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Importer said on 5/Jul/19
@Cmillzz a flat 183cm person is more often mistaken as 6'2, nothing questionable since most tell/think they are 5cm+ than what they are.
Bego said on 5/Jul/19
@edwards Where do you live?
edwards said on 5/Jul/19
@bobby 178 cm
at strong 6 feet ,i feel quite tall while strolling sround streets but depends on locations. a solid 6 footer is generally considered tall if you take whole is considered average only a handfull is almost tall in every countries,i personally think that.i personally think even a solid 5'11 is good height
Lell said on 5/Jul/19
Hello, I remember reading that sometimes the body stops growing for a while to prepare for further growth (fixing proportions etc) and I was wondering if that is what happened to me?

At 15 I was 175 cm on the dot. 21 months later at 17 I was 176.5 cm afternoon. Now 19 months after that I'm a little over 179 cm (sometimes 179.5)

This makes sense in my case because I went from 154 cm to 172 cm between 12 and 14 which to me is a lot. So my body took a pause in growing only to get back into it at 18 which is why I gained additional height.

I know I claimed 181 before but I measured wrong. 179 is a good height so I won't complain.
Jiggity said on 5/Jul/19
I agree! I'm 6' barefoot but have a 6'4 wingspan and that has HELPED significantly with basketball, Both street and competitions. Dunking is fun with those arms!! trying to drive on someone your size is almost unfair.
You have the perfect height for a PG/SG! You should have nothing to be ashamed of. In fact you're taller than 90% of the world or something. Enjoy that height, Foreal!
cmillzz said on 5/Jul/19
A lot of girls have no clue what a legit 6’0 guy looks like.
Canson said on 5/Jul/19
@QM6’1QM: neglecting my core is what caused some of that. I really haven’t lost anything out of the ordinary. 2-3mm max is not much
Canson said on 5/Jul/19
@Ellis: I agree with what you said! That is no joke. Now if he’s 194cm then 6’4 3/8 but that at a low rounds to 6’4.5. I used to be closer to 194 at a low but now about 6’4.25 almost like clockwork. He would be a weak 6’6, 197cm in shoes at 194. That would be 2 guard size. You would be close to a 4 or a very big 3 now a days as you’re similar to Pippen but you’re a prototypical 3 guy in earlier days
Canson said on 4/Jul/19
@Ellis: I agree with what you said! That is no joke. Now if he’s 194cm then 6’4 3/8 but that at a low rounds to 6’4.5. I used to be closer to 194 at a low but now about 6’4.25 almost like clockwork. He would be a weak 6’6, 197cm in shoes at 194
Canson said on 4/Jul/19
@Cmillz: yep. If I’ve lost anything it’s about 2-3mm max. Maybe a bit less than 3 really. I think I maxed at 194. I know years back my measurement was 6’4.5 when I played ball and I did measure 6’4 3/8 after I came onto the site. I cut my hair but I likely did lose height as well. I’m almost consistently at 193.8 now a days and 193.6-.7 on a gym day whereas I used to be 194 on a norm
Canson said on 4/Jul/19
@Cmillz: yep. If I’ve lost anything it’s about 2-3mm max. Maybe a bit less than 3 really
Redwing said on 4/Jul/19
Ellis@ How tall are you in cm? 6’7 is pretty monstrous man damn; you ever inflate it?
Sakz said on 4/Jul/19
@Mark Williams Exactly. I think it comes with maturity aswell among older women. Your observation is interesting because from what I've seen 6'0 typically seems to be their sweet spot, and I've heard a woman call someone who was probably about 6'2 'too tall' for her. It all varies really.

@cmillzz That's true but I was just giving a general outlook that older women would probably be less bothered, because of the reasons Mark mentioned below.

@avi Agreed. Works both ways really and it does also depend on how tall the woman is or how she perceives 'tall' or 'short'.
Importer said on 4/Jul/19
@WatchYourBack I answered you on another post your a good 5'11. Stop worrying.
Bobby 178cm said on 4/Jul/19

I think a height of 6'0 is the most well-rounded that a man can be. Not too tall but not too short, but I could also describe 5'10 as being well-rounded too. I think anything after 6'4 is overkill, and I would personally be happy with a solid 6'0 like 183cm at a low.
Easy E said on 4/Jul/19
Rob, if (at the end of the day) my head is touching 5'11 in a mugshot and my hair length is negligible, how tall would I be? Taking a pic uis difficult, but I'll provide one if necessary.
Editor Rob
It can depend how high the camera is and how far away you are from the mugshot (and the camera).

Many mugshots can cause people to seems 1-4 inches taller than they really are!
Ellis said on 4/Jul/19
@Kerem: I'm hoping you're not serious because mental health is no joke, but at 194 cm you are a solid 2 in college ball, and you can easily be the 3 4 5 in street ball. I'm American, I think 194 cm is 6'4.5, you are probably 6'6 in shoes, that is a shooting guard. Also, no height is too tall for model, the only person who can put a limit on them, is themselves. Also, basketball is a sport, although you might not believe it, it's not all about height, its about another measurement, your wingspan. I'm 6'7 barefoot at the worst measurement in my life, 6'9 in shoes for a basketball measurement, and my wingspan is 6'11.5, so close to 7 feet! :(! Although, I'm only 6'9(in shoes), I have the arms of easily a 4, maybe even a 5. On to the point, it's not all about the height, and NEVER sell yourself short, that is the worst thing you could do.
avi said on 3/Jul/19
@Greg and Sakz

Yeah I agree older and more wiser women don't care.

Also I'm not saying being too tall is advantage. Being too tall is equivalent to being to short.
I think a 6'5-6'6 guy is too tall for most women and many women may not like that.

The reason 5'11-6'4 is thrown around as an ideal range is because of models. Most male models are 5'11 to 6'3ish.

The media has sold us that 6'1-6'2 is basically the ideal height as well as being fairly slim.

I am not sure why a lot of female models are 5'10 to 6'1. I would think 5'6-5'10 would be a more appropriate range as for women too tall isn't really that desirable... Probably just looks better in photos.

Have a happy 4th to everyone who celebrates!
Canson said on 3/Jul/19
@Cmillz: I agree with the neurosurgeon. If you lose any it’s generally due to aging or maybe Degenerative disc or structural damage that is beyond the one disc
cmillzz said on 3/Jul/19
Lol, all that PUA stuff is so cringe.
cmillzz said on 3/Jul/19
Canson said on 3/Jul/19
@Kerem: I’m similar to you in height and it’s not too small for a ball player but to be a forward or center especially it is. It’s perfect for a big guard or maybe even almost enough for a small forward. But it’s good height overall. Just get used to people asking how tall you are often and then expecting you to be taller than you are as at 6’4 1/4” at a low I’m expected to be 6’5 or even 6’5-6’6” sometimes
c-mo said on 3/Jul/19
cmillzz said on 2/Jul/19
You can’t just make a blanket statement saying MOST women want a man whose height is within a specific range. Every woman is different. I’ve seen plenty women say they prefer guys who are under 6’0. Hell I’ve even seen some who say they prefer short guys. Everyone has their own personal preferences. I’m not sure why you have a problem with me disagreeing either? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.


only because there are women who will date outside of that range it doesnt mean that he is wrong with saying that most women will prefer men in that particular range . I am 5'9.25 in the evening and I have never had problems attracting women . even when I was 2cm shorter for a while because of my back years ago it didnt hinder me . but he is right with saying that most women prefer 5'11 - 6'4 . especially 5'11 - 6'1 . if a woman could choose then easily 90% of women would take a man in that range be sure of that with some also saying 6'5 - 6'7 and 5'9 - 5'10 . but most would prefer anything between 5'11 - 6'4 . he is right

I dont have a problem with you disagreeing . I am just curious to know why
cmillzz said on 3/Jul/19
Not sure on that one. I personally have seen just as many younger women and girls not care about height or have any height requirements as older women.
WatchYourBack said on 3/Jul/19
Eye level :
171.3cm morning : (181.8-182.3) = 5'11 3/4 ?
170.5cm day : (181.0-181.5) = 5'11 1/4 - 5'11 1/2 = 5'11 3/8 on average during day ?
169.7cm before bed : (180.2-180.7) = 5'11 - 5'11 1/8 ?
I'm not very good at measuring TOP OF MY HEAD , so these are the accurate numbers I actually see for my EYELEVEL on the statiometer. Distance from eye to head measured with a RULER is between 10.5-11cm, so the numbers in brackets are the range of height I am just by adding these numbers. Keep in mind my ABSOLUTE LOWEST measurement was 179.6cm when I doubted my measurement. Looking by eyelevel I lose 1.6cm from morning to night. I'm so confused! Which of these categories do I fit.
A) 5'11 3/8
B) 5'11 1/4
C) 5'11 1/8
D) 5'11
E) 5'10 7/8
F) 5'10 3/4
Please answer me Rob Paul, @Greg, I want to be secure with the barefoot height I claim and know myself to be.
Mark Williams said on 3/Jul/19
@sakz The thing is pretty much all women are shallow, just as most men are. The vast majority would prefer a tall guy over a short guy, just as most men would take a slim girl over an overweight girl. I would also agree its more of an important factor for young girls - older women generally are looking for something more serious and so put less weight on physical characteristics, and more on personality, occupation etc... Height is just one factor of many, there a plenty of short men who do well with women, but being tall is definitely preferable. From what I observe (as a solid 6ft1 guy), I think the range of 6ft2-6ft4 is most attractive to girls.
Mark Williams said on 3/Jul/19
@cmillzz It is definitely true that 'most' women want a guy in that range. Of course there are some women who prefer shorter guys, but that is a tiny minority. From my experience as a guy at university, taller is better up until about 6ft5 in terms of attracting women. There are shorter guys who do well, but being tall is definitely an advantage.
cmillzz said on 3/Jul/19
You have DDD too? Along with the injured disc? Didn’t know that, thought you only had one injured disc. In that case, maybe you have lost a tiny bit of height. It’s such a small amount though that it’s not noticeable.
cmillzz said on 3/Jul/19
This Neurosurgeon explains on Quora the effects a disc injury has on height. Basically, you’re unlikely to lose any height in most disc injuries. Especially if it’s only one disc. I think he has more knowledge on this stuff than any of us, so I’ll go with his answer.

Click Here
Greg said on 3/Jul/19
@Cmillzz @c-mo, to be fair in a way he is right but no you don't have to be 6'0+ to get girls, just it's an advantage if you're tall. look at Mystery the PUA he's supposedly 6'6 and literally uses his height as a conversation starter and a method of approach, not sure if he's legit 6'6 could be 6'4.5-6'5 but I am assuming he is. Usually it's on tinder where you see girls who say "swipe right if you are 6'0+" and I get it if they are tall but some of them are extremely short! It's insane, that's part of the reason why guys lie up, that and an ego boost. Not counting for the guys who don't know their exact height.

@Crex I would Probably guess you at 5'10.5-5'11 depending on footwear even if you're a 5'10.5" guy you can easily look 5'11 like myself. Though you'd edge me out by like .5 of a cm if you're 5'10.5" at night time as I am generally 5'10.25-5'10 3/8ths but we'd likely look the same in person that difference can't be gauged with the naked eye. I am usually guessed between 5'10-6'2, I've been guessed 5'6 which was ridicoulous I think someone was trying to troll me lol and I was guessed as 6'2 on here by a photo and in person before by a girl who was like 4'10 or something. Wow 6'1? that's interesting lol.

@OJS You're a fraction taller than me, I would claim whatever you're comfortable with either 5'11 or 5'10, or perhaps settle for the middle value 5'10.5" like even "around/approx/about 5'11 would suffice. I know guys who'd claim 6'0 with those stats.
Myself said on 2/Jul/19
6'3-6'4, too tall for what?
Sakz said on 2/Jul/19
@Ellis 6'8 Exactly it all depends on the woman to be completely honest because someone who isn't shallow won't really care and will focus on more important things. I think it would probably bother young girls more.
Sakz said on 2/Jul/19
@Greg and avi Personally I don't think older women especially would give height as much thought because there are more important factors, but of course that varies. If they are bothered about height most of the time they'll just want someone who isn't short or too tall. Asking for a specific height is ridiculous imo and as you (avi) mentioned, a lot of them can't judge height properly.
Kerem said on 2/Jul/19
As a 194cm guy, they classify me short for basketball and too tall for modelling. What should I do, go into suicide?
Chris brady said on 2/Jul/19
How were you guys able to figure out your eye level from the floor to your eye? It took me many years to realize my own eye level height?
Luca said on 2/Jul/19
Dear Rob, I've tried again to measure myself facing the wall and with my back to it, but this time staying quite far from it.
In this case, my recorded height is the same, legit 189 cm, while again, if I touch the wall with my back I can lose up to 5 mm.
So what's my real and legit height?
Legit 189 cm or solid 188 cm?
Editor Rob
Stick with saying 189cm, as if you are 5mm less one way, you aren't standing as tall as you can.

