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5ft 8.39in (173.7cm)
Sakz said on 9/Jan/19
@Peter 180cm By Celebheights terminology and standards he's not a 'legit' 5'10 so on here it's debatable. Outside of it he is since he's measuring 5'10 range for a lot of the day so that's legit enough. In the real world you either measure a mark or you don't which therefore makes it legit and valid.
Bubba said on 9/Jan/19
I always thought you were 1.74 from your vids,it's impressive how height changes during the day lol

I think it's a very honest claim,you should've said 5'8 1/4 because in some photos you look 1.73 in others 1.74,so if i was tall like you i would claim 73-74,not only 73.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/19
Hey, Rob! It's a BOY!
😊 Hooray! As of yesterday, I am an Auntie! Baby Cowell was born at 10am and I can't wait to speak to my Dad about all the details, but he's in America, so some five hours behind.
Congratulations to Tabitha and Dominic!
Editor Rob
That's lovely to hear.
Canson said on 8/Jan/19
@Christian: those are really nice! My wife got one recently as a loaner when she took her Highlander in for service. They’re actually very roomy too. Roomier than my 5 to tell you the truth! A friend of mine is 6’3” and he fits comfortably in his girlfriends’s Camry
Tunman said on 8/Jan/19
Rob,does people's conception of tallness change with the person's age?
Recently y mother told me about a tall old man who wished me a happy new year.When asking about him I immediately thought about a dude around 184 always sitting in the neighbouring cafe.It turned she was speaking of another one who was only 175cm.Sure he's definitely tall for someone aged 73 but the thing is that I never heard my mother speaking of a tall youngster or middle aged man if he was 175cm,quite normal as this height is more upper average than tall nowadays.Generally she calls someone tall when at least close enough to 6'in other words tall enough to be noticed in a country with 5'7 general average (5'8 for youngsters).
Editor Rob
Maybe some of it is related to shrinkage and thinking of the older man in their prime?
Jay16367 said on 8/Jan/19
Hey rob is half an inch a noticeable differene given equal footwear.
Editor Rob
Hairstyles and posture can reduce or enhance small differences. ALl things being equal, if you had 2 people with same hair and posture, you should be able to notice half inch...unless they were noticeably taller - from your eyelevel looking up to the top of their heads, the difference would be reduced and you might not notice it.
robertat5'9 said on 7/Jan/19
@Peter 180 cm doesn't matter he drop to 177,4. During the day he is 5'10 and that's the reality. He is honest. It does not make sense claiming a the lowest drop height. Is fair enough to claim a lunch height and of course honest. Most of guys claim a morning height and they are not lying. Even If he drops to 177.2 he is just 0.5 cm below of 5'10 which is ridiculous. Everyone usually add a full inch to their heights so I call Bobby a legit 5'10. So you are saying a legit 5'10 is just because his lowest is 5'10? What a joke... You can say he is not a solid 5'10 but he is a legit 5'10 guy even over 5'10 at morning.
Bobby 5'10 said on 7/Jan/19
@Peter 180cm,

Hence my reasons :P Not like anyone could tell me apart from a solid 5'10. I frequently get guessed taller anyway.
Myself said on 7/Jan/19
Haha, thanks
Redwing said on 7/Jan/19
Hey rob, how off are these measuring tapes they measured me at 174 cm! And my father who is
Editor Rob
If in doubt, buy a new tape measure from the local hardware store and check height at home.
The Ben said on 7/Jan/19
Hey Rob
Will you be at the Liverpool Comic Con or For the love of wrestling in Manchester?
Editor Rob
Unfortunately not.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Jan/19

The E60 is nice. If I'm not mistaken, my friend told me he used to either drive a E39 or E60 (I can't remember for sure which) but he later sold it to buy a F10. Btw If you're wondering what I drive, it's a Toyota Camry XV70, which is the latest Camry model. Not the cheapest car, but it's worth the price IMO.
Snow said on 6/Jan/19
How can I stretch to get an extra inch some people claim they have stretched and got an extra inch.
Editor Rob
I think those who have come from a position of non-optimal posture, have potential to do a routine to maximise their stance and maybe measure taller...also a bit like how astronauts can temporarily increase height, those who spend months doing traction/inversion might find they can measure a bit taller.
Peter 180cm said on 6/Jan/19
@ Bobby Since you drop to 177 range you're almost 5'10,not a legit one. But saying 5'10 is fine ofcourse, almost noone could tell the difference if you have good posture.And shoes haha
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jan/19
I'm back Rob, and those few hours seemed much, much longer! Thanks for your help in sorting things out! πŸ‘Œ
Editor Rob
With this site, you do have to clear cookies at times, which is a useful thing to do - clear browsing history, downloads, cookies etc.
Giorgos Papadopoulos said on 6/Jan/19
Hey Rob. I'm 188cm and 18 years old. My father is 186cm and my mother is 172cm tall. How tall do you think will I grow?
Editor Rob
At 18, the majority of males are finished any noticeable growth, but there is a proportion who will gain even a fraction or a few inches. One way of finding at age 17-18 whether there is a greater potential for further gains is to arrange an x-ray so that a Doctor can give his opinion on whether growth plates are closed or not fully closed (which would enhance the odds of more growth).
James694 said on 6/Jan/19
I check my height again and was doing it wrong I actually got 5'8 7/8ths though I only get that low on my really busy days and work nights and at night. I wake up actually at an exact 5'10 maybe 5'9 7/8ths I actually measured in work shoes that are a inch and 3/8ths and I got measured at 5'10 1/2 and that was at night. On other kinds of days if it's an average day where I do stuff though relax at some parts I actually get measured at 5'9 1/4 and on days I lay on the couch all day or just relax I get 5'9 1/2 or a little more. I only get below 5'9 on the hard working days which is between 5'8 3/4 and exact at 5'9. I can check again to verify. Though I always get between about 5'9 as my lowest height recorded and about 5'10 as my highest.
Canson said on 6/Jan/19
@Christian: I have a 2010 which is an E60. It’s a 535XI in manual Beautiful car and fun to drive. But I’m considering trading up to get the new 540I maybe as a lease.
MrFish said on 6/Jan/19
Rob, are there some that would call me a legit 5ft 9in, as I wake at 5ft 9 and 5/8ths and am within a quarter inch (8.75 at worst) of 5ft 9in in the evening?
Editor Rob
For a big chunk of the day you will be 5ft 9 or a little under...then a few hours probably 5ft 8.75.

If you went another 1/8th or so under that? Maybe that's when you might say you are entering weak territory.

Jenny has stabilised about 5ft 7.75 the last couple of years, but I'd still class her as about 5ft 8 as she wakes at least 5ft 8.5-8.6 range.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Jan/19

This is off topic, but you said you drive a 5 Series in a post before. But which model of 5 Series though? One of my friends drives a 2012 F10.
Bobby said on 5/Jan/19

Well, I mean with impeccable hydration, then yeah, I can consistently measure that mark after like 8 hours or so, but if I'm poorly hydrated I can only maintain a low of 177.2. So, it's all about how hydrated you are versus being poorly hydrated or dehydrated. Altogether, I consider myself a 5'10 guy anyway.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Jan/19
Rob: The two purposes you mentioned, that of seeing a star and checking his or her height out of curiosity, and nosing around to see who's your height on the 'Compare Your Height' page, are the reasons why I always have Celebheights handy! I know many of their heights off by heart now, and then there's always the bonus that you can write comments and 'chill out', as it were, with the other visitors too - and the Editor, of course! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹πŸ˜†β˜ΊοΈ

Celebheights is a great fun Website, and I have yet to find one as good since I have been using the internet, which started off with visits to the library just over 8 years ago. Now, alas, I'm in too much discomfort to leave the house very often, but my phone is excellent, and writing completely takes my mind off the pain! πŸ˜„πŸ“²πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š

Here's to another fantastic year of Celebheights! πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Editor Rob
I'm glad some people do find it a nice distraction!
Peter 180cm said on 5/Jan/19
@ Zealot Everyone claims whatever it suits them better saying with. Rounding up inches is not an option though lol but claiming your low is as honest and precise as it gets, imo.That's why metric is more accurate because you just say a full number ex. 176 in your case and not have to use the 0.5 inch as in 5'9.5 and get weird looks sometimes for using it :p
Nathan Joshua Wood said on 4/Jan/19
Hi, Rob, happy new year. My question is, what would my morning height most likely be, if I’m 183 cm at night .
Editor Rob
There is a decent chance of you being roughly 185cm first thing.
edwards said on 4/Jan/19
not height topic but this is one of the best websites in internet that i've ever come with.hope celeb height runs forever,hope rob will keep running this great sites as long as he can.
Editor Rob
It would be interesting to be able to run a site "for a lifetime", but it isn't as easy at it might look.

I am having a go at it though πŸ˜‰

Mentally it can be exhausting at times working on the same topic for over 14 years 😨, with relatively few breaks during the years.
Peter 180cm said on 4/Jan/19
@ Tunman You could also say 'almost 5'10' if you want to sound confident but 5'9.5 is good as well.I would claim almost 5'11 if i were to use the imperial but that's not the case-feet and inches are rarely used here in Greece.
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jan/19
Hey Rob!

I was trying to find out the height of Nick Miles, who plays Jimmy King in 'Emmerdale', and was a star in 'The Bill' and has popped up in many other things, including films 'Gangs of New York' and 'Ladybird, Ladybird', when I came across someone's rather obtuse comment. He criticised the height hunters, asking them, "What do you want to know that for?"

I thought, "Why don't you come along to Celebheights, and find out for yourself how many people are interested?"

There are a multitude of reasons why people find it a fascinating subject for debate! I came here first because I wanted to find out Patricia Arquette's height, and when I discovered that she came up as a star of equal height to me, I was really pleased - and felt BETTER ABOUT MYSELF!

Then there was my height loss, which was a cause for concern. And what about the young people who crave answers as to how tall they are likely to grow? If only there had been help like this around for my brother when he was a teenager! He asked every day, "When will I grow? When will I grow?"

At least here he'd have found an answer.
Keep up the good work, Rob! πŸ˜πŸ‘
Editor Rob
Yes, the 'compare my height' is (apart from the home page) the most visited page on the site. People maybe are just curious about who is the same height as themselves or they noticed something in a tv/film and just thought about that actor's height and looked it up.
Ashlion said on 4/Jan/19
Umm Rob ask you a question that how much error between stadiometer and ruler
Editor Rob
It might depend on which model of stadiometer. I think the more expensive, the greater the accuracy. If you found one that was more than 5mm off, that would be a terrible error. Under 5 is acceptable to most people I'm sure.

