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Kevoz said on 10/May/19
Hello Big rob,Click Here I think this should be the perfect height difference between a couple, Assuming the man is 175cm barefoot,how tall do you think the lady is barefoot? BTW she is wearing 3inch heels..thanks rob
Editor Rob
She could be 4 inches, maybe between 4-5 smaller, which is a height difference that is very common, given it is close to the difference between male/female.
jsdg95 said on 10/May/19
Rob. Does wearing worn out/well used shoes do any difference in height than say, new shoes? Because I noticed in some picture I look much shorter than usual and I was wearing pretty much worn out shoes. And another question, does being overweight make you shorter?
Editor Rob
Being greatly overweight could effect discs, but then I once read a guy saying after he lost a ton of weight (we are talking 700 pound man) he lost a couple of inches in height...

Shoes can sometimes lose a fair bit, but really ones with solid heels are less likely to wear out. I had a pair of boots that I wore on and off for years and they lost barely anything, whilst I've had some lose half inch because the construction of the sole was cheap and flattened out a lot.
Csimpson6ft said on 10/May/19
@Bego I don't know I'm 6'0 and I feel more than above average, I'm not saying I'm very tall I'm not but I do feel solidly tall most of the time, I never really feel average height where I live, I can feel just above average in some cases though If I see quite a few 5'10 guys walking about but that's not that often, I mostly see guys at 5'6 to 5'7 on average so overall I feel pretty tall at my height, I guess it depends on where you live but if we take the global average height into account which is 5'8 that makes 6'0 4 inches above the ave so I would say its a decently tall height.
Shashank 6'4 1/8 said on 10/May/19
If we were to stand straight will you edge me by an easy 1/4 fraction?
AndrewV said on 10/May/19
Hey Rob, do you know what the standard deviation for height in the UK is? Like, what heights would roughly be 83rd and 17th percentile?
Editor Rob
The tall Life page has that data available.
Shashank 6'4 1/8 said on 10/May/19
You are certainly about my height, maybe taller by a few mm.I'm 193.5 at low so i claim 1/8. But in your case you are definitely a strong 6'4. 194 cm would be a good claim for you.
Nik said on 9/May/19
@ LDS - It seems right to me but Rob is 5 foot 8 and change! A lot of people don't factor in older men who are typically under 5'8"!
Nik said on 9/May/19
@ Sakz - It's crazy though because short guys are everywhere, in the country, in market towns, and in central London!
Kultiran said on 9/May/19
Is 175 cm short?
Chris brady said on 9/May/19
I'm becoming obsessed with height and measuring everything. Trying to resist but the urge is too strong. Must pull out my measuring tape!
Greg said on 9/May/19
@jdubbz lol you’re trying to hard lad, I didn’t get triggered I just set him straight if he can say his opinion so can I? Like I don’t understand and alright cool auto correct got me good so I really could care less on The spelling Mr. Grammar Nazi I see you cave back in time from the Third Reich eh? Good job no one cares honestly, except maybe you. To each their own Matt was just spewing nonsense and attacking my friends and I stood up for them, if you want to sit there and call me delusional for displaying my opinion then be my guest ;) you could say whatever you want ion care. I don’t know what planet you live on where someone has to get criticized for asking Rob about a neck injury and whether or not they will shrink because of it. Don’t be silly now. Listen I don’t want your apology just say what you have to say and be a man come on grab yourself by the nuts and just say it without sorry you sound really beta lmao. Alright and I just said I’m within an ideal height range 5’10/5’11 is fine for me. Sure being 6’0 would be nice but it’s not everything I know for certain I wouldn’t want to be your height which is fine but I think if anyone got triggered over what was said it was you Mr. Bonesaw I think that’s going to be my new nick name for you 😂. There’s no reason for me to want to be 6’4-6’6ish too tall. I think people here are too stuck in their heads and always ride their high horse.
Bego said on 9/May/19
@Greg In what cities have you been in your country? Do you remember height wise how you felt? Than how many were you taller and shorter? Like for example in a group of 20 people how many were shorter and taller. If you know what i mean.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 9/May/19

