flat, despite a small heel). Falk looks about a half inch taller in shoes. I've always felt that Falk was about 5' 5", and I think Conrad might be in the same range.
Terry said on 23/Jun/13
I met Conrad a few years back at an autograph signing. I'm a good 5-8 and I towered over him. I could eat comfortably off the top of his head. He couldn't be much taller than 5-3. He is about same height as Michael Fox.
Gca23 said on 5/Apr/13
Met Conrad in 77 on the set of Baa Baa black Sheep. I am 5'7'' I had sneakers on he had " Army Boots" on. You do the math. Click Here
Brad said on 22/Mar/13
I met him in January and he's 5' 6" tops. He'd be on a small box with Loggia. Seat pillows are common on TV newscasts and motion picture/TV work. At 5' 6" it helps.
Looks trump said on 9/Feb/13
With Robert Conrad's amazing good looks, height is hardly an issue. I am 5'8" and although I am female, it would not bother me to be with someone my height.
Serendipity said on 31/Jan/13
Still watching the "Wild Wild West" episode. He's in a scene with Robert Loggia whose top height was supposed to be 5'8" or 5'9" and he towers over Loggia. BUT, he's standing behind something (and probably ON something). Now he's in a scene next to a woman, and they're sitting down at a banquet and he towers over her. Except that it looks like he's sitting on a pillow! They really did go to extreme lengths to divert people's attention from how short he is - once you start watching for it, it's really obvious!
Serendipity said on 31/Jan/13
I am watching an episode of "The Wild Wild West" right now, there's a scene of him running away from the camera (in a safari compound) and I was struck by his body proportions, his legs are EXTREMELY short (in fact, that's why I ended up on this forum, I was searching for how tall he is). He has the body proportions of a very short man, I would guess about 5'4" or 5'5".
Brad said on 3/Dec/12
Somebody meet him at the Hollywood Show in January in L.A.. He was born in '29. The state patrol and legal papers in his accident were thrown out there. Weak 5' 6" tops. Casting and camera angles and lifts did wonders.
JAMES B LAMONICA said on 30/Nov/12
Rob Bryant said on 7/Jun/12
Robert Conrad is a little under 5'-5". In the mid 1970's I ran into him at a Boxing event. He was wearing a work boot with a Knapp sole about 4 inches thick. Even with the help of the elevator boots he stood about 5'-9". Since when do you judge a man by his height? He's a great actor. I idolized him as Jim West on his TV show. He's a tough individual & could handle himself very well in the boxing ring. He was considering going pro at one time.
Rob Bryant said on 7/Jun/12
Robert Conrad is a little under 5'-5". In the mid 1970's I ran into him at a Boxing event. He was wearing a work boot with a Knapp sole about 4 inches thick. Even with the help of the elevator boots he stood about 5'-9". Since when do you judge a man by his height? He's a great actor. I idolized him as Jim West on his TV show. He's a tough individual & could handle himself very well in the boxing ring. He was considering going pro at one time.
Patrick said on 30/Dec/11
guyfrommars, it really makes sense what you wrote, notably regarding how Bob didn't care about his height unlike the great Kirk Douglas. The only think I wonder is how could he do all those incredibly hazardous stunts – the best i ever saw since he was the only one to be shot falling directly as a mass, without ant protective movement, onto a table from 12 or 13 foot-high balcony. I have to wear “kind of” lift for my Achilles tendon and I can assure you that prevent you to move efficiently and even less properly running. Those lifts are yet only about an inch or so! If you add the huge heels of his wonderful cow-boy boots, I really wonder how he made it. I can tell you that he would have needed to be careful at every second in such a show. Kirk was not working in a TV series and had the time to “refine” his walk, certainly not Robert Conrad. He jumps, falls, rides and climbs all along the show. If any lifts, they had not to be as the Kirk’s ones. Besides, Robert Conrad never, ever looks really short in the show without resorting to special angle as it is done in some TV shows as Smallville (for the reverse reason). Admittedly, he looked between 5’8 to 5’9 thanks to his boots and “lifts”. That put him at 5’7 flat as he looks in the Columbo episode while bare-feet.
guyfrommars said on 27/Dec/11
Peter Falk played the role of an eccentric detective in Columbo, and Conrad played the role of an action hero in The Wild Wild West. There is a big difference between the two. Also, I can imagine that Conrad never cared about his height (unlike Kirk Douglas who had a height complex), but the studio and the network cared about it, and they didn't want their hero, Jim West to be dwarfed by his co-stars. (This was also the reason for the actress casting policy I mentioned earlier.)

And on his blog, director Ralph Senensky (who directed two episodes of The Wild Wild West) confirmed that Conrad wore lifts in the series, so that's enought proof, I guess.