I've never really seen a retractable tape measure give any noticeable error, unless it was subsequently damaged with kinks or the end gets damaged/broke off.
Zealot said on 3/Jan/19
Rob's case same.. He is 173.5 cm most of the day and in my opinion I would claim almost 5'8.5 or 5'8.25 but he decided to claim his lowest. I believe how important is being homest but never go with the worse. You have to know how to sell yourself and at the same time you are still honest and more than 80% of people. Claim a mida-day height is fair I'm 5'9.5 confortable and my lowest is 176 but my highest 177.8 cm
Zealot said on 3/Jan/19
Bobby you are legit 5'10 guy considering your low is 177,4 cm. I find hard anyone claiming his lowest during the day that's unreal. We have to sell ourselfs come on. A lot of guys being your heght would be guess 5'10.5 and over and I'm sure they would claim 5'11. You are 5'10" without doubts. I'm sure you are well over 5'10 at mornign so you can claim 5'10 minimum.
I wake up at 5'10 177.8 and at night I go down to 176 cm lowest. Of course I'm 5'9.5 even over.
Canson said on 3/Jan/19
@Rob: agreed. I actually have 1/8 under or say 5’8 7/8 as 5’9”. That person would still be 5’9” after about 5 hours. I think outside of 5’8.75 at a low is weak. Meaning if it’s under that amount but over say 5’8.5 or like you said 5’8 5/8 is prob more specific. I think inside 3/4 is not enough
Canson said on 3/Jan/19
@Christian: agreed! I consider an extreme low like the equivalent of us hitting solid 6’4 or solid 6’5 give or take a mm. That’s probably 1/4” give or take below our normal lows
Tunman said on 3/Jan/19
Yeah,what's more unbelievable is that when speaking about another of her sisters who is near 2"taller than me she referred to her as the tall one.So she was able to distinguish the difference between the 171-2 sister and the one who was like a good 181.No wonder she did,she's almost a full head smaller.Yet she wasn't able to guess she was like 12cm smaller than the other?quite mysterious.
Some are simply unable to admit the truth but well it's more when it comes that we speak of a smaller difference like 2-3cm or when arguing about who's taller when 2 persons are close.
@Peter 180
It happened that I claimed 177 after 2012 on some rare (very rare)occasions,sometimes saying 176-77 and on a single occasion 176,5 when the guy I spoke with showed interest in the height subject.Technically I'm closer to 177 many days especially if I spent a day on my shop.Still I like the idea of being modest.I guess I would claim 5'9.5" though as saying 2mms under 5'9.5"would be kind of funny to hear...
Anyways I guess people feel comfortable in the general atmosphere of height boosting,after all the dude who claimed 177 also once claimed 176 and change in front of a girl who claimed 170 (but was only a solid 166).It was funny to see how they tried to convince each other they were telling the truth (Guy:remember I have a big head,Girl:remember I have thinner shoes,and so on),I wish I had some measuring tape that day,we would have had a good laugh.
World Citizen said on 3/Jan/19
Hey big Rob how old are you?
Editor Rob
I launched this site not long after turning 28, so now I am 42.
edwards said on 2/Jan/19
how tall can a person be if his eye are at 5 feet 6.5 or his eye level is 5 feet 6.5,and bty what is the max lowest a 5'11 can shrink at night?
Editor Rob
They are likely in 5ft 11 range, maybe 5ft 11.1-11.2 range on average.
Bobby said on 2/Jan/19

Hey Rob, how well would you say hydration plays into the maintenance of height over the course of the day? I found that when I was in Greece, I was consistently measuring 177.4cm at my low even after hours of being on feet because of how hydrated I was. Would you say that holding onto around 1/8th is possible with hydration? Have you observed similar phenomena with your measurements?
Editor Rob
It might be possible to retain tiny amounts like 1-3mm with overall good hydration versus being a bit dehydrated.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Jan/19

I think some people even in the "height community" don't know what an extreme low is. Sometimes the night height and extreme low are conflated.
Canson said on 2/Jan/19
@Rob: I’m sure it will vary from one person to the next. My definition of weak would be say if someone’s normal low is 5’8 5/8-3/4 or even 5’8.5-.75 is a wider margin but I have to draw the line somewhere. I think if someone never dips under 5’8.5 they could call that weak. 5’8 3/8-5/8 would really be my definition of 5’8 1/2 if the person doesn’t go really under maybe 3/8 or maybe 1/3” at worst. At 3/8” that’s still just enough to where they would edge a guy in your range almost noticeably provided they fall between 5’8-5’8 1/8
Editor Rob
1/8th to 1/4 under might not be enough to say 'weak', but once over 1/4 I think (for a normal low) it gets into that territory.
Sakz said on 2/Jan/19
@Snow Only if you don't have great posture. Exercises don't magically increase height they just help if your spine isn't straight.
Canson said on 2/Jan/19
@Rob: in regards Ron james694’s question what about the extreme low? Which is what he’s likely referring to with Absolute. Like a normal low for me would be 193.8cm on a normal evening or late afternoon but an extreme is about 193.2cm which isn’t reached often at all. Maybe a few times a year and only when I am on my feet for some hours or so more at night time after reaching my normal low. Example is New Years Eve I reached it. But because I didn’t sit much and stood from about 8 pm until about 2 am probably after already having hit the normal low. In that case if someone is 5’8 5/8 like he mentioned at only an extreme low, they would probably be of course depending on height loss pattern probably 5’8.75 to 5’8 7/8 on a normal low
Editor Rob
And hence my question as to what a weak 5ft 9 would be classes as. If a normal low was 5ft 8.8, is it enough to be a legit 5ft 9?

It will be interesting what I would claim in the future when I start losing height. How long I would 'cling' to saying 5ft 8....
Peter 180cm said on 2/Jan/19
@ Tunman So you're basically closer to 177cm on most days. You could claim both marks like i do claiming both 179 and 180 although i seem to rarely go down to 179 flat if measured even sometimes on active days.. Yeah height seems a very awkward subject at times with personal claims.. At least you know how tall you are for real :p
Peter 180cm said on 2/Jan/19
@ Giorgos Papadopoulos You might be 189 or 190cm range, at worst a solid 188cm if you meant your eyes are looking at his bottom nose..
Giorgos Papadopoulos said on 2/Jan/19
Hey Rob,I meant my eyes are in the nose of the 193-194cm guy not the top of my head. If I look straight ahead I look to that guy's nose
Editor Rob
If you were looking at the end of his nose, potentially you might be 189cm then. But, noses can vary from 3.5-5.5cm (from eyelevel to end)...still, I'd expect you could be 189cm
Snow said on 2/Jan/19
Does the cobra stretch increase height, can someone that's above 184.5 cm last thing at night call themselves 185cm as there height?
What books can you buy that might increase height?I know a lot don't do as they say as they will.
Editor Rob
It's fair to go with 185cm, for most of the day you'll be about that range.
spainmen192cm said on 2/Jan/19
Rob, I checked my morning and night height yesterday, and Im 194.4-5 out of bed and 192.4-5 before bed. Should I claim 192 or 193? Next February I will be 23, and since the age of 18 I have grown a full inch. And a couple of mm since tha last year, is this common? Do you think I have chances of hiting a full 6ft4? I have always been a skinny guy and I look younger than my age because of my skinny frame and my face.

Happy new year!
Editor Rob
Happy New Year to all European visitors. I think you are pretty much finished. Claiming 193 might be ok for you, but if you went with 192, I think most folk would think 'this guy ain't inflating!'
Giorgos Papadopoulos said on 1/Jan/19
Hey Rob and happy new year. I have a question. If my eye level is at the end of the nose of an 193-194cm guy what is my height?
Editor Rob
You might be 177cm, but you could be shorter or taller, it depends how big that guys nose is!
Andrea said on 1/Jan/19
Yeah, I remember you mentioning that, Tunman. If that girl wasn't joking and truly thought the taller sister was as tall as her, then she's either delusional as f*ck or she seriously needs to get her eyes tested. I mean, such a big difference should be very clear even to the most height unaware person!!!
Btw, happy new year to everyone!
Tunman said on 1/Jan/19
@Peter 180cm
Actually 176,3-4 after a long active day.If you see my very first comments back in 2014 I used the name "176,2Tunman" and indeed was 176,2-3 but having checked with 4 different tapes it turned I was 1mm taller on the last 3 ones. I rounded down and claimed 176 since 2012.The thing is that I rarely wear "normal shoes".95% of the time I have maybe 1cm shoes because I used to feel comfortable in them.As to hairstyle,I used to have some long hair back in 2015-6 so I guess I managed to look a good 177-8 to many people and certainly 179 on the odd occasion where I would wear dress shoes.Some people indeed don't pay much attention to height but the wild guesses are almost always in the boosting side.You would expect an equal share of people downgrading themselves if they didn't care at all.Interestingly there is a dude who always claimed 176 and that was maybe one of the very rare who looked definitely taller than his claim.Seriously worst case scenario would have been something like 177 and more likely that 178 is closer.I assume he went with an old measurement and never thought much about the subject.However a guy 4-5cm smaller than me who dared to claim up to 177.Would have been funny if we had the 2 claiming their heights in front of each other
Redwing said on 31/Dec/18
Happy New Years Rob, I’ve been with your site for two years now as a fan and follower. Rob, Here in New Zealand our tape measures are sh#t. Builders use tape measures don’t even tell you you’re correct height I’ve gotten 175 cm lol I don’t even know where to buy a tape measure like yours
Editor Rob
Yes, a Happy New Year to all New Zealanders too. I will note that down in my book - never measure myself if I ever visit Auckland.
Tunman said on 31/Dec/18
Rob,have you been sometimes to the theater?I went recently to a representation and had the chance to speak with the actors afterwards.What's really surprising is how different their height turned once I stood next to them.I mean on stage,I thought the main actors were like 5'11 and 5'7.When shaking their hands they appeared only like 5'8.75"(a man) and 5'4.5"(a woman).Of course the stage ground isn't even which constantly fooled any attempt to guess a height but do you think it always happen in all theatres?btw there was an allusion to the short height of one of the actors in the representation.Later he looked near enough 5'3 when I thought initially that he was 3" smaller than the woman(but like 5'4 nevertheless).Anyways the only thing that was certain was that the staged offered the impression of tallness for everyone in thhe eye of spectators.
Editor Rob
For me, attending the theatre is extremely rare, but depending on your seats, the heights of the actors might appear different than you expect.
Tunman said on 31/Dec/18
Happy New Year to everyone!And may 2019 be an exceptional year for Celebheights!
Editor Rob
I wish all visitors a Happy, Healthy and prosperous 2019.

2018 was an up and down year for this site.

On the downside, there was the EU 'GDPR' regulations, which definitely eat up my time through April and May and did end up having an impact on the site.

The traffic though, has been pretty stable over the last 3 years, though as I mention, some months this year became a bit more of a struggle financially.

I pretty much abandoned Youtube in 2018, apart from replying to the odd comment here and there.

I still managed to attend a few events, and meet more stars, and I promise to get up the few dozens photos I still have in 2019. The Β£ to $ rate has meant the costs of getting photos has increased...and so to have site expenses. For instance, in December I paid Β£712 for another yearly renewal for using those PR pictures!

Jenny enjoyed herself too this year. It makes a great difference having a stall at these events, because I was on the verge of stopping attending them until we began attending as 'dealers'...though Jenny does it out of love for crafting.
Peter 180cm said on 31/Dec/18
@ Tunman You're 176cm,right?This means you'll be 178 in normal shoes and that's pretty close to 180 especially if you sport a big hairstyle,you could pass for it.Most people don't pay much attention to height and just give wild guesses for themselves and others or just go with shoes height-it's common sense really :P
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Dec/18
@ Rob - I am so upset to hear about your Uncle. To be afraid of operations is a natural fear, but sometimes going through with them really is the only way. I will never forget my Surgeon's words to me when he told me that I'd have to have a full hip replacement. They were, "It's not a life-saving operation, but it's the next thing to it."

