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Help Celebheights by mentioning any celebrities that are missing that you think are worthy additions to the site. If you can find any quotes about their height, mention how tall you think they look, and any examples to help with guessing, that would be greatly appreciated as it helps towards constantly improving the site!

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misstangkad said on 12/Jul/20
Malala Yousafzai, education activist and youngest Nobel Prize winner
Nick Posada said on 12/Jul/20
Can you please do Kelly Loeffler? She looks very tall because she's always wearing heels, but I'd like to know her actual height. I think she's between 5ft9 and 5ft11......Thanks in advance
FiveEightJake said on 12/Jul/20
Chuckle brothers? Listed 5’10 and 5’5, does that seem about right for their peak heights?
Editor Rob
Maybe 5-5.5 inches between them.
MD said on 11/Jul/20
@Howie, when I was talking about perfectly average, I meant as respects to someone of his general age, but also just very generally. I could see anywhere from 5'9.5" to 5'9.75" for Colin Jost. I think he's not quite 5'10".
Canson said on 10/Jul/20
@Editor Rob: How about Buju Banton?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jul/20
Please, Rob, could you consider a page for Bon Scott, singer with AC⚑DC? He was born in Scotland 74 years ago today. He died at a tragically early 33 years of age. I found 5ft8 for him, 5ft2 for Angus Young and 5ft3 for the late Malcolm Young, who passed away in November 2017, aged 64.

Thanks, Rob! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
Nik said on 8/Jul/20
Kasper Schmeichel!
Nik said on 8/Jul/20
Chuka Umunna!
Nik said on 8/Jul/20
Michael van Gerwen!
Michael sidi said on 8/Jul/20
Hi Rob
I have a big question- how tall is Herman TΓΈmmeraas, Norwegian actor known for series "Skam", "Stikk" and "Ragnarok". In "Ragnarok" he plays with 6ft Synnove Macody Lund (unfortunately I did not find their joint photo). He is so popular in younger audience, and many of us want to know which height he is- 5ft 10in or 5ft 11in. Many sites mention 5ft 11in, and some other mention 5ft 10in. We need professionalist's statement. Personally I think that his height comes between that range. In the past some of us asked you about it on this site. We need your trustworthy reply.

Here is link to photo of Ragnarok's cast on Twitter, may heights of these people will help you:
Click Here
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have thought a full 5ft 11
Greg said on 8/Jul/20
Rob can you add Gordon Ryan? He claims 6’2 Best No-Gi BJJ grappler and fighter I think he’s 6’1.5 at best.
Howie said on 8/Jul/20
Yeah I agree with @MD about adding Colin Jost as he is the fiance of Scarlett Johansson. And when @MD describes him as perfectly average height, it means more like 5 ft 9.5 in for men. My guess would be 5 ft 9.75 in for Colin Jost because I've seen photos and episodes where he looks a bit shorter than Seth Meyers and I've seen a photo where he looks at least a good inch shorter than Seth Rogen. I remember seeing an episode when Chris Rock hosted and at the end seeing it, Jost looked a tiny bit shorter. But he looks way more than an inch taller than Kenan Thompson who is listed as 5 ft 8.5 in and needs to be seriously downgraded to 5 ft 8 in flat bc Kenan doesn't have a very tall frame.
Andrea said on 8/Jul/20
Rob, what about the German actor Oliver Masucci, probably best known for playing Hitler in the movie Look Who's Back? Can he have the 187 he gets listed at or he's maybe a bit shorter than that?
Editor Rob
6ft 1 might be ok, look at him with Sebastian Koch and the giant German director of Lives of Others Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jul/20
Sir Kenny Dalglish!
Nik Ashton said on 7/Jul/20
Laura Kuenssberg!
Comment95j said on 7/Jul/20
Rob why dont you list Takeoff's height, if you put Quavo and Offset? he is between Quavo and Offset like 5'9-5'9.5
Editor Rob
somewhere around 5ft 9 range is likely
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/20
Hi Rob!

I'd like to know the height of the late Scottish rock/blues singer, Alex Harvey. I saw The Sensational Alex Harvey Band on the 31st May, 1976 and they put on an excellent show. Alex didn't look very tall, I'd say around 5ft6. The poor man died the day before his 47th Birthday, back in 1982. I've sent along a video of the band performing 'Faith Healer', a track I was hooked on the very first time I heard it!

Thanks Rob! πŸ˜‰πŸŽΆ
Nik Ashton said on 7/Jul/20
@ Rob - Please add Fraser Forster!

@ Arch Stanton - Being a lesbian is cool though (as is a gay man) and being autistic is too, autistic people do unfortunately have difficulties but they have great strengths too. I know you agree with all this.

@ G - I like your name!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/20
Please, Rob, please could you add Ian Bartholomew from 'Coronation Street'? He looks a good 2" shorter than his 'son', played by the 5ft9 Joe Duttine. With the court case coming up, there's bound to be an upsurge in interest in the actor. Thanks Rob! 😁
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/20
@ Arch - What a very sad story.
PJ Dalton said on 6/Jul/20
Can you add butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster
blah said on 6/Jul/20
Dr Younan Nowzaradan, Dr Now from My 600lb life.
Arch Stanton said on 5/Jul/20
Burt and Angie Dickinson were a great looking couple, their daughter was so odd, an autistic lesbian who looked like Velma from Scooby Doo, who killed herself at 40. Sometimes you get ones like that, Travolta's and Kelly Preston's son was another, looks and talent often aren't passed on.
Arch Stanton said on 5/Jul/20
Igor Augusto said on 25/Jun/20
Hi, how tall was Allen Collins from Lynyrd Skynyrd?
Can you take a look? Thanks

Yeah he looked very tall on stage. Could pass for a 6 ft 5 man, I think he was around 6 ft 4, I've read 6 ft 3 for him but it seems low in my opinion. Click Here Look at his legs there, surely 36 inseams!

What percentage of suggestions get created these days? I can think of a few suggestions but don't want to waste time asking for ones which won't get created! I would ask for Burt Bacharach but I don't reckon he'd be thought of as worth adding because of views. There with Dietrich in 1960 Click Here I thought Burt was about 5 ft 8 with Angue Dickson, he's 92 now so is probably no more than 5 ft 7 today. In the photo there he could pass for 177-178 cm range!
Nik Ashton said on 5/Jul/20
Dan Burn!
MD said on 5/Jul/20

Can you add SNL castmember and Weekend Update host Colin Jost? I think he's around 5'10", give-or-take a half-inch. He strikes me as perfectly average height, and would be a good way to measure other celebrities.
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/20
Thomas Q Jones!
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/20
@ Sandy Cowell - You are very welcome, Danny is famous enough to have a page and his height remains a mystery! He has many interesting talents and I would love to know his current height and his peak height!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/20
Rob, how tall do you think journalist/TV personality Will Self?

He’s been described as 6ft5. I gonna take it at face value as he does look very tall
Editor Rob
Yeah he could be that height
MD said on 2/Jul/20
@Jayden, as with any other NFL athelete, Devin Bush was measured. He was measured at 5'11". Now, that might be a morning height, but it is a height he was measured at, so it's unlikely he's a flat 5'10" regardless of who described him that way.
Nik said on 1/Jul/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I fully support your excellent request for John Sessions to have a page, John is extremely famous and he is extremely talented too! He has a height, in fact he has a current height and he has a peak height! John is a great role model!
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
Michael Higgins!
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
Janet Street-Porter is a must!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/20
Thanks, Nik! Danny Baker won the first ever QI, so he should have a page for that reason alone! πŸ˜œπŸ˜„πŸ“ΊπŸ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jul/20
Please, Rob, could we have a page for John Sessions? I've been watching him on my QI DVD and he's very funny and brilliant on historical dates, coming up with so many random dates that Hugh Laurie was laughing! (Pilot Episode).

