East Enders

This page is for the heights of most of the major cast members past and present from EastEnders, the 'most watched' English Soap Opera. These are official 'BBC' heights which were published on BBC's Eastenders site in the past, although some of the cast have given different heights in interviews of course.
Patsy Palmer plays Bianca - said she was 5ft 6.5

Barbara Windsor plays Peggy Mitchell -148cm [4ft 10.5]

Leslie Grantham plays Dirty Den - 183cm [6ft]

Kacey Ainsworth plays 'Little Mo' - 157cm [5ft 2]

Daniella Westbrook plays ??? - [5ft 5]

Nigel Harman plays Dennis Rickman - 178cm [5ft 10]

Kim Medcalf plays Sam Mitchell - 167cm [5ft 6]

Tracy-Ann Oberman plays Chrissie Watts - 167cm [5ft 6]

Perry Fenwick plays Billy Mitchell - 173cm [5ft 8]

Jill Halfpenny plays Kate Mitchell - 163cm [5ft 4]

Billy Murray plays Johnny Allen - 178cm [5ft 10]

James Alexandrou plays Martin Fowler - 188cm [6ft 2 - maybe grew tad more since original 188cm listing]

Natalie Cassidy plays Sonia Jackson - 163cm [5ft 4]

Joe Swash plays Mickey Miller - 176cm [5ft 9.25]

Lacey Turner plays Stacey Slater - 160cm [5ft 3]

Pooja Shah plays Kareena Ferreira - 164cm [5ft 4]

John Bardon plays Jim Branning - 180cm [5ft 11]

Ricky Groves plays Garry Hobbs - 183cm [6ft]

June Brown plays Dot Branning - 165cm [5ft 5]

Jake Maskall plays Danny Moon - 177cm [5ft 9.75]

Christopher Parker plays Spencer Moon - 178cm [5ft 10]

Joel Beckett plays Jake Moon - 178cm [5ft 10]

Charlotte Avery plays Tina Stewart - 168cm [5ft 6]

Michael Higgs plays Andy Hunter - 180cm [5ft 11]

Ameet Chana plays Adi Ferreira - 170cm [5ft 7]

Shaun Williamson plays Barry Evans - 175cm [5ft 9]

Michael Greco plays Beppe di Marco - 178cm [5ft 10]

Hannah Waterman plays Laura Beale - Has said several times she is 5ft 2.

Elaine Lordan plays Lynne Hobbs - "I'm only 5ft 3" Sunday Mirror 2001

Lucy Benjamin plays Lisa Fowler - 163cm [bbc height], in reality 5ft-5ft 0.5

Lucy Speed plays Natalie Evans - 153cm [5ft 0.5]

Pam St Clement plays Pat Evans - 168cm [5ft 6]

Sid Owen plays Ricky Butcher - 172cm [5ft 7.75]

Derek Martin plays Charlie Slater - 178cm [5ft 10]

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Ehsan Jabar said on 24/Sep/20
Tony clay's height?

I'd say definite 6 footer maybe between 6' and 6' and a half
James B 172c, said on 1/Mar/20
Rob how tall is the new actor that plays peter Beale here Click Here

Apparently he states his height as “6’3”
Editor Rob
Yeah 6ft 3 is possible for him.
Nik said on 1/Mar/20
Look at this:

Click Here
saltyfish177cm said on 21/Mar/19
Looking back on scenes with all of them I would say:

James Bye is definitely around 6’2.5 minimum,

Ricky Champ 6’.05,

Tony Clay & Davood Ghadami both around 6’0,

Danny Dyer 5’11.5 - 5’11.75 ( he certainly looks more then this on screen, but i have noticed he always has a footwear advantage over his fellow male castmates
Brenner said on 2/Aug/18
Jamie borthwick who plays Jay Mitchell looked around the same height as Perry Fenwick (Billy mitchell) in tonight's eastenders. Perry Fenwick is listed as 5'7 1/2.
saltyfish said on 22/Jul/18
Big rob, how tall would you estimate Ricky Grover (who played Dots nephew Andrew Cotton) is? The scene below has him with Scott Maslen @ 2:37