Only now do I understand how right he was.

What the alternative would have been is to get progressively worse. My hip bones had become so useless, not to mention noisy, that when I climbed out of bed to have a number one... whoosh! I'd have an accident! I've fully earnt the right to laugh at Billy Connolly's incontinence jokes! So I simply dreaded any progression from there; it doesn't bear thinking about! No sooner had I come out of the operation, however, and the epidural had worn off, I had control again.

It's a good thing that your Mum is taking only natural remedies instead of addictive painkillers to control her situation, but deep down she knows that she is just putting off the inevitable. Once she's had it done, things for her can only start looking up. There was a lady in my ward who had had corrective knee surgery, and she said that she wished she'd had it done ages ago. While attending my final physiotherapy session, I met my friend Sally, who is 6 years my senior, and she, too, had been through the knee operation, and was now attending exercise classes.

To live in fear of a life-enhancing operation is a sad and worrying situation. If you can't get out due to your pain, your life will be restrictive and your fitness levels will suffer, making your body and mind suffer unnecessarily. Yes, an operation is terrifying. I was shaking with fear so violently that my Surgeon had no alternative than to give me a shot of valium in my arm, as he couldn't hold me still in order to inject the epidural into my spine. The next thing I remember is waking up and thinking, "I'm alive! I'm still ALIVE!" I couldn't feel pain for the first time in years because of the epidural. Then I started my long road to recovery...

If you think it might help, Rob, please show your Mum this.

I wish you, Jenny, your Mum and all the other members of your family a very
πŸ”” Happy New Year! πŸ””

Cheers Rob! πŸ˜†β„οΈπŸ””πŸŽ„πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

Sandy xxx
Editor Rob
Wise words Sandy, I too wish you and your family a Healthy and Happy New Year
184guy2 said on 30/Dec/18
Have you ever seen an fight / discussion between and guest and an attendee in these CONs ?
BTW , Happy 2019
Editor Rob
I have seen some heated moments, but generally they are rare.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Dec/18

The last part of your post is what happens a lot. Not everyone sucks at guessing height. Some are pretty good, but they inflate others out of generosity or wanting to be nice. They think that guessing someone their real height or lower is disrespectful.
James694 said on 30/Dec/18
Can a legit 5'9 guy shrink 5'8 5/8ths as a absolute low
Editor Rob
I wouldn't call him a legit 5ft 9 if he falls that short. I suppose the question is what is legit, weak 5ft 8 and 5/8ths to 3/4 I'd call it a weak 5ft 9.
Canson said on 29/Dec/18
@Myself: Thanks and same to you!
Tunman said on 29/Dec/18
Actually nothing surprises me any more about height guessing even people overestimating someone by 4".Maybe you read my former comment about the 2 twins I managed to differenciate only because one was like 12cm taller than her sister. I can only conclude that either she's completely unaware about everything related to height or that she's refusing the truth.Ultimately if ever I needed any proof of what I told her,well...she was still way shorter than me despite being on a 4"podium while her sister edged me by 2-2.5" when she stood on that same podium.I can also remember a family friend who told me back in 2010 that I was 180 (when I was claiming only 178).He was honest enough to claim 185 for himself given he looked near 7cmtaller than me (I thought he was 185 at that time since I was working more with out of bed height back then so more a solid 183-83,5 evening at 60 years old),still how did he insist I was 180 when I claimed a lower height?Either poor knowledge,or simply trying to be nice
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Dec/18
Oh blast! I think I submitted my comment twice, so could you kick one out of your sight please? Thanks, Rob!
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Dec/18
@ Rob - Although I still experience pain - which I had in the first place due to a fall in the black ice one year just before Christmas, I consider myself so lucky and privileged to have had a successful operation this year. Mind you, although the thought of having another one some day terrifies me, at least I wouldn't be in the dark as to what would be awaiting me - and that I WOULD be able to walk again with a fair amount of confidence.
Editor Rob
It's good you are recovering well, I have tried to get my Mother to have knee/hips done for over a decade but she just never managed and I think has been using all sorts of herb/vitamin pills to delay the inevitable. Her brother, who passed away earlier this year, spent the last 10 years of his life housebound because his knees had gone and he couldn't walk and feared getting operations.
Myself said on 28/Dec/18
Rob, did 75% of my comment get deleted by itself, maybe because i wrote this "
Editor Rob
An inverted comma?

There are some things that are filtered, but it is mainly spam or attempts at link spam.
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Dec/18
Hey Rob!

Yesterday after my visit to the Nail Bar, I popped into Sainsbury's. As is my custom, I had a look at the Celeb magazines and then I saw an elderly gentleman and I feared I might be blocking his view, standing there browsing. I said to him, "Can I help you? I know the magazine area quite well!"

He told me which magazine he was looking for and I had a feeling exactly where that sort of magazine would be, and I was right. Mind you, it was really near to the top, and as I was wearing 3+" heeled boots, I could actually reach it, albeit with a bit of climbing and the stability offered me by my trolley. I could never have done that last year, and I was so pleased to be able to do something like THAT for someone!

Hooray for the success of operations and for the good old British Health Service; I felt 6 feet tall!

Editor Rob
It's a bonus to regain height through the times it is a maligned service and is stretched, but I'd hate to go down the other route some countries have.
Bobby said on 28/Dec/18
@Peter 179cm

I agree, and because it's much warmer in Greece than Canada, hydration levels will also affect you. Since you'll be drinking far more water, you will retain your height for much longer and even manage being 3mm taller at your low. I remember checking my eye level in the evening and it was 166cm, so I was fractionally taller at my low in Greece than in Canada (I was still on my feet for most of the day too, for hours at a time), and I have an average eye level of 11.4cm. So, I think in countries where it's warmer, a person's measurements will be affected differently compared to colder countries simply due to hydration levels. I think the tallest guy I saw there was like 6ft or something, but the German tourists were well above 190cm. I felt quite diminutive next to them.
Peter 179cm said on 28/Dec/18
@ Ashlion You're probably around 5'6.5 give or take a fraction but probably around that.
Andrea said on 28/Dec/18
Well, that is (and that should certainly look) a quite noticeable difference...
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Dec/18
@ Rob - She's a sensible girl who would give you a realistic vote!!

5ft6 is neither sensible nor realistic; in fact it is downright daft for you!
Editor Rob
Don't worry, all guesses are accepted πŸ˜‹
Canson said on 28/Dec/18
@Christian: thanks and i was late too! LOL
Ashlion said on 28/Dec/18
If I measure 5'5" at hairline with tape measure what height I claim
Editor Rob
You could be anywhere from 5ft 6 to 7
Andrea said on 28/Dec/18
So not only she thought a 5'8 guy was 6', but she also thought a 6'1 guy was 5'11? LOL
You should really give her some private lessons about the subject... πŸ˜€
Editor Rob
I am sure she wasn't pulling my leg, if she was it was excellent deadpan!

I mean you know how she looked with me (granted she did end up a fraction shy of 5ft 6 on her last measurement) - here is what her bf looked like Beside Her...and we were facing each other, and he's talking about his height too and thinking weight-lifting has knocked him down a fraction.
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Dec/18
@ Karen Alabaster - How wonderful to hear from you! I really enjoyed our conversation at the Nail Bar in West Wickham!

Karen and I were sitting next to each other while we were getting our nails done! I overheard her French pronunciation of a perfume and thought, "Ooh! Someone speaks good French!"

She overheard my saying to a bloke on the salon's TV, "Pardon me!" He had burped on the programme 'Charmed' and I thought it funny - but then I would!

So then we got chatting....

It turns out that Karen is no stranger to the Celebrity World, having met Zoe Wanamaker, Toby Jones and many more. Some have a completely different persona to how you'd expect, yet others, like Toby, do not! Karen's Mum-in-Law works as a double for the Queen, and she really looks - and sounds - the part! I saw some pictures on Karen's phone and they were amazing!

Yes, it's a small and familiar world, but a rarity to come across such an interesting young lady as I had the pleasure of doing last night!

Thanks Karen and a Happy New Year to you and your family!

Sandy XXX πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’…πŸ””
Editor Rob
I hope you didn't instruct Karen to vote me as 5ft 6 😁 It's ok, I let all sensible guesses through...
Peter 179cm said on 28/Dec/18
@Andrea Maybe she thought her boyfriend was 6'3 or something,afterall when a height difference gets too big it's harder to tell approximately.. I know i can't estimate someone's height accurately if he's over 190cm and im not paying attention to his height.I could easily mistake 193cm with 196cm or more lol
Peter 179cm said on 28/Dec/18
@Bobby Yeah you can certainly feel tallish or solidly above average at 179-180cm here in Greece more often than not. Even in nightclubs where youngsters is the majority,at worst i've felt just over average and most girls were still shorter in heels!On a sidenote, most people have no clue about height here at all-if you go by their saying average is 170 for women and 180cm for men LOLS..
Nik said on 28/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - I have also noticed that women say "huh" more than men but I have known men say it too, I wonder why women say this word more than men? Once, for part of a day, a man I once knew only said short words sounding like (or similar to) "huh" in his conversations with people.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Dec/18

Likewise! (even though it's already late lol)
Andrea said on 27/Dec/18
And the funniest thing about that girl guessing you 6' is that, if I'm not mistaken, her boyfriend is 6'1... I'm well aware of the fact that some people really have no clue about heights (just like some people on here, after all πŸ˜›), hence that's not particularly surprising to me - I do remember my teacher guessing a friend of mine 180 cms, when he is over 190 cms - but hell... I wonder how that girl could have thought you were just an inch shorter than her boyfriend! Well, unless her boyfriend is well over 6'1 in her mind...
Editor Rob
her boyfriend had thought he was 6ft 2 and maybe had shrunk.

The funny thing is, when Big Al had went through a growth spurt from 5ft 8 to 6ft, she was there watching Al being measured at 6ft 1/8th on the stadiometer and guessed him 5ft 11 just before measurement...
Nik said on 27/Dec/18
@ Connor - All the best in the future, you are a good person and it has been a pleasure knowing you.

Karen Alabaster said on 27/Dec/18
@Sandy Cowell

So lovely to meet you today xxx
Bobby said on 27/Dec/18
@Peter 179cm,

I felt the average height for the youth there was like 5'8 to 5'9. I felt at least a solid 2 inches taller than the average height, but there were also other youth (around my age) there that were closer to my height or taller, like 180/5'11 range. Walking around in the agora/market of Old Athens, I felt tall since there were so many old people there. I would say that the average in Greece is slightly less than the average in Canada, but not by much. Maybe half an inch to an inch less.
Peter 179cm said on 27/Dec/18
@ Bobby Everyone is taller in the morning than the rest of the day,so i think you'd feel the same actually like everybody else.Unless you shrink 3-4cm,then you'd see the difference..
Timothy Andrew Sarkar said on 27/Dec/18
@Canson yeah my shoes are 1 inch, and i did feel very tall. I just want to be at least 6'1 up from my current 6'0.25-0.5, so i definetely dont need all those lifts lol! I usually just wear my 1 inch lift in my shoes.
Myself said on 27/Dec/18
By a "considerable amount" of women over 5'8 you mean like
Editor Rob
The last time I paid attention to that on a holiday when the general population were out and about, I would have thought near 10% were near 5ft 8 or above...
Myself said on 27/Dec/18
Merry Christmas to you too)
I am Orthodox though, i will celebrate on January 8th.
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Dec/18
@ Connor - I wish you an excellent future. Take care! It's been a joy knowing you and I will miss you.

