Sneaker Heights

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Johnson said on 15/Feb/17
@Rob so coloured Air Max 90 only add 1.1 inches? I saw them and I imagined they were really thick. I would like a video of that coloured version
Editor Rob: there's a bit of variety in air max, even within sizing...I've seen a size 7-8 look slightly thinner than a size 10-11 of the same type of air max before!

Like the size 8 1.1, the size 10 1.3...
Newbalance1967 said on 6/Feb/17
How about these, Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob: a bit over an inch, near 1.2
Thereel said on 26/Jan/17
Thanks again rob!
Thereel said on 26/Jan/17
Thanks for the reply Rob!, really so I can find trainers that go as low as 1/8th? awesome what trainers would give such a small amount? maybe suggestions?
Editor Rob: I really think 1/8th is getting to ballet thickness, it would be a bit uncomfortable walking outside...there are some fashion type sneakers like plimsolls or canvas type pumps which can give about 0.3 inch.
Thereel said on 24/Jan/17
Rob are there any trainers that give 1/8th or a 1/4?, like what's the lowest height you can find a trainer with?
Editor Rob: very few, I rarely see many under half inch, most at least half up to 1.3, above that, it becomes a very thick sneaker.
Matt179 said on 23/Jan/17
The best sneaker that give the most height is the Nike Shox. Nike sneakers in general give more height than Adidas, but are for slimmer feet.
Johnson said on 21/Jan/17
Where is the old page when you put pictures of Vans and Converse and more shoes and sneakers saying the heights?
Editor Rob: Google kept removing this sneaker page from their search index and replacing it with cloaked version.
Totally despicable behaviour from them.

I'm only going to put up embedded videos of measurements, or links to actual measurements.
Aldo said on 21/Jan/17
What is the Heights of yeezy?
Aldo said on 20/Jan/17
Ciao :) the adidas yeezy 350 V2 are tall shoes?you know the sole Heights in cm?thanks you
Editor Rob: Aldo, they can feel near 1.3 inches.
qwe said on 29/Dec/16
Hey Rob,
since I got my first suit, I would need dress shoes. Do you know dress shoes, that give about 1.1-1.2' and are insole friendly? Not height increasing insoles, but orthotics that I need for walking. The closest I got was low Dr. Martens, which don't work with my orthotics. Maybe something with a slightly higher shaft.
Editor Rob: I can't say any specific brands, but I would always recommend going into a place like Clarks. It's easier to feel the insoles and get a sense of the thickness of the heel in a shop.
Billy said on 28/Dec/16
Hi Rob. Huge fan sir. These are Rockport CB Chukka's and I am considering them for work. I think they could give a Timberland Tackhead 1.5 - 1.6 inches. Would you agree? Thanks and Happy New Year.
Click Here
Editor Rob: Billy, I think most of the CHukka's are nearer 1.25 than 1.5, the Timberland Tackhead heel looks a fraction thicker than the Rockport Chukka style.
Nick said on 22/Dec/16
Click Here

Hi Rob,

Am I correct to assume these give about 1.3?
Editor Rob: yes Nick, they could give close to that mark.
qwe said on 18/Dec/16
Hey Rob, as mentioned in the article above, you've owned a pair of Air Force 1 Low's. New, they gave you in the 1,2 inch range, how much did they drop over the course of weeks or even months?
Editor Rob: qwe, they can still maintain close to original height for months I felt.

I have one pair in the cupboard I've yet to wear, I have enough sneakers to 'see me out' I think! 😼
Guanzo said on 17/Dec/16
Hi rob,

Click Here

What is the name and brand of this shoe?
Editor Rob: I'm not familiar with it, so have no idea unfortunately.
Nick said on 13/Dec/16
Hi Rob,

Any idea how much these give?

Click Here
Gaz said on 9/Dec/16
Yo Rob any guesses on these Click Here i'm happy as long as they give at least an inch lol
Editor Rob: those styles don't feel much more than near an inch.
Mark said on 7/Dec/16
Hey rob,
today i measured myself before with shoes on my toes and then bare feet...I wear a pair of Nike blazer bought in July...since I bought them I wore it everyday...I believe at times these shoes gave me 1,6-1,7 centimetres but today I checked that the difference between with/without was just 1,3 centimetre!
Did you ever noticed something like that? It's believable or the measurement wasn't still good?
sam said on 5/Dec/16
hi rob hope your well, wanted your opinion on how much you think these running shoes give, thanks

Click Here
Editor Rob: sam, I'm not really sure. I haven't really looked much at Karrimor's in the last few years.
Animus said on 2/Dec/16
Rob, I'd much appreciate hearing your expert opinion on how much these boots give:

Click Here

Here is another angle.

Click Here

They look quite close to the classic Timberland boots. What do you think?
Editor Rob: Animus, I'd be surprised if that boot gave less than 1.5 inches.
NikeAir said on 30/Nov/16
Hey Rob,

How much would you say these shoes add in height? They're a type of Nike Air shoe as you can see in the picture. I think they'd add a bit over an inch (maybe 1 1/8" or so) if I'm not wrong? I don't know if you've seen these before though.

Click Here
Editor Rob: not sure on exact model, but if under 1 inch I'd be surprised....bear in mind, the quality of some Nike's I've seen has meant they can reduce 1/4 inch.

I once had a 0.75 inch pair of Nike skate shoes, after a few months I couldn't believe it, they were down to barely more than 0.5 inches.
8988 said on 29/Nov/16
Hi Rob, want to know how much the modern sneakers give you?

Click Here

Click Here

BTW, Adidas Tubular shoes gave a really good bump, almost 3.5cm I said. It also have high back, which mean you could put up to 3cm hidden insoles inside.
Editor Rob: the ultra boost can give a bit over 1 inch, the other one I am not so sure on, might be a tiny bit thicker than the ultra's.
Animus said on 20/Nov/16
How much does these Timberland sneakers give? And how well will they hold up over time in terms of what they give?

Click Here

Click Here

And do the classic Timberland boots give around 1.5"?

Click Here
Editor Rob: the sneake/hightop styles are like 0.75, the real timberland 6-inch style boots give near 1.5 inches.
Matt179cm said on 19/Nov/16
Rob What Nike sneakers give the most height(Other than the Nike shox)? Would you say Airmax?
Editor Rob: Matt, yes some of the airmax, roshe can give 1.3 inch range.
Gaza2121 said on 11/Nov/16
Rob, what would you say the average sneaker is 2 cm? That you'd typically see people wearing. Also I got some cheap van look alikes I'm talking $10 and I measured them and they only gave 0.9-1 cm max. Is it usual to find shoes or sneakers that go under 1 cm? Or is that because they're cheap? Thank you.
Editor Rob: yes Gaza, the knockoffs of converse/vans can give under half inch, I've seen some give about 1cm.

Once you go under 1cm you get quite thin and you feel a lot more of the ground when walking if the sneaker is quite thin.
spainmen191cm said on 7/Nov/16
Rob, how much do you reckon this shoes give?
Click Here
Editor Rob: maybe between 0.6-0.8 range
Matt179 said on 7/Nov/16
Rob what sneaker give the least amount of Height(Try to go totally flat)? I got Converse all star and its the lowest height sneaker at the moment i have? Any ideas?
mag said on 5/Nov/16
Does the Adidas Oregon II that's out now have the same height as the Oregon on your list?
Editor Rob: I forgot how thick the new versions were, I had seen them but never noted it down, sorry.
Nikeaddict said on 5/Nov/16
How much do these give Rob (air Pegasus)
Click Here
Editor Rob: new they can give a good 1.3 inch range
Averageguy said on 4/Nov/16
Hey Rob how much do you reckon these boots add to my height? Click Here
Editor Rob: a good 1.5 inch range there
Matt179 said on 4/Nov/16
The best sneaker Shoe that give good height is the Nike Shox R4. What i do is a Get a Pair a Nike shox R4 in black(1.4 Inch). I buy 1 inch lifts made of foam and i wear these, the 1 inch lift fit easily inside the shoe. It give 2.4 inch of height, im 5.10.6. With these i reach 6foot1. The difference is amazing in height compared when i wear converse all star(0.6) lift shoe.
Fella said on 3/Nov/16
Rob, how much do a pair of driving mocs give?
Editor Rob: not much over half inch range.
Blake said on 29/Oct/16
What is your favorite shoe?
Editor Rob: a shoe or sneaker...I don't really wear shoes much at all, always a sneaker. I used to like Nike Free as they were a good fit, but the quality was awful from Nike.

