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Wilson Chandler Height
Wilson Chandler's height is 6 ft 7 in (201 cm)

US Basketball Player.

5ft 8 Glenn with Wilson

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adam says on 1/Apr/09
6-7 is correct. Looks a good foot taller than Glenn.
D. Ray Morton says on 18/Feb/09
I can't tell how tall he is, but I love the pic.
Brad says on 15/Feb/09
He's got a tat on his neck. Those guys are hard. I'd like to see Melo jam him.
Dude says on 14/Feb/09
Glenn is lucky to reach his shoulders in this pic...height is pretty accurate....
Brad says on 14/Feb/09
My height is me standing by a wall with a ruler on top of my head and then using a yardstick. Wish I could find a height gizmo. I hear truck stops have them. Woolworths had them years ago with their weight machine. I know I was 6' 6.5" at one time. Players lie about their height. Actors? They are the worst.
glenn says on 14/Feb/09
who's taller brad at his prime,or wilson?
ABC says on 13/Feb/09
I used to party with this dude when I was in college at DePaul. Nice dude, offered to sign a ball for me too. Glad to see him doing well in the league!
marioo says on 13/Feb/09
based on that photo he is 6'4
Brad says on 13/Feb/09
I'd love to get a shot side by side with him.
glenn says on 13/Feb/09
thanks gene frisco.if they are in front of me,ill pose with anybody to have a diverse collection.
glenn says on 13/Feb/09
not sure what kind of sneakers he had sys.sorry.
Anonymous says on 13/Feb/09
i would say he's a head taller than glenn based on this photo, so i think maybe like 6'6?
Alex says on 13/Feb/09
Really can't tell much from the picture but 6'7 may be right.
SYS says on 13/Feb/09
Is he a younger brother of Tyson Chandler or he's another NBA namesake? What shoes were on him at that moment, Glenn? I've got several pairs of basketball shoes and some of them add approximately 1.6" (4 cm) to my height. If your footwear soles' thickness are commensurable the estimate seems to be right, perhaps he's 199-200 cm 'cause his head doesn't look bigger than yours, Glenn even taking your ahead foreground positioning on this photo as against him into account.
Gene Frisco says on 12/Feb/09
A tall straping young lad I think 6'7 sounds about right ,very comical photo Glenn I like it its different.
Sammy says on 12/Feb/09
Apears even taller than 6'7 more like a 6 eighter here, but that may be due to the weird camera angle, Glenn looks tilted, Wilson is standing in an almost military pose, also Glenn is not right next to him which can make him seem taller than 6'7(which he most likley is)
T.J. says on 12/Feb/09
looks 6'5" in this photo
Derek says on 12/Feb/09
He's listed at 6'8" in the NBA. Couldn't find his pre-draft measurement, but 6'7" is probably pretty accurate.
James says on 12/Feb/09
Kinda looks 6ft8 from that angle.
dave says on 12/Feb/09
its really impossible to tell from this pic what height this man is..... and anyone who can possibly accurately judge this mans height from THIS pic is a better man than i. because of angles and how close glenn is to the cam and the fact hes leaning back and into wilson means theres no way to tell what height the man is.... all we can be certain of is that hes BLOODY TALL!...
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