I don't think Greg was lashing out necessarily, he just perceived Matt99's comment as being insensitive even if it wasn't the intention. It's just an error of translation. People have different personalities. I did think Matt's comment was a touch insensitive myself but I'm not about to spark another month-long debate on the general forum over something trivial. I think it's safe to say that as a height orientated website, we are all free to comment on height and mention our own height ideals as much as we want. There's no penalty for discussing height on here, so it shouldn't be actively discouraged just because someone is tired of reading the same thing all the time. As for C-Mo, I think he's a laid back poster and I have a lot of respect for him. He's confident about what he thinks and he doesn't bend backward when someone lashes out at him either, and if people want to find fault for his views on height, they have to remember that everything on here is subjective.
AndrewV said on 9/May/19
@Johan 185cm
I used to live in Belgium and the overall average did seem to be 5'9.5" overall but more like a strong 5'10" (like 179cm) for the young generation. I'm 184cm and I felt I was around 75th to 85th percentile depending on the context. This was in Wallonia btw, the Flemish did seem a bit taller, like maybe 180cm for the young men.

As for the Netherlands, I read from the national statistics website (CBS Statline I think) that the average overall was 180cm-181cm while young white guys are a solid 183cm on average.


You'd be hard pressed to find a 5'8" average in the US outside of majority Asian or Hispanic areas like LA. Even in a fairly diverse place reflective of America's demographics, the average is pretty much 5'9" on the nose. Areas with mostly white and/or black people will be closer to 5'10" on average.
c-mo said on 9/May/19
let me show you something

you guys are underestimating how tall a legit 5'10.25 - 5'10.5 (which is in my ideal height range) barefoot guy is . we all seem to be brainwashed by the internet where every guy is supposedly 6'3 but thats not the truth

Ralph Macchio is a legit 174cm (Rob met him)

look how he looks next to other people :

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

he doesnt look short ....

he looks weak average ....IF THAT . I would even go as far to say he looks solid average/medium on these pics overall

now imagine if he was 4cm taller ....

178cm is a very solid height and not too short to be ideal at all . and yes as I said in my experience/observation it is an ideal height to be . I am 176cm I wish I had 2cm more . so close yet so far

even though as I just showed with Ralph Macchio (who is even even 2cm shorter than me) that my height is not short is still annoying to fall below 5'10 . 176cm at night which I am is a little bit below the exact average and it is also psychologically frustrating to fall below the 178 - 5'10 mark . I would want to be a strong 5'10 ...I wouldnt want anything more than that .

and as I said I measured one of my best friends at about 189cm . he is always one of the tallest guys in the room even here in germany . and it is definitely not a perfect height as I said . it really isnt is too "long" for that . I have been to many places with him including nightclubs . it is not a perfect height . anything above 184/185cm is too tall to be perfect . if you disagree thats ok but it is my experience . is still a good height . as I said already 1000 times any height up to around 6'7 is good (or even very good on the right person) as long as you have the right proportions for it (and even if you dont it is better than being short) . but it definitely is not ideal . ideal means that there are (almost) no downsides on a height but the height of my friend does have some downsides . he has to duck when we are clubbing to talk to women for example . he has to work more to build muscles . often in a group of friends/buddies (or just in the room) he sticks out a bit as "the tall guy" ....I wouldnt want that ...I dont want to be a skyscraper among people. and he looks "long" he loses a little aesthetics . such heights reminds me a little of the tallest of the dalton brothers from lucky luke who is stupid and looks stupid lol . or like a street lamp :D

I also trained with a guy who was about 186-187cm and he also told me he finds himself too tall and he did look and move goofy and I also found him looking too "long" too . I also had a buddy in the gym who was around 187-188cm and he had a hunched back even from his height and also looked too tall and goofy . he guessed me 180cm btw.

I have trained with many guys of various heights in boxing and other sports/martial arts and have been around in nightclubs for years and have had dates with many women over the years and been to clubs with friends of various heights etc.

and in my experience 178 to 184 barefeet (evening height) is the best height range to fall in .

here I am with a friend who I measured at 184cm ....he is visibly taller than me but not as much as one would think . he never looks too "long" no matter where we are and his height is pretty much in the ideal range . he can build muscle still easily , he doesnt make short women look like kids to him but he is still comfortably taller than tall women too , there is basically no negative side on his height . on this pic the difference looks less for some reason . maybe because he is leaning . he looks 5'11 here but he is 184cm we measured him