Strangely the only Nike I have that has lasted more than 3 years was the shox arraw brand...they are on last legs but were very comfy.
Francis said on 14/Oct/16
hi rob, how much would these adidas cloudfoam race shoes give?
Click Here
Editor Rob: 1.25ish
jj said on 12/Oct/16
Rob, how much would these Nike Air Max Turbulence give? 3 cm at least? The heel looks close to 1.5 inch. Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: not quite 1.5, but in that 1.3 zone
Guanzo said on 11/Oct/16
How much basketball sneakers? LeBron 13 elite?
Editor Rob: unfortunately never seen it up close.
Matt179cm said on 10/Oct/16
After owning The vans slip on and the converse all star, I really think the Converse all star give least amount of height.
ewq said on 9/Oct/16
Am I right about Asics Gel Lyte III giving 1.2" new?
Allen said on 9/Oct/16
Hey Rob how much do you think the Reebok Flexglides give?

Click Here
Editor Rob: I've seen these but can't remember how thick they felt, sorry.
joe joe said on 8/Oct/16
Rob can you do a measurment vid for the Air Max 90s and the standard Dr Martin?
DxK101 said on 6/Oct/16
Hey Rob!, do you know how much height the mens nike fury 2 running shoes add?
Editor Rob: not checked them properly.
digg said on 6/Oct/16
Hey Rob how about these Click Here
Edgar said on 5/Oct/16
@ewq pretty thick, especially when taking the inner sole into account. Probably an 1.1 inches Max, what do you say Rob.
Dee said on 1/Oct/16
Hey Rob how much height do yeezy boost 350s give? They look very similar to Roshe runs, however I have a pair myself and it feels like they don't give as much height as they suggest
Editor Rob: yeah roughly near an inch rather than the outside suggesting more.
Matt179 said on 29/Sep/16
Rob what shoes(Not sandals) Give the least amount of Height? I read driving loafers are pretty flat? i also thoughts about Vans slip on(0.6 inch)? but i think loafers give 0.25?
Anthony said on 27/Sep/16
Dude, I really need info on adidas nmd, yeezy 350 and air max 1, please
ewq said on 24/Sep/16
Click Here how about these?
datguy said on 20/Sep/16
hey rob what about these shoes Click Here=
Editor Rob: that particular model I don't know, but some of the Jordan's can be 1-1.2 inch range.
Anthony said on 18/Sep/16
Hello Rob how much height this shoes give ? Click Here someone asked it before but can you tell me with centimeter? Not inch .
Editor Rob: I don't think that's more than 2.5cm
Dee said on 14/Sep/16
How much do Air Jordan 6s give?
Grant said on 14/Sep/16
So does lowtop converse give less or more than vans? I wear low top vans quite often am I at footwear advantage or disadvantage to coverse.
Editor Rob: there's not much in it, so I wouldn't worry about 1-2mm difference.
datguy said on 11/Sep/16
Hey rob how much do these shoes give? I've seen a few others ask about these as well. Click Here
Editor Rob: those look like they might give an inch, but actually slightly concave so a wee fraction under that
Francis said on 10/Sep/16
hi rob, how much height does this shoes give? Click Here
Editor Rob: it's a sneaker that I've never seen up close. I would guess it was under 1 inch, possibly around 0.75 inch range.
Tony p said on 8/Sep/16
New balance mx608 v4 looks like they have big platform. Can you check. Thanks
ewq said on 7/Sep/16
Hey Rob,
at my new job I see a lot of girls wearing ballerinas and cheap vans ripoffs. How much do both of those types of shoes give? Also, how much do New Balance 574 give? I remember you answering this, but the answer is lost, can't find it anymore. Is ~1,1" correct when worn?
Editor Rob: they do feel a little over 1 inch, and if you wore them and a lady wore a vans you could have near half inch footwear...if one of those thinner style 'ballerina' slippers, some of them have 1/4 inch, but others do have 1/3rd to 1/2 inch.
Josh said on 5/Sep/16
Rob, would using gym sneakers to do leg presses, make the sneakers compress faster than otherwise and/or make it compress more than it normally would otherwise?
Editor Rob: there will certainly be more pressure on them, and if you do a few sessions over a period of months, I'm sure they would compress a little more than normal walking.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 3/Sep/16
Rob, how can a shoe give less height than it appears to give? For example, you mentioned the Airwalk Skate shoe. Is it because the soles compress when a person wears them?
Editor Rob: the insoles are set lower than the outside rubber - stuff like These may look thickish on the outside, but could be between 0.5 and 0.75 range, there's a lot of styles like that where the outsole looks like that and the insole sits a fraction under the stitching part.
LukeSimp said on 3/Sep/16

how big is the back of zayns heel here? 2 inches thick? what do you think?

Click Here
Editor Rob: probably almost 2 inches
paul pierce said on 3/Sep/16
thank u rob! always respond to my messages, much appreciated !

Editor Rob: in the Nike at my afternoon height I would measure 5ft 9.2.
In This and This, I'd be just over 5ft 8.75, between 8.8-8.9.
Arthur said on 3/Sep/16
Rob how much will those give ?Click Here
Editor Rob: probably half inch at most
Charles said on 3/Sep/16
Hey Rob! If you're not too busy, would you care to take a look at this image of my boots?

Click Here

I measured 181.5 cm (5'11.45669") in these last time I had access to a stadiometer, in the early afternoon if I recall correctly. What would your estimation of my barefoot height be? The boots have paper thin insoles and the heels measure between 25 and 26 mm at their thickest.
Editor Rob: you might simply be almost 179cm range
paulpierce said on 2/Sep/16
so how tall are you in most of the pictures you take? bearing in mind loss of height throughout the day, if you were to check your height IN SHOES, how tall would you measure in the pictures you post with celebs? in cm please.

Thanks rob
Editor Rob: in the Nike at my afternoon height I would measure 5ft 9.2.
In This and This, I'd be just over 5ft 8.75, between 8.8-8.9.
John said on 1/Sep/16
Hey rob, How much do you think the puma suedes add, 0.5inch or more? Thanks
Editor Rob: a lot of the suede style are in 0.5-0.7 range
James said on 1/Sep/16
How much do the Chuck Taylor All Star 2's give?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure if they are any different
paulpierce said on 1/Sep/16
hey rob which sneakers do you usually wear in pics with celebs?

main question i have is how tall are you in shoes with celebs?

are you 5'9 exactly or slightly less or slightly more?
Editor Rob: in the last 3 years I have mostly worn 3 sneakers, a solid 1 inch Nike and 2 others merrel/skecher style that are in the 0.7 inch range.
The Kaiser said on 29/Aug/16
Hey rob, was wondering how much this Caterpillar give?

Click Here
Editor Rob: this is the type of model that has a thickish insole bringing you over 1.4 inches
Joe said on 28/Aug/16
Hey rob! How much do you think the adidas NMDs give? Thanks!
Editor Rob: not so sure on this model.
184cm dude said on 23/Aug/16
Hey rob I have a worn out pair of these Click Here# they are Nike dual fusion lite's how much do you think they add in height? 0.75 inch range? Also I measured 6'1.35 in my very worn out pair of them at 10pm what height would you put me at? Thanks big rob
Editor Rob: new they should give nearer an inch than 0.75, but then I have some running sneakers that went from 1.2 to 0.8 range after 2-3 years of daily wear.
CS said on 22/Aug/16
Rob, if the average guy is walking around with almost 1 inch footwear and I typically wear 0.5 - 0.6 inch footwear, how does that affect how I am perceived? Do I appear shorter than I actually am as a result of wearing thin footwear?
Editor Rob: the average might be a little shy of 1 inch, but if you walk around with 1/2 inch shoes/sneakers you pretty much are at a 1cm visual disadvantage on average.

The guy walking about in cat/timberland type boots is at a 1/2 inch positive visual advantage over his real height.
john said on 22/Aug/16
hey rob, how much do you adidas NMDs and Ultraboost give?
Tedrenegade17 said on 22/Aug/16
Hey Rob, have you put anything out there regarding shoe heights for New Balance? I'd be curious to see what the insole measurements are for them. Thanks!
Editor Rob: many vary from around an inch to a fraction more.
datguy said on 22/Aug/16
Hey rob how much do these new vans models give? Click Here
Editor Rob: haven't seen that model, I would expect though the insole to be about 1/3rd lower than the white outsole high point, so probably over half inch, but just under 3/4 inch.
gor said on 19/Aug/16
Hey Rob, what number edition are the Nike Airmax Ltd that you have?
Editor Rob: they are literally just called 'air max ltd' on the box.
Jason said on 18/Aug/16
Hey, how much would these boots add to a mans height, I'm 6'1.25 in the morning btw, and I think "morning height" should be changed to "after walking height". I noticed after walking for a period of time like coming home from class, I seem to lose height but after some hour of rest most of the lost height comes back.

