How tall is Prince Charles

Prince Charles Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 10 (177.8 cm)
The Prince of Wales. In a 1981 article it mentioned how he was of "Slight, muscular build, he weighs about 154 pounds and stands 5-foot-10, just an inch taller than his bride."

How tall is Prince Charles
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Average Guess (59 Votes)
Peak: 5ft 10.42in (178.9cm)
Current: 5ft 9.08in (175.5cm)
Rich Paul said on 22/Dec/20
“he looks to tall beside guys like ronald reagan“

Not to me. He was a good two inches shorter.

Click Here
Almost 180cm guy said on 21/Dec/20
Personally, I have no doubts that Charles was 5ft 10.25. This is evidenced by his photos alongside Nelson Mandela from 1997: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
The difference between them seemed slight. Rob, I think a fraction of over 5ft 10 should be okay for his peak height.
Almost 180cm guy said on 19/Dec/20
Well, I think it's time to update. Charles today is probably under 5ft 9 already. And his peak height was definitely a good 5ft 10.25. Well, since Nixon still had 5ft 10.25 during his presidency, Charles definitely wasn't a shorter than him. Their joint photos from 1969: Click Here Click Here
Although in 1997 he met George H W Bush and even though he was 73, Bush could still look a good four inches taller than Charles who was only 48-49 at the time: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Maybe 5ft 10.5 is good for Nixon's peak height and while I still believe 6ft 2.25 for George H W Bush, Charles deserves a 1/4 inch upgrade to his peak height and a 1/4 inch downgrade to his current height in my opinion. Rob, are you going to give Charles a peak height of 5ft 10.25 and a current height of 5ft 8.75? I can't believe he lost only an inch at 72, today he must be over inch shorter than 20 or 30 years ago for me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/20
Rob, could Prince Philip and Mountbatten get pages?

I know there's a 5ft11½ figure circulating somewhere for Philip. Peak no probably below 5ft9 now that he's closing in on three digits. Mountbatten is listed 5ft11 and with Charles looked around it in his 70's but was clearly taller than Philip in old photos. Had to have been 6ft1 range at least peak
Editor Rob
Check when Prince met Tom Cruise, he probably lost 3 inches by then.
recapa said on 8/Oct/20
179cm peak.174cm now
6'3 Julian said on 26/Aug/20
“Muscular build at 154 pounds and 5’10” is ridiculous. A 5’10 11 stone man would look pretty skinny
berta said on 11/Aug/20
he looks to tall beside guys like ronald reagan and dawid prowse and even diana to only have been 178 cm. i think he was 179 and could pull of loking 180 sometimes. today he probably is don to 175
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
He can sometimes pull off looking 5’7” or 5’8”!
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
@ Littlelee5ft6 - She looks no more than 5’5”!
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Littlelee5ft6 said on 3/Jun/20
How tall would camilla be rob? She's listed 5ft 8
Nearly 180cm guy said on 18/May/20
I'm still convinced that Charles in the 70's, 80's and 90's had over 5ft 10. I found one more picture of him next to Ronald Reagan from 1981: Click Here
Please Rob, look at his photos from 1994 with Putin again, Charles really looked good four inches taller than Putin: Click Here Click Here
I also recently looked at his latest photos next to William and Harry and I can't see him today as tall as a full 5ft 9. Rob, his peak height definitely needs an upgrade to 5ft 10.25 and his current height needs a downgrade to 5ft 8.75.
Editor Rob
I can see why 5ft 10 and change is arguable for a peak, he looks like he has lost over an inch from the 80's till now.
Paul 177 said on 27/Apr/20
Hi Rob,

I've seen him looking nearer 5' 8.5" recently; with Donald Trump, Daniel Craig and Craig David in particular.

He was at least 5' 10" peak height. In fact, during his marriage to Princess Diana he often appeared close to 5' 11".

He looked closer to 5' 11" than 5' 10" with Michael Jackson and looked at least 1.5" taller than Diana at their wedding. Even Mamum said Charles looked at least 5' 11" and Diana 177 cm when he met them. This gives me the impression that Charles wore lifts at times...

What surprises me though, is that he appears to have already lost 1.5" at only 71! Doesn't that seem quite a bit for an active person of that age?