Click Here

btw. I read that men are on average 8% taller than women . so the female equivalent of 178 - 184 is roughly 165 to 170.5 which looks the best on women (even though to me personally the height of a woman doesnt matter that much)
Canson said on 9/May/19
@Cmillz: it’s better due to Physical Therapy
Canson said on 9/May/19
@Greg: I think you misunderstood what I said in the posts. I’m not enforcing anything here whatsoever. I’m not telling anyone what to claim. All I’m saying about C-Mo (who actually appears to be doing the enforcing himself not me), is that he is dictating what others are and getting upset when they don’t round up or claim higher. This is pretty obvious and I’m sure that others here see it as well. But because “taller is viewed as better” I’m in the wrong and that’s what is clouding you alls judgment. In reality it is silly on everyone especially his part to get upset over what someone claims. Why does he care so much or anyone else here care what anyone claims and why does it matter if someone rounds down? I’ve always maintained the same thing and it’s evident in my posts below that it’s up to the individual what they claim. C-Mo is saying things like “we agree that he is 5’11”. No we don’t. I said that he can claim how he wants. He says he’s 5’11”. But If he measures under then technically he isn’t a full 5’11”.i speak solely on facts. But at the same time rounding is a part of life and he is closer to that mark than 5’10” but if he chose to claim 5’10.5 then that’s fine too since he is closer to that mark than 5’11 just as there is no issue with a 5’11” claim. Me personally I would give him the same advice I gave Bobby just claim “about 5’11” and be done only because I’m not a proponent of halves since they are not used properly. Since I don’t agree with halves I would just round up if I fell 1/2 or above at a low. That’s just me though. I did claim 1/2” before but not now since I always got rounded up or was asked why I bothered with 1/2”. I resolved that myself by just rounding down 1/4”. But the way C-Mo responded I didn’t like especially when he added my name in there and accused Rob of something. This has nothing to do with what one person does or the next. It has to do with the fact that certain people here wish they were taller so they need to enforce rules for others to make it acceptable for themselves and make themselves feel better. And to say “I find it weird that people round down etc” is clearly biased toward wanting everyone to be taller. That’s all I’m saying
Bego said on 8/May/19
Rob would you agree? One thing i figured, if avg is 178cm (5'10") for example and start of tall is 3 inches above avg so in this situwtion 185/186cm (6'1") is start of a tall. Now, above avg is up to 2 inches above measured avg height and bellow avg is 2 inches as well so max above avg height is 183/184cm (6ft) and max bellow avg height is 173cm (5'8"). So that means if avg is 178cm then most of man you will se walking around will be from 173cm to 183cm tall, if you are 178cm you will be very avg and if you are 6ft tall you will be above avg but sometimes tall and sometimes average. If we are talking about from 6ft perspective. What are your thoughts about this? Would you say its valid?
Sakz said on 8/May/19
@Chris Brady It varies, but they probably just mean he's tall since 6'0 is considered the start of it in most places.
Sakz said on 8/May/19
@cmillzz Yeah with women being short isn't seen as being a bad thing, since men on average are taller so they're expected to be. A short woman can also make a man who is average to above average height look tall aswell, so it's not really seen as a negative on either end.
Greg said on 8/May/19
@Kerem are you actually 6’4? Or 6’3. And are they actually 5’5. Thing is some people don’t understand how tall someone is I’ve had people tell me that I must be 5’6 despite that being my eye level and I’ve had people tell me I’m 6’2, I’m actually 5’10.5” so it goes to show that some people can’t figure out your height.

@Vick Measure in the morning and let us know I am assuming between 5’11 and 5’11 3/8ths but I could be wrong. 5’11.25 is a good shout. The average person loses around .75 of an inch.