Click Here
Editor Rob: all depends how thick or thin the insole is, but somewhere between 1.75 and maybe 2 if a thick insole.
NangaParbat said on 15/Aug/16
Hey Rob, whats' up ? I have an interesting request for you : I bought recently a pair of insoles like this:

Click Here

they are 3 cm at the highest point. I tried them on in classic flat Converse and I must admit they were super comfy walking in. My 2 question are: how much boost they really give? Because if 3cm is from the highest point, how could I really gain from them considering they compress ? Might I have any problem in case I use them in trainers as well or might happen to have some problems in my ankle/muscles/legs? They are not so big but they are not so thin, the seems quite comfortable in all shoes I have BUT I don't want to loose too much for gaining a couple of cm. Thanks Rob a lot :D
Editor Rob: they might give between 1.5 and 2cm if the 3cm measurement was at the very back. They are a little bit concave (knocking another couple of mm off).
John-joe said on 15/Aug/16
Hey rob, was wondering how much the Nike huaraches give?
Editor Rob: they can feel near to 1.3 inch
joe white said on 14/Aug/16
can you find out more shoe heights....I'm looking for some 2inch sneakers or anything close to it. Not any elevator sneaker, real sneakers with the most height
joe said on 12/Aug/16
hi Rob .. how tall are those NEW converse 2 with the lunar soles model .. thanks
Editor Rob: still need to find them I looked the other week when someone asked and couldn't see any in a few shops here.
LFSHOES said on 7/Aug/16
Hey Rob, how much do these give? Click Here
Editor Rob: I believe the insole sits near 0.2 inch under the white part, so not more than an inch.
datguy said on 4/Aug/16
Hey Rob how much height would you say these shoes give. Click Here=
Editor Rob: really never seen that model so don't know how concave the insole is. I don't think it would be much more than an inch though.
Ze said on 2/Aug/16
Yeezy boost 350?
alxr37 said on 1/Aug/16
Hi Rob, how much height do you think the new nike janoskis give? Click Here
Editor Rob: I did see them and thought around an inch might be possible
Nb123 said on 30/Jul/16
Hey Rob, how much do New Balance MFL574 give?
Editor Rob: I've felt that model but would need to make a note of it so I could get another look.
ewr said on 28/Jul/16
Hey Rob, would you consider a ~0,4" (1cm) orthotic a heel lift? I sometimes feel bad about having to "boost" my height even though I wouldn't necessarily want to.
Editor Rob: some men's shoes have good insoles that are like 1/4 or 1/3rd is more for comfort than trying to raise your height, and similarly for an orthotic insole, the goal is to help your feet.

It might add a little bit, but I would never feel bad about wearing it.
Kim said on 26/Jul/16
Hey rov how mich do u think the Jordan futures give you for heel height
Badboy said on 23/Jul/16
Hey rob ! How much do you think reebok zjet burst give ?
Sydney said on 23/Jul/16
+1 on Jordans. Great article!
Alex said on 23/Jul/16
Ron I was wondering if I would be able to get away with wearing 3cm lift insoles inside my low style trainers such as low converse all stars or adidas gazelles, what do you think? I'm thinking it would look awkward as the ankle/heel area sits quite low on those sorts of trainers.
Editor Rob: 3cm is too much for comfort...I'd limit to maximum 2cm.

You risk rubbing your feet because they don't have enough sneaker to grip on.

Always best having comfortable sneakers...nothing worse than a bad fitting pair.

I mentioned this before, early last year I went to an event (sherlock event) and wanted to wear another pair of shoes, this was a clarks I bought...I wore them in the week up to event for periods of time and they felt ok. Then wearing them a full weekend, by the sunday of the event (like photo with benedict cumberbatch) I literally was literally in agony as it had damaged my ankle bone and I hobbled about all day....

Brad said on 21/Jul/16
Hi Rob, was wondering if you know how much height the Nike Air Prestos give? 1.3 inches like Nike roshes? Thanks.
Editor Rob: only briefly saw them, I remember thinking they felt nearer 1 inch than over it.
Dave said on 18/Jul/16
Hey rob how much height does birkenstock sandals give
Editor Rob: they are generally quite concave, so don't give as much as the side of the sandal suggest, more like half inch range.
mike smith said on 17/Jul/16
Can you find out more measurements of more shoes like jordans, KD's, Kyrie's, or find the biggest sneaker that gives the most height
NangaParbat said on 17/Jul/16
Hey Rob! How are you? I have an important question for you: I'm around 5'8", mid 20, good proportions, I don't feel short even if (here in italy) younger generations start to be super tall; Few days ago I came across a 2,2cm insoles in a shop and I bought'em just for curiosity. I tried them on in almost every shoes and they fit quite well because they are not so large, even inside Converse they dont create any weird effect and I noticed they "make" my legs appear a little bit longer and It's cool! I'm not obsesses with being taller because anyway I have good proportions even without any helps, but would you recommend me to use them? I mean, If I started to use them sometimes they would affect on my posture/legs/muscles in some negative way? Considering it's not so thick insole. Thanks a lot for reading and your help! Cheers!!
Editor Rob: it's just a little boost you are getting, so it might take a bit of getting used, because your foot angle will be slightly higher, thus muscles being used a bit differently when walking.

BUT, if they make you feel a bit better or more confident about yourself, is that a bad thing? Of course not.

I would say don't worry too much about what others think.

The more you give thought to what goes on in the mind's of others, the less you are able to live life the way you want to...
Dee said on 14/Jul/16
Hey Rob, How much do CDG Converse give? They look slightly more bulky than regular Converse.
Editor Rob: I'm not sure exactly, will need to find a pair again to look at them.
israel said on 10/Jul/16
Hi Rob,

I wanted to ask about this shoes: (Timberland PRO Men's 6 Inch Valor Soft Toe WP Work Boot)

Click Here

1. How much height will i get with this shoes? in the description it was written 1 inches platform but they didn't write anything about the heels.
2. Is there a sagnificant difference between 7.5-D to 7-2E sizes? (or generally between D and 2E)?

Editor Rob: I don't know that model, never really seen it in person...from the photo I would say it might be over an inch, how much though, considering the description said about an inch.
Badboy said on 10/Jul/16
Rob , how much lifts could onitsuka tigers support ?
Editor Rob: possibly a half inch, I doubt an inch would be practical in them.
435 said on 9/Jul/16
Hey Rob, do you personally notice much of a difference in height when you where different kinds of shoes? Im talking about differences between like 0.6", 0.75" and 1-1.2" styles. My family tells me one wouldn't notice anything, but I'm kind of afraid others would if I wore my Vans instead of my New Balance 574 that should give about 1.1". If yes, how do you as a more or less height-obsessed (no offense at all) handle the difference in height-boost?

Another question : What do you consider the insole of skate shoes? Usually, there's a foam part with canvas on it ( with the brand printed on it). Under it, there is like a harder part, that you could remove, but most likely break the shoe with it. Is that still the insole or would you rather consider it the mid-to outsole?
Editor Rob: it is more noticeable if I was wearing a sandal/flip flop and then switch into sneakers in the inch range, i can notice the slight difference.

many skate shoes seem to be in 0.5 0.75 range.

I'm not so sure about the insole description, I can't quite visualise what you mean sorry.
Preston said on 6/Jul/16
Hi Rob, thanks again for the help!

I apologise for these silly photos, but I'm curious if it's noticeable that I'm wearing an insole with the 2" Dons Sambas. I'm wearing a 0.75 inch insole with the green socks (which is most likely the insole I'll opt for), and a ~1 inch insole with the white ankle socks. I don't ever wear shorts, but I still wanted to be safe in the case that my trousers expose a bit of ankle.

Click Here

Thank you!
Editor Rob: I mean for guys like me who are looking at footwear it is clear based on the ankle that you are gaining a fair amount, but if you wear trousers then nobody is going to see the whole of the sneaker.