Interestingly, Sir Paul McCartney (age 77) and Sir Rod Stewart (age 75) appear to have only lost 0.75" absolute maximum. Mick Jagger's another one who is holding up well!

Would love to hear your opinion on these observations.

Cheers - and wishing you and your folks well during these very uncertain times.
Editor Rob
Charles has had a few accidents which might have made him lose a fraction more. He has been looking to struggle at times with the 5ft 9 mark.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 8/Apr/20
Today Charles may already be under 5ft 9, so I think peak height 5ft 10.25 and current height 5ft 8.75 would be more accurate for him. In 1981, when Ronald Reagan was around 6ft then Charles could look even 5ft 10.5 next to him (see from 3:09): Click Here Click Here
In 1994, Charles met Putin and he looked good 4 inches taller than him: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Charles was 45-6 then and Putin was 41-2 so in my opinion it is impossible for them to lose any height then. I think 5ft 6.5 may be fine for Putin and 5ft 10.25 is just better for Charles than flat 5ft 10. Rob, are you going to update his list?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/20
He looks to be struggling with 5ft9 these days. Peak was definitely a solid 5ft10, if not a bit over
James B 172cm said on 27/Mar/20
rob how tall was charles 10 years ago? 5ft9.25 maybe?
Editor Rob
He might have been that range, today he can look a bit under 5ft 9 now.
pov said on 12/Mar/20
Click Here

1 min 10, video of craig david, and dec with prince charles. 5'10 craig is noticeably taller than him, I think charles should be lowered. 5'8.5 max
RR said on 7/Feb/20
Looks 5ft 7 next to William here:

Click Here
pov said on 20/Dec/19
Hi rob I have a picture of my 182cm brother (I measured myself and that’s his mid point height throughout the day) and prince charles shaking hands. My brother towered he was slouching down too and clearly looks a good 4-5 inches taller than him. I refuse to believe prince charles is 5”9 and 5”10 peak. More like 5”8.5 peak and 5”8 now. I would like to upload it to show you, how do I do it?
Editor Rob
Charles is looking shorter these days, even Daniel Craig recently looked a couple of inches taller, so 5ft 8 range is what he is starting to look. If you go back 30 years, he did seem more 5ft 10 range.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 16/Dec/19
I found one interesting picture of Prince Charles with David Prowse from 1981:
Click Here
Well, Prowse at this time could have had 6'4.75" at worst case because in 1980 he still looked like around 6'5". Rob, I could see the argument that Charles could be 5'10.5" in his prime but I'm asking you to give him at least 5'10.25" because flat 5'10" seems to be a bit too low for him.
Editor Rob
It's arguable that Charles could have been 178-9 range, I would have said he was barefoot taller than diana.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Nov/19 has Prince Philip at 6 ft 2 LOL. Still no page for him on here I see.
Editor Rob
It's a battle of wills - Philip wakes every morning, checks if he has a page on CelebHeights and says 'Maybe tomorrow'.

I'm keeping him going! 😎
Dhrew Ghelani said on 24/Sep/19
My brother 5'11 brother met him and took a pic with him, he towered over him, there's no way he is 5'9, more like 5'7.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Sep/19
He used to get called 5ft11 quite a bit.
Nik Ashton said on 23/Sep/19
He’s easily above average for his age!
khaled taban said on 7/Sep/19
5'10" peak , 5'9.25" now.
Vibram said on 19/Aug/19
Nxt to 178cm confirmed Daniel Craig: Click Here
Barry Fl said on 21/Jun/19
Following on from my recent comment - the angle of the pictures I saw earlier must have been just enough to favour old Charles. Looking at these, he seems slightly shorter than DC - but still perhaps closer in height than I would have expected.

Click Here
Barry Fl said on 21/Jun/19
Quite surprised me, this. A number of pictures on Facebook this morning from Prince Charles's visit to the set of the new Bond movie. He looked taller than Daniel Craig.
Bolton said on 5/Jun/19
Charles looks 5ft 8 in some of the pictures of Trump's visit to UK when next to Trump who I think is a weak 6ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/19
I'd give Charles a strong 5ft10 and Diana a weak 5ft10 both at peak
James Brett said on 15/Jan/19
5ft10.25 peak rob?
Editor Rob
A chance...all that riding Horses he's been doing during his life has damaged his body a bit more than your average worker.