Click Here
Editor Rob
At least an inch shorter than Scott
James B 172cm said on 22/Jul/18
well matt does have hair advantage
James B 172cm said on 20/Jul/18
Rob- ross kemp looks taller than Matt Di Angelo in this scene

Click Here

this was from 2006 when he was 19 so not impossible Matt was still growing?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure if he is any shorter, but Kemp can look well into 5ft 10 range there.
saltyfish said on 23/May/18
Here is good pics of richard blackwood, scott maslen and and jake wood. scott and jake have similar footwear, blackwood has less then both of them

Click Here

Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Mar/18
@ Nik - Yes, I don't see why Spencer shouldn't be re-introduced at all! I don't remember how he bowed out, but I'm sure it wasn't anything near as drastic a departure as Nick Cotton's son!

A lot of whether a character sticks in one's head is based on the popularity he enjoys while in the soap for the first few months. Partly down to how fortunate he is with the scripts that come his, or her, way, it does tend to colour the rest of the actor's future in the soap!
Nik said on 22/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

That is a very interesting observation, thank you very much indeed for that! I noticed that Connie Hynde was on the tall side so I googled her and found out that she is 5'6"! I never knew that Sally's sister was previously played by an actress smaller than 5'2", I have never heard of someone gaining about 5 inches after they hit 20!
Also it is interesting that Leanne Battersby has brown eyes but yet her parents in the soap have blue eyes when this situation is impossible in real life! I once came across an anomaly in one of the soaps and I mentioned it to my Mum and Dad, I wish I could remember what it was and if I do I will let you know! I will keep my eyes open for any others too!

Nik said on 20/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes, that's true, I cannot remember exactly what happened to Nick Cotton's son but he did come to a sticky end many years ago! I wonder if Chris Parker could be re-introduced to "Eastenders"?
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/18
@ Nik - Hi Nik! I spotted a super-daft replacement this afternoon when I was watching an old 80's 'Vintage Coronation Street'! Sally's sister back then, and she's got to have been in her 20's, was played by an actress smaller than her 5ft2, and today she is played by the 5ft6 Connie Hynde! At least 5" growth in your 20's is quite miraculous!

I have also noticed 'children' of soap stars with brown eyes and two blue-eyed parents: an impossibility! An example of this is the actress who plays Leanne Battersby! Her 'Mum' is blue-eyed-as-they-come Michelle Collins and her 'Dad' is the actor with red hair and blue eyes, Bruce Jones, who made a fleeting and amusing appearance in 'The Full Monty'!

Any more juicy anomilies will be welcome! 😁😣😉 👏

Cheers Nik and I hope you enjoyed this! I think it might be right up your 'Street'!
Nik said on 20/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hey!

You made a very good point about the need for the producers of our soaps to bear in mind the height of each character who is re-introduced so that the new actor or actress who takes over from the previous one is of a height that is realistically what they should be bearing in mind the height of that character when they were played by the previous actor or actress. Of course the producers need to be up on height! They should have knowledge in this area and know how tall the new actor or actress should realistically be bearing in mind how long the character had been departed and how old they were when they were last played by the previous actor or actress, of course they need to know these things to take possible growth or shrinkage into account!
The re-introduction of previous characters is always a very interesting thing in terms of assessing how much the two actresses or actors resemble each other and a comparison of their heights is ever so fascinating, don't you agree?
You can see how the subject of height is an issue for the producers of our soaps in that each member of the same soap family should be similar in height to what they realistically should be when you take into account the heights of their relatives, however this doesn't have to hold true on every occasion because, as we know, in real life some people end up being of a height that is not expected of them when you consider the family they are from!

Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/18
@ Nik - I even got his part wrong, thinking he was the son of Nick Cotton! It's just as well you're right as Nasty Nick's son came to a sticky end! 😭
Nik said on 19/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Thanks for that! The Moon brothers were interesting characters, they are both above average in height and bordering on being tall! I have part 2 of my reply to still submit!
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Mar/18
@ Nik - Yes, of Christopher was, or should I say IS, a tall guy! Well done for remembering so well!
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Mar/18
@ Rob ...or 'Emmerdale'! 😉

However, I'm pleased to say that I'm one step nearer finding out the actor's name, as the film shows this week on the 'Horror Channel'!