Just be careful you don't become too focused on the specifics, because whenterh 188 or 189, it's a height in which you are already rather tall!
Myself said on 2/Jul/19
@Chris Brady
What exactly involved your injury?
James said on 2/Jul/19
I've noticed a 0.5cm growth in the past year. How likely is it for me to grow since I'm 19(about to reach 20) soon. Current height is 186cm
Ellis said on 2/Jul/19
@avi: That's very interesting. You reckon 6'3 is starting to get too tall, whereas I feel that 6'3 is the perfect tall guy. 6'4 and 6'5 is a dominant guy height, and 6'6 is too tall. I love being too tall, every single day people look at me in awe, and even sometimes I hear people saying I'm tall. At the end of the day, although many people may view it from a negative spectrum, I actually like being an outlier. Also I do have stretch marks from the massive growth spurts I had, they are much more healed up now, but they were dark brown and huge during my peak years as a teenager. They are in a lot of places, my back, and also on my knees, they are much more transparent now though. The doctors always thought I would finish at 6'1, but then out of nowhere I shot up.
Myself said on 2/Jul/19
You are 189 cm, come on! Click Here
cmillzz said on 2/Jul/19
Also, your thinking that he’s right is just your opinion too.
cmillzz said on 2/Jul/19
You can’t just make a blanket statement saying MOST women want a man whose height is within a specific range. Every woman is different. I’ve seen plenty women say they prefer guys who are under 6’0. Hell I’ve even seen some who say they prefer short guys. Everyone has their own personal preferences. I’m not sure why you have a problem with me disagreeing either? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jul/19
@ Canson - Hi, Big Guy! I had an interesting weekend, thanks, having discovered a nice new TV channel, called Paramount Network. It shows a great many interesting programmes, including 'The 'X' Files' and Hugh Laurie's 'House'. They showed an omnibus of the first series of 'House' and I really enjoyed it. Then yesterday evening, I watched Hugh in 'Blackadder Goes Forth', which is just SO funny!

Have a wonderful week Canson!

Sandy XX 😁👍
QM6'1QM said on 2/Jul/19
Canson said on 1/Jul/19

Why so much and how you get disc disease ?
Crex said on 1/Jul/19
@Greg I have been guessed by others as 5'10" about 70% of the time. I've only been guessed as 5'9" twice ever. The rest of the time I have been either called 5'11" or taller. At my chiropractor the assistant asked if I was close to 6'1".

How can a stadiometer be that far off? It looks properly installed, and the weighing part of it is accurate.

I checked from home again (I have already done this measurement with my bathroom door) I appear to be about 179-179.5ish at 8:15 at night.
OJS said on 1/Jul/19
Hey Rob,

If I am slightly above 5'11'' after bed and slightly above 5'10'' after 18 hours. What would be a fair claim?
Editor Rob
Imagine you go for a check-up at 11.30am - you are likely going to be measured close to 5ft 10.5, possibly a bit below it. Most people are going to claim that...and it's fair enough.
Greg said on 1/Jul/19
@Myself i was it all depends on the situation and what not but I do get the point you are trying to get across. It be like that sometimes.

@Q6’1 yeah you should feel blessed 6’0/6’1 is a good range.

@Rezol Weak 5’10 or strong 5’9, like 5’9.5-5’9.75? I’m 5’10.5 and my eye levels 5’6 168cm
Greg said on 1/Jul/19
@guythinkingaboutheight Exactly lmao that’s why I’m so skeptical when users here say they are going in their 20’s while it’s still impossible it’s highly unlikely majority do finish at 18. Yet there’s some guys here saying they are still growing after 21 like wtf?

@cmillzz you probably lose 1/4-3/4th of an inch depending on how bad it is, I herniated a disc and my doctor said if I do certain exercises I can gain some height back.
avi said on 1/Jul/19
@Ellis 6'8 said on 28/Jun/19

Yes 6'4 can be argued as last decent height where it's not too bad. I think 6'3 is start of getting too tall.

If you're a basketball player and devote your life to that then obviously it may be beneficial in most regards but still every day life is a challenge.

And yes based on your growth chart it seems you had 2 large growth spurts 14 to 15 and 15 to 16. Your main spurt was 14 to 15 then right away you had the second one of 3 inches. With me I had mine from 13 to 14 (3.5 inches or so) and then just one inch from 14 to 15. My second was only around 2 inches from 15 to 16.
Also since you were 10 you were growing 3 inches and I was at 2.5 inches so that added up. It's interesting to see the growth chart or someone between 6'6 to 6'8 compared to someone who is normal range.
Jdubbz said on 1/Jul/19

Lets take 6'4 as an example. A strong 6'4 would fall to 6'4.25-6'4.5 at night, whereas a weak 6'4 would fall to 6'3.5-6'3.75 at night. So both are technically 6'4, but there is a half inch or even 2cm difference between the two. A legit or solid 6'4 would be in between the two, and fall to 6'3 7/8 - 6'4 1/8 at night.

It depends how much you lose, but if you get up at 179.5-180cm, chances are that you'd fall to 5'10 flat at night. Maybe a few mm over or under. So I'd call you a legit 5'10.

I've grown approx 7cm since I turned 20. I was 6'3 flat or 190.5 at night from 18 to 20, but from 20 to 22 I've grown to 197cm. So around 2.5 inches.
Jdubbz said on 1/Jul/19

If every doctor is measuring you shorter than 5'9, then there is a high chance that you're not actually 5'9. How are you measuring yourself at home?
Jdubbz said on 1/Jul/19

True, growth after 18 let alone 20 is very rare. I seem to be one of the exceptions since I gained a lot since then, but on average, maybe
Canson said on 1/Jul/19
@Myself: one herniated disc won’t cause that type of loss. If anything maybe your morning height would be slightly affected. I’m 37 and 1/2 now and have lost maybe 1/8 lifetime but that’s age along with having degenerative disc disease affecting other discs secondary to the herniation of the one disc
Canson said on 1/Jul/19
@Sandy Cowell: Hi Sandy! Happy early 4th and hope you had a great weekend as well! I’m sure he will be back at some point
Canson said on 1/Jul/19
@Ellis: technically you’re 6’7” though since you said you’re 6’8” out of bed and 6’7 Flat at a low
Ellis said on 1/Jul/19
@Rezol: Generally your height is around 4.25 to 4.5 inches more than your eye level, eye level being in the middle of your eye. If you mean just below the eye then that is 5 inches. Your eye level is 166 cm or roughly 5'5 and 3/8's your real height could be anywhere from, 5'9 5/8s to pretty much 5'10. Most likely, you are either 5'9.5 on the lower end of a guess, or 5'9.75.
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 1/Jul/19

I grew an entire inch and change after 18 even though users like Arthur and Andrea doubt that. There was a time I measured only a textbook 5'9 and now measure 5'10.
cmillzz said on 1/Jul/19
Anyone seen Christian lately? Seems like he hasn’t posted in a while.
c-mo - 5'9.35 said on 1/Jul/19
cmillzz said on 30/Jun/19
“Most women want a guy around 5'11 to 6'4.”

I disagree with that statement. But if that’s what you want to believe, then so be it.


he is right . what do you disagree with ?
guythinkingaboutheight said on 1/Jul/19
@Lell I doubt that an average male gains 1 cm after 20 actually, since most males stop growing at around 18. One cm maybe after 17 or something. Then there are those who are lucky and still can gain a bit height after 18 and maybe after 20 too.
cmillzz said on 1/Jul/19
I still doubt herniating one disc causes any noticeable height loss.
Myself said on 30/Jun/19
A small herniation where the nucleus of the disc doesn't come out too much I don't think will really affect the measurements. I think a lot of pressure for prolonged time on a herniated disc may make you lose height due to the fact that once some of the disc's internal liquid is spilled outside I doubt you can really regenerate it completely.
If someone has a herniated disc (I have a couple), I think the best way to go is avoiding pain and reaching your ultra low, by resting comfortably when possible...watching your form for each movement you do and keeping a good posture throughout the day, to avoid unnecessary pressure on the disc. I wouldn't recommend any extreme spinal stretch or insense activities, like running, when the disc is still inflamed, out of position and not even slightly healed. Start doing moderate exercises for hamstrings, quads and abs, aswell as stretches for the hip flexors and hamstrings, since anterior or posterior pelvic tilts are both your enemies.
In theory it takes many months for a disc to slightly heal, so that's the amount of time I would wait before trying to resume intense physical activities or unhealthy habits if they are unavoidable (like sitting a lot at work or school).
Luca said on 30/Jun/19
Dear Rob, as I told you my morning height is between 191 and 191,5 cm, my evening height between 189 and 189,2 cm and my absolute low about 188,8-188,9 cm measuring myself with the aerosol can.
However I ve recorded this measures posing in front of the wall:so recently I tried to measure myself with my back to the wall, and I resulted to be like a couple of mms less.
As I told you I've been doing posture exercises that have made my posture really erected, and while I put my back to the wall I clearly feel that I can't stand tall as I could normally do, I feel I lean a bit down to the wall.
So, since these my feelings, do you think that the front measurement in my case is the legit one?
Editor Rob
Just be careful on posing with your back to the wall - make sure you don't curve your spine too much.

It's fine when you stand with back against a stadiometer, but it's a different matter with a wall - I am sure many people might knock a few mm from their height if they try to measure themselves.
Greg said on 30/Jun/19
@Kaysan Yeah that’s what I meant by reaction like what you say, exactly but no matter what it’s like you can’t convince them unless you have the tape measure right there because there is a guy who’s shorter than me and he claims 6’0 and when I told him “ dude how did you get that measurement I’m taller than you” he laughs and goes “how are you going to tell me I’m not 6’0?” 😂😂 it’s like “uh because you’re not Lololol.
QM6'1QM said on 30/Jun/19
Greg said on 28/Jun/19

Yep, i have been 6'0 at 16 y.o. and remembered that as great height. I felt me taller than most of people even in keds/thin shoes. Yes, you alright with wish to be magic 6'0. It's really attractive and still tall (Chris Evans for example).
QM6'1QM said on 30/Jun/19
Kerem said on 28/Jun/19

99% of population, for sure.
cmillzz said on 30/Jun/19
“Most women want a guy around 5'11 to 6'4.”

I disagree with that statement. But if that’s what you want to believe, then so be it.
Lell said on 30/Jun/19

Sup, I'm quite new here but strong and weak work like this:

If you are 6'2" in the morning, but 6'1.5" rest of the day, you are a weak 6'2" but strong 6'1" as you never go below hit.

Talking about growth after 20 I can't say for sure. Some people stop at 12 while others get growth spurts at 25, but if I could guess I would say like one cm for males on average?
Myself said on 29/Jun/19
I don't see what's the point in claiming your out of bed height on this site's very misleading, considering this site is about realistic claims and estimations that take the morning bonus out of the equation.
I grew around 1.3 cm from 20 to 21, could grow at least another half cm imo.
Rezol said on 29/Jun/19
If my eye level is 166cm, then whats is your guess about my height?
Canson said on 29/Jun/19
@Greg: agreed
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/19
@ Canson - I hope that you have managed to get in contact with Christian. I like reading your banter together - two genuinely tall guys with their own personal view on the tallness that they share!

I miss him too. I hope he comes back very soon. Have a great weekend Canson!

Sandy xxx 😁👍
Ellis 6'8 said on 28/Jun/19
@avi: That is true, at 6'8 well sort of, 6'4 is the ideal range, but if you are a nice guy they will value that over your height, remember it is about the personality not the height unless it conflicts with the relationship.
Here is my growth chart:
When I was ten I was 4'11
11: 5'2
12: 5'5
Not sure about those up there but the confirmed ones start down here, and I was 4'11 at ten.
13: 5'7
14: 5'9
15: 6'1
16: 6'4
17: 6'6
18: 6'7
Right now 6'8
Chris brady said on 28/Jun/19
I'll give an update on my back. It is feeling better after about two and a half weeks since I hurt it. I've been doing the stretches that you guys suggested. At night I am still not quite the 6-1 I was before my injury I am more like 6 3/4.
Kaysan said on 28/Jun/19
I don't have a reaction Greg I just say nope bull ter you're not 5'9 because I measure 5'9
Greg said on 28/Jun/19
@Avi lol yeah I’ve pretty much been here for many years but probably didn’t start posting until I was 17 or 18. I think I started to gain interest when I was 13, as that’s when I started noticing 6 footers at my middle school that was early for guys to hit that height at. However I was probably obsessed around 15/17 I wanted to desperate grow to be 6’0 and I remember I would always be envious of my friends who grew to 6’0 or taller I do have a growth chart in my house somewhere I had a slow but steady growth I grew about 5 inches from 14-15 of only I had another growth spurt like that I would have been over 6’0 and it would have been better. Yeah girls want a taller guy but the really tall ones might want an even taller guy it all depends. I agree though.
Greg said on 28/Jun/19
@Myself does herniating a disc make you measure shorter? And is there anyway to do exercises in order to regain that height? I heard some special posture exercises can help restore lost height.
Kerem said on 28/Jun/19
I am 194cm and in the world am I taller than 98% of the population?
Kiers 1996 said on 28/Jun/19
Hey Rob if I'm 173.7 cm nearly 3 hours out of bed what would be a good height to claim ? I weigh 135 lbs but have broad shoulders and a wide chest from weights I'm a 31 inch waist shirt size medium. Would my build make me appear tall or smaller ? Keep walking tall
Editor Rob
I'd go with 5ft 8 or 173cm for your height.

But always remember - nobody is giving your height that much thought unless you are very tall or short.
houss said on 28/Jun/19
Click Here
Rob how much do you want is the difference between us and who's closer to the camera
Editor Rob
About 2 inches
Jeanbabe said on 28/Jun/19
Hi guys🌷 I’m Jean☺️
idk the diffrence about “weak height” and “strong height” lol
Can anyone explain? 😭

Does someone's height get up in the morning at 179.5-180?
Is this a legit 5ft10?