I asked Google and she came up with something John had something to do with called 'Tall Tales'! Well, that's no good, is it? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜­

Thanks, Rob!
Juan Sanchez said on 1/Jul/20
Rob how tall do you think LaMelo Ball is? He is listed at 6'8" but that seems very off to me. Many say he looks a strong 6'5.5"-6'6" barefoot but what do you think?
Editor Rob
He can look 6ft 6 at least
Jayden jackson said on 29/Jun/20
Please add Devin Bush linebacker
Jayden jackson said on 29/Jun/20
Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Devin Bush his official height is 5’11 but I’ve seen a few articles where they say he’s 5’10 and he does look more like 5’10
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I think that Danny Baker should have a page too!
Nik said on 29/Jun/20
James Middleton.
Nik said on 29/Jun/20
Please add Norman Hunter.
Nik said on 29/Jun/20
Jonnie Irwin!
Bret said on 29/Jun/20
Hey Rob. Can we get an assumption for Cassady Campbell. He’s a prankster on Youtube with over 1m subscribers. Looks jacked but shorter or average height in most of his public videos.
Editor Rob
I haven't much knowledge on him
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
Please add Camilla Parker Bowles, on many sites she is listed as 5’8” but she looks considerably shorter than this.

Look at this:

Click Here
Editor Rob
Camilla might be at most 5ft 5 today and lost some height
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
Please add Jessica Caban!
MD said on 28/Jun/20

Here is one you can add since there is a height claim. Here is Today Show co-host Craig Melvin with 5'11.5" Dr. Oz:

Click Here

The guy has the gall to claim 6'1" when he's at least a good inch shorter than Dr. Oz. It's hilarious. He's probably like 5'10".
Jackson Smith said on 28/Jun/20
Rudy Pankow: I don’t understand it, He is listed as a 5’11 and here we see he is shorter than Jonathan Davis (listed as a 6’0)

Click Here

But here Austin North (listed as 5’9) is taller than him?

Click Here
Greg said on 28/Jun/20
Rob please add Aleksander Vucic Prime Minister of Serbia his height is talked about a lot. He is listed as 6’6, I think has a chance of being 6’6.5-6’7 range as he often looks extremely tall amongst the other leaders. Also what about a page for Edi Rama, Albanian leader he looks about 1.5 inches shorter than Vucic I was thinking 6’4.5-6’5. For him? What do you say would you consider giving them a page?
Keith 5'10 said on 27/Jun/20
Hi Rob
Can you add Louis Hofmann from Dark? He is listed at 5'7", but he can look a little over with 5'9" Lisa Vicari.
Click Here
Click Here
Marlo said on 27/Jun/20
Rob, could you please check out the height of Eric Andre. There are a lot of claims starting from 6ft to 6ft2.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jun/20
@ Hi Rob and Happy Weekend!

I've just been looking for Danny Baker, but find he is pageless, so I asked my Google robot girl for his height and she said that he's 171cm tall. I'm watching the first ever QI on DVD and he's in it!πŸ˜‚

Celebheights isn't the only site he's missing out on. He wasn't 😜 on the Famous Birthdays site I use either; I've just found out that Danny celebrated his 63rd Birthday on the 22nd of this month...

Please, Rob, can Danny have a page on Celebheights? πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
Editor Rob
I'm not sure about a page, but I would say in his prime Danny could have been nearer 5ft 9 than 5ft 7.5. He might look 5ft 8 today, but no doubt has lost a bit of height by age 63.
MD said on 25/Jun/20
Also, can we get former American mayor and presidential candidate Pette Buttigieg added? Here he is with Jimmy Fallon who you have listed at 5'11.5":

Click Here

With 5'10.5" Bradley Whitford:

Click Here

I feel he's probably under 5'9", but by how much I'm unsure. He always strikes me as being just under average height.
Greg said on 25/Jun/20
Could we get a page for Eric Kanevsky he is a bodybuilder and does a lot of cool pranks his height has been searched and asked about many times on Internet forums. He himself claims 6’0-6’1 but has a video of him measuring bodybuilders and looking shorter than all the 6’0 claimed ones. If I where to guess I would say 5’10-5’11 range think I seen him look similar to Vitaly in a video of his. He also has half a million subs.
G said on 25/Jun/20
Hi Rob,

Last time I reported to you, I was 178 cm in the morning, after growing one cm at the age of 20.

Right now, at 21 years old, luckily, I managed to increase my morning height in one more cm.

Now I'm 179 cm in the morning.

I don't know if I'm still growing and will reach my goal, wich is 180 cm of morning height.

But thinking about the present, do you think it's fair for me to claim 5'10"?

Thanks in advance
Editor Rob
It's reasonable to go with the 5ft 10 mark now.
Igor Augusto said on 25/Jun/20
Hi, how tall was Allen Collins from Lynyrd Skynyrd?
Can you take a look? Thanks
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/20
Hi Rob!

There was a question on 'The Chase' just now about which politician was described as 'a shifty little bureaucrat' and 'a awful little git'. One of them was Tony Blair, who I ruled out because his peak was 6', I forget one of them but decided to settle for William Hague because I perceived him to be fairly short. I looked up him height and found 5'10", which I simply don't believe. How tall do you think he is? He always looked so much shorter than Blair. Thanks Rob!

PS Could he have a page please?
Editor Rob
Hague once claimed 5ft 11, though he is barely searched for nowadays.
Ellis said on 24/Jun/20
@Rob: Could you do a page on Lamelo Ball? He is almost 19 years old. I'm pretty sure he is done growing.
Greg said on 24/Jun/20
Rob can you add Chris Pohl from Blutengel he is a German singer. He is pretty tall and I think can be 6’1-6’2 in some of his photos he looks 6’2 range. There’s a video of him meeting fans back stage on you tube he looked a strong 6’2 there I always thought he was between 6’0-6’3.
MD said on 24/Jun/20
How tall is celebrity ballroom dancer Derek Hough? Here he is looking pretty identical in height to John Legend:

Click Here

Legend is listed at 5'9", here, though I do think it's clear Legend isn't a full 5'9".
MD said on 23/Jun/20

Can you add NASCAR driver Darrell "Bubba" Wallace? I see only 5'6" listings for him, and he honestly looks around that. Here he is awhile back with rapper T.I.

Click Here
Tall Sam said on 23/Jun/20
Cedric Yarbrough from Reno 911, Speechless, The Goldbergs and so on. The guy looks a good 6'2", taller than Jeff Garlin, several inches on Minnie Driver...can't remember how he looked near Dwayne Johnson but I know hes costarred with him as well as Will Ferrell.
Bwk said on 23/Jun/20
Rob, you should make a page for 98 year old actress Betty White. She's very well known and has a career spanning 80 years. Her peak height is listed at 5'4" which is sounds about right, but today she's probably only around 5'1"-5'2" range.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/20
Please, Rob, can we have a page for singer/songwriter from the English band Blue? He's an actor too and I'm watching him star alongside Christopher Lee, Vinnie Jones, and Adrian Paul in a very good crime thriller called 'The Heavy'. I've just read that he is 180cm, so he's probably a bit less. Thanks Rob!
Aidan 5'10.5" said on 23/Jun/20
julie chen is a good idea i’d like to see her on here she is pretty average height it seems
Rory said on 20/Jun/20
Rob, wasn't there a page here for Christopher Fulford before or have I imagined that?
Editor Rob
Yes he had a page at one point.
Bull said on 19/Jun/20
Julie Chen Moonves should be added. There are some other Big Brother hosts here but not her. 5 ft 4/ 5 ft 5.
Also, the late Bob Einstein should be added, as his brother Albert Brooks is here. 6 ft 3/ 6 ft 4.
Oguz Efe said on 19/Jun/20
Rob, can you add Warren Buffett?
Daniel said on 19/Jun/20
Rob, could you please add Danish heavy metal singer King Diamond? I have read 1.68m on the Internet, but it seems too low to me.
Nik Ashton said on 18/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I fully support your great request for Roman Kemp to have a page!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jun/20
Hi Rob, Just under an hour ago, I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea when I heard on the radio that Dame Vera Lynn passed on today, aged 103.