Thanks! 😁
Nik said on 18/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes, I remember Christopher Parker from several years ago when he played the part of Spencer Moon and I must say that he did appear slightly above average if my memory serves me correctly!
Having looked through the above names I have noticed there are a very small number of men who are under the 5'8" mark, however Sid Owen is joined by Perry Fenwick and Steve McFadden, amongst others, in being sub 5'8"! I suspect that Perry Fenwick and Steve McFadden are roughly 5'7.5" and Sid Owen is about an inch shorter, there are other actors from this soap who are under 5'8" and these actors should spread the message to men that it is cool to be a man who is under 5'8"!

Sandy Cowell said on 18/Mar/18
@ Rob - Have you a page like this, only for 'Emmerdale'? There's an older character who I've spotted starring in a 'Horror Channel' film recently, and I found it greatly amusing to see HIM in such a film! And at HIS AGE! Smashing stuff, I thought, but now I need his name!

Thank you!
Editor Rob
This and neighbours one were kind of early pages when I never was planning on adding that many actors to the site, but over time a lot of names from soaps did get added...I've left this one up though, but none for Corrie.
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Mar/18
@ Nik - Hi! Interesting it most certainly is, and I have almost definitely found here the name of one of the stars I wrote about in one of my earlier comments to you this morning, under Kellan Lutz's name, regarding a chat about advertising and commercial models and actors being used in commercials. The person, or should I say actor, in question, is Christopher Parker!

Oh, by the way, I should recognize all the above names because I've watched 'EastEnders' since the beginning. One thing worth remarking on is that sometimes actors are replaced by others when the writers of the soap wish to re-introduce a character. I bet the one thing that takes precidence over everything else is that the character is replaced by one of equal height, for example, the very tall Martin Fowler! The one time I noticed, however, that this rule didn't hold true was that they replaced the 5ft2 Lucy Beale with a 5ft6 actress! One possible explanation is that she dropped out at an age when it will still have been possible for her to have grown - JUST NOT FOUR INCHES!

Have a great weekend!

Nik said on 16/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell - It's entertaining when you google a celebrity and their page on this site appears in the results, I have also experienced this a few times!

This page is also a nice and interesting part of this site and it gives us all scope for talking about any of the stars from Eastenders, past and present. Trawling back through the previous 109 comments on this page can enlighten us to what previous commenters have said about some of the actors and actresses that have starred in this soap since it was first broadcasted! This is particularly useful as not all of these actors and actresses have got pages!

For me Perry is about 5'7.25" - 5'7.5", so I agree with you and Rob! He looks this compared to other cast members and even sometimes slightly north of this! The full 5'8" would be doubtful though!

Sandy Cowell said on 16/Mar/18
Well Rob and Nik, I've decided that if and when I see these stars who we've all but forgotten about, in something else, I'll amble along to this page and discuss what I've seen them in and my height observations!
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Mar/18
@ Nik - I was well aware that you had expressed an interest in Perry's height before!

@ Nik and Rob - When I googled Perry, you might both find it quite entertaining that this very page flashed before my eyes as a direct result!

I don't ever recall studying it in detail before, but being such an interesting page, with scope for promoting more comments about soap stars who might have 'fallen by the wayside' a little, I think it's great to see it alive and well again!
Editor Rob
There are probably a lot of minor characters from soaps, maybe they had a short run that I'd never really give a full page to on the site, but adding them to a list of heights isn't such a bad thing.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Mar/18
@ Rob - That's smashing to see Perry with a page!

When I discovered it, I pounced straight away!
Editor Rob
This old page here was put up back when BBC had a big list of eastenders actors with all their heights, plus I added a few more...but it was mostly just what they claimed. Over the years, many of the names ended up with their own page.