@C-Mo hey man I’m not against you and I get what you mean if someone wakes up at 5’10.5 why would they claim 5’9? I’m pretty sure Canson is fine with Bobby’s claim 1/4th under I wouldn’t call him out in person. Only person who says he’s 5’9.5 is Arthur the trolling menace who should be back in a few months time or so according to my calculations. But someone who dips below a mark is fine to say almost or around x height also claims on here are different than in person. Canson is very firm and strict with his beliefs so he is going to enforce them wherever he goes, that’s just how he is personality wise I remember having bouts with him before when he thought I was advocating what others should claim when I I fact don’t I could care less because as a person you can’t really control what someone claims I have 5’9 friends who claim 5’11 and 6’0 if I tell them they aren’t that height they just won’t listen even if I measure them only a few will actually believe me. Everyone’s ideal will be different though 5’10-6’0 is decent I think 5’11 is a nice sweet spot but so is 6’2. Even 6’1 can work I think it all depends on what you would do with your height or use it to what advantage.
AndrewV said on 8/May/19
@Chris brady

In general taller people tend to have longer proportions and vise versa for shorter people. Though I personally don’t really think you can guess someone’s height within an inch based on proportions alone without other points of reference. Especially since shorter people can have taller proportions and vise versa.
Greg said on 8/May/19
@Robhey well just with any weak and solid mark there’s isn’t much of a difference so let’s say if a guy drops to like 5’8 5/8ths as opposed to never dropping below 5’9 there will be a small difference and as Rob said posture, footwear and even hairstyle might knock it off. I have a friend who’s around 5’9 and he might even drop below it at an ultimate low but I wouldn’t call him a weak 5’9 as only under hard working conditions he will dip to like 5’8.75-7/8ths range so that’s basicallt indistinguishable from a solid 5’9 guy.

@Bego North Eastern part

@Chris Brady that means Head size, arm length, leg length and maybe even Torso size usually it varies but I think a 6 footer on average can have an arm span between 70-74 inches 70 being on the smaller side and 74 on the longer. Leg length I’m not sure probably like 40 inches maybe?

@Myself Well said usually people tend to exaggerate at least by an inch or two. Not counting ones who round up.
Canson said on 8/May/19
@Kerem: strong would only really apply if you don’t dip under a mark and perhaps stay above it by a little. So in that case you’re essentially a weak 194. You are about the same height as I am 6’4.25” approximately. If I were in a different country I would claim metric and 194 cm as well but I claim feet/inches In the US.
Bego said on 8/May/19
@cmillz Where were you from again? Yeah i believe every country is like that,some days avg feels higher and some feels lower, its because we see alot of different people every day.
Jdubbz said on 8/May/19

"I’m not triggered or anything"

Bruh, you're the only one who lashed out at me or at Matt99 when he made his comment. Reading your response to my comment, if you don't think you got triggered at all, then you really are delusional. And how exactly do I think taller is better? You've literally said on countless occasions that you wish you were 6'0 or 6'1 or 6'2 or whatever so don't be a hypocrite. As for C-mo, I literally directed my comment at him, and look at his reply. He didn't get half as triggered as you even though he had a reason to. Also I'm sorry but this has been grinding my gears, it's spelled "delusional" not 'dillusional".
Jdubbz said on 8/May/19

194 is a good claim for you.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 8/May/19
@Chris Brady

Generally, when you see someone in a picture, you can gauge how tall they are based on their proportions, but this isn't accurate, someone could be 5'10 and look 6'0 to others. What we mean by proportions is the length of a person's legs, their arms, their shoulder height and general posture among other factors such as head size too. You also take into account how long a person's body looks in the picture as a 6footer would have a long looking body as in tall looking compared to someone who is 5'10. On average, you expect a 6ft tall man to have an eye level of 5'7.5, a leg length of at least 43-45 inches long (outseam) and an inseam of 34-35 inches. The shoulder height of around 5ft or more is also expected of a 6footer, so you can pay attention to details like that to try and figure out how tall someone is without any reference points such as the height of certain objects or even other people.
Johan 185 cm said on 8/May/19
Myself said on 6/May/19
I don't really understand why you trust official averages so much though. They measure in the morning very often and occasionally do it either in shoes or without touching the top of the skull with the stadiometer (aswell as possibility of inaccuracy of the stadiometer itself, like Rob's old one). You are an example of that, aswell as my 175 cm friend, both measured 3 cm taller due to incompetence and added to the official statistics of their respective State.


Thats why I am sometimes skeptical of claims coming from countries I have not visited. I want to trust the word of posters here but I know for a fact that some are over exaggerating to say the least.

I travel alot to Germany/France and Belgium for work and the heights there are 5'9"/5'9", 5'10.5" on average from what I see from my perspective. And yet you will see posters here claiming 5'11" is average in those countries which then immediately makes me doubt that poster and their credibility.