It all depends on how much you want to get and what is more comfortable to wear. Personally I would stick with just wearing the 2 inch version and not put any insole, but if a half inch insole within the samba doesn't make it uncomfortable, then go for it.
mannu said on 6/Jul/16
is there any shoes that can give you 2 inches?
Editor Rob: some of these type of 'shape up' sneakers can, hogan (expensive model) can give a good boost...
Rick said on 4/Jul/16
@Cici I just bought both Nike air max 90 and Nike roshe. The roshe give 1.25-1.3" new, the air max 90 only 1.1-1.15" new. I currently have both new but am returning the air max
Josh said on 4/Jul/16
Hey Rob, how much these shoes give? Thanks
Click Here
Editor Rob: I don't know exactly but ones in that style are close to 1 inch
Alan said on 3/Jul/16
Hi Rob, how much do you reckon these Nike tennis shoes give? Click Here
Editor Rob: they'll be a fraction under 1 inch, nearer 0.7 much they compress I'm not sure.
Canson said on 2/Jul/16
@Rick: 6'.5 is clean enough for you or "almost 6'1"
Anonymous38535 said on 2/Jul/16
How much height do standard men's dress shoes give? I guess around 1.2 inches.
Editor Rob: from looking at them over the years. I'd say they really can vary in height.

A low shoe would give 0.5 inch, a typical shoe could fall anywhere in 0.75-1.1 inch. 1.2-1.4 is a big shoe
Cici said on 2/Jul/16
Hey rob, if I'm 5'8 how tall would I be if I wear a pair of Nike air max 90?
Editor Rob: a solid 5ft 9er
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jul/16
Rick you can easily claim 6ft1. You're that height for a good portion of the day.
miko said on 1/Jul/16
Rob are most Timberland boots a similar range heel? Like the Tackhead ones you have look slightly bigger than some others or is it just deceiving.
Editor Rob: those tackhead ones are bigger than the traditional 6-inch style of timberland which is a fraction less.

I haven't even tried breaking in those timberland's yet...
George said on 1/Jul/16
Hi Rob,

How much would you say these give? Click Here

Thanks in advance
Editor Rob: it looks a classic 1-inch sole, how much insole it has I don't know, so it might be anywhere in 1-1.1 inch range...if the insole was thick and built up, maybe a tad more.
Rick said on 30/Jun/16
If I'm 6'0.5" right before bed and 6'1.25 in the morning could I claim 6'1 or is my real height more like 6'0.75?
ly said on 30/Jun/16
Rob how much do prison boots add.I mean the types used in Prison Break.
Thank you.
Editor Rob: the ones the inmates wore, they look about a little over 1 inch.
Ronnie said on 29/Jun/16
Actually in my experience my new air max 90 only add 1.1". How much do you think the Nike dual fusion lite's add? I would think this is one of those sneakers in the .75" or 3/4" range
Preston said on 28/Jun/16
Hi Rob, thank you for your response. So from my baseline 172 cm and the Dons Samba 2", could a 0.8" insert and good posture bring me to the 5ft 9.5 range? I think that's about the most I would hope to get, but I'm afraid that might even be pushing it too far (though many thicker shoes already add >1.5" on their own).

Thank you!
Editor Rob: you might be getting 2.4-2.5 of actual height in total from the samba+insert.

This means you can gain a good 1.5 inches over the average man wearing a near 1 inch shoe....he will probably see you as 5ft 9.5 yes...with excellent posture you might even pass for between 5ft 9.5-10 range to some people, especially if they had a half inch type shoe/sneaker.
Ronnie said on 26/Jun/16
Hi rob which would add more height Nike roshe or air max 90?
Editor Rob: these can give over 1.2 inch new
Tyler John said on 26/Jun/16
Rob, How much would Nike huaraches add??
Editor Rob: they look a bit bigger than actually give, it's more a solid inch range.
Preston said on 26/Jun/16
Hi Rob, I'm wondering if I could be able to pass for 5'9-5'10 if I'm 171-172 cm barefoot and will be wearing the Dons Samba 2", and perhaps a very small insert (half an inch or less) if it's not too noticeable.

Thank you!
Editor Rob: with good posture maybe, but most likely you would look like a 5ft 8.5-9 range guy to most people...the half inch insert probably will add another 0.3 inch, it would need to be like 0.75-0.8 to get near 0.5 of actual extra height.

Ronnie said on 24/Jun/16
How much height would these flip flops add? Click Here
The heel height is 1.5" and the platform says its 1". Also, any other flip flops/sandals that add 1.2"-1.5"? Thanks
Editor Rob: I'd think a solid inch, the middle bit where your heel sits doesn't look too much lower than the external part. I've not looked as much at flip-flop/sandals, so can't remember any that give a big amount, I'm sure someone did post a thick one a while ago on here that looked 1.5 inch range but can't think of the brand, sorry.
Ice said on 23/Jun/16
Interesting article , Rob !
John said on 22/Jun/16

how much would Nike Air Max Dynasty add?
datguy said on 21/Jun/16
If anyone is wondering about those Nike Raid shoes I posted a picture of I bought them and measured them and they were just over 1.25 inches. Also can you take a look at the comment I posted on the "How to Grow Taller" page I posted it a few days ago.
Kim said on 20/Jun/16
Hey rob how much height do u think the air max 90's will give me
Editor Rob: at least 1.1 inch range, possibly a bit more
Josh said on 19/Jun/16
Rob, how much do you think the Air Max Jacquard gives? It's a redux of the Air Max 95 it seems

Click Here
Editor Rob: yes, they appear very similar to the 95's, so I'd expect near 1.3 new.
Amaze said on 18/Jun/16
Hey rob
How much would these give?
Nike court force low
Click Here
Editor Rob: not exactly sure on that model, it certainly looks a good inch, but much more than that I'd need to see it again in the nike shop.
Ben said on 17/Jun/16
How many inches should I get from these Dr. Martens?

Click Here
Editor Rob: they could give near to 1.2 inch
Badboy said on 14/Jun/16
Rob how much does the nike jordan 5AM gives ?
Editor Rob: I'd expect a good 1.25 range
john said on 13/Jun/16

how much would these add?

Click Here
Editor Rob: at most I'd say 3/4 of an inch.
John said on 12/Jun/16

how much do Nike MD runner 2 add?
Editor Rob:roughly 1.3 inch range, how much they compress over months of wear I don't know.
Donald said on 9/Jun/16
Hey Rob,

How much would you say these 'American Eagle' shoes (canvas style) add in height: Click Here

They seem similar to 'vans' and 'converse' type shoes. So, would you say they add around 5/8" (0.625")?
Editor Rob: I would doubt anymore than 0.6 inch
werwer said on 7/Jun/16
Hey Rob,
I've been collecting sneakers for few years now and after buying a lot of models twice or more, I came to a conclusion : You can't really define what they give in height from just looking at the model. Manufacturers vary in insoles a lot. For instance, I bought the New Balance 574 twice. Once in early 2014 and once in June 2016. They both have simillar insoles. Not only in thickness, but also the material is different. Same for Adidas Superstars. I own two pairs and my sister owns one as well. All three got different insole. Again, not only in thickness, but also in material. The one my sister owns even has a different technology (something with __lite, forgot what exactly, while my two pairs have simple, thin insoles that compress really quickly. It even seems they dropped below 0,8 inch as you stated above, but didn't even give 1 inch at the start. For further information : It's the Superstar 80's or Foundation, not sure - definitely not the Superstar 2's though.
Editor Rob: with some iterations of models and slight changes over years there might be some small variations. Insole material might improve or even in some cases the production process gets worse to save money and the insole wears out faster.
dave said on 7/Jun/16
hey rob how much do the standard converse shrink after wearing ?
Editor Rob: not that much, they hold up pretty well...but after a few years you might end up 2mm less.
Robbert Johnson said on 7/Jun/16
Any 2 inch basketball shoes?
datguy said on 6/Jun/16
hey rob how much do you think these Nike Air Raid shoes give? Click Here
Editor Rob: the overall style looks somewhere in 1-1.2 range
Yoyo said on 5/Jun/16
Whats the heel height for nike roshe is it too big for tall ppls?
Editor Rob: over an inch near 1.3 isn't too much.
RaulFCD said on 3/Jun/16
Hey Rob! Just ordered this Nike Air Max model:
Click Here
Do you think they got at least 3 cm of thickness in their sole? I hope so, because I love high shoes :)
Editor Rob: the most important thing with sneakers is trying to find a pair that is a good fit and comfortable.

There's a lot of slight variations in feet amongst the same size bracket, that what fits great for one, might hurt on the other.

Those max styles are in the 1.1-2 zone.
Josh said on 3/Jun/16
Rob, thank you for your detailed and timely responses. It's much appreciated as a free service :) One final question, have you seen the airmax diamond griffs?, pretty cool looking shoe imo...could you hazard a guess? Looks rather thick to me, perhaps comparable to the regular air max 360. I would also guess, that like the 360, it would hold up rather well over time as it is designed for heavy cross training?