Some of these soaps are still getting big visitor numbers. Eastenders near 7 million, Corrie 6-7, Emmerdale 5-6.
Nik said on 13/Mar/18
@ Sandy Cowell

I think that is a good call! I know that this is your first comment on this page! I don't know if you saw my comment from the 2nd January 2017 in which I said the same as you, that Perrry is a a typical 5'7" guy, with some change! I have seen 5'8" quotes on the Internet over his height too and I also get the feeling that many people think he is 5'6" or less, I have heard that talk but I don't agree nor do I believe he is 5'8"! He is taller than some people think, and .,,, about my height!

Now Rob has given Perry his page!

I first commented in Sookies Den, and I will send another one soon!

Sandy Cowell said on 13/Mar/18
I am watching an episode of 'Inspector Morse' and Perry Fenwick, famously in 'EastEnders' since the 90's, is among the cast, looking about 5ft7.5. He is also very young but not so young as to be able to grow anymore!

Then I googled him and saw his height written up as 5ft8! I firmly believe that this is a case of 'rounding up', and that now he stands no more than 5ft7.25 - 5ft7.5, being as he's well into his fifties! He is smaller than Inspector Morse, which I couldn't help but notice as, when asked a question by John Thaw's* Morse, he rudely told him to "'ang on a minu'e", and continued playing pool!

* John Thaw is around the 5ft9 mark, possibly a bit less by this stage in his life. I always felt his thick-set build and choice of clothes shortened him somewhat, but I loved him like mad anyway!

Perry can have 5ft7.5!
Editor Rob
I thought I'd given Perry an actual page, but it seems he's nowhere to be found...5ft 7.5 is probably closer to the truth than his 5ft 8 claim.
saltyfish said on 8/Jan/18
Big Rob, below has Devon Anderson(billie jackson) in a scene with Jake Wood(max) and Scott Maslen(jack). He is listed as 5'10. I can't tell if he edges out Jake or if they are the same, difficult to tell as Devon has has big hair and Jake...well I'm sure you already know lol. What do you think?

Click Here
Editor Rob: looked around 5ft 9
saltyfish said on 7/Jan/18
actually, looking again john altman might be a weak 5'11, (180cm-179cm)
saltyfish said on 3/Jan/18
john altman is definitley taller then joe swash, by alot i'd say. he looks shorter because of his stocky build.

richard blackwood is around 182-183cm along with danny dyer. I really doubt declan bennet is under 185cm, he was only a bit shorter then james bye. jake wood is likely around 177-178cm and scott maslen 181cm although when walking alongside richard blackwood he looked the same
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/17
Saltyfish - Yh Declan Bennett is a hard one to pin down his height. He looks a couple of inches taller than both Jake Wood and Scott Maslen separately despite there being an inch or two between them but seemed around about the same height as Richard Blackwood (5'11.5) in their few scenes together. John Altman also appeared on pointless with Joe Swash and they looked round about the same height.
James B said on 18/Dec/17
Rob perhaps add Michael higgs too celeb heights?

Walked past him at Gatwick Airport 10 years ago and he looked quite tall and really good posture too.
saltyfish said on 15/Dec/17
james bye who plays martin fowler is defo around 6'2 or a little more. in 2014 when he was next to declan bennett (charlie cotton) he was an inch taller, and declan bennett is a definite 6'1 as he has 2 inches on scott maslen (jack branning) and john altman (nick cotton) who are both strong 5'11's (181cm)
Muzzy said on 15/Nov/17
How about his brother in Eastenders Rob Max? , Looks 5” 10 to me
Muzzy said on 14/Oct/17
Hey Rob How tall do you think Scott Maslen (Jack Branning) is, he’s listed as 6 foot by imdb
Editor Rob: can seem anywhere in 5ft 11-6ft range
James B said on 18/May/17
Click Here
James B said on 15/May/17
Rob how tall does frank butcher look here if Craig Fairbrass is 6ft3?
Editor Rob: there was no link included.
Nik said on 5/Jan/17
Rob, how tall is Jake Wood?
Editor Rob: was listed as 5ft 11 by BBC, but not so sure on him.
Rory said on 2/Jan/17
Scott Maslen looked shorter than Danny Dyer. Robs met Dyer a few times and seems confident he's 5'11.5, I reckon Scott Maslen is a solid 5'11. I thought he looked a decent 6ft when he was in The Bill but seeing as he got edged out by Dyer throughout the whole NYE Eastenders episode, anything more than 181cm seems impossible.
Nik said on 2/Jan/17
I would say that Perry Fenwick is a solid 5'7" guy. I think that 5'8" is a tad high for him and the 5'6" I have heard is too low.
Importer said on 31/Dec/16
A listing for the Kazemi brothers by chance? Kush and Shaks
Alex said on 18/Oct/16
My guess:

Adam Woodyatt 5'8.5
Richard Blackwoo 5'11.5
James Bye 6'2.5
Scott Maslen 5'11.5
Danny Dyer 6'
Matt Di Angelo 5'8.5
Ross Kemp 5'10 (Can look anything between 5'8-6'2 lol a hard height to pin down)
Derek Martin 5'7 (Seemed shorter than Matt Lucas in Little Britain although may have been taller at prime)
Sid Owen 5'6.5
Pam St Clement prime 5'6 now 5'4(Heard her once say she was 5'9 on the comic relief special)
Lucy Speed 4'11
Lucy Benjamin 4'11.5
Lynn hobbs 5'2.5
Hannah Waterman 5'2
Michael Greco 5'10
Shaun Williamson 5'7 (Looked a good foot shorter than Stephen Merchant in Extras)
Charlotte Avery 5'8ish (Looked at least the same height as Johnny in Eastenders)
Ameet Chana 5'7
Michael Higgs 5'11
Joel Beckett 5'9
Christopher Parker 5'10
Jake Maskall 5'8.5
June Brown 5'4
Ricky Groves 5'11.5-6'
Jon Bardon 5'9
Poojah Shah 5'4
Lacey turner 5'2
Joe Swash 5'9
Natalie Cassidy 5'3
James Alexandrou 6'2-6'3
Billy Murray 5'7 (Another hard height to pin down, sometimes looked taller than Grant other times looked shorter than Phil)
Jill Halfpenny 5'3
Perry Fenwick 5'7.5 (At peak maybe 5'8)
Tracy Ann Oberman 5'5.5
Kim Medcalf 5'6 (In heels could look as tall as Phil and Billy)
Nigel Harman 5'9.5
Daniella Westbrook 5'3.5 (Although wears very thick heels, in her 2009 return to Eastenders she could dwarf most the cast, also looking taller than Ricky, Phil and Billy in heels)
Kacey Ainsworth 5'3
Leslie Grantham peak 6'1 now 5'11.5
Barbara Windsor 4'10
Sam said on 4/Aug/16
How tall do you think Ian Beale is Rob?
Editor Rob: maybe worth a page of his own?
SAK said on 28/Jul/16
Any ideas on Ricky Norwood. He is also in the celebrity big brother house.??
Editor Rob: not so familiar with Norwood
SAK said on 27/May/16
Any guesses on Jamie Borthwick (Jay). He's a hard one to pin down.
Editor Rob: at a glance I'd have thought 5ft 10 range, but I've not really seen enough.
John said on 10/May/16
Phil aint 5ft 8 he looks shorter maybe he shrank a little but hes shorter than hes son ben whos a legit 5ft 8
Martin Parsons said on 25/Apr/16
I know Alexandrou said he was 6'2" but I'm pretty sure he was more like 6'4" because his head was very close to the door frame when he would walk in to Pauline's, and an average door way is 6'6", I'm 6'2" myself and I'm not as close as he was to the door frame!
James B said on 26/Mar/16
Craig fairbrass and tom Ellis must have been the tallest eastenders characters to date at 6'3.

Not much demand for tall actors on eastenders obviously.
Dave said on 12/Jan/16
Yeah he looks close to it, I watched an old episode of Eastenders where Sean Slater squares up to Jack there was only a cm difference :) Rob will you be making a page for the other cast members?
Editor Rob: some I may in the future
James B said on 10/Jan/16
5'11.5 is fine for jack
Dave said on 3/Jan/16
Rob how tall do you think Jack Branning is? Google has him down at 5ft11.5
Editor Rob: if you are using the UK version it will show 182cm but it will be 6'0 on American search.