How many centimeters have you grown up after 20?

thank guys xoxo
Canson said on 28/Jun/19
@Kaysan: I have heard a couple guys claim 6’4 in the area I hang out that aren’t. Then one that is my size who claims 6’5. I just ignore them now
Canson said on 28/Jun/19
@Chris Brady: I would hope anyone would stand full
Daycringeothon said on 27/Jun/19
Height really is sort of subjective to each person in daily life. I am 182.5cm-183cm morning height. I can shrink to 181.5 mid-day on an average day. Relaxed posture. 182cm mid day on average with stretching posture. 180.5cm-181cm at late day (8 hours after lying down) relaxed posture as well. If I purposely slouch then I look 179cm-179.5cm. I have been told I look anywhere from 5’10” to 6’2” as a teenager. Now at 37 it’s down to just 5’10”-6’. I’m not of an athletic build or in bodybuilding shape. Skinny fat body type. I once got mistaken for 5’7” which was a huge joke. I was in skiing wear on a ski hill. Not very accurate. Again it’s subjective to the person looking from up close or from some distance.
avi said on 27/Jun/19
@Greg said on 21/Jun/19

Yeah haha. We are both obsessed as are most ppl here lol.
I became obsessed when I was around 16.
How about you?

And yeah there are always some bigger kids who grow fast then slow down.

There were a few who were maybe strong 5'8-5'9 area in my middle school but final height was 5'10ish.

I was pretty normal except I never had a huge Growth spurt. Maybe 3.5 to 4 inches from 12 to 13.
Which is normal. I believe 3 to 5 inches is the average.
I just don't get why I would only grow 1 inch when I was 14 then at 15-16 grow 2.2 inches....that's bizarre. I heard most ppl have potential for that 2nd growth mini growth spurt but not all trigger it.

Do you know your growth chart?

And for your comment to Sakz I agree. Most women want a guy around 5'11 to 6'4.
Also we need to consider that most women don't judge height well ( most ppl for that matter) so a guy really may be 6'2-6'3 but the woman thinks he is 6'4 and associates that height as "6'4" in their mind. So really to most women I may appear a bit over 6'0 despite being a bit under...

Being somewhat tall is probably best 6'0-6'2. 6'3 can stand out which puts it outside the ideal range. Almost no woman would ever complain a 6'1 guy is too tall unless she is very short.
Also what's more important in life is health and optimal living. That height range may actually be 5'9-6'1 as taller people are at risk for various health ailments.
Greg said on 27/Jun/19
@Chris Brady generally you stand straight or close to military posture, also it wouldn’t Matter if you busted a gut it adds only a few mm, same with socks Rob said before that they add a few mm, so all together those mm aren’t even much it’s not like busting a gut would boost you up a significant amount to make that much of a difference.

@Crex so don’t use that stadiometer most of them are faulty and inaccurate, there are one of two issues that can be causing it. Either you’re not measuring yourself properly or that stadiometer is broken, I’m assuming both. If you’re friends are honest about their heights and they are guessing you shorter it might be because you are shorter that or they have no clue what they are talking about. Do you have a tape measure at home? Just use an Aerosol can about 8 inches or bigger and stand against a wall, bring it down until it hits the highest point of your head. Mark it with a pencil and then take the tape measure and check, if you’re a weak 5’11 guy you should not be getting guessed at 5’9/5’10, unless you have bad posture or are around that range. I’m a weak 5’11/strong 5’10 and I’m often guessed 5’11/6’0 I’m like 181.5-182cm In shoes during the evening. Don’t worry about being obsessed with height because I am too, I always compare my height to others in public as it’s just natural for me to do at this point. And being taller would be nice but it’s whatever. I wouldn’t let it make you insecure though, where are you from? A legit 5’11.25 morning height guy would drop to 5’10.5 at a low if not a bit lower if it’s their extreme low which you wouldn’t generally reach. I feel like you might not be measuring properly though.
Greg said on 27/Jun/19
@Bego I don’t care for it I just don’t like when people try to dictate my claims, you can even ask Canson as he shares a similar view when people inflate themselves along with him, though I think I per say he gets more annoyed when people try to inflate him. It’s just a nuisance when you have people trying to tell you that you must be x height because they where measured x or “know they are x height” and yeah it’s Greg Lurik on Facebook, you add me. I’m in “Height Discussion “group chat on Facebook with Bobby, Ben, Connor and a few others it would like to join us as well. My insta is GregTypeofBoul. That map can’t be right 😂 where did you find it? 5’11 average in the northern states? No way even in my state 5’10.5 is not the average lol that’s something that would be in Europe. The average in my state is maybe 5’9 at 5’10/5’11 you would be above average.
Greg said on 27/Jun/19
@Kaysan do you come across a lot of guys who lie about being 5ft 9? What’s your reaction when say a guy 5’7-5’7.5 claims 5’9? And do they inflate you too or just stick with their own inflation. Because often I’ll see guys who are your height claim 5’11 or 6’0 if not more I simply can’t help but to laugh.
Kaysan said on 27/Jun/19
Never mind I think I got my problem solved it is just that every doctor measures my height wrong every single time
Kaysan said on 27/Jun/19
i don't trust doctor scales because they are terrible
Kaysan said on 27/Jun/19
And I'm not lying about my height
Kaysan said on 27/Jun/19
Because I got a bad measurement from the docs and I believe they rushed because my dad has measured at 5'9 or close a lots of times
Kaysan said on 27/Jun/19
Because I feel like they rushed through measurement and don't give accurate measurements plus I know I'm 5'9 and Dad measured me at that height so the scales are off.
Ellis 6'8 said on 27/Jun/19
I saw a guy today at the mall he was like 6'10, I wonder if we have the same length arms? First guy I saw taller than me in a minute. I'm 6'7 at a low, and probably at the time I already reached my low. I wonder if we had the same wingspan, I took my wingspan recently and it is 6'11 and a quarter with the ruler in my hands, and 6'11.5 when I just touch the wall and someone marks as far as I can reach, but it hurts stretching to get that mark.
QM6'1QM said on 27/Jun/19
Rob, i got a few millimeters and now measure 6'2 (187.9 cm) in the morning.
It's makes me around 6'1.25", but i claim just 6'1.
I really surprised that i growing, but now i'm only 20 y.o.
Editor Rob
It's really hard to tell if there is growth when it's a couple of mm, because better posture for measurements or overall disc health could account for tiny differences....regardless, keep track of your height and see if it ever falls less than your current range.
Myself said on 27/Jun/19
@Chris Brady
When yoi measure, you must stand the tallest you manage without cheating like tip toes and so on, without raising the head excessively too.
The worse your usual walking/standing posture is, the more unnatural you will look when standing tall for a measurement imo. That's why I always try to improve my general posture to resemble my tallest, without it looking too forced.
Btw, any news on your spinal state? Did you really lose height? By the symptoms you described it looked like you really herniated some discs.
Kaysan said on 27/Jun/19
I hate most people that think that they're 5'9 and lie about it while I know I'm 5'9 and edge people out.
mrtguy said on 26/Jun/19
Rob, I apologize for the comments I said about you and the site in the past...

Is it easy or hard to guess women's height by the shape of her face if so what would you guess??
Click Here
Editor Rob
It doesn't always correlate that a big head means taller than average person. The odds increase though. She looks to have a sizeable head.
Kaysan said on 26/Jun/19
I feel like doctors measure someone's height wrong
Chris brady said on 26/Jun/19
When you guys stand to be measured how do you do it? Do you stand casual or as straight and Tall as possible? And if you need to bust a gut to hit a'measurement is it fair to claim that height even if it is an unnatural posture?
Crex said on 26/Jun/19
Hey Rob

My gym has a medical weight scale with stadiometer (height rod) attached which I have used for awhile to measure my height. Its next to a mirror in the gym locker room so using the mirror I align the top of the height rod as parallel as possible as it gently touches my head. The only issue is I stand facing to the scale rather than away, just because I'm pulling the rod down to my head myself. I do not angle my head at all, I look straight forward and stand tall.

I consistently get 181-181.3 cm first thing in the morning and 179.3-179.6 cm at night time, or really anytime after 5-6 pm. 182-183 cm with my gym shoes on.

Should I claim 180 cm as my height? I only ask because I repeatedly get estimated at 5'10" (even 5'9" once or twice) by my friends and it really annoys me arguing with them that I have repeatedly measured on the gym's medical scale and I get 5'11" and 1/4 inch every morning. Its actually making me insecure, and now I feel like I'm going insane comparing my height to others in public or at the gym and doubting my own measurements. Also is it accurate to gauge your eye level to others eye levels for height? Thanks a lot!
Canson said on 25/Jun/19
@Kerem: yes
Greg said on 25/Jun/19
@Myself Yeah my bad I meant to say Tom, not sure where I got Nick from lmao. But there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between them.

@AndrewV Well I think that depends on somebody’s ego, yeah there’s guys shorter than me who claim 5’0/5’11/6’0 I’m 5’10.5” btw. The worst was I heard a 5’9 guy claim to be 6’1, I have a friend who’s 6’0.25-.5 who claimed to be 6’2. A 6’2.5 friend who used to claim 6’4 and now raised it to 6’5.. it’s insane. I noticed a guy who might slightly edge Rob write 5’10 on his license. Also, I have a friend who’s like maybe c-mos height more or less and he claims to be 5’11, or 5’10.5. He even tried inflating both him and I to 5’11/6’0 during a conversation. He thinks he is my height but I know I am taller, he refuses to measure can against the wall so one day I want to catch him with my other friend and measure and compare so end this nonsense once and for all.
Unbewohnt544 said on 25/Jun/19
Rob, is it possible to have a low eye level with a normal forehead? I feel like my forehead isn't particularly long, yet I think that I have a rather large cranium, it's just that much of it is covered by hair? How much of the eye level is usually covered by hair?
Editor Rob
You could have quite a low hairline, so the forehead area doesn't look that big...and have a 5-5.25 range eyelevel, which is very low. It might not look that low because of the lower hairline.
Luca said on 25/Jun/19
So Rob, overall, with these stats would you define me a legit 189 cm?
Out of bed height : 191,2-191,5 cm
Usual low height: 189,1-189,2 cm
Extreme low height:about 188,85 cm
Editor Rob
It's enough to call yourself a decent 189 as you barely even fall under it on a bad day.
Fisher1010 said on 25/Jun/19
Dear rob. My morning height right out of bed is 172.7 and by the end of the day right before bed it’s around 171.2. What Number would you you put my height as if I were a celebrity on this site.
Thanks a lot for your time
Editor Rob
You don't have huge shrinkage really, so if you were measured at 11am for a medical, you probably would be 171.7-9 range and rounded to it's fair claiming that.

But if you measured at teatime, you are closer to 171.
James Edward Crowley said on 24/Jun/19
Rob is it true some people don't accept ageing ageing does betray people and damages the body with ageing you gain weight lose your hair and your hair goes grey,When your in your like early 20s 23 years old your in top form your body is at peak fitness everything works no aches no pains and nothing is falling apart ageing hasn't attacked and damaged your body yet usually,that doesn't happen until your 60s your only in your 40s rob nothing hurts and nothing is falling apart yet maybe in 20 years you will notice the effects of ageing.
Editor Rob
A proportion might not be happy with the process, but then, many people never live to old age - I'll happily take living a long time if I can!
Ben said on 24/Jun/19
@Delvin Chung I think it's the opposite. If I'm correct Jenny used to shrink nearly an inch at her peak height. I don't know if she still shrink that much.
Myself said on 23/Jun/19
I think you are talking about Tom, not Nick (Juji's comrade).
Bego said on 23/Jun/19
@Greg And how many guys are in your friend group?
AndrewV said on 23/Jun/19
As a six footer, I use myself as a reference point whenever I need to estimate someone's actual height. Height inflation is really common among guys, 5'9"-5'10" men at, say, parties constantly try to claim my height even though their eye level is slightly under my nose. Similary, guys my height, around 6'0"-6'1", will say they're 6'2"+ and all the 5'6"-5'7" dudes will try to claim 5'8" or 5'9". I wonder, is height inflation this common in countries that use the metric system?
Greg said on 23/Jun/19
@WatchYourBack yeah .5cm is hard to notice so you can claim 5’11 or 180cm if in metric if you hit rhat as a low what’s your morning height? 181/182? I claim 180 as that’s my out of bed height. And I’m 179ish afternoon.

