Video - Measuring your Arm Span (or Reach)

As a teenager, arms and legs can grow before your torso. It's why teens at times can seem gangly. Arm spans generally have a ratio of 1.02-1.03:1. That is, your wingspan is a bit more than your height. It can vary between race. A long reach might be a ratio of 1.06:1, a short reach 0.99:1. In this video I show how to measure your armspan easily.

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Johnson said on 30/Dec/17
@Rob what is Jenny's and your standing reach???

Standing reach

Click Here
[Editor Rob: might do a video of something like that]
AJAX_177 said on 2/Dec/17
My reach is about 176cm.
grizz said on 22/Oct/17
Rob, is it possible that Henry Cavill has no more than 5'11 arm span? People say on the web he's got T-Rex arms.
[Editor Rob: nah, he's too tall to be under 6ft]
BSW said on 24/Jul/17
Hey Rob, apparently height growth can occur until early 20s and arms, hands and feet can grow until mid 20s.. I'm 5'11.75" with a 6'0" wingspan, my hands are 7.75" long and 9" spread, I have big feet, a size 13(U.S.). I'm 20.1 years old, I'm confident with my height but I do hope I get late growth in my arms and hands. Considering my father didn't hit his full height until about 20 or 21, would you say I have a bit of growth in either height or wingspan? I am a late bloomer aswell.
14 - 5'5.5"
15 - 5'7.5"
16 - 5'9.75"
17 - 5'10.25"
18 - 5'10.5"
19 - 5'11"
20 - 5'11.75"
All measurements taken late in the day so I'm not measuring wrong and I'm not giving myself false hope. I have actually have been growing.
My father and one of my brothers were also late bloomers who finished growing around 20ish.
Would you say I have just a little bit left in the tank for growth?
Thanks for your time
[Editor Rob: you've exceeded the average from 19-20 by quite a lot.]
DruceLee said on 15/Jun/17
My height 5'10.5 and my armspan 5'9.I love boxing and hate my short arms.
My father 5'8 and his armspan 5'11...genetic sometimes isnt everything
Blake said on 21/May/17
Rob, why is it that when I grew in the past I also saw my armspan grow at a similar rate in the past? Since in the last month I grew a small bit I checked my armspan and it had not grown is that a sign my torso is starting to grow rather than my legs this time?
[Editor Rob: I mentioned in the past that sometimes there is earlier growth in arms/legs and torso catches up...but as you edge towards the last couple of years of potential growth, the arms may already be at their full span.]
Luke said on 9/May/17
So funny thing, when i use your method my arm span measure is almost 2 inches less than my height
but when i get someone else to measure without the wall i get my exact height..

i suffer from rolled forward shoulders, do you think that when i push my shoulders back against the wall i lose cm's due to my body used to being in a different position? or do you also get a longer measure without the wall?

Furthermore, i noticed i get an extra cm on top of that if my hands are straight, rather than turned up.. what is going on?! which is the legitimate measure?!
I assure you a have looked for all possible inaccuracies with all of my methods of measuring but i cannot find one.

[Editor Rob: it seems quite likely against a wall you might not be getting the fullest wingspan...there will be some variation, and it does need arms really straight.]
Afka9 said on 9/May/17
I am 5'10(178 cm) in night but my armspan 5'9(175 cm)
Greg said on 6/May/17
@Black bro I feel you, you're obsessed with height too? I think I might be just a tad bit more obsessed with height then you. I think about it every day, constantly getting into conversations about height, having debates about height with people. And always comparing my height with others who are walking by me. It's crazy, and don't worry I am just about the same if not worse :X XD
Greg said on 6/May/17
I'm a weak 5'11 but my arm span is 6'2" (188cm) It's crazy
Anthony K said on 30/Apr/17
My Armspan was 6ft3 1/2 and im a weak six foot in height . 6ft half the day dip in to the 5"11s after work around 3.00 pm. Would you consider me a weak 6ft in height @Editor Rob?
[Editor Rob: depends how much under 6ft. If 1/4 to 1/3rd, yeah I'd say a weak 6ft.]
Blake said on 17/Apr/17
I measured my armspan this morning and I got 182.3 roughly. I really think it is a long armspan for my height I asked Dmeyer his armspan about 6 months ago and he said 184-5cm i think and he is 181-2cm tall and Josh's armspan was 183cm and he is 178-9cm tall. I don't look like I have really long arms to my self. I had a relaxed day yesterday just went out for a walk for a half hour and spent most of the day on a chair or sofa I got 174.1 because I didn't do much at all so im not saying im 5 ft 8.5. I think I am too obsessed with height, head length, armspan etc way too much you would think I was 5 ft 4 I think about height so much.
Blake said on 6/Apr/17
Rob, how long is your hand? Mine is about 7.5 inches from bottom of palm to the top of my middle finger.
[Editor Rob: mine is a fraction less than yours.]
MojoJoJo said on 20/Mar/17
Hi Rob, if your armspan is an inch less than your height, do you think it would make you look taller or shorter? or neither?