I remember him on Strictly Dancing and he looked taller than his partner, the 5ft 9.5 Natalie Lowe when she had a basic heel, so he may well be close to it. He didn't look much different than Dyer though...
Rory said on 28/Dec/15
Dean looks 5'9-10 to me, 2 inches shorter than Dyer is correct.
marcinho said on 13/Dec/15
no way that jake maskall is 177 cm. Look at the Royals William Moseley is listes as 177 cm but he is much taller than Jake. My guess for Jake is 172 cm maybe a weak 5'8.
Dave said on 15/Oct/15
Phil - 5ft8
Dean - 5ft9.5
Max - 5ft9.25
Alfie - 5ft11 or maybe 5ft11.25
Danny Dyer - 5ft11.5 I could be wrong for all of them, but I think they're pretty accurate. :)
SAK said on 18/Jun/15
Dean Wicks is around 5'9.5. He's 2" shorter then Danny Dyer.
James B said on 16/Jun/15
WOW Deano 5'11? I thought he looked 5'9 tops.
James B said on 13/Jun/15
Sorry rob one more question

How tall do you think deano wicks is?
[Editor Rob: he says he's 5ft 11, don't think he's far off it.]
James B said on 8/Jun/15
Any ideas on max branning height rob?
[Editor Rob: jake looks pretty average, wouldn't think he was anything over 5ft 9.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Oct/14
Richie looks 5ft11 range, Alexandrou is definitely minimum 6ft2, possibly 189cm.
Mike said on 17/May/14
I met Joey (David Witts) in Brighton one time and got a picture with him. I said how he looks bigger on TV and he said "yeah I'm only 5.11". I'm a fraction over 5.10 and David had an inch on me. He's a solid 5.11.
SAK said on 28/Jan/14
The new programme on BBC on Saturdays called Reflex shows Shane Ritchies height as 183cm/6ft.
yalo said on 1/Jan/14
scot maslen is is apparently 6'1. but i stongly doubt it he is known to wear timberlands with lifts, his true height is 5'10.5
SAK said on 22/Dec/13
How tall are Scott Maslen(Jack) and David Witts(Joey)??
B said on 8/Dec/13
Sid Owen (Ricky) is 5ft 5 absolutely maximum. Saw him with Steve Mcfadden (Phil) in a nightclub in Falmouth. Steve McFadden is even shorter - I would say 5ft 4. Both of them are absolutely TINY.
SAK said on 26/Aug/13
Saw Shane Ritchie @ terminal5 yesterday, looked 6ft. But hard to tell as he walked pass too fast.
Uwi said on 30/Dec/12
dont u have some of the new characters
Arch Stanton said on 14/Nov/12
Well, he didn't look as big as 6'3" Craig Fairbrass, true.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Rob do you think Ricky Groves can look taller than 6'? From what I remember of him I always thought he looked 6'2"-6'3" and quite a lanky guy,
[Editor Rob: in the context of the show he could look tall, from what I can remember...but I didn't think a big 6ft 2 guy or anything.]
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Astounding how much of the Eastenders cast are smokers!!
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Frankie says on 23/Oct/12
Saw James Alexandrou the other day - definitely a weak 6ft 2 for sure, maybe more like 6'1