@Kaysan Yeah I was undermeasured at the docs by a bit due to being on carpet I think by half an inch.
Greg said on 23/Jun/19
@Kerem have you been growing? I feel like every other time you post you are taller lol yeah you can.
Delvin chung said on 23/Jun/19
Do guys shrink more during the day than girls on average ?
Arslan 6'10 210 CM said on 23/Jun/19
This could just be the inaccuracies of the embedded height scale in some pictures (for a best example, in Tim Hopper’s page) or just me, but many of the celebrities have their hair included in their heights. Hopper is a gooe example of this, where the 6’5 mark is truly above even his hair making him look 6’3 max top of head to toe
Luca said on 22/Jun/19
Dear Rob, sorry if I seem repetitive, but I'm really doubtful about my height and I'd like to know your definitive opinion about it...
Specifically I usually measure about 191.25 cm out of bed, but after a long night of sleep I've reached sometimes 191.5 cm;my usual low is about 189,2 cm;my absolute low is 188,85 cm.
How can I honestly claim about myself?
Editor Rob
If you are sure that your method of measuring is reasonable (flat floor and wall, object on top of your head), then it's safe to go with about 189cm.
Kerem said on 22/Jun/19
I am 196cm out of bed so that I can easily say I am 194cm?
Greg said on 22/Jun/19
@Phrygian When you say people don’t believe you do you mean they inflate you or argue you’re shorter? Most people lie or don’t know how tall a certain height truly is, you’re about 1cm taller than me I am 180cm Morning and 178ish at a low and most people guess me to be taller than I am however I’ve had a few people try to argue about my claim. I know a lot of guys between 173-188 Who lie about their height. Most guys who are an inch or two shorter than us claim our range that might be when someone hears someone who’s honest like me or you even if we round up they will most likely hit us with the good ole “ oh you can’t be 5’10/5’11 you’re at least 6’0-6’1” or something ignorant like that. I think with any range it’s common to hear guys exaggerate during common conversation. Truthfully I can’t recall the last time somebody hasn’t claimed their height in shoes or a false height they can’t even measure close to.
Rick1 said on 22/Jun/19
@avi / Johan 185 cm

Not entirely true, yes diet/hormones are a factor but i read from numerous sources that in the Netherlands the most fertile men were seven centimetres above the average height.... and had on average nearly .3 more children than men of average height - with women of average and not short height, in the UK and the US its very common to see a very tall man with a petite woman; from what i have seen in the Netherlands and read it does not appear to be as common. As you mentioned we can inherit from our grandparents, and even great grandparents. An example being of the reverse is that in the US the average height has decreased (very slightly) in the last 20 years , most likely due to immigration.
Greg said on 21/Jun/19
@Adrian 184 Yeah man I’m a Fitness Enthusiast I follow most of those channels, Greg O Gallagher would be a nice listing maybe if enough of us repeat it Rob might cave in and add him 😝 we can only hope but he claims 5’10, generally though to me he looks 5’9.5, I know he got measured at 177cm or 5’9.75” but idk next to 5’8 Listed Damn bilzerian he looked just 1.5 inches taller which even then Dan could be 5’7.75” if not shorter but I don’t see Greg Measuring Anything under 5’9.5. He could be a guy who wakes up around 5’10.25 or 5’10.1 and drops to 5’9.5-.6. Next to 6’0 Nicky Romero who might actually be 5’11.2-5’11.5 range he looked 5’9 range. Now Omar Isuf seems and looks honest about his almost 5’10 5’9.5 claim. I think he could be 5’9 5/8ths maybe? See the thing with JujiMufu is I find it hard to believe he’s only 5’10, he’s always claimed 5’11 and I know the one quote of him in an interview saying 5’10 but he’s always said 5’11 even for a Dexa Scan he told the nurse he was 5’11, maybe he’s 5’11 in the mornings and 5’10.25 at night like me? Probably a 5’10.5 guy who rounds up and down but I’ve always seen him claim 5’11. Haven’t watched the Colab but I’ll check it out. Is he wearing boots? I seen Omar wear these massive boots before and somebody stupidly asked him if he was taller than his claim or his friend was shorter because his friend claimed 5’10 and he edged him in boots so idk it was a while back. Now you know Juji’s friend Nick in his videos? He always claims 5’11 but doesn’t look much taller than Juji, like 1/4-1/2th if that. They did a video where they where measuring arm spans his is long like mine 188cm or 6’2, but when they where measuring them they did it wonky with a tape behind their heads, not under a stadiometer or can against the wall. They got 5’11 for Nick which I didn’t even see him much taller than Juji if at all they looked the same height he had really thick hair it reminded me of a Gylenhaal styled measurement where Jake was under 5’11 but Conan still gave it to him. Anyways yeah I’m curious because guys like Freezma claim 5’11 and he looks similar to Jeff Seid. Jeff is listed as 5’9.5 here but I always thought he could be 5’10. Freezma did a Dexa Scan as well and during the stadiometer part it was an electronic one but he didn’t show the measurement which is suspicious maybe he is shorter than his claim. I’m always curious about Fitness Youtuber heights how about Mike Thurston how tall do you think he might be? He claims 5’11 I think he looks close to it but he could be a tad under. Also Maxx Chewning Claims 5’10 but looks 5’9.5ish and his brother Chase Claims 5’11 but often looks just about an inch or so taller maybe .75 of an inch.
Greg said on 21/Jun/19
@Bego yeah I mean considering at least 7-10 guys across my friend group are well over 6’0. At my college same thing a few 6 footers by not as much as at my gym. My gym has a lot of tall guys it’s insane, you’ll walk in there and immediately notice that many tall guys go there I want to say that the average height at my gym can be 5’11 sometimes. I believe there used to be a woman my height who went but she hasn’t gone in a while. I typically see at least a few guys 6’0 or taller as I am going about my day.
Greg said on 21/Jun/19
@Avi Nice man yeah basically almost the same thing as me just a few different Roots. I’m not sure why they measured my height maybe because it was my first time at the place so they took my height and weight. Your right I’m extremely obsessed with height! I’ve always been this always but I think it’s gotten more extreme as the years went on haha, hence why I’m a regular on this website. I always wanted to be 6’0 that was like a dream for me, ever since middle school and some guys in my grade where already teaching that height and taller. There used to be this really tall African American kid I believe in my 6th grade who was like 6’0/6’1 they called him the “6’0 sixth grader” I was extremely jealous.. i think he is now 6’4 or something? His parents weren’t even that tall. it sucks genetics cut me off before I could reach it let alone 6’2. Yeah I know what you mean though even if I don’t measure I will still be obsessed with height.

@Sakz Yep society views tall people as powerful, wealthy, confident and women want tall children so that’s why why prefer to go after taller guys and such. I think that being kind of tall without standing out is the way to go.
WatchYourBack said on 21/Jun/19
Can I claim "180cm flat" if I'm 179.5cm before bed?
Greg said on 21/Jun/19
@Kayson it’s not a big issue if you fall below 5’9, if youre 5’8.5 Mid day you can claim 5’9 and not get called out as long as you’re not claiming to be 5’10 you’re fine. I’m 5’10.5” and I claim 5’11 without any issues a half inch practically not noticeable.
avi said on 21/Jun/19
@Bryan Wong said on 19/Jun/19

I think most men would like to be 6'0 to 6'3 area with most saying 6'1-6'2.

I am almost 6'0 and to me it's not really that great or what it's cracked up to be.

I can see a solid 6'1 being ideal to most men.
Remember it's not just height itself. There are 6'2 guys who can look barely 6'0 due to proportions and weight.

There is one guy who is probably 6'1 weak 6'2 at my work who has a huge head and his frame is just bulky. He gives a 5'11-6'0 impression.

So I rather be 5'11-6'0 than 6'4 and have a big head and bad proportions.
Kaysan said on 21/Jun/19
How much does carpet affect height measurement because one time in the afternoon I got measured at 5'8.5 but that is not good spot to measure?
Editor Rob
There's a chance you could undermeasure your height on a carpet, depends how thick it is really.
Greg said on 21/Jun/19
@Importer@Johan I believe the average person loses 1.5cm-2.5cm but some more or less. There was somebody on here who said they lose 4-5 cms not sure how credible that is they also mentioned they have a damaged disc.
Johan 185 cm said on 21/Jun/19
Importer said on 19/Jun/19
@Johan 185cm
I don't think everybody loses a full 2cm from morning to evening, 1-1.5cm is not totally out of the question.


Never known anyone who loses only 1-1.5cm over the course of a whole day. Your out of bed height is usually 1cm more than your early morning (9am )height, gravity works that quickly.
Myself said on 21/Jun/19
@C.J Camp
I am pretty much exactly 4 inches shorter than you but my inseam is about 35! Meaning that we have the same torso length?! (Wtf?)
I wear XL-XXL too btw, but I think it's either you that have very long legs or just me with a huge torso, but I think the former.
Interestingly enough, other than getting guessed 2 meters sometimes, a doctor guessed me as high as multiple centimeters over 2 meters (lol).
Btw, what is your eye level? I think it's people your height that start having 5" foreheads more often.
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 20/Jun/19
@Bryan Wong

Well, mathematically, that's 181.5cm, so let's round that up to 182cm.
Kaysan said on 20/Jun/19
The thing is that people say 5'8.5 is 5'8 but I say 5'9 because when I relax and watch YouTube then I measure close to 5'9.
Canson said on 20/Jun/19
@CJ Camp: that’s normal for someone your size. I have a 6’7” friend who today at 40 years old loses around 3/4-7/8 each day. He said his out of bed is between 6’7 3/4-7/8 but in the afternoon a normal low for him is 6’7” flat. Not sure about extreme lows or if he was slightly taller at his peak but I’ve know him since high school and he was 6’7” then always about 3” taller than me. I’m 37 and I’m 6’4.25 at a low usually 193.8 if I don’t hit the gym and 193.6-.7 if I do and 6’5 1/16 approximately out of bed. Then I have a 6’6” friend who loses up to an inch max. He said that he hit 6’7 out of bed or 6’6 7/8-6’7 and usually is 6’6-6’6 1/8. When I measured both they were right on the nose at 6’6 flat and 6’7” flat at last check
Jdubbz said on 20/Jun/19

Well I haven’t grown a mm in nearly 2 months, so yea it’s safe to say I capped out at 197cm lol. I agree that at or above a half it’s fair game to round up, but I don’t feel the need tbh. Hell, I’ve started messing with people and saying that I’m 6’3 lol
Adrian 184 said on 20/Jun/19

I see you’re interested in kinobody and other fitness youtubers. Im assuming you know omarisuf. Who do you think would have the edge? Omar claims “almost 5’10” and other times 5’9. I think it would actually be even. I think it would be a great collab on a side note.. Also, I saw Omar edge out jujimufu in their recent collab, but he did have footwear advantage.

I don’t see why it’s so hard for all these guys to just do an aerosol measurement on camera and put the debate to rest. As long as it’s after a few hours, nobody would really get morning height advantage. I guess some may lose a cm if they measure after a heavy workout as opposed to before, but that is minimal compared to the 2-3 inch inflations by some. What’s your take on this
Canson said on 20/Jun/19
@Jdubbz: I think 6’5 1/2 for you is good. I know if I were like 6’4 5/8 at a low as opposed to 6’4.25, I would still claim 6’4 1/2”. I even round down to 6’4 today. I never claim 6’4 1/2 anymore since I’m 6’4.25. As far as 6’9, I get 6’6 or 6’7 on occasion because people just don’t know how tall they are or someone else is. I even get 6’5 by some that push their height up 1/2-3/4”.
Bego said on 20/Jun/19
@James Edward Crowley I often come across females 180cm and over, there was a girl i saw who edged me out couple of days ago and yesterday saw a group of 4 of them who appeared 185cm.
Jiggity said on 20/Jun/19
My father is 5'11 and change, I am 22 and grew a quarter inch this year at 6'0.5 and just shay of 6' at night. Any chance I'll still grow a bit more?
Lell said on 20/Jun/19
I remember my friend when he said that a guy in his class was 6'11". Another guy I know is in the same class and I measured him last year once for fun as he's known as the tall guy. Back then he was a little over 194 cm, almost 195 and he said "I'm tall, but if you're his height you're gonna get problems."

I was a little bit amazed as the tallest person I knew said that about him, but upon seeing the dude, don't get me wrong he was really tall and wide, but definitely not 6'11". More like 6'6". So that's an example of how people like to overexaggarate a tall person's height to make them seem taller.
Bryan Wong said on 19/Jun/19
Hi guys between the range of 178cm to 185cm, what would be the start of an aesthetically pleasing height ?
avi said on 19/Jun/19
@Chris brady said on 17/Jun/19

A little over 6 feet in morning.
I probably lose .6 - .7 inch throughout the day on average.
So maybe 6'0.3 in morning and 5'11.7 5'11.6 at night.
I need to do another morning measurement height.

I've been doing some stretches and will see if this helps keep me above the 5'11.6 mark. I am fairly sure sitting in the chair at work for 8+ hours has effected me a bit. Not height "loss" but
some decompression.
Importer said on 19/Jun/19
@Johan 185cm
I don't think everybody loses a full 2cm from morning to evening, 1-1.5cm is not totally out of the question.
Bego said on 19/Jun/19
@Greg Is 6ft and over daily encounter in your place?
Phrygian said on 19/Jun/19
I'm a weak 5'11 (181 in the morning and 179 at night) and every other person I speak doubts my claim. Is this something that is common for this height range?
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 19/Jun/19

When I was in Greece, particularly Athens, back in the summer of 2017, I would say the average of a young Greek male in thick crowds such as a concert would have been 5'9 and on the street, even less than that. Maybe 5'7. I felt moderately above average to just over average at 5'10 or 177/178 range. Keep in mind also, that I am ethnically Greek myself. So, it's interesting to compare height in that respect too, how would an Italian American fair to a native born Italian height wise? I'm also not sure if a cold climate has any effect on growth or not, I'm thinking that it may, but then there are people who grow to be over 6'0 living in Russia, so, maybe not.
elfulte said on 19/Jun/19
@Canson @Jdubbz Yes I know I'm closer to 6'5" but I wish I was simply 6'5" the whole time so it would be easier to know my height even though I suppose many people have the same issue. I've measured myself a few more time and I'm actually around 195.20-195.10 CM at night barefoot which would be around 6'4.80" at night.