As I said before, I was measured at work by a doctor for my medical and she insisted that i was 188 cm even when I protested she still filled that in on my papers. Thats how deep rooted the height frauding is in society, your own word isn't even good enough.
Johan 185 cm said on 8/May/19
Martin Olofsson said on 5/May/19
@Johan 185 cm

The average for swedish men is generally just under 180 cm for overall population and just below 181 cm for the young men. If you talk about ethnical swedes the average goes up to about 180,2 cm for overall population and just above 181 cm for young men. This is according to SCB which is the official statistic bureau in Sweden. But there have been some surveys where the average have been as high as 181.5 cm or even 181,7 cm. Here is one example Click Here

Even if you don't understand Swedish I am sure you can make out the heights that's mentioned there.

I have seen similar surveys for the dutch where there have been somewhat "exaggerated" numbers with small samples. According to your official statistic the average dutchman is 181 cm Click Here


Alot of the time it is reported elsewhere as 184 cm average for the Netherlands. Its true though that for the general pop its more 180cm. A real 5'11" is alot taller than most people realise and with the young group on average 2cm taller at 182 cm its not hard to see why some visitors think our average is 185 ( 6'1"). In shoes many young guys are indeed around that.

One big difference here is regional differences. Our country is small but the north is 2-3 cm taller than the south. Guys in the north average around 182-183 cm.
cmillzz said on 8/May/19
Have you fully recovered from your disc injury btw? Or do you still have some issues to this day.
cmillzz said on 8/May/19
Most of us have an ideal height range. I mean, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. For someone like C-mo it could be 5’10, but then I’ve seen Myself state his ideal is 6’7-6’8. It’s all just purely subjective. we all have our own opinions.
Robhey said on 8/May/19
Rob is there a noticable difference between a weak 5'9 guy and a solid 5'9 guy. Like if the weak 5'9 is 175.0, and the solid is 175.5?
Editor Rob
You'll be hard pushed to tell them apart really (well most would), but there are factors that might influence how they look like hairstyles, head sizes and eyelevels - that might turn a 1/4 into looking bigger like 1/2-3/4.
HiRob said on 8/May/19
Hey rob. At morning I'm 176 cm. Afternoon height is 175.5 or 175.3 My absolute minimum is 174.5. What height should I claim?
Greg said on 7/May/19
@Canson yeah I have a 5’9ish friend who swears he’s 5’11 and tried saying he was my height or taller when i comfortably edge him out and he’s admitted that I was taller before because he asked if I was 6’0 so assuming he thinks he’s 5’11 it would make since me being an inch taller. Can’t wait to measure him one day and expose him, yeah 5’9.5 claiming 5’10 isn’t a big deal as he’s probably that height or taller out of bed especially after lifting heavy that can bring you down to a low. My stadiometer at the gym is broken and isn’t accurate it’s old and not working right. So his brother is 5’10.5” at a low or 5’10.75”? He’s most likely my height or if he’s taller than I’m guessing he’s 5’11 range out of bed. Yep I know a guy who also thinks he was taller than me but he’s like my height maybe a bit shorter but he claims 6’0 his friend was 6’2 and claimed 6’4 and the other kid in their group was almost 5’9 and claimed 5’11. Yeah I mean some people just can’t tell the difference between who’s legit and who’s not.
Bego said on 7/May/19
@Greg Where do you live in PA?
David P said on 7/May/19
Rob, how long does it take lying down to restore full height?
Editor Rob
There's an initial period in which height is regained quicker and then a slower period the discs recover. Which is why 6-7 hours might not fully recover, but 8-9 could mean they reach their full thickness again. We are talking a couple of mm difference though.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 7/May/19

