How tall is Shaquille O'Neal ?

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Shaquille O'Neal's height is 7ft 1in (216 cm)

US Basketball Star. He has stated 7ft 1.

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RisingForce says on 16/Apr/14
I don't think he's over 7'1" either, I just think he can LOOK over 7'1", but I don't think he's under 7'0.5" either. Shaq consistently made Zo look short. Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

As for Amare, yes, he did always dwarf him, he consistently looked to have at least 5 inches on him. Shaq pretty much always had a good 6 inches on Lebron, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. As for Wade, well countless different media outlets and the NBA itself reported he measured 6'3 3/4" so the burden of proof is on you to show he's under 6'3". No way Iverson is just 5'10", if you want to see what a 5'10" guy looks like on the court, look at JJ Barea. Iverson never looked shorter on the court than 5'11 3/4" Chris Paul does. The shortest Iverson could be is a strong 5'11". He always looked at least 2, often 3 inches taller than his 5'9" former coach Larry Brown, and Iverson never had a habit of holding good posture. Nash is 6'1", not under 6 feet.
KROC says on 14/Apr/14
Pictures can be very deceiving. Seeing these ball players in person is an entirely different situation. Shaq does not "dwarf" Alonzo by any means, not in in real life anyway. He doesn't dwarf Stoudemire either. And I don't recall him ever having 6 inches on Lebron... like ever. Magic Johnson is 6'7, look at pictures of him with Larry Bird. If your going to judge a players height strictly off of pictures, make sure to look for everything i.e. footwear, angles ectr. I truly doubt if the Great Khali is anything over 7ft (Admittedly I've never met him). Let's not even get started on Big Show, he has not seen 7ft in a VERY long time. Also a side by side photo with a guy who probably isn't even 6'3 (Wade) does not make Shaq 7'1, sorry. And Allen Iverson 6ft? Jesus man that picture has you fooled. A.I. isn't anything over 5'10. Steve Nash has more of a chance of being 6ft then he does. If you want to see pictures of a LEGIT 7'1 look at pics of Dikembe Mutumbo, Hasheem Thabeet, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, and Roy Hibbert. I agree. A flat 6'11 is too low for Shaq. But anything over 7'1 is too high.
RisingForce says on 13/Apr/14
Even if Shaq was only 7'0" at 20 years old(and draftexpress does have a few typos such as Armen Gilliam being listed at 7'5.5" and players being listed in the measurements for multiple years), it's possible he grew a bit since it's difficult to see him less than 7'0.5" next to other tall people. He dwarfed both Alonzo Mourning and Amare Stoudemire when he played with them. And he had a full 6 inches on Lebron at the very least, so a 7'0" Shaq seriously brings into question whether Lebron was ever 6'7", much less 6'11". 6'11" isn't worth discussing for Shaq, he was clearly joking and he's said 7'1" on numerous other occasions. Speaking of Magic, even if Magic was just 6'7", when he posed for pictures with Shaq and Kobe after LA won their 3rd straight title in 2002, Shaq dwarfed Magic, and looked a solid 7'2" compared to a 6'7" Magic. Shaq's basketball shoes could give him an edge since he had to wear a special orthotic inside from 2002 on because of the toe problems, but outside of basketball shoes, he still looked about the exact same height as Khali and was clearly taller than Big Show despite a footwear disadvantage. There's also a really good side by side comparison of Wade in basketball shoes and Shaq in a suit while he was out with an injury where Shaq looked every bit of 7'1".

Here's Shaq looking every bit of 7'1" with Lebron Click Here On a side note, Iverson doesn't look less than 6 feet there either. He measures up to Shaq about as well as Nash did, and looks just 6-7 inches shorter than Lebron, certainly not 8+ inches.