I wonder with Diana at times whether he was tempted to wear a small lift...he doesn't really seem the guy to do so, but then I've said this before - when my neighbour discovered I ran this site and then mentioned to me he used to wear lifts (and this is a guy who was over 5ft 10 and the least likely candidate I'd ever consider as a lift-wearer), I realised you just never know who might be wearing them...
Elvinas said on 7/Jan/19
I don't seem to understand, something isn't right, look at this video: Click Here Prince Charles is just a little shorter like 2-3 inches than Anthony Joshua who is about 6'5-6'6, it's either that I don't know something or he wears elevator shoes.
Quoter987 said on 25/Dec/18
Looks 5'7 next to his children today. Definitely lost a lot of height.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Nov/18
🎂 Happy Birthday Prince Charles! 🎂

Yes, it's the big 7-0 today, and hasn't the time just flown by?

I'll be watching his celebratory show tonight at 8 o'clock on ITV1, (repeated on Friday night at 10.45) with its massive all-star cast, including Rowan Atkinson!

Hope it's a good one, Your Highness!

5ft10 peak, 5ft9 now.
Rick1 said on 12/Oct/18
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/17
He is only 5.9 in height how did he end up with 2 6 foot sons! usually brothers differ in height,not all brothers r the same in height.

Probably because his father (Prince phillip) was 6ft tall and not only that, princess diana was very tall for a woman at 5'10 and her brother looks even taller than her (earl spencer) thats the interesting thing about genetics, its not as clear cut as it may seem its very complex, it is even possible to be short with tall parents - scott caan is an example
MAD SAM said on 10/Jun/18
Yea he claimed his height accurately alright
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/18
I think Mountbatten was at least 6ft1
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jun/18
👂 I don't think Charles has done too badly if he's suffered just a one-inch height-loss at 70-odd years of age. 👂

He can have 5ft10 for his peak; 5ft9 for today's height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/18
Rob, how tall do you think Lord Mountbatten was?

I’ve seen 5ft11 descriptions out there and next to Charles he looked it when he would have been quite old but then there’s photos from years earlier of him with Philip (peak supposedly 6ft) and he looked taller. Maybe 6ft1-2 range peak?
Editor Rob
I don't think I've ever seen anything of Lord Mountbatten, but at his peak I'd say he was over 6ft.
Vijayan said on 6/Jun/18
Fair enough then Rob. But why not upgrade Charles to a 5'10.5 peak height?
Editor Rob
I am not sure he really was that tall, but of course it's not impossible...5ft 11 I'd rule out entirely.
Vijayan said on 5/Jun/18

He is not even 70 yet, and appears to have lost 2 inches. Or at least very close to it. On average, men lose only 1 inch when they reach 70. I wouldn't rule out 174 cm for Prince Charles today, but doesnt look over 175 cm in general.
Editor Rob
He has had some injuries through his life. Herniated discs and joint problems from all that Polo.
Natalie_M said on 2/Jun/18
Prince Charles is old and slouches which may explain why he looks shorter than 5ft9. But I wouldn't rule out that he may have lost several inches due to being an elderly man. If his peak height was almost 5ft11, then his current height is 5ft8 at best.
Alistair_21 said on 27/May/18
I don't know about his heyday, but now Charles isn't even 5ft8. Looked the same height with the Greek prime minister and Camilla was shorter than the Greek pm's wife. The Greek pm is a short guy and his wife is tiny.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Vijayan said on 26/May/18
Rob how tall could George VI have been? He is listed as 175 cm on Google and he definitely looks around that.
Editor Rob
5ft 8.5-9 range may well be possible for him.
Coyote_Ugly said on 24/May/18
He could have been 5ft 11 younger but now he's like a bit more than 5ft 7. Searched for Camilla and she's listed as 5ft 8. Yeah right! She's no more than 5ft 4 now.
BilboBaggins said on 18/May/18
Charles stands somewhere in the region of 5' 9"-ish nowadays. In his prime, he was definitely about 5' 11.
mrtguy said on 6/Apr/18
Rob, if Prince Charles was standing to today's OJ Simpson could you see 2.5-3'' differnce??
Editor Rob
If OJ is 6ft flat, then about 3 inches...Prince Charles doesn't seem above 5ft 9 these days.