I would say that 5'10 would be taller than half of the population as that is technically in the 60 percentile range. I guess Nik is relying on his own experiences when out and about and it's possible he lives in a small city with not much going on.
Chris brady said on 7/May/19
When people are saying "look at his proportions, he is six feet what do thy mean exactly? How long are a typical six footers arms and legs exactly?
cmillzz said on 7/May/19
What Nik said really isn’t that unbelievable tbh. The US has a similar average to the UK, and there are many days where it seems like the average is right around the 5’8 area. But again, as I said before, you also have those days where it feels higher.
Kerem said on 7/May/19
Hello. If I am 193.6-193.7cm at 8:30 pm, may I easily claim that I am strong 194cm? Another thing is, two of my friends who are 166cm told me that you looked like 185 not 193 when I mentioned I am 193-194cm. Shorter people bad at guessing height?
Myself said on 7/May/19
When they claim 6'0-6'2 to be ideal, in reality they are referring to 5'11-6'1, considering it's quite obvious most people inflate by an inch outside Celebheights.
LDS said on 6/May/19
@Nik, I wasn't too sure about what you said as it didn't seem right that nearly half of men are shorter than 5ft 8. According to a height percentile calculator I used 5ft 8 is 36.6% percentile so I guess it's nearer to a third than half. Almost half seemed too much from a purely observation point of view.
Canson said on 6/May/19
@Greg: In response to what you said to Crab, I’ve seen more solid 5’9” guys like Matt99’s size claim 5’11” and maybe even 6’0” before. I know someone who is 5’9.5 at a low (we measured him at a gym once in the afternoon and his physical measurement was the same) and he actually just says he’s 5’9 1/2 or sometimes 5’10” but then his brother is 5’10 and change essentially your size or maybe a tiny fraction taller and he claims 6’0” lol. His brother corrects him when we’ re at the gym and he blows him off. He knows it but won’t admit it in public although in a less populous setting he claimed his true height of 5’10 1/2” or more frequently 5’11”
Myself said on 6/May/19
I don't really understand why you trust official averages so much though. They measure in the morning very often and occasionally do it either in shoes or without touching the top of the skull with the stadiometer (aswell as possibility of inaccuracy of the stadiometer itself, like Rob's old one). You are an example of that, aswell as my 175 cm friend, both measured 3 cm taller due to incompetence and added to the official statistics of their respective State.
Greg said on 6/May/19
@Meltdown interesting how you have 5’11 above 6’2 and then 5’10 right below lol 5’10/5’11 range is similar. 6’2 is legit tall though. 6’3 is probably the tallest I would ever want to be and you have it below 5’10. Seems you’re more someone who wants to be above average/tallish as opposed to tall.

@Canson yeah that sounds right, all these terms are native to celeb heights users though. I agree and well in terms of Jddubz I believe he does to an extent think taller is better, because he’s saying that 5’10 can’t possibly be ideal because me and Bobby and a few others close to the range want to be taller but that doesn’t make sense because he’s talking about things from his perspective so weak 6’5/strong 6’4 or whatever. Which is cool and all but I could easily say the same thing about that height as ideal for me probably wouldn’t be over 6’3 at a push. I say anything between 5’10-6’3 can be decent and I’m not bashing on you Christian S.J.H or Ali Baba any tall posters here but that’s my perspective he can’t throw the term “dillusional “ out there and expect somebody not to retaliate lol I’m not triggered or anything but I think that’s just nonsensical to say everyone’s going to have a different ideal yours different from mine and his. As for C-Mo yeah but to an extent he thinks a little taller is better so around my height maybe up to 6’0 is his ideal. While yeah I’m sure he didn’t mean that statement to come across the way many of us interpreted it, Rob claims 5’8 because the 1/8th-1/4th for him isn’t needed. He also probably meant that someone’s 5’10 in the morning and like 5’9 at a low claiming 5’9 would be short changing themselves. And no I’m not telling people what to claim but at that point 5’9.5 would be more reasonable but they could claim 5’10 or almost 5’10 too. Yeah I defend Bobby too and people that I like on here. His 5’10 claim is fine only Arthur or someone of that nature disputes it due to his own lack of self awareness and insecurities.
Greg said on 6/May/19
@Nik 5’10/5’11 range is decent it can be ideal to some but personally I think 6’0ish even is perfect.