Anyway thanks for the recommendation!
cmillz said on 19/Jun/19
Are you done growing? I guess you maxed out at 197cm? That’s one hell of a late growth either way, lol.

And personally, I think rounding up to the full number if you’re at the half inch mark at your low is fair game. But if you want to claim the half, that’s fine too.
C.J Camp said on 18/Jun/19
I am usually 6ft9 flat out of bed, though sometimes I have measured almost 6ft9.25 on a good day. (I'm slightly taller than 6ft7 and seven eights at my absolute lowest, given that it's only a couple of mm, I call it 6ft8) So I generally lose an inch give or take a few mm. It's enough to notice that doorframes seem slightly lower in the morning. Also, I'm very long torsoed, having to wear XL shirts and coats, I have a very wide frame and big proportions, such as having size 18 feet (though I have some boots that are labeled 16 but clearly bigger than that), but I also have a 39 in inseam, so I'm long legged too. But despite these facts, I don't lose a crazy amount during the day. It's certainly not noticeable to normal sized people. I've heard some people say guys like me or taller can lose up to 2 in in one day which I just can't imagine.
Sakz said on 18/Jun/19
@Greg I'm not surprised some people 6'0+ say they want to be taller, since it can be one of those things where you always want a bit more especially because being tall is viewed as a positive. Unless you have a cut off point then you'll probably want to be taller. I'm with you though in that 6'3 would be my limit, though I generally tend to go with a range rather than a specific height so anything within that is my preference.

@Johan 185 cm You make an interesting point. I will say though that back in the days 6'0 for example was easily considered tall, whereas nowadays with the average being slightly higher in some countries maybe not quite as much. On the whole though unless the average greatly increases that's not likely to change much.
avi said on 18/Jun/19
@Johan 185 cm said on 17/Jun/19

Yes that's what I have said too.
The human body is designed to be between 5 and 6 feet roughly. Maybe give or take an inch.

So I agree that average will never be more than 6 foot or so.

A lot of height too nowadays is influenced by diet, prenatal care and the excess of hormones in our food.
There is also a study linking height to cancer. I am wondering if deviating outside of norm (5 to 6 foot) the risk of more issues become prevalent.

I think 6'1 is still ok. Once you hit 6'2 you'd be solid tall and really start to be outside of the normal human height range.
Just like most things in life there is a limit and optimal range to be in.


I am more Western Slavic (Polish). Also German and like you mixed with other European descent.

I don't think anyone in my family was over 6'2-6'3 and that would be great grandfather and great uncle.

And yes the problem with the formulas are they account for "regressing towards the mean" where they think a really tall father and really short mother will have a child that is about average.
A lot of times the child may inherit directly from grandfather or father so mother's height has no bearing on the child in that situation.

But yes we both could have been way worse off.

And I have tested with .75 and .5 insoles.
Putting in a .5 (really gives .3 tops I think) gives just that slight edge. I out it in boots (maybe give 1.25) so it's like I'm a strong 6 foot guy.
At 6'2 I wouldn't be wearing them :)

Also that's weird how they measure you at the allergist. After 21 my experience is that doctors don't measure height unless you don't know it or ask them too.

I just tell them my height now because I don't trust their stadiometer or if they round it down/up.
I also try not to measure too much anyway as it causes anxiety and can become obsessive.
James Edward Crowley said on 18/Jun/19
Rob how often do you see women who are 5ft 10in and over in public like,I was in lidl like one monday,and the woman i saw was over 5ft 10in she was 5ft 11in barefoot it's not often you see women that height in public you go out in public everyday without seeing any women over 5ft 10in.
Editor Rob
Every day I might see a few women near that range if I'm at shopping centre for an hour or so...but it's a very small percentage relatively speaking.
The greater volume of public you see, the chances increase of seeing very tall women.
Importer said on 17/Jun/19
How tall do you really think Ian Fleming was Rob? At this point it interests me because he listed his character of James Bomd at 6ft in the books which was supposedly his own height and looks. I'm eager to view your comment on this. Thanks.
Editor Rob
Well in a book about him it mentioned how Blanche Blackwell called him "six foot two inches tall" though the author says "She managed to overstate his height by two inches".

No doubt he was 6ft at least.
Canson said on 17/Jun/19
@elfulte: I personally would claim 6’5 or about 6’5. You won’t look 6’4 at that height
HonestSlovene said on 17/Jun/19
@c-mo There is also 1 study which mentions Greek males at 175 cm, the other one is 178 cm but for young males.
Jdubbz said on 17/Jun/19
@C.J Camp:

I’m not as tall as you, but still pretty tall at 6’5 1/2 give or take. I often get “I have a cousin your height” or weirdly enough “I have a cousin who is 6’9”. It’s always 6’9 for some reason lol
Jdubbz said on 17/Jun/19

195cm at night, I’d go with 6’5. You’re much closer to 6’5 than 6’4 at your low, and throughout the day you’d be right around 6’5. It’s tougher for guys who fall around the half inch mark to decide on a claim I think. I’m 197cm/6’5.6 at night, but 6’6 sounds too tall and I think I’m too far from it to claim it. Then again, I’m well above 6’5, so that’s not exactly accurate either.
irish5ft16 said on 17/Jun/19
Hi Rob. I seem to measure 6ft4.5 in morning and 6Ft4.25 at night. Shouldn't I be lower at night as i am very active and wouldnt shy away from heavy lifting and also im in my mid thirties
Chris brady said on 17/Jun/19
@ Avi Do you measure six foot in the morning dude?
Myself said on 17/Jun/19
C.J Camp
How much do you lose out of bed to your lowest?
I think it's generally overestimated the amount of height an extremely tall person can lose on average. My prediction is that whereas average people lose 1.8-1.9 cm, when someone goes past 6'2 and closer to 7 feet, the loss would be about 2-2.5 cm on average. Imo even a 7 footer wouldn't lose 3 cm on average, but I could be wrong (not talking about extreme lows though).
Myself said on 17/Jun/19
6'5 or 6'4.75 if wanting to be specific.
Johan 185 cm said on 17/Jun/19
The reason even the tallest countries seem to peak around 180 cm is because this seems to be the maximum humans can be before they are tall. I was reading a medical journal and according to specialists the human body wasn't meant to grow much more than 180 cm. They classify anything over that as tall.

It would also explain the various stats and percentiles of height not varying that greatly the taller you get.

For example guys who are 5'9"-5'11" can vary greatly in percentile but the guys who are 6'1-6'3" seem to hold onto their percentile no matter if the average is 5'10" or 5'11". Only in shorter countries does it make some difference pushing the taller guys higher than 90%.

I was amused by this because in the Netherlands we have an average somewhere in 5'11" range and yet 6'1" range is still almost 80th percentile.

In other words I don't see the average going higher than 6foot (183cm) ever unless only tall people start having babies.
HonestSlovene said on 17/Jun/19
@Yoshin Sounds about right, all of the height studies in Sweden place the male average between 179 cm and 182 cm. I'd say it's around 181 cm for the younger crowd and 180 cm overral.
Greg said on 17/Jun/19
@C-mo you must have a lot of people inflate where you live, I know that a lot of my friends/ people that I come across inflate too whether it’s by accident or intentionally (probably a combination of both). I’m like between 179/180cm however you want to view it and I’m guessed anywhere from 5’10-6’2 the 6’2 guesses came from really short girls I was still surprised. I get 6’0 from time to time and 5’11 which is basically my morning height. You’re right that some people can’t guess height although even before I was on CH I would be able to guess height based on my height so if I know I’m like 5’10.5 in the noon I would never guess a guy shorter than me at 5’11. I have a friend who’s exactly your height give or take a fraction and he claims to be 5’11/180cm. My friends think we are the same height yet I know I have the edge.

@Myself I mean it was a little irritating but not a big deal as I’m sure their office didn’t really care it was for an allergist specialist not a doctor. The nurse was also a lot shorter than me maybe close to 5’0/5’1, but the stadiometer was just sitting on a carpet not a thick one but still enough to under measure by a fraction, I’m not sure if it was set up properly I’m assuming it was but I had lose posture. At least she told me to take off my shoes, I’ve been measured in shoes where the people told me to keep them on them they tried to estimate my height sometimes they got it right other times wrong it was like one of those ones with a thicker top part not the SECA Rob uses.

@Avi well yeah it all varies so not everyone is going to have the same thing. And I’m not sure how tall I was at 2 I would have to go check my height chart. I had a great uncle who was 6’6, I’m kind of Slavic decent too, Russian, Ukrainian and German with some other ethnicities mixed in between. My dad was around 5’11ish peak. Most Calculators said I would be like 5’9ish, so I did better than that. Yeah sometimes those things can be wrong I mean you’re lucky in terms that you have a good height even if it’s only an inch taller I think the closer to 6’0 the better if not 6’0 exact, that’s why I am surprised when guys here who are 6’+ wanna be taller and say they wear lifts and stuff, etc.6’2 would be nice too but I don’t think I would ever wanna be taller than that maybe 6’3 but that’s pushing it.
Kaysan said on 16/Jun/19
How much height do Nike air zoom pegus 35 add when I'm 5'9?
Editor Rob
They'll put you in 5ft 10 range, but not 10.25
Luca said on 16/Jun/19
P. S Rob, i finally discovered that the other stuff I used to measure myself was not perpendicular and that the aerosol can/box method is still the most accurate.
Luckily still a legit 189 cm :)
C.J Camp said on 16/Jun/19
I figured this would be the best place to bring this up, I'm not sure how many fellow giants there are on this site, but I'm exactly 6'8" on the dot barefoot at my very lowest, and that's what I claim though I may look more like a 6'9"-ish guy most of the day. I'm from USA, Duck doorways every day, have to wear size 18 EE shoes. I'm bombarded with pretty dumb questions and comments everyday, but one thing that I find particularly amusing is that just about every person who stops to ask me about my size either has a son/nephew/uncle/friend who is 6'10 plus. I have had a few random (short) people recently tell me about some relative they have that is 7'5 - 7'6 in height!! All I could do is laugh, and felt like quipping "you must have Yao Ming as a nephew." Has any fellow tall guys out there had people go on and on about their supposed Giant friends? When people tell me this stuff everyday, I can't help but laugh and say "ooookay, that's cool....!" It's like where are all these 7 ft+ giants at lol? I have only met one person taller than me ever, and he WAS actually every bit of 6'10." Never seen anybody else that tall except for on TV. I've seen even basketball players up close who are listed at my height, yet strangely, shorter than I am. Does anybody else deal with these tall people annoyances?
Luca said on 16/Jun/19
Dear Rob, I'm really confused.
Recently I've been measuring myself with different objects, getting a result's difference of several mms.
Using a box or the aerosol can I got the same results as always, while using other objects (like a 45 degree ruler) I got several mms of difference, In most of the cases in lack...
So, overall, what should I consider as the most accurate and true measurement? I'm so confused!!
Editor Rob
With a set square, you have to make sure it's bang in the middle (or near enough) of your head as if it's off centre, there's a chance it knocks 1-2mm from your height.
Nik said on 16/Jun/19
@ avi - Thanks for that! I often see more short people than people who are tall or average in height!
Myself said on 16/Jun/19
lol that must've been frustrating; the stadiometer was angled away from you, so that the part that should touch your head was angled towards the roof/sky?
What did you tell them?
Yoshin said on 16/Jun/19
For those curious about Sweden's average height, Statistics Sweden - or SCB - releases survey of living conditions almost every year and in there you can find Sweden's BMI statistics which also happen to include data on the population's mean stature by age groups.

In 2016-2017 it was,

16 - 24 180.9cm

25 - 34 180.6cm

35 - 44 180.7cm

Click Here

I'm not sure if these are measured height tho; if they are self-reported, then the mean height for the young Swedish population might be closer to 180 than 181.
elfulte said on 16/Jun/19
Hey guys if I'm 195 CM at night barefoot what height should I tell I am? 6'4" or 6'5"? According to a couple of sites that would be 6'4.77" so I don't know if I should say 6'4" or simply round up to 6'5" since it's quite close to 6'5"
avi said on 15/Jun/19
@Greg said on 15/Jun/19

yes it was slow though. As you can see it was basically spurts of half inches or .25 inches over the course of 5-6 years or so (17 to 22). Really after that spurt from 15 to 16.5 I slowed.
It's weird because based on my parents heights (the formula to predict height) I'm like 5'8ish but I was 36.75 when I was 2 and they say if you add that it gives you an idea of adult height but obviously I'm sure it can be off 2-3 inches at least.
I was predicted at 6'1-6'2 based on that.
I think I was growing at the rate of someone who would be at least 6'0.
I wonder if me only growing from 5'6 to 5'7 was "caught up" later from 18 to 21 area as body hit potential. Who knows.

And I'm not that lucky, I feel the same when looking at a guy 6'1-6'2. So there is always someone bigger and "luckier".
You at 5'10.5 are basically same as me probably only an inch between us.
We are both guys who will never be 6'1-6'2 area which we so desire and must accept it.
I think too if I was even more active at 11 to 15 I would have gotten another inch maybe 2 if I modified diet and did stretches.
Genetics are interesting. Maybe it would not have mattered much no matter what I tried to do to influence it. My body may have been programmed to be 5'11 to 6'0 area and that's it (give or take .5 or something).i was told my dad's father was around 5'11 and I have Slavic descent as well.