By the time he becomes the King of England he'll be 5ft 8.
BilboBaggins12 said on 16/Mar/18
In photos of Charles standing alongside 5' 10" Luciano Pavarotti (this would have been late '80s and early '90s), Charles appears a little taller than Pavarotti. Also, in photos of Charles meeting The Spice Girls (in their various, high-heeled, platform footwear - aside from Mel C, who's wearing trainers) in 1998, Charles still dwarfs them. Even 5' 6" Mel C. Mel B/Scary Spice, who's a little over 5' 4", would have stood at least 5' 9" in those gigantic platform shoes you can see her wearing on that occasion - and yet Charles looks much more visibly taller than her... So, whatever about that 1981 afticle, I would put Charles' peak height as closer to 5' 11".
James B 170.8cm said on 7/Mar/18
Rob is 177.5cm 5ft10 or 5ft9.75?
Editor Rob
Well, 5ft 9.88 so it's pretty much the same distance to 5ft 10 as it is to 5ft 9.75
Lmeister said on 12/Dec/17
He was 177cm in his youth. Nowadays looks more like 173-174cm.
Will said on 14/Nov/17
Yeah, I am quite sure Prince Charles is 5'9". He is 1.75 meters, which is average height here in America.
Xavier said on 10/Nov/17
Will Prince Charles be King? I don't think so.
5 foot 9.
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/17
He is only 5.9 in height how did he end up with 2 6 foot sons! usually brothers differ in height,not all brothers r the same in height.
Anthony said on 8/Oct/17
I say he's around 5ft8.5 to 5ft9 tops
Blake said on 7/Oct/17
Rob, I have seen so many online articles which mention height and they always get conversions horribly wrong. This articles main point is about Price Charles and Diana's height and they put a wrong conversion in bold! Click Here
Editor Rob: it's a filler article that, because you have the upper right portion of a stamp occupied, it makes sense to position the heads in that way!

they've done the old 'What is 178cm in feet' and been shown - quite correctly - 5.84 feet.

Of course we know 0.84 of a foot doesn't mean 8.4 inches because a foot is a base 12 measurement.
James B said on 8/Aug/17
Rob do you agree in his prime Charles looked dead on 11 stone?
Editor Rob: he was fairly trim, and around that range for being near 5ft 10 peak is very probable.
even said on 5/Jul/17
the prince ( being the most precious race ever ) was at least 5 feet 10 inches when he was young . i love you your highness . i wish i was fit to clean your toilets , god bless take care .
Nik said on 28/May/17
@ Phil

I know tall men with small mums!
Johnson said on 28/Apr/17
My friends, he was 5'11. Here he is with Reagan

Click Here
Johnson said on 26/Apr/17
Solid 5'11 for Prince Charles on peak. 5'10 for Diana
Phil said on 19/Apr/17
@ Nik
no, just look at 5 foot 6.75 jaden smith, will smith son.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Mar/17
Looked a solid 5ft10 in his youth
Nik said on 22/Mar/17