Surely this incredible lady deserves a page, Rob? I've found 170cm for her, peak height, I imagine.

She did so much good in her life, from lifting the spirits of the Forces and the country as a whole in World War Two with her beautiful songs of hope, to her tireless charity work right into her later life.

Thank you, Rob.
Linke said on 17/Jun/20
Ajay Devgn? I think he's tad taller than Anil Kapoor, so is 176 cms in my opinion. His personal claim is 5'11" which he makes around 0.16

Click Here
Nik said on 16/Jun/20
Caroline Hayes!
DellAM said on 16/Jun/20
@Rob - I think that adding Herman Tommeraas height should be very nice. He is 23 Norwegian actor, he played in series like Skam, Netflix' Ragnarok, and in Stikk. He is also a model. Most times his height was listed as 5.11, and sometimes as 5.10. It would be nice if you consider our proposition.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/20
Please, Rob, could we have a page for poet, author and playwrite TS Eliot? His initials stand for Thomas Stearns. He was a tremendously entertaining poet, and I particularly liked his cat verses. He lived from September 1888 to January 1965, and he won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1948.

I found that Thomas was 5ft11 and forwarded the information on to you! When I found out his name was Thomas, I thought, "How appropriate!"

I always associate the name Thomas with Tom cats. I was followed home by a black and white Tom cat in the pouring rain quite a few years ago and he stayed the night, happily getting on very well with my bunch, particularly Pee Wee, who was incredibly similar in colouring and markings. They curled up together and even slept in a warm embrace! My brother told me that there were missing notices up for him, so I was pleased that I'd inadvertently 'found' him. I gave him an overnight name, which was Tom-Tom.

When I phoned the owner the following morning, I was told that he had been found but wandered off again because he preferred the quieter area of 'my' locality. It just goes to prove how long ago it actually was....😿

It turned out that his name really WAS Tom! How amazing was that?

Thanks Rob!
Tall Sam said on 15/Jun/20
I've seen James Wolk pop up in a few places. I think 6'1.5" would be the highest I would go.
Keith 5'10 said on 15/Jun/20
Rob Can you add singer Phil Anselmo? He was at least 6'0" at his peak. But he lost a lot of height due to a back injury.
With Rob Halford:
Click Here
With Tom Araya:
Click Here
With Dave Mustaine:
Click Here
Travx97 said on 15/Jun/20
@Rob how tall is Big Lewis now? It's incredible how much he grew between 15 and 17 btw
Editor Rob
Yeah he put on about 3 inches from 15 to 16 and then by 17 another 2-2.5 inches.

I haven't seen him for many months, but I know he is at least 186cm now turning 18.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jun/20
Please, Rob, could you give a page to Roman Kemp? He will soon be in a programme with his actor/singer Dad, Martin Kemp. I think he must be around the 6ft mark or possibly just over. Thank you very much!

Linke said on 15/Jun/20
Rob, would you consider adding the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput? I think he was between 5'10-5'11. He always gave a tall impression in movies.
MD said on 12/Jun/20
DaBaby has never been given more than 5'8", and certainly doesn't look more than that.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 12/Jun/20
Montez Ford, who's perhaps the most legit billed height in WWE right now. He's billed 6'1", but I could maybe see him being as high as 6'1.5", seeing him next to 6'1" listed Bobby Lashley. Click Here
Editor Rob
He claimed 6ft 3
MrTBlack said on 12/Jun/20
@ Editor Rob

So you’re saying you agree Donald Gibb is probably between 6’3.25-6’3.5”?
Editor Rob
Yeah I think near that range
Nik said on 11/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Todd Carty would be the most wonderful addition to celebheights!
Howie said on 11/Jun/20
Rob, also please take a look and add actor James Wolk, who is known for his roles in films such as You Again and The Stanford Prison Experiment and TV shows such as The Crazy Ones, Zoo, Tell Me a Story, Mad Men, Goliath, & Watchmen.

w/Robin Williams & Sarah Michelle Gellar Click Here
w/Sebastian Stan & Sigourney Weaver Click Here
Click Here Click Here
w/Billy Burke & Kristen Connolly Click Here
w/Ciaran Hinds Click Here
w/Paul Wesley Click Here Click Here
w/Josh Dallas & Josh Bowman Click Here

He can look somewhere around 6 ft 1.5 in to 6 ft 2 in based on how he stands with Billy Burke and Ciaran Hinds.
QM6'1QM said on 11/Jun/20
Rob, it's me again with my request, how tall was Mitch Lucker if Austin Carlile (guy with a cap) self-claimed as 6'4".
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Howie said on 11/Jun/20
Rob, could you add actor Steven Pasquale who is known for his role as Sean Garrity on Rescue Me, Broadway works, and also had a starring role in the film, Alien vs. Predator Requiem?

w/Lin Manuel Miranda & Neil Patrick Harris Click Here
w/Lin Manuel Miranda Click Here
w/Anthony Rapp Click Here
w/Katherine Heigl & Dule Hill Click Here
w/Laura Benanti Click Here

He is generally listed as 5'11, but I think he's more somewhere in the 5'9'' range based on how he stands with the people listed.
Howie said on 11/Jun/20
Here in a reply tweet, Dave Foley claims he's 5'8''.
Click Here
Fortnite said on 10/Jun/20
Can you add DaBaby? My guess for him is around 5'8 3/4
Muont said on 10/Jun/20
Can you add page for cagaty ulsouy please
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jun/20
Please could we have Ian Anderson? I've been watching his videos all morning and I think the 175cm for him is right! Thanks Rob!
Aidan 5'10.5" said on 10/Jun/20
I think Adam Gontier is 6’0.5”
Keith 5'10 said on 9/Jun/20
Hi Rob! Can you add Rock singer Adam Gontier?
Him with Chris Cornell:
Click Here
With Dave Grohl:
Click Here
He is listed at 6'2" on Google!
Tall Sam said on 9/Jun/20
I second a listing for Dave Foley, always funny and a legend for Kids in the Hall. I think 5'7.5" would be a good fit for him, maybe a bit less now, he was always a slightly shorter average range guy even within Kids none of whom are especially tall.
Priscilla said on 8/Jun/20
John Morrison WWE
Greg said on 8/Jun/20
I think SuperEd86 is a good person to add Ed Vilderman successful youtuber and filmmaker has claimed to be 5’10 and 180 or 190 pounds and upon looking at his Instagram he looks a legit 5’10 guy I don’t think he would be lying if he did drop below. He used to be famous on you tube when he would make videos. I am sure he has many subscribers.
.. said on 8/Jun/20
Paul van Dyk
viper said on 7/Jun/20
Rob could you add NFL hall of famer and all time sack king Bruce Smith who measured 6-3 1/4.