There's not much you can take seriously that comes out of Shaq's mouth, and this 6'11" claim is certainly an example of that. If that was the case then Amare Stoudemire and Alonzo Mourning would look more like 6'6"-6'7" wings than big men.
KROC says on 13/Apr/14
Oh no, he was telling the truth in that interview with Howard Stern. Howard pretty much cornered him, asking whether his height was exaggerated like Magic Johnson (listed as 6'9, really 6'7). Shaq definitely isn't a flat 6'11, more like a weak 7ft. He's admitted to it a million times on Inside the NBA. Wilt Chamberlain was definitely 7'1, even in old age.
Clay says on 12/Apr/14
He wasn't being serious when he said 6'11 on the Howard Stern show people..
Sal says on 7/Apr/14
I heard Shaq also say on stern he was 6'11" but he seems taller than that next to Dirk who was measured 6'10" prior to draft as was Tim Duncan. Wilt Chamberlain was measured at 7 feet and a half inch which is good enough for me to call him 7'1" Next to Kareem he looks spot on 6'11" to 6'11.5" Click Here
Fern194cm-192cm says on 4/Apr/14
Holy smokes they did put him at 7 foot even! Rob, are you gonna downgrade him? I think 6,11.75 makes the most sense. And 6,9.5 for big show. Keeping them at these heights is not realistic. Furthermore, what are you gonna do about Nash. I thought you have another picture to show us?
Joe says on 3/Apr/14
Shaq just got downgraded to 7'0'' barefoot on Draftexpress based on new information. However, he was 20 when he was drafted, so maybe he could have grown a bit. He seems to have at least 2 inches on guys like Nowitzki, Duncan, and Garnett.
FLEX says on 14/Mar/14
Shaq is 7'1'' barefoot and 7'2 3/4'' with shoes... or 216cm barefoot and 220 cm with shoes. He towers every 7'1'' measured guy in NBA and he is taller than 7'2'' measured playere too.
Brizzy says on 13/Mar/14
I think the logical explanation is that the 7'1" was with shoes... was somehow misquoted. And w/ his massive feet, I'm sure his sneakers added an easy 1.5"
james says on 9/Mar/14
Hes 6'11 as he said on howard stern.7'1 wilt chamberlain was clearly 2 inches taller than him .the nba exagerates most players heights .ie charles barkley who was listed at 6'6 but he said he was really 6'4 ..6'5 with sneakers
alLen says on 1/Mar/14
i thought it was 7'3 ??
Macjack says on 17/Feb/14
I think he's closer to the 7'5" range myself.
Fern194cm-192cm says on 3/Feb/14
Saw shaq on fallon the other night. I really don't think shaq is 7,1 anymore. I think 6,11.5 makes more sense. Beside fallon though, he actually looked 6,10 tops....
Sal says on 31/Jan/14
I was listening to the Stern Show when Shaq said he was 6'11" and Stern asked him why he is listed at 7'1" and Shaq said because 7' is a psychological advantage. He is a prankster and could have been joking around but it's such a trivial thing.
GOE42 says on 17/Jan/14
@Burgos. But Kareem also looks taller than Shaq. Another giveaway is that Shaq looks up at Wilt (which has probably lost a little height since his prime). And who says Wilt can't be taller than Kareem? My point is that it is hard to believe in stats when you see people next to each other like this. The angles may be cheating, but not this much I think. Modern NBA measurement are in shoes and rounded up.
Burgos says on 15/Jan/14
@GOE42: if you look carefully at the video you'll see the Wilt moves closer to the camera right before the camera gets straight. When he is closer to the camera he looks not only taller than Shaq but also taller than Kareem, which is not true. If you freeze the image when the 3 of them are lined up at the same depth you will see that Wilt was only a fraction of an inch taller ( 1/4 or 1/2) taller. This makes sense because Wilt was measured at a bit over 7'1" while Shaq measured 7'0.6" and 7'0.8" in two differen measurements.
GOE42 says on 13/Jan/14
I would like to believe Shaq is 216cm, but this video with Wilt Chamberlain seem to clearly suggest otherwise: Click Here
avi says on 10/Jan/14
2 men I know have a pic with him. One is a 5'9.5-5'10 guy the other 5'11ish. The weak 5'10 guy comes about up to Shaw's collar bone maybe about equal with shaq's shoulder blade. Definitely 3 inches or so under his chin. Would this make Shaw about 6'11.5 or 7'0 or 7'0.5?
He looked about how I do next to 4'10-4'11 I think.

KROC says on 7/Jan/14
Kevin Garnett isnt 7ft. Hes in the 6'10-6'11 range.
Leo says on 5/Jan/14
Draftexpress states he is 7'1" barefoot and kg standing next to him is at least an inch shorter. And we all know kg is practically 7'0".
teej says on 4/Jan/14
In 1996 on basketball fact files he was listed as 6'11.75, so he was about 23, fair enough to say 7 foot, maybe he may have grown? But I heard he's been the same height since he was like 12 or something, so I very much doubt that.But 7'1 is just pure exaggeration lol
KROC says on 23/Dec/13
Sorry guys he's not 7ft 1. Oh, well he is actually... in shoes. The fact that he admitted he is 7ft is good enough for me.
pete1987 says on 21/Dec/13
prolly around 7'1.5, 376lbs dehydrated
Leo says on 20/Dec/13
Shaq is a legit 7'1". Has more than an inch on 6'11.5" big show and towered at least five inches over 6'7.25" lebron.
KROC says on 12/Dec/13
You know its funny, Shaq actually came to Rucker Park about 10 years ago. Bought his own little tour bus and everything. For the little time he was there he answered some questions which one of them actually concerned his height. I can't remember what was the exact measurement he gave. I think it might have been 6'11 3/4 or 6'11 7/8. Still a giant without a doubt.
pjk says on 7/Dec/13