Thanks x
[Editor Rob: sometimes I've thought that longer arms can make people seem shorter, but then too short armpsan might have a similar effect to some people.]
SamP said on 15/Mar/17
Rob, do you think someone with an armspan 1-inch less than his height might make him look shorter or taller?
[Editor Rob: I think if you have long arms, it can be a detriment to how tall you look...]
DanJonathan said on 29/Jan/17
I'm 195cm out of bed so I claim I'm exactly 6'4"/193cm to people, but my arm span/reach is only 190cm/almost 6'3" :(
Blake said on 15/Jan/17
When you measure armspan do you hold your arms out fully extended or do you hold them loose? I think I asked you this before but what is 182 or 5 ft 11.5 armspan equivalent to?
[Editor Rob: hold them out fully as much as possible and as straight out as you can.]
Blake said on 1/Jan/17
It was this video that drew me down the dark path that is height obsession! You may need to give me some tips on living life at 5 ft 8 my height seems to have ground to a halt for a while!
[Editor Rob: Blake, before doing this site, I didn't think about height fact I created many other sites before deciding to focus on a big 'authority' site, which happened to be this one!

5ft 8 is a good inch under average in the UK, but I believe if you fill your life with interesting things and people, there's less time to worry about things like height. I know it is hard for people, they can become too obsessed with a topic.]
Blake said on 22/Aug/16
Do you think quite a few people have an armspan matching their height?
[Editor Rob: considering the average will be a little more than your actual height, there will be a chunk with equal height/arm ratios, some with less armspan than height and a decent chunk with greater armspans than height.]
Blake said on 7/Jul/16
What sort of age range with teenage boys does the armspan stop growing and the torso lengthen?
[Editor Rob: it might be 15-17 range that the torso can catch up a bit after the limbs grow at 13-15 range.]
Blake said on 31/May/16
Rob I had only just watched the video and the way you measured your armspan! I had been laying a tape measure on the ground and doing it. I used your technique and got 181cm! Also do you put shoulders and head against the wall when measuring?
[Editor Rob: yeah you could put the shoulders and head, it means you will get the fullest measurement...just make sure arms are at right angles to your body.]
Blake said on 26/Feb/16
Rob so with my long armspan 6 foot and a little bit is it a sign i can grow several inches before i stop growing im 15 and 2 months im now 172.5 in the middle of the day?
[Editor Rob: limbs can grow faster than the spine, or earlier, so sometimes it is an indication you may well still gain another couple of inches.]
Blake said on 25/Jan/16
Is it strange that my height increases roughly the same amount my armspan does will it even out. My armspan grew roughly 2cm so did my height since I last checked both. So are my legs growing at the same pace as my armspan?
Blake said on 11/Jan/16
I checked my arm span today couple of millimeters over 6 foot I thought arms and legs stopped earlier?
Fbsr6 said on 7/Dec/15
How did I end up with such a bad reach!! I am 6ft with a 5ft 9.5 wingspan.
Blake said on 3/Nov/15
Does your armspan increase with your height im 5 foot 7 with a 5 11.5 armspan so is that my fixed armspan im 14 and male.
[Editor Rob: the armpsan in teens can tend to be longer than height because arms/legs can grow faster and earlier than the torso. It could be a good sign you have several more inches to grow.]
shiva said on 31/Oct/15
Hey rob whats the armspan of a 5'11 guy
[Editor Rob: you might expect roughly 6ft, but you could have 6ft or 6ft 2-4 range for a long span]

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