Home and Away

Home and Away is an Australian Soap Opera. These heights are my guesses. Add your own comment if you think some are off

Many of the heights previously listed have now been given a page of their own on the site. Lisa Gormley (Bianca Scott) - 167cm

Katrina Hobbs (Kelly Watson) - 165cm (talent agent)

Laura Vasquez (Sarah Thompson) - 155cm (on agency resume)

Amy Matthews (Rachel Armstrong) - 165cm (talent agency)

Jason Smith (Robbie Hunter) - 176cm

Dieter Brummer (Shane Parrish) - 177cm on talent agency

Lincoln Lewis 5ft 11.75 - according to official site

Tim Campbell (Dan Baker) - 6ft 2 (said this as his height)

Lynn McGranger (Irene Roberts) - 5ft 7 (her CV)

Michael Beckley (Rhys Sutherland) - 6ft 1 (his CV)

Kip Gamblin (Scott Hunter) 5ft 11 (claims he's this tall)

Ryan Kwanten (Vinnie Patterson) - 5ft 10.5 (said 5ft 11, but also said 5ft 10.5 somewhere on this site)

Christie Hayes (Kirsty Sutherland Phillips) - 172cm I really find this hard to believe...

Christopher Hobbs (the guy who blackmailed Josie russell) is 6ft according to his agency. Samuel Atwell (Kane Phillips) - 5ft 8ish

Ben Steel (Jude Lawson) - close to 6ft 3

Nicholas Bishop (Peter Baker) - 5ft 9.5-10

Lyn Collingwood (Colleen Smart) - 5ft

Ben Unwin (Jesse McGregor) - 5ft 10

Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart) - 5ft 11

Kate Garven (Jade Sutherland) - 5ft 3 maybe.

Zac Drayson (Will Smith) - 5ft 11

Leslie Hill (Blake Dean) - 5ft 8

Susie Rugg (Brodie Hanson) - 5ft 5-6

Matt Stevenson (Adam Cameron) - 5ft 11

Stephen James King (Edward Dunglass) - 5ft 10.5ish

Nicolle Dickson (Bobby Fisher, Flathead's daughter) - 5ft ish.

Alistair MacDougall (Ryan Lee) - 6ft 2.5

Jason Smith (Robbie Hunter) 5ft 9.5-10

Joel McIlroy (Flynn Saunders) - 5ft 11

Belinda Emmett (Rebecca Fisher) - married to Rove McManus, looked around 5ft 3ish. Rove, Willem Dafoe and belinda

Debra Lawrance (Pippa Fletcher ) - 167cm on talent agency

Mark Furze (Ric Dalby) - 5ft 9.5-10?

Ivor Kants (Barry Hyde) - near 6ft.

Brendan McKensy (Duncan Stewart) - near 5ft 9.

Norman Coburn (Flathead Donald Fisher) - bad posture, maybe 5ft 8.

Peter Vroom (Lance Smart) - looked 6ft 3-4 range, big.

Cornelia Frances (Morag Stewart) - 5ft 8.5ish.

Laurie Foel (Angie and Josie Russell) - around 5ft 9.5-10

Kristy Wright (Chloe Richards) - 5ft 4 range.

Daniel Collopy (Josh West) - 6ft 1 range.

Kylie Watson (Shauna Bradley) - In 2000 Mirror said "I'm only 5ft 6ins"

Danny Raco (Alex Poulos) - 5ft 10, 10.5

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Tim said on 28/Dec/16
Ryan Clark is five foot.
Borats Chicken said on 7/Aug/16
Rob, What about Andy McPhee who plays Danny Braxton? he's listed as 6'6
Editor Rob: yeah that's on his resume but I don't know if he's quite that tall.
jajamen said on 6/May/16
Rob, what would Ray Meagher who plays Alf Stewart current height be right now?
Editor Rob: he might have lost a half inch or so, seemed a tough guy who didn't slouch much, and 5ft 11 maybe peak
Chocolatey said on 3/May/16
Rob, you think Lincoln Younes who plays Casey Braxton is the same height as nic westaway? Click Here
Editor Rob: I doubt he's taller...he too claims 188cm on the showcast casting database.
jajamen said on 25/Apr/16
Rob, could add nic westaway, he plays as Kyle Braxton, who is listed at 185. Even in his model bio he is listed at 6'1
Editor Rob: he does claim taller!
youagain? said on 1/Apr/16
rob, George Mason? what would you list him
Editor Rob: unfortunately not sure on that guy.
Chase Witherspoon said on 21/Sep/15
Ray Meagher was a rep rugby player if I recall correctly at outside centre late 60's maybe early 70's and I reckon 5'10-11" would be a good shout, Brummer, Lewis, Gamblin and Kwanten didn't seem as tall as those claims.. reckon they're all 5'9"ers, though Gamblin possibly nudging 5'10"... Les Hill is a compact little nugget, 5'8 sounds realistic in his instance...
Rikashiku said on 19/Oct/12
Paul Sironen, a 6'5" Rugby League player appeared on the program a few years ago with Alf. Alf was no where near as tall as him. He didn't even look close to 6'0" next to him. Hell, Alf doesn't look over 5'10" most of the time.
Dominic said on 26/Jul/11
Rob where is Daniel Amalm. He played Jack for a few years during the Melissa George days. I've actually met him in person.
Shaun said on 19/Jul/11
I always thought Angie/Josie Russell was taller than Jesse. She's listed at 5'9" and looks it at least.
Shaun said on 19/Jul/11
Flathead looked about 5'8" to me, that's right.
Shaun said on 19/Jul/11
Alf 6.3.5"??? WTF??? He's about the same height as Harold Bishop 5'11"-6'. Chris Hemsworth had 3-4 inches on Alf.
Shaun said on 19/Jul/11
Click Here