MrTBlack said on 7/Jun/20
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Donald Gibb who played Ogre in Revenge of the Nerds and Ray Jackson in Bloodsport is? He is listed as 6'4" but I do remember a 6'3" listing in the past. Having said that, my guess is a strong 6'3".
Editor Rob
From memory, I think he looked taller than 6ft 3, but maybe not a big 6ft 4 unless by 90's he lost height...
Littlelee5ft6 said on 6/Jun/20
How about actress Nancy Stephens from Halloween 1,2 h20 and upcoming Halloween kills plus films a time for dancing and escape from nee york she is listed 5ft 7 and was barely shorter than Joseph Gordon Levitt in Halloween h20
Greg said on 6/Jun/20
Hey Rob can we see a page for Connor Murphy, Bradely Martyn and Eric Kanevsky I would guess them as follows 6’2, 6’1.5 and 5’10-5’11ish all of which are very popular fitness Youtubers
MD said on 5/Jun/20
Can we have Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey added since we have Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Most place Dorsey at 5'10", though I have no idea.
SportsHeight said on 5/Jun/20
Rob, Forbes Magazine just released its Celebrity 100 list of the highest-paid celebrities in the world.

Click Here

You might consider adding some or all of those on the list who don't already have pages on your site. They are, in the order they appear: Rush Limbaugh, Bill Simmons, James Patterson, Kirk Cousins, Carson Wentz, Marshmello, Judy Sheindlin, Ashray Kumar, Julio Jones, and Klay Thompson.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jun/20
Please, Rob, could you make a page for humanitarian Terry Waite? He is a super tall 6ft7 and endured so much when he was kidnapped and tortured mercilessly. He was in captivity for 1.736 days, being finally released in November 1987. I wrote to him and sent him a Christmas card. My Mum prayed for him every night and was overjoyed when he came back home. A page for this brave man would be a marvellous tribute.

Thanks Rob!
Eric C. said on 4/Jun/20
@Rob how tall do you think bone collector is? He’s listed at 6’0. However, to me, he doesn’t even look close. He always seemed like 5’7, 5’8 or 5’9. Especially next to mamadou ndiaye
Editor Rob
You can see him near Gronk. I don't think as low as 5ft 8, but not a six footer anyway.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jun/20
Walter Chiari stole Ava Gardner from Frank Sinatra. Imagine having a romance with Ava while shooting a film, how lucky can one guy get! I think he deserves a page just for pulling Ava!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jun/20
Please, Rob, could we have a page for actor Todd Carty? He starred in Grange Hill, Tucker's Luck and The Bill. I just read that he is five foot ten and I think that's believable. Thanks Rob! πŸ˜‰
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Jun/20
Wrestler Asuka, she could be 5'2" range. She's currently the champion on Raw. I think she's more deserving of a page than any other wrestler at the moment.
Georgetk99 said on 3/Jun/20
Hey how you're doing...Could you add the Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis? He claims to be 189 cm /6'2 but on his visit to Washington, when he stood next to Donald Trump he looked a bit shorter than him. I'm sure he's no more than 184 cm
Howie said on 3/Jun/20
Requesting a page for actor/comedian Dave Foley who is best known for his roles in The Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio, A Bug's Life, and his recurring/guest roles on numerous TV shows.

w/ 5 ft 8.5 in John Ratzenberger Click Here
w/ Phil Hartman Click Here
w/ cast of Scrubs Click Here
w/ Thomas Lennon & Paul Reubens Click Here
w/ Matthew Perry Click Here
w/ Andy Dick Click Here Click Here
w/cast of NewsRadio Click Here Click Here
w/ Sean Hayes Click Here
w/ Eric McCormack Click Here

He probably is at least 5 ft 7.5 in but could potentially be at most 5 ft 8 in.
abubakar said on 3/Jun/20
how tall is Stephen a smith
Greg said on 3/Jun/20
@Roots4828, I heard Rich claimed 6’1, and also he looked taller than 5’10-5’11 ish Eric Kanevsky who claims 6’0-6’1. But I also heard people say Rich is like 5’11 max or something 5’11.5 but I’m not sure what’s your guess for Eric by the way? He didn’t look that much shorter than Rich in the last video they did. I hope Rob can add both as I’m curious to see his guess!
Howie said on 3/Jun/20
Requesting a page for actor Simon McBurney. He's appeared in films such as The Duchess, The Golden Compass, Robin Hood, Harry Potter 7 Part 1, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,The Theory of Everything, Allied, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. He also played Rupert Murdoch in The Loudest Voice miniseries and recurred on Carnival Row.

I would say he is someone that would fall in the 5 ft 6 in range.
Aidan 5'10.5" said on 3/Jun/20
@MD I didn’t know where else to say it. I just wanted to say it somewhere in case anyone was wondering how i knew all these celebrities shoe sizes. P.S. I too would like to see Guy Fieri.
Roots4828 said on 2/Jun/20
Please add the late Rich Piana. I think 6ft would be a good starting estimate for him. He wears quite large shoes but doesn’t necessarily give a tall impression so I could see him a bit under that.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Jun/20
Wrestler Montez Ford, who IMO is a legit accurate 6'1". If he isn't, he's at least very close to it. His partner Angelo Dawkins certainly isn't a legit 6'5" though, more like 6'3" range I'm guessing. Would like to see either or both added.
Ellis said on 1/Jun/20
@Rob Paul: Do you think that you could add Paul George or Kristaps Porzingis? Paul George doesn't look that much taller than Kawhi Leonard in the pictures I have seen. Porzingis seems to be, a bit over an inch shorter than Boban from the media day pictures.
Greg said on 1/Jun/20
Rob can you please add Eric Kanevsky famous YouTubed and fitness athlete he does pranks too. He’s claimed 6’0 and 6’1. My guess is about 5’10-5’11ish
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jun/20
Gary Speed,
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jun/20
Adam Rippon!
Pablo Souza said on 1/Jun/20
Lateef Crowder, capoeira martial artist.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jun/20
Request Number One: Please can we have a page for Steelye Span vocalist Maddy Prior? I cannot find her height, but next to her male band members, she looks around 5ft5.

⭐ Paul Whitehouse and The Fast Show team had a lot of fun turning 'All Around My Hat' into 'All Around My @rse'!