Click Here
Editor Rob: never seen them in a shop here, but the overall thickness does suggest it could be closer to the 1.3 mark.
Jack said on 1/Jun/16
Hey Rob,

How much would you say Nike Roshe's give after compression? Before compression you said they give 1.3 inches.
Editor Rob: not worn them beyond in a shop, so can't answer. Some Nikes hold up well and can only lose a 2-3mm over a few years, others might lose 1/4 to 3/8ths.
Josh said on 1/Jun/16
Rob, do sneakers/trainers usually "bottom out" in how low they can get? For instance, if a sneaker measures a bit less after months of wear, is that the lowest it can be, or can it just keep getting lower and lower? Also, what amount is the typical average loss after months of wear?

My guess seems to be that sneakers reach a "worn in" low and don't get any lower than that, and that it's around 1/8 of an inch loss, which might take place over a few months of consistent wear.
Editor Rob: Stuff like converse might take a good while to lose 0.1 inch (I have a thin version which is 0.5 inch and about 6 years old), but some sneakers might have poor materials and the middle section becomes more concave whilst others can hold up well.

Shoes with a solid sole should hold out the best, most I've measured that are many years old are roughly the same, at worse 1-2mm lost, but the insoles weren't thick to begin with.

When brand new, some insoles will mean the shoe is at it's peak and give the max for a short while, then with the weight on the insole, it flattens a few mm and you reach a kind of steady level for a good long while with a sneaker. It might still go down more, if the outsole starts wearing lower or the materials start breaking internally - if the material isn't a solid base of rubber, but a kind of hollow checkbox effect, that is more likely to degrade. I've had one pair of Nike skate shoes go from 0.75 inch range to 0.5 inch.
6'3.5 said on 1/Jun/16
Thank you so much, Rob. And last question, i want to buy this shoes Click Here Do the really can add 3 cm? Thanks
Editor Rob: yes they'll give you a comfortable 3cm range.
Efe murat said on 29/May/16
Helli Rob,how much would you guess these to give? Click Here
Editor Rob: I doubt that much more than 1 inch, the insole won't be as high as the outer part, it will be like 1/3rd inch under.
6'3.5 said on 28/May/16
hey Rob, whats about nike air max tr180? How much CM can they give?
Editor Rob: they look quite similar to 360 styles of air max, so I'd expect them to give a fraction over an inch.
Preston said on 27/May/16
Hi Rob, I'm trying to decide if I should buy the 1.5" or 2.0" Dons Samba. Sometimes I like wearing rolled up pants that expose a bit of ankle, and I wouldn't want the angle to seem apparent. What I've been doing so far is just wear sneakers like Converse (0.6") with 1" lifts, or thicker boots (1.2") with 0.5" lifts. Do you think transitioning to Dons Samba's would be less noticeable and confer greater height than what I've been doing so far?
Editor Rob: the 1.5 inch isn't really much more than a big nike shox (but it does give you that amount and the 2 inch should be nearly 2 inches as well)...of course on the outside it looks more normal, but if your pants/trousers have a smaller hem width that exposes most of the leather, then a 2-inch is more obviously many people would notice is another matter.

When you look down at shoes, sometimes the thickness isn't as apparent as if you were at ground level.

Before celebheights I wouldn't look much at footwear beyond a glance, which is how the huge majority of people would behave...of course since starting the site I have had to study heels/shoes much more to get an idea of the kind of heights they give.
Quinton said on 25/May/16
Hi there Rob, are these the Nike Shox that add 1.4 inch range? : Click Here
Editor Rob: yes a lot of those nz models will be in the 1.3-4 zone, some of them don't look quite as thick, more 1.1-1.2 but I think they were boys models.
Ryan said on 25/May/16
Rob, how much would you say normal desert boots add in height? For example, the Clark desert boots as seen here: Click Here

1 inch or so?
Editor Rob: yes a solid inch range for those
Manny said on 24/May/16
Rob love your site. Your estimates seem to be spot on without fail pretty much. I really like these Kevin Durant sneakers, the KD Trey 5 III. They look to be in the 1.3-1.4 range. Does that seem right to you? Thanks in advance. Click Here
Editor Rob: 1.25 range seems a likely range for that style, we don't see as many basketball sneakers in shops here as you do in America. Although I have a nike outlet store in my town so that is a place there is lots of different models.
Damian said on 24/May/16
How much would you guess these to give ? Click Here
Editor Rob: they might be in the 3/4 inch range.
Ian said on 23/May/16
Hi Rob, how much would you say these Air Max 90s (red/white with a bit of other colors) add in height: Click Here

I remember you saying there's 2 styles for the Air Max 90s- 1.1 inch style and 1.3 inch style. What style is this specific coloring?
Editor Rob: I am not certain which ones are thicker (the last time I checked it appeared a larger shoe had the thicker sole compared to a size 8-9 version of the same model!).

I need to go into the nike shop and look again and note down which is the thickest model of air max that have the bubble like the 90's.
Mike said on 19/May/16
Hey Rob,

Here's another pair of Steve Madden shoes. I don't know what kind they are, but I do know the are Steve Madden shoes. How much would you say these add to height? Click Here
Editor Rob: without seeing up close can't say for sure, but in that photo they could be reasonably slim, like a half inch style.
MJ said on 19/May/16
What about the Iverson Reebok questions? they look like they add 2 inches
Editor Rob: never seen them up close, but they certainly look a bulky style that would give near 1.5 inches
CD said on 18/May/16
Rob, about the Adidas ZX Flux, what is your estimation for it brand new? I'm wondering about this model in particular: Click Here

Is it more than 1 inch?
Editor Rob: there's a few models of sx, some look thick like 1.1-1.2, but that one I'm not sure.
Converse said on 17/May/16
Rob, would you say these shoes in this picture add the same amount of height as converse type shoes do? So, around 0.625" or so. Click Here
Editor Rob: certainly look the kind of style that would be either 0.5,0.6 or at a push near 0.7, but probably 0.6 at most.
Mike said on 16/May/16
Hey Rob, what would you say these Steve Madden shoes add in height: Click Here

Around 0.5-0.75 inches or so?
Editor Rob: the outsole looks like it's 0.5-0.6...depending on thickness of insole it might not give much more than 0.6 range. Some boat shoes are cut to 0.5, others 0.75, the thicker ones I've seen at 1 inch aren't as common.
L said on 14/May/16
Hey rob, how much would these boots actually give if I'm 5'8.5
Click Here
Official site says 1.6 heel but obviously I won't be exactly 1.6 inches taller
Josh said on 14/May/16
Thanks Rob, 1 more question for you if you don't mind. Have you seen the Airmax Flyknits, basically the new model of airmaxes. It actually says in the product description that the platform is "about 1.00 inches" But surely it gives a bit more than that because that's just the air capsule part? I would guess, from looking at it that gives the same as other air maxes in the 1 3/8th range although I'm not sure. What's your best guess?

Click Here
Editor Rob: I can't remember if that one is using a same sole as another model, which felt 1.2 inch...but it will be at least 1 inch.
Alan said on 14/May/16
How much do you think the adidas ZX FLUX give you?
Jacob said on 12/May/16
Rob, how much would you say these standard "lugz" boots add in height: Click Here

They seem to add as much as classic timberland's do- about 1.5 inches or so.

What do you think?
Editor Rob: without knowing how the insole is (and for a boot like that I would expect several mm), I'd think near 1.5 is very reasonable to expect.
Josh said on 12/May/16
Rob, how much does the airmax360 lose after consistent wear for a few months? Like 2-3 mm?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure as I haven't worn them much yet. I'd expect a little amount though...maybe a couple mm.

jajamen said on 5/May/16
Rob, how much air jordans gave to a person wearing it?
Editor Rob: quite a few models released over the years so they will vary in inch and a bit more range.
sean5 said on 5/May/16
Hiya, when you wear your Nike shox do they feel a heavy sneaker if you were to do jogging/excercising in?
Editor Rob: they are designed to be generally lightweight and for activity like running...
DressShoe said on 4/May/16
Hey Rob,

What would you say these dress shoes add in height? They seem to add around 0.75 inches or so (from my judgement). What would you say? Pics can be found here: Click Here
Editor Rob: Looks too thick to be only 0.75 range.
Tunman said on 2/May/16
Rob,how much do Nike Max Dynasty give in your opinion?maybe near 1.4"?
Editor Rob: I can't remember off-hand, I've seen them, but how much over the inch can't recall. They look at least a fraction over 1 inch though.
Arthur said on 28/Apr/16
Rob how much a person can get If he puts a 1inch lift to a classic 2inch logger boot ?
Editor Rob: the 1 inch lift might only give 0.6-0.7 of actual height, but it still means you would be getting 2.5-2.7 inch of total height, which is a fair amount
Dave said on 25/Apr/16
Rob what do you think about these Palladium Parllarue LC shoes? I was thinking maybe .75 to 1 inch? (hopefully more than the chuck taylor converse)? Help me bro please.