It would be great if anyone could support or add a link to prove the Howard Stern show comment ?. If so maybe we could get Rob to downgrade Shaq to 6'11".
pjk says on 7/Dec/13
Hi G,

Thats interesting. My apologies - i mean't 17 yrs of age not 16, but I am not disputing you have grown at your age. If you go onto the UK's NHS website and look up puberty - symptoms they say "your growth should slow down and you should stop growing at around 17 years of age (but your muscles may continue to grow)". Of course there are always exceptions, and it does indeed seem some men continue to grow after this age. All the best with your vertical endeavours !
james says on 28/Nov/13
He said when asked on the howard stern show he was 6'11" barefoot he was 7'0" in basketball shoes ..wilt chamberlain and kareem abdul jabber both 7'2 were about 2 inches taller than him in photos
Adriano says on 6/Nov/13
Thank you clement for agreeing with me,he is around 6'10.His weight wasn't over 300 lbs but maybe around 280-290 lbs sounds right.When he was in the nba career I would say 7'0.
John says on 4/Nov/13
Sure G, you can grow past 18 if you're a very late bloomer or had poor nutrition or disease/illness during your childhood. You would be in the top 5th percentile. That's only 5 in 100 that will grow after 18. People often confuse thickening growth/weight (which can increase until 21) with lateral grow, which stops at 16-18.
G says on 30/Oct/13
pjk I'm 18 years old and have grown an inch in the past month and a half and still have another 2 inches to go according to my doctor. Many friends of mine have grown several inches past the age of 16 or even 18 for that matter, its not uncommon for a man to grow past the age of 16. many do. Its all genetics.
pjk says on 14/Oct/13
I am pretty sure Shaq was 6'11" on his college listing. I saw that a long time ago, but considering men don't grow much at all past the age of 16 unless they have pituitary problems, i think its fairly safe to say it is roughly his adult height, IF it was taken barefoot. Also, if you want evidence to support this, find the photo's of Shaq with Yao Ming or Calvin Lane ( ~7'4" ). He is obviously a lot smaller than both of those giant men, both in terms of height and frame size. The photo with lane is particularly telling as they are together with the camera straight at the front.
clement says on 3/Oct/13
In my opinion Shaquille o'neal is about 6'9" or 10"....
Sam says on 12/Sep/13
He particularly makes Renner and Wahlberg look like small children.
Lillo thomas says on 11/Sep/13
Nah . Shaquille is a legit 7-1. 7-0 flat is crazy talk .
Al says on 10/Sep/13
He's HUGE, 7.1 at the least!!!

Click Here with Jack Nicholson
Click Here with Kevin Kostner
Click Here with The Rock
Click Here with Jeremy Renner
jasperwazup says on 22/Aug/13
Shaq stats on LA Lakers weight:315 height 7'1''.

*the 315 figure is taken in account at a body fat 10-11 percent in (peak athletic shape.)