Patrick said on 8/Dec/11
Sorry guys but how can you be so sure about those lifts? It is obvious that Bob Conrad never ever cared about his height, probably because being so well built, practically perfect to say the truth. In Columbo he is bare foot aside with an actor legendary known for being short, the genius late Peter Falk and doesn't care looking barely taller. Yet, he is taller and Falk was not less than 5'6. A 5'5 or 5'4.5 actor is visibly so as Jason Alexander. In black sheep Bob looks not tall but not that short either as a 5'7 looks. Wearing big lifts doesn't allow running or doing what Bob used to do for years and his walk looks oddly unbalanced, always.
I am sure that one of my favorite actor, Kirk Douglas, wore huge lifts and that precisely visible in his way of walking, as if he wore high heels or so, what I never noticed with Bob Conrad in any show. His boots in the Click Here gave him an advantage not to look too short as a hero has to. Actors in that TV Show or Black Sheep were the usually and commonly hired under contract actors I always saw in the 60ies TV shows; not particularly short to make Conrad look taller than he was.
Brad said on 6/Dec/11
Weak 5' 6" tops. Yes on '29, he jammed the '35 for years til the accident report. He got crucified on that big fall on WWW, not mention financially after the accident. Burt Reynolds ate the pills for years after his stunts. Sonny Hooper he is. Reynolds taking that chair to the jaw in '84 was the worst I've ever heard. Conrad and Reynolds wore the biggest lifts in Hollywood.
guyfrommars said on 5/Dec/11
Brad: Yeah, his enormous lifts are very obvious, and even with those, he never seemed to be tall. They had a policy to cast actresses strictly under 5'6" for the show because of Conrad's height. You know the Hollywood lore: always add 2 inches to your height in publicity. His 5'8" claim is the result of this. He was 5'6" in his prime.
Patrick said on 25/Nov/11
BTW JAMES, he was born in 1929 which is known since his terrible accident. That great man did all of his stunts for being ranked as an official stuntman.He even did stunts no one else dared to do according to his own stuntmen-friends. He never looked less than 5'7 which is already very short for any actor but in France (until the 90ies). How many actors i considered being short actually were about 5'8. He was the only "real" superhero in his outfit in The WWW. His complexion was terrific and never giving the impression of a short man. Probably amongst the hugest wists and hands and forearms ever! I just regret he didn't keep his first "James Dean -hairdo" in the show and above all, that he couldn't kept on doing it after just four seasons. Only two "real" superheros-looking" on TV in their suits: Guy Williams in Zorro and him as Jim West. Tom Welling is the third one but with no outfit.
Elizabeth Smith said on 23/Jul/11
I'm watching Wild Wild West right now and I would have to agree that whether he was 5'3" or 5'7", he was the best looking guy on television in the mid sixties. He was just so sexy, masculine and agile. Change his tight fitting matador turned old west outfits and elevator boots to purple and you have Prince. I love that he did nearly all his stunts. He had style, you have to give him that.
Gary C Acquaviva said on 5/Jun/11
I was on the set of Baa Baa Black Sheep back in 77. I am a proud 5'7''.Attacthed is a picture of me and Conrad. He has " Army Boots " on I have sneakers you do the Math.
Click Here
Gary C Acquaviva said on 3/Jun/11
I meet Conrad in 77 on the set of Black Sheep Squadron. I am 5'7" . The picture will speak for itself. I have sneakers on and he has "Army Boots" on. Do the math.
Go to link
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JAMES said on 28/May/11
Brad said on 6/May/11
Weak 5' 6", if that. They cast small people around him on WWW. His boots with lifts were far worse than Burt Reynolds ever slipped on. His 5' 8" claim is laughing gas.
Anthony said on 4/May/11
I met Conrad in '77 when I was 20. I'm just under 5'5" and he seemed about two inches taller. Five foot seven would be the most I would guess. Probably five foot six and a quarter inches.
guyfrommars said on 29/Mar/11
Agreed with pjt. Just what I said. He was 5'6" in his prime and no taller. Nowadays closer to 5'5". His enormous lifts on Wild Wild West are legendary. And yet, he seemed to be shorter than average in the series.
pjt said on 8/Mar/11
No way is Robert Conrad 5 ft 7 in. I saw an ep of Just Shoot Me where George Segal towered over him by a good 4 inches.

His attitude (knock this chip off my shoulder - I dare you) made him seem bigger than he actually was.

5'6" max - probably closer to 5'5".
Charlie said on 27/Feb/11
I think he was this tall or I think he was that tall... Great to see all you folks thinking out there. He was just under 5'8".
patrick said on 12/Apr/07
BRAVO Liz! That gets my heart warmer to read such lines!
I am not surprised at all to read what you tell about him "over the patio"!
It is too bad they changed his hair doing in the third season or so just to "adapt" to a so called more modern time; They did the same with Roy Thinnes in Invaders and it was also ridiculous; The "50ies rocker style" of Bob was "outdated" ! So stupid because after "American graffiti" that came back as fashionable! For me the resaon why he never did what he deserved after Click Here because "this" role is one of the best ever for an action actor!
A little bit like for James Bond or Zorro or else of course, for Superman !
James West was actually MUCH MORE a super heroe than was the 50ies ReeveS (George)superman ! Besides Guy Williams flamboyant Zorro, i had and still don't, never saw such a perfect heroe!