Click Here
Editor Rob: the side on view looks to me like it wouldn't give more than 0.7 inch
Tom said on 20/Apr/16
Hi Rob how much do you think these Adidas Tubular Doom's give?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: not really seen that model up close, but I would think the inside isn't quite as high as the outside.
joshwilliam said on 20/Apr/16
I plan to buy one pair of Dons Samba but I am not sure if I should take the 1.5" or 2.0" model. What would you recommend for someone that wants the best boost but at the same time doesn't want the others to notice it when he removes them close by. Something that doesn't feel like cheating.
Thank you.
boby said on 19/Apr/16
Hi rob,
Do you know by chance approximately how much the "Asics Gel-Kayano Trainer EVO" gives in height (Click Here) ? Thank you very much for your dedication it helps a lot
Also what is for you the sweet spot for adding height without being obvious considering we have to remove them sometimes (beach, house etc.) ? I am hesitating in a number between 1" and 1.75".
Sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language. Good day sir.
Editor Rob: that model is more 1.25-3 range
mawais said on 18/Apr/16
Rob, how much would you say these dress shoes add in height? They seem pretty standard to me. Would you say around 0.75 inches or so? Here are 2 pics: Click Here
Editor Rob: with a shoe like that it can be hard to tell where the insole is sitting. I'd probably expect it to be somewhere around the textured area on the outsole, so maybe 0.75-0.9 range is possible
paulpierce said on 17/Apr/16

the vans classic slips ons you have above say they only give 0.6 inches. isnt the actual outside sole 1 inch thick?

how can it only give 0.6?
Editor Rob: the insole simply sits lower down in the shoe, the rubber outsole part higher.
007 said on 16/Apr/16
Rob how much do you think this shoe gives? I feel around 1inch. Click Here
Editor Rob: between 3/4 and 1 inch range looks likely
qwe said on 15/Apr/16
Do you think the Huarache (Ultra) can give 1.5inches+? Or are they rather in the ordinary 1.2 range?
Editor Rob: they don't feel as much as 1.5, more 1.25
Eric said on 14/Apr/16
Hi Rob, how much height do you think the Ultra Boost or Pure Boosts give
Steve said on 13/Apr/16
Hey Rob,

how much height would a pair of clark's desert boots give? And what about a pair of New Balance 996?
paulpierce said on 12/Apr/16

in your dons samba comparison video with jenny, were you wearing the 2 inch samba shoes or the 1.5 inch samba shoes from Dons?
Editor Rob: it is the 1.5 inch actually gives right around 1.5 inches.
Dan said on 12/Apr/16
Rob, how much do these give? Click Here
dave said on 9/Apr/16
rob how much height do you think these give? Click Here
Editor Rob: look roughly around the inch
New Nike Air Max 2016 said on 8/Apr/16
Looks abit thinner in sole compared to previous one's no?

Click Here
Editor Rob: there is a little variation in models over the years, it could be slightly less than earlier ones.
007 said on 6/Apr/16
Rob I got a question for you,
Do you think we should take a cm or 2 out of the 'average heights of countries' since it seems like they would likely be measured earlier in the day?
Editor Rob: that's hard to say, but if you were taking say the 5pm measurement as the standard, then many countries on average would have a cm extra and maybe 10-11am timeframe on average from their research studies.
stev said on 4/Apr/16
Rob, what is the likelihood of discrepancies in different stadiometers, I have been measured on 3 different ones in 3 different places and there is a 2cm difference in one of the measurements. Is it reasonable to think that margin for errors and differences still exist even when its supposed to be accurate? Thanks
Editor Rob: 2cm is a big amount. You would expect maybe a few mm error range, but 2cm means something has broken somewhere, either the device or the floor/wall it is up against.
mrtguy said on 4/Apr/16
Rob, there's the 2nd stare down between Big Show and Shaq at Andre the Giant battle royal rumble. Look at Shaq reebok sneakers how much inches do you think it would inflate ??
Click Here
Editor Rob: I doubt there is much more than a small fraction difference in footwear, I think they look roughly similar
Max z said on 29/Mar/16
Hey rob, was just wondering how much height do the adidas zx flux trainers give? Is it in the 1.3 inch range like the Nike roshes?
Editor Rob: the roshe's feel bigger, the zx flux style doesn't feel that big
Tom said on 29/Mar/16
Rob how much for these Superga 2750's. The same as Converse or do you think you could get 0.75' from them?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: either 0.6 or 0.7 could be possible
vib said on 29/Mar/16
Hey Rob, how much do these Skechers boots give? The heel height I measured, it is 3 cm. Click Here
Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob: if the insole is paper thin then 1 and 1/8th inch, if a few mm's then maybe 1.25 range.
SportsHeight said on 26/Mar/16
Rob, how much added height would a guy wearing size 11-12 athletic shoes get from standing on his toes? I assume it's less than if you were barefoot?
Editor Rob: I'd expect 3-3.2 inch range.
CD said on 23/Mar/16
So Rob for those Merrell Vibram shoes I linked what is your estimation for them? A full inch?
Editor Rob: I will try to take a note and get back once I look at them again...I feel they are nearer an inch than 0.75.
CD said on 21/Mar/16
Rob, I heard these Merrell Vibram shoes are a popular comfy work shoe. How much would they give, more than the standard 0.75 inch for Merrell's I assume? Click Here
Editor Rob: the feel thicker than 0.75. How much they lose I am not sure, some can hold their height well. The brown merrel I've worn for 3 years have held within the 0.7 range ok, but another pair I had years ago went from 0.8 to 0.6 after 2 years...
Ryan said on 21/Mar/16
Rob what would you estimate these saucony sneakers as giving?
Click Here
Editor Rob: they might get you nearly 1.5 depending on what that insole is like...certainly look pretty thick.
krut said on 20/Mar/16
Hey Rob, you know anywhere I can find the pictured Timberland Euro Dub pair online, to order in America? I have searched but keep finding different styles of it, not the type of pair you have displayed here.
Editor Rob: this style is old and probably hasn't been made for years now...but really it wasn't a good fit so I didn't wear them that much.
Tunman said on 20/Mar/16
Rob,2 fast questions how much do Asics GEL Craze (tr 2) for women give?and how much do Nike Air Jordan (for men) give?thanks
Editor Rob: those Gel craze don't look more than an inch styles and the jordan's have many variations, I've seen some of the more recent models look 1 and 1/3rd inch range.
Kevin said on 18/Mar/16
Hi Rob,

How much do you think the men's Nike flyknit racer give?
Editor Rob: I can't remember if I looked at that one, I would think roughly an inch depending on how concave it was (the insole)...
Mat said on 18/Mar/16
Editor Rob: there can be a slightly smaller version of the mould. Look at The Air Force page. The bigger ones all give in the 1.25 range, I've measured a couple of pairs. If you have the one with the thinner mould it would give a bit less of course.

I think you should add in the description that some models of AF1 give barely 1.1 inch then( brand new that is, cause now they are barely 1 inch)
Editor Rob: I need to find the model type and measure it as all the air force I've seen so far have been the 1.25 version.
Tom said on 18/Mar/16
I posted this before but unfortunately i don't think it was answered. I have flat feet and thus most of the time wear Orthotic insoles. Typically these Click Here
Rob, as you can see from this picture Click Here where your foot actually sits is half of the outside height. Ive measured the back and it comes to just under 1.6cm. Would it be fair to conclude that with these in my shoes they would give a smidge over a 0.25' of an inch?
Editor Rob: roughly 1/4 inch, maybe a tad more would be probable. They just look big from the side but are quite concave in nature.
Civman said on 16/Mar/16
Rob I believe you are wrong about air force ones. I own a white pair and brand new they gave only 2.7 cm and now after 4 months of use they have shrunk to 2.5 cm. Maybe some give more and some give less. You should include that in the description. You could misjudge a celebrity wearing that pair thinking they get 1.25 inches of height when they would get in reality barely 1 inch
Editor Rob: there can be a slightly smaller version of the mould. Look at The Air Force page. The bigger ones all give in the 1.25 range, I've measured a couple of pairs. If you have the one with the thinner mould it would give a bit less of course.
ken-6-4 said on 11/Mar/16
How much height do you think these Nike ACG's give?
Lots of guys I work with wear these. They really look like they give 1.50+

Click Here
Editor Rob: these are one version of a Nike that might get you near that mark.
Tom said on 10/Mar/16
How much for these Rob, bang on an inch?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: at first I'd have thought no...but seeing his outside ankle I think almost 1 inch might be possible for that sneaker.
JtodaN said on 9/Mar/16
Hi Rob, how much height do you reckon good ol' Dunlop Green Flashes give you?