Request Number Two: Please can we have a page for rock genius Mike Oldfield? He is definitely 5ft9.
MD said on 1/Jun/20
@Aidan, I assume that last post was meant for another thread. No one had asked about shoe size in this thread.
Aidan 5'10.5" said on 31/May/20
David Goggins standing alone looks 6’0 3/4”
Linke said on 31/May/20
Sonu Sood? He's a Bollywood actor but has most recently been in the news for emerging as an unlikely hero during COVID 19 situation. He's 6'1ish I think
Roots4828 said on 31/May/20
A page for bodybuilder and YouTuber Brad Castleberry would be nice. He looks 5’9”-ish.
MD said on 31/May/20
I'd like to request, again, American celebrity cook Guy Fieri.
Aidan 5'10.5" said on 30/May/20
All the shoe sizes I tell you are 100% true. I figure them out by watching celebrities go sneaker shopping with complex on complex’s youtube channel. You can usually see the shoe size on the box they buy near the end of the video or the celebrity will sometimes on video ask for the shoe they want in their size.
Nik Ashton said on 30/May/20
@ Arch Stanton & Rob - A Chips Rafferty and Chips Hardy double would be grand.
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/20
Probably not worth asking whether Walter Chiari would be worth adding? 5'11 is about right.
Nik Ashton said on 29/May/20
David Goggins!
Nik Ashton said on 29/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Jo Brand needs a page!
Nik Ashton said on 29/May/20
@ Bwk - Great idea!
MD said on 29/May/20
@Rob, can you add 2018 Olympic bronze metal figure skater Adam Rippon? He's listed as being 5'7", and he seems just that. It's not really common to have someone in sports not grossly overlist themselves these days. I'm interested to see how close you think he is to that measurement.
random reply99 said on 29/May/20
Hi Rob, can you do a quick look about Petr Yan mma fighter? is he overlisted at UFC? they describe him as a 171 cm but he looks like 5'6-5'6.5 for me
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 28/May/20
@sandy i would also like to see Matt on here. i am a big south park fan i have seen every episode multiple times!
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 28/May/20
Hey Rob, I think you should add Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928 - May 28, 2014) aka famous and inspirational African American Poet and Singer and Civil Rights Activists. I do know She was tall African American Poets I do know and admire from my junior year from High School. Known book I know why the Cage Bird sings. Tall women like Michelle Obama at least.
Maya Angelou's peak height was about 5 ft 11 range while some sites claimed she was 6 footer... Latest height before her death in 2014 was probably around 5ft 9 or so....
Nik Ashton said on 28/May/20
@ Christian 6'5 3/8" - Thanks, I know you want to see Shane McMahon added to celebheights too!
Nik Ashton said on 28/May/20
@ Aidan strong 5'10 - Thanks, she’s a must!

FiveEightJake said on 28/May/20
Rob how tall is the Fifa YouTuber Itani?

He used to claim 5’9-5’10 but now he says 5’8.

With Xavi here : Click Here

Click Here (Xavi potentially barefoot though could of took the photo with him before giving boots away)

Assuming they’re both in shoes could he look 2 inches taller and therefore he is honest with saying 5’8
Editor Rob
If he's went to a 5ft 8 claim, that seems believable. It's never to late to tell the truth about your height.
Bwk said on 27/May/20
Rob, you should give Youtuber Ethan Klein from the channel H3H3 Productions a page. He has claimed on twitter that he is 5'11'' and that his wife Hila is 5'10'', but there's no way he's anywhere near that mark. In this video skip to 5:18 Click Here here he is with Youtuber Jontron who is listed at 5'10'' and he looks at least 2 inches shorter than Jontron maybe even 3 inches shorter and they both appear to have similar footwear. Ethan's channel has over 6.6 million subscribers and I think he's worthy of a page on here. I'd say Ethan Klein is about 5'8'' at most.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/20
πŸ”” Alarm bells are ringing!

The guy's name (from Thin Lizzy) is Scott Gorham.
Roots4828 said on 26/May/20
Eric Kanevsky looks 5’11”.
Roots4828 said on 26/May/20
I think the UFC’s Brian Stann is 6’1” which is the same as what he is billed at, from what I have seen. He looked a lot taller than Bisping when he was wearing shoes during the post-fight interview but looked a half-inch taller before they fought at the weigh-ins.
Willes190 said on 26/May/20

What about a page for actor Eric Fleming who stared in over 200 episodes on the western hit show Rawhide alongside Clint Eastwood? He has been listed at 6’3, 6’3 1/2 and 6’3 3/4. I think he looks about 6’2.75 next to Clint and other actors from the show.
Click Here
Littlelee5ft6 said on 26/May/20
How about actor bobby campo from the final destination and he plays seth branson in the tv show scream he is listed 5ft 10 and does look about this tall
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/20
Hiya Rob!

I've often wondered why Trey Parker has a page and Matt Stone does not! It's Matt's 49th birthday today, so it might be a nice jesture to add him. I found 187cm for the 'South Park' co-writer and natural born rascal....
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/20
@ Keith - I've just been digging around for info on Thin Lizzy co-lead guitarist Scott Gorham, and I saw pictures - obviously! - of Gary Moore. I agree that 5ft7 is balderdash. He looks nearer 5ft8.5/5ft9.

The other day I was checking out the height of an actress that Jimmy McGovern employs for his dramas. I found 2 heights: 5ft2, which is ridiculous and a far more realistic 5ft6. What a descrepancy!

Yes, I like early King Crimson. I didn't get into the band until I was well into my 20s; I doubt that I'd have appreciated and understood them as a kid!

Take care Keith and all the best!

Sandy πŸŒžπŸ‘πŸ“€ XX
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/20
Hey Rob!

I've been wondering about the height of American guitarist with Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. I don't think he was far from Phil Lynott's 6ft1, and he didn't have a huge Afro mop like Phil's, but long, straight hair. I'd say anything from 5ft11.5-6ft. I've sent along some pictures depicting Phil, Gary Moore and Scott, who turned 69 in March.

Please could Scott have a page, Rob? Thanks! πŸ˜πŸ‘
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/20
Goggins claimed 6 ft 1 and 296 pounds at peak weight. Nowadays I think he said around 185 pounds. From what I've seen 184-5 is reasonable. Great guy, he seems to have channeled into the fact that physical exercise powers the mind but has gone to an extreme on it. I do an hour cardio, a run or exercise bike early in the morning and find it gives me much more energy throughout the day. But he's running like 3/4 of a marathon every day a lot of the time and constantly doing pushups and body exercises throughout the day which is definitely excessive.
MD said on 23/May/20

Can you add British Labour Leader Keir Starmer? I'd start him out at 5'9".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/May/20
And so is Shane Mcmahon

That'd be a good addition. I remember him claiming 6'1", but I don't know how tall he really is.
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 23/May/20
@nik i too would like to see jyoti on here!πŸ‘πŸ»
MD said on 22/May/20
Rob, I am not familiar with what you spoke of. Link? Anyway, I was thinking Ronan looked a bit shorter than 5'9", there, but it's not a wild guess, either.
Editor Rob
From Woody's biography:
"After Ronan finished law school, Mia had him undergo cosmetic surgery to extend his legs and gain a few inches in height. I told her I couldn't imagine putting someone through the ordeal for cosmetic reasons...It was, of course a long and painful process for Ronan, who had his legs broken a few times and reconstructed to lengthen them....Mia and Ronan tell a different story but that's what happened."
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/May/20
@ Rob - Last night I saw a lovely programme on cats and kittens with Jo Brand and I really enjoyed it, as did my brother! Please can the comedienne, who appears from time to time on Countdown, have a page? I've read 5ft4 for her but I doubt she's that height now. Thanks Rob! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
K.A said on 21/May/20
Big Rob what of David Goggins? That guy deserves a page common!
Arch Stanton said on 21/May/20
I don't think he looked a real 6'6, now Bruce Spence did. I've seen a lot of his Hollywood films, The Desert Rats another one he was in with Richard Burton and James Mason but when I saw them I didn't know who he was.
Tidus0816 said on 21/May/20
Rob, how often do you add directors? It would be nice to see Zack Snyder’s listing. Next to someone like Russell Crowe and Henry Cavil, he looks like a weak 5’8, maybe even in the 5’8 range.