So we can't worry about it. Being in the Western world we sure aren't malnutritioned where it would affect height more than 1-2 inches I think...
chuu207 said on 15/Jun/19
Can you still grow at 24?

Hey guys, I'd like to know if it's possible to still grow at 24, I don't know, back when I was 21-23 I used to measure myself a lot and I kind of knew what was my height through the day. After measuring me so many times I realized right before going to sleep (at night) my height was around 194-195 CM which would be 6'4" - 6'4.5" or something like that.

Last night after almost a year without measuring me I decided to measure myself, it was very late, like 3 AM so I grabbed a tape measure and I proceeded to measure myself and I was a bit surprised with the results because as I said, I had already measured myself many many many times and I always got the same height but this time it was a bit different, I got 195.5 CM, I found it weird and I thought maybe it I didn't measure myself correctly but then I did it again and I still got the same height. Today I measured myself after like 4 hours after waking up and I got 196 CM.

Those who know a lot about this topic, do you guys know if it's possible to still grow at 24?
c-mo said on 15/Jun/19
@Greg I am 176cm in the evening and have been guessed as 180cm a lot . but always by men . women never guess my height . I do think I could claim 180cm and get away with it to many people . not to celebheight members obviously ;) but trust me people are bad in judging height and because of all the height lies people have a wrong image of heights . they will think a guy my height is 180cm and a 180cm guy is 184cm etc


you are saying that young greek men were measured at 178cm and that it was probably a morning measurement so how can you say that the average will be strong 175cm range ? . thats not possible . when the greek guys woke up it probably took minimum 1 hour if not more like 2-3 hours until they went there to get measured and by that time you already lose easily 1cm . so they cant go down to 175cm range . 177cm or MAYBE strong 176cm range is more realistic but not 175cm range lol
Greg said on 15/Jun/19
@Myself interesting how he was measured an inch taller at the doctors, maybe the surface was slanted upwards or down or it could have been on carpet I know I was under measured before at the Doctors because they had a carpet on which the stadiometer was on and it was sinking inwards so they got me like .5-.6 of an inch shorter than what I would measure at home on a flat tile surface can against the wall however.

@HonestSlovene, lol Arthur’s statements are laughable he is just trying to prove Bobby wrong in every way he can whilst failing to do so, the average in Young Greece can’t be 5’11, there’s just no way, Greeks are around the same height on average as Albanians, Turks etc. Those where probably early morning or in shoe measurements most likely if that. I wouldn’t expect the average to be much over 5’9 if at all.
Kapp said on 15/Jun/19
I may be very subjective and perceptions may be far from truth but Greeks seemed to me shorter than other South Europeans as well(obviously other than Central/Northern Europeans) average did seem easily a few inches below 180cm. In fact, 180cm would be the start of tall range there as opposed to it being only tallish in the US or the UK.
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 15/Jun/19

I appreciate the well-constructed response and because we share the same heritage and ethnic background I don't want to fight with you either. Perhaps you are correct in your assessments but I attended a concert while in Athens, and even witnessed the changing of the royal guard in Syntagma. There was another guy standing next to me who seemed to have an inch and change on me, so was 5'11 range, but other than that, I was the taller one in the crowd but everyone else there was likely tourists or non-Greek. I felt above average in Athens next to other Greek youth that I saw, but at the concert I felt bang on average height or slightly above. Two other guys were standing next to me, the one guy looked to be 183 or so, I didn't feel much shorter, and the guy next to him was shorter than I was, possibly 5'8-5'9. I'd say the average all-around is 5'9 for Greek males.
HonestSlovene said on 15/Jun/19
@Arthur! LOL Greek average for younger males was documented at 178 cm, and this was probably an early morning measurement so the average is most likely strong 175 cm range or 176-177 cm. If it was 180 cm, then it would be comparable to Scandinavian or some central european countries. Even young Germans according to documents average 180 cm AT MOST in urban areas and 178 cm in rural areas.
Greg said on 15/Jun/19
@C-mo the only issue with that is if he comes across a woman who’s actually like 5’9, especially 5’10 or 5’11 she will call him out if he’s claiming 5’11, if he’s 5’9.5 and says 5’10 he could get away with that in shoes but like saying you’re 5’11 will get you called out, that would only probably work to a really short woman. And yeah I guess I’ve never been so not too sure.

@Avi Jesus some people have all the luck, you have grown past 18? We literally have a similar growth chart except I just stopped at 5’10.5” noon, like I don’t understand genetics I really don’t. I wish I had your height. You’re basically 6’0, I always said to myself if only I exercised and ate better and slept properly while going through puberty maybe I would have ended up a legit 5’11 or 6’0, but alas there’s nothing I can do.
avi said on 14/Jun/19

I'm 5'11.5 to 6'0 area.

And sometimes I may notice more tall than short or average. I try not to!


At around 6'0 you would be above average or tallish.
6'2 guys (which are also not so uncommon) will not be much taller than you , even 6'3 or 6'4 won't tower you.

But even next to someone an inch taller I feel small but the difference is not so big in reality.

I think solid tall is a strong 6'1.

The lifts aren't really as much as advertised. The half inch one I experimented with only gives .3 or so of actual height.

The 1 inch maybe gives.75. Rob has a video.

I've seen some 6'2-6'3 guys and it can look really awkward and gawky.
That is why I'm hesitant on ever wanting to be over 6'1.5 - 6'2.

If I could blink my eyes and choose any height I'd want to be I'd be a bit indecisive but would probably choose 6'2 even 6'3 only because I am one of those people who feel smaller than I actually am.

I would not choose 6'5 or 6'8 or something crazy like that. Though it would be interesting to be 6'8 for like a month just to see how life would be. :)
Canson said on 14/Jun/19
@Rob: in regards to your response to Luca, how would you classify weak 6’3? I thought your definition was 5/8-3/4 or 2/3-3/4” whereas Luca dips slightly under half. I agree with 6’2.5 for his height however
Editor Rob
It's probably towards the bottom of weak zone, mostly 1/4 or 1/3rd I'd say puts you into it
Myself said on 14/Jun/19
Yeah, my 175 cm friend that I measured multiple times properly with can+wall method (on different walls too), just got measured 178 by the doctor again. Now he used a pencil, without stadiometer...he was previously measured at the same mark twice; once with a stadiometer and the other with an electronic measuring machine.
I don't understand how they can be so inaccurate, considering those are all barefoot and afternoon measurements too...complete incompetence.
Arthur! said on 14/Jun/19
Bobby, I live in Greece and trust me, the male greek average is at least 176 cm considering all generations. But from my sightings and since I hang out and go to places were 20-30 year olds go, the average amongst that age group seems to be around 180 cm. Your sightings of greek people happen during summer in Athens, when most young native greeks are on islands for vacations. I don't want to argue with you anymore since we share the same heritage, but your sightings do not happen in accurate times of the year. We are not a short nation by any means. We are probably taller than Italians, Frenchmen, Albanians and Turks but not as tall as Germans of course.
Paycho said on 13/Jun/19
Hello rob
You mentioned alot that the younger generation in the UK got taller (5"10).
Iv read some articles claiming that the average height in the US decreased, they say americans got shorter.
What do you think? And if it is true what might be the causes of that?
Editor Rob
There was a link on here a few months back about the national health survey - from what I remember, the young 20-30 range had regressed a little bit like a couple of mm from the previous year...but the sample sizes weren't huge, I think the national health survey each year has a decreasing amount of participants in it.

I am not sure americans have got shorter, but have settled or stagnated.
Nik said on 13/Jun/19
@ avi - How tall are you please?

I know this is not the case with you but I am sure that some people's minds filter out all the 5'6" - 5'7" guys in suits and only notice the tall guys!
avi said on 13/Jun/19

I'll go back to 15.

15 yrs old: 5'7

16 yrs old: 5'9.25

17: 5'9.5

18: 5'10 (doctor measurement mid to later morning that I distinctly remember and have records.)

19 years old: 5'10.5 (I think this year I was too distracted to care about measuring so can't recall 100% what I was)

20 years old: 5'11

21 years old: 5'11.25

22: 5'11.6

23: 5'11.8 (I think this was it but it may be small margin of error I may have been this since 22)

I can say with utmost certainty that at 17 I was not even 5'10 because I remember specifically measuring around 5'9.5 in the bathroom and wishing I was over 5'10 lol.

I'd say I probably stopped growing at 22. As you can see by 16- 17 it was slow
Almost like a 2 inch spurt was spread out for 5 years. Very strange.

I did do stretches at 21 to 23 on and off.
I also believe I triggered a 2 inch + growth spurt from 15 to mid 16 because I lost weight and became very active.

I still believe it I made some minor changes I would be 6'1 give it take a half inch.
But who knows. One can say I reached my potential or damn close to it.
Wish I was born in Holland!
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 13/Jun/19

Yeah, I would say 10 years ago when I was looking up height averages, it was generally accepted that the average German man was 5'11 and the average Greek man was 5'10. These averages have changed though, over time, but they may have always been self-reported. Nowadays, I am reading an average of 5'10.5 for Germans and 5'9.75 for Greeks, but even that I find to be a little too high.
Luca said on 13/Jun/19
Dear Rob, if I measure 191,3 cm out of bed, and I usually finish my day at about 189,2 cm (with an absolute low of 188,9 cm) how would you define my 189 cm? (legit, solid eccetera)
Editor Rob
You are in weak 6ft 3 range, though a solid 6ft 2.5.
c-mo said on 13/Jun/19
@ Luke Heinz I am the same height as you :D maybe 1-2mm difference . lol nice . I wouldnt claim 5'10 but you can claim it if a woman asks your height . the reason is that many men lie about their height or dont know how tall they really are and claim a higher height so why shouldnt you claim your morning height which is actually your height right ? I mean women do care about height so I see no reason why you shouldnt claim 5'10 to a woman . even 5'11 she would believe . but I think 5'9.5 is ok to claim in general

@Greg . the average height for a non elderly man in the western world is 5'10 . I am from Turkey (of kurdish origin) and "even" our average for young men seems to be around 176cm . for europe proper it is roughly 177-178cm (night height) . so 6'0 is only 2 inches above average . I dont care if the average is lower when you count grandpas and people from countries with low average heights tbh....

@AndrewV yes it is true . the average height for young german men is around 180-181cm
Progking said on 13/Jun/19
@avi i am normally around 6-6'0.25 and wore shoe lifts that made me an inch taller. I didnt really notice the difference that much. So i think 6'0 should be at least tallish. I consider myself borderline tall. People i see who are taller than me i consider tall, people shorter than me are just above average/average. If they are below my eyes they are getting short
Bego said on 13/Jun/19
@AndrewV Click Here This is a way better link, it shows why avg is purportedly 178cm, picture you see here are measured whites, blacks are 0,5 to 1cm shorter, here's the backup link Click Here, in text it clearly shows that man lie about height, by 2.5cm and woman by 1cm usually. So substract 2-3cm from average's in each state and you'll have true avg. Even if stadiometer was used, doesnt mean height isnt reported wrong, they will usually give you 1 or 2cm after measurement, think of rounding up i.e. when someone was measured 181,5cm or 182cm they will give him 183cm or 6ft, since metric isnt used by US it can be easier in inflating because 6ft ranges from 182cm-185cm (low 6ft and strong 6ft). Look up Size Code Height on Google, Bobby has mentioned that site couple of times, it perfectly compares heights.

Yes avg has stopped in some countries like NL, Poland and Sweden i think. Not sure about Germany i think they stopped growing too. There's still a high rate of height growth in some parts of Balkans, Turks are getting taller, i have seen many many guys 6ft and over in Istanbul but its a huge city of 15mill people, and many people there are of west Balkan origin, Bursa also... Now here where i live in north east Bosnia, there are days when avg feels 177-178cm among youth and next day and day after that avg will feel 182-185cm, it varies from day to day at times. This summer during night life when 80%of people you see are youth, you will feel quite shortish at 180cm, not really short just bellow avg, many will edge you and tower you.
Glitch said on 13/Jun/19

Cam you give me your growth chart from 16-21?
Greg said on 12/Jun/19
@Asthon99 As a 5’9 guy you would be just about average at about any Univeristy in America and U.K. often times you’ll see people shorter and sometimes taller but you’re not short by any means.
Greg said on 12/Jun/19
@Chris Brady my advice for you would be see a Doctor and a Chiro, they will help you restore that to normally. Also measure yourself properly make sure you are measuring yourself correctly, if so then yeah there’s some posture regaining excercises you can do to recover height that’s what my Doctor told me to do and I’m working on it I might gain anywhere from 1/4th-1/2th inch I think anymore would just be impressive.
Osiris123 said on 12/Jun/19
Hey rob,
Would a 5"8 guy (172cm) feel within the average range in the us? I have Several friends around that height who live in the us and claim that they do.
Like the site
Editor Rob
He should feel within average a fair bit, but I'm sure many situations might result in him feeling in the short category, because 5ft 8 is a solid inch under average, so if around younger crowd (in which the average is over 5ft 9) I think there could be such situations that occur.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jun/19
@ Chris - Firstly, I'm sorry to read about your unfortunate accident. If you are fit enough to play basketball, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't make a complete recovery. Just take it easy for a while.

Cheers Chris!

Sandy Cowell 😁👍
avi said on 12/Jun/19
@Chris brady said on 10/Jun/19

I don't think that would effect at least not more than .25 if an inch.