tall father = tall sons too.
Phil said on 20/Mar/17
@ cthulu
tall mother= tall sons
mrtguy said on 19/Jan/17
Rob, you think there's a chance Prince Charles could be 200 Pounds today??
Editor Rob: mrt, he doesn't look it.
Vibram said on 12/Dec/16
I doubt he's lost more than an inch before 70 years old. I would say peak was 176cm.5 > 177cm and 175cm today.
littlesue said on 20/Nov/16
What do you think Camiila is?? I read she said her Mother lost about 7 inches in height due to Osteophorosis, looks like Camilla lost an inch or so now as I'm sure I read 5ft 6 for her but she looks more around 5ft 4.5 now
Editor Rob: yes Sue, 5ft 5-6 range for a youthful Camilla was very probable.
Percy said on 31/Oct/16
He looks 5' 9" nowadays. 5' 10" peak height.
Cthulu said on 16/Oct/16
Interesting, Harry and William must've got the extra height from their mother then.
charlie said on 10/Jul/16
He looked 5 ft 8 in his prime. Today he looks 5 ft 7 perhaps 5 ft 6.5
Gerry said on 7/Jul/16
I've stood beside Prince Philip, if he's 5' 8" tall I'd be surprised. Same for Charles, 5"8" at the most.
Christian said on 1/Jul/16
The swedish king is the five feet nine region and it makes sense looking at this pic with prince Charles.Click Here
Lmeister said on 16/May/16
Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden was 179cm in his youth, Now maybe 176cm. I thought he was taller like 185cm since he never looks shortish or average.
Anna said on 12/May/16
President Bush is 5'9'', the exact same height as the king of Sweden, whose height you can find in public Swedish records.
keys said on 6/Dec/15
Let's face it, when he and Diana were in their prime and wearing similar footwear, he was just a fraction of an inch taller than her. 5'10.5" in the morning to 5'9.5" at night in his prime. Now-a-days, 5'9". Here he is with 5'11.5" (as stated on his official presidential physical) President Bush. Bush is standing closer to the camera, and Charles is blatantly exemplifying a slouch. They look to be very similar.

Click Here

What's going on here, Rob? Is Bush not a legitimate 5'11.5" to 6-footer? Do you think that he fabricated his claims? Love to know what you think Rob.
Steve said on 17/Aug/15
Prince Charles looked really short next to President Reagan. I doubt he was any taller than 5'9".
Nearly 5 10 said on 15/Aug/15
Yeah, he looks below 5' 10" today.
Almost 5 10 said on 13/Apr/15
Rob, look at him next to Michael Jackson. And on other occasions with Princess Diana. Is 5' 11" peak height possible? Or was he a lift wearer back then?
[Editor Rob: I believe a guy like him might have wore a lift...5ft 10 range and 9 today I believe.]
PJ said on 19/Mar/15
Looked 5'9 on TV next to Obama last night.
Will said on 3/Jan/15
Prince Charles is exactly 5'9" tall. 100% agree with that. No questions asked.
Vibram said on 25/Nov/14
Tom says on 16/Oct/14
What was Prince Phillip's peak height?

6ft2 / 188cm.
Can't Stop Addicted said on 10/Nov/14
5' 9" now.
Liam 176 said on 26/Oct/14
He looks 5' 9" now.
Vibram said on 8/Oct/14
Rob how tall are his brothers? They are listed 183cm on Royality pages. Do you have pages for them? I think Andrew maybe 180cm and Edward possibly the same. Next to 184cm Prime Minister David Cameron, the 180cm seems legit.
[Editor Rob: not looked at them much, but Edward kind looks in that 5ft 11 range yeah.]
Normal Norman said on 29/Aug/14
Yeah, bang on.
Spirit Level said on 11/Aug/14
5' 10" peak height. He's 1 inch shorter now.
littlesue said on 8/Jul/14
Think she sitting on a rock in the full pick!
John86 said on 6/Jul/14
Looks 6'2 next to 5'10 Diana in his prime:

Click Here
SaveUsY2J said on 27/May/14
Maybe 5'11 peak?
Almost 5 10 said on 23/May/14
A definite 5' 9" in my opinion. The question is, has he shrunk - or did he used to wear lifts?
Vibram said on 21/May/14
Prince Charles with 5ft10 Jamie Oliver: Click Here

Looks 5ft9, today.
Aribald said on 22/Mar/14
Ehy Rob, how tall would you think Gordon Brown is?
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 5ft 11 range he generally could look]
Vibram said on 8/Mar/14
5ft9.25 / 176cm today, 177-178cm peak.
maverick said on 8/Dec/13
I met prince charles. He is no way 5'10". More like 5' 8"
Pascal 5 10 said on 3/Oct/13
Alan Titchmarsh is at least 5' 7.5". He claims 5' 9" but definitely isn't above 5' 8".
ian said on 1/Oct/13
Alan Titchmarsh?
Pascal 5 10 said on 13/Sep/13
Definitely 5' 9.5". Always looks a consistent height.
Craig 177 said on 29/Jul/13
5' 9.5" peak.