Does he look shorter or taller than 5'9" Laurie Foell (Josie Russell) to you?
[Editor Rob: he can look similar in the clip, sometimes a tad taller, sometimes not maybe in some cases the women has heels.]
Shaun said on 19/Jul/11
Oh I see I argued this last year. Nah he always looked on the short side to me, I'd have estimated 5 ft 8.
Shaun said on 19/Jul/11
Ben Unwin (Jesse McGregor) - 5ft 10.5

No way!!!!! He's 5'7.5" check it out.
kaity said on 27/Jun/09
i met indianna the other day she seems 5"4
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/09
who is tallest in order from highest to lowest would you say: Geoff, Aden, Roman, Angelo, Tony, Dan Baker, Kim Hyde, Josh West, Noah, Peter Baker, Ric, Jesse, Scott
cooper said on 27/Feb/09
these heights i list 100 percent truth dont believe well your choice but are true sharni vinson 5'6 jodie gordon 5'7 not 5'8 like people think her model bio tells fibs ada nica im not gonna try & spell is 5'1 matilda is 5'4 mark murze dude has stated on better home and gardens he is 5'7 5'8 that belle chick don't know so i wont guess like a lot of people let me know any way that lewis dude (Geoff) is 510 to 511 his hair adds 12inches charlotte bass i think she is 54 bio ststed but if you know of proof let me know same as tht tessa james girls she was on neighbours first & was was stated as 55 let me know if you want more let me know a few mostley new ones
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/08
I think the actors from home and away are much shorter than what's stated above...... well that's just what i think though since, Matilda for instance, really doesn't look anywhere near 163 cm... maybe around 158 as "RaNdOm ChIcK" formally stated.
5678dance said on 22/Jan/08
i meant 5'6.5 - 5'7.5
5678dance said on 22/Jan/08
TJ: true. my bad. honestly, i noticed she had a very long face.. so maybe 5.5 inches? i was a bit over her chin...something like that. anywho she was tall! approx 5'7.5 - 170cm. shes heaps skinny as well. that maybe made her look taller..
5678dance said on 22/Jan/08
i could email it to you only, shes bending down cos im so short hahaha
TJ said on 5/Jan/08
sharni was 4.5 inches taller than you, yet you only came up to her chin. Sharni must have a ridiculously small head then ;-)
5678dance said on 4/Jan/08
i met sharni vinson at the billy elliot musical. im 5'1 and she's definitely taller than 5'4. taller than me by 4.5 inches? so maybe 5'5.5. i came up to her chin approx. i got a photo with her ;P

[Editor Rob: can you not email it to me per chance?]
Jason said on 26/Nov/07
lol ... I used to watch for a period way back when Melissa George and Isla Fisher were on it. My 51-year-old (going on 15) mum watches religiously.
Jason said on 26/Nov/07
''Ada Nicodemou (Leah Poulos Baker) 5ft 1 (Tim said this as her height)''

I remember she was described as 155cm in the TV mag here a long time back.

[Editor Rob: you've suddenly taken an interest in H&A, I bet you secretly watch it, Sally's your favorite character ;)]
Jason said on 26/Nov/07
I don't know how people watch this show.
ChIcK.a.DeE!!! said on 25/Nov/07
OMFG i met Indiana Evans and she is so pretty and she is pretty skinny too she like ways the same as me!!!
She is the exact same height as me!!!
RaNdOm ChIcK said on 27/Dec/06
I met Indiana Evans this year and she's the exact same height as me 158cm or 5'2) but she's really skinny and i think she only weighs 45kg..
someone said on 22/Nov/06
Chris Hemsworth is 6"3, Tim is 6"2 as is Daniel. Amy matthews who plays Rachel Armstrong is only 5"5/6 i think but she is way shorter than chris
SH said on 27/Sep/06
I think many of these heights are a bit excessive. There are three people that look to tower over the rest of the cast:

The guy who plays Kim Hyde looks massive

Dan Baker (tim campbell) he

Josh West (daniel Collopy)

In one episode they had Barry Hyde arrested, when standing by the police tape he came in about 179/180cm barefoot. He does look a good deal taller than most of the actors, apart from the other actors mentioned above.
sianna said on 14/Jul/06
supermodels.nl has jodi gordan listed as 174cm...Click Here definately looks tall...that indiana evans is hard...she looks fairly petite..maybe 5'4...sharnie vincent looks 5'7-5'8 i think
kit said on 8/Apr/06
daniel collopy has to be 6 foot 1.5 since he seems to be 4ish inches taller than kip gamblin and 2 inches shorter than chris hemsworth. does anyone know shoe sizes of all these actors?
MattCat said on 2/Mar/06
I've seen Jodi Gordon on an ad down here about energy conservation, and she's not as tall as the fridge she's grabbing a drink from, which is about 5ft 6, so I reckon she'd be 5ft 4 or 5ft 5...assuming of course she's not wearing high heels!
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Feb/06
Rowenna Wallace 5ft 5in. From an old 60's article. Probably 5ft 4 when she was in Home and Away.
Cole said on 12/Feb/06
Ben Unwin is actually 5ft 9. Which would make Kip Gamblin either the same or an inch shorter. Nick Bishop is either 5ft 9/9.5. He's not that taller than Ben.
AJ1983 said on 19/Jan/06
Many of these heights are much higher than I would have anticipated. It surprises me that Ben Unwin would be 5'11". He must be quite stocky because he doesn't look that tall to me. Kip Gamblin too - he looks quite short to me; really 5'11"?

[Editor Rob: that's what he claims...I was using the 6ft 2 guy to guess the currentish heights, as he seems to be honest about his height...the guy who's married to Leah (ada whatsherface)]

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