Odd, like Rob I get a 189cm range impression of him.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Ricky Groves I thought was 6'3" range!! 6'0" seems very low for him, perhaps its because he was around actresses who are 5'2"?
Anon said on 24/Oct/12
I agree. James Alexandrou does look tall in Eastenders, but seeing him relative to other cast members I would say he is more 6'1/6'1.5 not more.
Alex said on 18/Dec/11
Billy Murray looks more like 5'8 maybe 5'9 at best
smarter than y'all said on 20/Oct/11
connor's stronger than phil you say? bbc really do produce eastenders for thick people... i really need to stop watching it.
Connor B said on 10/Oct/11
John Partridge is 6ft 1
James said on 26/Jul/11
the new michael moon character looks 186cm.
sadie said on 20/Mar/11
does anyone know how tall rita simons is please?
James said on 14/Feb/11
Shane Richie is not 6ft (183cm) he is like 5'11 (180cm) or 5'11.25 (181cm) at best.
James said on 6/Feb/11
Max Branning always looked 5'10 or 5'10.5. I don't belive the 180cm listing for him.
handter2w said on 28/Dec/10
There's no way stacey slater is 5.3
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/10
hey dont you guys think that its abit wierd that they had phil mitchell beat up connor, connor is much stronger than him, I dony like the script writers.
Matthieus said on 10/Nov/10
I think Danniella Westbrook (Sam Mitchell # 1) stated herself as being 5'4.5''. Whilst I think Kim Medcalf (Sam Mitchell # 2) is about 5'6'' roughly.
danni said on 7/Jun/09
sam janus looks 5'8" i think, she looks tall along with the ladies who play jane beale, chelsea fox and honey (emma barton), they all look between 5'7" and 5'9" to me
elisabeth said on 3/Jun/09
Anyone know how tall samantha janus is?
Doug said on 27/Apr/09
I thought Michelle Ryan was more like 5'10"! She reminds me of Liv Tyler.
Doug said on 27/Apr/09
Dan Sullivan (Craig Fairbrass) who also appeared in CLiffhanger is a legit 6'3" barefoot. He is 6'4" in shoes and looks it. Big guy.
Amy said on 17/Apr/09
iWonder How tall is Thomas Law (Peter Beale) at the moment because he looks like he has grown soo much on telly..hit bakk someone he luks about 5ft8-9
Doug said on 5/Apr/09
Robert Kazinsky is almost as tall as Martin Fowler in pictures. Kazinsky I would have thought was around 6'1"- making Fowler 6'2". There is only an inch difference.
Doug said on 5/Apr/09
James Alexandrou was definately a legit 6'3", he towered above the others.
irishguy said on 9/Sep/08
Well James it seems the right answer is somewhere between your estimates and mine, though I admit you were closer ;)
According to bbc.co.uk eastenders website:
Bradley - didn't say but probably 5'9-5'9.5 based on the others below
Max 5'11 (180cm)
Shawn 6'05 (184cm)
Jack 5'11.5 (182cm)
irishguy said on 28/Aug/08
I would have thought:
bradley 5'10
Max 5'11.5
Shawn 6'1
Jack Branning 6'1.5
lorcan said on 28/Jun/08
amy said on 2/May/08
how tall is ronnie (samantha janus)
john said on 27/Apr/08
how tall is jake wood.
Editor Rob said on 29/Mar/08
Rita Simons 5ft 4: "I should be 5ft 6ins but I have scoliosis, and that has made me two inches shorter"
Markus said on 7/Feb/08
Could we have an updated height list for the current cast of eastenders, coronation street and hollyoaks please, if anyone would care to oblige:)
Stu said on 27/Jan/08
I am a bouncer at a nightclub and steve Mcfadden came in one night, I was shocked at how small he was. I am 6'3 and he was tiny next to me. I didn't recognise him until someone told me later on who he was.
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/08
rob, see if you can add the height of john partridge who plays cristan clarke. He looks in the 6ft2 in range.
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/08
There is no way Ian Beale is 5'10.A true 5'10 guy is not short.Woodyatt looks about 5'8 max.
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/07
What about the new actor who plays Steven Wicks? He looks shorter than Ian, so around 5'9.5"?
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/07
I think stacey slater is a bit taller than she says she is or is it just her shoes(lol)
tubbs said on 22/Aug/07
Always thought Pam St. Clement (Pat Butcher) was around the 6'3" range.....surprised by this.
6'3'' JK said on 28/Jun/07
Rob, can you add people who are lately in eastenders? and update the page, and you should get rid of the people who don't even appear on the program any more