Rob, do you think he went through a 'lift-wearing phase' when he was married to Diana? He looked considerably taller than Michael Jackson - who was no shorter than 174 cm. Mamun reckoned Charles looked at least 5' 11" when he met him!
[Editor Rob: always possible to slip a half incher, but 5ft 11 I doubt that]
Billy Boy said on 18/Jul/13
5ft10 in the morning. A very nice man.
Craig 177 said on 3/Jul/13
177 cm peak without a doubt.

175 cm today.
avi said on 19/May/13
5'9 and change
tkldge said on 16/Feb/13
in photos he looks little taller than diana both in low shoes when they were young, and he hes little shorter than carl gustav of sweden 5' 10.5, charles is maybe 5' 10 when he was young now is 5' 9.5, in photos whit george bush 5' 11 is little shorter than him. and at present day is same height that robert redford. redfor is maybe 5' 9.5, in photos is little taller than shia labeouf 5' 9. charles look shorter in photos but person from less 6' 1 looks smaller in photos and more with people higher.
Will said on 4/Jan/13
I agree that Prince Charles is 5ft 9 tall. He doesn't stand too tall though IMO.
little sue said on 27/Aug/12
In the past the Queen was always reported at 5ft 3. I would say she is under 5ft 2 now.
lucas said on 26/Aug/12
prince charles 5' 9' the heir of the throneis an inch shorter than the average british male. his first wife Diana towered over him - explaining why she favoured flat shoes during his marriage. still, at least Camilla is only 5' 6' Their royal lownesses (Or why, at 6ft 3in, Prince William towers over his titchy royal ancestors)

Read more: Click Here
Will said on 17/Dec/11
5'8 1/2" seems about right for Prince Charles. Enough is said about Charles being 5'9 1/2"-5'10" tall.
178 said on 28/Nov/11
5' 9.5" (177 cm) peak and 5' 9" (175 cm) now.

Anyone in the 5' 9"-5' 10" range who has hang-ups with their height shouldn't... the future KING is the same height as you! Enough said.
RICHARD said on 18/Sep/11
Hmm....I've seen pics where he is shorter than George W.Bush,yet another pic he is taller than Kevin Spacey so I'll be generous and give him 5ft10 peak,now 5'9.5.

Bush is at most 5'11 now,and Spacey is 5'9.
PJ said on 6/Sep/11
Met him! He is around 5ft 5in - he looks bigger because he wears built up shoes.
BTW he is a really nice guy!
Unknown said on 12/Aug/11
@rudebehoy or whatever your username is. I guess she appeared taller in heels but her actual hight without heels is 5 ft 10 inches. She grew
Too tall to be a ballerina! So shut your mouth!
Unknown said on 12/Aug/11
Liar! Princess Diana is 5 ft 10 inchs (178 cm) and she's taller than Prince Charles
xyz said on 1/Aug/11
UK Daily mail has him at 5'9. Not sure if that is his "youthful" height or his current height after having shrunk. My impression was that always that Princess Diana was slightly taller than him.
Derek said on 30/May/11
He is about 5ft 9- 10 I saw Sir at a gathering in Hereford.
RICHARD said on 6/May/11
Both his sons tower over him,though he's in his 60s and definetly shrunk some.I'll give him flat 5'9 now considering William is 6'3 and Harry is a weak 6'2.

Charles was at most 5'10 in his youth.
starky said on 29/Apr/11
lots of video with charles and di this week and he was always taller than her regardless of her higher footwear, If she was 5ft 8 then he is at least 5ft 10
Mo Magrey said on 29/Apr/11
I met Prince Charles back in 1999 whilst I was at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth and I was at parade attention when he stood in front of me and I had to look down at him. I am 6ft straight (without shoes) so 5ft 8 to 9 inches (without shoes) for Prince Charles would seem about right.
Montyguy said on 25/Apr/11
Several years ago during their tour of the Caribbean Commonwealth countries, I was introduced to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at a reception on Montserrat. I am just over 6 feet tall and in shaking his hand I looked down several inches at him. My estimate of his height would be 5'9" The thing I remember noticing, however, is how red and swollen his right hand was. They'd been on tour for about 2 weeks by then and God knows how many hands, less gentle than mine, he'd had to shake.
dfg said on 24/Apr/11
bush is not 5'11
176 cm said on 24/Mar/11
5' 9" (175 cm). Might have been taller in the past.
voicelessdentalfricative said on 7/Mar/11
Click Here
176 cm said on 7/Mar/11
Prince Charles is 5' 9"-5' 9.25".