@Crab ah I see yeah sometimes Doctors don’t know how to measure properly be it shoes on or the stadiometer might have an error. It’s best to measure yourself at home with a can against the wall if you don’t have a stadiometer which is properly calibrated. Lol short girls are awful at guessing height I was guessed at 6’2 by a 4’10 girl and I’m about your height. Many guys inflate too so I usually get guessed at 5’11/6’0 due to my proportions and I’m easily over 5’11 in shoes any how. A lot of guys my height claim 6’0 yesterday this kid I know he is 5’10ish and claims 6’0 his friend 6’2 claimed 6’4 and their other friend 5’9 claims 5’11 I had almost 3 inches on him with boots.
HonestSlovene said on 6/May/19
@Meltdown @AndrewV More or less agree with those charts, around 6'1" for a male is pretty much ideal. It is mostly tall, even in the tallest countries in the world it's barely above average.
Kapp said on 6/May/19
I meet a guy whose point of nose met my eyes while my posture was good and he was a bit slouching, I was wearing lifts and my eye level in shoes+my lifts is a solid to strong 6'2(around 188.5) Can anyone guess his potential height? His bad posture and my eyes meeting directly his nose point would mean a difference of around a good 2.5ins, I'd say, but I looked like someone with a higher eye level as I was wearing lifts and my shoe height was 6'7, I'm thinking at least a strong 6'8 for him barefoot, he was a weird-proportioned dude and looked to have a low eye level, I got really interested in his height.
cmillzz said on 6/May/19
yeah I’d def that it’s better to be very tall than very short if you’re a guy in our society. If you’re a woman though, I’m not so sure. Tbh being a short woman really isn’t a negative at all, and can almost be seen as a positive.
cmillzz said on 6/May/19
I assume you meant you’d take 5’11 over 6’6?
cmillzz said on 6/May/19
I’d take 5’11 over 6’6 as well.
cmillzz said on 6/May/19
would you rather stay at your current height, or go down to 6’2 at a low
ajax177 said on 6/May/19
ajax177 said on 1/May/19
IMO most ideal height ranges in 'all day life' (valid for males in Europe/US):

Rank 1 1.80-1.84 5'11-6'00
Rank 2 1.75-1.79 5'09-5'10
Rank 3 1.85-1.89 6'01-6'02
Rank 4 1.70-1.74 5'07-5'08
Rank 5 1.90-1.94 6'03-6'04
Rank 6 1.65-1.69 5'05-5'06
Rank 7 1.95-1.99 6'05-6'06
Rank 8 1.60-1.64 5'03-5'04

Jdubbz said on 2/May/19
Man, some of you guys are delusional. Thinking 6'5-6'6 is as bad as being 5'3-5'4 as a guy LOL. And 5'10 is most certainly not ideal @c-mo. Look at the 5'10 range dudes on this site (Greg, Bobby, etc. What are their ideal heights? 6'1 or 6'2.
I have listed 6ft5-6ft6 on a more ideal rank (7) than 5ft3-5ft4 (8) so where is the issue?
If your goal is to date Karlie Kloss I get you but finding clothes, comfortable cars or simply staying healthy is much easier at 165cm than 195cm.

So you have to distinguish between adequate for the everyday life and feeling superior.

@Jdubbz Between how tall are you? Everybody has the right to defend his height 😁
c-mo said on 6/May/19
Jdubbz said on 4/May/19

I certainly believe you, but most guys I've talked to on the internet and irl think of 6'0-6'2 as "ideal" for a guy. Maybe that's not a representative sample size, there's no way to be sure. In hindsight my comment sounded insulting and I apologize for that. As for 6'5-6'6 being as "bad" as 5'3-5'4 as a guy, I wasn't referring to you, but to that guy who made a height "tier list" and put 6'5-6'6 dead last besides that height. Maybe it's my ego talking, but I can't see how any guy would rather be very short than very tall.


no worried mate I didnt get offended at all

well yes many men will see 6'2 as ideal but many women think being very skinny is cool and attractive and will starve themselves ....not saying that 6'2 is a bad height but you get my point . it doesnt matter what men wish ...there is also a decent amount of men who wish to be very buff and extremely muscular like a pro bodybuilder but women dont find it attractive nor is such a body better for fighting or sports ....and as I said I have even seen men who are 6'1 (according to their claim) who wish they were taller ....does that mean that 6'1 is not tall enough now ?

as I said I personally find any height up to 6'7 as good as long as you dont have bad proportions . I gave the example of vitali klitschko ....I would never say that his height is bad at all

and of course up to a certain point the definition of "ideal height" is subjective but from my observations in my 33 years of living having been to many nightclubs and flirting/dating women , having been to several boxing/mma gyms and having trained/sparred with guys of all kind of sizes , having analyzed the proportions and aesthetics of people etc. (I am a good analyzer and have sharp eyes) I came to the conclusion that roughly 178cm to 184cm is the best height range