Sandy xxx

πŸ”” Happy New Year and a healthy and prosperous future to you! πŸ””
Canson said on 27/Dec/18
@Timothy Andrew Sarkar: it’s all dependent on what type of shoes you are wearing. The thickness in particular. In a pair of sneakers that add 1” that’s correct in that you would be 189.2 6’2.5 most likely. If those shoes are basketball like a Pair of Jordan’s probably 6’2.25
Ashlion said on 27/Dec/18
If one person's top of the head is around my mouth so how tall am I than person
Editor Rob
You could potentially be around 7.5 to 8 inches taller than the shorter person.
Canson said on 27/Dec/18
Merry Christmas to all!
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 26/Dec/18

Would you say that you've been guessed 5'9"-5'10" more times than 5'6"-5'7"?
Editor Rob
You could look shorter or taller in situations due to posture/shoes/ground, but the only thing that ultimately matters is the measurement itself.

I do remember one time a 16 year old once saying with a 'serious' look that I was 5ft 6 or something...because he was 5ft 4 and I looked 2 inches taller.

I let him off with kindly...just the 2 black eyes! 😑

Then you had the girl from the height challenge standing there with her boyfriend and Jenny will attest to this - we were talking about height as her boyfriend had thought in his 20's he had shrunk from weight-lifting...anyway she said what are you, like 6 foot? shows you how much she paid attention to heights πŸ™‚
Peter 179cm said on 26/Dec/18
@edwards Anyone can be guessed as shorter or taller its called different perception. I've been guessed as low as 176cm and as high as 185cm!
Peter 179cm said on 26/Dec/18
@Timothy Andrew Sarkar 6'3.5 is roughly 192cm so if you measured that in lifts you could be anything between 185-189cm i guess.. Only one way to find out-measure in bare feet :p
Bobby said on 26/Dec/18
Hey Rob, here's a thought experiment for you. In what range would you place yourself with your morning height as opposed to your evening height? Do you feel below average, average, or above average in the morning as opposed to the evening? Do you feel 5'9ish in the morning? I think a lot of people who don't know that they shrink would claim 5'9 if they woke up at 5'8.75 as you do. I feel 5'11ish in the morning barefoot, and 6'0ish in my shoes and as a result, I feel tallish in the morning and closer to average in the evening. It's kind of a disconcerting difference, to be honest. Would you feel it if you grew an inch overnight? Would you feel taller or would you have to grow 2 inches to notice that you're taller without measuring?
Editor Rob
Since it's only really near 0.6 inch difference for my variation in morning/evening, it's not something I notice. I notice a difference more with looking at the ground when wearing glasses versus not wearing them...
Peter 179cm said on 26/Dec/18
@Bobby 5'10 Yeah average here seems around 175-176cm for youths and less for the older guys.But you will never be the tallest one at 178-180 range,there's always gonna be atleast one guy over 180cm,but not many guys over 190cm.As for women,you will rarely see one over 175cm in flats-and that's generous.
Andrea said on 26/Dec/18
Have you run out of photos with celebrities, Rob? It's been a while since you posted one... 😊
Editor Rob
Starting in January I will get back to more regular updates of those, there may even be a few surprises πŸ™€
Tunman said on 26/Dec/18
Rob,I doubt turkish men would be 5'9 if turkish women are near 5'3.That would imply over 6"difference between them.I'm rather tempted to say a solid 5'8 maybe 5'8.25" at most.That's of course assuming the mentioned figure for women is correct.
Nik said on 26/Dec/18
I hope you are having a great time over Christmas Arch, I really appreciate your kind words!

Oliver said on 26/Dec/18
Hello, Rob.
I live in Southeast Asia and I'm currently 5'7. In my country,the average woman height is about 5'0 and women who are taller than me(5'8 and above) are quite rare.
Are those 5'8/9+ women common in your region? How often do you see them?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
I see a considerable number of women 5ft 8 and above on a daily basis when at shopping malls.
Timothy Andrew Sarkar said on 25/Dec/18
Hey guys, if I am 6'3.5 with shoes, what would be my equivalent barefoot height? 189 cm? As one time i tried my biggest lift for an experiment on how tall i could possibly get, and likely got up to the 6'3.5(though too much lift to comfortably walk around with).
kurd17 said on 25/Dec/18
If the average in Turkey is 175cm for young men, What could be the average, short, tall range for our country?
Editor Rob
5ft 11 will be getting into tall territory and 5ft 6 a short zone.
viper said on 25/Dec/18
Rob, Rickey Jackson is a NFL Hall of famer and one of the best linebackers of all time.

You put up Eric Dickerson quickly
Myself said on 25/Dec/18
Rob, why do you trust youth claimed average at 178 cm in UK?
Editor Rob
From the times I've paid attention I do believe in the UK that 18-25 is close to that mark...
Andrea said on 25/Dec/18
With a bit of delay, Merry Christmas, Rob! To you, Jenny and all your family... and all the visitors of the site!
Editor Rob
Yes, I wish you a Happy Christmas.
Csimpson6ft said on 25/Dec/18
I just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm not coming back to celebheights ever again and this is the last message that I'll be writing on here, I'm sorry guys.
Editor Rob
I wish you well in your future endeavours!
Bobby 5'10 said on 25/Dec/18
@Peter 179cm

I'm Greek too, and vacationed there around 2 years ago. I felt above average at 177/178 range.
edwards said on 25/Dec/18
rob can be guessed as 5'9
Editor Rob
When you are 5ft 8, you could be guessed bang on, or an inch taller or some cases more than that, though the percentage who are off 2 inches will drop quite dramatically.

One thing to remember with guessing and I say this to any celebrity who ever reads this site - a guess doesn't change the height you measure, it's merely an estimation. If you are 5ft 10 and know this to be true and somebody who meets you on level ground says you look 5ft 8, all it means is that person was 2 inches off in their estimate.

I certainly don't want to estimate celebrities shorter or taller by 1-2 inches, but it can happen over the least with websites (as opposed to say a book), estimates can be changed if you feel a figure is too high/low.
Canson-6'4 3/8 said on 25/Dec/18
@Rob: lol you’ve got big plans 50k!
Editor Rob
That's just the pool of names that get at least 100+ searches a month on search engines.

The bigger your site is, the longer it's been online, the more competitors etc, the more of your time gets eaten up just managing the little things.

Lots of obstacles and interferences occur which can hinder time spent actually trying to add new people or even respond to comments.
Luca said on 25/Dec/18
Dear rob,so what is exactly your absolute lowest ever recorded?
Editor Rob
From testing my lowest I'd put it in 172.9-173cm range.
kurd17 said on 25/Dec/18
Here is the link Rob,
Click Here

Go to page 169(Chapter 11-Table 11.7). It is a national nutrition survey where almost 9000 women heights were measured.
Editor Rob
Yeah it's a big sample, so will be quite accurate for young Turkish females.
Peter 179cm said on 25/Dec/18
@kurd1977 probably around 173-174cm,similarly to Greece really.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Dec/18
How very kind and thoughtful of you Arch! The same right back to you!
Sandy xxx πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΊπŸ˜πŸ‘
Gupreet Singh said on 24/Dec/18
Rob would you agree 198 cm or 200cm would be considered extremely tall in UK and USA how would 198 cm be in Netherlands and Sweden and Merry Christmas Rob.
Editor Rob
6ft 6 or 7 is very very tall in both UK/US, though in Netherlands you are more likely to see a greater percentage of men be near that range.
viper said on 24/Dec/18
Rob can you add Rickey Jackson now. I've waited very patiently.

Also Merry Christmas
Editor Rob
He is one amongst 50,000 possible names.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Dec/18
Merry Christmas Rob, Sandy, Nik and co!
Editor Rob
Yes, I wish everybody has a Happy Christmas.
kurd1977 said on 24/Dec/18
Hey Rob, According to DHS Survey(2013) in Turkey, The average height of young women(15-19Y) was 159.5 cm. Unfortunately There was no data for young men. So, what average range would you give for young men in Turkey according to women's data.
Editor Rob
That's strange they only gave young women heights! You'd expect young guys to be 175 maybe.
Akshay176cm said on 24/Dec/18
@Andrew V
If you are talking about general population of India, then if you are more than 5'8(173cm) then u should feel tall here.184cm is definitely a very much stand out height.
Anonynon said on 24/Dec/18
Rob, quick question for you, if eye level for a male is slightly above 61 inches (assuming looking straight), does that guarantee his actual height will be at least 65 inches? Thanks in advance for response!
Editor Rob
It would be a slam dunk really...unless the person was thinking they were looking straight but actually raising their eyes a bit.
Frank Jason said on 23/Dec/18
Hi rob . Thank u for your perfect site .

Pls tell what u think about height @thatkris .
I search very much on internet but i could not find .
U can see a lot of pic him on his instagram (@thatkris)
Editor Rob
He can photograph above average, but without seeing him and other people it's hard to tell.
Ashlion said on 23/Dec/18
How visible 7 inches between two persons
Editor Rob
It's quite significant, in most cases they'd be at the end of the nose of the taller person...sometimes even at the mouth if the person had 9 inch head.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Dec/18
@ Nik - 'HUH' is a word used at ear-piercingly loud volume, mainly by women, to express their disbelief in something!
AndrewV said on 23/Dec/18
@Akshay176cm What would be the tall and short range in India? How would a 184cm/6'0" guy feel?
Nik said on 22/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - I have listened online to some pronunciations of the word "huh" and I must say that it was very interesting to hear how this word was said! My autocorrect was recently determined to put "Hugh" when I tried to write "huh"!
Luca said on 22/Dec/18
Dear rob,what’s your absolute lowest ever recorded? Have you ever measured under 173 cm ?
Editor Rob
With things like carpet measurements I could get under that...and with objects that were shorter than the top of the head too, but a proper measurement standing tall I am still very close at worst to 173.
Animus said on 21/Dec/18
Rob, do you lose comments on occasion when dealing with maintenance issues on the site? I am thinking mostly of newer comments that have not yet been approved.
Editor Rob
to deal with spam there are some filters that might delete some comments.
Akshay176cm said on 21/Dec/18
Yeah, I am solid average in most part of the Europe. But in India, I feel solid tall. Lol
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/18