It was so strong in me that i remember regretting when he wore a "soirée" jacket (longer than his bolero): so he was no more James West! From tip to toe he was a heroe, so much than he needed a "human" compagnon in the person of Ross Martin - Gordon! Who cares about his height ? In a way, being so he was more compact" as Bogart, Cagney were! Imagine Cagney or Bogart taller! They wouldn't have the same! There is place for everybody on this earth and being strong has nothing to do with height or waight; i forgot E.G Robinson!
Liz said on 10/Mar/07
Hi Patrick, glad I found my way back to this site. When you mentioned brave it brought back one day when a friend and myself were walking to the pool area of the hotel Bob was in. We hear our names being called out and looked up... He was standing on the railing of the patio about six floors up! The man had no fear.....Patrick you have him pretty much described to the "T" what kind of man he is or at least from what i remember about him. His height really is not a problem in any way. He was and I'm sure still is one big man with a big heart.
patrick said on 8/Mar/07
Thanks Liz for saying what has ALWAYS been obvious to me: this guy is visibly very friendly, attached to friendship, nice, brave and very well naturally built.
He "was" James West and a clever man too. Who could play his super hero role today? Who has this perfection, this face "picturelike", coming out of a comic book? And credible in addition! ANSWER: NOBODY.
Will Smith ought to meet Tom Cruise in order to found the club of the worst adaptations of TV series ever! Shame on them and i am serious!
Liz said on 4/Mar/07
Just looking up info on bob and came across this. I use to be a close friend many years ago. I am 5'7 and bob was about the same height so him saying 5'8 would be correct. As someone else wrote... he was perfect in body with his height. Not small framed but pure muscle. He was and is what he says he is in every way. I have only nice memories of him. He even came over for christmas one year. I was only about 17 years old and lived next door where he use to stay when he came to florida. Really one of the nicest guys you could meet.
Brad said on 3/Mar/07
5'6" or 5'7" take your pick. Has all white hair now. Maybe he can play a judge.
Lmeister said on 3/Mar/07
He could have been a weak 5'8''...
Brad said on 2/Mar/07
He had great friends like the late Tony "The Ant" Spilatro, there's "rightness". He destroyed his body doing those stunts. As Elvis said "I drink the lemonade and watch".
Editor Rob said on 2/Mar/07
In 2005 maintains, "I'm only 5 foot 8 and I only weigh 165 pounds as of this morning"
patrick said on 22/Feb/07
Of course; not less than 5'7, sure! Besides, he was one of the best built actor ever and not only becuase of the size of his muscles but thanks to its proportions and the "design" of his natural body; Bob was a "natural strapping man" sculpted like a greek statue; That is the reason why they so often showed him naked chest; A fantastic stunt man too doing what only few real stuntmen would have dared do! At last, he was a fantastic "super hero", no matter he was "short"; look at him before he changed his hairdo (stupid pseudo modern "wave" in the last WWWW season!): he is like an incarnation of rightness and strenght, moral as well as physical.
A definilty great guy and actor; They never gave him something he really deserved after the WWW. Too bad...
Tom said on 16/Feb/07
I stood right next to him in a coffee shop years ago. He was paying his bill and I was right behind him. We both were wearing cowboy boots. I am 5'7" barefoot. With boots, we were both the same height so 5'7" is about right.
sf said on 26/Dec/06
Yes, and he seems to have some pretty big boots, too.
Jeffrey said on 25/Dec/06
Conrad's height does not appear to be an issue until he does the Wild Wild West. Do you notice that he NEVER takes his boots off - lying in bed, diving in the water, whatever.
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
5' 6". Huge heels. The arrest record of his drunk driving accident had him pinned at '29 if I remember. Bios had the guy born in '35. I wonder if there is a celebrity actual birthdate site. Sean Connery only 33 filming Goldfinger, yeah right.
Frank2 said on 17/May/06
Nope. Ross Martin was no more than 5'10". In fact when I saw him he looked more like he was about 5'9".
mo66 said on 28/Apr/06
Is it true he has to wear high heeled footwear to stay taller than his costars?
Drooperdoo said on 26/Apr/06
Conrad's publicists may claim he's 5'8'', but I read a quote from him where he was very humble, made a potshot at his own height and said he was 5'7''. He said he was once cast as the leading man for a short actress and quipped that it was the only time in his life when his short stature gave him an advantage. Seems like a cool guy.
Frank2 said on 25/Apr/06
Bob is 5'7". One day when I was working at Universal he was walking into the studio commissary when some woman said to another as he passed them, "Look! That's Robert Conrad!" The other woman looked up and then said in a rather loud voice, "No. That's not him. He's too short!" Well, Conrad heard them and I could see his neck stiffen as he went inside.
Parker said on 24/Apr/06
Spot on with this one I think Rob. Conrad usually gets listed at 5'8 and that's what he claims, but in the Columbo episode 'An excersise in fatality' he played some of the scenes barefoot, or in trainers. No way did he have 2 inches on Falk.

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