at NBA pre-seasons he could weigh 320+ easily
avi says on 22/Aug/13
He's no less than 7'0
issa says on 20/Aug/13
Shaq is 7 ft 2 KG is 6 ft 11 LeBron is 6 ft 7 Dwight is 6 ft 9 Kobe D wade and Jordan are 6 ft 5 and Barkey is 6 ft 4
Viper says on 7/Aug/13
If Shaq is 7'0 then Lebron is 6'6
KROC says on 5/Aug/13
I doubt if Phil Jackson ever was 6'8, probably 6'6 and some change. If he is 6'8 then that would mean the Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are really 6'7... lol
Adriano says on 31/Jul/13
Unless he shrunk and now he could be 6'10 right now.I think his real height was 7'0 in the nba career and normally everybody shrinks 2 inches.
Duhon says on 31/Jul/13
Shaq next to 7' listed actor Grizz Chapman, who doesn't quite look that height here but sizes up next to shaq about as well as almost anyone can. Click Here
Madmax says on 21/Jul/13
6ft 11in as he claimed on his own TV show
avi says on 12/Jul/13
no way under 7'0ft. saw a picture of a man i know to be 5'11 weak 6'0 and he towered him didnt even come up to his chin maybe a bit past his shoulder. so at least 12 inches maybe 13 there so 7'0ft sounds right.
Grant says on 12/Jul/13
Shaq's predraft measurement was 7'0.63
Adriano says on 24/Jun/13
He's 7'0.5 barefoot,some claimed on nba tv that he's between 6'10-7'0.I obviously thought he was like 7'3 with basketball shoes.
Flex says on 19/Jun/13
Shaq taller than Jabbar
Click Here
Flex says on 19/Jun/13
Shaq is 1-2 inches taller tham jabbar move to 34:09 - 34:14
Joe says on 28/Apr/13
Shaq looks about 1 inch shorter than Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who is 7'2'' without shoes.

Click Here

7'1'' seems reasonable for him, although I wouldn't be surprised if he drops 1.5'' inches by night due to his size.
JT says on 23/Apr/13
Click Here
Johno says on 16/Apr/13
Shaq-attack was about inch taller then big show when they both had dress shoes on and seemed half inch shorter then khali. He is about 6'11.5 - 7'0
Arch Stanton says on 10/Apr/13
Click Here

With Kobe Jackson looks near what he claims.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Apr/13
Phil Jackson I googled a while back and remember thinking he looked a genuine 6'8" guy proportionally.
jimmy says on 4/Apr/13
It seems that Phil Jackson has stated developing bad posture.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Apr/13
Click Here

Looks it. He has a good 5 inches on legit 6'8" Phil Jackson.
Jer1 says on 3/Apr/13
I'll comment on Dwight here since he doesn't have his own page. He's not 7-foot, not even close. 6'10" tops. Just watched the Lakers-Mavs game before and saw him right next to Gasol. Pau easily has two inches on him and I think Pau is in the 7-7'1" range. Pau and Dirk looked to be about the same. Howard is definitely shorter. As far as Shaq goes, he's probably 7-feet on the line but I did see that Stern episode where he said he was 6-11. Stern brought it up because he said Magic Johnson was shorter in person.
Allen 189 -187 cm says on 18/Mar/13
look at: Shaq's Revenge On Aaron Carter!,on youtube and pause at 0h47,I think Aaron carter is about 177cm,what do you think guys?
Duhon says on 6/Mar/13
I'd say dwight is barefoot just about 6'10"

Looks roughly the same height as 6'10.25" Chris Bosh Click Here

Next to 6'11.25" barefoot Brook Lopez Click Here
jimmy says on 4/Mar/13
How tall do u think Dwight Howard is Rob?To me he doesn't seem more than 6'9".Maybe 6'9" 1/4.He doesn't even look 2 full inches taller than Lebron who is a legit 6'7" 1/4 guy.
drk says on 2/Mar/13
Mutumbo looks equal to Big Show with Shaq
Fern194cm-192cm says on 23/Feb/13
Arch, I wouldnt be surprised if Kareem was 7,3 at his peak and wilt 7,2.
laura T Brandon says on 6/Feb/13
He's huge!! All muscle.All man.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Feb/13
If he's a legit 7'1" Kareem is 7'3".
Flex says on 2/Feb/13
Thats 1990 or 1991 because mutombo was rookie 1991
JT says on 1/Feb/13
Shaq (1991 or 1992) and Dikembe Mutombo, who was measured at 7’1.25” barefoot. Click Here Mutombo looks a little taller but has a military posture although Shaq might have a slight camera advantage. It’s possible Shaq grew a bit more after leaving college (age 20), as he definitely looks 7’1” now.
Flex says on 28/Jan/13
Shaq is taller again
Click Here
Flex says on 27/Jan/13
Shaq is taller then Dikembe
Click Here
LG69 says on 27/Jan/13
@Burgos, Mutombo is slightly closer to the camera but Shaq's posture is not bad. Mutombo is still 1" taller considering what you said.
Burgos says on 25/Jan/13
Mutombo is closer to the camera in those picture and shaq is not standing up straight. I think they are about the same height (maybe Mutombo is 0.25" taller)