Not only that, but eye level can affect the measurement as well. People with lower eye levels have an advantage compared to people with higher eye levels, because it's basically the same effect as making people look taller in mugshots. The lower the camera is panned, the taller a person will look against a height scale chart. That's why I don't recommend the mirror method because they have a bigger margin of error than the aerosol and pencil method. (which is the best method IMO)
Redwing said on 20/Dec/18
Hey rob, at 17 as a kid I was 173 m how tall would you say they’d grow? And if they grew another 5 inches to 20 is that impressive and likely?
Editor Rob
That's in the high end of growth after 17, you'd expect maybe an inch or so on average.
Guru Guy said on 20/Dec/18
Hey Rob I measured myself at around 187.3 cm against the wall with some minor lifts, however when holding the tape measure in front of myself in the mirror, I look to only be 6'1 ish. For example 167.5 ish comes up to the top of my lip, a tad over 174 cm comes up to my eyeline and 176 cm comes up to the top area of my eyebrows. Why is this? That means my eye level is over 5 inches, and I don't really think I have THAT low of one to be honest lol. Maybe I shouldnt trust the mirror much?
Editor Rob
I'd stick with that wall measurement, because you might be undermeasuring holding the tape in front of you.
QM6'1QM said on 20/Dec/18
Akshay176cm said on 20/Dec/18

You're solid average height, definitely. On top 4 inches shorter than me.
Myself said on 20/Dec/18
I don't think 189 cm would be just "quite tall", but "very tall" and more likely 95-97 percentile.
Sakz said on 20/Dec/18
@Serhat Technically your coach is right because it's your peak, maximum height without any strain being put on the spine. However, because you lose it so quickly nobody sees you at it therefore it's understandably not claimed. It's kind of how an extreme low would be your absolute lowest height with the most strain being on your spine but because you only reach that height in extreme situations under a lot of physical activity, it's also not claimed and you're not really seen at that height much either.
Cameron M said on 20/Dec/18
Rob, what would you guess would be the percentage of guys that grow after the age of 18?
Editor Rob
Considerably less than half, but the exact percentage I am not so sure.
Peter 179cm said on 20/Dec/18
@Editor Rob Thanks for your answer!Also,do you believe i may still have potential to grow abit more?I turned 21 in June.
Editor Rob
Any growth at 21 would be a bonus, as the percentage who gain anything noticeable is quite small.
Akshay176cm said on 20/Dec/18
I am 177.6-8cm in the morning and I come down to 175.7-9cm at night depending upon the hydration levels.
Andriy said on 19/Dec/18
Hi Rob would you say that 6ft 2.5/189cm is stand out tall in the UK/US
Editor Rob
Since you'll be taller than well over 90% of men, yeah I think that begins to look quite tall in crowds.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Dec/18
🐌 Funny Christmas Gifts! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

I was just looking on Amazon for a present with a difference when I came across a large, ornamental garden snail!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Zorwii said on 19/Dec/18
@Nice. Overall If I were you I would claim 5'8.25 even very honest. I'm sure 80% would say 5'8.5. Claiming the lowest is unreal! Well have a good day big Rob;
Serhat Evebo said on 19/Dec/18
Hi Rob. I have a bit of a dilemma going on. So I wake up at 187.5cm and my height seems to drop down to 186cm within 2 hours of being awake. It will never drop below 186 at any point of the day. It’ll even sometimes increase back up to 187. My college football coach tells me to claim 6’2 since my height in the morning is my peak height. Would you say claiming such height especially in a competitive sporting world make sense? Thanks!
Editor Rob
I can see why coaches advocate slightly rounding up or morning heights.

You are in that solid 6ft 1 range most of the day. On the field you are 186, so personally I'd go with that mark.

Ultimately the listing on a bit of paper is pretty meaningless compared to what happens on the field of play.
Peter 179cm said on 19/Dec/18
Rob i consistenly get about 182cm out of bed,well the last 3 or 4 days im testing it anyway and even got 182.1cm last morning!Before bed or basically a few hours earlier like 12 or 13 hours awake i get anywhere between 179.8-180.3cm and can hold even near 181 like 180.5-180.6 in the afternoon sometimes..Is that a sign of growth,even a small one?
Editor Rob
It could be a final bit of growth.
Zorwii said on 19/Dec/18
@Akshay176cm said on 17/Dec/18
I think we are exactlly in height. I'm 175.7 at night (regular low 175.8) and right after bed 177.5: What's your height right after bed? (I'm 176-176.3 lunch time) 176.5 (2-3 hours after bed)
Glitch said on 19/Dec/18

There is less hydration in winter I guess. Does Less Hydration reduces 1cm than normal low at most?
Editor Rob
Well it's more your body's own level of water intake. In Winter you might find you don't sweat as much, but I think near 2 litres of fluids a day (not booze/fizzy) helps keep you well hydrated. Lots of exercise and you might need to take in more of course.
Canson said on 18/Dec/18
@Christian: are you talking in front of you when you measure or behind you? I have it behind me when I measure. I agree tho if it’s in front of me I look shorter than I would actually measure when I do it properly
VelikiSrbinn said on 18/Dec/18
Hey Rob I got measured at 6'6.75 barefoot under the stadiometer at the doctor's office in the early afternoon. I decided to try your method with the aerosol can to the wall with the tape measure and only came out at 6'5.5!! Granted when I did this measurement it was evening time and I pressed the can against my skull a bit more than the stadiometer did. Which measurement do you think is more accurate? because I don't think its possible to lose that much height throughout the day.
Editor Rob
It's hard to know, but there is a big variation between the two, more than the actual shrinkage you'd expect from the Dr's and evening. Maybe test out your height first thing on the wall to see what kind of shrinkage you have overall.
Zorwii said on 18/Dec/18
@Rob thanks for your answering. I've been watching a video on youtube where you take a measurement 10 hours after bed. So If you are 173.8 1o hours after bed how's possible your low is 172.9?
I think you are more than honest. You could even claim 5'8.5. Why claim 173? Thanks and keep height measurement!
Click Here
Editor Rob

There's less strain on the spine working at home versus being away from home. It can account for several mm's and reaching low height quicker.
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Dec/18
@ Tall In The Saddle - Hiya! I read your reply this morning not long after I'd opened my eyes, and open them it most certainly did - to their widest capacity possible! Mind you, as soon as I read SECS, I had a fair old idea where the story was heading, but in public? That's a definite no-no! What if the passers-by had been wondering how come a little boy of that age knew about THAT sort of thing? I think I would have been about as red-faced as ever I've been, and would have fled off up the road never to be seen in that vicinity again!

Yes, they can really stitch you up, can't they?

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Zorwii said on 17/Dec/18
Ey Rob I'm exactly 2.7 cm taller than you so what height should I claim in foot? I'm 177.5 right after bed so I think is 2.7 cm too on your morning (2 min after morning awake)
Editor Rob
You could claim to be a 5ft 9 guy, or maybe even 176 in metric.
Tall In The Saddle said on 17/Dec/18
@Sandy - I bow in all deference to your tale - awesome! How funny is that? Your brother unwittingly performed a monologue worthy of inclusion in quality stand up comedy - and actually better than of lot the stand up I've heard lately.

This is what I have to offer in sort of that realm:-

When my eldest boy was about 3-4 yo I used to say to him to indicate I wouldn't be long - "just give me a few secs, wait two secs or give me a couple of secs". Secs of course = seconds. One day I had to drop a parcel off to a friend's front door - I parked in their driveway and left my son in the car as I only had to place the parcel down. I was errant in not telling my son exactly what I was doing - I just figured it was only going to take a moment and he would be in full view the whole time anyway.

Anyway as I trotted to the front door my little bloke wound down his window and yelled at volume "DAD, ARE YOU GOING IN FOR A LITTLE SECS!!" Of course the little fella meant not many (=little) seconds - but phonetically...….well suffice to say I quickly dropped the parcel down, ducked for cover and I made my back to the car in haste. Kids say the darndest things don't they? - well hell yeah they do!

Confession of an errant Dad
Akshay176cm said on 17/Dec/18
Rob, I am 175.7-9cm at night. Am I short,Lower Average or Average for 23 year old guy in UK?
Editor Rob
It's an average height for a man in the UK, but for 23 year olds, the average is nearer 178cm
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Dec/18
@ Nik - My Mum would 'HUH' at me when I told her a load of crap! Come to think of it, I inherited it from her, and it can sound almost as ear-piercingly loud as that character from 'The Fast Show', played by Arabella Weir!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Dec/18

That kind of measurement isn't for everyone though. People have different head shapes and longer/shorter eye levels, so the tape measure can make someone look taller or shorter depending on the person. And that's not even taking account hair differences.
Canson said on 16/Dec/18
@James694: I think holding behind your head if you’re able to is better than in front of you. Some can do that but others can’t.
Canson said on 16/Dec/18
@Bobby: correct. In front of you but not if you can hold it straight behind you. But I’m talking more like a measuring stick. When I hold it that way I get the same as I do when I measure against the wall
Sakz said on 15/Dec/18
@Rob If a wall is wonky how much would it undermeasure you by? A few mm's maybe?
Editor Rob
depends on how bent it is. Some walls might have bowed a bit over the decades...I've seen some houses with walls that could give 1cm variation in heights because of the curvature!

Sandy Cowell said on 15/Dec/18
@ At Nik - Oh, but they are keeping that wayward phone of mine re-charged throughout his prison sentence, or he'd be able to sleep his way through it!

For extra punishment, they have put him in a separate cell, because they caught him entertaining his fellow prisoners, and word has it that they were using him to bring contraband into the prison. He has denied everything, of course!

Have a superb weekend - and the same to your Mum and 🐩 Jasmin!
James694 said on 15/Dec/18
Thank you Rob and canson for your inputs it makes more sense now. Looks like I'll be giving myself a height upgrade again
Nik said on 15/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Thanks for that, I like your huh too!

He may be a cell phone and he may have been charged but I doubt that he will be charged in the cell!
Parker said on 15/Dec/18
Do you think Kevin is wearing an elevator trainer in this pic Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I would say they are quite normal looking, hi-tops generally do look like that.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 14/Dec/18
Rob, if my normal low is 186.7 CM tall, with my out of bed height being a bit over 189 CM tall, would it make more sense to claim to be 186 CM tall, or 187 CM tall if someone asks me how tall I am in a foreign country that uses the metric system? I spend most of the day standing at the 186.7 CM mark, as my shrinkage generally happens within the first four hours of me being awake.
Editor Rob
186 is playing it very safe. If it were me I'd just go with the 187cm figure if somebody were to ask.
Bobby said on 14/Dec/18

That method makes one seem shorter than they are. Using that method, I appear 1-inch shorter than if I actually measured myself against the wall. So, 5'10.5 suddenly seems closer to 5'9.5 in the morning, and 5'9.75 seems like 5'8.75 at night. This is usually when I hold it like 1-2ft in front of me. It's definitely not accurate.
Minh said on 14/Dec/18

Would 184cm be very tall or just tall for an Asian, particularly Vietnamese? Would I be tall in the US or UK?
Editor Rob
for Vietnamese, very tall....and in US/UK, you would be viewed as a tall guy. 9 out of 10 guys will be shorter than you.
Arthur! said on 14/Dec/18
Rob, why is it that I reach my low more often now than in the past? I used to stay at around 178.3-4 at night but nowadays I drop down to 178.0-1. I checked my morning height and it's still the same, 180.5 cm. Only thing that's changed is that now I wake up 3 or 4 hours earlier than I used to.
Editor Rob
It's possible your hydration levels have changed due to different sleep habits.