As I said on the Rod Stewart page, I compared Charles with many people to reach that estimate. These included:

6' 1" Barack Obama
6' 0.5" David Cameron
5' 11.75" Tony Blair
5' 11" George W Bush and Gordon Brown
5' 9.5" Boris Johnson
5' 8.5" Sir David Frost
5' 8" Hu Jintao and Christine Bleakley
5' 7.5" Alan Titchmarsh

Against all of which he appeared 175-176 cm.
dk said on 16/Jan/11
I also live in the UK. IN fact, I live very close to Windsor, so I think that makes me better qualified than you to comment on the Prince of Wales' height!

That said, you're probably right and he's at most 5'9.75".
rudebhoy said on 13/Jan/11
it's a nonsense that Charles was smaller than diana. Just this usual Diana worshipping stuff. Here a link to a picture where he is clearly taller AND she is wearing 2 inch heels
Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/10
Pictured with 5'8" heel-less Christine Bleakly and 6'1" Adrian Chiles: Click Here

Looks more than one inch shorter than 5'11.25 Gordon Brown too in all their photos. No more, no less than 5'9".
Cliff R said on 16/Nov/10
I dont think charles is 5ft10. Prince william absolutely towers over Charles. 5ft9 would seem more likely.
Tony Barr said on 26/May/09
I wonder the shoes size of Prince Philip and Prince Charles Their shoes are simply fantastic.thanks tony in NYC
Paul said on 11/May/09
Have you ever seen Prince Philips photo with the Obamas?
He looks even shorter.
yoyo said on 2/Mar/09
stand beside his strong 6ft2max son william looks no way 5ft10.
Gloria said on 19/Jan/09
In photos of President George W. Bush and his wife when visiting Queen Elizabeth II, President Bush (5 ft. 11.5 in.) appears to be at least 2 inches taller than Prince Phillip, and at least 6 in. taller than the Queen.
miser said on 22/Nov/08
Jesus Christ even if he's wearing "lifts" Diana is wearing heels in that photo!

Charles was clearly taller than Diana. Here's another photo:

Click Here
Vibram said on 20/Nov/08
Looks over 1" shorter than 5ft11 George Bush (his height is verified). I think 176cm (5ft9.5) Prince Charles stands these days, 5ft10 peak.

Type "Prince Charles, Bush" into google images to compare.
miser said on 13/Nov/08
Diana was shorter than Charles even with heels on:

Click Here
GUK said on 11/Nov/08
A friend of mine saw Charles resonably cloe up. He's circa 5ft 11.5 and he was surprised how tall Charles was. I think 179 might be closer.
Bruce said on 18/Oct/08
he looks 5'9" to 5'9.5" nowadays and i really do believe he was 5'10.5" at his peak height
dits said on 11/Sep/08
yea rob,i think he wore lifts too (and maybe still does).considering most of the royalty are generously tall, he's one of the odd ones and might hav tried to correct that. the 'nutrition is directly proportional to height' thing is proved by the royalty.
Mr Mayfair said on 28/Oct/07
Prince Charles probably peaked at 5.9 and 1/2, now about 5.9.
Diana 5.10+.
Mark said on 19/Sep/07
Just think: Charles & Diana were the same height!
JK said on 7/Sep/07
Harry and William i think are both 6'3''
Franco said on 7/Sep/07
he got **** posture when he walks, always hunching a bit.