Canson said on 5/May/19
@Greg: the one who thinks taller is better is C-Mo if anything, not JDubbz. You see the comments he makes? 179 in the morning 177.2 at a low and claiming 5’9”? Also what he said to Rob when Rob is 5’8 1/8 (exactly 173 at a low)? If Rob wants to claim 174 that’s fine but he claims 173. Why does C-Mo care? You don’t see many people telling him what to claim or commenting on it. I’m sure if they did and he didn’t like what they have to say there would be World War III here on the GH page. In the end it’s that individual’s height. It’s no different than Bobby wanting to claim 5’10” when he falls under the mark and being told that he’s less by a few posters. While I’m not one (you know where I stand as I’ve defended Bobby numerous times) I bet C-Mo wouldn’t be arguing “what’s wrong with Bobby for claiming 5’10” when he’s under the mark. But because it’s the opposite (taller) it’s respectable in his opinion. If one is going to argue he needs to be consistent.


I dont know what your problem is . I already told you that I didnt mean to offend you with my comment and that I didnt force anybody to claim a certain height

I dont know why people always misunderstand me and hate on me for no reason . that is the case on many sites I am on . it is very strange

to get back to topic though :

a guy who is 179cm in the morning and 177.2cm at a low claiming 5'9 is just stupid sorry . whats next ? a 180cm guy claiming 5'7 only because he wants to be "honest and confident with his height" ? this is going into a very weird direction

bobby IS 5'10 ...he dips a litle below it after a few hours being awake but that doesnt make him a non 5'10 person . he is taller than 5'10 in the morning and he is close to 5'10 even in the evening . I know you dont say that he shall claim 5'9 but I have seen someone said he shall claim 5'9.5 iirc . just lol .....just LOL

also Rob measures 173.6 to 174cm on several videos where he is already awake for several hours . I dont "care" I am just saying that it would make more sense if rob claimed 5'8.5 or at least 5'8.25 but it is his own decision

and how am I the one thinking "taller is better" when I already said I would take 5'10 - 6'0 over any height . I would like to be taller yes but I am not unhappy with my height . why do I get called out ? you see many men here say they would want to be 6'2 , 6'3 while I dont but you dont say anything to them but call me out ? wtf

I also dont understand why you get offended so easily to begin with . I didnt say anything bad to you
Crab said on 6/May/19
Rob, out of curiosity how much do you let celebs claims influence their listing? For example if you've got somebody listed 5'9.5" and then find out they claimed 6'1", would you re-think their height purely because that would be an absurd claim for somebody who's 5'9"? Alternatively, if you've got somebody listed 6'0" and then find out they claimed 5'11", would you downgrade them based on their claim? I've seen a few instances of something to this effect happening (Harry Styles, Brad Pitt, Jude Law etc). Seems like you mostly stick to your guns.
Editor Rob
Publicly documenting claims has always been part of the site ethos. I do consider - does this person look near what they claim or not. It does give a starting point, but I'm ultimately just trying to estimate what I feel they can look. Even sometimes I will give a person a fraction more than they claim!
Vick said on 6/May/19
Rob, I measured myself as 5’10.5 at night. What do you think my morning could be?
Editor Rob
On average I'd expect 5ft 11.25 range, but some folk might shrink more or less than the average. It would be rare if you didn't clear 5ft 11 out of bed comfortably.
Nik said on 5/May/19
@ Bego - Nearly half of men in the UK are smaller than Rob!
Nik said on 5/May/19
5'10" is a good height and that's how people should see it! Every height is cool, for men and women!
Martin Olofsson said on 5/May/19
@Johan 185 cm

The average for swedish men is generally just under 180 cm for overall population and just below 181 cm for the young men. If you talk about ethnical swedes the average goes up to about 180,2 cm for overall population and just above 181 cm for young men. This is according to SCB which is the official statistic bureau in Sweden. But there have been some surveys where the average have been as high as 181.5 cm or even 181,7 cm. Here is one example Click Here

Even if you don't understand Swedish I am sure you can make out the heights that's mentioned there.

I have seen similar surveys for the dutch where there have been somewhat "exaggerated" numbers with small samples. According to your official statistic the average dutchman is 181 cm Click Here
Click Here

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