Either that or somebody has got a Voodoo Doll of you in a vice and is doing the slow "Arnie Compress" 😨
JamesB172cm said on 13/Dec/18
JamesB172cm said on 12/Dec/18
Rob if someone is listed on a profile for example as β€˜6’3 190cm’. Would it most likely mean there the full 6’3 or 6’2.75?
Editor Rob
It depends on the country and how they are storing the figure (metric or imperial), they likely will store one and show the other as converted.

What do you mean store one and show the other converted?
Editor Rob
You might store height data in a database as either metric or imperial, then when showing the other value, you are converting from whatever it is you use.
For instance I store it all as feet/inches and display the converted metric beside it. So depending on rounding, some people could display 6ft 3 as 190 or 191.
tree said on 13/Dec/18
Rob this is of topic but i had to ask this one,who is ur fav snooker player?
Mine is Ronnie,easily the best and a very constant player always on a high level.
Editor Rob
I think Ronnie is one of the best, up there with Hendry...he's certainly more watchable than many other players.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Dec/18
...and I forgot the 'charged' business! That's a good 'un as well, Nik!
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Dec/18
@ Nik - Cell phone? Brilliant! πŸ†

Unsavoury sentences: clever, clever! πŸ…
Anonynon said on 13/Dec/18
Rob, if you saw someone on the street, would you be able to assign them at the correct height +/- half inch 100% of the time? ALso, do you think more in terms of centimeters or inches?
Editor Rob
The margin of error increases on the street. Guessing heights might have a bigger margin than if you were standing around and on flat ground. I think getting to within half inch is more possible on solid ground if you have time and see somebody beside others to help...even then, there will be situations you will (regardless of how good you think you are) over or under-estimate.
Glitch said on 13/Dec/18
Hey @gylfi_G

How tall are you now and how tall you were at 16 and 17 ?
Canson said on 13/Dec/18
@James694 and Rob: I’ve actually put the tape measure behind me and seen where I come up on it (kinda like Jeff Cavalier just not taped to the wall). I’ve thought the opposite that I was taller closer up than further away. But that’s not as much the case because it’s the view. I can see over the top of my head from the distance (because of the mirror I have in my bathroom) whereas I cannot see exactly where my head touches it if I’m standing 2 feet from the mirror
edwards said on 13/Dec/18
@rob where do you think does tall height starts,some say 6 and some says 6'1.and what do you think is most attractive height for men can be?i personally think any where from 6 to 6'2 is attractive.
Editor Rob
I'm sure in surveys, desirable height of 6ft 1 or 2 is a common choice. In the UK/US when you get near 6ft you are tall.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Dec/18

I can relate to that. Height is the most common topic people bring up when they first meet me, more often than even clothes.


I've never been measured in shoes at a doctor's office myself, but personally I know some people who've been.
lastamn said on 13/Dec/18
Rob in what position should we sleep to optimize the spine decompression and get the highest morning height ? (I know this is off Ethan's topic but I didn't know where to post this comment, sorry)
Editor Rob
If you can manage to sleep on your back with 1 pillow for 9 hours, without contorting the spine, you might hit optimum morning height. Most people sleep in several positions though.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Dec/18
@ Rob - Re: Random paws. LOL!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

Too true, but they have recently been owned by the same little cat - Manelia, who ruins my beautiful Christmas tree unfailingly overnight, every night! Last night's mess was even worse than the one from the night before! I deliberately slept in, you see!

πŸŽ„πŸ˜Ή "Oh, not again!" 😣
Nik said on 13/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - I like your huh!

I always want to be measured WITHOUT footwear too! The last time I was being measured I asked the nurse to tell me my real height!
Grotty said on 13/Dec/18
Rob, how much of the population do you think lie about their height?
Editor Rob
It might vary between countries. I don't know exact percentages, but I would say it was a healthy amount.
James694 said on 13/Dec/18
What would be a absolute low for a 5'9 1/4 guy?
Editor Rob
I think many people give a height around lunchtime, so a fair chunk will still fall a fraction under that...if you gave your height around that time (and measured 5ft 9.25), you could drop to near 5ft 9...

Then you have others who claim out of bed, in that case they could fall to 5ft 8.25-8.5, though I personally don't give a morning height as my height.
Harry 2k20 said on 12/Dec/18

Hi Rob how do you attach pictures on here?
Editor Rob
Unfortunately you can't embed/attach images, although you can use a free site like to host a photo and link to it.
Gupreet said on 12/Dec/18
Hey rob if you was 187 cm in UK or USA would you feel tall or just above above average
Editor Rob
You should feel comfortably tall at that height. 9 out of 10 men will look smaller when you stroll through London or New York.
JamesB172cm said on 12/Dec/18
Rob if someone is listed on a profile for example as β€˜6’3 190cm’. Would it most likely mean there the full 6’3 or 6’2.75?
Editor Rob
It depends on the country and how they are storing the figure (metric or imperial), they likely will store one and show the other as converted.
Nik said on 12/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - I didn't know he had been charged (πŸ˜‚!) and given a sentence*, poor old 'im, he'll now be a cell phone! (πŸ˜‚!)

He'll want all the prisoners, all the prison officers, and 'imself, perched proudly on the toilet! (Loo, 'lav, bog, pot, bathroom!)

* He's dished out a lot of unsavoury sentences 'imself!
Canson said on 12/Dec/18
@Bobby: I think 1” is ok in some cases but I actually see a lot of people that wear 1/2” or 5/8” of footwear as well. Flats or canvas shoes and Sometimes even less than 1/2” in a pair of ballet slippers etc. Then at the opposite end, some with even more than 1” or 1.25” if in some boots or Air Maxes. This doesn’t account for orthotics being added or at the other end of the spectrum, insoles being removed. That said, I think it’s best for them rather than guessing and being lazy at the same time, to just have them remove the shoes as like you said, it only takes a few seconds. This will prevent them underestimating someone, as well as overmeasuring them at the same time. Either could affect BMI or other medical attributes. I think in the time it takes to β€œproperly” estimate the heel in each shoe a patient wears and how much the shoe adds to the person’s height (not taking into account any additives such as lifts), you may as well just go ahead and have them take them off. Doctors and nurses are among the upper echelon of jobs and salaries in the world. They should do it right and β€œearn” their money imho. I heard the part before from Rob when he mentioned that they do that to save time and due to people touching shoes with their hands, more sanitary. While I agree with Rob on that, I feel that it is a bit lame on the part of the HC professionals
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Dec/18
Hey Rob!

Do you want to know what really gets on my nerves? OK, here goes: sometimes I see a Random Celeb come up who I'm interested in and then I carelessly brush against the screen of my phone - and the picture of the celebrity disappears! More often than not though, it's a CAT'S PAW! 😣🐈
Editor Rob
I am mainly viewing the site on a desktop, but of course sometimes view it on a phone too...which can be sensitive to movements, especially random paws!
Greg said on 11/Dec/18
@Lurm you’re a weak 6 foot guy seeing you wake up at 6’0 and end the day at 5’11.25” I think your best bet would be to claim the middle figure and say 5’11.5” or Almost 6/Around 6’0”
Canson said on 11/Dec/18
@Tall in the Saddle: I agree also on the weight part. If you see some heavier guys they will go out of their way to make sure their physical is early AM to get a lower weight some even know height will be more. They would be quick to take them off for weight but not for their height lol
Canson said on 11/Dec/18
@Tall in the Saddle: I’ve seen both. I’ve seen like Christian said, them measure in shoes and give them that measurement with no deduction. My wife received it. Her previous physical said 5’9”. She’s not even a solid 5’8” in reality. She is exactly 172 cm at a low. She’s honest however and claims 5’8” and she calls people out when they lie as well. Then it happened with me when I went once they told me that they would estimate the heel. Long story short I said it’s easier to just take them off and then did so before the measurement. But I don’t get why they don’t just make everyone take them off. You could have someone measure early morning at say 5’8.25 barefoot measure in some thick shoes and get a measurement of 5’9.75 or 5’10 and be listed that way yet they’re not even 5’8” in the afternoon. Even an afternoon measurement can result in that same person being 5’9” or more in shoes
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/18
@ Tall In The Saddle - I've just realised what your name is as an acronym! πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ˜‚
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/18
@ Christian, Tunman and Tall In The Saddle:

Just over a year ago, I was measured during a hospital out patient's visit. I said, "Surely you want me to take my shoes off?"

The young nurse replied, "It's entirely up to you!"

Huh! I want my REAL height!
James694 said on 11/Dec/18
When in measuring in front of a mirrior why do you get a taller result far away and a shorter one up close I measured myself this morning farther away from the mirriorI got 5'10 1/4 then up close 5'9 5/8ths what would be the real height the closest is probably a few feet a desk is in front.
Editor Rob
Personally I wouldn't really use a mirror...but if you are quite close and hold a tape in front, since your eyes are 4.5 inches or thereabouts lower than the top of your head, you might end up thinking you are a fraction smaller than you are....the further away, the less that effect can be.
Tunman said on 11/Dec/18
@Tall In The Saddle
Yeah,wouldn't have said better,but besides this one should see the psychologial side of the subject.I mean why do people want to be taller or less overweight in the other case?Confidence boosting of course,but why insisting on what one is not?It's not like a 5'7 is going to turn 5'9 because he claims so.Society is of course heightist (and also weightist),but it's always better to be genuine,after all height and weight are among the most simple aspects of a person,nothing comparable to intellignece,kindness,friendliness and so on.
In the end I know it might be difficult for some persons to accept that,but one should try not to think much about height (outside this site of course),I don't think most persons look to other people for their height (well except maybe giants and dwarfs),most other people heights are entities among millions like them.
gylfi_G said on 11/Dec/18
Hey Rob. How much height do you think these boots give? They claim to have a 3.5cm heel which is above most boots(other claim to give 3cm usually).
Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah that's a pretty thick boot, I can see it giving 1.5 inches, as the insole is likely just above the stitch line.
Canson said on 11/Dec/18
@Christian: happened to my wife. She was told 5’9” because she measured in sneaks. She was also measured in the morning probably around 2-3 hours after waking if I can recall meaning she would still be solid 5’8” at least
Tall In The Saddle said on 11/Dec/18
Well any doctor worth his/her salt shouldn't be measuring patients in their shoes - and if he/she does knock off 2cm to an 1 inch from their in shoes height - then the adjusted height is what he/she should be telling their patients.

Medically a barefoot baseline measurement is important for a number of things - not the least being the determination of a healthy weight range-they say for every inch over 5 feet men can add 6 lbs while women can add 5 lbs - of course frame has to be factored in also. Also accuracy is required to determine undue height loss which may be indicative of conditions such as osteoporosis

Heel sizes will vary and that's not to mention people who wear hidden lifts - I guess they might wear same to their doctors also - now that makes me wonder what percentage of the population wears lifts? Any ideas on that Rob?

Finally I don't think it's big deal to slip the shoes off - I bet the same people who wear shoes for their height measurement are more than willing to lose same when it's time to weigh in - best of both worlds - lol.
Lurm said on 11/Dec/18
Rob if I measure 182.8cm out of bed and 180.6cm in the evening, would it be unreasonable to claim 181cm?
Editor Rob
To me, that sounds a rather reasonable mark to tell people should they ask.