Unless it affected your posture.

I used to measure around 6'0 even , 5'11.8 and now have trouble with 5'11.5 often.
I think in my case sitting in chair last 3 years or so made my spine compress a but and affect my posture. I am

I'd say rest for awhile and monitor. Maybe do some stretches when better.
Kaysan said on 12/Jun/19
How did you hurt your back when playing basketball that never happened to me not even once and maintain posture which I'm 5'8.5-5'9 barefoot and 5'9.5-5'10 In shoes and 17 unless you were playing competitively?
AndrewV said on 12/Jun/19
A weak 5'9" would be low average. Generally, people wouldn't think you're short or tall until you're a flat 5'8" or a solid 6'0", respectively.

178cm is the measured average for white American guys in their 20s and 30s. For the general population of men in their 20s, the average is closer to 176cm: Click Here, see page 15. Also, I read somewhere that young generations in Europe have also stopped growing with the exception of certain Balkan countries.

That's interesting, I read from a study that the average for young German guys is a solid 5'11/181cm, with some specific locales having an average as high as six foot. This could've been self-reported data though.
Greg said on 12/Jun/19
@c-mo 6'0 is 3 inches above the average not 2.
Luke Heinz said on 12/Jun/19
Rob I wake up at 5’10.2 and go to bed at almost a whole inch shorter at 5’9.3, I know I’m not a legit 5’10, but do you think I can get away with claiming that in the everyday world.
Editor Rob
Considering how others view height, you could probably say 5ft 10 and the majority wouldn't question it...but some people who go by afternoon height, they might think you are rounding up.
avi said on 11/Jun/19
@Nik said on 9/Jun/19
avi - In most parts of England you would find that 6'0" is a pretty tall height!

I was in London before and I felt maybe strong average. I know it's a city with many tourists from all over the world and just crowded as heck in general.

I will say it's probably similar to NYC so maybe average in England is same as the US despite thousands and thousands of people I don't think I saw anyone more than 6'6-6'7 when I visited.


"5’7” : starting to get short for sure
5’8”: below average but not really short
5’9”: Low average
5’10”: Bang average
5’11”: High average
6’0”: above average but not really tall (yet)
6’1” : tall"

I agree with that chart. I think it's spot on.

I think 5'11 and 6'0 are same thing pretty much.

Solid 6'1 definitely is tall , not strong tall but it's the start.
6'2 is solid tall.
6'3 very tall
6'4 and 6'5 extremely tall
6'6 gigantic. This is start of being freakishly tall though some will say 6'7 may be.


Yes it's ok but I guess it depends on your mentality. If you want to be solid tall 6'2 is good. At 6'3+ it's gets too inconvenient I think.
I never gave height much thought until I was almost 16. It started when I lost weight and was measured in health class at 15.5 yrs old. I was maybe 5'8ish barefoot almost 5'9 in shoes (they measured me in sneakers). Then I was measured again barefoot at 5'9 when I was a little over 16.

That's when I started noticing everyone's height and wanting to be a few inches taller.
I remember saying I wouldn't want to be over 6'0 maybe 5'11 range but then by 17-18 I wished I would be 6'2-6'3 as I learned quickly that 5'10-6'1 is pretty common.
Wish I never got into worrying about height at all! Ignorance is bliss :)

As for lifts that was an interesting experiment. As Rob said 1 inch lifts shouldn't cause much attention among those you know.
Plus remember some people aren't so cognizant of height they just don't care. We are in the minority. 99%+ of ppl go about their day not worrying about their height. Plus being drunk definitely would make it less likely to notice!

The 1 inch lifts really only give .75 or something of height apparently. Rob has a video out there where he tests them.
I have "half" inch lifts I think they only give .25-.3 boost. Not much at all.

I was thinking of getting the 2.5 inch Don's shoes for when I go to larger outings (wedding, reunion, parties etc).

Guys like you and me are not far from 6ft and can be pushed into that "tall" zone easily.

And yes at the mall and supermarkets
I guess clubs you will see many men 6'0-6'5.
At the mall seeing a few 6'4-6'6 guys isn't shocking. The tallest person I ever met was at a mall. Had to be 6'10. I thought 7'0ish at first.
I was above his shoulder and probably came up to his chin so 6'9-6'10 may be more realistic. Massive though and definitely a curse not a blessing.

The other day at the supermarket (not a big store) I did my own test. One 6'3-6'4ish guy. 2 6'2 ish guys. 2 strong 6'1ish guys. Maybe 1 or 2 6'0 guys.

I thought that was quite a few tall ppl for a smaller sized store...
Martin Olofsson said on 11/Jun/19

Take a look at these statistics of military recruits for the swedish army. They have statistics for average height that goes back to the 60s and as late as 2008.

Click Here

Take year 1999 for example.
Click Here

The average height for all recruits (31 157 measured) was about 179.8 cm. Men grow on average one centimeter from age 18 to age 21, landing on roughly 181 cm for average height.

The average height has been pretty consistent for the recruits, since the late 1970s at roughly about 180 cm, give or take a few mm's.

However, the average has gone up a bit lately, maybe because fewer are recruited to the military nowadays compared to before the mid 90s when pretty much all boys were recruited into the army, one way or another (and only the big and strong get picked 2008). 2008 there were only 6800 guys measured compared to 1999 when over 31 000 guys were measured.
Daycringeothon said on 11/Jun/19
Just wanted to comment. Saw a guy on the TTC train in Toronto easily over 201cm (6’7”). Muslim or Sikh ethnicity I’m guessing. About a head taller than the railing that is roughly 183cm 6’0”. His head was 9.5”-10” long so I’d say he stood 204cm-205cm (6’8 3/8”-6’8.75”) tall minus the snickers he had on. The train ceiling is maybe 212cm 6’11.5” at highest point. He was huge too, not fat but quite buff. Wouldn’t want to be that height.
Tom kjjj said on 11/Jun/19
Anyone here who took accutane as a teenager? Did you still grow taller? Heard it stunts growth
Rick1 said on 11/Jun/19

Would you say people are getting slightly shorter? Perhaps its due to a more multicultural society, i read somewhere that the average American is about half an inch shorter than what it was about 20 years ago.
JD1996 said on 11/Jun/19
I'm going to zadar Croatia tomorrow for a holiday and I think the average height is 2 inches higher than England, so I guess there will be times I won't be so tall even at 199cm. I have a feeling there will be lots more tall people over there.
Greg said on 11/Jun/19
@AndrewV well 5’10 and 5’11 are both above average. I think at like 5’10.5”+ you will be in the phase between tallish and tall if not already tallish because in footwear you would be close to 6’0.
Daycringeothon said on 10/Jun/19
I heard from some news source years ago. That somewhere South of the Yangtze River in China young adult males are basketball centre tall. The NBA scouts were interested since it was a hot spot to see 6’8”+ players. They actually even stated 7 foot tall (of course this is only from an old NBA announcer source.)If anyone who visited this area of the Yangtze has any idea?
Dan UK said on 10/Jun/19

Interesting! People tend to assume that the average height of a country is always steadily increasing but I guess that's not always the case. Any reasons why you think the average height is decreasing?
Chris brady said on 10/Jun/19
Guys I think I'm in trouble. I hurt my back playing basketball and I think i lost some height. My refrigerator is 5-6 and my eye level was usually about 5-8.25 and I was about 6-1 at night. Now my eye level I relation to fridge is like 5-7.5 and I'm down to almost a flat 6. Lower back is hurting and the pain is in my bum and my left arm tingles a bit and is weak. Should I just take it easy and hope I recover?
Ashton99 said on 10/Jun/19
@Andrew V
I am 174.5 cm at afternoon. How would I feel at your University?
c-mo said on 10/Jun/19

I almost agree with your height chart . thats also how it is here in germany

BUT ...

imo 5'8 is not shortish . and 5'7 is rather short but that much is a common height and wont stand out most of the time

I would say it is something like this : evening heights of young men :

5’7” : starting to get short for sure
5’8”: below average but not really short
5’9”: Low average
5’10”: Bang average
5’11”: High average
6’0”: above average but not really tall (yet)
6’1” : tall

I also dont think 6'0 is tall . it is the equivalent of 5'8 . 5'8 can look average or "averageish" not rarely . and 6'0 is "only" 2 inches above average which will make you feel tallish sometimes but it is not legit tall yet among young men in the western world

when you get to 5'7 and 6'1 you are definitely falling into the short or tall category now but even at those heights you are not THAT much drifting away from the average . a 5'7 guy will be on the short spectrum and will definitely look noticable below average but it is not a stand out height just like how you will sense that a 6'1 is definitely on the tall side but he wont be the tallest guy around either

I would say once you get to 5'6 you are definitely starting to be noticable short and will be shorter than most men you encounter . you will be barely taller than the average woman in the western world

and at 6'2 you are taller than easily 90% of people you see daily . you are often one of the tallest if not the tallest guy in the room at this height
Johan 185 cm said on 10/Jun/19
James Edward Crowley said on 8/Jun/19
Rob what weight does a 5ft 8in man to start to look fat,I'm guessing 198 pounds at that weight a 5ft 8in man is heading towards the obese range 198 pounds for a 5ft 8in is on the high end of the overweight range low end of the obese range 190 pounds for a 5ft 8in man is not obese it's still in the overweight range and long way from the obese range.

175 pounds would be the start of getting fat I would say. Depends if you carry alot of muscle or not.
At 198 pounds you would be obese at 5'8".

I see alot of guys who are that weight at 5'11" and they get told to cut back because they are overweight.
mrfunnyguy said on 10/Jun/19
For me personally, it is absolutely astonishing how the male average in Sweden could be, 510, 5'11-5'11.5, or anything like that. I'm a legit 6'1, and the majority of young guys I see here are taller than me. Of course I could be wrong, since this is all just my opinion.
Bego said on 10/Jun/19
@AndrewV I believe if you substract 2-3cm its more accurate, since i read no stadiometer was used and even if it was it was probably with shoes. 5'10" avg for young males in universities is maybe true in mid western states only. What state are you from? And idk how it compares to Europe, europeans grow taller with healthier food and healthier life style overall. I know in my place you will be avg or slightly above at 5'10" only among older people.
Gin said on 10/Jun/19
Hi , Does anyone know how tall is the Italian actor Giovanni Morassutti ? I can´t find that sort of information . Thanks
Bego said on 9/Jun/19
@Ben Make more videos when walking down the street but when its crowded
XIII said on 9/Jun/19
Guys i got a question. What does "weak" 5'10 or "strong" 5'10 means. What is the difference between strong and weak.
Greg said on 9/Jun/19
@mrfunnyguy lmao name to troll ratio is on point.

@Grant you can round up, I wouldn’t think you’d look that much different from a guy who’s 6’0 at his low. A half inch isn’t that noticeable.
Greg said on 9/Jun/19
@Paycho yeah that’s them surveying heights not measuring if they where to measure they would be more 5’8.5-5’9ish 5’10 is above average for males I think around the 60th percentile 🤙.
Canson said on 9/Jun/19
@Grant: I think a fair claim is “about 6’0” or almost 6’0” or 5’11 1/2” perhaps
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 9/Jun/19

Well, I'm a Greek Canadian male, and I am around 5'10 range myself or 177/178 on average, and I would say on a typical basis that white males here are at least as much as 5'8 on average and close to 5'9 at best. In your typical supermarket, some of the white males tend to be about 5'10 on average. Overall, I'd say average height is closer to 5'8 for all ethnicities.
Ben said on 9/Jun/19
@Dan Uk
70's generation might be nearer 5'11" but every other generation is somewhere in the 5'10" range (except for elders who might be 5'9" on average). Young Swedes aren't tall either. 70's generation is the tallest one imo.
Ben said on 9/Jun/19
@mrfunnyguy Yeah you're right it's like 6'5"
Nik said on 9/Jun/19
@ avi - In most parts of England you would find that 6'0" is a pretty tall height!
AndrewV said on 8/Jun/19
Sorry for not replying earlier, that map would be pretty accurate if you subtracted 1cm since it’s self-reported. Most young white guys I see are around 5’10” plus or minus one inch. This would probably be an accurate height chart for white guys at my university:

5’7” and below: Legit short
5’8”: Start of short/shortish
5’9”: Low average
5’10”: Bang average
5’11”: High average
6’0”: Start of tall/tallish
6’1” and up: Legit tall

At 5’8” and 6’0” you’ll feel short and tall most of the time but there will be a lot of instances where you’ll feel closer to average. Push it one inch in both directions to 5’7” and 6’1” and you’ll virtually always feel short and tall, respectively. Would you say this is similar to young people in Europe?
Matt Shannon said on 8/Jun/19
Hey Rob how much does hair add to height?
Editor Rob
There's a lot of variation to that. A very tight/short style might only be 2-3mm, whilst a very thick style could be 2-3 inches.
Greg said on 8/Jun/19
@Ben Honestly I am more inclined to believe the 179 5’10.5” cm average for Sweden over 5’11.5, that would mean that their average is close to the Dinarc Alps or Dutch average. Whilst visiting Sweden I thought their average was similar to the U.S maybe an inch higher it has to be 5’10-5’10.5” I felt marginally above average but not like I do in America. In London I felt their average was in the 5’9 range probably a strong 5’9 5’9.25-5’9.5ish.