AND they announced the Synder Cut for HBO Max, so I’d think it’d be pretty fitting.
Editor Rob
Still get added now and then.
Arch Stanton said on 21/May/20
Chips was in the Sundowners with Mitchum and Mutiny on the Bounty with Brando. He was also in a few episodes of Gunsmoke. If there is a comparison with Arness that would good. He was in his 50s by that though and might have lost some height. In the Overlanders in his 30s proportionally he does look over 6'4.
Arch Stanton said on 21/May/20
Any chance of adding Chips Rafferty Rob? Classic Aussie actor, the Aussie John Wayne in a way. Looked very tall, I've read 6'5 or 6'6. I would guess 195-6 barefoot.
Editor Rob
Not so familiar with Chips, though he has been called 6ft 6 on quite a few occasions I see.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 21/May/20
Rob that's the journalist natalie morales I mean the actress from dead to me and battle of the sexes. Both same name. She was born in Florida in 1985. And is listed 5ft 7 but seems 5ft 5 or 6 tops
Editor Rob
Actress Natalie looks 5ft 5 yeah I wouldn't list her as tall as 5ft 7, that looks impossible.
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 20/May/20
i can’t remember if i already requested bbno$. he’s pretty well known and is good friends with yung gravy. i don’t know his real name but i know he’s listed at 5’9 which seems reasonable.
FiveEightJake said on 20/May/20
Rob you should add Jesser the YouTuber, 3 mil subs, he has lots of claims on Twitter, he either says he’s 6’2 or 6’3 but also said 6’1 a lot especially before he got big, I think he’s an easy 7 inches smaller than Kris London would not be surprised if he’s not even the full 6’1 but looks near it.
ArmyFan108 said on 20/May/20
Hey Rob!
Could you estimate and post the heights of the BTS members? I saw that RM has already been posted but would really like to know the heights of the other more average-heighted members.
There's lots of pics online for reference, thanks!
Nik said on 20/May/20
Jyoti Amge Is a must for celebheights.
Nik said on 20/May/20
Shane McMahon!
Nik said on 20/May/20
@ Christian 6'5 3/8" - It was a great idea to put in a page request for Lance Archer!
MD said on 20/May/20

If Ezra Koenig (right) of Vampire Weekend is 6'0", which seems to be what he's listed at across the internet, how tall is journalist Ronan Farrow (left), Woody Allen and Mia Farrows son?

Click Here

I wonder if Koenig is 6'0", too. I also think Farrow might be a lift-wearer because he can look average/above-average and then look below average, too.
Editor Rob
He could be in 5ft 9 range...whether Ronan had limb-surgery is another matter, why would Woody make such a claim about Ronan...
Littlelee5ft6 said on 20/May/20
How about actress natalie morales from tv shows santa clarita diet, dead to me and the grinder plus films battle of the sexes, going the distance and spider man into the spiderverse she is listed 5ft 7 but 5ft 5 is more accurate as shes alittle shorter than emma stone
Editor Rob
Here, she claimed 5ft 4, though liked to round up to 5ft 5.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/May/20
Lance Archer, he could be around 199cm.
Tidus0816 said on 19/May/20
R&B singer Anderson Paak.. From the sources I could find, he is listed at 5’9 1/4 (175.9 cm, approx 176). The following picture with Dr. Dre and Eminem suggest that it could be the case, but I think he looks a flat 5’9 here.

Anderson (far right) w/ Eminem and Dre: Click Here

Another picture with Childish Gambino, however, has him looking taller than that, although he is slightly closer to the camera.

Anderson Paak with Childish Gambino (listed at 5’8 1/2) and Thundercat: Click Here

These were the only pictures I could find of Paak. standing next to people listed on the site.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 19/May/20
How about the young offenders chris walley and alex Murphy I think chris is 6ft 2 and alex is 5ft 6
Littlelee5ft6 said on 19/May/20
How about actor adrian Scarborough he is often listed 5ft 4 but he looks 5ft 5 to me. Seen him in tv show miranda and he was the same height as sally Phillips in small heels so 5ft 5 barefoot and 5ft 6 in shoes
Editor Rob
Sometimes an actor is honest in their resume or spotlight, Adrian actually was happy to be known as 5ft 4 in the 90's!
Oguz Efe said on 19/May/20
Hey Rob, I wonder how tall this guy really is:

Click Here
Editor Rob
At a glance, could pass for 5ft 6
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 18/May/20
travis stork, one of the doctors on the tv show the doctors. standing next to dr phil he looks 6’4 1/4”.
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 18/May/20
i went rambling last time i requested him (my bad) but i’d like to see ohgeesy. his real name is alejandro. he is relatively well known and has been recognized by big names like snoop dogg. he did an interview with snoop dogg on youtube not too long ago and he looked tall but they were sitting down. i’ve heard some people say he is 6’3”. my estimate for him is 6’2.75”. but idk maybe i’m off
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 18/May/20
joji, formerly known as filthy frank. he is well known in the music and meme community. He’s listed at 5’8 but also as high as 6’0 but in my opinion doesn’t look as tall as either of those listings. definitely closer to the 5’8 one though.
Greg said on 18/May/20
Eric Kanevsky he has 300-400K subscribers you tube and fitness IBB bodybuilder he claims 6’0/6’1 but I wouldn’t give him more than 5’10/5’11 can you please add him Rob? He has a measurement video with a tape measure but he measured other bodybuilders he seems to get edge by the 6’0 claiming ones.
Nik Ashton said on 18/May/20
Sir Bobby Robson.
Bruno Spiljar said on 18/May/20
Hey Rob.
I think that Mirko Cro Cop would be a great article.
He is listed as 1.88m, claims to be 1.86m at his prime but looks max. 183 or less next to other fighters for example Satoshi Ishii who is listed as 1.8m
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/May/20
Rob, i hope you take a look from the name list sorry about the long list but some of the celebrities are really worth to be added in.

Korea running man host: Kim Jong Kook, Yoo Jae Suk, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Kwang-soo

Korea actor/actress: Jung Woo-sung, Jo In-sung, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Woo-sik, Park Seo-joon, Suzy, Han Hyo-joo

NBA: Matt Barnes, Chris Bosh, Chandler Parsons, Tim Duncan, Hassan Whiteside, Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd

US/CA, Actor/actress: Christopher Kirby, Sage Brocklebank, Billy Drago, Trevor Matthews, Macon Blair, Mitzi Ruhlmann, Tiffany Shepis, Morgan Taylor Campbell
Nik said on 17/May/20
@ Rob - please add the late footballer Gary Speed, he was also a top manager. I've seen him listed online as 5'8" and 5'11"!

Also please add Mark Hughes and the popular young actor Isaak Presley, Isaak is a must!
Nik said on 17/May/20
@ Littlelee5ft6 - It is a great idea to request Nora Dunn!
Nik said on 17/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I've been wondering about Katherine Dow Blyton too and I so think she deserves a page, she looks about 5'5" range and wouldn't it be amazing if she is 5'5.5" with her being 55 years young! She was born in Jarrow!
Nik said on 17/May/20
Adam Shulman!
Keith 5'10 said on 17/May/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell - I love King Crimson too, specially the first era. 170-171cm for Fripp sounds right to me.
With Toyah:
Click Here
But 5'7 for Gary sounds very wrong. For me he was 5'9 based on Thin Lizzy era pics.
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 16/May/20
david attenborough, best known for planet earth narration. he’d have a peak and current because he is in his 90’s. His brother richard has a page and i’m certain that david is taller than his brother richard.
Jes?s said on 16/May/20
MD said on 16/May/20

Do you think you can finally add celebrity chef Guy Fieri. I used to think he was above average, and it was probably just the big personality. He's listed most often at 5'10", and I think that may be nearer correct. He recently raised nearly $20 million for struggling restaurants in the U.S. due to the coronavirus epidemic.
Nik Ashton said on 16/May/20
Jyoti Amge would be a great add.
Roots4828 said on 16/May/20
Nate Diaz would be a good add. One of the few guys that can look taller than their listed height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/May/20
Oh my goodness, Keith! You've even asked for Robert Fripp! I requested him in April 2019, and immediately following, his wife Toyah came up as a random celeb! I've read 5ft7 for Fripp.