Click Here
Editor Rob: maybe 0.7 from their style, but I have rarely seen any dunlops or looked at them for years.
joaquin said on 29/Feb/16
hello rob, how much heigth do you think this shoes add? Click Here

Editor Rob: I did see this recently and it felt like a 1.25 inch style
RamiDa5'9 said on 28/Feb/16
Hey Rob,

Regarding the CAT boots,would this model give me the same height listed as here ? 3.7-3.8 ?

Click Here

I just wanted to make sure before i purchase it.

Thank you in advance ;)
Editor Rob: yes it should give the same as in the measurement video...after a bit of wear they might lose a couple of mm though.
Cruising said on 27/Feb/16
Rob, how much do you think Nike air max muse (mens) shoes give? Thanks!
Alex said on 24/Feb/16
what about this? Click Here
Editor Rob: harder to tell the insole height on that but in the shop I feel it's around 1 inch
Bruce Wayne said on 23/Feb/16
Rob, how much height do Addidas energy boost give?
Editor Rob: 1.1-2 range
a said on 23/Feb/16
Hey Rob, I've been planning on getting these:

Click Here

They're a womens shoe, and I'm usually a 9.5-10 in mens so i'm ordering a size 11.5 in womens (which would be a 10)
I'm wondering if the platform height+heel height would come out to be more than an inch due to it being a bigger size, what do you think?
Editor Rob: the sole certainly isn't over an inch, might be slightly less...but when you add in the insole, I'd expect it to give in the inch range
stev said on 21/Feb/16
How much do you think Timberland classic lug gives Rob? Click Here

Editor Rob: they could get 1.3-4 range
c said on 21/Feb/16
Hey Rob, how much height do you think I would gain from these Reebok NPC II's?
Click Here
same as the classic leathers?
Editor Rob: not as much as classics, but close to an inch
Tom said on 20/Feb/16
Rob how much for these Adidas Superstar Primeknits. Roughly an inch?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: I'd assume most of the superstars are similar...the last pair I had the insole really did lose several mm's after a bit of wear.
185 cm said on 18/Feb/16
Rob, how much height do these nike roshe run give?

Click Here
Editor Rob: comfortably over an inch
Dee said on 17/Feb/16
Hey rob, how much height do adidas Stan smiths give?
Editor Rob: they feel 0.6-0.7 but I've not worn them for many years
Sam said on 16/Feb/16
Rob, I think I know why my shoes have worn down so much - I wear the same ones everyday. Besides losing height in the sole, is this neccassarily a bad thing? I'm willing to buy another pair only if I have to. But I want to keep these ones and not buy two new pairs of shoes because I've only had these ones for a few months. Seems like a waste to me to get rid of them just for height reasons.
Editor Rob: I think if they are comfy and don't cause any problems like corns or rubbing, then keep wearing them...

The problem with recommending sneakers is there are many subtle variations in people's feet so certain models might be a great fit for one person, while for another they are a poor fit.
smith said on 16/Feb/16
yeah rob but my question is wether I should buy my size (43) or a size above (44)?
Editor Rob: with an inch lift I'd probably stick to the normal size and just adjust laces, but more than that then you might be better off with one half size larger.

The problem with 2 inch lifts is it makes the foot smaller in length, so you have a gap at the front of the sneaker. This is why I always think long-term getting an elevator sneaker or shoe might be a good idea as they are designed to take account of the shortened foot length.
stev said on 16/Feb/16
Difficult one to guess Rob without knowing the insole, but looks pretty thick, What do you think? Click Here

Thanks you!
Editor Rob: based on that ankle position I wouldn't say it was much over an inch..just the outsole might look a little bit higher than where the insole is sitting.
Jeremy said on 16/Feb/16
I'm 5'10 and if I wear 1.25 inch shoes, how tall would I be ?
AAAA said on 15/Feb/16
Hey Rob, how much would you say a pair of Fryes like these give?
Click Here
Editor Rob: depending on the insole, it could give 1.8-2 range
sam said on 15/Feb/16
Hi rob, do you think people normally give their height measurement in their shoes or without their shoes. I am 5 foot 10, iv always wanted to be 5'11, however in shoes I am 5'11. Could I get away with saying that or would it make me a big fat liar!? thanks.
Editor Rob: I believe a good proportion will give a shoe height.
NIkekaishi said on 14/Feb/16
Dear Rob, how much height do i gain from wearing Nike Kaishi's with these 2' lifts which i have used frequently for about 6-8 months now Click Here
I think they have decompressed a bit, also i definitely don't feel 2 inches taller with these one which is a bit strange even when they were new.
Editor Rob: the angle of the lifts means you might get in 1.3-1.4 inches range. So in total with nike + lift you might get over 2 inches but not a huge amount.
smith said on 14/Feb/16
Rob is this shoe lifts Click Here

gonna work alright with this shoes?
Click Here

I wear size 43, should I get size 44?
Editor Rob: yes, you might need to adjust laces a bit with lifts that are 3cm to make sure your heels don't rub or the front of your foot isn't too tight.

I think using a high top like air force might mean you can fit a decent sized lift inside it.
Arthur said on 14/Feb/16
Rob I want to ask you your own preferation. I know you dont wear lifts. But for a person same height as you to appear like a 5ft9-5ft10 guy what you would prefer? Putting 1inch ilfts in 1.5 inch classic timberland boots to appear 5ft9 or putting 2inch massive lifts to appear like a 5ft9.5 5ft10 guy ? Which will be more comfortable/height effective ? Which will you prefer If you want to wear lifts one day ?
Editor Rob: if I was going to wear lifts I'd go for an elevator as the inbuilt lift will be a better shape as it's part of the shoe. So one with a 1.2 inch heel and a lift inside that gives a good inch probably, then with good posture look near 1.5 inches taller to people on the street...
George said on 11/Feb/16
Hiya Rob, how much would you say these give Click Here

Editor Rob: that heel style looks either a 3cm or 1.25 inch whatever the insole thickness is (sometimes 1mm, other times a boot could have built up insole and give 4-5mm!)
182cm (home)/184.8 cm (doctor's office) said on 11/Feb/16
Rob, what would you say the average running/gym shoe adds?

Seems to be 1"+, right?
Editor Rob: many running sneakers will give in the inch range...and a good chunk above, but another chunk in the 3/4 inch range.
Simone said on 10/Feb/16
@Rob; yes Rob like I said before I use boots in winter and I want to buy some ' summer shoes ' where I can get 3 inches of height ( 2 inches lifts + 1' ).
How much do you think these shoes will give? Click Here
Do you think can I put 2 inches lifts in those shoes?

And what about the high top version of Nike Air force 1? Do you think I can get 2 inches lifts there?
Thank your for your patience
Editor Rob: you can fit the 2 inch style of lifts (ones like the myliftkits style) but those don't give a full 2 inch, it's more like 1.3-1.5 range, but that's still a fair addition to your height.
Kyle said on 10/Feb/16
Rob, what heel size is the average person walking around with? .75 inch? 1 inch? 1.2 inches?
Editor Rob: I would say the average was in the almost 1 inch range from what I've observed over the years in public.
Dan said on 8/Feb/16
Hey Rob, how much height do Air Jordan 4s give? I'm around 6'1.5 barefoot and feel close to the 6'3 range when wearing them.
Editor Rob: I've looked at them a while ago and they didn't seem near 1.5, but more in 1-1.2 range
Simone said on 8/Feb/16
What do you think about nike air force one? How much do you think they give?
Can I put 2 inches lifts and getting away?
Editor Rob: an inch is pushing it, 2 inch lifts won't fit. In boot versions of air force or other Jordan style high tops, you could fit a bigger lift.
Goku said on 6/Feb/16
Rob, how much do you think these give? They claim to add 2"

Click Here

Editor Rob: they don't look like they'd give that much...although if they are measuring the high point of the outside sole, maybe it is near 2 inches, but inside is another matter. I'd be surprised if it was much over 1.5 inch.
Simone said on 5/Feb/16
@Rob : hi Rob I need your help! Well I need an high top pair of shoes who can hide 2 inches shoe lifts.
What would you suggest? I need something I can wear in summer....thank you so much
Editor Rob: a fair number of supra high tops could fit 1.5 inch lifts (well the ones that are called 2 inch but give no more than 1.5 really).
Ali said on 4/Feb/16
Dear Rob, what would this give? Thanks. Reef Fanning Sandals - Brown / Gum

Click Here
Editor Rob: I'd doubt they give more than about 0.75 inch
stev said on 2/Feb/16
What do you think these could give Rob? As much as the Caterpillar boots give?