The more taller you are, the greater the odds increase that people will ask your height. A 6ft 4 man will be asked his height 10 times as often as a 5ft 9 man.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Dec/18

I've seen some doctors who would just measure their patients with shoes on without subtracting 2cm.
Leonard said on 10/Dec/18
Hi Rob, if your 5ft 11.75in/182.2cm in the UK would you be taller than the vast majority of men.
Editor Rob
You'll walk past far more shorter men than taller...
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Dec/18
@ Nik - There is no way he'll be joining us any time soon! I've just heard he's serving a 6-month jail term for gross indecency in a public place! He has a toilet in his cell, so he's quite happy!

Nik said on 10/Dec/18
@ Rob - How tall is Nick Hewer please?
Editor Rob
Was probably somewhere in 5ft 8 range but nowadays under that.
Robby Harris said on 10/Dec/18
@Rob: How long does it usually take you to update comments? Also, what do you think caused the recent outages?
Editor Rob
Usually I try to do within a day, sometimes it will vary depending if I am doing other work too.
The comment outage? More a case of looking for a bug and creating 2 more...
Nik said on 9/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - He'll still think you should use him to access celebheights! However he may have to accept that it is tough **tt*! 🐦 - T!
Bobby said on 9/Dec/18

Most people are wearing 1-inch shoes on average. So, all you need to do is account for that difference. Like, if one guy is measured 5'11 in shoes, he's 5'10 barefoot, most likely. It's really not that difficult to do, and it's easier than telling people to take their shoes off all the time even if it only takes them a few seconds to do so.
Robby Harris said on 9/Dec/18
@Rob: Do you feel short or average, or even tall at 5'8"? It seems many feel short, but in truth, it's not far off average for Western men..
Editor Rob
If I think about it, usually in general it can feel within average in the UK, but there are many times with clusters of taller people you could feel short too...far more often than you might feel tall, which can happen at moments!
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Dec/18
...or tranquillisers for the next time!

Tunman said on 9/Dec/18
Rob,shoes aren't a part of the body so it doesn't make sense to claim such height.I mean what if wearing boots or shoes with lifts or even heels for women?I once heard a doc speaking about measuring patients in shoes then knocking 2cm but I don't agree much with that method as it doesn't take into account that some may have roughly 1cm shoes while others up to 3-3,5cm.
As for barefeet height,I used to claim 178 back in 2010-2011 when I first knew about the difference between morning and evening height.Technically it wasn't that big lie neither,since I always clean that mark out of bed (generally by 2-3mm).I hardly remember any occasion where I could have looked as pushing it too much with that claim since even tall people are sometimes adding 2-3cm to their height.
Editor Rob
Of course it doesn't make sense and isn't our actual height, but many people do claim it and probably don't think anything of it.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Dec/18
@ Nik - Come to think of it, as I don't pay maintenance for that doubtful-minded piece of technology, it is most unlikely that he EVER makes a return!
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Dec/18
@ Rob - I still felt like saying something to Tesco Mobile about the outage, but I didn't have to! They are awarding their customers with a couple of free gigabytes in January. So all's well that ends well!
Editor Rob
They should throw in some free ice cream too for the trauma!
josh b said on 8/Dec/18
Click Here
just a sneaky scanned pic of yourself :P
Editor Rob
I have uploaded the photos you rescanned now, I counted - 57 of them. Just send in the other few you have and I'll save them and ensure they are up the same time I eventually put mine up πŸ˜‰
Tunman said on 8/Dec/18
Rob,would you say that all people who boost themselves by a single inch know they're shorter as the day goes by?
Imagine you have a dude waking up at 5'8.8"and dropping to 5'8 flat by night.What if he gets measured at the doc's office 1 hour out of bed and turns 5'8.5" then claims 5'9,maybe it's only rounding up a measurement?Not that big lie imo.
Had G measured 5'7 flat first time you met then such an explanation would have been plausible.Of course he didn't.
Editor Rob
If he isn't aware of shrinkage, then rounding up wouldn't be too much...but if he measured 5ft 8 in the afternoon and rounded up I think that's pushing it.

What percentage of people truly know about morning or evening? I couldn't say exactly.

I suppose some people also don't think anything of claiming a height in shoes, and don't see it as lying.
Robby Harris said on 8/Dec/18
@Rob: Is it possible to re-do a post (as in previous one's that have mistakes/errors)?
Editor Rob
Unfortunately not, without me intervening. It's always possible to leave a note on a page saying delete old comment or replace old comment with the next one I submit.

Several people do submit comments but make mistakes and submit another not long after and I will try to catch those and approve the right one.
Gltich said on 7/Dec/18

Is there any difference between winter height and summer height?
Editor Rob
Not that I've ever noticed, though temperature changes can effect bathroom scales so you might end up with slightly different weight measurements because of that.
Nik said on 7/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Oh yes, he used to live on Rob's website and the highlight of his life was whenever you used him to access celebheights! He will be delighted if you use him again to go onto celebheights, should he return expect him to play up like never before!
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Dec/18
Hey Rob!

I've been offline all day, and I was about to phone my mobile helpline when Jim showed up and told me that it's like that up and down the country with people with O2 services and its subsidiary companies. I've finally got my internet back, so I could send along the comment I wrote out this morning on Maggie Q and couldn't send, so I scribbled it down in shorthand for later.

It's great to be back! I have seen two fantastic films, and I'm awash with ideas and have encountered new actors and actresses that I haven't really taken much notice of to date.

Cheers Rob!
Editor Rob
Yeah everybody hates outages. I've not had one lasting a day for years, but in the past there were times when I had 1-2 day outages. When you work online that is tricky, as you need software and tools that you simply cannot use on public internet cafe's.
Elton66inches said on 6/Dec/18
Hi Rob my lowest height is 175'8 cm (15-16 hours on my feet) and 1 min after bed is 177.5 cm. What's the honest height to claim
Editor Rob
I'd claim 176cm personally.
Zayn said on 5/Dec/18
Thanks for answering. Is there a way to trigger the release of HGH and hence grow? Or does that just happen naturally and you grow to your genetic potential height? Thanks
Editor Rob
Regular exercise helps, and ample sleep.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Dec/18
@ Nik - I haven't charged him up for ages, but if and when I do, and use him to access Celebheights, he will be delighted that his filthy mind is still causing a stir! πŸ“²πŸ’©πŸš½
Nik said on 5/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - I think that is his dream scenario, it is wishful thinking by 'im in di phone! πŸ‘‡πŸ“²πŸš½πŸ‘Œ!
Zayn said on 4/Dec/18
Hey Rob, how come some ppl grow a lot taller than their fathers? Like ansel elgort? He has at least 4 inches on father, thank u.
Editor Rob
Genetics is the biggest factor. A lot of genes will influence height, and there's random factors which result in bigger differences at times. Also if you have better diet/health you could end up near your genetic potential, whilst your parent may not have quite reached their potential.
Bobby 5'10 said on 4/Dec/18

I would go with 180cm with his stats, or 5'11. Especially if he's hydrated and goes down to only 179.5cm, then a 180cm claim isn't unreasonable. I wouldn't think too much about it. Most guys would claim 5'11 with those stats if they're honest.
maa said on 4/Dec/18
Rob, I used to think that I was 6 foot, but now that I had started watching WWE/MMA I magically realised that I am 6 ft 5. How can you explain that?
Editor Rob
The world of wrestling does strange things to one's mind!
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Dec/18
@ Nik - Ah no no no no! That was just one of his deepest, darkest fantasies!

Peyman, 5'10.25 said on 4/Dec/18
@ Rob,
I measured my jean inseam at a solid 78cm with a metal tape measure,
is it short for my height or just normal? this is when I wear my jean, a put off pair would give around 80 or 81cm
my height 180 out of bed and solid 178cm at the absolute lowest.
how much is your inseam at solid 173cm??
Editor Rob
If it was 76-77 range I'd say short for a 178cm man, 78cm is probably between short and average range. Mine is in 77cm range.
The inseam length with men will typically look shorter than women for obvious reasons...I'm certainly not a guy who yanks up his trousers so that his voice rises a few octaves. I tend to like room to breathe! 😯
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Dec/18
Absolutely no apology necessary Rob! It's a good thing sometimes to go without because then when you get it back, whatever 'IT' is, you appreciate it all the more! I know I will!
Editor Rob
Well hopefully we won't see another outage for a while!
edwards said on 4/Dec/18
@rob my brother has a confussion.he has a morning height of 181 and at night he has his lowest at 179 or may be 179.5 if hydrated.but on average day he has lowest at 179.what height should he claim?can he claim a weak 5'11 or can he claim almost 5'11
Editor Rob
He's an honest 5ft 10.5, and for a portion of the day near 5ft 11. Some guys might just round up to 5ft 11, others might go with low of 5ft 10.5 and some claim 'about/almost 5ft 11'.
Nik said on 3/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - That is a very good answer! However your smelly autocorrect thinks that everyone (the whole 🌏!) spends their whole lives on the toilet, he thinks that everyone lives on the toilet! πŸ˜‚!
Redwing said on 3/Dec/18
Hi rob, what time did u weigh yourself? And what time is best to weigh yourself? For accurate weight estimation
Editor Rob
If you are going to weigh yourself and keep track of it, I think you have to choose the same area, time and feet position for accuracy...even temperature changes could effect readings slightly with bathroom scales.
Robby Harris said on 3/Dec/18
@Rob: How long do you expect to be running Celebheights for? Personally, I think this is one of the best sites on the net!
Editor Rob
Well I'm glad you enjoyed visiting it. 14 years into this site and I'm surprised I have lasted this long, mainly because I have lost interest in topics in the past and moved on.
But I have no immediate plans to hang up the tape measure though! πŸ˜‰
It's been harder over last few years because 6 years ago Jenny stopped working.
She did start to do crafting, selling cards etc and that has helped her. I help out with that too, and it worked out for both of us going to conventions, being able to do our our dealer table and I can still get photos.
Jo?o Pedro said on 3/Dec/18
Hey, Rob! If I was measured at 181 centimeters after one and half hours of workout, what is my real height? I mean, what height should I claim when asked?
And also, as a 18 year old from Brazil, am I tall? I would appreciate an answer. Best of luck!
Editor Rob
You are getting into tall range in Brazil, if the average is 5ft 7-8 (170-173) range.
We all have a morning and evening height. I think giving a height after being up several hours is reasonable. Personally I wouldn't claim a morning height because from 6-7am till mid-day we lose a massive amount of our height compared to 12pm till 8-9pm.
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Dec/18
Hey Rob!

It's fantastic to have you back! It seems like an eternity....

I've been watching a lot of 'Silent Witness' episodes and seen so many chances for write-ups. I have still been guessing at the actor's heights and seeing if I've been right! I got Ruth Gemmill's 5ft6 right, but I also wanted to see if she is related to Coronation Street's Tristan, but I didn't find anything conclusive.