Click Here
Click Here
K-Roc says on 20/Jan/13
He's 7 Foot on the dot or 6'11 7/8. Google pics of him with legitimately measured 7'1 1/4 Dikembe Mutumbo. There's at least an inch between them.
Rikashiku says on 28/Dec/12
Could be 2 inches between Shaq and Kareem. As far as I can tell from Vegas' pic.
Vegas says on 10/Dec/12
horrible shot of shaq and kareem, thats the only decent photo i have seen of the two from the early 1990s and its not great either Click Here

shaq is noticeably taller than howard and howard looks closer to 6'10 barefoot to me these days than 6'9 flat given how he measured up with 6'10.25 barefoot measured chris bosh Click Here

would be interested in hearing what you think your namesake lebron is given he looks best part of 6 inches shorter than shaq in this video @20secs Click Here
LeBron6 says on 7/Dec/12
Rob, shaq and dwight howard who was measured at 6'9" barefoot are about the same compared to kareem abdul jabbar who was measured at 7 ft 1.625. Click Here Click Here

Considering that kareem is leaning with shaq and kareem has a footwear advantage with dwight, I don't see how shaq could be much taller than dwight howard was measured at 6'9". I truly believe he is in the 6'11 range.
Trent says on 5/Dec/12
Legit 7'1. Clay is right. Big Show is 6'11.5 and Shaq is 7'1. That's what he looks next to Big Show, and Big Show looks exactly the same height at some guy who claims 6'11.5 (I posted the pic on his page).
drummer777 says on 20/Nov/12
Shaq is probably 6'11 1/2
Clay says on 16/Nov/12
James says on 5/Nov/12
Is 7ft1.5 or 7ft1.25 possible rob? He could look that range compares too the big show.

You seriously need to look at the pics of the two of them squaring off again. Shaq 7'1...Big Show 6'11.5.
James says on 5/Nov/12
Is 7ft1.5 or 7ft1.25 possible rob? He could look that range compares too the big show.
matt678 says on 22/Sep/12
Click Here
miko says on 22/Sep/12
Shaq is the most legit 7'1 guy there is. Huge man.
RisingForce says on 20/Sep/12
The Howard Stern claim was 6'11" even, but he was clearly joking. He's said he was 7'1" many times, was apparently measured at 7'1" and easily looks 7'1". If Shaq was only 6'11" then Lebron would be 6'5" at best, Kobe would be a weak 6'3", Wade would be a weak 6'2", Alonzo Mourning would be about 6'7", Hakeem would be about 6'8", Duncan would be 6'9" max ect.

So he did make the 6'11" claim, but it's not to be taken seriously.
Alex says on 18/Sep/12
When did Shaq say he was 6'11 7/8? lol
SolidSnake says on 14/Sep/12
Spencer Hawes isn't the only guy getting a crazy listing. Amare Stoudemire got upgraded to 6'11'' when his barefoot measurement was 6'8.5''. Being listed 6'10'' was enough!
Henry says on 11/Feb/12
Shaq is 7'1" barefoot, but is 7'3 1/2" in his super thick sneakers. Shaq has the THICKEST sneakers in NBA history.
Don't believe sneakers can be that thick? Look at these barefoot and in shoes height comparisons from the NBA pre draft measurements.
Click Here
Click Here
henry says on 11/Feb/12
ı think he is full 1 foo taller than me. 7 foot and one inç
LeBron23 says on 10/Feb/12
This is a very interesting picture of 7'1" Andrew Bynum and 6'9"-6'9.75" Dwight Howard. Bynum claimed that he's a legit 7'1".

Click Here
RisingForce says on 9/Feb/12
Ah so that explains why I couldn't find any links to back up his claims.
Big Show says on 5/Feb/12
RisingForce says on 18/Jan/12
Can anyone verify this? Oddly specific figures to make up so that could be accurate, but when I've searched, nothing comes up to back this stuff up.

This poster RP continues to claim he's seen or heard stuff that apparently no one has heard. Wrestler like John Studd breaking kayfabe and telling exactly how tall they really are. Boxer Chuck Wepner breaking kayfabe and telling how tall Andre the Giant really was.
Of course when asked for more details he never responds, nor has he produces any of the proof he's talking about. Probably because none of this proof exists and he's just making this stuff up as it goes.
Tony says on 27/Jan/12
I have a photo of retired Wilt Chamberlain posing with Patrick Ewing and a young Shaq with the Orlando Magic at Madison Square Garden during a pre-game warm-up. With out question Wilt was a little taller than Shaq, and Wilt was a shade taller than 7ft 1" tall. So I believe when States he is really 6ft 11", he probably is correct.

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