I love King Crimson! πŸ˜πŸŽΈπŸŽΆπŸ‘πŸ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/May/20
Great idea, Keith! Gary Moore recorded 'Blues for Greeny', dedicated to Fleetwood Mac's original singer, Peter Green. I found 5ft7 for Gary, who tragically died aged just 58 in February 2011. I was gutted - two great singers from Thin Lizzy gone, but never, ever forgotten.

Cheers Keith! You have great taste in music! Sandy πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸŽΆπŸŽ§πŸ’Ώ XX
Chase said on 16/May/20
Maybe Freddie gibbs? Here’s him with 5’11.75 Big K.R.I.T. I’d put him 6’1-6’1.5

Click Here
Click Here
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 15/May/20
360 jeezy, his real name is jarrod stovall. He looks short like in the 5 and a half footer range. and his shoe size is 9. great barber and great youtuber.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/May/20
Hi Rob! I'm interested to know the height of Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays Emmerdale's lady vicar, Harriet Finch. β›ͺ I can't find her height anywhere. She looks above average for a woman but, having said that, there are quite a few short actresses in Emmerdale.

I'd be very excited if she could be added to the Emmerdale page. She had an affair with Cain Dingle (yeah! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜―πŸ€­) and he didn't tower over her the way he does most of the women.

Thanks Rob! 😁
Travx97 said on 15/May/20
@Rob how tall do you think Isaiah John is? Some sites list him at 5'8" but next to Asthon Sanders in All Day And A Night he looks 5'6" at best. What do you think?
Keith 5'10 said on 15/May/20
Hi Rob! Maybe it's time for a page of Gary Moore
With George Harrison in late 80s and early 90s:
Click Here
Click Here (5:35)
Keith 5'10 said on 15/May/20
Hi Rob!
Can you add Robert Fripp from King Crimson? He is a guitar genious
With David Bowie:
Click Here
With Andy Summers:
Click Here
Nik said on 14/May/20
William Beck! He can look either side of 5'10" when compared to Charles Venn!
Nik Ashton said on 14/May/20
@ Littlelee5ft6 - George Rainsford is a must!
Nik said on 14/May/20
Lee Selby!
Luke Heinz said on 14/May/20
I think joe exotic should be a person to consider adding. He is listed as 5’11 in google, but I would think he is more like 5’10, maybe even 9.5 considering he wears boots a lot.
MrTBlack said on 14/May/20
Hey Rob, gonna ask again. Gavin Newsom?
Nik said on 13/May/20
@ Rob - Please add IBF world featherweight champion Josh Warrington, I have seen him listed as 5'7" on plenty of sites and I have also seen him listed as 169 cm too! He is a Leeds United superfan!

Look at this:

Click Here

I have sent you photographs of Josh in the company of Lee Selby, I have seen Lee listed as 5'8" on some sites and I have also seen him listed as 5'8.5" too! Look at these:

Click Here
Click Here
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 13/May/20
not a request for new listings but maybe peak and currents for the stars of seinfeld? like for jerry he used to be a strong 5’11”, but has lost probably about an inch in my opinion.
Nik said on 13/May/20
@ Roots4828 - You are most welcome!
MrTBlack said on 13/May/20
Also, how tall do you think CA governor Gavin Newsom is? Listed as 6’3” and definitely looks it. In fact, I’d even argue 6’3.25- 6’3.5” is arguable for him.
MrTBlack said on 13/May/20
@Rob thanks for response. So you think Qissi overall is between 6’1.5-.75”?
Editor Rob
I think that range is believable for him.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/May/20
I was watching an episode of 'Inspector Morse' the other day and was quite enchanted by a little actress by the name of Holly Aird. Her face looked familiar and I liked her character because she was ever so nice to the Inspector! I looked for her height and found that she doesn't have a page, so I rooted around for information.

Holly is written up as 165cm and has starred in 'Waking The Dead', 'Soldier Soldier', 'Fever Pitch', 'Possession', 'The Criminal', 'Miss Marple', 'Grantchester', 'Midsomer Murders', 'Casualty', 'Kavanagh QC' and plenty more besides. She was married to James Purefoy, with whom she has a son, Joseph, 23, and is now married to Toby Merritt. They have a 15-year-old daughter called Nelly.

Holly turns 51 in five days' time.

Please, Rob, could this hardworking TV actress have a page?
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 13/May/20
@MD that’s a good idea i’d like to see pete on here.
MD said on 13/May/20
@Rob, can you add former U.S. presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg? He's something of a chameleon. I think his campaign has claimed 5'9", and I actually think he's not too far off this, but also that he's clearly shorter than that. Here he is with 5'10.5" Bradley Whitford.

Click Here

Not a great picture, but with 5'7.5" Mark Zuckerberg:

Click Here

But then another one with Pete to the left looking very similar in height, again:

Click Here

Maybe he's a very weak 5'8", so maybe like 5'7.75"?
Roots4828 said on 12/May/20
@Nik thanks!
Tall Sam said on 11/May/20
Rob, any chance of a page for the recently passed Little Richard? He wasn't especially little in person. I interacted with him at a small show around 15 years ago. He wore big boots but I'd guess he still looked over 5'9" without them at his advanced age.

There's plenty of shots of him near bands who looked up to him like the Stones or the Beatles and he usually looked to edge most of the 5'9"-5'10" members. Also he can be seen in one of his few acting roles almost towering over a truly little Richard, the Dreyfuss one. I would think Richard was right around a strong 5'10" mark.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 11/May/20
How about actor george rainsford from casualty? He looks about 5ft 7 to me. Certainly on the shorter side
Howie said on 10/May/20
And here's a photo of Oliver Hudson standing next to Tiger Woods and Josh Duhamel to show that he is clearly shorter than 6 feet.
Click Here
Howie said on 10/May/20
Another request that I am making is for actor Thomas Sadoski, who is known for his roles on TV shows Life in Pieces and The Newsroom. He also starred in the movies Wild and played Chad Stahelski in the first two John Wick movies. He's listed around 5'11'', but I could see him being at a max of 5'10'' at the highest.

w/Colin Hanks Click Here
w/Rob McElhenney Click Here
w/Daveed Diggs Click Here
w/cast of The Newsroom Click Here
Howie said on 10/May/20
Rob, could you add actor Sam Jaeger, who is known for his roles in TV shows Parenthood, Eli Stone, and Why Women Kill. From a movie he starred in called Catch and Release, he looked about an inch shorter than 6'0'' Timothy Olyphant.
Brayden said on 10/May/20
@Rob You-tuber EDP445 looks about 6’0 to 6’ 1/2 inch
MrTBlack said on 10/May/20
Hey Rob,

How tall do you think Michel Qissi who played Tong Po from Kickboxer is? He’s listed as 6’2.5” on the web but I’m thinking next to Van Damme, a full 6’2” is likelier. Thanks.
Editor Rob
Over 6ft 2 seems hard to imagine, would have thought just under it in fact.
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 9/May/20
bill bye the science guy... probably not 6’0” anymore. maybe a little bit shorter than me (5’10 1/2”)
Littlelee5ft6 said on 9/May/20
How about actress nora dunn she looks at least 5ft 6
Nik Ashton said on 9/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell & Rob - You are absolutely welcome Sandy! You are so right Sandy, Stella McCartney is a household name alright! She must be very well known in celebrity circles and so many celebrities will wear the clothes she has designed, Stella and her clothes will never be far away from the famous stars and she is a celebrity in her own right too, like you said Sandy! Her well designed clothes will be purchased all over the world! Stella has a height and she is a star so we wanna know you know!
Linke said on 9/May/20
Hi Rob,

I would definitely like to see Saif Ali Khan and Ranveer Singh to be added to the site. They claim 5'11 and 6 respectively but look much shorter. However, barring them could you have a look at another Bollywood actor named Shahid Kapoor. He is listed 5'7 on the internet but appears taller than that.