[Editor Rob: the only good thing in Eastenders was ghengis. I don't watch it much these days, although some of the younger lassies from the show have their own page. The older names on this page aren't worth deleting because they bring in a little trickle, but I might add some newer ones to the top of the page yes.]
6'3'' JK said on 27/Jun/07
Rob, you should really update the Eastenders pages...
James said on 17/Mar/07
I am interested to find out how tall the actor who plays Shawn Slater is. Although on the Eastenders website it does say 60.5 to me he looks more like a solid 6ft2 guy.
Editor Rob said on 28/Feb/07
Carol Harrison circa 98-99 "I'm only 5ft 2"
Editor Rob said on 28/Feb/07
Lynne Hordan said in 2001 "I'm only 5ft 3ins now"
Editor Rob said on 28/Feb/07
Richard Driscoll (played alex healy circa 97-99) said "I'm 5ft 10" once.
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/07
jake wood(bradleys dad) is listed on the bbc website as 5ft11. Rob, do you think he is around this height?
alex said on 1/Jan/07
it says on the ee website that jim is 5`11 but dennis is 5`10 i mean jims not taller then dennis
TheMan said on 28/Dec/06
Yeah martins 6 foot 2 region probably one of the tallest people on the eastenders cast. But remember dan sullivan he was really tall he must of been about 6,4. Ian beele is wrong though he's about 5,8.5 id say. Janes taller than he is by a cm or 2 and she said she was 5,9 healess.
RUBEZ said on 25/Oct/06
ye i thought stacey was bowt 5'3
stephen said on 3/Aug/06
My mum and I met leslie grantham who played dirty den in belfast at Xmas2003 when he was doing a panto we even got his autograph he was very tall and slim and looked taller than 6ft
dave said on 2/Jul/06
I saw Martin in london few months ago and I am 6'0.5 and he had at least 2 inches
on me so I say maybe he is now close to 6'3.
Also Joel Becketts who plays Jake is about 5'9 max not the 5'10 as listed.
dutch hispanic guy said on 30/Mar/06
that new guy Bradley Branning..in real life his name is Charlie Clements. i wanna know his height.! because he may look 5'10'' but he's really slim, and looks only a little bit taller than 5'4''?? stacey slater (lacey turner). i'd like my assumptions to be confirmed. so charlie clements: 5'8"? max
TheMan said on 11/Mar/06
Jhonny Allens short like 5,7 and he wears huge boots that height is without a doubt wrong. I mean Bille 5,8 more like 5,6 5,7 max.
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/06
How can u have Johnny Allen the same height as Dennis Rickman? On screen Dennis appears to be at least 2-3 inches taller.
sunbeame said on 14/Jan/06
How about little Ruby Allen?? On screen she always tends to look a fair bit shorter than Stacey - i'd guess at about 3 inches.
Shaun said on 12/Dec/05
How tall is Steve Mcfadden (Phil Mitchell) he barely looks 5'8"?
CelebHeights Editor said on 3/Dec/05
In 2004, James Alexandrou:
"Yeah, I'm 6ft 2in now and I had a massive growth spurt when I was 13. I was growing about an inch a month and I went through this big gangly stage where my ears where sticking out, my nose was sticking out and my arms were really skinny"
CelebHeights Editor said on 10/Oct/05
Troy Adams played Nina Harris. Her agency CV gives her 5ft 8.
CelebHeights Editor said on 10/Oct/05
Another Eastender, nowadays tv presenter:
Nadia Sawalha is 5ft 6 according to her CV.
CelebHeights Editor said on 10/Oct/05
Another Eastender:
Craig Fairbrass played Dan Sullivan, also in CliffHanger. His CV gives him 6ft 3.
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Oct/05
Another one from her agency CV:
Lucy Speed who played Natalie Evans is 5ft 0 inches.
CelebHeights Editor said on 8/Oct/05
Another one from her agency CV:
Danniella Westbrook is 5ft 5.
CelebHeights Editor said on 3/Oct/05
From The Mirror, Kim Medcalf: "I like men who are tall - with bigger thighs than mine! I'm 5ft 7 and my last few boyfriends have been 6ft and over, which is perfect"
CelebHeights Editor said on 15/Sep/05
From Mirror, Jill Halfpenny said: "I'd definitely like to be taller. I'm five foot three-and-a-half and I'd like to be at least three inches taller. All my limbs are of the stocky variety. I'm short and people are always quite shocked at how strong I am. So I'd like to be stretched out."
bruiser said on 22/Aug/05
i saw jake maskall standing next to joel beckett and nigel harman. and he is definately taller than both of them.

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