@Avi Yep 5’10-6’0 is fine. 5’11 is a nice solid tallish height for instance in most places. A strong 5’10 can be in the same catagory. Genuine 5’10-6’0 footers look taller than people think due to the guy’s 1-2 inches shorter making those heights appear shorter which is why you might get surprised when a true 5’11 guy or say a guy your height claims 5’11, people would say “no way you gotta be at least 6’1” or something along those lines. I wish I was 6’1/6’2 and you didn’t end up a bad height being a solid inch taller than me. You could get away with saying “about 6 feet” though. Yeah the thing with lifts is it’s annoying walking around with them, add a 1 inch lift to a thick dress shoe and suddenly you appear around 2 inches taller but people might notice. Depends how noticeable it is and how inconspicuous you are with them. I did an experiment back in March 2016 where I was trying to see how tall I can make myself appear to others without anyone noticing. I was going out clubbing with some friends and decided to put in a lift maybe about an inch with a thick dress shoe so it would be 2.5 inches maybe a bit less where it actually meets my foot. I would appear a weak 6’1 guy like 6’0.5”ish guy to others and guess what, my friends didn’t even notice 😂 maybe it was because we where piss drunk or the fact that I have good proportions for my height (6’2 arm span) long legs arms and short torso. I felt pretty tall going out only really noticing guys who where 6’2-6’3+ taller. There where some big 6’4+ guys too. My friends around 5’10 more or less and he was looking up to talk to me. For a second I thought he was going to ask “ yo did you get taller or something?” For example yesterday at the mall I seen a massive mall security bloke was maybe 275 pounds and 6’6-7ish in shoes didn’t peek if they where boots or just a thick style of dress shoes but if I where to guess he was maybe 6’5-6’6 barefoot a very imposing guy who could have been a good bouncer or police officer.
James Edward Crowley said on 8/Jun/19
Rob what weight does a 5ft 8in man to start to look fat,I'm guessing 198 pounds at that weight a 5ft 8in man is heading towards the obese range 198 pounds for a 5ft 8in is on the high end of the overweight range low end of the obese range 190 pounds for a 5ft 8in man is not obese it's still in the overweight range and long way from the obese range.
Dan UK said on 8/Jun/19

I'm pretty sure when they say the average is 5'11.5 they mean for young guys as opposed to overall
Daycringeothon said on 8/Jun/19
Question. Does swimming lying forward count as lying down on your back? technically?
Would it significantly stretch the lumbar discs in the spine like when waking up? Like front crawl or butterfly stroke?
Assuming you have been standing for hours in the day.
Paycho said on 8/Jun/19
Hi rob,
The national average height in the usa is 5"9 for males. I was surprised to read a claim that white males are 5"10 on average. the statistic sample size (in wiki) is'nt that representative.

So I think the average white male is still in the 5"9 range (maybe above by a fracture). (My opinion is based on a visit i had to the us)
What do you think?
Do you think its truly 5"10 or just an exaggeration?
Thank you
Editor Rob
For white males it could be slightly greater than the overall average including all ethnicities...but overall average still seems to be reported in 5ft 9 range.
mrfunnyguy said on 8/Jun/19
@Ben I'm sorry but I disagree with you about the average height in Sweden. I am under the impression that the average is a couple of inches taller than 5'11.5, maybe 6'1 or 6'2.
Johan 185 cm said on 7/Jun/19
daad1234 said on 4/Jun/19
Rob, how much height has the average 40 year old lost, is it a fraction or is it nothing?


I am almost there and haven't lost a mm yet. Rob hasn't lost anything either.
Johan 185 cm said on 7/Jun/19
Grant said on 5/Jun/19
I wake up around 183.5cm and drop to 182cm at night. I would normally just say I'm 6 foot, But if like to here what others think. A safe claim I'd say?


You probably drop to 5'11.5" given your morning height but around 5'11.75" for a portion of the day. I wouldn't worry most guys your height try to claim my height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jun/19
Classic/flat 6ft2: Should hovering around 188cm by evening/bedtime +/- a couple of millimeters, should wake up in and around 6ft2¾ (between 189.5-190cm, closer to the latter). Examples - Gene Hackman, George Lazenby, Hugo Weaving, Paul Walker, Jim Broadbent, Julian Assange, Alan Alda

Strong 6ft2 (6ft2⅛): Should be closing the day somewhere between 188-188.5cm and NEVER below a flat 188cm. Out of bed should measure just about 6ft3 (within the 190-190.5cm zone). Lot of these guys claim 6ft3 but a reasonable number go conservative and stick with 6ft2 when asked. Examples - John Cusack, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Sean Connery, Donald Trump, Harold Ramis, Brett Favre, Billy Baldwin and Eric Bana

On a final note, I forgot to include Bill Murray and Dan Aykrots as strong and flat 6ft1 examples
Ben said on 6/Jun/19
I see people writing the average in Sweden looks 5'11.5". I seriously doubt it's over 5'10". Here's me in a very crowded area from last year: Click Here

I'm supposedly below average if the average is 5'11".5" and I'm always taller than most people. At worst I feel average. Also, when I was in London back in april the average seemed nearer 5'8" than 5'9", I did feel quite tall in every situation. But this all in my opinion.
avi said on 6/Jun/19
@c-mo said on 4/Jun/19

I agree. 5'11 is a very good height pretty much the same as 6'0.

I do think you need to increase the range to 185-186cm.
Almost everyone would agree 6'1 is an ideal height.

6'2 is a gray area. It can be too tall and start to look funny but its not really THAT tall either.

To me strong 5'10 to strong 6'1 would be my range.

Being close to 6 foot I can tell you it's not really a tall height in Western world.

My issue is I sometimes base the ideal height relative to other people.

Like if I see 5 guys all over 6'0 up to 6'4 I'll say wait 5'11-6'0 can't be that great because it seems others are a good bit taller.

I feel there are too many people nowadays who are 6'1 to 6'3. In order to feel tall most of the time you need to be 6'1 to 6'2 imo.
Doesn't mean it's ideal for optimal living though.

The human body really is supposed to be between roughly 5'0 and 6'0

I wish I could feel like I'm thankful as I'm a strong 5'11.5 but I feel that there is no reason I couldn't be 6'1 to 6'2 area as a lot of others are.
Maybe I need to stop focusing on others.

For you being 5'9.5 isn't bad you can just put a 1 inch lift in and you are basically a weak 5'11...
Importer said on 6/Jun/19
Thanks for the response on my last question btw Editor Rob. Would claiming 6ft with a 170.5-171cm eye level be plausible and non suspicious ? I mean barefoot of course.
Editor Rob
It wouldn't be that unreasonable, because that is a common eyelevel range you'd find in near 6ft men.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/19
Importer this how I look at it…

Weak 6ft1 (6ft0⅞) : By evening/bedtime should be hovering around 185cm flat, at worst a couple of millimeters shy but not a serious plummet into 184cm zone. Out of bed - clearing 6ft1 by a comfortable margin and scraping 6ft1½ (minimum 186.5cm). A 6ft0¾ listing worst case scenario. Examples - Jon Hamm, James Gandolfini, Paul Ryan, Dean Ambrose, Fetty Wap

Classic/Flat 6ft1: Should be a stay a bit above 185cm flat by days end. Out of bed should clear 6ft1½, into the 6ft1¾ zone (between 187-187.5cm). Examples - Sam Waterston, Roger Federer, Ed O’Neill, Isaiah Washington, Cary Grant, Busta Rhymes, Luke Bryan, Burt Lancaster

Strong 6ft1 (6ft1⅛): By evening/before bed still close to 186cm (no less than 185.5cm) or slightly above 6ft1. After a good nights rest should be about 6ft2 or within a small indistinguishable fraction of it (within 187.5-188cm) Examples - Ronaldo, Mark Gatiss, Kevin Costner, Luke Mitchell, Colin Hanks Josh Holloway, Quentin Tarantino. Guys in this range have good odds of getting 6ft1½ measurements earlier in the day and will claim 6ft2 off that

Weak 6ft1½ (6ft1⅜): Safely above 6ft1 flat at a low (evening/before bed 186-186.5cm) and out of bed at least 6ft2 if not a fraction over (between 188-188.5cm) Examples - Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler, Greg Wise, Will Smith, Roger Moore. Many round up to 6ft2

Strong 6ft1½ (6ft1⅝): Hovers around 187cm by evening/nighttime -/+ a couple of milimetres. Out of bed safely clears 6ft2 and measures close to 189cm. Examples - Mark Strong, Corey Stoll, James Earl Jones, Mahershala Ali, Kevin Kline, Rainn Wilson, David Letterman, Jim Carrey. Most will claim 6ft2

Weak 6ft2 (6ft1⅞): Doesn’t fall under 187.5cm in the evening. Straight out of bed should clear 189cm with ease. Examples - Michael Caine, Julian McMahon, Tom Hiddleston, David Gandy, David Hayes, Clive Owen, Rodrigo Santoro
Chris brady said on 6/Jun/19
@ Hoss. That is a pretty nifty trick. I would try it but all the walls in my home have baseboards. Would facing a wall and placing the can on my head be accurate? I'm talking about guiding the can off the tip of my skull as a starting point. My can isn't long enough to hit my top of skull off the wall.
Glitch said on 6/Jun/19

How Old Are you now?
Hoss said on 6/Jun/19
@Progking I am about half an inch shorter than you; 184.3cm waking up & drop to 182.4cm (can drop another 5mm with heavy exercise) I'd have to say it's an odd height because I feel I am neither one of the short nor the tall guys but I don't necessarily feel bang on average either though. I'm always tallest amongst shorter guys and shortest of the taller group, does that just make me average? I always think damn if they're taller than me then well they're over 6 foot and tall.

It is weird though I always meet people and think they're edging me out but when pictures are taken it's always the other way around and I just about edge them out, maybe I have a height complex haha.

I feel in the past I've been told a lot I am tall and big but I think that's more because of my build I am broad and bulky in general but also my hair adds like 2-3 inches on top.

I would say that in the UK I am Upper average/Above average height especially amongst 18-35 year olds.

I am also of egyptian heritage and when I am in egypt I get called tall all the time and whilst I certainly see tonnes taller than me I would say it is a solid tall height out there.
HonestSlovene said on 6/Jun/19
@Progking Yeah, it depends where you live, but any height from 5'11" to 6'1" in 1st world countries can be seen anywhere between medium and tall. 6'1" + is tall even in the Netherlands (actual average there is around 5'11.5" to 6'0" for younger guys under 40).
Hoss said on 6/Jun/19
@Chris Brady Hey man I have measured to the mm where 182cm is on a wall which doesn't have a skirting board (this did cause deviations in the past) I get a book or a piece of wood which has a perfect right angle and turn my back to the wall and lower it until it touches top of my head, I then hold it in place on the wall until I make a marking then I just measure the deviation from 182cm. This won't be as 100% accurate as a stadiometer however I reckon it's almost as accurate.

What I've realised is that from 18 I did grow another 1cm-1.3cm or so
Importer said on 5/Jun/19
I insist you to correct me if I'm wrong @Editor Rob.
Weak 6'1 (6' 1/2"- 3/4") = 185.5cm-186cm in the morning. Example: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto
Can get away with claiming 6'1 (6' 7/8") or so to say "flat 185cm" = 186.5cm-187cm in the morning. Example: Roger Federer, Keanu Reeves (peak height imo)
Flat 6'1 (6'1") = 187.5cm in the morning. Example: Colin Hanks, Quentin Tarantino,
Classic 6'1 (6ft1 1/8")= 187.8cm (6'2") in the morning. Example: Mark Gatiss
Strong - Very Strong 6'1 (6'1 1/4" - 1/2")= 188cm-188.5cm in the morning. Example: Gerald Butler, peak Colin Firth, peak Pierce Brosnan, Mark Strong. These group of people are tricky to tell the difference. To me Mark Strong would be perceived to be the tallest out of the other three due to his slim physique.

I might be wrong by a maximum of 0.5cm on some 6'1 catagories but it's plausible right?😂. To me personally a strong 6'1 to flat 6'3 is a sweetspot for tall height if you live in the U.K, almost everyone would think you're atleast 6'2 😂 Since the general depiction of a 6'0 man has changed over the years and to some it is not perceived as tall as it used to be and people as low as 5'10 claiming 6'0 does indeed escalate this issue 🤦‍♂️. So if your atleast 180cm many people would think you're actually 6'0 or even 6'1!... . The perfectionist tall height would be a flat-classic 6'2 like Sean Connery, Ryan Reynolds as it has been for about a century imo. A flat 6'3 is the favoured height for people who are always amongst 190cm+ friends (people) on a daily basis.
Editor Rob
I'd say those actors potentially fit those figures, to within a very small margin of error I believe.
Nik said on 5/Jun/19
@ Totigno - There are no hard and fast rules!
Kaysan said on 5/Jun/19
If I'm 5'9 without shoes how much does a regular Nike size shoe add to your height my size is 9.5.
Progking said on 5/Jun/19
@cmo its high average/above average if 5'11.5-6'0 is tallish. 6'0.5 is the true start of tall imo, i am around that height and am seen by others as a pretty tall guy. However i remember when i was 5'11-5'11.25 at 16 i felt tall sometimes walking around, and was one of the taller guys in my classes at school.
Chris brady said on 5/Jun/19
@ Hoss Hey dude how do you measure your height hroughout the day to get such accurate measurements? Curious about how all of you guys do this.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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