Anyway, it's back down to commenting as usual, thank goodness. I'm so chuffed that I will be sticking my Christmas tree up today! Have a happy and magical December Rob, Jenny and one and all! πŸŽ„
Editor Rob
Apologies to everybody for comments outage.
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Dec/18
@ Nik - Everybody DOES belong in the toilet - a few times a day at least! Otherwise this world would be a whole lot smellier!

Canson said on 28/Nov/18
@Bobby: I think at 6’4.5 at a low I would go with 6’4 1/2. I think if my β€œnormal low” is much in excess of 3/8” I would go with 1/2”. If 6’5 1/2 I would probably go with 6’5 or a bit over. I prob wouldn’t round up (without saying the fraction) until I got to about 3/4” over. Now in your case, I would say 5’10 like you do or β€œabout 5’10” because at your low, you are much more 5’10” than I would be 6’5” and barring the extreme low for you, you would look 5’10” more than 5’9”. Even at your extreme if it’s only 1/8” below, that’s not anything that is going to get very much less. Based on where you fall you could wear a good orthotic and probably get passed it all together and come out around 5’9.75-5’10 range all the time even at the extremist of lows for you (worst case 5’9.75 probably). A good orthotic with the right pair of sneaks or other shoes brings you to 5’11” more than likely (in footwear). The problem I have with the half (as i mentioned to Dream today too and also in the past) is that it’s not used properly. I think someone measuring a bit over a 1/4” (talking 1/3” over or 3/8” up to maybe 5/8” or up to maybe 2/3” not exceeding) should claim half. Half is just unfortunately rounded up so often when it should be its own entity. So a guy with close to Greg’s stats (if his normal low were a few mm higher) should claim 1/2. Even with Greg, he’s a mm over 1/4” from what he mentioned. People claiming half however are often viewed as pretentious.’they expect to see you round all the time.
George F said on 28/Nov/18
Rob what happens if you meet a person in the morning? We are usually taller early in the day. You list him 1/2 less?
Editor Rob
By the time people are up and get out, they've lost a good chunk of their morning height.
Nik said on 28/Nov/18
@ Sandy Cowell - He thought that everybody else belonged in the toilet ('lav!) too (2!)!

🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌
πŸ“²πŸ˜πŸ“²πŸ™ƒπŸ“²πŸ˜‹πŸ“²β˜ΉοΈπŸ“²πŸ˜·πŸ“²πŸ€“πŸ“²πŸšΆπŸ»πŸ“²πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ“²πŸ©πŸ“²πŸ–πŸ“²πŸˆπŸ“²πŸ”œπŸŒŽπŸ”œπŸŒŽβž•πŸ© πŸŒŽπŸ”œπŸŒ!
🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽 🚽 🚽 🚽

I hope you have a great week too!
Canson said on 27/Nov/18
@Rob: Antonio probably isn’t quite that tall if we are talking an afternoon height. I’d say 5’9.75 or 5’9 7/8 really
Canson said on 27/Nov/18
@Salz: I don’t mind 6’4.5. I still do claim it sometimes and think it’s cool actually but have heard the why don’t I round up or why do I claim the half both ends of the spectrum. If I were 6’5 1/2 at a low however I would say a bit over 6’5” or 6’5. I wouldn’t want any part of being called 6’6”. I even prefer 6’4 over 6’5 as I’m closer to it
Zampo said on 27/Nov/18
@Ben: Out of interest, which club, Malmo, AIK? Your post reminded of me of a time when I wanted to be a soccer player. I remember at one point scouts at Crystal Palace FC were interested during a Southern London tournament, our coach had told me they were impressed with my performance during the group stages. Annoyingly we got knocked out in the next round where there could have been a real opportunity to showcase my ability (didn't have a great game in that match as well). I was also invited to a Chelsea FC training camp at some point as well but by age 15 or so I had lost interest in chasing the football dream. In retrospect, doubt I would have made it to the highest level though, lacked that drive and maturity in understanding what it takes, at that time.
MrFish said on 27/Nov/18
Rob, at 174.7-175 at my lowest, could I reach age 70 and stay above the 173 mark (1.5-2.0 cm loss), if I remain in good shape?
Editor Rob
If you remain active and keep up some forms of exercise, and do some basic stretches long-term, eat well, avoid injury it will improve the chances.
Bobby 5'10 said on 27/Nov/18
@Canson, so if you were a minimum of 6'4.5 at a low, would you claim 6'5, or just say you're 6'4?
Harry2k20 said on 27/Nov/18

I think the condition is hard to diagnose so perhaps they could have it.

I'm not 2m tall and it's just a name I like using.

We've met before but then my name was just harry2k and not harry2k20 LOL!
Sakz said on 27/Nov/18
@Canson The other question would also be whether you like claiming a fraction or not. For me I find it to be a bit too precise so I prefer to say 'about' or just round to simplify everything like most do. If you were 6'4.5 at a low but didn't want to claim a fraction then rounding up or down would be fine aswell. It honestly just depends on what you're comfortable saying or sometimes you just instinctively claim something when asked (it's happened with me).
Matt99 said on 27/Nov/18
I thought he was 173cm range but maybe 174 was possible but that’s the maximum I’d go. People on YouTube say β€œI thought you weren’t 5’8 after all.” β€œI’m right I always knew he was 5’10.5” β€œJesse mismeasured him, he’s actually 5’11.” I just cringe at these people. Hes now apart of the inflation gang too. Plus I think he’s a lift wearer outside the fitness area. Is it possible to list him on this site?
Editor Rob
He is a possibility, he wants to be remembered as 5ft 10 and change.
Ben said on 26/Nov/18
Ops sorry Christian I didn't see your comment to me until ...almost 3 months later...

Yeah, I only play soccer bcuz it is fun and I like messing with the opponents' temper, it gives me thrill but I keep that on the pitch. It's also a great way for me to learn how to be calm in heated situations bcuz I'll (hopefully) join the police academy after high school where they'll break me down anyway so I might as well prepare myself.

When I was younger however I took soccer extremely serious and Sweden's biggest club had their eyes me but I got tired of soccer. I now take bodybuilding seriously and love being a part of the bodybuilding community, natty of course.
Canson said on 26/Nov/18
@Rob: how old is Jenny if you don’t mind me asking? Is she about your age? That’s a lot of height loss for someone 40ish to have lost half inch. I can’t remember tho if she had something to accelerate that height loss
Editor Rob
Over last 6 years when she took up crafting full-time it has caused more curvature in her cervical vertebrae due to the nature of her crafting work, bent over a desk at unnatural angles. I think I'd say overall it's nearly 5/8ths total loss from age 42 to 48.
Canson said on 26/Nov/18
@Zampo and Sakz; very well said! I agree with everything you said. I claim 6’4 for that reason as I don’t feel like being rounded up from 6’4.5 to 6’5 and feel I’m closer to 6’4” than 6’5”. I think if I were 6’4 3/8 upward to 5/8 I may go with 6’4.5
Matt99 said on 26/Nov/18
Rob how tall do you think Jeff Cavaliere is? In his recent video, he measures his height and hits 5’10.5 but we never see his feet during the measurement...I think he gave himself a little boost by either standing on a plank or lifts. He’s never looked 179cm in his life. More like 5’8.5 174cm.
Editor Rob
I think given he made a video with that NFL player (who actually was 178cm), it is unlikely Jeff was the same height, let alone taller...he looked nearer 173 than 178 with Antonio Brown.
Chilean1712 said on 26/Nov/18
Rob, how old are u? And where are u from?
Editor Rob
42, Glasgow Scotland. πŸ˜ƒ
Arash said on 26/Nov/18
Hello rob I am in Iran.i have a answer. 5 inch Haight gain is false?
Editor Rob
If these products work, why are they stealing photos of me (one i photoshopped as part of a joke video) and pretending to visitors that the person in the photo has grew 5 inches?

I would think twice about any company using tricks like that to get people to hand over their money.
Matt99 said on 26/Nov/18
Rob, Jenny is now 5’7.25 or 5’7.75?
Editor Rob
Just enough to go with 5ft 7.75, on a more exertive day a bit under that... but she's not been measured for a while now and probably will just do one a year to keep track of any future loss or if she is stabilised a bit.
Zampo said on 26/Nov/18

On that celeggiety guy, although we can't see footwear. I had a quick look at how he compares with a few guys at my height range e.g. Tyler Hoechlin, Chris Evans and Ross Marquand (where I would be more confident about how certain ranges look with one that at height). Thus, I would peg him roughly in the weak 5'7 range.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Nov/18
@ Nik - My new autocorrect has a long, long way to go before he's as bananas as the last one! πŸ˜‚ He belonged in the toilet, what with his sense of humour!
Enjoy the week ahead!

Sandy Cowell said on 26/Nov/18
@ Harry 2k20

Yes, I know all about Seasonal Affective Disorder! I know someone who swears he has it - after he read about it in a newspaper!

By the way, are you called Harry2k because you are 2 metres tall?

Just wondering...

Nice to meet you Harry! Have a smashin' week! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Sakz said on 26/Nov/18
@Canson Yeah basically for me claiming a height you don't measure at all is real 'inflating' or 'downgrading'. Adding or subtracting an inch would also be a true example of those things. As for rounding people use it differently and while it is up to them because I believe any height afternoon-evening is acceptable, I think it's best to round up or down depending on what you're nearest to (so in your case 6'4 if you don't want to claim the 1/2).
Zampo said on 26/Nov/18
Rob, I'm now interested in how you perceive height with those in a similar range to yourself. One of your height videos "How tall is Gemma" I believe. What would you have estimated her at and what type of listing would she have been put at on this site (assuming she was a celeb) before she stepped underneath the stadiometer, where you found out her measured height. Assuming you were 173 cm at that moment, I would have put her at a solid 174 cm based on how she looked next to you.
Editor Rob
I think her hairstyle was around half an inch thick that day, I was surprised she thought she might be near 5ft 10 though. If she stands with good posture she generally looks around 174. I mean look at Jenny and Gemma here, jenny's shoe was about 3mm thicker than Gemma, but that day I couldn't tell them apart: Click Here.
Then when Gemma had a 2 inch range boot and bigger hair, she can look taller: Click Here. She did get some photos at conventions with us, as we went to 3 or 4 events together 10 years ago, but I don't even think she has them anymore.
Canson said on 25/Nov/18
@Sakz: in some cases if someone measures say 6’3.75 or 6’3 5/8 normally but gets an extreme low measurement of 6’3 3/8 and knows no better I don’t see an issue. It’s the same as someone measuring 6’3.75 or very early morning is a better word for it and claiming 6’4”. You just get two different perspectives there.

@Christian: yep I agree.
Nik said on 25/Nov/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Your autocorrect has gone bananas! 🍌!
184guy2 said on 25/Nov/18
With all these recents topics about Gender Identity worldwide , why not the height identity ?
This can explain why some fellas who are 6'2.5 claims 6'5
Personally , I'll change my claim to 196guy haha
And well , you could go further and Claim 6' . I mean , when you uses big dons shoes , you are very near to it
Editor Rob
I read a story about a guy nearly 70 who was trying to claim a lower age...I'm sure others saw that.

Well, I think the same happens with height - but some might not be trolling or pushing the boundaries of common sense (like the age guy is attempting)...and they genuinely think and convince themselves they are a certain height.

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