Click Here

Thanks as always.
Editor Rob: all depends on how thick the insole is. The outsole might look in 1-1.2 range, but the insole could bring it 2-5mm higher.
A said on 2/Feb/16
how much do these give? Click Here
Editor Rob: possibly just a little over 1 inch range.
Jake said on 1/Feb/16
Hey Rob
I'm 5'8 173cm barefoot. How much will a new pair of air max 90s give me ?
Editor Rob: from what I've seen there can be a 1.1 style and a 1.3 style of the am90's
Ryoto said on 31/Jan/16
Hi Rob
How much do these give?
Click Here
Editor Rob: I beleive the insole on that model sits 4-5mm under the outside white sole (like concave) so not much more than an inch.
smith said on 31/Jan/16
inches or cm?
Editor Rob: inch range
dsfs said on 30/Jan/16
Since I find it kind of helpful, i want to contribute some values to the readers. I've had quite a few sneakers over the last years. The following values have been made comparing two shoes feet to feet, ankle on ankle. Given that the Adidas Superstar Foundation gives around 2,3cm (2's at one inch due to better insole), Nike Air Safaris dont give much at all. The design of the shoe suggests it gives more than it actually does. Should be around one inch, maybe even a tad less. Vans Old Skool are at around 1,4cm. New Balance 574 are at about 2,7cm. I think they scale in higher sizes, though. The pair I have here is a 7,5. The other shoes are an 8,5 or even 9. The Air Max Correlate I had in a 7 were not that thick, too. Doubt they reach the 3cm mark. Saucony Shadow 6000 is over the 3cm mark. Maybe 1,3 inch.
smith said on 30/Jan/16
yo Rob how much do you think this nikes give?

Click Here
Editor Rob: should give you around 1.25
dsfs said on 29/Jan/16
Alright Rob, just bought a pair of Superstar Foundations and I read that they have a cheaper and slimmer (different technique used) insole than the 2's. So most likely, they are at about 2,3cm. The Air Safari I asked you about don't give much more than that, so your assumption of about one inch seems legit.
Editor Rob: I've not seen foundations, I actually am not a big fan of the superstar. I had one pair years back and they really didn't last long. The quality from Adidas was poor I though, but then, our society doesn't build things to last. Manufacturers design stuff so it fails and you end up buying a new one.
Mat said on 29/Jan/16
Rob how much do the classic yellow Timberland boots give?
Editor Rob: they can give similar to the cat style boots, but how much compression happens after a few months I'm not sure.
Ryan said on 28/Jan/16
how much do new balance 574 give? would they give about the same as the nb 501s? thanks in advance!
Editor Rob: they can give in 1.2-3 zone, but I don't know how much they will compress, maybe a few mm
stev said on 27/Jan/16
What do you think these could give Rob? The first picture shows quite a decent sized heel, and Zara shoes are well made with reasonably high insoles too. Click Here

Thank you!
Editor Rob: if the insole is 3-4mm then it could get you near 1.4 inches, the heel itself looks in the 1.25 range.
Davos said on 25/Jan/16
How much do these give Rob?
Click Here

Editor Rob: not looked at that model, but from the outside it doesn't look that big, I doubt more than an inch
stev said on 24/Jan/16
Thoughts on these Rob? Click Here Thanks
Editor Rob: the heel style looks 1.25ish. The insole I don't know. It could be anywhere in 1.2-1.4 range
samy said on 23/Jan/16
hey rob how much height do them wedding shoes give y the ones that are a bit pointy. smart shoes.
Editor Rob: a lot of them I believe have a heel cut to about 2cm, others bang on 1 inch, that kind of range.
Jesse Stone said on 22/Jan/16
Hi Rob!
Could you recommend a few shoes (all kinds of boots, shoes..) that give more height than one would expect..? Like a higher insole and looks kind of flat on the outside...

Editor Rob: a good chunk of skecher styles can be like that, but it's really hard to say off-hand sorry.
Scott said on 21/Jan/16
Hi Rob,

I'm looking to get a nice pair of boots for work. You have any idea how much these would give?

Click Here

Appreciate it!
Editor Rob: I don't know how thick the insole on those are. The sole doesn't look much more than around the inch range so unless the insole is 1/4-1/3rd thick, I doubt it gives much over an inch.
hi said on 15/Jan/16
rob how many cm will you gain from these?
Click Here
Editor Rob: not sure as I am unfamiliar with that model of lacoste. Many I've seen like that can not give more than half inch, but some have built up insole and give 0.75 range.
Arthur said on 13/Jan/16
Rob you know what is the funniest thing in turkey and most of the european countries when someone says their real height everyone comments no you are taller than that. I have seen this thing whenever we talk about height.For example when I say I am 5ft8.5 most people reacts no you are taller than that because I am 5ft11 you must be 5ft9.5.I think they react that way because of their insecurities.Have you ever been to a same sitiuation Rob?I think so.
John said on 13/Jan/16
How much height increase do the popular UGG boots give? It looks like 1-2 inches
Editor Rob: basic styles don't give over an inch, although they now have other models
Hi said on 12/Jan/16
Hey Rob
I am 5'8 172 cm barefoot about how tall will converse make me?
Editor Rob: push you over 5ft 8.5 but not quite 8.75
GP said on 12/Jan/16
Rob do you know how much Converse Street Hiker version gives? It looks like it has a thicker sole.
Editor Rob: not really seen them up close but their apperance suggests a fraction thicker than normal converse.
dsfs said on 12/Jan/16
Hey Rob,
do you think the new Nike Air Huarache Ultra's give less than ordinary Huaraches?
Editor Rob: they don't really look much different.
Sam said on 11/Jan/16
Hey Rob I was just wondering even though I'm a 5'10 is it okay to claim 5'9.5 since the soles of my shoes have worn down to 0.25-0.5 inch? I suspect most people will be wearing an inch, maybe 0.75 making me look a weak 5'10 in comparison even though I measure a small fraction above the mark. The shoes aren't that old either I've just been doing a lot of uphill and downhill walking which is what I've heard causes them to shrink.
Editor Rob: I'd still claim 5ft 10. If anybody ever said 'no you're not', show them your worn out shoes!
Arthur said on 10/Jan/16
Rob how much lift can we sneak in these and how much it will give with lifts ?Click Here
Amaze said on 8/Jan/16
Click Here

Hey rob another question how much would these give in height and at 5'7.25 how tall would i be in them
Editor Rob: a lot of air max can give anywhere in 1-1.3 inch, that one possibly a bit more than 1 flat
Amaze said on 7/Jan/16
Hey rob
Was thinking of getting new trainers
How much do you think these give
They are a edition of nike air max
If I'm 5'7.25 how tall would i be in these do you think
Click Here
Editor Rob: I'm not sure if I've looked at that specific 'command' version, but similar ones look 1.2 range.
sarc said on 6/Jan/16
Hey Rob, how much do you think these give? Click Here

Click Here same boots
Editor Rob: the bulkiness of them suggests the insole is sitting highish, but I've never looked at it in a shop. I'd expect more than an inch, 1.2-3 zone potentially.
SportsHeight said on 2/Jan/16
Rob, how much height do you think Obama usually gets from his dress shoes?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Also, how much height do you think is added by the typical dress shoes you'd see a Hollywood man wearing on a red carpet?
Editor Rob: doesn't look any more than an inch. Not sure how good the insole is.

You can get a lot of shoes made with various heels like 2cm or 3cm or 3/4 inch or 1 inch, these seem quite typical.

Depending on insole, a 3/4 inch shoe can still push you to almost 1 inch. The more expensive, the greater chance they haven't scrimped on the insole material and it provides some sort of support. I've seen insole vary from paper thin to 1/4 inch.
z said on 2/Jan/16
Also what's a good amount of insole-lifts to put in Vans to a good extent?
Editor Rob: If you put a 1-inch lift you'll be falling out of them, so 1/2 or 3/4 inch at most.

Since vans aren't that much more than half inch, you're not going to get that much of an overall boost. It might be easier putting an inch lift inside a high-top converse to get a bit more of a boost.
z said on 2/Jan/16
Hey Rob how much height do you think you can get with these classic Reebok leathers? (different version)
Click Here
Editor Rob: new they should give in the 1.3 inch range, the insole could compress 2-3mm after a few months so maybe after wear 1.2.

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