90% of the time he looks like 181-182cm.

to conclude, i think Charles average height is 178cm most of the day and about 177cm at night.
anonymous said on 26/Aug/07
Charles is 2" taller than I. That would make him about 5' 10". Diana was maybe a smidgen over 5'11".
Anonymous said on 26/Aug/07
Ive seen him he looks about 5'11 to 6'1 to me. Hes also very thin.
LeeM said on 24/May/07
Ive met Prince Charles when he opened a residential units in Cornwall, UK and I shook his hand. Im about 5'11 and he was about an inch shorter.
MD said on 12/Jan/07
It does help. He's looking much shorter than 5'9"/5'10", these days, but I guess he would with his age. Either way, it looks like Charle's squeezed every inch out of that side of his family that he could.
tubbs said on 11/Jan/07
My dad met Phillip in the late 80's at a ceremony where he worked MD. My dad is around the 6'1 mark, when I asked him how tall Phillip was I was expecting 6'0 plus, I was shocked when he said 5'9, 5'10 tops. He's pretty good at judging heights, and he said he couldn't believe it either as he was expecting a 6ft plus guy. It's probably to do with him being very thin, who knows, hope this helps MD!
MD said on 10/Jan/07
How tall is Prince Philip these days, BTW? He doesn't strike me as tall, and never has. I guess relative to the Queen's family he's pretty tall, but only relative.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/07
Where do you get the idea that 5'10" is short for an aristocrat?

Until recently most of the Windsor/Saxe Coburg Gotha family (the British royal family) were fairly short. HM the Queen is only about 5' tall, Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was even shorter. The late Duke of Windsor (King Edward VII) was about 5'6" and King George VI wasn't much taller. The current generation of which Prince Charles is a part have benefitted from the much taller Prince Philip's genes.
Austrian said on 30/Dec/06
wtf? i thought i was taller than that, over 6' easily

5'10 is short for an aristocrate
Glenn said on 2/Dec/06
Didnt someone on another page have the nerve to say he was 5-8?
Middle-sized Cat said on 5/Oct/06
Someone once told me that Prince Edward was way shorter than Charles; I once read that he was 6'3"! The truth must be in the middle...
Matt said on 8/Aug/06
Prince Charles came to my school. I'd give him a definite 5'9.5-5'10.5 ... definitely no less. I stood right next to him; I'm 5'9 exactly, and he was a bit taller .. I doubt he'd wear lifts
Stephanie said on 19/May/06
Camilla is 5' 5" and Diana was somewhere between 5' 10" and 5' 11" (and wore heels in the later years, making her appear even taller). Charles is in the 5' 9.5"-5' 10" range. So Nombat is correct that Diana would be the tallest of them. Unless you count the children. William is like 6' 2" or 6' 3" so he's the tallest.
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Nov/05
An email from a man named Tim:

"My Friend (the guy in the right of the picture in the link below) is 177cm and photos of the two show that they are roughly the same height, though my friend looks just a little taller. When I saw PC at a distance (10 feet away) I thought he wasn't more that about 170 (I'm 181+ and he looked half a head shorter). I'd say that this is due to his meet and great habit of craning forward to talk.

I'd say the 175-177 range is about right, erring on the lower side"

Prince Charles and 177cm friend to the right
Nombat said on 12/Nov/05
Wait a minute !!! I saw Diana stand up and compared to Charles she was way taller than Charles and would still be taller than George Bush and even Camilla!! Camilla looks taller than Laura Bush but I think Diana would be the tallest of all of them!!!
Sean B said on 6/Nov/05
was wondering? saw Bush stand next to Charles on his visit to the U.S amd it was clear that Charle was a little taller when they stood next 2 each other thought Bush was taller!
Italian University Librarian said on 31/Oct/05
I think that such marriages are eugenic and forced marriages, and infringe human rights. But they usually give good results. Humbert II, the last king of Italy, son of King Victor Emmanuel III (154 cm) and of Queen Hélène (about 180 cm), was 186 cm tall.
Italian University Librarian said on 25/Oct/05
Many princes married, or were forced to marry, girls taller than them. In 1896 Prince Victor Emmanuel, then King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy (154 cm), married Princess Hélène of Montenegro (about 180 cm). Considering the increase in the average height of Italian men since then, I'm approximately as short as Victor Emmanuel was, so I believe that, if I were a crown prince, my parents would have forced me to marry a princess taller than Hélène.
Bill said on 21/Apr/05
And he wore lifts for the wedding in 81, but I saw him on a walkabout a few years back and 5-91/2 to 5-10 is about right.

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