Here he is with 5'10 listed Hrithik Roshan.

Click Here (Roshan seems to have a thicker footwear & better posture)

Click Here (Another picture with Hrithik)

Click Here

Click Here (With Hrithik who I think could be 179 cms, Sonakshi Sinha who I think is closer to 5'6 than 5'7, Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor with substantiality less footwear)

To me his height is a mystery since he can look anywhere between 5'7 to 5'9. He claims 5'10, which is too high IMO. Could he be 172 cms?

Here is him claiming 5'10.

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Shahid Kapoor: my height is actually 5 ' 10 " and i ll make sure that its corrected in all the biographies :)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/20
@ Keith 5'10" - You're a real old school rock 'n' roller! Well, so am I, but I'm always open to new rock - if it's very good!


Yeah, Keith and Rob! The late Bon Scott would be a groove, man! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 9/May/20
@MD that could be possible. Or maybe 5’10 3/4” is his morning height. I always trust Rob though.
MaskDeMasque said on 8/May/20
@Nik Ashton

I've heard Josh claim 5'7 but I don't think he's taller than 5'6.
Joefan said on 8/May/20
Can someone make a fan for Joe Exotic , his Netflix series is a huge hit
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 8/May/20
Ohgeesy? He’s a rapper part of the shoreline mafia group, and i believe his real name is Alejandro. I’m pretty sure he’s famous enough, he had an interview with snoop dogg who is very famous not too long ago. I’ve heard he’s really tall like 6’3” but i honestly can’t tell. Sitting next to snoop dogg who is 6’3 3/4” he didn’t look as tall. But i definitely don’t think he’s short. Mike sherm also comes to mind but i don’t think he’s famous enough yet there probably isn’t enough evidence to make a height estimate for him, but idk. This lockdown has got me thinking of many new celebrities that could be candidates for a page on this website. I’m also still curious about chase hudson, and other tiktok stars but he’s the main one. He’s probably close to 5’9 3/4” that’s my guess.
Nik Ashton said on 8/May/20
Please add Michael D Higgins.
Nik said on 8/May/20
Rishi Sunak!
Nik Ashton said on 8/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Ian Bartholomew is a must, no one knows his height but Rob could change all that! This great actor is now a household name!
5'8 Tim said on 8/May/20
What height is Chad Donella out of Final Destination and Saw 3D? Most sites have him at 5'9.

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Editor Rob
He might be near it, beside guys like Brendan Fehr, he seemed at least 3 inches smaller.
MD said on 8/May/20
I'd like to see Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a fairly major media figure for CNN, added. He's not over 5'8".
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 7/May/20
Chris Hansen definitely needs a page. He’s a journalist and he’s known for To Catch A Predator on Dateline NBC. I was suprised he didn’t have a page because he’s pretty well known and famous. He’s listed at 6’2” but he just looks really tall. He’s taller than most of the predators on to catch a predator. Maybe he’s 6’2.5”? My guess would be a very strong 6’2” or even a decent 6’3”
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/May/20
Hey Rob! Thanks to a question on The Chase today, I found out that Rita Hayworth was married to Orson Welles. I simply had to see if I could get the relevant information as to how tall the author was - and I did! He was 187cm in height. Please could this highly advanced and imaginative writer have a page on Celebheights please Rob? Thanks!
Editor Rob
He does Have One, Simon Callow once reported that Welles had a physical and measured 6ft.
Nik Ashton said on 7/May/20
Please add Nicola Adams, she is the most successful female British boxer of all time!
Nik Ashton said on 7/May/20
Please add Erykah Badu!

Look at these:

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Nik Ashton said on 7/May/20
Please add Erykah Badu!

Look at these:

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Littlelee5ft6 said on 7/May/20
Maybe add a page for des o'connor he looks about 5ft 9 to me
MD said on 7/May/20
@Aidan strong,

Oh, I know what Meyers is listed, here; I've been pretty consistent that I think he's slightly overlisted.
Howie said on 6/May/20
Rob, could you add actor Oliver Hudson, who is known for his roles on TV shows such as Rules of Engagement, Nashville, Scream Queens, and Splitting Up Together? He's listed as 6 foot 1 in, but I'd say he would fall more in the 5 ft 11.5 in to 6 ft range compared to how he stands with Patrick Warburton and Kurt Russell.
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have guessed him over 6ft, whether just 5ft 11.5 not as sure on.
Keith 5'10 said on 6/May/20
Hi Rob! Can you add Bon Scott? Around 5'6" or more maybe
Here with Angus and the rest of the band
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 5/May/20
@MD seth meyers is actually more like 5’11, maybe not super strong but definitely more than 5’10. Rob has him listed at 5’10 3/4” which seems fair
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/May/20
Hi there Rob!

I'm watching The Medusa Touch and have been wondering about the height of Italian actor Lino Ventura, who plays a French detective.

I've sent you some information about the late actor, who died at 68 years of age. He's supposed to have been 176cm, but all the other male actors so far have had to look down to speak to him, and there aren't really any very tall ones in this that I've noticed. A 'healthy' average 5ft9.25 seems a little far-fetched for Lino. Lee Remick, who plays Richard Burton's doctor/therapist, has to look down in order to communicate with him and, although I haven't had the opportunity to check her heel height, I assume it's the sort of reasonably high-heeled shoe style that any smart, professional woman would wear. (I can hear her shoes clonking!)

Could Lino Ventura possibly have a page please Rob? Thanks! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Nik Ashton said on 5/May/20
Josh Widdicombe!
Nik Ashton said on 5/May/20
@ Rob - Please add Juan Mata! I am a Leeds fan but I must say that Juan Mata really deserves a page, he is co-founder of a charity called β€œCommon Goal” and so far he has persuaded well over 100 people to give up 1% of their salaries for this charity! I have seen Juan listed as anywhere from 5’6.5” - 5’7.5” online!
He has represented Spain at all levels as well as playing for major clubs like Real Madrid, Valencia, Chelsea, and Manchester United!
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 5/May/20
jace norman, the first result shows that he’s 5’7.5” but more recent websites list him at 6’0 or 6’1. I think he’s definitely closer to 6 foot than 5’7.5”
Editor Rob
At age 17 he said 5ft 10
Greg Marsden said on 5/May/20
Hey can you a page for Quadeca, he’s a big rapper on YouTube and there’s a Wikipedia page saying he’s 5’8 and he’s dead lol and he tweeted β€œI’m most offended that it says I’m 5’8. Could care less about the being dead thingβ€œ but I could believe he’s 5’8 as he looks really small next to Joey Nato who said he’s 6’2 in a video. I think he is about 5’8 or 5’9
Eric C. said on 5/May/20

I really think you should add Robert bobrockzy. His height seems extremely mysterious. To me looks about 7’5/7’6 personally but i could be wrong.
Nik said on 5/May/20
@ Roots4828 - Great idea! I like your name!

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